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  • Lost: The Video Game

  • inomine 29/02/2008

    Seriously, how much effort would it have been to take some new screenshots rather than using the same ones that everyone else has? I know, I know, you probably only have a singly rig capable of taking HD captures, and that this rig is not necessarily in the same place as the reviewer. I still hate seeing the same publisher released screenshots on every single review on the internet. Reply 0
  • XNA games to be posted on Live

  • inomine 20/02/2008

    Yeah, so I have a Zune, cool that you can get XNA games on them. Hopefully the process is a little easier on the devs than the iPod games have been. Reply 0
  • N+ coming to XBLA soon

  • inomine 21/01/2008

    I've spent countles hours playing this while I should have been doing something more productive during my university days. So I, for one, will be quite happy to hand over something along the lines of 800 MS points. Reply 0
  • MS would consider 360 Blu-ray add-on

  • inomine 09/01/2008

    Meh, they launched their rental service in europe, all they need to do now is sort out more content for it. I don't really care about owning HD content, even though I had the HD drive for the 360, but renting it is nice. Reply 0
  • Skype for PSP Slim this month

  • inomine 07/01/2008

    I wouldn't worry, I'm sure the hackers will work out how to make it run on the pudgy model ;) Reply 0
  • Orange Box demo on Live

  • inomine 22/11/2007

    "Valve have THE BEST production values in the gaming industry by far"

    If you meant the PC gaming industry then yeah, they do. There are plenty of companies that work on the consoles that will kick the crap out of Valve.
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  • Get two weeks of free Metaboli

  • inomine 20/11/2007

    "There are currently 499 keys remaining for this giveaway. "

    Looks like I got the first one ;)
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  • The History of BioWare

  • inomine 16/11/2007

    Really looking forward to Mass Effect, I haven't played a good RPG in aaaages. The last BioWare game that I really played a lot of was NWN, never finished it due to a rather retarded bit of level/quicksave design (and some rather rubbish character decisions on my part). Never got into KOTOR, sorry I just can't do Star Wars, or Jade Empire, it didn't feel "right". BioWare really needs the nod for creating the Infinity engine though, it managed to spawn a game which I still consider to have the best overall narrative and by far the best characters, Planescape. Reply 0
  • The History of Mario

  • inomine 09/11/2007

    Someone been listening to the retronaughts podcast? ;) Reply 0
  • GTA IV date up in the air

  • inomine 07/11/2007

    It's really nice that they don't want to disappoint investors. Consumers, who cares about disappointing them, right? Reply 0
  • PS3: 12 Games of Christmas

  • inomine 02/11/2007

    Oh, it isn't?

    Damn you for spoiling Quantum Leap!
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  • inomine 02/11/2007

    Well done, thanks for spoiling Assassin's Creed. Reply 0
  • New Forza 2 track tomorrow

  • inomine 25/10/2007

    Instant buy!

    I couldn't care less about the car-packs they brought out, what with there already being far too many cars in that game, but an extra track is a great addition. Would be nice if they can get it integrated into the single-player game.
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  • MS unveils Xmas HD-DVD deal

  • inomine 19/10/2007

    Get in! Reply 0
  • Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

  • inomine 17/10/2007

    Z was awesome, and brutally hard, I want someone to bring that to the DS :( Reply 0
  • Bungie on life after Halo

  • inomine 05/10/2007

    Bungie to continue making franchise which generates shedloads of money!
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  • TGS: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

  • inomine 23/09/2007

    It may be the beer talking, but LocoRoco with assault rifles will r0xx0r my b0ll0x0rs.

    The deal with damage is simple, in an online game, if you don't have damage the game is over. Any idiot can decide to ram you out of the way for a couple of extra places, with absolute impunity to what will happen to him. You'll go spinning off the track, if it's a real sim you'll then *never* manage to catch up (providing you're not some magic genius and everyone is a 'tard), he gets a couple of places ahead. Now, in something like Forza everyone knows that if they try something like that they're as fucked as you are, they're not going anywhere as their car will be trashed. They have no incentive to try that.

    Now, I know, I know that a lot of people cry foul about these games and how Forza or PGR or Burnout is better. Honestly, I love all of them, I can't get enough of racing games, no matter what platform. I just wish that GT finally got the damage modelling down, as it really is something that I like.

    And yeah, getting kicked in the balls by the AI in the last lap of an endurance race is harsh, but I can take it, I'll just whack the retry and go again.
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  • inomine 23/09/2007

    "susceptible as ever to the old ruse of braking late into a corner and banging off their inside to gain position and remain on-track at their expense."

    Oh great, nice to see that they've stuck with realism then.

    Having played Forza 2 for months, I've finally had a go on HD Concept at the HMV demo pod in town, was I supposed to be impressed? I spent more time swearing at that things lack of proper analogue control than anything else, but it was generally underwhelming an experience, it just didn't handle anything as well as Forza.

    I guess that GT5 will be better, but like with the PS1 and PS2 titles, I don't see myself being able to play it with anything less than a wheel and pedals.
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  • TGS: Xbox Live Arcade Roundup

  • inomine 22/09/2007

    Ikaruga + VGA cable + easily rotateable flat panel (Dell 2407FPW here) = WIN!

