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  • Big Battleborn update unlocks all characters in bid to attract new players

  • harryisme 07/12/2016

    And finally, the update adds PS4 Pro support. Pro users can choose between 1080p at 60fps or 4K at 30fps.

    I thought Sony's policy states that the online experience has to be the same for both the Pro and regular consoles? Wouldn't 60fps be considered giving the Pro owners a online advantage and be against Sony's policy? It's a nice feature to have, but everything published so far about the Pro would indicate this breaks their guidelines.
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  • Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford fights fires over lack of Bulletstorm upgrade discount

  • harryisme 07/12/2016

    While I understand his reasoning, it was a game under a different publisher but it would make good marketing and PR sense to offer a discount to current owners of the game, I don't think the game sold that well in the first so it wouldn't have affected their bottom line that much.

    Not only that giving them owners a discount would more likely persuade them to purchase the update and increase Gearbox's revenue, where now those potential (even if discounted) sales are going to be left on the table. I can't see the remaster being that much better that it will convince the current owners to pay full price for the rerelease, at best it will be a game they'll buy once it's heavily discounted on a Steam Sales.
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  • Destiny: The Dawning event returns Sparrow Racing and Icebreaker

  • harryisme 03/12/2016

    Did I also see the Void and Solar version of Thunderlord at the one minute mark? Reply 0
  • Pokémon Go's Nearby feature live now in the UK

  • harryisme 01/12/2016

    I saw this go live, and all I see now is Pidgeys and weedles in my near pokestop lists. I was hoping they'd add this feature on top of the current nearby list. Right now I look at the phone, I see no reason to go Poke hunting at all, as I have no idea what else is close by other than those near the pokestops.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the feature, it should hopefully be useful when Gen two roles out, but it should have complimented the old nearby list, which may have been broken, but it worked well enough that if there was a pokemon on your nearby list you could track it down, with this new feature alone, a 100 IV Laprus could spawn 50 metres away from you and you'll never know.
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  • Pokémon Sun and Moon devs want you to catch 100m Pokémon in two weeks

  • harryisme 29/11/2016

    Catching 100 Million doesn't sound that hard, they have sold enough copies that it would probably average under 20 pokemon per copy sold. However as you have to be registered for your numbers to count, it could be a very simple task or a pain depending on how many are made aware of the feature and actually care enough to participate. Reply +1
  • Ditto finally released into Pokémon Go

  • harryisme 23/11/2016

    This is great news, with the double XP and Stardust, it gives me reason to go out and try to track one down, now someone explain to me why would you use a great ball to catch a Magikarp? It's not even over 100 IV, 65 should be easy to catch. Reply 0
  • Pokémon Go is getting a special Thanksgiving event

  • harryisme 21/11/2016

    Double Stardust will be nice, shame looking at the weather forecast for this, it's unlikely I'll be taking advantage of it. Reply 0
  • Watch Dogs 2 launch sales nowhere near Watch Dogs 1

  • harryisme 21/11/2016

    Maybe next time, Ubisoft won't release a half baked first release, with deliberately cut down graphics for PC to make the console version look better.

    Can't say it's undeserved after the original Watchdogs release failed to live up to the hype. There are only so many times people are going to give them the benefit of the doubt, and Ubi do it constantly, Let's see, Assassin's Creed 1 failed to live up to hype, then sequel made up ground, then on the current consoles, the AC: Unity was a bug fest, but Syndicate made up ground, and it's the same here. Looking at these trends if they ever make the Division 2, or the Crew 2 those game will be amazing, only no one will buy it after the first games.

    Though atleast Ubi try new games, have to give them props for that.
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  • Persona 5 delayed until April

  • harryisme 16/11/2016

    It still baffles me that SEGA Japan paid good money for the developer yet SEGA Europe are not publishing this game. Isn't that just money going to a third party that could be going to them?

    I'm OK with the Delay as this means I have more time to spend to complete Tales of Baseria. Besides it's already been delayed a couple of years already, what's a couple more?
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  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launch sales down nearly 50% on Black Ops 3

  • harryisme 12/11/2016

    Not surprising really, this is the first time a CoD game came out and I had no clue about it's release, Despite not buying a CoD game since the original Black Ops I always knew when a new CoD was coming out due to all the fanfare around it, with store promotions and gaming sites filled with articles about it. Yet this year it felt like there was no buzz around the title.

