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  • Phil Harrison tries (again) to clarify game ownership, second-hand sales and always-online in Xbox One

  • jidnffc 22/05/2013

    What about those of us who rent? Basically making them pay twice based on all info so far. Reply +2
  • Skyrim PS3 lag to be addressed in patch 1.4

  • jidnffc 11/01/2012

    How about fixing some of the broken questlines? Maybe actually let me collect all Daedric artefacts or complete the Companions' story? Reply 0
  • Euro Oblivion 5th Anniversary Ed date

  • jidnffc 16/09/2011

    So they're not including the book that was released in the special edition? I'm sure I read that was gonna be part of the deal... Reply +4
  • NeverDead

  • jidnffc 18/07/2011

    @Panda: No it was originally called The Iron Man, it had to be changed for Americans to The Iron Giant as apparently it was too confusing with the Marvel character.

    PS. Never heard of this before, sounds intriguing.

    EDIT: Spelling
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  • First Assassin's Creed: Revelations info

  • jidnffc 07/05/2011

    @bearfield: Not at all, one of my main draws to this series is the locations and their setting. Reply +4
  • The Witcher 2

  • jidnffc 23/02/2011

    I know this is probably heresy to ask, but whatever happened to this and the first one getting a console release? Has that been completely abandoned now? Reply +1
  • Voltron game in development

  • jidnffc 15/02/2011

    Hope this is actually related to the 80s original and not just a cheap cash-in on the new one, not that I'm holding my breath Reply 0
  • Venetica

  • jidnffc 17/11/2010

    Bought this straight away as I've been lacking console RPGs lately and the 360 version was only £25 and it's pretty good. However, as much as it may suggest otherwise, you've got to play the game in your head without an autosave as otherwise a quick death could cost you hours of play. After my first rage quit upon discovering this it's turning into a decent little game. Reply +2
  • Codies versus pre-owned game sales

  • jidnffc 16/11/2010

    How about they realise that every other consumer item that isn't perishable manages to deal with a second hand market, and people in the games industry shouldn't think that for some reason they're exempt. Reply +76
  • The Lord of the Rings Online

  • jidnffc 15/11/2010

    It's an English website, based in England, run by English people. Of course it's going to be in £.
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  • Get Football Manager 2011 for 24 quid

  • jidnffc 06/11/2010

    And Mac users? No we don't count for games apparently... Reply +1
  • Fable III atop of the UK chart

  • jidnffc 01/11/2010


    You use the first 16 digits of the download code on the back of your Rock Band 2 manual.
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  • Harmonix: People were waiting to buy RB3

  • jidnffc 29/10/2010

    @paulf: Game didn't get their stock in 'til about 11 this morning, but HMV Oxford Street has a huge Rock Band section with all the instruments. Bought them there myself. Reply 0
  • Arcania: Gothic 4

  • jidnffc 21/10/2010

    I think the criticism with the subquests is fair though it's a common theme. Games like Oblivion, Dragon Age, Fallout, hell even stuff like Red Dead Redemption has that aspect to it. The important thing is how they feel. If they're just seemingly random bizarre quests that serve little purpose other than extending the game, as seems to be the case here (don't know for sure haven't played the game) then they're to be avoided. If the missions all feel important and relevant like they do in the other examples I mentioned then it's less of a criticism.
    Still I'm disappointed. The more RPGs the better, and having been let down by Risen I had high hopes for this as console RPGs have been slim pickings recently.
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  • Setting Sun?

  • jidnffc 18/09/2010

    Very interesting article

    I think it's a bit unfair to claim the anger at the new Dante is based on fear of change as you seem to be implying (if not, my bad, apologies). From what little we've seen very little has changed, still guitar music, demon and sword/gun combos. The only thing different is the character design. They've taken a well established and well-loved character and turned him into a Robert Pattinson clone, and so far there seems very little point in doing so.

