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  • Here's our first look at Xbox One's new Guide

  • harryisme 17/01/2017

    Finally a single press not taking me to the home screen, still prefer the blades frm the 360, but i'll take this over the bloody double press that half the time didn't press fast enough and ended up at the home screen.

    Yeah it means I have to relearn my way around the UI again, but it's constantly improving, compared to the god awful Kinect friendly original the Xbox UI is so much better now.
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  • Microsoft announces inflatable Xbox One controller for your pool

  • harryisme 17/01/2017

    @JamesSwiftDay What did you not read about the Apple store price increase? We get inflated prices, they get inflatable Controllers....where is the justice in the world?!?!? Reply +3
  • harryisme 17/01/2017

    First the Onesies and now this, Xbox Australia really know how to have fun. Reply +7
  • Brexit blamed for incoming UK App Store price rise

  • harryisme 17/01/2017

    @MrTummyGiggles No that would be their own decline in the Value in their Currency, the Indian Rupee took a massive dump after they scrapped the 500 and 1000 rupees in circulation, and I'm guessing the unrest in Turkey has not helped it's economy. Reply +5
  • harryisme 17/01/2017

    Not a surprise really, I expected this to happen a couple of months ago, when the £1 was below $1.3US. After you factor in VAT we are not really paying any more than the US here, the current exchange rate is £1 = $1.22, and if the exchange rate continues on it's current path I expect we'll see bigger price increases. Reply +4
  • Nintendo Switch's bundled Joy-Con grip doesn't charge controllers

  • harryisme 16/01/2017

    Another dumb move from Nintendo, I mean why add a recharge circuit to a unit you are charging £75 for when you can charge a further £28 for the privilege? First you need access to a mobile phone to voice chat and now this. I wouldn't be surprised if they release a grip with a charging port and a headphone port for £45 as well. Reply +2
  • Switch clicks in the hands, but on paper, it's in trouble

  • harryisme 15/01/2017

    @kraenk12 The Switch is a Nvidia shield with a screen, and that retails for $200, and you know Nvidia is making a healthy profit on each unit sold. So Nintendo could have launched at the $250 price point if they wanted.

    I'm not even talking about the UK price as I know that has been affected by the weak £, I base my arguments on the US$ as that is the base price usually.

    Another potential problem Nintendo could face is convincing the handheld owners that paying $60 for a game is a good deal when they are used to paying almost half that, the games might be full home console quality, but if we need to think of it as a powerful handheld that also can be connected to the TV, then the price of the games need to be considered as well, and for handhelds $35 is the max you pay, and the extra $25 might be too much for most.
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  • harryisme 15/01/2017

    @kraenk12 One major flaw in your argument, the 3DS was deemed too expensive, and Nintendo had to cut the price by almost a third five months after launch to revive sales, so according to your own argument, the Switch is too expensive.

    Plus the 3DS had a better launch line up than the Switch.
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  • harryisme 14/01/2017

    I was having my doubts about the console, but my opinion was slowly changing with the hype that was being created before hand, and the rumours of the Pokemon Stars game made me consider a purchase by the end of the year if the price was right...But then I saw the reveal and the game lineup and I doubted even Pokemon Stars will convince me of a purchase.

    Now that people have had an actual hands on with the unit, I have to ask how portable is it? Would I be be able to carry it around in my Jeans or Jacket pocket or will it require a carry case?

    It's baffling how Nintendo managed to mess this up so much, they had four years of seeing where the Wii U failed, and even more year of seeing the Wii struggling in it's latter years, yet they didn't seem to learn, and now they run the risk of not only having a failing console but have the console put of their current 3DS owners, and end up losing not only their home console but their handheld console market share as well.
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  • UK online shop says it will honour £198.50 Nintendo Switch pre-orders

  • harryisme 13/01/2017

    £80K does sounds like allot but considering they got the money upfront, and normally you buy on Credit, so that will be roughly six months of them having that extra cashflow to invest elsewhere and make money elsewhere so that loss will not be as bad as it sounds, and it's very likely that many of the 1000 buyers will order a game or controller from them for launch as well so that that will reduce losses further. Reply +2
  • Nintendo's precarious reveal runs risk of Switching off fans

  • harryisme 13/01/2017

    @rep- That's £20 price difference between the Wii U and Switch version, not sure if that price is a placeholder or not. Reply +1
  • harryisme 13/01/2017

    How much are the games themselves? Will games that are on bigger cartridges cost more? Will moving to Cartridges increase the price of games, a Disc based games cost pennies to make, it can't be the same for Cartridges, Will Nintendo charge a further premium to developers for the Cartridges, as well as the typical license fee? Will this drive the cost of the average game up beyond the £55 rrp?