    They didn't help matters by locking Modern Warfare behind the Infinite Warfare paywall either. Though considering how an almost 50% reduction in sales still made it the second biggest release of the year shows the game still has a way to go before it can be considered dead.
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  • Xbox Holiday Update out now, adds Clubs

  • harryisme 12/11/2016

    @Bloobat Except for the fact this update was announced at E3, months before the Pro was officially announced. So 100% coincidence.

    Hopefully this LFG will work as intended, would certainly help first time Raid players in Destiny.
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  • Microsoft selling original Xbox One bundles for £180

  • harryisme 08/11/2016

    Great deals, Both MS and Sony have been very aggressive in shifting old stock to make way for the Slim models. Even some of the deals on newer models have been really good. Reply +2
  • Expect to see fewer Pidgeys, Rattatas and Zubats in Pokémon Go

  • harryisme 05/11/2016

    Not really noticed much of a difference still plenty of, Ratata, Pidgey, and Weedles on my Nearby list...However have noticed and increase in Evie's and Paras.

    Hopefully this means I'll see some Starter Pokemon apart from Squirtle, I'm almost level 27 and I've yet to see a Charmander in the Wild, and only once on my nearby list, same with Pinsir.
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  • Nintendo isn't replacing 3DS with Switch

  • harryisme 29/10/2016

    @ShiftyGeezer Yes but did you see a successor to the Gameboy Advance line-up (the SD and Micro were just variations of the same console)? No we didn't because the Gameboy console brand was no more replaced by the DS console.

    It's the same here, if the Switch is a success, Nintendo will over time faze out the 3DS and they will unify their home and handheld market into one console line-up. The 3DS is still a success and a backup for Nintendo if the Switch gamble doesn't pay off, they are not going to close off the income revenue when the future of the Switch is a complete mystery, I don't think anyone has a clue if it will succeed or fail.
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  • harryisme 29/10/2016

    I remember when the DS was announced, Nintendo made it clear the the DS was not replacing the Gameboy, and this was true for a few years, but eventually the DS did replace the Gameboy. I expect if the Switch is a success in a few years we will see a Switch Lite and Nintendo will phase out the 3DS. Reply +49
  • Street Fighter 5 sales grind to a halt as community calls for revamp

  • harryisme 28/10/2016

    It's not a surprise that the game didn't sell as well as Capcom hoped, they started off on the wrong foot with first off being exclusive to one platform, despite the 360 version of SF selling better, then they announced the arcade mode was coming at a later date, and on launch the game ha server issues. Then every few weeks it felt like there was more bad press surrounding the game.

    I think many were like me just waited until the issues were all sorted out and then never got around to buying it.
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  • Nintendo won't announce Switch launch date, price and games line-up until January

  • harryisme 27/10/2016

    I wonder if they'll include a power adapter with this? As it's technically a handheld console, and Nintendo haven't sold a Handheld device with a adapter since the original 3DS was launched.

    Well will wait for Friday the 13th and hope the Pound gets stronger, otherwise we are looking at £ > $, plus VAT.
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  • Destiny's Halloween update hides a secret racing broom

  • harryisme 25/10/2016

    I expect when Sparrow racing starts again in a couple of months, it will be full of racers on the broom.

    As fun as the trick Sparrows are, but what would be a real treat is if they bought back the boost Sparrows you got from the first two raids.
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  • Pokémon Go celebrates Halloween by flooding self with yet more Zubats, Drowzees

  • harryisme 25/10/2016

    Shame they didn't include Abra's in the increased event. I'll take the extra candy though, who knows might get enough candy to finally do some new evolution's. Reply +1
  • harryisme 24/10/2016

    Then maybe for Christmas they can flood us with Ice type Pokemon, then maybe I can finally get a decent Lapras and Draganite. Valentines could be Fairy Type, and for Easter increase rare pokemon hatch rates?

    Well I wouldn't mind another Gengar, Drowzee and Zubats can disappear for all I care.

    BTW is there a new update rolling out? My nephews Pokemon Go shows a different colour for the different KM eggs.
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  • GAME charges people to try PlayStation VR in its shops

  • harryisme 24/10/2016

    So basically they are charging you to test drive a product they want to sell you? Can you imagine if you took a car for a test drive and after half an hour you were given a bill for £50? You'd tell them to bugger off.

    I wouldn't even be surprised if these units were supplied by Sony for Demo purposes in the first place. Scummy move and doesn't make much business sense, you are not going to build much costumer loyalty when you charge them to try a product they are interested in buying.
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  • Nintendo refuses to say whether Switch has a touchscreen

  • harryisme 21/10/2016

    I expect a touchscreen, though it might not be a heavily used feature in gaming, with the exception of menus etc.

