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  • Is this the best cheap phone for Pokémon Go?

  • harryisme 23/07/2016

    @bdc Um....Actually I've read a few posts about people upgrading their phones just to play Pokemon GO, I know my nephew is asking for a phone because of the game, but he's too young, however you can that plenty of other parents went out to buy their kid a phone just to play the game, I also expect plenty of people upgraded their data plan to have enough data. Reply +2
  • Gears of War 4's PC-exclusive features detailed

  • harryisme 22/07/2016

    @Dizzy Who care of the why, if it's a option that will benifit the PC gamer who cares of the reason why it was added? Reply 0
  • Watch: 11 minutes of Cuphead demo gameplay

  • harryisme 20/07/2016

    Visually the game is amazing, Gameplay seems a bit repetitive, but still ok, my biggest issue was the music and sound effects, I understand the reasonng behind it, going for the authentic vibe of the time period, but it gets old really quickly. I ended up skipping solely because the music was getting on my nerves.

    Hopefully the game plays as well as it looks, though I might just get the game based on the visuals, it's just looks so awesome.
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  • 3000 McDonald's to become sponsored Pokémon Go gyms - in Japan

  • harryisme 19/07/2016

    I think a Pokestop with lures would have enticed more customers than Gyms. I find the whole thing ironic to be honest, that a app that has more people walking than ever before has it's first sponsor a Fast Food franchise known for it's unhealthy food. (though their menus are more varied now, but then again Olympics has no issue having them as sponsors.)

    Beyond that I really don't care to much, It's not like you need to be inside the building and order their food to take advantage of their Gym status, they'll have plenty of kids standing outside just battling then moving on.

    As I said if it was a Pokestop with Lures, Mcdonalds would make a killing, because then people have reason to stay, a Gym battle is over in a few second, and that's if you care for the battle system, most people just igmore them.
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  • Looks like Spotify won't arrive on Xbox One with background music

  • harryisme 18/07/2016

    Looking at the title I thought Microsoft were limiting the service to their own services but from the sounds of it, Spotify have got a nice paycheck from Sony to stay exclusive to their platform.

    Not good for the consumer but unfortunitely that's how businesses work. My nephew will not be pleased, he was so happy when MS announced the Background music option, he pays for Spotify so was looking forward to using it on his Xbox.
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  • Street Fighter 5's Ł20 Capcom Pro Tour DLC isn't going down well

  • harryisme 18/07/2016

    @Simatron3000 Not just the DLC, it's all the drama surrounding the game. from the launch to lack of arcade mode to loops you have to jump to get alternate colours, to the input lag, and now this.

    I've been a fan of the series since the original Street Fighter game in the arcades and this has been the first games I've not bought day one, infact I still don't own it. I'm just not sure this game has the same staying power as 4 did.

    The high entrants is not really shocking, it's the new game in the franchise, so the playing field is more evened out, compared to the game that had a established player base that would destroy everyone else. It's about sustained player base and I'm not sure this game can manage it.

    I hope I'm wrong, SF will always be one of the standout games that got me into gaming. I want it to succeed, but Capcom need to sort out their mess.
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  • harryisme 18/07/2016

    After seeing all the nickel and diming Capcom have been doing with this game, I'm hoping they go back to their Super and Ultra version model. It actually worked out cheaper buying the game multiple times than getting all this DLC. I'd like to know how much it would cost to unlock all the costumes, colours and stages, i'm guessing more than the cost of the game.

    This was supposed to be Capcom's return to form, and from what I've seen, read and heard the gameplay is solid, but all the other drama surrounding the title makes me wonder if it will even be the main game at next years Evo or if they'll drop it for SF4.
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  • Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator gets Dizzy today

  • harryisme 18/07/2016

    Looks like I wasn't the only one who was expecting a hard shelled exploror from days past. Reply 0
  • Watch: Six lessons we learned playing Pokémon Go

  • harryisme 17/07/2016

    @Some_Goats Soon as you start the game you encounter three Pokemon, also known as the original starter pokemon, and whichever one you catch is the pokemon you start with, unless you ignore them, and keep on walking and then you'll eventually spot a Pikachu chich you can also catch.

