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  • Double Fine is developing the augmented-reality PS4 app The Playroom

  • hulahoops 02/09/2013

    But hold on, I invested $40 in a Kickstarter which presumably gets me a controlling share in Double Fine and they now have to work solely for me until I am suitably pleased and have granted them their freedom back. Reply 0
  • Curiosity dispelled: Peter Molyneux reveals what's inside the cube

  • hulahoops 27/05/2013


    It doesn't mention it on the Kickstarter no, and you could potentially argue that backers are now effectively getting a game potentially designed by some schmo who turned their world into a banana, there's an argument there.

    There are definitely arguments that the Kickstarter is now misrepresentative.

    I don't disagree with that at all. But I do disagree with the sentiment that they're going to treat him like the work experience kid. I think they'll honour what they're saying because otherwise they're completely defeating the point of Cube and Godus.
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  • hulahoops 26/05/2013


    But the selling point of Godus is clearly going to be that there's just some dude at the controls, who's 'god'.

    That's what's going to make it an experiment, or give it experimental status.

    I strongly believe they're going to leverage that. If he takes an active part and he makes the whole world into a banana they'll honour that, I believe, because otherwise the Cube was a farce.

    It would just make more SENSE to 22Cans to honour the whole deal and make him a god, otherwise they'll depreciate their previous and forthcoming games.

    The only way that can go wrong is if the winner doesn't bother to get involved. That's the weakpoint. But if he wants to get involved and does take an active part, it's definitely in 22Cans' interests to make sure his wishes are made so.

    It's elegant. You've got to respect the way this has been thought through.
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  • hulahoops 26/05/2013


    I think most people who put some thought into it came to that conclusion yes.

    My guess was that each game would result in a person getting a small amount of equity in the company and an equivalent amount of creative input.

    But that's not interesting.

    This is someone being given (I would hope) full reign over the rules of a god game. It's a god game where just one player is god and the rest of us aren't. That's much more interesting to me than being able to attend a monthly meeting with some collages of ideas to be dismissed.
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  • hulahoops 26/05/2013

    I was actually expecting to be disappointed but I'm pleasantly surprised.

    Maybe that's why I wasn't disappointed but I think this should be pretty fascinating.
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  • Play Prison Architect now: a paid Minecraft-style alpha has begun

  • hulahoops 30/09/2012

    @Rorsch That would be expensive. And play testers won't necessarily be able to give meaningful impressions of how they'd like the game to evolve and develop. Not to the same degree that full blown fans would (and would like to).

    If people are prepared to play test and pay in advance for the privilege, wouldn't you let them?
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  • How do you get a job in the game industry? "Give yourself one," Valve tells us

  • hulahoops 28/09/2012

    @dr_zoidthrob Speaking not as an outsider but someone who's spent 12 years in the industry, out of interest, have you stated at the top of your cover letter your salary requirements? Or at least a note stating your position and saying you'd be happy to take a below typical wage for your experience?

    I'm always 100% up front and honest and it seems to pay off.

    Whereabouts are you looking? There are loads of studios popping up in London.
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  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC demo on Steam now now now

  • hulahoops 24/09/2012

    The trailers make it look like it's not turn based, it WILL be turn based won't it? D: Reply 0
  • US official killed in Libya was a senior Eve Online player

  • hulahoops 12/09/2012

    @agparrot Fair points. Agreed. Reply +2
  • hulahoops 12/09/2012

    @Ironic_War_Criminal The situation is a tragedy and my thoughts go out to VR's family and everyone who ever knew him.

    I do however refer you to my later post where I point out that it's impossible to comment on these things without knowing the full facts. I should perhaps have followed my own advice in the first place.

    But if being angry about organised religion resulting in death is immature I sadly think I'll be immature as long as I live.
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  • hulahoops 12/09/2012

    @Bluetooth he may well have been trying to earn some extra money to support his family and give them a good life, after being assured that he would be well protected in a very low risk environment.

    Maybe he couldn't even find work in his home country.

    It's impossible to comment on these things without knowing all the details.
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  • hulahoops 12/09/2012

    I'm not sure why my post was deleted.