    32GB? That's paltry, Nintendo could easily have included 64GB and it would have barely added anything to the BOM cost.
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  • The Nintendo Switch paid online service doesn't sound great

  • harryisme 13/01/2017

    Um....so you need a app on your phone to get voice chat, but you also need a mobile phone with a app installed to gain access to that feature? I'm guessing this is due to Nintendo's 'Won't somebody think about the children' approach? Afterall who else would think such a convoluted way to talk online was a good idea?

    How am I meant to hear the game audio and voice chat at the same time? Will I need to wear earphones and headphone at the same time to get that experience? Also will this mean if you own a Apple or (if the rumours are true) a Galaxy S8 you will need to buy an expensive wireless headset?

    I don't even know what to say about the one months rental for a NES or SNES game. I'm just hoping that this entire article is down to some lost in Translation, and Nintendo really meant the app is for voice chat when you are in portable mode away from Wi-Fi, and you can keep the classics for as long as you are a subscriber.
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  • Nintendo Switch out 3rd March for £279.99

  • harryisme 13/01/2017

    Actually if you take out the VAT, it works out we are paying around $15.40 less than the US. Might be the first ever console launched in History where the Price is GBP (Excluding VAT) works out cheaper.

    Still too expensive for what it does, which is still sort of not really well explained, is it a portable console, is it a regular console, is it even a console at all, one of the games shown didn't even use the screen.
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  • Nintendo Switch reveal live report

  • harryisme 13/01/2017

    Yes finally a reason to buy the WiiU. Reply 0
  • harryisme 13/01/2017

    For a reveal I almost feel like I didn't learn anything new. Maybe it's me but so far the Switch line up looks worst than the WiiU launch line up. Reply 0
  • harryisme 13/01/2017

    So so far, Sega came to tell us they are thinking of making games, Bathesda is bringing a five year old game and Suda51 just came to tell us he has an idea for a game, oh EA so Fifa I guess? Reply 0
  • harryisme 13/01/2017

    Translator Number 2 is struggling it seems, Reply 0
  • harryisme 13/01/2017

    So far getting a Wii party gimmick vibe with the console. Reply +1
  • Microsoft is removing Scalebound videos from its YouTube channel

  • harryisme 10/01/2017

    Another one of them odd moves from MS this generation, like cancelling Fable Legends weeks before it's launch, and now Scalebound, these games already had millions poured into them, and seems odd to cancel them so close to completion.

    It's a shame about scalebound, I was interested in seeing how this project would actually end up as a finished product, specially the seamless multiplayer which may have been it's biggest stumbling point, I love my Xbox One but I don't know if it's powerful enough to handle four characters each with their own dragons all on screen at the same time fighting a monster that takes up most of the screen, even the PS4, the CPU inside these systems would probably be a major bottleneck.
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  • Sony's 2017: steady as she goes as PS4 goes big on games

  • harryisme 05/01/2017

    I think the problem Sony has is not that they don't have the games to release, it's that when E3 comes around they overload our senses with games due out for the console, but many of these games are not even going to be released for over a year, and many of the ones released don't get the marketing push when they are released, so they end up passing by for many of us.

    So it feels like Sony have promised this massive catalogue but failed to deliver. MS (specially last E3) on the other hand have fewer games at E3 but the games they highlight are for the most part due for release within the next 12 months, and they get the marketing push as well, so it feels like MS have a bigger and better line-up. But if you look into it, Sony have more exclusives, but it doesn't feel like that because compared to what Sony showcased if feels lacking.
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  • GeForce Now streaming coming to PC and Mac

  • harryisme 05/01/2017

    $25 for around 20 hours of gameplay....Trust Nvidia to make PS Now service look like a bargain.

    This is a odd one, why would you need a service like this if you already own a GTX 1080 or 1060? Your PC experience is going to be pretty good good anyway, (specially for the 1080 owners.)

    Can you stream to other devices that don't have a 1060 or above? Say for example you own a PC with a 1080 but your laptop is a couple of years older, would you be able to use this service to play games at the same setting your PC could handle on the road? Or do you need a GTX 1060 or above in your laptop as well?

