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  • Project Cars is already a better racing game than Forza or Gran Turismo

  • ianbell 06/09/2014

    Thanks for the great write-up EG. Your cheque is in the post. Reply +10
  • ianbell 06/09/2014

    I'd like to put the official word on the frame rate.

    We're running at 60FPS/1080P with MSAA.
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  • Project Cars commits to Nov 2014 release with stunning new trailer

  • ianbell 25/04/2014


    We will support all PS4 wheels Walch. Be it on release day or patch when the wheel ships.
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  • ianbell 25/04/2014


    Thanks MattAdz. The team really appreciate it.
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  • ianbell 23/04/2014

    It's Barnsley Autodrome.
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  • ianbell 23/04/2014


    We're already there on PS4, so high :)
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  • ianbell 23/04/2014


    We're still aiming for 60 FPS on those consoles.
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  • ianbell 23/04/2014


    PS4 and PC in that trailer as far as I know.

    PC was a single stock GTX 680.
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  • ianbell 23/04/2014

    Thanks for picking this up EG ;) Reply +16
  • Slightly Mad's World of Speed has not held back Project Cars

  • ianbell 26/03/2014


    We're hearing that up to a 30% performance increase is possible under certain circumstances.

    Xbox One should support it, as will PC. It will make the Xbox faster and it's something worth caring about.
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  • ianbell 25/03/2014



    We have internal builds running on all platforms right now actually.

    It's DX11 but we'll upgrade to DX12 later for those platforms that support it.

    We're focused on Steam for PC builds.
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  • ianbell 25/03/2014


    We plan to support all of the wheels available Jamie.

    This work is going on right now actually. We may of course have more work as new wheels hit market.
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  • ianbell 25/03/2014


    Thanks Stoncrowe. It hasn't gone unnoticed with us either (obviously :) )

    Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.
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  • ianbell 25/03/2014


    It's coming when we projected it will, November this year.

    Thanks for your interest BTW. We really do appreciate it.
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  • ianbell 25/03/2014


    Yes we are, and we're using more assets from WOS in pCARS. :)

    10% of the tracks are shared at the moment. But WOS has enabled us to add many more licenses to pCARS and provided us with the funding profits required. pCARS has benefited immensely from WOS and vice versa.
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  • ianbell 25/03/2014


    Thanks Losaa, much appreciated.

    EG has a bit of a history of tempering anything positive from us with something negative 'if they can possibly dream it up'.
    This has been going on for a few years now. They know it and we know it.

    We ask only for a fair appraisal. Again, we ask only that they don't fail at the fundamentals, journalistically.

    On a day when the UK development industry is further eroded by the layoffs from Sony, we're employing and adding new staff. It's something we're proud of and something to be lauded.

    With effort I suspect EG UK may get it at some point.
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  • ianbell 25/03/2014

    A final note EG UK.

    I do hope you move beyond 'failing at the fundamentals' of decent journalism, going forward.
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  • ianbell 25/03/2014


    Oh dear.

    pCARS is fully funded, has been for a year and we're not touching funding from any other project. What we have done is grown from 60 staff to 110 to provide capacity for both games.

    Both are fully funded independently.
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  • ianbell 25/03/2014

    pCARS is fully on track for a late 2014 release guys. As we announced 6 months ago.

    It's been 2.3 years in development, and will be 3 years come ship-date on a new and untested development model.

    PS, thanks EG UK for more salacious coverage of anything we do. I don't say that lightly, just check back on all of the articles related to us.

    I do see your companion site GamesIndustry.biz has nominated us for an 'Innovation in Business' award, so you're not all bad.

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  • Slightly Mad to stop accepting funds for Project CARS

  • ianbell 25/07/2013

    We'll be reopening the investments with some minor tweaks very soon given that we've now cleared things with the FSA. Users will be able to invest in the PS4 and XBox One versions and will get all of the associated benefits including regular PC builds.

    This article isn't very accurate/up to date.
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  • Driving ambition: pCARS, crowdfunding and the FSA

  • ianbell 18/04/2013


    Haha. I think it's fair to say that some make the movie moguls look like like a certain AnjezŽ Gonxhe Bojaxhiu.
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  • ianbell 18/04/2013


    Yes, agreed. We want to prove this method of development and as such we are happy to keep the money back offer in place for the members. This mitigates any risk.

    The motivation behind it was to remove publishers from the funding loop as traditionally, all but a very few developers have been shafted by publishers.

    The last I heard, the Shift series has shipped more than 9 million units. Despite what was called a fantastic contract by our very experienced game lawyers (probably the best in Europe) we've yet to see a thin dime in royalties. Things need to change. When 300 million is made in revenue and we get bare development milestone payments, seeing nothing of that 300 million is simply unacceptable. I'd rather give it to the users, which is where the WMD concept came from.
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  • ianbell 18/04/2013

    Nice article Tristan. We appreciate the coverage and the kind words about the project.

    A few misconceptions need to be corrected though.

    Since the project began (since we started accepting money) I did indeed slip on semantics once and mention the dreaded investment word. Contrary to your article though, I have mentioned that this is not an investment approximately 25 times. So I have to refute your assertion there.

    WMD has two tiers of membership. There are, as of now, 11 INVESTORS who have put 25K or more into the project. They approached us independently as angel investors and have a completely separate investment contract on top of the standard WMD terms and conditions. Thus mentioning investment is valid and does apply to those members.

    In response to the more onerous points about risk and recklessness from some members regarding the size of their payment. We have since the off had a rolling complete money back offer from anyone who wants their money back for any reason. This applies to anyone who has paid more than the second lowest tier payment of 25 Euro. We sent 15K to a member just last month for personal reasons with no questions asked. We will continue to offer this until the day we ship.

    Finally, the future is extremely bright as regards the project, FSA investigation or not. We have been approached by three 1st party console vendors and about a dozen investment houses asking if they can take part in some way, how can they help us etc. The situation with the FSA is nearing resolution and as AndyT mentioned we need to make some structural changes for future projects only. We have not been fined and have been as forthcoming and accommodating with the FSA as it's possible to be.

    Thanks again for your support everyone. Let's change how games are made ;)
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