    Best Pokemon is...I'd say Squirtle in this game as they seem to be the most common from the three start pokemon I've encountered in the wild.

    Edit: Oh and yeah f**k Zubats, the second pokemon I encountered, was ready to give up.
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  • Doom's Vulkan patch is a PC performance game-changer

  • harryisme 13/07/2016

    Whoa, that's a massive leap in performance for AMD cards, specially the Fury X, a 39.5% increase. For it to beat both the 1070 and 980 Ti is

    This is really great for gaming, hopefully like Vulkan, DX12 can bring similar performance gains. It's looking like the gamble AMD made a few years back are finally starting to pay off. We need AMD to be more competitive and if this gives them an edge, it can only be good for us as consumers.
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  • We need to talk about Pokémon Go's lure feature

  • harryisme 11/07/2016

    As the saying goes 'This is why we can't have nice things' There is always someone who will abuse these systems and end of messing it up from everyone else.

    It's not even been a week and we've already seen two very different sides this game has bought out of people, one side we have people going out and about making new friends and the community uniting and the other we have a idiots who drive around in their cars paying more attention to the app than games and robbers taking advantage of people gathering and commiting crimes.

    Let's hope this minority does not lead to changes that will ruin the experience for everyone.
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  • PlayStation's indie game publishing head honcho Adam Boyes is leaving Sony

  • harryisme 08/07/2016

    This is the third or fourth high profile name leaving Sony since the PS4 launch, first Jack Tretton, then Shahid Ahmed, Now Nick Suttner and Adam Boyes both announcing the are leaving within 10 days of each other. The last three names were all involved with the Indie game movement at Playstation.

    IF Sony wasn't really successful with the PS brand I would think there was something more to it, but I expect for the last three it's simply a matter of seeing so many Indie games pass through their hands that they felt the itch to develop games themselves again.
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  • Epic boss is thrilled at the prospect of PlayStation Neo and Xbox Scorpio

  • harryisme 07/07/2016

    @number1024 Because as much as it doesn't make sense for anyone with an tech knowledge, to the average person who has no experience in PC upgrade (no matter how easy it is.) things like upgrading hardware and driver updates, are still a scary thing for them.

    The idea of just buying a box to play your games and the games will just work out of the box will always be appealing, dispite their being better solutions out there.

    You can never underestimate the power of convenience, MP3 players are convenient dispite there being better audio solutions, Camera phones are fine for most people because a digital camera is a hassle to carry around. Streaming movies is fine because it's more convenient than renting/buying a blu-ray. Buying physical copies of games is cheaper but many are moving to digital purchases because it's convenient.

    Consoles are convenient, and less confusing than PC's for most people so they make sense, they might not be the most powerful but that work so it's fine for them. I have been building my own PC's for 20 years now, and know my way around the PC, but 8 out of 10 times I'll play on my Xbox One because it's simple and I know it will work.
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  • Nvidia unveils GTX 1060: $249 buys you GTX 980 power

  • harryisme 07/07/2016

    @kugz I wouldn't be surprised if very soon we will $1 = Ł1 or even worst across the board, We Brits generally pay more for goods as it is, and then we pay VAT on top of that. So yeah for price hikes across the board. Thanks Brexit. Reply +3
  • Nintendo is looking into making smartphone controllers

  • harryisme 06/07/2016

    @ubergine Because going after sellers that were making a product for a market that Nintendo didn't cater for, using a 30year old design that may or may not have the design patent expired on it makes perfect sense.

    I'm not saying they would not be within their rights to do that, (I don't know enough about the law for that.) But Nintendo have a habit of going heavy handed with their actions, when there are better avenues they could try before hand.
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  • harryisme 06/07/2016

    Well this doesn't bode well for all those third party controller makers who make bluetooth controllers that look like the (S)NES gamepads. As we've seen countless other times, Nintendo don't have any problem sending lawyers to the doors of those who they believe infringe on their intellctual properties. Reply -1
  • Steam warns users against gambling site after YouTube stars discovered as owners

  • harryisme 04/07/2016

    I am no solicitor but is this even legal? The UK has very strict advertising and gambling policies, and I can't help but wonder if eithe of the governing bodies were made aware of this they would be forced to take action.