    If Nintendo hope for success they need to have that option available for apps etc. You can't sell a game console that only plays games, it needs to be able to stream videos and surf the Internet etc, and people are used to the touchscreen to navigate on a portable device, removing that feature would have a negative impact on user experience.

    Infact Nintendo should allow Nvidia's Gforce Now feature on the device, it would be a great selling point, a unit that could play Nintendo games, and also stream games from your PC or Nvidia's game service.
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  • Outside Xbox branches out with new channel Oustide Xtra

  • harryisme 19/10/2016

    Oustide Xtra?

    Who let Mike near the keyboard?
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  • Cuphead delayed until mid next year

  • harryisme 13/10/2016

    While visually the game looks amazing,the gameplay aspects of the game we've seen so far looks a bit naff. Hopefully this extra development time can be spent making the game fun. Reply 0
  • Tales of Berseria finally has a western release date

  • harryisme 10/10/2016

    @Fourfoldroot I'd say Graces was my second favourite, My favourite by far is Vesperia, I love the graphics, the story, the charactors, and the post game extra's. I still have my fingers crossed that the PS3 Version will get a Western release someday. Reply 0
  • harryisme 10/10/2016

    Hopefully this brings the game is better than the last one, not sure what it was about Zesteria that did not appeal to me, I think the lackluster protagonist might have something to do with it.

    As for the Collectors Edition, if it's anything like the previous collections from Namco, the European version will be more expensive, will have less content, and the soundtrack will be MP3's instead of a Audio CD.

    Their Twitter account has confirmed the worldwide Steam and European release for January 27th.
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  • Samsung KU6400 4K TV review

  • harryisme 08/10/2016

    @saispag Or it could be with the release of the Xbox One S with UHD Blu Ray and HDR support and the PS4 Pro with 4K and HDR support, EG figured their reader base might be looking into purchasing an affordable 4K TV with HDR and low input lag.

    I'm pleased EG are doing this, it's a nightmare trying to find a decent TV with low Input lag.
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  • Super Mario Bros. speedrunner sets seemingly impossible world record

  • harryisme 07/10/2016

    Just under 4m 57s...Bloody hell, it takes me longer than that to get from boot up of my Xbox, to the Tower in Destiny. Reply +7
  • Sony PlayStation VR review

  • harryisme 05/10/2016

    VR is definitely something I want to experience on a console or PC atleast once, but there still has not been that as the review says a killer app that nails the 'This is why' for the platform.

    It was the same thing with the Kinect and the Wii's motion controls, after then initial hype surrounding the tech, and people had their fun with them at parties. the long term use for the tech in gaming was questioned, and one that most developers never found the answer for. So far with VR it appears short bite size experiences seem to be what developers are concentrating on, but that's only going to hold up for so long before people get tired and considering the entry point for the tech, that's allot of money to pay for bitesize experiences.

    We've already seen a massive dip in VR headset sales on the PC platform. I hope someone find a solution soon, as VR does look like a genuine viable platform to drive gaming forward, but at it's current state, I don't see it being anywhere near the Multi-Billion industry analysts are predicting it will be in a few years.
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  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare + Modern Warfare Remastered = 130GB - minimum

  • harryisme 05/10/2016

    So basically if you have not purchased a bigger hard drive already. If you just want to play Modern Warfare Remastered, be prepared to pay for a full price game you won't play, and a (Internal for PS4 and External for XBO) Hard Drive.

    So roughly £120 to play the game.
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  • Destiny: Rise of Iron review

  • harryisme 04/10/2016

    The story element in the Rise of Iron is a big step back compared to last year, where Oryx felt like a real threat, and finally defeating him even in the single player campaign felt satisfying, the whole SIVA storyline just doesn't have the same impact, and seriously who is that not as amusing as Cayde, Cayde Wannabe? He just pops up in this expansion and I have no idea what his story is.

    Oh and definitely agree its a grind fest, and not even an enjoyable one. First complete quests to get to light level 340, then grind Heroic Strikes to get to 365, then level up factions and do the Raid to get to 385. and finally collect exotics to fuse to get to 400.

