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  • Microsoft on Project Scorpio, PS4 Pro marketing and Xbox tweets

  • harryisme 21/09/2016

    Sure, but the expectation is PS4 Pro will be cheaper than Scorpio, right?

    Albert Penello: It will be an interesting discussion next time we chat!

    This answer was one of that stuck with me, there seems to be allot of speculation that the Scorpio will be a $600 premium product. I personally don't think that is the case, I expect the price to be $450 (or if MS are feeling really aggressive $400). MS know if they want to compete against the Pro they need to be within striking. a $600 even a $500 will fails to do that, It's not like they can't afford to lose a bit of money on each unit sold, in hopes of making it back on sales of games and XBL Gold they've done it in the past, the Original Xbox lost MS $4 Billion, and the 360 was sold at a loss.

    It's only this life cycle that console makers (that are not Nintendo) are not making a loss on each unit sold from launch. Traditionally losing $100 or more per unit sold at launch was not unheard of.
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  • British FIFA YouTuber charged with promoting gambling

  • harryisme 19/09/2016

    @brokenkey He's not breaking any laws or guidelines, he explains in his video that the boxes were sent to him, he never tried to fool us into thinking he paid with his own money, and he wasn't paid to do the video, yeah he earns money through the affiliate link at the bottom,.

    It is completely different to owning a gambling site, promoting said gambling site without disclosing your links to said gambling site, and ofcourse promoting it to children. Don't lump him with scumbags who are running illegal underage gambling sites.
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  • Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on No Man's Sky

  • harryisme 17/09/2016

    I think this is a bad PR move from Sony, they are essentially trying to push all the blame on Sean Murray, trying to play off the fact that they are an Indie Developer. However it was Sony that heavily promoted the game, they were the ones that pushed the game to the consumers, making it sound like it was a bigger budget game than it really was.

    I bet many people who bought the game thought this was a first party Sony game because of how heavily it has been featured in their promotions and frontlined their Indie sections at Multiple conferences. They should have had their PR execs guide Sean in what to say and what not to.

    Yeah Sean should not have over sold the game but Sony were just as much to blame, they pushed what was a Indie game in the limelight, making it appear more than what it was. On their own Hello Games would not have received the kind of coverage they did. It was through Sony's heavy promotion of the game it got as much attention as it did.
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  • Destiny has an infectious new ARG with in-game boosts

  • harryisme 16/09/2016

    So that's what it was, saw players with the party foil around their heads yesterday and was wondering if the game was glitched or if there was a new Nightfall type event added and that was a bonus for completing it. Reply 0
  • Three days with Nintendo's £35 Pokémon Go Plus accessory

  • harryisme 16/09/2016

    At £9.99 it would be an impulse buy. At £34.99 it's the choice between this and a pre-order for Pokémon Sun or Moon.

    And there in lies the problem, I'd get it for a tenner but for the same cost as a full Pokemon game that will give me so many hours of enjoyment, instead of a device that makes playing the game easy and in many way takes away the enjoyment of the game, as you will no longer feel that bit of excitement or anticipation when you feel your phone buzz, it will be just you pressing a button when you feel a buzz, heck I wouldn't be surprised if after a while you won't even pay attention, just press the button when you feel a buzz and then continue on.
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  • Pokémon Go update with buddy feature, Plus support finally live in the UK

  • harryisme 14/09/2016

    Shame the Buddy system didn't come out a few weeks ago, would have managed to gather quite a bit of Candy, Don't spend as much now so it's not as useful, but is still a positive inclusion to the app. Specially for Pikachu which is a rare pokemon to find the wild and only requires 1Km per candy. Reply 0
  • Homefront: The Revolution patch finally fixes console performance

  • harryisme 13/09/2016

    Rather a solid framerate than prettier choppy framerate. Reply +2
  • PS4's big new update (the one with folders) goes live

  • harryisme 13/09/2016

    @antmusic97 I don't think there is any game content available at the moment that supports HDR, you will have to wait till it's patched in to older games.