    As Brokenkey says, maybe EG should reach out to the Gammling commision for their comments on the legality of all this.

    Normally I would give someone the benifit of the doubt but as both these youtubers also appear to have other business interests I find it hard to beleive they simply didn't know.

    Edit: I would not be surprised if we saw lawsuits against both these youtubers from viewers who feel they have been conned out of their money from these two.
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  • Can AMD's new strategy restore its fortunes?

  • harryisme 03/07/2016

    @peterfll Simple cost, Nvidia is the market leader so they charge more for their chipset.

    Another factor is SoC knowledge, with AMD they can get a CPU+GPU custom design right off the shelf from them, where with Nvidia they would have to design their own custom SoC combining the CPU and GPU on one dye. It's also why both the PS4 and XBO has the weak (in comparison to even last gen) CPU onboard.
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  • Wreck-It Ralph sequel coming March 2018

  • harryisme 01/07/2016

    @Bauul We have Bowser sitting right next Zangief in that screengrab. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy 7 Monopoly is real and it's due out in 2017

  • harryisme 29/06/2016

    So will this be cut into multiple parts as well? Each part containing only one lane, and you'll have to wait till 2022 to get the last part. Reply 0
  • What's your #BestBrexitGame?

  • harryisme 29/06/2016

    I was thinking papers please. Reply +3
  • AMD Radeon RX 480 review

  • harryisme 29/06/2016

    @rep- I think we are likely to see Sony up the clock speed by the time they release the console (if the plan is still the same) to cut the gap with MS's Scorpio, just like how MS upped the clock speed of the XBO to cut the gap between the PS4.

    Though I would be surprised if it's more than a 10% clock increase, even that is optimistic, 5% is a more likely figure, as it's possible the power consumption and heat output could be too high beyond that. But you never know. Ofcourse then there is nothing stopping MS doing the same.
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  • July Xbox Games with Gold titles announced

  • harryisme 28/06/2016

    On first sight it doesn't seem like a great line-up but to get a brand new game on day of release, pretty sweet. Reply +2
  • The Kinect wind-down continues as Xbox Fitness is retired

  • harryisme 28/06/2016

    I understand the Kinect is dead, but why have MS not released a standalone camera for the console yet? The Kinect's Camera qality is really good, so it would be great if we got the camera as a standalone unit, I don't need the motion tracking stuff.

    MS should atleast let users keep access to the content they've paid for.
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  • Sony forces Saudi gamer called Jihad to change his PSN ID

  • harryisme 28/06/2016

    I'm not going into the politics of the name, but if his usename was considered offensive, why was he not allowed to change his username instead?

    It seems like a extremely hard handed way of dealing with a minor situation. There aren't verbally abusing other people, sending death threats online, they just have a username that someone found offensive. Losing all your progress and digital library for something like that makes no sense. The sentance should fit the crime, and the sentence definitely does not fit the crime, or in this case, a unfortunate case of mistaken intent.
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  • Hawken mechs its way to PS4 and Xbox One in July

  • harryisme 28/06/2016

    This game just fell off the radar. When it was still in Beta all the review sites were all over it, they were touting it as the next big thing. Then it just disappeared.

    Which is strange as the game was gaining popularitiy the same time as Occulas Rift's Kickstarter started, infact this was the first game I thought of when I saw the kickstarter page.

    But then the game came out of Beta sometime and nobody cared anymore. I guess going by above comments it's the Pay2Win model the game adopted that killed it. I remember them going on record multiple times saying they would not do. Which is a shame, the game did have potential to be the mech game of choice.
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  • Destiny's Xűr turns his back on PS3, Xbox 360 players

  • harryisme 27/06/2016

    Xur has one use, and that is keep me stocked up on Three of Coins, he has no other purpose anymore, his stock of Weapons and Armour might be tempting if they 55 levels below max at 280. And the engrams he sells are all Legacy engrams.

    Now the Xur of year one was much better.
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  • What the hell is a teraflop anyway?

  • harryisme 26/06/2016

    @Ninhau It's not as simple as that, Hardware is usually locked in months maybe even years in advance (The Xbox One specs were leaked almost two years before it's launch, and they turned out to be accurate.)

