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  • Tom becomes Eurogamer editor

  • hypernova 14/01/2008

    Congrats. Reply 0
  • Ratchet PSP heading to PS2?

  • hypernova 17/12/2007

    Good stuff, this was one the very few games tempting me to get a PSP. Reply 0
  • Amusement Park game for Wii

  • hypernova 12/12/2007

    "It's no use running, Ellie".

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  • Eidos cagey on new Lara title

  • hypernova 03/12/2007

    The last two games have been great, so I'm looking forward to more. Hopefully they'll cut down on the combat though. Reply 0
  • New Blacksite Live demo

  • hypernova 23/11/2007

    What a shit demo. I enjoyed the first one, but this didn't feel the same. Reply 0
  • hypernova 22/11/2007

    @Freylis (again)

    Well, this evening the demo downloaded fine for me, so maybe it had nothing to do with silver/gold (I'm on silver). Strange, especially considering that particular error number turns up nothing on google.
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  • hypernova 22/11/2007


    I'm getting the same error message (yesterday and still now). I thought it might be because I don't have xbox live Gold.
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  • hypernova 21/11/2007

    I keep getting an error message when trying to download this. Reply 0
  • MX vs. ATV Untamed demo

  • hypernova 20/11/2007

    Demo is meh. Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed tops chart

  • hypernova 20/11/2007

    Strange stuff. Reply 0
  • Armed Assault: Queen's Gambit

  • hypernova 10/11/2007

    "Larson has a great sense of humour. Call him Willie Nelson and he shoots you in the groin".

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  • No sequels from Schafer

  • hypernova 07/11/2007

    Did I imagine an article the other day that linked to a silhouette of Raz, suggesting a Psychonauts sequel? Reply 0
  • Super Mario Galaxy

  • hypernova 05/11/2007

    \o/ Reply 0
  • The Simpsons Game

  • hypernova 30/10/2007

    I liked the demo. The 360 is also disappointingly bereft of 3d platformers, so this will be a buy for me. Reply 0
  • Project Gotham Racing 4

  • hypernova 01/10/2007

    At this time!? Reply 0
  • Skate

  • hypernova 25/09/2007

    Excellent, can't wait. Reply 0
  • Colin McRae dies in helicopter crash

  • hypernova 17/09/2007

    Sad news. RIP. Reply 0
  • Spidey Friend or Foe demo

  • hypernova 15/09/2007

    What a crap demo. Looked and played like a pale imitation of the old saturn side scrolling games, like Die Hard arcade. Reply 0
  • Uwe hits out at "Boll bashers"

  • hypernova 17/08/2007

    I like his films. They're great for getting drunk and having some laughs. I don't get all the vitriol towards him, just because he's not turning game adaptations into high-art. Reply 0
  • E3: Sony unveils Infamous

  • hypernova 12/07/2007

    Great news. Insomniac and Sucker Punch ended up my favourite devs on the PS2 (they made the most games that I considered keepers). Now all I need is an announcement of a new Klonoa, and I'll buy me a PS3. Reply 0
  • PS3 delayed in Europe

  • hypernova 07/09/2006

    "Same here Mapster, as long as those "Wiimote manufacturing problematic" rumours are exactly that, rumours..."

    I thought the rumour was to do with it's actual reliabilty, not manufacturing problems?
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  • hypernova 07/09/2006

    Morning. Reply 0
  • Free downloads for PSP

  • hypernova 26/07/2006

    "The PSP website is pointless and obviously doesn't like my browser (yeah, I'm using the exotic Firefox, thank you), so I can't download anything, even though I'd love to have those WipeOut extras. "

    I use Firefox. You mean you honestly can't grab any downloads unless you use something like IE?

    "Dear Sony, I hate Flash websites.

    I hate the twatting music, I hate the nobby looping video, I hate watching the same shitty animation repeatedly and I hate your SMEGGY image compression."

    Anyone know a good add-on for Firefox that blocks flash?
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  • Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

  • hypernova 24/07/2006

    Why bother releasing this as a full price UMD game, when Sony claim they're going to be releasing thousands of PSOne games emulated for the PSP anyway? Can't this be emulated or something? Reply 0
  • UK likely to get both PS3s - Sony

  • hypernova 21/07/2006

    "The funny thing is, even at that extortionate price, they will shift all the consoles they can ship to the UK..."

    iirc, didn't someone from Sony say that there are about 5 million people stupid enough to buy whatever they release on launch day, as long as it has the Playstation name on it?