    I really would like to know how Sony are doing this, If the PS4 was HDMI 2.0 compliant why didn't Sony patch this in earlier? Surely the option to stream 4K/60 content would be a big selling point for them?
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  • PS4 Slim release date, price, specs, new DualShock 4 and everything we know

  • harryisme 12/09/2016

    @BioMax You don't do maths that well do you? £349 - £330 is £19 not £40. That is decent deal but still would go for 4.2TF of computer power for the £19 extra and the lack of extra controller and Fifa than a base model.

    Also the Pro won't do just 4K gaming, (which it arguably won't do natively for most games anyway.) if games are patched and most likely most future games, developers can use that extra power to make the game run smoother and look better at 1080p, it's not just for 4K.

    Edit: And I proved myself to be an idiot by forgetting the £40 refers to the base model price.
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  • harryisme 11/09/2016

    @I_Am_CatButler Even on PC, games have a minimum spec something that the developer thinks will be the bare minimum to run the game at an acceptable framerate.

    I fully expect Developers will start dropping support for the current Xbox one and PS4 model once the next round of hardware is announced.

    It costs money to optimise a game to run smoothly on multple different setups, and eventually it will not be worth the extra development cost to support the older hardware.

    besides by the time the PS5 and Xbox 4? comes out you don't want to just see games look prettier and run at a higher resolution on that hardware you want to see tech pushed further, to do things the current consoles cannot do, and if they have to continue to support the current hardware then, they will be forced to design their games to run on the lowest spec hardware, and not using that extra horsepower to push the boundaries of gaming.

    I still expect the Pro and Scorpio to be supported then, but the Ps4 and Xbox One, will be optional to support.
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  • harryisme 11/09/2016

    @Fourfoldroot not just that, even with your reply to Alestes...lol Reply 0
  • harryisme 11/09/2016

    @Alestes Dude buy the Pro instead, that £90 will get you a console that will be supported longer. No matter what Sony (and MS) say, the current base models will stop getting developer support in a few years once it becomes apparent, the console will not be able to handle the vision they have for their game. Reply -1
  • harryisme 11/09/2016

    PS4 Slim 1TB - £309.99? Anyone who buys this model when they can get the PS4 Pro for an extra for £40 (the cost of PSN+ for a year) is an idiot, honestly don't think anyone should even consider the 500GB model at only £90 difference, but there is Zero reasons to buy the 1TB model.

    £40 extra gets you 2.3x the power, you future proof for when you upgrade your TV to 4K, and current games will look and run better at 1080p, specially CPU bound games.
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  • Watch: Seven games we'd love to see remastered

  • harryisme 10/09/2016

    Shenmue needs a remake not a remaster, I loved that game on my Dreamcast but the game was ahead of it's time, so I would love a remake that took advantage of the current gen hardware with a bit more open world to it. Reply 0
  • Every PlayStation 4 to be made HDR capable via a patch

  • harryisme 10/09/2016

    Is DF going to do an article on how Sony are adding HDR support on HDMI 1.4a standard. I know Dolby Vision supports HDR on 1.4a however from my understanding most TV's only enable HDR support on HDMI 2.0a standard, not even HDMI 2.0.

    I'm interested to see how Sony are managing this, as it was one of the most interesting parts of the presentation.
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  • The Witness to get a PS4 Pro patch

  • harryisme 09/09/2016

    @Badoink Well it is news related to games. and this is a gaming news site, so I would expect for now they will. Reply +2
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the CUH-2000 PS4 Slim

  • harryisme 09/09/2016

    It's good to know that the Sound issue has finally been resolved, both the PS3 Slim and PS4 were fricking loud.

    However I fail to see why anyone would buy this over a PS4 Pro. For £90 extra you get double the storage, a 30% increase in CPU power, a 130% increase in GPU power, and a optical out port.

    Even if you are still playing at 1080p, the pro is the better model, I expect as long as Sony make the extra compute power available to all games many non patched games will see an improvement in performance, specially those that are CPU bound and game that use dynamic scaling will likely hit the target resolution and framerate more often.