    If Sony want a more powerful GPU inside they need to go to AMD and agree a new deal with them, and if MS have an exclusive rights to the Vega GPU for consoles (which could explain why MS were confident in announcing the hardware 17 months in advance), Sony have no choice but to stick with the hardware they have right now, or wait for the next GPU after Vega, which isn't due for release till 2018/19.

    So the Hardware DF are talking about is accurate as per current plans, yeah things could change, they could scrap the Neo and play the waiting game, they could up the clock speed and cut the gap, or they could go to AMD and try to license the Vega as well, but as of right now, the only GPU that can be inside the Neo is the one DF has quoted. There is no other GPU (other than the weaker 260 & 270) that AMD plan to release this year.
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  • harryisme 26/06/2016

    Very interesting article, specially the timing of it, 3 days before the NDA for the RX 480 lifts. Does EG know more about the new hardware that they are trying to tell us without breaking any contracts?

    You do raise some valid points, TF alone are not enough, if it was, AMD cards would be selling allot more as on paper they are close to the GTX cards but much cheaper. Though if recent leaks are to be believed, AMD have improved the effeciency of their hardware substancially, being closer to performance to Nvidia cards per TF than ever.

    This bodes well for all three console makers, let's not forget the NX is likely to be using the RX 460 hardware, and on paper it looks like the performance would be between XBO and PS4, but with the architecture improvements they should in most cases equal and maybe outperform the PS4, specially as they should be able to clock the card higher than both the current consoles.
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  • You can play the first level of the new Doom for free this week

  • harryisme 22/06/2016

    Never understood why the demo was time limited in the first place. Not like the game isn't out already. Reply +4
  • Mighty No. 9 gets off to a rocky start

  • harryisme 21/06/2016

    @Mike1980 Well there's a quote that needs to go on the box-art...if Boxart was still a thing :( Reply +2
  • Minecraft's new Battle Mode season pass costs Ł7.99

  • harryisme 21/06/2016

    @sadakos_fury It's not going in the way of a FPS, it's a additional mode to play on top of the core game. Mojang are not taking any tools away from the userbase, instead adding another way to play the game. If you don't want your kids to play the FPS portion, don't buy the packs.

    The game is still Minecraft, I don't see why you would have an issue with them adding more funtionality to it. Besides it's not like killing other players in-game is anything new, first thing that happened to me when I started playing, my nephew joined my game and promptly killed me.

    Edit: As for the cost, it's not bad, skin packs cost around Ł1.49, texture packs cost Ł2.49? I think so Ł7.99 for three map packs, though is all three packs cost Ł2.39 each, maths does not add up.

    Edit 2: Sorry didn't realise it was Ł7.99 for four map packs, which is not bad.
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  • HDR: What does it mean for games and movies?

  • harryisme 19/06/2016

    I've been interested in the HDR tech since I saw the video on Techmoan's Youtube channel where he compared regular HD to the HDR TV, and while it just looked over saturated, it did give you an idea of there being a difference, and watching on a non-HDR TV I won't have a true idea how good the image look without actually seeing it on a HDR screen. Though I have known that video encoded in 10bit instead of 8bit look better as the colour dithering effect is pretty much eliminated.

    Though HDR is also the reason why I'm going to wait before jumping to 4K, it's expensive at the moment, and seems to be the biggest selling point for the 4K standard right now, though it's not that expensive to jump to 4K, it seems pointless to jump to 4K without HDR support, and the tech is still too new to be worthwhile. That said I expect HDR will add processing time to displaying the image, making it a useful tech for TV but the additional lag not suitable for most gamers.
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  • Are 4K visuals really the best use for Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neo?

  • harryisme 18/06/2016

    My interest in the Scorpio, dipped a bit when Spensor announced that we won't see a much of a improvement with the scorpio running on a 1080p screen. Though I kinda expected it.

    If MS came out and said, 'We will let developers use the extra power however they want,' They would be rousted, they already had to go in damage control mode when one of their management team said they won't stop Developers from making Scorpio exclusives. They are treading in new waters, and are trying to keep the current owners appeased while trying to appeal to new prospective buyers.

    This policy will remain the place for I'm going to say three years after the Scorpio launch maximum after that they'll let the XBO support drop and we'll start seeing devs fully take advantage of the hardware.

