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  • Elite: Dangerous, David Braben and a scale model Cobra MK III

  • jefranklin18 26/11/2014

    @CaptainKid the big problem is the gaming press and the fact that Chris Roberts is also pushing out a "similar" game. Just as the less mature reporter stokes console fanboy wars, so they are doing the same with this.

    It is a pretty sad indictment of this industry and why I am getting more disillusioned with it every day
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  • David Braben responds to outcry over Elite: Dangerous' ditched offline mode

  • jefranklin18 18/11/2014

    @MaxiSleep You understand wrong as that is not the case. If Commander Haxor finds something using the basic scanner, he has to sell the data for it to be "available" and then you would have to buy it and for that system only.

    Otherwise, you can warp into an unexplored area, use your scanner to find new bodies and either sell the data yourself or whatever.
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  • Elite: Dangerous ditches planned offline mode

  • jefranklin18 17/11/2014

    @Pegsta69 solo online mode exists and will continue to do so. You can fly around to your hearts content and any transaction you make in station is where the connectivity congress in. This is to give you an evolving galaxy (market and events) plus I suspect your credit balance is verified centrally. This is to get over the exploit in alpha and private beta where people were hacking the client to give then huge amounts to buy the best ships and weapons then fucking it up for everyone else by spawn camping outside the stations and killing off everyone.*

    So a small bunch of twats fucked it up for everyone else but that's the gaming community all over.

    * this cannot happen in solo or indeed if you join a private group
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  • jefranklin18 17/11/2014

    @Bludsh0t this is not the kind of game that would work well on a commute, I would have thought.

    The furore this announcement has caused is really quite surprising and I think if they had the opportunity, they would amend the kickstarter from the offset so as not to mention it. The game is good fun and those that are changing their purchasing decision solely on the announcement (rather than limitations with their connectivity) are really losing out.

    Edit: woah -8 already for a relatively benign post? The pavlovian fanboyism on this site is why I scarcely come back here anymore. Sigh, pity this place used to be quite pleasant.
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  • Star Citizen first-person shooter gameplay unveiled

  • jefranklin18 03/11/2014

    Every Chris Roberts game I have tried I have disliked, so Star Citizen is not getting much attention from. Watching that footage shows me I am not losing out on anything. Reply +1
  • DriveClub review

  • jefranklin18 07/10/2014

    It's a bit harsh to say this but I am not entirely surprised. I loved the Motorstorm games on PS3 and still fire them up occasionally but outside of the driving they were pretty soulless games. Taking away the mayhem of Motorstorm and relying on social features to differentiate from the pack was always going to be a risky strategy.

    I can only imagine how fantastic a PS4 based Motorstorm game would have actually been given the amazing job Evolution did on the PS3.
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  • Frontier reveals Elite: Dangerous launch price

  • jefranklin18 16/09/2014

    @Uncompetative I have run it on my Core2Quad and 9800GT quite successfully and that is below the recommended spec Reply +1
  • Elite: Dangerous' original budget was 8m

  • jefranklin18 12/09/2014

    Been playing this since private beta and it is pretty much the first PC game I have played since 2003 or so. My PS3 is being neglected and my wife's attempts to buy me a PS4 have been rebuffed with a "I would prefer a new graphics card" (I have bought a GTX760 - a bit of a jump from a 9800GT!)

    ED is a great game that cannot be recommended enough if you are a sim fan
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  • Major Nelson cosplays as internet memes for new Xbox One Reddit app

  • jefranklin18 19/08/2014

    That is just strange. Reply +13
  • Frontier returns to rollercoasters with ScreamRide for Xbox One

  • jefranklin18 12/08/2014

    Looks as if it is Rollercoaster Tycoon with the added objective of gaining points by killing people in imaginative ways. Could be drunken good fun :) Reply 0
  • Now TV now on Xbox One

  • jefranklin18 30/07/2014


    That's ok there is this to offset it.
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  • jefranklin18 30/07/2014

    And the Sky Sports Day Pass lets you watch all the Sky Sports channels for 24 hours for 9.99.
    :eek: Holy shit that is some wallet-gouging there. I can't see anyone being mad enough to pay that, surely?
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  • UK changing approach to illegal torrents

  • jefranklin18 22/07/2014

    The only movies I have downloaded off torrents are those that have been deleted - an example is the BBC special from the 80s Threads.