    While there is still a question mark over whether it's worth upgrading from a PS4 to the Pro, if you are in the market for a PS4 then the Pro is your best option by far, the £90 saving is not worth the benefits the Pro will give you.
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  • PlayStation 4 Pro makes UK debut at EGX 2016 this month

  • harryisme 08/09/2016

    @Turniplord I know, I was just poking a little fun at Sony's for their recent comments on why they excluded the 4K Blu Ray drive from the Pro. Reply +3
  • harryisme 08/09/2016

    @jambo74 Sony believe that Streaming is the way forward so Spotify is your only option to listen to music.

    That is actually a good question, do modern day drives support Audio CD's?
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  • harryisme 08/09/2016

    @kamakazilucas It's not even officially revealed why would it be there? Reply 0
  • Sony plays down PS4 Pro's lack of 4K Blu-ray disc support

  • harryisme 08/09/2016

    I don't know if 4K streaming will be viable for most people yet, even with my 150mb connection, I don't think I can get a steady connection to handle 4K.

    I understand Sony's reasons however I think the lack of UltraHD drive will hurt sales somewhat. At the moment you look online and the biggest talking point seems to be about lack of the UltraHD drive. It's baffled everyone that a console that is all about 4K does not include the drive that would showcase the best looking none gaming 4K content. It's a odd omission.
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  • Sony announces PlayStation 4 Pro for November 2016, priced £349

  • harryisme 07/09/2016

    No 4K Blu ray is a strange one, having one would have made the console a more viable upgrade, I think even if the console was slightly more expensive because of it's inclusion it would have been worthwhile.

    Having HDR is all well and good but you'd expect 4K Bluray to compliment the inclusion. One of the reasons the Xbox One S caught peoples attention despite the Scorpio being announced was the inclusion of the 4K drive.

    On a positive note, good to know they included a 1TB HDD as standard.
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  • harryisme 07/09/2016

    Price if good as many were expecting $449 to $499 price, and HDR for all consoles is another good addition but beyond that, This was one of if not the worst console reveal I have ever witnessed, they undersold the benefits so much that I'm even doubting the Scorpio, maybe the current consoles are fine.

    Come on Sony, you have a console more than twice as powerful as the current model for $100 more....that should be an easy sell.
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  • PlayStation Meeting 2016 live report

  • harryisme 07/09/2016

    The price is really good for the specs, and HDR news is good but beyond that the best press conference from Sony...could even say boring. Reply 0
  • harryisme 07/09/2016

    Who thought showing a game that doesn't even look like it's pushing the original PS4 was a good idea to showcase the Pro? Reply 0
  • Deathspank, Bejeweled 3 now Xbox One backwards compatible

  • harryisme 07/09/2016

    @Sharz I think the main two differences here is there were 20 Million Xbox owners and 70 Million Xbox 360 owners, and the Original Xbox had a shelf life of 4 years, where the 360 was double that. Reply 0
  • Apple accidentally announces iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus via own website

  • harryisme 07/09/2016

    Such a stupid idea. This is obviously a move to increase sales of their Beats headphones that will no doubt now be releasing a lineup with lighting connectors. Reply +7
  • The battle to fix Britain's internet heats up

  • harryisme 06/09/2016

    Don't you mean 940Mb/s not MB? If Talktalk could provide download speeds at 940MB a second it would be 10Gb not 1Gb.

    Something does need to be done, it feels like even VM are dragging their feet when it comes to improving their infrastructure, as they know how far ahead they are of the competition, and are doing just about enough to stay ahead of BT.

    Not sure if separating Openreach from BT is the solution though, however if they operate the business independently maybe that can help matters.

    If BT had concentrated on improving their network instead of wasting time suing Valve over their Steam client, maybe they wouldn't be being pressured to split in the first place.
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  • Overwatch will be free to play next weekend on console

  • harryisme 02/09/2016

    Wish I'd known about this four days ago, would have saved me £40. I finally got tired of being told how great the game was, and buy a copy, only to find it to be not my kind of game.

    This will be a great way to get those who are sitting on the fence after hearing how different the game is for a PvP FPS.
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  • Virgin Media wants you to buy its "boss-mode level" broadband for gamers

  • harryisme 31/08/2016

    @l00natyk Some people don't understand the difference between the two, I got into a debate with a Talktalk sales persona couple of weeks ago, who insisted Talktalk provide 70MBytes where Virginmedia only do 200megabits.