    So while I fully agree with the article, I can also see why MS and Sony are going the route they are, they don't want to upset the current userbase, if they don't make them feel like they are not being left behind they have a PR disaster on their hands, Something both MS and Sony know full well from past experience.
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  • Watch: We tried VR Porn at E3

  • harryisme 17/06/2016

    That has to be one of the most awkward moments ever, sitting down to watch porn knowing there are tens of thousands of other people walking about in the same building, and there is no escaping what you were watching, in public. Reply +1
  • Skylanders is getting an animated series on Netflix

  • harryisme 16/06/2016

    I read Justin Long and thought isn't he the Street Figher player who had that legendary SFIII third Strike match? Apparently that is Justin Wong, shame really I might have been interested if it was Wong and not Long. Reply 0
  • 1080p Project Scorpio games "will look different" and some "run a little better" than on Xbox One/S

  • harryisme 16/06/2016

    'Scorpio is going to be running the 6 teraflop version of a game, and that version of a game, even when downsampled to HD will look different than the game running at 1080p.'

    Finally, I've been curious about this part since it's announcement, if the console will render games at 4K and then downsample instead of just render the game at natively 1080p. I'm more interested in the hardware because of this as I like the idea of the console, though i'm still not sold on 4K just yet.

    I'm not surprised to hear about games using dynamic scaling running better on the Scorpio, from my understanding DC puts FPS before resolution, so will render the screen at the highest resolution it can while still maintaining a constant framerate, (though they put in a minimum resolution in place as well.) So if the game has more compute power available to it, it will hit that constant framerate while maintaining a higher resolution. which makes sense when you think about it.

    I have a feeling now that Phil has said this, more developers are going to use dynamic scaling for their games, on both the Xbox and PS4, knowing hardware will be available in the future that will run their current games at a target of 1080p and still be able to deliver the constant frame rate today. sounds like it could be an appealing tradeoff a developer.
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  • Xbox One S: release date, price, specs and everything we know

  • harryisme 15/06/2016

    Good article, there seems to be quite a bit of confusion over the smaller console for some reason, much more than usual when the console maker releases a smaller console. I wonder if it's because of the HDR and UHD compatability? Reply +14
  • Xbox One prices drop in UK following Xbox One S announcement

  • harryisme 15/06/2016

    @albertino you forgot to add 20% VAT on top of that. if you convert $299 to GBP today that comes to just under Ł211 add VAT you get Ł253, so if you take out VAT we are paying less than the US. So the only ones who are shafting us at this price is our Government. Reply +1
  • Xbox One S won't give games a performance boost, Microsoft insists

  • harryisme 15/06/2016

    This is what I like about Phil and the Xbox divisions new approach, they are quick to squash these types of rumours, Phil did the same when DX12 was announced, and all the misinformation about it giving the XBO a massive boost in performance. Reply +42
  • Spec Analysis: Xbox Project Scorpio

  • harryisme 14/06/2016

    @syphaa Except MS still have atleast a year before they have to lock down the design, to make sure heat is not an issue, the 360 had issues because MS wanted to beat Sony out of the door, a strategy that worked in the long run but cost them allot of money, this time around MS are jumping the gun on announcement only, they are giving their design team plenty of time to sort out the cooling.

    That cooler design is likely just a prototype, we don't know for certain if that will be the final design, they might just stick with the XBO-L's cooler for all we know, that thing might be big but it keeps the console cool and quite.

    It might be greedy to think this, but looking at those specs, I kinda want to see the Scorpio release at the same clock speed as the Neo, that could yield close to 7TF of Computer power, which just might be enough to get 4K gaming with a few sacrifices.

    It will be interesting to see what Sony will do, will they scrap the Neofor now and play the waiting game for when Navi comes out? Will they enable 2 more of the disabled cores to cut the gap and overclock the hardware? Or will they go ahead with their plan?

    Also we don't know what contract is in place between AMD and Sony or Even AMD and MS, for all we know they could have locked the GPU and MS have exclusive console maker rights to use the Vega GPU.