    A question I have to ask is: what about legit torrents (Linux distros or whatever). Presumably the ISPs will just look at the volume of data being up & downloaded, maybe have a look if they are transmitting over different ports than 80 and come to the conclusion they are torrenting. As such, they could send a letter to somebody that is not torrenting copyrighted material. Unless of course they are snooping what is being torrented, but then that brings up a whole host of privacy issues.
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  • Frontier's drive to make Elite: Dangerous on PC future proof

  • jefranklin18 17/07/2014


    I think the point L0cky is making is that if you render a 30fps at 1 fps, then re-encode it a 30fps, it looks smooth.

    It's the same concept with CG in movies - rendering a single frame can take minutes but once it is done, it is copied to film (in the old days) then the next frame is rendered and copied to film 1/24th a second later. Do it for long enough and you have 24fps cinematic glory.
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  • jefranklin18 17/07/2014

    From a personal perspective, I have a Q8200 Core2Quad with a 9800GT graphics card, and while not as impressive as the trailer, it is perfectly playable and still has the same jaw-dropping moments. Flying around the space station at Aurin and seeing the parks inside was particularly noteworthy.
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  • How about Elite: Dangerous on PS4 and Xbox One?

  • jefranklin18 14/07/2014


    I am using a Thrustmaster HOTAS-X - it is pretty much ideal and by mapping the lateral and vertical thrusters to the hat switch, you basically have complete maneuverability.

    Would definitely recommend.
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  • Why PS4 is struggling in Japan

  • jefranklin18 11/07/2014

    Eurogamer: the finest purveyor of click-bait in the land ;) Reply -1
  • David Braben explains Elite: Dangerous 100 premium beta

  • jefranklin18 11/07/2014

    @Whizzo very true - more factual inaccuracy from Eurogamer, saying that Beta backers can't play until the end of the month Reply +3
  • jefranklin18 11/07/2014

    There are 4 models:
    Online "all" - everyone in it together, meeting random strangers in a starport etc
    Online private - you and a bunch of mates
    Online solo - you by yourself. By connecting online, the Frontier "injected events" and the evolving universe are available to you
    Offline solo - Billy No Mates play. No connectivity needed, but no injected events or (possibly) evolving universe
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  • jefranklin18 11/07/2014

    I am enjoying it. There are a number of single-player scenarios to try out before hitting the multiplayer aspects which is quite handy.
    I have to say docking in a busy starport, with a dozen other ships flying around you gives a great feeling. Plus, flying into a combat zone where fighters are buzzing around larger capital-size ships is pretty much as close to being in a Star Wars movie as you can get.

    the article is factually incorrect - five expansion packs are planned so far and were mentioned in the most ED newsletter (planetary landing, extra-vehicular access being the two I remember).

    I have no qualms with the pricing model. I pledged 150 during the Kickstarter in order to see the game realised. All Frontier have done have offered those that missed the KS campaign the opportunity to get in at (broadly) the same reward levels.

    Edit: it should also be pointed out that the trailer is made entirely with the game engine. If you have a good enough PC, it will look like that. Flying up to your first set of planetary rings and seeing the individual rocks that have formed it, is pretty impressive.

    From a personal perspective, this is the game that has turned me back towards PC gaming and my Playstation now sits abandoned.
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  • UK chart: Sniper Elite 3 hits the mark

  • jefranklin18 30/06/2014

    @FireMonkey All hail the all-digital future ;) Reply 0
  • Chris Roberts explains Star Citizen dogfighting module delay

  • jefranklin18 29/05/2014

    Really disappointing for SC backers who pledged $44million for the development of this.

    Personally, I only backed Elite Dangerous as I was never a fan of the Wing Commander series and I have been playing the Alpha 1 build for the last month. With premium beta releasing tomorrow, there will be an expanded universe, trading, docking etc. Good times for space sim fans.
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  • WWE 2K15 undertakes a UK release date

  • jefranklin18 22/05/2014

    Will 2K sports insist that Yukes move off their PS2-era codebase? I will not hold my breath. Reply +3
  • UK retailer John Lewis sells Wii U cheap as chips

  • jefranklin18 16/05/2014

    Dear God, some things cannot be unseen :eek: Reply +38
  • EA to unveil six new games at E3

  • jefranklin18 07/05/2014

    Wonder what micro-transactions will affect SW Battlefront and possibly Mirrors Edge?