    Sad part was I think she genuinely believed she was telling the truth.

    We shouldn't have to pay a fiver extra just to get an extra 8mb upload speeds, the standard should be getting atleast 20% of your download speeds. With the current climate of everyone uploading their whole life on the internet the need for a decent upload speed is more important than ever.
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  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided tops UK chart but Human Revolution sales were "much stronger"

  • harryisme 30/08/2016

    Releasing games in August is always a risk as it's still hot out, and you generally don't expect games releases in this months. Also it felt like SE really did not do a good job with promotions, I didn't even realise the game was coming out until I saw the review here on EG. So it's entiely possible it went under the radar for other potential buyers as well.

    Hopefully sales pick up as it does sound like it's worthy sequel, though I fear the negative press about the Microtransactions will hurt it's sales.
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  • Yooka-Laylee playable for the first time anywhere at EGX

  • harryisme 30/08/2016

    I'm constantly surprised how polished and massive the game looks despite the Kickstarter ending little over a year ago. When you compare it to the likes of Mighty Number 9, which took much longer to develop, raised more money and could be argued had a less complex game design, the difference really is night and day. I'm really looking forward to this.

    The heads in charge of MS during the Kinect days really wasted the talent they had at Rare.

    So will this have a Limited Edition release with a Ukelele?
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  • The PS4 Slim is real - confirmed

  • harryisme 23/08/2016

    @Hellotherenow They can't sue EG for reporting on the news and confirming it's existance. IF EG were already informed by Sony of the console before hand and had signed an NDA saying they wouldn't leak information then Sony would have a case.

    However as EG did not sell the console before it's release or even buy the hardware themselves, they merily reported on the existance of the hardware and verified it's accuracy, (you know like good reporters would) Sony would not have any case against EG in court.
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  • harryisme 22/08/2016

    While it certainly looks convincing, I'll be honest hoping it's fake, for one the removing the Optical Out port would be an issue for many who use the port to connect to external speakers or use headsets like the Astro A50's.

    Also lets be honest it looks kinda cheap, like a set top box. Compared to the sleek design of the original it's looks like a downgrade let's hope that's because of the camera. And lastly, I don't think they needed to go that small, the current design is smaller than the XBO S and I would have prefered it if Sony took advantage of the smaller chipset by improving the thermals inside the console, which is an area the PS4 is lagging behind the XBO, maybe i'm wrong and the console is not only smaller but quieter too, in which case my biggest issue will be the lack of Optical out.
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  • Disgruntled No Man's Sky players thrust Sony's PS4 refund policy back into the spotlight

  • harryisme 21/08/2016

    @lacerz Dude if you are going to make a statement like that atleast give an example of why. Otherwise it just sounds like baseless accusations.

    I've personally never had issues with MS customer service, my HDD failed on me when I bought a 360 Elite and they sent me a replacement without any issue. I had a wierd problem where the credit on account was allocated to a US account instead of UK, and the CS couldn't resolve it so they raised it with the tech team who called me at a later date to sort things out.

    I can't imagine them blocking someone from playing a game ever on that platform just to get a refund. That doesn't even make sense, why would you cut off the chance to regain a sale at a later date? That just sound very childish.
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  • Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content stays exclusive for longer than expected

  • harryisme 19/08/2016

    @jabberwocky Sony from 2006, Microsoft from 2013, Nintendo from 1996 and 2012, and Sega from 1995 would all like to say hello.

    History has proven, having the biggest install base means nothing. You could sell over 100 Million Units and then get cocky and lose a large percentage of that userbase by the time your next console roles up.
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  • Yes, there will be Project Scorpio VR-exclusives

  • harryisme 19/08/2016

    @Machiavellian Then no one will buy it. If MS sell it at cost, then we could be looking at a cost of $600.

    If that's the price it launches at it will struggle to compete against the other consoles. The console has to be $400-450 at launch and it will sell units.

