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  • Destiny 2 teaser shows the Tower going up in flames

  • harryisme 29/03/2017

    I think it's partially because I'm still bummed about not having my gear with me, but I am not that excited by the official announcement of the sequel.

    I've put in well over 500 hours into the game and only stopped playing in January, so I'm not saying this as someone who gave up after the rocky launch. The invasion is not exactly very exciting, It's the cabal, arguably the least exciting enemies in the game so far, (though atleast it's not the Fallen and Hive).

    Maybe the full trailer will do a better job getting me exited, but so far not really too excited.
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  • Sources: This year's COD is called Call of Duty: WW2

  • harryisme 28/03/2017

    Not sure if WW2 is what will bring back the spark CoD has lost over the years, the WW2 setting is where the roots are and it was popular, but it was bringing the game into the modern era that made the game the behemoth it is. Battlefield could do it as it was known for it's World War 2 setting, and fans had been asking for DiCE to go back to the WW's for years. Not sure if the CoD fanbase want the same thing, they've already moved far ahead with the ridiculous weapons and wall jumping etc that a slower paced WW2 setting might not work for them. Reply +2
  • Playtonic to ditch JonTron from Yooka-Laylee following anti-immigrant comments

  • harryisme 24/03/2017

    "Nobody wants to become a minority in their own country." hypocritical comment coming from someone living in a country where the natives of the country are in the minority after white settlers murdered the majority of them. Reply +33
  • Famous red Gyarados among the first Shinies added to Pokémon Go in latest update

  • harryisme 23/03/2017

    is there a real-world reason to celebrate water in March that we're missing?

    It was World Water Day on the 22nd, so that is the reason for the event. plus it coincides perfectly with the first Shiny most of us ever encountered. Time to go out to catch a shiny, though it's a shame I just evolved a Magikarp last week, so back to collecting 400 candies again.
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  • Daytona USA is coming to Xbox One today

  • harryisme 21/03/2017

    Did we ever see Scud Race released on the home Consoles? I remember being wowed by the graphics when I first saw it in the arcades, Those Model 3 games still look good even after 20 years. I wouldn't mind a arcade port of Virtua Racing either. Reply +10
  • Capcom remasters six classic Disney titles for PS4, Xbox One and PC

  • harryisme 16/03/2017

    Is it really fair to call them remasters when they look like their 8-bit era versions?

    I might get these as I never owned or played them, though would have preferred a SNES and Mega-Drive pack, NES gets all the love these days though I think the SNES and Mega Drive had the better games library.
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  • The original Xbox turns 15 in Europe

  • harryisme 14/03/2017

    I always intended to get the original Xbox, as I felt it was the spiritual successor to the Dreamcast, but the console was a beast in size so I had no place to put it, it didn't help the top surface didn't look flat so I couldn't even stack my PS2 on top of it. Reply 0
  • Why Nintendo Switch games are ending up more expensive

  • harryisme 13/03/2017

    I've been asking the question about the cost of cartridges increasing the game prices for months now. No matter how cheap memory cards gets, a cartridge will always cost more than a Blu-ray which costs pennies to make and thousands can be printed easily.

    I don't know if £10 is correct but this does not surprise me, it does make you wonder though how much the Dragon Quest game will cost as that is meant to take up a 32GB cartridge.
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  • Hearthstone fans aren't happy with UK price rises

  • harryisme 10/03/2017

    What Activision using the weaker pound to increase prices well beyond the actual price decrease? That so unlike them, just as how they charged us 50% more for Destiny DLC year one compared to the rest of the world, never happened.

    Let's be honest here, Acti have a habit of screwing us Brits over with their prices. Like the time they increased price of CoD games to £55 when RRP was £50 at the time....they see an opportunity they'll screw us over.