    "a period of open consultation with retail and consumers to decide on the best way to approach the impending launches of both SKUs [Stock Keeping Units]."

    Which consumers are these?
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  • New DS web browser video

  • hypernova 20/07/2006

    Looking forward to this. Reply 0
  • Dog devours DS Lite

  • hypernova 18/07/2006

    "They just replaced the casing. $5 of material (if that) and 10 minutes of work and they charged $50.."

    Where did you get that from?
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  • Sony man talks PS3 online

  • hypernova 06/07/2006

    What's a "crapton"? Reply 0
  • Is LocoRoco racist?

  • hypernova 03/07/2006

    pauleyc wrote: Or are we talking about subconscious yet unintentional association now?

    I thought that's exactly what this argument was about.
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  • PS3 will win despite high price

  • hypernova 27/06/2006

    "They said the battery would last roughly 24 hours straight, which doesn''t seem too bad to me. :)"

    That's hardly proof that it will last 24hrs though, is it :-)
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  • hypernova 27/06/2006


    Didn't Capcom also state categorically that Resident Evil 4 wouldn't appear on anything other than Gamecube? It's almost certain that MGS4 will appear on at least one other format at some point, even if it's just one of the updates they like to do with added content. And isn't it for Konami, not Kojima, to decide what platforms it appears on anyway?
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  • Nintendogs: Dalmatian and Friends

  • hypernova 20/06/2006

    What's the point of this release? Is it a worldwide launch to coincide with the DS-Lite launch, just to remind people that buy the Lite that Nintendogs exists? Reply 0
  • HotD 3 movie on the way

  • hypernova 16/06/2006

    They were both so laughably bad that they were good imo, and the second one had a rather attractive female lead :-) Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 BC: 10 Most Wanted

  • hypernova 15/06/2006

    Did no one enjoy Project Snowblind as much as I did? Reply 0
  • Big Brain Academy

  • hypernova 15/06/2006


    I'm in the same boat. Aside from the ones smelly mentioned, I've also heard good things about Band Brothers, Ouendan, Jump Superstars and Goemon.
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  • 2006 FIFA World Cup Interactive Quiz Game

  • hypernova 08/06/2006

    Morning. Reply 0
  • Iwata questions PS3 price point

  • hypernova 24/05/2006

    "they alwasy said the DS was not a successor to the Gameboy and that a new gameboy was going to be released to compete with the PSP."

    When did they say that?
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  • Harryhausen gets into games

  • hypernova 24/05/2006

    This guys films had me hooked as a kid. I'm with Triggerhappytel here...most modern CGI looks shit compared to the old stop motion stuff. Hopefully the games will be good.

    Ah! Just read Freek and el_pollo_diablo's posts...hope this isn't just a name brand thing, though at his age it probably will be. On a side note, why doesn't someone get Jim Henson's son to do a game.
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  • Xbox 360: Live and well

  • hypernova 19/05/2006

    @sofalover and lefizz

    You've had all these machines, and you honestly think the X360 is better than the SNES, even after less than a year on the market?
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  • hypernova 19/05/2006


    Oh! Didn't realise it was in-game, just looked like FMV. Out of curiosity, the trailer didn't look like a standard game of MGS (the third person view kind of thing), it looked more cinematic than that. You say the trailer was "in-game engine", so have they changed the camera/perspective for this new game, a la Resident Evil 4?
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  • hypernova 19/05/2006

    Off-topic....Not flaming here, just genuinely curious:; Why is everyone saying Metal Gear Solid 4 looks brilliant? I watched the trailer, and it just seemed to be an fmv of some various talking heads, and a quick shot of a jumping robot. Is there another trailer with gameplay footage that I'm missing?