    Do agree that Japanese games have a very important role to play though. I mean I'm tempted to buy a Wii solely so I can play Okami (I've already picked Amaterasu as one of my holy trinity in MvC3).
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  • Activision plans pay-to-view game movies

  • jidnffc 16/09/2010

    Given that I don't watch the laughably low quality free live action game films that get paraded around as release material this couldn't interest me less. Reply +4
  • Japan-made Xbox 360 exclusives revealed

  • jidnffc 16/09/2010

    I was really worried (like many) that Kinect would just be the new Wii, but games like these give me a sliver of hope that it'll still turn out well. Only time will tell I guess. Reply +1
  • Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry confirmed

  • jidnffc 15/09/2010

    I always thought Dante was too iconic a character to go through such a radical overhaul, especially considering tonnes of people will be playing the old one in MvC3. Reply +2
  • EA: No consumer backlash to Online Pass

  • jidnffc 15/09/2010

    Does it lock to the console or the gamertag/psnid? What if you have two consoles in the same house? Can you use it on both? Reply +2
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer

  • jidnffc 02/09/2010

    I have one absolutely key question about something which has always made Treyarch's multiplayer better than Infinity Ward's IMO. Does it have the gametype War, which I love more than anything else any COD has ever offered? Reply +8
  • Zampella: Reviewers should finish games

  • jidnffc 13/08/2010

    Reviews are tricky. I almost always read them and pay attention to what they say but I never buy/don't buy a game based solely on someone else's opinion. I've enjoyed a few games that weren't well-received (Alpha Protocol and Shadowrun to name two) and never even finished some that were praised to high heaven (GTA IV) so it's always best to take all the different bits of info available and then make your own informed decision. Reply +5
  • Irrational Games teaser website pops up

  • jidnffc 28/07/2010

    Every time something gets released with a teaser tag like that I get all excited for some mythological/historical game, then I remember that we're in this generation so it's almost certainly a near-future post-apocalyptic shooter... woo!

    Then again if anyone will break the mould Irrational would be one of the best bets.
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  • Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

  • jidnffc 27/02/2010

    Apologies, I wasn't aware it had an official definition like that. I just use it to mean really top drawer game, regardless of budget. Dante's Inferno for example cost £shitloads but is an average game so I wouldn't consider that AAA.

    My mistake though.
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  • jidnffc 27/02/2010

    At what point did I say budget. High budget doesn't mean high quality.

    And there is variety. Modes, maps, racers, etc; people want to know about them all. Not just a page that essentially says "Not as good as Mario Kart". Just cause you're not interested in the depth doesn't mean other people aren't.
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  • jidnffc 27/02/2010

    For what it's worth, I reckon the length of a review should reflect the target audience, as a larger number of people will be more diverse and more diverse details will be needed, and the variety/length of the content to make sure all relevant facts are included.

    Therefore, AAA games tend to end up with 3 pages as loads of people are interested in them and generally they have a lot of stuff going on in them. Normal 360 games (like this one) get 2. DLC and budget games get 1 page, and Indie games get a small amount. It's a logical scale I think, and by that idea there's just not enough here.

    Just my opinion though. No flaming/trolling intended (and I think it's sad that this website's comments sections have got so bad that I need to make that obvious).
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  • The Eurogamer TV Show: BioShock 2

  • jidnffc 05/02/2010

    Ryboy, get over yourself. Reply +2
  • Dante's dev to follow-up with Macbeth?

  • jidnffc 03/02/2010

    This is probably the most broken record anyone's heard on this topic but here goes

    Using classical literary characters and stories = good

    Completely destroying any of the characteristics they had to meet "modern demands" = bad

    Now Dante's Inferno may well prove to be a good game, but the association with the play does nothing to either encourage the less literary gamers out there to check out the source material or help the image of games in general as little more than a violence/sex obsessed medium rather than the art-form it should be becoming. Instead of becoming art itself, it is simply devaluing the art-forms which came before it at its own expense.
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  • GTAIV Episodes coming to PC and PS3

  • jidnffc 29/01/2010

    I am a Microsoft fan boy and no-one cares anymore. Everyone knows no-one buys 2 year old games anyway. Xbox roolz!


    I am a Sony fan boy and getting these proves we're better. It doesn't matter that they're 2 years old. PS3 roolz!

    I may have betrayed myself there by using decent grammar for 95% of the sentence.