    - Upgrade from 1 blade to 2 blade light sabre for 99p (only valid for 13 strikes)
    - Upgrade to extra grippy trainers for all your wall running needs for 1.99 (only valid for 100 metres in-game running distance)
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  • Star Wars savings strike back on Steam, PS3, Xbox 360

  • jefranklin18 02/05/2014

    @Dantonir thanks for that heads up. I have a (mostly unplayed) PSP that probably would appreciate Star Wars Battlefront on it.

    I may give the Force Unleashed a dabble :)
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  • Hooah! When games speak like soldiers, are they missing part of the message?

  • jefranklin18 29/04/2014

    @scuffpuppies I stand corrected, but there is always an exception to the norm ;) Reply +1
  • jefranklin18 29/04/2014

    i keep hearing it on Flight Simulator series from Microsoft.

    Alpha zero three niner requesting to land. roger, over, acknowledge, lalala
    Don't confuse military language with usage of the phonetic alphabet though. The phonetic alphabet is designed to ensure that it can be used by all languages without any issues (the letter A is pronounced Ah in French, so could be confused with R) and if there is any radio interference it can still be made out.
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  • jefranklin18 29/04/2014

    In fairness, most storytelling in military shooters is pretty basic anyway. Not one of them will provoke thought, challenge the political status quo or whatever. It is easier to overdose on testosterone and produce a Michael Bay-inspired piece. Reply +6
  • Developer of Sony's F2P zombie MMO H1Z1 promises "fair" monetisation

  • jefranklin18 24/04/2014

    Got to say, that sounds like a reasonable F2P model rather than the annoyances of most others. I have drifted away from Dust514 simply because of the amount of wallet-gouging CCP are trying to get away with. Reply +14
  • Can Godus be fixed?

  • jefranklin18 24/04/2014

    Graphically, the game doesn't look too bad to me although probably geared towards tablets rather than PC, but the game sounds as if it needs a lot of redesign. This problems with this game could potentially damage people's faith in paying for early access.

    I would really like to see EG take a look at other games that are getting closer to delivering on their promises in their alpha/beta phases. Elite Dangerous is a good port of call :)
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  • Sony mulls The Last of Us PS4 discount for PS3 owners

  • jefranklin18 17/04/2014

    I wonder if it would be possible to read the disc ID inserted in your PS4, and if it is the PS3 version of TLOU, go to the PS Store with a discounted purchase option? Reply +1
  • Sony wanted Titanfall developer Respawn to work on Vita

  • jefranklin18 17/04/2014

    @MeBrains IIRC not that many in recent years. MGS and FF are the obvious ones that spring to mind, but I can't remember any others.

    Sony tend to go down the exclusive DLC option, which is slightly fairer IMO. At least other console owners aren't prevented from owning the game.
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  • Veteran Halo composer fired from Bungie "without cause"

  • jefranklin18 16/04/2014

    Terminated "without cause" or "just cause"? He is off to Avalanche Studios - you heard it here first ;) Reply +1
  • Chris Roberts shows off Star Citizen dogfighting

  • jefranklin18 11/04/2014

    I only have time for one space sim in my life, and that is going to be Elite (got the Beta running on my laptop). While I understand that a lot of people are passionate about this game (to the tune of $40million :O), I just can't get any interest in it and am not a fan of the business model. Reply +3
  • Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta dated, entry costs 100

  • jefranklin18 10/04/2014


    I understand your reservations regarding Kickstarter but I think in the case of Elite: Dangerous, Braben specifically did not want to get involved with a publisher due to all the problems experienced with Frontier First Encounters.

    Also one of my biggest bug-bears is when a game is released which requires an online connection and the company fails to load test the environment (e.g. SimCity). At least by having such a beta, this can be somewhat avoided.
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  • jefranklin18 10/04/2014

    @bad09 Out of interest, have you backed anything on Kickstarter? Reply +1
  • jefranklin18 10/04/2014


    The expansions pass is 35. So you could get all of the Premium wares for 85. You're essentially paying 15 for the privilege of being let in early.
    Given that the Kickstarter premium beta is also 100, it is reasonable to expect the same interim rewards between. Plus Frontier have will be giving Alpha backers additional rewards at the completion of Alpha testing, so it is possible that the same may apply to premium beta backers.