    I hope that developers for the Scorpio (and the Neo) have two options in their games, one that allows for games to run at 4K and the other for higher settings at 1080p, because honestly as much as I want the new hardware, I'm fine with 1080p, I rarely get content at fullHD as it is, 4K will be overkill for me. I'd rather that extra horsepower be used to make my 1080p games look even better, and if not that, allow for downsampling.
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  • Sony E3 2016 conference live report

  • harryisme 14/06/2016

    @perakisg They didn't give release dates for most of the games, except a few, meaning they showed promises for games in the future, atleast the majority of games MS showed had a release date of between now and early 2017. most the Sony's games did not get a release date, except for a few and most of them were multiplatforms, like RE, and CoD. Reply -1
  • harryisme 14/06/2016

    By far the worst PS E3 conference for years, most of the games they showed were 'in development' and didn't get a release date, the GoW demo was too long, and why the heck did they show the Bend developed game twice? It didn't look that interesting in the first place showing and then it got another demo at the end again. Heck they even managed to undersell PSVR. The only real saving grace was the Resident Evil demo, and the release date of the Last Gaurdian. Reply +1
  • South Park The Fractured But Whole out this December - here's gameplay

  • harryisme 14/06/2016

    heheheee butwhole, you said butthole. I wonder what they've been doing with that stick to get a fractured but whole. Reply -1
  • Crackdown 3 delayed until 2017

  • harryisme 13/06/2016

    I knew there was a game that was missing, I get the feeling the offsite rendering doesn't work as well as they hoped and need more time get it working, maybe even just wait till the Scorpio releases and use it as a centrepiece of the consoles capabilities. Reply -1
  • Microsoft announces new console Project Scorpio for holiday 2017

  • harryisme 13/06/2016

    @INSOMANiAC Because general layman will understand 4K better than 60fps, it will be up to the developer to choose fps vs resolution, and at this much horsepower they will have the option of one or the other, and in some cases both.

    Also they did mention that it can handle 60fps in their briefing as well.

    I wonder how much this will cost, it has to be based on the Vega Hardware, and that is AMD's flagship GPU, it can't be cheap, it will be cheaper by the time it's released late next year but still an expensive console.

    I am surpriced they actually announced it, with the actual GPU capabilities to boot.
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  • Microsoft announces the Xbox One S price and release date

  • harryisme 13/06/2016

    I wonder what they meant by HDR gaming? Does it mean the smaller console will have more colour depth and will it work on current TV or will you need HMDI 2.0b to use the feature?

    It is a shame they still have the 500GB model, it doesn't cost all that much extra to go with 1TB, and for most people 1TB is the minimum requirement, 500GB does not hold many games, specially when you take out the amount of space the console reserves for itself.

    The addition of Bluetooth for the controller and moving the PSU internally will certainly make allot of people happy, the three biggest hardware requests I see online, seem to be make it smaller, add Bluetooth for the controller and get rid of the ugly power brick.

    I think there is room for this console despite MS actually announcing the Scorpio as well, this will be cheaper, and the games are forward compatible, and lets not forget the Scorpio is coming out Holiday 2017, so basically in 17 months time, and will liely be expensive even if MS take a hit on each unit sold.
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  • Xbox One S console leak: 40% smaller, 2TB, 4K

  • harryisme 13/06/2016

    $299 is good price, specially if it does indeed come with a 2TB harddrive, the 500GB drive is a joke from both vendors. Reply +2
  • Hands-on with the underwhelming Fallout 4 VR demo

  • harryisme 13/06/2016

    While it certainly sounds like an interesting idea, my first thought on it's announcement was 'Don't Bathesda games usually have frame rate issues and multiple bugs? How will they manage to get the games running at a smooth consistant 90fps?'

    By Bathesda I mean the studio behind Fallout and Skyrim, not the publisher that also owns id and Arcane.

    It's still early days but I am worried how they will iron out the bugs and optimise the engine enough to getting running on VR without giving everyone a headache.
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  • The new $350 Pip-Boy looks a lot better than last year's one

  • harryisme 13/06/2016

    $350? It would be cheaper to buy the screenless pipboy and a mobile phone to use as a screen. Nice idea, it will probably sell well enough, as they have who are willing to pay for this kind of stuff no matter the price. Like that woman in the crowd that went completely mental when the Elder Scrolls online guy came on stage. Reply 0