    More games available to more people is always good, although would be nice if the whole timed exclusive idea didn't seem so money grabbing.
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  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2

  • jidnffc 26/01/2010

    Looking forward to an FPS without tactical knives, dual wielding shotguns or a painkiller perk! Reply +4
  • SEGA reveals UK AVP retailer deals

  • jidnffc 20/01/2010

    Console is not automatically worse than PC for FPS. That's such an elistist opinion. I personally prefer controllers to mouse/keyboard. It's a matter of opinion. PC elitists really need to get off their high horses. Reply +2
  • Darksiders 360 tearing patch "really soon"

  • jidnffc 08/01/2010


    I suppose it could be but I'm not having trouble with any other game, plus it has a couple of those little green and pink squares that you sometimes get on visual distortion.
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  • jidnffc 08/01/2010

    Anyone else's copy on 360 have a graphical fault where the right side of the screen is all blue and the image is squashed into the remaining 2/3 of the screen
    I'm guessing it's a technical fault, which is easily replaceable (provided shopto email me back soon!) but dammit I want to play it now!
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  • Wolfenstein

  • jidnffc 27/08/2009

    This game has the most ridiculously stupid final boss. Unless I'm doing something majorly wrong he is the most horrible difficulty spike I've ever come across. It's so infuriating! Reply +1
  • Aliens vs. Predator

  • jidnffc 30/06/2009

    Milton Keynes FTW!

    Game looks cool too...
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  • New PAL Releases Roundup - 22/05/09

  • jidnffc 22/05/2009

    There's been one. Says it's awful... Reply 0
  • Edinburgh Zoo renames wolverine in honour of Wolverine

  • jidnffc 01/05/2009

    @dward: Aren't you a miserable so-and-so? It's funny. Sorry if it's not in HD with a top of the line engine and all original gameplay mechanics.

    "This will help ensure the breeding programme continues throughout 2009 or 2010. Though it can't be going very well if they've only got one wolverine" made me laugh so very hard.
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  • Capcom confirms Dead Rising 2

  • jidnffc 09/02/2009

    I'm sceptical about exactly what they'll be able to do that's new in this one. Surely there's only so many different ways to smack a zombie over the head with a [insert everyday household object here] Reply 0
  • Siouxsie headlines Rock Band update

  • jidnffc 27/10/2008

    I would get Dammit but it's on GH which is only a fortnight away so why bother I figure... Reply 0
  • Damnation

  • jidnffc 08/07/2008

    Sounds good, not enough games in Wild West era, even less that are actually good (I can only think of Red Dead Revolver) Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero: Metallica spotted

  • jidnffc 03/06/2008

    Meh, limiting yourself to one band just doesn't seem sensible to me, but then again I don't like Aerosmith or Metallica so I guess I'd feel differently if it was a band I was a fan of.
    Still, why is there no AC/DC songs in GH or RB??
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  • Rock Band

  • jidnffc 29/05/2008

    This is the most fun I've ever had with my 360. Got flat mates who hadn't touched a console, Guitar Her or otherwise, loving it as well. Personally if it hadn't been released at a lower price in the states first I doubt people would have kicked up such a fuss over price. Essentially, it's 3 games. GH, Singstar and a new Drum Hero, and then all of them combined.

    Also, does no-one else play the solo frets with their strumming hand a la Dragonforce? It saves the time lost moving from two sets of frets.
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  • Konami plans Rock Revolution

  • jidnffc 16/05/2008

    I reckon the thought process went something like... "Not only can we make people buy a game that's already out there all over again, with worse presentation and cover versions, but we can make them buy more plastic accessories that happen to have one extra pad to hit!" Let's face it, there's little chance of them putting the interests of the consumer before the flashing dollar signs in their eyes so this'll be a cut-down (only 40 songs!) budget version which won't work with the other company's peripherals. Reply 0
  • THQ unveils Legends of Wrestlemania

  • jidnffc 07/05/2008

    Ultimate Warrior is awesome, just 'cause he looked cool and he reminds of being a wee lad and jumping off my sofa doing elbow drops onto pillows...
    Sigh, simpler times...
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