    It was just a sardonic comment (an admittedly dry and subtle one) on how abominable it is that making a film which may mention a prophet is reason to kill innocents.

    I certainly didn't mean any offense to anyone.

    I guess I'll have to be less subtle in future. :)
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  • The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: Deadly Rooms of Debt?

  • hulahoops 11/09/2012

    I used to be able to play games all day when I was a kid, but I'll never have that kind of time on my hands again. Free to play means I can make up for lost time to grind in games which involve time investment and that suits my situation as someone with only a little gaming time on my hands, down to the ground. Reply -1
  • New Command & Conquer single-player confirmed

  • hulahoops 10/09/2012

    @jabberwoky check the quote: he's saying that because it's free to play the game will continue to evolve instead of ship and forget and they've taken into account that players want single player so they're dropping single player into the game.

    Hopefully you're a bit less frightened now by the redefinition of the word incompetence.
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  • The Raspberry Pi is now made in the UK

  • hulahoops 06/09/2012

    This was awesome news but it made me a bit sad to realise it was so exciting because we so rarely hear it these days. :( Reply +2
  • Capcom wants less time between sequels, so is shortening development

  • hulahoops 05/09/2012

    This is nothing new. Capcom have been pumping out sequel after sequel for pretty much their entire existence.

    They INVENTED sequelitis.
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  • EA's Gibeau: "I have not green lit one game to be developed as a single-player experience"

  • hulahoops 05/09/2012


    But is it worth working up a heart attack over? Why not just buy someone else's games until EA realise what you want? The truth will out, surely.
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  • hulahoops 05/09/2012

    I wish I could understand why people seem to take EA making games they don't necessarily want as such a deep personal insult. I feel a bit left out. Reply -4
  • BAFTA Young Game Designers workshops at Eurogamer Expo 2012

  • hulahoops 03/09/2012

    I joined the industry as a designer and I've been in it for 12 years and have been laid off only once. And even then I found a new job paying more before I left the building.

    Maybe I'm just lucky, I don't know.
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  • Wildfire Worlds Preview: Occupy Trumpton!

  • hulahoops 03/09/2012

    "Can I explain my name? No... not really. My mother was a big whiskey fan. I'm guessing that played a part."

    Hahahaha! :D
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  • hulahoops 03/09/2012

    @MikeMike while you're here, can you explain your wonderfully bonkers name? :) Reply +5
  • Kinectimals, Toy Soldiers, Angry Birds for Xbox Live on Windows 8

  • hulahoops 31/08/2012

    @chaywa And I suppose Windows 95's killer app was Minesweeper? Reply +8
  • EA reselling 17 Command & Conquer games in one box for some reason

  • hulahoops 31/08/2012

    @Wempler I've never been a fan of the whole "we" thing. Reply -4
  • Microsoft and Sony could struggle next-gen if they fail to embrace free-to-play

  • hulahoops 28/08/2012

    @blarty I think you have a slightly skewed view of the model.

    Here's how it works (and it makes a LOT of money. Get a free to play game right and you'll make far more than an equivalent traditional model game would make):

    ~95% of players very happily play a game which is perfectly suited to their taste and completely free.

    ~5% of players spend money on cosmetic items which the other 95% have no interest in.

    So F2P is a pretty raw deal for the developer right?

    Nope. Firstly, a large number of the 5% of players who DO spend, spend far more on average than you'd imagine. Seriously, your mind would boggle. This is the key -- those people would have spent Ł5-30 on a traditional model game, but they'll happily spend hundreds on a single game. Thousands.

    Secondly all that cash goes directly to the developer. So they've already saved themselves 30% AT LEAST by avoiding having to pay a distributer/platform/any other form of middleman.
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  • hulahoops 28/08/2012

    Let's not tar all of F2P with the same brush.

    Valve's model of F2P will thrive. The more negative implementations will whither and die.
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  • Oh Mann! Team Fortress 2 Nails Co-op

  • hulahoops 24/08/2012

    @Ternon What comprises a proper game? You make your own stories in TF2. Reply +18
  • hulahoops 24/08/2012

    "The people who complain about micro-transactions and spending money on hats do not understand."

    Why on earth do people complain about it?