    It is a gamble but a gamble MS can afford and may need to make. Because at the end of the day it doesn't matter how powerful the console is, if it's out of the price range of the majority of the console market..they don't want to make the same mistake Sony made with the PS3 or the mistake they made with the launch of the XBO.
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  • harryisme 18/08/2016

    @I_Am_CatButler Yeah I was thinking about the Puma not Bulldozer, sorry. THe Scorpio will likely include the Puma or the next variation of the chipset.

    Yeah I don't think the Zen is a viable option, The SoC is going to big with the GPU alone, adding 4 Zen CPU would make the SoC massive. Which would lead to thermal problems.

    Plus the costs would be crazy, I expect MS are going to be making a loss per unit sold so they would be looking at cutting costs where they can.
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  • harryisme 18/08/2016

    @cloudskipa THe CPU has already been confirmed as having 8 cores, so there is no change here or a need for Virtual Machines to emulate the eight cores of the XBO. As much as I would like to see it, I seriously doubt MS will be using the ZEN architecture for the console, (the cost of the SoC is already going to be high thanks to the GPU, so MS are not going to increase costs further by including the ZEN CPU as well,) they would also have issues with thermals if they went for a beefy CPU. It will be a updated Jaguar, most likely the bulldozer, just like the one that is found in the PS4Neo.

    I don't know where you get the information about VM's because I've yet to read any leaks that have suggested the CPU is not a more beefed up CPU found in the XBO and PS4. Just like the PS Neo.
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  • harryisme 18/08/2016

    @globalisateur I disagree, they will be able to include the data for both platforms, as the hardware is not that much different, the CPU and GPU are more powerful and updated versions of the Hardware already inside the XBO, the biggest difference is the (likely) exclusion of the ESRAM and the move to GDDR5 from DDR3.

    Beyond that, the CPU is still going to be the 8 core CPU, and the GPU will be AMD design...just like the PS4 Neo is. Both MS and Sony are moving to a newer GCN architecture with the new consoles.

    I don't see how Sony updating the Hardware will be fine, but MS doing the same will be impossible. Yeah the change in Memory will be make it more of a challenge, but it should not require completely different disks to hold the game date on.
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  • harryisme 18/08/2016

    Well it was pretty obvious, It's good to know MS didn't try to tack on VR to the XBO, it isn't powerful enough and trying to force VR to the unit could have a negative impact on the growing VR sector if it couldn't provide a smooth experience to the consumer. Though it's still wierd to read about VR content for the Scorpio, yet have no clue how the VR experience will be implimented, will they release their own hardware or make the Vive or Oculus compatible with the hardware? Nobody knows, yet they speak about VR as if they've already revealed their plans for VR already. Reply 0
  • Nvidia unveils cut-down GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

  • harryisme 18/08/2016

    @VEGA Are you kidding me? People were confused with the differance between the AMD series cards when they had the 2x0X series and the 2x0 series cards.

    Now if the difference in naming is the amount of RAM, it will confuse them even more. This card is not aimed at tech heads alone, it is the most mainstream card they have, the ones who just want to play 1080p at a steady framerate. They don't know what extra TF's mean, or why the higher core count matters, they just want to see a model name, see what type of performance levels they get and be done. If they do a Google search they'll likely google GTX 1060 not GTX 1060 3GB. Which will get them more results for the 1060 6GB model as that is the card tech sites care more about.

    That's why I said it should have been named 1050TI vecause I expect we'll see a 1050 sometime soon, so the Ti line was still free.
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  • harryisme 18/08/2016

    Naming it the 1060 is stupid, if it doesn't have the same number of cores as the 6GB model Nvidia should not name it the 1060 and confuse the consumer. It could be argued they are duping them into thinking the product is the same as the 6GB model with less RAM only by giving it the same name.

    This is specially important as it's hitting the price point that will appeal to the mass market, most who will not be hardcore fans, they will just go by advice they are given and see what's popular, and they could end up buying this thinking it's more powerful than it is.

    They should have named it the 1050ti or something similar.