    Edit: Just looked at the prices compared to the US prices and it appears Brits must have been paying quite a bit less that the US before, and this price hike appears to be to even the prices out. So it's not Acti screwing over Brits, it was just that the Brits were paying quite a bit less compared to the US before.
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  • Super Bomberman R review

  • harryisme 09/03/2017

    £50 for the game, £200 for the extra controllers...by the way if you do pay £70 or so for the Joy-Cons how are you meant to charge them? Have Nintendo atleast given you a method to charge them without having them attached to the Switch console? Reply -2
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is getting premium DLC

  • harryisme 08/03/2017

    Instead of moaning about it, just stop buying the content, that's the only way Activision will listen. It's what I did after Black Ops 1, I got tired of the crap Activision pulled and pretty much didn't buy a single game they published until Destiny. Reply +4
  • Rime comes out in May, costs £10 more on Nintendo Switch.

  • harryisme 08/03/2017

    It is a odd difference, I wonder if it is because of the extra costs associated with making cartridges. Reply +1
  • Crytek Black Sea now a part of Total War developer Creative Assembly

  • harryisme 07/03/2017

    Good to see atleast some good news regarding the Crytek business. Hopefully this will be beneficial for both the studio and Creative Assembly.

    Let's hope the other studios hear some good news soon as well.
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  • Nintendo Switch off to solid sales start in UK

  • harryisme 06/03/2017

    @Mrsyms Check Hotukdeals, they have quite a few deals posted with retailers still having stock of units. Reply 0
  • Finally, we have answers to Nintendo Switch's digital game sharing questions

  • harryisme 03/03/2017

    So in a time when my Save files automatically got synced up when I downloaded a BC game on the Xbox One, and have set my nephews xbox so he can play my digital library without issue...Nintendo are not even allowing saved games to be moved over on a memory card? What is this a SNES? Reply +14
  • Here's how Link looks in his Zelda expansion pass-exclusive Nintendo Switch T-shirt

  • harryisme 03/03/2017

    Never thought making a character wear a T-shirt would make them look so different, without it he looks like Link, with the T-shirt, he looks like a fan cosplaying as him at a convention who just got a free T-shirt at the Nintendo booth.. Reply +19
  • Yes, Nintendo Switch games really do taste bad on purpose

  • harryisme 02/03/2017

    @jabberwocky You know it is Nintendo, they are very protective of their IP's don't want any one getting up close and personal with it, no matter how attractive they are. Reply +4
  • harryisme 02/03/2017

    Are we sure this isn't Nintendo's way of making sure Jessica Chobot doesn't go around licking their games? Reply +1
  • Nintendo Switch review

  • harryisme 01/03/2017

    If the £280 price tag included a game and a 64GB Memory card, I'd be tempted, but that's just for the unit, and when you start adding the extra's we are looking closer to £400, with a game, MicroSD card, a carry case and a external power bank.

    This is going to be interesting, as I genuinely don't know how the Switch will perform, I expect it will be sold out for the first months or two, after that it's anyone's guess.
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  • Nvidia unveils GTX 1080 Ti: 'faster than Titan X Pascal'

  • harryisme 01/03/2017

    Considering how minimal the changes are between the Titan X and the Ti, Nvidia might actually be worried about the performance levels of the Vega. This is very unlike Nvidia in their approach. The card is looking like it will be a beast and who knows maybe it's a sign that AMD's Vega line-up might be cutting the gap between the two in performance per core. (we can only hope right? Intel got a wake up call last week, it's time for Nvidia to get one too.)

    I expect the Titan X consumers will not be happy, if the Ti outperforms the X, then the resell value of the card will take a massive dip.
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  • Gears of War creator Epic Games announces a new game

  • harryisme 28/02/2017

    So Tim Sweeney has become so paranoid with MS and their (according o him) evil plan of creating a walled garden through the UWP initiative, that he has moved development to the completely open and not at all closed eco-system of the iOS and Android market?

    Man what happened to you Epic you used to be so....well Epic, now you have are releasing Moba's and Mobile phone Fremium games.
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  • Peter Moore leaving EA to take up CEO position at Liverpool FC

  • harryisme 28/02/2017

    Normally I'd wish him good luck with the future, but as a Man Utd fan I feel obligated to wish him a disastrous time at the club, hoping he gets them relegated and make them go bankrupt.