    If it weren't for those hats we wouldn't have this polished, supported, ever expanding, amazing game for free.

    The hat buyers are paying so you don't have to. What's the problem with that?
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  • EA says it's "standing up for the industry" in battle against Zynga

  • hulahoops 20/08/2012

    @Flipper79 How much do you think EA will actually personally make out of this?

    It's probably less than you think.

    This move overall probably won't affect EA's bottom line, it'll be a drop in the ocean if anything, and EA know that.

    The people who this will make a huge difference to are people like NimbleBit whose bottom line IS affected by their games being ripped off wholesale.
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  • hulahoops 20/08/2012

    @Flipper79 No. If they win the case Zynga will have enormous trouble copying small publishers again as there'll be a case precedent. Reply +18
  • Wonderfully made video showing what Halo 4 took to make

  • hulahoops 17/08/2012

    @candyflipsix Exactly. I find the resistance to change among gamers baffling at best, but when people have already made up their mind that they don't like it before they've even played it it becomes frustrating.

    We need to make up our minds whether we want fresh new experiences or just refreshes of old experiences.
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  • BioWare's Command & Conquer: Generals 2 repurposed for new free-to-play venture

  • hulahoops 15/08/2012

    There's no reason why the multiplayer aspect couldn't be as great a polished experience as TF2, Dota 2 etc.

    Yes, single player may well suffer from the march of F2P on PC, but AAA single player has been pirated to death. Pirates just mean we can't have nice things. I lament that loss.

    Other games have proven that multiplayer can thrive in F2P though.
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  • hulahoops 15/08/2012

    God will you guys stop wringing your hands at every F2P announcement? There are many awful F2P games but also some thriving great ones. Surely you've tried some? Don't just neg, neg and tell me why I'm wrong. :) Reply -15
  • Waking Mars on sale for $1.99 to celebrate Curiosity landing

  • hulahoops 07/08/2012

    Why is all Martian life so very phallic? Reply 0
  • Batman scribe Paul Dini not working on Rocksteady's next title

  • hulahoops 06/08/2012

    "No love lost" means they hate each other... Reply +16
  • EA sues Zynga, claims The Ville is an "unmistakable copy" of The Sims Social

  • hulahoops 04/08/2012

    Wait... honest question, what is it that we hate EA for again? I mean yeah there was Bullfrog etc. but that was aeons ago. It's not about Bioware's writers' choices or something silly like that is it? As I say, honest question! Reply +6
  • Minecraft reviewed by US late night talk show host Conan O'Brien

  • hulahoops 25/07/2012

    Ohhh... the self loathing of gamers is a depressing thing sometimes. A depressing thing indeed. People ask if games have had their Citizen Cane moment yer. Well have films had their Minecraft moment? Has music had its Rock Band moment?

    We really don't have to assume the foetal position every time grown ups criticise something we value you know.
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  • DayZ doppleganger The War Z announced

  • hulahoops 20/07/2012

    @Daeltaja Chill... do you really think nobody had thought of exactly what DayZ is before it was released?

    All DayZ did was prove that there's a huge demand for this type of game to be explored.

    You're not forced to play every game ever. Several DayZ style games will be released, some may be rubbish, some may be good, some may even be masterpieces.

    The cool thing is that you get to choose which one to play.

    There's plenty of breakout innovation in the small budget indie sector but when you're betting 100+ people's livelihoods on a game it's better to evolve a concept with proven demand than make something wild and risky.

    Leave the wild and risky to the, I dunno, contractors who work for FPS companies in the Czech Republic for instance.
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  • hulahoops 20/07/2012

    @Yfel Let's not give credit where it's not quite due. :) DayZ is a slightly awkward aping of the name World War Z. If the word daisy had any relevance to the game it might be clever, but it doesn't so it isn't. Reply +4
  • hulahoops 20/07/2012

    @LHH MMO doesn't have to mean grind etc.

    If Day Z has proven anything it's that players don't need artificial goals, you can give them an MMO sandbox and they'll tailor their own goals for themselves.

    For instance the gang who rounded up slaves and put them on a bus.