    Also, why are people lauding the PS3 for having games that look better than X360 had 6 months before launch? I was under the impression the PS3 has been delayed by about 9 months at least, and only because of DRM issues, which presumably wouldn't affect game development, so isn't a game like Heavenly Sword a lot further in to development than X360 games were 6 months prior to its release?
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  • PS3 could have rumble - Immersion president

  • hypernova 19/05/2006


    Thanks for the reply. I was aware that a lot of companies go a bit OTT with patents (trying to patent words etc..), but I would never have thought you could patent something like the idea of a mini-game during loading. As you say, it's idiotic, and seems no different to patenting the idea of a loading screen.
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  • hypernova 19/05/2006

    "Did you know you can't have mini-games during a loading screen because of patent law?"

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  • Excite Truck lands on Wii

  • hypernova 13/05/2006

    It was a think truck, man. Think!


    Funny stuff ::)
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  • Hirai clarifies PS3 specs further

  • hypernova 11/05/2006

    "For what was included with the 360, PS3 looks a lot better value for money - its just you have to shell out more to get the eventual value."

    Without flaming, can someone explain why the PS3 presents better value for money, as I'm geniunely curious? They both go online, they both have wireless pads, they can both (for a pretty comparable price once you buy the xbox add-on) play high definition films, they'll both have a lot of very similar games, and from what I've read of interviews with developers (and what I've seen myself in screenshots and videos) the graphics are going to be pretty indistinguishable, so why are some people almost deifying the PS3?

    For the record, I don't have either iteration of Xbox, so I'm not a Microsoft fanboy. I've always bought Nintendos,but I have a PS2 which I really enjoy, not because it's a good machine (imo the graphics are horrible compared to gamecube, and the thing seems engineered to break after a certain amount of time) but because it has some great exclusives like Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper. What baffles me however is that we went through this farce 5 or 6 years ago, when Sony claimed the PS2 was the be-all-and-end-all of computer entertainment (I remember that crappy 'old mans face' demo and the Toy Story graphics claims) but it all turned out to be bollocks. Now gamers around the world have been sucked in to the very same argument again. You'd think people would remember. Anyway, I'm sure PS3 will never have graphics that live up to Sony's claims, and the build quality/lifespan of the machines will be laughable, but it will have a few fantastic games that will make it worth owning.

    One more thing, why is HD-DVD the "inferior format"? It carries the exact same information, just slightly less of it. I dread to think what advertising is going to be like on these new disc formats. I already see red mist having to skip through 5 minutes of trailers on regular dvd's, so when these corporations see 30 gig of space they're not using...yeesh.
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  • Nintendo America defends 'Wii'

  • hypernova 29/04/2006


    Reading Ravenlore's post, it appears he isn't a native English speaker. It is clear however that his "like GC's SMALL optical drive, Colur, and handle had no impact on its sales!!!" comment was sarcastic / rhetorical;he just forgot to put a question mark in place of the !!! is all.

    No need to call him a deluded fool.
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  • Revolution's real name

  • hypernova 27/04/2006

    I think Europeans will warm to the name quicker than Americans, as we tend to have a stranger sense of humour. Nintendo are turning in to the Reeves & Mortimer of the game world...fantastic!! Reply 0
  • hypernova 27/04/2006

    In dutch this name means the "nintendo who"

    Funny stuff :-) But I think frantyk had the best one: "might it be in the Geordy sense, (phoneticly. wyeye)".... cracked me up, picturing Shigsy and co. talking like Jimmy Nail.

    Regarding the name, if it's embarrassing, just call it a Nintendo. Most people I know never asked me round to play some gamecube or super nes, just Nintendo (but N64 was a great, catchy little name. Maybe call it the NWii?).
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  • Ratchet & Clank for PSP

  • hypernova 21/04/2006


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  • hypernova 20/04/2006

    I'm a Nintendo fanboy, but credit where credit's due. Ratchet & Clank 1 and 3 (didn't like the second one) are two of the best games this generation imo (alongside the Sly Cooper trilogy and Klonoa 2), and it's only because these games are so good, and they're Sony exclusives, that I've bit my tongue and bought 3 PS2's on the trot (they keep breaking down!!!). I thoroughly recommend picking up all of those games, even if you don't think you'll like them, because they all seem to have had a lot of care and attention put in to them.

    btw @ Kiigan; where did you hear that 'Gladiator' is going to go budget soon?
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