    If it's the first option I can see a small market for this, but if it's the latter I see no reason why that person would not just install the games on their laptop and use Steams Cloud save feature and continue playing their games on the go. Nvidia themselves (being manufacturers of the most popular GPU's) should know PC gamers in general will choose performance over visuals, they will sacrifice higher visuals for a a steady framerate with minimal lag.

    There argument about the upgrade path is a strange one, unless you are a casual who just wants the best setting when you play infrequently, the $25 per 20 hours is going to rack up quickly and by the end of a year you'd probably have spent enough buying credits that you could have bought a GTX 1180.
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  • HDMI 2.1 spec adds 8K/10K video, dynamic HDR and variable refresh

  • harryisme 04/01/2017

    So when will we be seeing these new standards role out? Game Mode VRR is really interesting, it's been a feature I've wanted to see added to the HDMI standard since Freesync was announced (G-Sync is Nvidia exclusive so it's implementation would not benefit games consoles with AMD GPU's inside).

    Hopefully this is a feature we see sooner rather than later.

    Japan will be relieved to see 8K support, now they can be assured they can broadcast the Olympics in 8K and there will actually be TV's capable of viewing the content.

    I wonder how many TFlops we'll need to run games at 8k60 at high settings? 30?
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  • Platinum's Turtles game delisted from Steam, PSN and Xbox

  • harryisme 04/01/2017

    No surprise really, Activision seem to agree on really short licensing for Movie/TV/Comic franchises, Wasn't Deadpool taken off the digital stores six months after it's release because the License expired and they didn't renew it until the Movie was released or something? Reply +1
  • Intel Kaby Lake: Core i5 7600K review

  • harryisme 04/01/2017

    @Bander You do know that button actually underclocked the CPU don't you? The number of people who pressed that button thinking it would make their PC's run faster, instead it slowed it down to run older legacy software properly. Reply +5
  • harryisme 04/01/2017

    So best to wait to see what AMD is going to offer, If the RyZen CPU ends up being as close to Intels CPU at a lower price as leaks suggest.

    With Kaby Lake just being a slight update, and RyZen looking like it will be offer very similar performance levels to Intel, 2017 might be a good year for PC gamers with choice.

    Even the GPU market might get a little shake up as the Vega sounds like it might be cutting the gap on Nvidia, as well the Crimson Drivers constantly being optimised to improve the card performances.

    MAybe DF could do a follow up on the 1060 vs 480, has AMD really improved drivers to a point that they beat the 1060 in some scenario's?
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  • Let's remember GamesMaster's most infamous incident, broadcast 20 years ago

  • harryisme 20/12/2016

    So is a coincident that we have moderators having a mini spat in a article about presenters that had a spat on live TV or is it just ironic is happened like that?

    I only remember the even a little bit, but I think at the time I thought it was all just an act, like killing off a character in a Drama, I didn't realise it was a genuine spat.
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  • Blizzard apologises for Mei's divisive winter wardrobe

  • harryisme 17/12/2016

    "Sorry you are disappointed with Mei's winter skin,"

    I don't know if I would consider this an apology, the wording makes it very much like they are less sorry more they acknowledge it, though don't agree with it.

    That said, I don't see the issue, if people don't like it, they don't have to wear the costume. Personally think it looks a bit weird, but don't hate it. It's definitely not bad enough that the developers need to make a public apology about it.
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  • Activision will let you try Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare free for five days

  • harryisme 13/12/2016

    If they included the original Modern Warfare in the the mix I'd be interested, but spending numerate hours waiting for the game to download to play for a few hours and get owned by 12 years old kids does not sound like fun. Reply +6
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon devs want you to catch 100m Pokémon in two weeks

  • harryisme 13/12/2016

    No surprise at the failure, it wasn't exactly straight forward registering, and for many that was likely too much hassle, then there was the fact not everyone knew about the event, 100 million would have been easy if everyone who caught pokemon were registered but even for those who registered you had to go to the npc, connect to the internet and then register your pokemon caught I got bored after a few days. Reply +3
  • harryisme 29/11/2016

    Catching 100 Million doesn't sound that hard, they have sold enough copies that it would probably average under 20 pokemon per copy sold. However as you have to be registered for your numbers to count, it could be a very simple task or a pain depending on how many are made aware of the feature and actually care enough to participate. Reply +1
  • New Pokémon were just added to Pokémon GO

  • harryisme 12/12/2016

    Was disappointed with the reveal, yeah it's nice to have new pokemon to hatch, but really wanted new pokemon to actually catch.

    This sounds like an absolute pain in the arse to achieve, as most of these are baby versions of Pokemon found in 2km or 10km eggs, where the game tends to give you mainly 5km eggs.