    I love the guy, from his days at Sega and Xbox, but it's Liverpool FC.
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  • Minecraft has smashed 120m copies milestone

  • harryisme 27/02/2017

    Minecraft has also shifted another 21m copies since then, too. It must be the launch of the game's Wii U version.

    Yup they all bought two copies each :D I wonder if we'll see a Switch version, the dual controllers and portable mode could add a new dimension to the game. Plus with it being based on the X1 chip it should be relatively simple to port over.
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  • You can spend £8 on a hat in Pokémon Go

  • harryisme 20/02/2017

    Remember the outrage when Bathesda had $2.50 Horse Armour Micro transaction in Oblivion? now 10 years on, $8 for a hat is not even considered out of the norm. Reply +1
  • Horizon Zero Dawn review

  • harryisme 20/02/2017

    So we are an Al(l)oy in in world full of metallic beasts? I can't help but laugh at that.

    I'm not exactly surprised, Guerilla Games do make amazing looking games, and always play well but they don't always resonate with everyone, some people love them, others find them a bit sterile. I've fallen into the latter category a few times.

    So I'm not surprised at all that some reviewers have loved it, and other like EG have enjoyed the game but have not been blown away.
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  • In Theory: How AMD's Ryzen will disrupt the gaming CPU market

  • harryisme 19/02/2017

    Ryzen processors can be overclocked - there are no K chips or equivalent here, which begs the question of what the difference is between X and non-X processors.

    If I was to take a guess the difference between X and non-X chips is the support for XFR. Those who know how to overclock, or not interested in overclocking will go for the regular chipset, but those who are interested in overclocking but unsure on how or just don't want to tweak volage etc could pay the slight premium and get the auto-overclock version.

    I'm really looking forward to this, not only this but Vega as well, this could be AMD's year, both Nvidia and Intel need a wake-up call and having AMD get close to them in performance at a lower price is good for the consumer.

    They made some great strides last year with the crimson drivers that have continued to improve gaming performance of their GPU's, and Vega will hopefully cut the performance per core on their GPU.
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  • Pokémon Go: Best Pokémon with the highest Attack, Defense, HP, Stamina, and overall stats revealed

  • harryisme 16/02/2017

    So I guess Tyranitar will be the go to Gym defender this gen, despite having seven weaknesses. Though if Blissey is as tankey as Chansey, we'll see allot of those in Gyms as well. Reply 0
  • You can now buy Rage digitally on Xbox for the first time

  • harryisme 16/02/2017

    I enjoyed playing Rage, until the end, which was one of the worst i've encountered, so bad I really have no idea what happened after you enter the last area, I do remember feeling really pissed off I could not backtrack, I had one side mission or something to complete and the only way I could do it now was to go through the entire game again. Reply +1
  • PlayStation Now is discontinuing service on PS3, Vita and PlayStation TV

  • harryisme 16/02/2017

    @morikaweb It might not be possible to emulate the PS3 like the 360, for one the Cell processor is much more complicated than the processor inside the 360, and second the GPU is made by Nvidia on the PS3 and AMD for the PS4, where both MS consoles GPU's are made by AMD, so it would be more difficult to port over, that's not even factoring the potential Royalty fees they may have to pay Nvidia to use any API's they provided to Sony. Reply 0
  • harryisme 15/02/2017

    Considering it's streaming service, you'd think they'd want to support as many different devices as they can. I guess the service is not as popular as Sony had hoped. Reply +59
  • Microsoft brings forward E3 2017 Xbox press conference

  • harryisme 16/02/2017

    @raheell9 That will be upto the Developers, I expect we'll see many developers give you two options atleast, one with higher resolutions and the second 1080/60.