    I find some of the vitriol here bizarre. Elite raised about 2.5million in Kickstarter and equivalent funding and has delivered what appears to be a good experience so far and has confirmed beta dates. Star Citizen has raised $40million and is getting away with charging players $2,500 for in-game gear, and as far as I know is still limited to wandering around a hangar (based on dates on the Star Citizen wiki).
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  • Footage leaks of canned Star Wars game starring Darth Maul

  • jefranklin18 09/04/2014


    Yes, I agree Lucas is ultimately accountable for the descent of the SW franchise. However, it is well documented that McCallum came to prominence in the run up to ROTJ and convinced Lucas to go down the child-friendly route, starting with Ewoks, Chewbacca's Tarzan noises in ROTJ and other elements of "humour" that until that point had been relatively absent.

    I do agree that the films (arguably all of them) were merchandising vehicles, but that is because 20th Century Fox signed over the merch-rights on the assumption that the original film would bomb.

    Will Disney do any better? I don't know. I hold little hope when it comes to the games (although EA's announcement may be some cause for celebration but too early to say because no doubt they will fuck it up). Regarding the films: well, the Marvel franchise is coming along pretty well.
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  • jefranklin18 09/04/2014


    Im beginning to think he suffered a serious brain injury in the late 80s.
    Lucas' decline coincides with the rise in prominence of Rick McCallum at Lucas. I think there is a genuine correlation.
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  • Kinect Sports Rivals review

  • jefranklin18 08/04/2014

    As you sit or kneel, the camera maps the contours of your face. It notices your skin tone, the sweep, flop or absence of your hair and assimilates all of the other features (glasses, facial hair) that distinguish you from the next player. The game chews the data and, finally, spits out a cartoon approximation of your likeness to represent you in the game. It's a caricature, obviously pieced together from a palette of pre-existing options, but the results are still impressive.
    Despite being a Kinect skeptic, I do find this kind of appealing, and it would go down well in parties - presumably the intended reason for it.
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  • Uncharted director Amy Hennig joins Visceral Games

  • jefranklin18 03/04/2014

    Does this mean we may get a decent Star Wars game now? Reply +30
  • Amazon reveals Fire TV set-top box and controller

  • jefranklin18 02/04/2014

    Not another bloody Android console. The market is saturated with them already and we really don't any more. Reply 0
  • EA apologises for Frostbite's "stupid" anti-Nintendo April Fool

  • jefranklin18 02/04/2014

    Really, some people need to take a look at their lives if they are getting worked up over April fool tweets. Reply +27
  • Was CCP right to ban this Eve Online player?

  • jefranklin18 01/04/2014

    And this is why I will be playing Elite: Dangerous offline Reply +14
  • Microsoft has a Kinect for Windows v2 sensor

  • jefranklin18 28/03/2014


    Very droll :)

    At the end of the day, every laptop comes with a webcam mounted on the top of the case, which people choose to use or ignore. Replacing that with a kinect camera will have little impact to the user unless they choose to use a motion-supported application.

    I am for giving people more options to interact with their PC.
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  • jefranklin18 28/03/2014

    I am kind of surprised Microsoft don't licence the technology to PC manufacturers so that they can include it in shipped PCs whether desktop or laptop. Reply +4
  • Notch: cancelled Minecraft for Oculus Rift would have been free

  • jefranklin18 28/03/2014

    Something has occurred to me: there is not much convergence between the Occ Rift and Facebook products. I know they have stated they have plans, but I just can't see people wanting to look at their news feed in 3D, and indeed Zuckerberg has only talked about out of Facebook experiences that I can recall.

    This leads me to come to the conclusion that Facebook are acting as a venture capitalist here. They (and probably specifically Zuckerberg) find the technology cool and want to ensure that it is successful. They go have a chat with Occ Rift guys where Luckey complains the existing VCs are being a pain in the backside, so Zuckerberg offers to buy them.

    Just an alternative thought.
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  • UK video game tax breaks approved

  • jefranklin18 27/03/2014

    Really good to see that this has been agreed to at long last. In some ways it is a pity that this caveat applies:

    Points are awarded based on the percentage of the game set in the UK or an EEA state, the number of characters from the UK or a EEA state and whether the game features "a British story" or a tale that relates to an EEA state.
    I understand that the same applies to the film industry, which is what this tax break is derived from, but it is a shame that 75% of the games produced here will not be eligible. Still it may convince Rockstar to release GTA:Europe on PS4 and XB1 :)
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  • Oculus Rift: Step into the game, step out with two billion dollars

  • jefranklin18 26/03/2014

    Nice article, but this made me chuckle. Those crazy stockmarket traders ;) Reply +3