    In reality it's going to mean you either have to walk a few hundred KM's to get the new baby pokemon or fork out potentially hundred of pounds in real money to buy egg incubators to cut your hunting time down.
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  • What works and what doesn't with PlayStation 4 Pro

  • harryisme 12/12/2016

    @Kyizen I'm not worried about that, because if you look how MS's are positioning their Xbox Brand, they don't seem to be worried about the hardware but the software platform you play the games on.

    If you look at games like Gears of War 4, and Forza Horizon 3, both those games are positioned as a play anywhere initiative, they don't care if you play it on the Xbox One or the PC, they want to sell the game to be played on the Xbox platform.

    I said this before but I expect MS will release all (non VR) games on both consoles for atleast four years, after that I expect the Developers will be pushing both MS and Sony to scrap the older consoles and make exclusively for the newer consoles, by which point both users will have moved to the newer consoles and most will be looking towards the next generation of consoles.
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  • harryisme 12/12/2016

    First thing MS need to get right is the price, it's no use being the most powerful console in the market if you cost £150 more than the nearest competitor.

    Otherwise MS have a easier sell with the Scorpio than Sony does with the Pro, This boils down to three main reasons,
    1) The lack of the power of the Xbox One,
    2) The increased in power of the Scorpio,
    3) The time between the XBO and Scorpio's planned release.

    Hopefully MS are taking notes about the successes and failures of the Pro, so far the strongest argument to upgrade to the Pro is not the 4K capabilities, but the developers that are giving the consumers the option of how they want to take advantage of the extra computing power. MS need to allow developers that same freedom, 4K at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps with supersampling should be standard.
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  • Super Mario Run only playable with an internet connection

  • harryisme 10/12/2016

    So let me get this straight, the Mario game has online DRM, and so far it's only released on iOS. a platform that doesn't allow side loading without Jailbreaking the device (Atleast that was the case) so for the masses the only way to get the game is to get the game legally, and lets be realistic, here the modder who release the jailbreak version will find a way to disable the DRM, so the only people this will annoy is the the people who will have bought the game legally.

    I'd understand on the Android, because it allows side loading without unlocking the bootloader, and again no doubt someone will find a way around the DRM, so again it will only affect the people who buy the game via the play store.

    By including a online DRM system, they've probably spurred the crackers to try extra hard to find a work around.
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  • Big Battleborn update unlocks all characters in bid to attract new players

  • harryisme 07/12/2016

    And finally, the update adds PS4 Pro support. Pro users can choose between 1080p at 60fps or 4K at 30fps.

    I thought Sony's policy states that the online experience has to be the same for both the Pro and regular consoles? Wouldn't 60fps be considered giving the Pro owners a online advantage and be against Sony's policy? It's a nice feature to have, but everything published so far about the Pro would indicate this breaks their guidelines.
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  • Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford fights fires over lack of Bulletstorm upgrade discount

  • harryisme 07/12/2016

    While I understand his reasoning, it was a game under a different publisher but it would make good marketing and PR sense to offer a discount to current owners of the game, I don't think the game sold that well in the first so it wouldn't have affected their bottom line that much.

    Not only that giving them owners a discount would more likely persuade them to purchase the update and increase Gearbox's revenue, where now those potential (even if discounted) sales are going to be left on the table. I can't see the remaster being that much better that it will convince the current owners to pay full price for the rerelease, at best it will be a game they'll buy once it's heavily discounted on a Steam Sales.
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  • Destiny: The Dawning event returns Sparrow Racing and Icebreaker

  • harryisme 03/12/2016

    Did I also see the Void and Solar version of Thunderlord at the one minute mark? Reply 0
  • Pokémon Go's Nearby feature live now in the UK

  • harryisme 01/12/2016

    I saw this go live, and all I see now is Pidgeys and weedles in my near pokestop lists. I was hoping they'd add this feature on top of the current nearby list. Right now I look at the phone, I see no reason to go Poke hunting at all, as I have no idea what else is close by other than those near the pokestops.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the feature, it should hopefully be useful when Gen two roles out, but it should have complimented the old nearby list, which may have been broken, but it worked well enough that if there was a pokemon on your nearby list you could track it down, with this new feature alone, a 100 IV Laprus could spawn 50 metres away from you and you'll never know.
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  • Ditto finally released into Pokémon Go

  • harryisme 23/11/2016

    This is great news, with the double XP and Stardust, it gives me reason to go out and try to track one down, now someone explain to me why would you use a great ball to catch a Magikarp? It's not even over 100 IV, 65 should be easy to catch. Reply 0
  • Pokémon Go is getting a special Thanksgiving event

  • harryisme 21/11/2016

    Double Stardust will be nice, shame looking at the weather forecast for this, it's unlikely I'll be taking advantage of it. Reply 0
  • Watch Dogs 2 launch sales nowhere near Watch Dogs 1

  • harryisme 21/11/2016

    Maybe next time, Ubisoft won't release a half baked first release, with deliberately cut down graphics for PC to make the console version look better.