    I wonder if MS will make the actual conference longer that their usual 1hr30m, being the first on a Sunday. It would make sense to have a longer conference to give enough time showcase the hardware and games...specially if they are not going to hold a separate launch event for the Scorpio.
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  • Homefront: The Revolution resurfaces, set for big March update

  • harryisme 15/02/2017

    @andrewsqual Are you talking about them unlocking all the characters and adding 60fps support for the Pro? If so they had an article on that in December?

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  • This week, Pokémon Go gets its biggest update since launch

  • harryisme 15/02/2017

    Video blocked on Copyright grounds....did Nintendo just have put a copyright strike on their own official video?

    Well about time, though if i'm honest after waiting so long, I'm not as excited to hear the news as I thought I would be...maybe because I was expecting three months ago.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild hard mode, Cave of Trials part of £17.99 season pass

  • harryisme 14/02/2017

    The DLC pack one doesn't sound like it should even be a DLC but a plus mode that unlocks after you complete the game. DLC pack two might be worth it depending on the actual content. On the face of just the details above it doesn't sound like you get £18 worth of additional content.

    It's also really spread out, you could be waiting nearly 9 months to get the second DLC pack, which looks to be where most of the effort is going.
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  • ITV Hub catchup service finally available on Xbox One

  • harryisme 13/02/2017

    TV Hub is the BBC iPlayer equivalent for all the ITV channels - ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, CITV and ITVBe, which is a lot of channels to fill with Midsomer Murders repeats.

    Bloody hell I never knew there are so many ITV channels, So is Coronation Street still a thing? I don't think i've watched anything apart from sports on the Tele since Reality TV became a thing. I'll probably download it and never watch it, just like how I bought a TV Antenna for the XBO and yet to plug it in.
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  • Costume Quest TV series to launch on Amazon in 2018

  • harryisme 13/02/2017

    Sounds like a good recipe to succeed as a cartoon, specially the turning into the costumes they wear, they can really play with that if done well. Reply +2
  • Skylanders franchise kept alive, but no new game this year

  • harryisme 10/02/2017

    Well it's not surprising, when Skylander came out it had the market to itself, then along came Disney, then Nintendo and then Lego, so parents had more choice and Activision had competition from more recognised brands, The market is not big enough for four developers to compete over, though Disney did leave the market last year, it's still too crowded.

    In the end Nintendo came out on top with their 'one toy works in multiple games' model, though i'm not sure if Amiibo's are still that popular.
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  • Why Valve has no interest in making console games

  • harryisme 10/02/2017

    Good to see Valve broadening their horizon and dip their toes into game development, but it's not an easy job, they might be better off acquiring a game developer instead. Like those guys that made a highly underrated Half-Life Games, I've heard they are still around and just need that little bit of financial backing to get help them finish their games. A massive online retailer like Valve could really help them go full steam ahead with game development. It would be a win win situation. Reply +6
  • Destiny 2 launches autumn, will be "more accessible to casual players"

  • harryisme 10/02/2017

    I'm not sure how they can make it more accessible to casuals, its arguably already too geared that way, you don't really need to grind, hitting a high enough level is relatively easy, you don't need to do will in PvP to get good hear you just need to not quit and Three of Coins means getting exotic engrams is not that difficult. Reply -3
  • Call of Duty will "return to its roots" after Infinite Warfare sales disappoint

  • harryisme 10/02/2017

    I'm not sure if returning to it's roots will help CoD at the moment, I personally think franchise fatigue is setting in, along with titles like Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Overwatch and Destiny chipping away at the userbase by offering them something different to the FPS formula.

    Maybe they should take a break and come back after a couple of years.
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  • Valve is making three "full" VR games

  • harryisme 10/02/2017

    Three games you say? I didn't know Valve did three of anything...you know like reach number three of any of their games, Half-Life 3? Portal 3? Left 4 Dead 3?

    Wait they are developing three games, there are three games that are waiting their third release....Dota 3 Confirmed!!!
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  • Nintendo Switch Puyo Puyo Tetris release date served up

  • harryisme 09/02/2017

    Tetris and Puyo Puyo a lesser remembered battle for supremacy between Nintendo and Sega in the early nineties. Oh the arguments we used to have over which game was better despite non of us having played PuyoPuyo are the time, good times.