    The expansion has it's moments, but more often than not you feel they are relying on nostalgia to blindside us on a lacking expansion that should probably have been £14.99.
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  • FIFA 17 breaks series' launch week sales record

  • harryisme 03/10/2016

    That's not surprising at all considering the bundle offers with the game, from the PS4 regular with a copy of Fifa 17 for £150, to Xbox One S with Fifa 17 for £199 from Tesco. Reply 0
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare disc required to play Modern Warfare Remastered

  • harryisme 03/10/2016

    So basically this is a way to make sure those who planned to buy the game for Modern Warfare, and then planned to get rid of their copy of Advanced Warfare have no choice but to keep their unwanted copy of the new game. Reply +3
  • Bungie shuts down Destiny's long-running Omnigul exploit

  • harryisme 30/09/2016

    I never used this exploit, but was tempted. I'm PvE player (who doesn't do the Raid) so the grind to level up is a pain. And for some reason when I do get a Legendary engram decrypt as a Artifact it's always 351, despite me being level 356. I thought Legendary gear was meant to decrypt at a higher level than you were until you hit the max level. Reply +2
  • Battleborn will be free to play soon - report

  • harryisme 30/09/2016

    'Pitchford later confirmed that this trial version would not be time-limited, and could be used as a way to play the game for free and then pay for extra things as you progress.'
    Is that not what FTP is?

    I saw this for a £10 yesterday at CEX, thought about it, then figured it will be going FTP soon so probably not worth it.
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  • Destiny 2 will launch for PC, characters may be left behind - reports

  • harryisme 28/09/2016

    I thought the gear and character stays with you throughout the entire Destiny campaign. Atleaast that was the impression Bungie gave when promoting the game. Can't remember if they actually said it outright as it's been a few years since it was announced.

    I'm not exactly sure how I feel about leaving not just my character but all my gear behind. I still have my year one Exotics and favourite weapons in my vault because I thought they'd be with me throughout the games 10 year cycle. If I knew that they would be scrapped after the sequel I would have saved myself allot of Vault management problems and just dismantled the whole lot.

    I understand Bungies reasoning, it makes perfect sense to leave everything behind for the sequel, that way newcomers would not find jumping into the game as daunting and Bungie can go forward with a clean slate without worrying about legacy issues, working towards making the game better with a better engine and game mechanics.

    However this is my character that I've spent over a thousand hours on, I've been grinding for hours to get certain exotics, spent hours in the crucible playing PvP (something I hate) to complete quests. and I'd be lying if I said I was fine with leaving it behind.
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  • The push and pull of Destiny's microtransactions

  • harryisme 28/09/2016

    @Gizmopop the preorder bonus was for the black and silver skin, the one Eververse is selling is the same colour scheme as the classic design.

    I ordered the expansion myself so I have the bonus sparrow, but I do like the look with original colour palette, and wouldn't mind adding it to my collection. I know i'm not the only one who would like it either, though there is no chance i'm paying that kind of money for it.
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  • harryisme 27/09/2016

    @SalarymanDaishi It's not a Little more, specially that Gallarwing. 75 Silver Dust would require spending around $30 on Silver to buy Radiant Packages that you then need to dismantle all the ornaments you receive to get enough Silver Dust to buy. That's not exactly a little more. However that is upto the user to spend their money or not. I'm old school and for me a micro-transaction is the 10p I paid for credits to play Street Fighter 2 in the arcades. Reply +2
  • Microsoft on Project Scorpio, PS4 Pro marketing and Xbox tweets

  • harryisme 21/09/2016

    Sure, but the expectation is PS4 Pro will be cheaper than Scorpio, right?

    Albert Penello: It will be an interesting discussion next time we chat!

    This answer was one of that stuck with me, there seems to be allot of speculation that the Scorpio will be a $600 premium product. I personally don't think that is the case, I expect the price to be $450 (or if MS are feeling really aggressive $400). MS know if they want to compete against the Pro they need to be within striking. a $600 even a $500 will fails to do that, It's not like they can't afford to lose a bit of money on each unit sold, in hopes of making it back on sales of games and XBL Gold they've done it in the past, the Original Xbox lost MS $4 Billion, and the 360 was sold at a loss.

    It's only this life cycle that console makers (that are not Nintendo) are not making a loss on each unit sold from launch. Traditionally losing $100 or more per unit sold at launch was not unheard of.
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  • British FIFA YouTuber charged with promoting gambling

  • harryisme 19/09/2016

    @brokenkey He's not breaking any laws or guidelines, he explains in his video that the boxes were sent to him, he never tried to fool us into thinking he paid with his own money, and he wasn't paid to do the video, yeah he earns money through the affiliate link at the bottom,.