    As for the product itself, it could be interesting how AMD will react, at the moment, I feel they've marked the 470 and 460 higher than they intended as there is no other card competing in those price brackets. The release of the cutdown version could lead to the 470 going down to $150 and the 460 down to $100, which is what I beleive they original plan was, the price point of 470 at the moment is confusing to say the least as in many situations it costs as much or more than the 4GB 480 model, or is only £10 less.
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  • 500GB and 1TB Xbox One S bundles announced

  • harryisme 16/08/2016

    @nea Actually hoping the 599 was 349€ not 399€, 100€ for an extra 500GB is too much, (I'd say 50€ is too much as well but it doesn't look like that will change any time soon.)

    Anyone thinking of buying the 1TB model, a simple piece of advice, Don't, just buy a 2TB external drive for around £60, and you are sorted, this has te benifit of giving you an extra 1.5TB and the piece of mind that all your games are on a drive that can easily be replaced and the internal drive that cannot be easily accessed does not get used as much hopefully prolonging it's lifespan. (I know the lifespan of a HDD is long, but failure do happen.)
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  • FIFA 17 partners with Man United, so PES 2017 partners with Liverpool

  • harryisme 16/08/2016

    @Syrette Nissin is still listen on their global partners page, so yes they still have an official Cup Noodles sponsor.

    Makes sense, when you have arguably the biggest sports brand in the world, you will have brands from around the world willing to pay money to be an official sponsor so take advantage of it.
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  • In Theory: Can Sony upgrade PlayStation Neo's specs?

  • harryisme 15/08/2016

    @bigtechno Um...no Sony went first with their reveal in February and MS despite have 2 months to counter still ended up screwing up their reveal.

    If anything that reveal should tell us how little they can change this late in the process. MS knew exactly what Sony were offering and could only offer a slight clock increase.

    Sony likely made the PS4 reveal that early because they knew they had the more powerful console and MS were locked into their hardware. I expect MS are in a similar position now, they know Sony are pretty much locked in to their hardware so they could reveal the hardware 17 months before the console is hitting shelves.

    I expect the console reveal was partically made this early was to disrupt both the Neo and the NX reveal...because now when the consoles are revealed they will be compared against the 6TF console that is still over a year away from release.
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  • Pokémon Go has a new tracking mechanic, but only certain users have it

  • harryisme 09/08/2016

    I got the 'Your going too fast' warning multiple times when I played the game today, was stationary most of the time (not in a bus or train or a car) or walking at a casual 'looking for Pokemon' pace the others. Not gonna lie found it amusing at first but quickly got annoying.

    The radar works better, aleast it shows the pokemon nearby, you still have to hunt them down, but you know the list is accurate which is nice, and they've fixed the bug so pokemon are easier to catch again.

    Now I just have a issue of random freezes, but it's in a much better state.
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  • It looks like the white Xbox One S 2TB has sold out for good

  • harryisme 08/08/2016

    the 2TB model should be the standard, not a £100 limited edition premium. I don't understand why both Sony and MS do this when it comes to the higher Hard drive capacities.

    At this point I had hoped the 500GB was phased out, and the 1TB was the entry level with the 2TB as the $40 extra model. The price between a 500GB and 1TB Hard drive is not much at all maybe $10?
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  • There's a little Master Chief hidden inside the new Xbox One S

  • harryisme 04/08/2016

    I saw this yesterday in Austin Evena teardown video yersterday, first glance at it it does look like Megaman with the Master chief helmet on.

    It's a cool little easter egg, something the majority of us will never get to see....maybe they'll make a Battletoads game and the Chibi MC will be a unlockable, that would be cool.
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  • Sega has quietly become one of the world's best PC strategy game companies

  • harryisme 04/08/2016

    Sega as the company of old has not done that great in recent, but Sega as a company that has aquired talent has made some of the most smart aquisitions in the industry, and best is they've been hands off mainly and let the developers continue to excl in the area's they excelled in. Buying the developers of Football Manager, then the Total War and the Atlus has been the best decision the company has made since they became a software only publisher.

    I still hope to see some of ths classic games make a return, I've hoped they'd aquire Sumo Digital who have probably been the best third party developer they have used for their old IP's like Outrun, Sonit Transformed and Virtua Tennis. However in the meantime I am happy to see SEGA is still a strong developer on the PC platform. It says allot when MS would trust the SEGA owned Total War developer to work on Halo Wars 2.
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