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  • Saturday Soapbox: In Defence of Lollipop Chainsaw

  • hobbesthetiger 28/07/2012

    I agree that it is unfairly criticised. Often it seems to be people who decide they should be offended, and that it's sexist and sleazy without actually playing the game.

    When you play the game, there's a lot of warmth and humour in the writing. Yes, Juliet is a cliche, and so are most female characters in games, but of course, so are 99% of male characters as well.

    My problem with the game is just about the actual gameplay, which I found became repetitive very quickly.
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  • Starbreeze: Syndicate was "a lost battle from the get-go"

  • hobbesthetiger 20/06/2012

    I didn't expect anything from it in relation to the original - it was made clear a long time ago that it was going to be totally different.

    I also rented it and it just felt like a sub par Deus Ex Human revolution. It was dull, very annoying in certain sections, and I abandoned it half way through the game.
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  • Miyamoto: Vita isn't currently a strong product

  • hobbesthetiger 07/05/2012

    @saku_luk Well clearly you must have known what the launch titles were, and knew about the issues with games being released in Poland before you bought a Vita, so why buy it?

    Some ridiculous comments in this discussion, at times.

    For the record, I own a Vita and am really happy with it, but I have to admit the lack of forthcoming titles (in terms of both quality and quantity) is a massive concern right now.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Bring On The Next Generation

  • hobbesthetiger 17/12/2011

    I think the 'look at my PC, it can do so much more than consoles because it is so powerful' argument being made by a few people here is missing the point somewhat.

    Most of the titles on PC that have shown genuine innovation etc can be played on relatively low end PCs because they aren't relying on specs and power.

    Still, don't let the chance to push your own pro-PC, anti-console agenda pass you by.

    I think we need to accept that just like other forms of entertainment, we have reached a stage where there will be a hell of a lot more mediocre and unimaginitive games than there will be great and original titles.
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  • Rugby World Cup 2011 vs. Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge

  • hobbesthetiger 14/10/2011

    Some excellent troll action here.

    I reviewed RWC2011 a few weeks ago (won't link to it, as the spam accusations will no doubt fly), and agree with a lot of the points made in this review. It is based almost entirely on backs play, and the breakdown and set pieces (lineout especially) are random at best. It has the basis of a good game but needs more depth and a lot of tweaking.

    Looking forward to playing the Jonah Lomu game.
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  • EA closing 18 online multiplayer services

  • hobbesthetiger 13/07/2011

    Tricky one this, first reaction is to be outraged and shout about what cads and bounders they are, but to play devils advocate, it makes business sense for EA.

    Not the best pr, to be shutting down the online element of old games, when you are also effectively starting to charge people to play your new games online, though.

    I'm not going to make bold statements like 'I'm not going to buy any new EA titles' because, like 90% of gamers, if they turn out to be brilliant, I'm still going to want to play them.
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  • Blizzard opens writing competition

  • hobbesthetiger 06/07/2010

    Not my kind of thing (in terms of the games worlds it's set) but a decent idea, both for aspiring writers and for Blizzard themselves. Reply 0
  • Scrap Metal

  • hobbesthetiger 18/03/2010

    Thought the review was a bit harsh, personally. Quite enjoyed it myself (as someone who has always been a fan of top down racers). Not earth shattering, but a decent bit of fun. There are faults, but plenty of good points as well. Would probably agree with Hobo's assessment of about 7.

    Agree on the comments about the price though, it is a tad steep, and yeah, it is going to be compared unfavourably with toy soldiers.
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  • EG rocks with Pixie Lott at GH5 launch

  • hobbesthetiger 11/09/2009

    @CARLO5: It's all of the above. Reply +3
  • Guitar Hero 5

  • hobbesthetiger 11/09/2009

    Agree that Rock Band is definitely the better game, better track lists, more fun to play and better note charting. Having said that, there's not exactly a massive difference, but as someone who has RB2 and GH:WT, I much prefer RB2.

    Won't be rushing out to get GH5 despite the positive reviews.
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  • Modern Warfare 2 costs GBP 55

  • hobbesthetiger 17/07/2009

    It will be interesting to see what price most places actually sell it for.

    Certainly if I had to pay Ł55 (though unlikely), I definitely won't be purchasing it.
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  • 1 vs. 100

  • hobbesthetiger 16/07/2009

    @superdamiarno. Fair point, I stand corrected on that one then! Reply -1
  • hobbesthetiger 16/07/2009

    The comparison to Buzz doesn't really stand up, due to both the scale of 1 vs 100, and the ability to win some (actually decent) prizes.

    I agree that there are periods of waiting around (in fact I've started keeping my psp handy for a quick blast during these periods), but it's not necessarily more overall than your average ad break (especially in the extended games).

    As for not getting into the mob, I must have got lucky but I was in the mob on the first night after just stumbling upon the game.

    It's free and a bit of a laugh, whether it keeps the attention when it ceases to be a novelty is a different matter.
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  • Battlefield 1943

  • hobbesthetiger 16/07/2009

    Was interested in getting this, but frankly difficulty getting games + lag + over-powerful sniping = more frustration than enjoyment. I'll pass for now. Reply 0
  • Kodu Game Lab

  • hobbesthetiger 11/07/2009

    SEUCK was legendary, as someone who dreamed of creating games as a 10yr old, but never ever got further than learning a tiny bit of basic!

    This looks interesting, but the problem may be, after a hard day at work, am I likely to bother with this, or (more likely) will I just revert to playing my favourite games? It's a little depressing that I'm more likely to play something someone else has done, rather than create something myself, but that;s the reality.
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  • The Conduit

  • hobbesthetiger 11/07/2009

    The usual Wii review arguments then, largely ignoring the merits (or otherwise) of the game. Reply 0