    Can't say it's undeserved after the original Watchdogs release failed to live up to the hype. There are only so many times people are going to give them the benefit of the doubt, and Ubi do it constantly, Let's see, Assassin's Creed 1 failed to live up to hype, then sequel made up ground, then on the current consoles, the AC: Unity was a bug fest, but Syndicate made up ground, and it's the same here. Looking at these trends if they ever make the Division 2, or the Crew 2 those game will be amazing, only no one will buy it after the first games.

    Though atleast Ubi try new games, have to give them props for that.
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  • Persona 5 delayed until April

  • harryisme 16/11/2016

    It still baffles me that SEGA Japan paid good money for the developer yet SEGA Europe are not publishing this game. Isn't that just money going to a third party that could be going to them?

    I'm OK with the Delay as this means I have more time to spend to complete Tales of Baseria. Besides it's already been delayed a couple of years already, what's a couple more?
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  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launch sales down nearly 50% on Black Ops 3

  • harryisme 12/11/2016

    Not surprising really, this is the first time a CoD game came out and I had no clue about it's release, Despite not buying a CoD game since the original Black Ops I always knew when a new CoD was coming out due to all the fanfare around it, with store promotions and gaming sites filled with articles about it. Yet this year it felt like there was no buzz around the title.

    They didn't help matters by locking Modern Warfare behind the Infinite Warfare paywall either. Though considering how an almost 50% reduction in sales still made it the second biggest release of the year shows the game still has a way to go before it can be considered dead.
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  • Xbox Holiday Update out now, adds Clubs

  • harryisme 12/11/2016

    @Bloobat Except for the fact this update was announced at E3, months before the Pro was officially announced. So 100% coincidence.

    Hopefully this LFG will work as intended, would certainly help first time Raid players in Destiny.
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  • Microsoft selling original Xbox One bundles for £180

  • harryisme 08/11/2016

    Great deals, Both MS and Sony have been very aggressive in shifting old stock to make way for the Slim models. Even some of the deals on newer models have been really good. Reply +2
  • Expect to see fewer Pidgeys, Rattatas and Zubats in Pokémon Go

  • harryisme 05/11/2016

    Not really noticed much of a difference still plenty of, Ratata, Pidgey, and Weedles on my Nearby list...However have noticed and increase in Evie's and Paras.

    Hopefully this means I'll see some Starter Pokemon apart from Squirtle, I'm almost level 27 and I've yet to see a Charmander in the Wild, and only once on my nearby list, same with Pinsir.
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  • Nintendo isn't replacing 3DS with Switch

  • harryisme 29/10/2016

    @ShiftyGeezer Yes but did you see a successor to the Gameboy Advance line-up (the SD and Micro were just variations of the same console)? No we didn't because the Gameboy console brand was no more replaced by the DS console.

    It's the same here, if the Switch is a success, Nintendo will over time faze out the 3DS and they will unify their home and handheld market into one console line-up. The 3DS is still a success and a backup for Nintendo if the Switch gamble doesn't pay off, they are not going to close off the income revenue when the future of the Switch is a complete mystery, I don't think anyone has a clue if it will succeed or fail.
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  • harryisme 29/10/2016

    I remember when the DS was announced, Nintendo made it clear the the DS was not replacing the Gameboy, and this was true for a few years, but eventually the DS did replace the Gameboy. I expect if the Switch is a success in a few years we will see a Switch Lite and Nintendo will phase out the 3DS. Reply +49
  • Street Fighter 5 sales grind to a halt as community calls for revamp

  • harryisme 28/10/2016

    It's not a surprise that the game didn't sell as well as Capcom hoped, they started off on the wrong foot with first off being exclusive to one platform, despite the 360 version of SF selling better, then they announced the arcade mode was coming at a later date, and on launch the game ha server issues. Then every few weeks it felt like there was more bad press surrounding the game.

    I think many were like me just waited until the issues were all sorted out and then never got around to buying it.
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