    *remembers his friend's procariously supported 14" CRT TV and GameCube game
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  • BioShock demo on Live

  • inomine 13/08/2007

    I reckon this is a clever ploy, they release it weeks before the PC demo, but we'll all end up getting to actually play it on the same day :/ Reply 0
  • inomine 13/08/2007

    Bah, this is a bit silly. Set it going when I left the house this morning, 9 hours later it's still on 65% I think this is taking the mickey just a bit. I realise that ever single person on Live is downloading this, but christ. Reply 0
  • Enemy Engaged 2

  • inomine 29/07/2007

    Is it just me or do the graphics in this actually look worse than Comanche 4. You know, that helichopter game that came out in 2001 Reply 0
  • Project Gotham Racing 4

  • inomine 20/07/2007

    But the main question is, will it ship with the next generation of Geometry Wars? Reply 0
  • PGR 1 and 2 now 360 compatible

  • inomine 13/07/2007

    For those needing to know which EU games support 60Hz and hence work with the VGA adaptor, wikipedia has a list: with this being released today it'll need updating.
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  • E3: Sony unveils new model PSP

  • inomine 11/07/2007

    Hmm, it kind of looks like the nub is recessed, so it's no longer going to slide? Could be that it's going to be like the tracksticks that you get on laptops.

    Also appears that the speakers have been moved, as well as the MS slot, and you can no longer take out the battery :/

    Would be good if it had HDMI though :>
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  • SingStar PS3

  • inomine 17/05/2007

    "Could do with a pearl necklace to set it off though. "
    :childish snigger
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  • Lost Planet multiplayer survey

  • inomine 18/04/2007

    Lost Planet is an awesome online experience, they just need to sort out some pretty basic things. A decent game browser would be one of them, I'd be happy if they let me order the game list by ping. They also need to let me mute people during a match, as not being able to do that with all the American idiot kids on there is a pain in the ballsack. Reply 0
  • New York grumbles about GTA

  • inomine 02/04/2007

    An actual article would be nice ;) Reply 0
  • New GRAW 360 content

  • inomine 25/06/2006

    So, Valve releases some episodic content and everyone loves it. Ubisoft releases some episodic content and everyone complains. What on earth is wrong with you people? If you don't like it don't buy it, it's as simple as that.

    And comparing this to the PC version that comes with a level editor is boneheaded.
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  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. out next year

  • inomine 25/05/2006

    > DNF or STALKER?

    The second coming of Christ :P
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  • inomine 25/05/2006

    I thought it was originally due out in 2004 tbh. Pitty that it keeps getting delayed because I've been wanting to play it since about 2003, nothing I like better than exploring abandoned cities. Reply 0
  • Marc Ecko's getting delayed

  • inomine 08/11/2005

    Any chance it can be delayed until the end of time? Reply 0
  • TOCA Race Driver 2

  • inomine 15/09/2005

    Picked this up today. So far it's a lot more forgiving than the original (ie, they fixed the dificulty curve so that it's playable) and the control scheme is a lot better than I thought it would be. The one pain in the arse so far is that it has no soundtrack in game and the bleeding website is yet to give me a password to let me login and download the music converter. Grr. Reply 0
  • GTA coming to PS3

  • inomine 12/09/2005

    Heh, the reason that they managed to get Liberty City stories out so quickly is because the PSP is a very simple architecture to program for, unlike the PS3 or even the PS2 there is nothing funny going on in there. The PS3 by all accounts is going to be a major pain to program for, making decent use out of all that power and getting it co-ordinated is not easy. I would expect it to take more effor than GTA3 initially was, an not jut because of the increased poly count. Reply 0
  • MS announces Live 360 pricing

  • inomine 11/09/2005

    Sounds reasonable, would be better if it was free but it's not exactly a high price to pay.

    As for the current problems with Live those will hopefully be helped by the user rating system,.
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  • Hook your PSP up to a TV

  • inomine 07/09/2005

    "It's not a hoax, and you don't have to take your PSP apart to use it, it just clips on. It draws video and sound data out of that special headphone adaptor slot."

    You really are smoking some good crack. Look at the renders, it is clearly a full case replacement. And there is no chance that the remote control port is used as video output, try having a look at the site and the homebrew game development tools currently out. You will soon realise that the only thing that magic port does is function as a very low speed serial port, nowhere near enough to even stream audio on it, nevermind video
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  • inomine 07/09/2005

    "Is this a hoax? How is the device getting the video data off the PSP?"

    By the look of it it's a full replacement shell for the PSP, much like the video out thing for the GBA was. So you are going to have to take your PSP apart, move the guts into the new case and plug in some cables, most likely between the graphics conroller and the LCD. It has to be the ugliest thing I have seen to date for the PSP but as some people insist on purchasing some truely horrific skins and protectors for it this is going to sell like hot cakes.
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  • TOCA Race Driver 3

  • inomine 06/09/2005

    The crash dynamics are there for when you see someone else crash, for that lovely "Glad that's not me" feeling. Or when you let someone else have a play on the game (especially if they've been berating you for playing not that well) and they total the car on the first corner :) Reply 0
  • inomine 06/09/2005

    I loved the second one but the difficulty curve on it was all over the place, while some races were easy as pie others took hours of repeating the same course praying that you might eventually catch the competition. Reply 0
  • PSP smashes UK sales records

  • inomine 06/09/2005

    Well, this was a nice pleasant surprise. Sony created a kick ass system and despite the high price people went out and bought it. Good job Sony, now go and kick some of your third party devs into creating some original games for it ;) Reply 0
  • Are you buying a PSP? Tell us why or why not

  • inomine 01/09/2005

    Wow, for all the people bitching and complaining there sure were a lot of people that went out and bought it at midnight. Reply 0
  • Classic Capcom duo for PSP

  • inomine 09/06/2005

    Mmm, re-releases of some classic PS1 games I would quite happily pay full price for. Reply 0
  • Play halts sales of US PSPs

  • inomine 11/05/2005

    What on earth did they expect? The console is small, multiregion and selling at the price it would cost anyway, who wouldn't want to get one now?

    I got one late January, following that one other person that I know bought one, in the past couple of months 3 other people have bought them. There is virtually no risk and the reward is that you get to play with something that is only shown in pictures in HMV :D
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