    It is completely different to owning a gambling site, promoting said gambling site without disclosing your links to said gambling site, and ofcourse promoting it to children. Don't lump him with scumbags who are running illegal underage gambling sites.
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  • Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on No Man's Sky

  • harryisme 17/09/2016

    I think this is a bad PR move from Sony, they are essentially trying to push all the blame on Sean Murray, trying to play off the fact that they are an Indie Developer. However it was Sony that heavily promoted the game, they were the ones that pushed the game to the consumers, making it sound like it was a bigger budget game than it really was.

    I bet many people who bought the game thought this was a first party Sony game because of how heavily it has been featured in their promotions and frontlined their Indie sections at Multiple conferences. They should have had their PR execs guide Sean in what to say and what not to.

    Yeah Sean should not have over sold the game but Sony were just as much to blame, they pushed what was a Indie game in the limelight, making it appear more than what it was. On their own Hello Games would not have received the kind of coverage they did. It was through Sony's heavy promotion of the game it got as much attention as it did.
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  • Destiny has an infectious new ARG with in-game boosts

  • harryisme 16/09/2016

    So that's what it was, saw players with the party foil around their heads yesterday and was wondering if the game was glitched or if there was a new Nightfall type event added and that was a bonus for completing it. Reply 0
  • Three days with Nintendo's £35 Pokémon Go Plus accessory

  • harryisme 16/09/2016

    At £9.99 it would be an impulse buy. At £34.99 it's the choice between this and a pre-order for Pokémon Sun or Moon.

    And there in lies the problem, I'd get it for a tenner but for the same cost as a full Pokemon game that will give me so many hours of enjoyment, instead of a device that makes playing the game easy and in many way takes away the enjoyment of the game, as you will no longer feel that bit of excitement or anticipation when you feel your phone buzz, it will be just you pressing a button when you feel a buzz, heck I wouldn't be surprised if after a while you won't even pay attention, just press the button when you feel a buzz and then continue on.
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  • Pokémon Go update with buddy feature, Plus support finally live in the UK

  • harryisme 14/09/2016

    Shame the Buddy system didn't come out a few weeks ago, would have managed to gather quite a bit of Candy, Don't spend as much now so it's not as useful, but is still a positive inclusion to the app. Specially for Pikachu which is a rare pokemon to find the wild and only requires 1Km per candy. Reply 0
  • Homefront: The Revolution patch finally fixes console performance

  • harryisme 13/09/2016

    Rather a solid framerate than prettier choppy framerate. Reply +2
  • PS4's big new update (the one with folders) goes live

  • harryisme 13/09/2016

    @antmusic97 I don't think there is any game content available at the moment that supports HDR, you will have to wait till it's patched in to older games.

    I really would like to know how Sony are doing this, If the PS4 was HDMI 2.0 compliant why didn't Sony patch this in earlier? Surely the option to stream 4K/60 content would be a big selling point for them?
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  • PS4 Slim release date, price, specs, new DualShock 4 and everything we know

  • harryisme 12/09/2016

    @BioMax You don't do maths that well do you? £349 - £330 is £19 not £40. That is decent deal but still would go for 4.2TF of computer power for the £19 extra and the lack of extra controller and Fifa than a base model.

    Also the Pro won't do just 4K gaming, (which it arguably won't do natively for most games anyway.) if games are patched and most likely most future games, developers can use that extra power to make the game run smoother and look better at 1080p, it's not just for 4K.

    Edit: And I proved myself to be an idiot by forgetting the £40 refers to the base model price.
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  • harryisme 11/09/2016

    @I_Am_CatButler Even on PC, games have a minimum spec something that the developer thinks will be the bare minimum to run the game at an acceptable framerate.

    I fully expect Developers will start dropping support for the current Xbox one and PS4 model once the next round of hardware is announced.

    It costs money to optimise a game to run smoothly on multple different setups, and eventually it will not be worth the extra development cost to support the older hardware.

    besides by the time the PS5 and Xbox 4? comes out you don't want to just see games look prettier and run at a higher resolution on that hardware you want to see tech pushed further, to do things the current consoles cannot do, and if they have to continue to support the current hardware then, they will be forced to design their games to run on the lowest spec hardware, and not using that extra horsepower to push the boundaries of gaming.

    I still expect the Pro and Scorpio to be supported then, but the Ps4 and Xbox One, will be optional to support.
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  • harryisme 11/09/2016

    @Fourfoldroot not just that, even with your reply to Alestes...lol Reply 0
  • harryisme 11/09/2016

    @Alestes Dude buy the Pro instead, that £90 will get you a console that will be supported longer. No matter what Sony (and MS) say, the current base models will stop getting developer support in a few years once it becomes apparent, the console will not be able to handle the vision they have for their game. Reply -1