    Hopefully the whole open world zombie scenario isn't the only element developers are inspired by.
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  • hulahoops 20/07/2012

    "'The War Z' sounds like a straight to DVD rip-off of 'World War Z' in the same style as 'snakes on a train' and 'transmorphers'"

    Except World War Z is a pun on World War 3 while The War Z is just... a silly thing to call something.
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  • hulahoops 20/07/2012

    Come on guys, Day Z wasn't in any way a startlingly original concept.

    Let's face it, it's exactly the game we've all chatted in the pub about wishing someone would make one day.

    The engine, with its vehicles, weapons etc., just happened to be a good foundation to merge the idea with.

    But an open world survival game with survivors and zombies? Nothing special or original here. Just the game we always wanted to play finally took shape.
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  • EA joins coalition opposing the Defense of Marriage Act

  • hulahoops 20/07/2012

    And as for the backward bigoted idiots who still think it's acceptable to look down on people just because they happen to want to marry someone of the same gender...

    You make me ashamed to share a species with you let alone a sexuality.
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  • hulahoops 20/07/2012


    As a cynical PR stunt. It's not the same in the US as it is here. The US is their biggest market and the right wing are a considerable part of that market. They just gave them quite a brave fuck you even in a perilous position (will you LOOK at that share price.

    It's pretty brave. And bold. And may change people's minds. Like them or don't. But respect what they just did.
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  • hulahoops 20/07/2012


    OK. Folks. EA may seem like a horrific corporate monolith, but... they're not. I've worked for them. In the belly of the beast you might say. They've just taken a kicking from their investors... they're truly bloody and on the ground foetal now... and it's been a long prolonged kicking.

    But the inner vibe is truly: holy shit we've made some huge mistakes in the past but we've realised now who and what is important. And yes to some degree they run scared and chase dollar bills to keep the wolf from the door (and let's face it the share price wolf isn't at the door, it's jaws are around their THROAT. People get fired in that environment. People at the very top of the hierarchy who answer to few or no one).

    Hate EA for destroying Bullfrog, Westood... many others. I don't need to tell you this. But don't hate them for trying to get their act together. They have a long way to go but they've also come a long, long way.

    But first and foremost, don't dismiss this as
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  • Bad Dudes 2 could be a reality via Kickstarter

  • hulahoops 17/07/2012

    Two Crude Dudes could also do with a remake or sequel.

    Those were brilliant times, when you could get away with having Dude in the title of your game. Brilliant brilliant times.
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  • Perry: Gaikai should be added to current generation of Sony consoles and PlayStation 4

  • hulahoops 12/07/2012

    "He looks younger than I am! He's 45 and just sold his company for $380m; I've got 10 years to get my sh*t together and make my fortune..."

    He's certainly had enough hard lost heroic failures to deserve it! :)
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  • Seller awaiting payment for $1.32m Ebay game collection

  • hulahoops 11/07/2012

    "Yep, he's the one who racked (heh heh, rack) up debt on his mum's credit card, and they both blamed Microsoft for it."

    Also I remember him for having a fantastic head of hair.
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  • Molyneux: $50,000 Curiosity DLC "nothing to be ashamed of"

  • hulahoops 06/07/2012

    I don't really understand why experimentation like this makes people angry to be honest.

    Either it's a success and we have something interesting to read about, or it fails spectacularly and everyone can feel smug that they called it.

    Nothing to be angry about is there?
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  • hulahoops 06/07/2012

    I think it's exciting.

    Not in a... spend $50k on it kind of way, in a see how it pans out kind of way.

    It's like a game which I don't have to pay to take part in and see how it ends -- I just have to sit back and see if anything interesting comes of it, if whatever's inside is interesting... let's face it, whatever it is people will be disappointed but it'll be interesting to see how that disappointment ripples out. Will someone stump up the $50k? Will they go public? Will they be disappointed? Will they have too much money to care anyway?

    So long as free to play doesn't become the de facto standard way to play games, so long as we still have a choice, I think this kind of thing will be interesting on an experiment level.
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  • Wonderful Team Fortress 2 Pyromania patch brings rainbows, flowers, musical death-instruments

  • hulahoops 28/06/2012

    Awesomest company in the world today? Reply +5