    Makes sense to bring this over to the the Switch, I can see it being a game you'd spend your time on the bus playing this while you wait for your stop.
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  • Project Cars 2 officially breaks cover, will support 12K and VR

  • harryisme 09/02/2017

    Wait a minute, I'm confused how can 3 x 4K be 12K when 8K resolution is 4 x 4K? Is this a case of technically 12K because of the number of vertical lines? so it's 2160 x 12,000 or something similar? So Ultra Ultra wide screen.

    I had this image in my head of the game running on 9 x 4K monitors...pretty bonkers.
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  • Pokémon Go Valentine's Day event begins today

  • harryisme 08/02/2017

    Nice, time to get me some Porygon and Chanseys for whenever the second gen pokemon is finally released. Reply 0
  • FIFA YouTuber who ran illegal gambling site addresses controversy

  • harryisme 08/02/2017

    I call BS, he must have known the legal ramifications of this, and was proven to promote it to underage kids. or is he saying he that dumb that he thought just because it's virtual money (that costs real life money to obtain) that he was legally fine?

    Even if that was the case, how about from a moral point of view, he was encouraging, underage kids spend their money and to gamble, even if he thought it was legal, he didn't have an issue with this morally..

    It's sad to see these fans support him, when his only real regret appears to be that he was going some illegal, not that he was doing something morally wrong and trying to screw them over of their parents hard earned cash, maybe these kids should ask their parents what they think of this youtubers actions.
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  • Playground Games opening new studio for non-racing title

  • harryisme 07/02/2017

    With talk of Fable, I bet Playground will be hiring some of the talent that from the former Lionhead studio, so a Fable spiritual successor would not be completely out of the question. If MS trust them with Forza they may even trust them to relaunch the Fable franchise. Reply +1
  • harryisme 07/02/2017

    @captainT They are an independant studio, the game they are making could be PS4 or Xbox Exclusive, even PC or could be multiplatform, we can't assume it's Xbox exclusive just because they've worked with MS in the past. Reply +6
  • harryisme 07/02/2017

    @Auntie_Social *Sigh* just because the studio is independent does not mean they can take an IP owned by another company and use it however they want, they were hired as contractors to build the game, they were being paid by MS to make the game, but the game is still owned by MS.

    I really don't know if these types of comments are trolls or some people genuinely don't understand how this works.
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  • Nintendo Classic Mini NES review

  • harryisme 05/02/2017

    The NES mini does sound really good for the price (shame about the shortages.) well worth the buy once the supply exceeds demand and the prices go down to rrp levels.

    Though I will admit (in the UK atleast) I am surprised how many people want a unit for nostalgia reasons, as a child of the 80's and 90's I don't remember the NES being that successful, I remember the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad and BBC Micro all being popular with kids but I don't know anyone who owned a NES, Master System yes, but no NES owners, from what I can remember it was the SNES and Gameboy that made Nintendo a household name in the UK, so it's somewhat surprising when you see Brits being nostalgic for a console that for most passed us by.

    The only NES I'd seen in my childhood was the demo unit the local Curry's had, it was cool going there every weekend playing Mario Bros and Duck Hunt.
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  • Johnny and Ian had a fight about Switch - in video form

  • harryisme 05/02/2017

    I'm with Ian on this one, getting the Switch on launch does not make sense, there are just too many question marks right now to really make the jump, specially with the launch line up and the costs of the extra's.

    I'd say at the very least should wait till E3 before deciding, we should see more unannounced games then..hopefully (maybe even Pokemon Stars.) Yeah the PS4 line-up wasn't great either (which is why I sold my launch PS4 and bought it again a year later.) but atleast you knew what you'd be getting with it, you knew the top developers to support it with their AAA titles, with the Nintendo Switch all we know for certain is that Nintendo will support it, and that is enough for some people but for me it's not enough.
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