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  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax heads to Europe in November

  • harryisme 19/09/2014

    Yes!!! This is what I was hoping for when SEGA bought ATLUS, we Europeans don't get screwed over with delayed releases for Atlus games anymore. Reply +4
  • Microsoft unveils wired Xbox One controller for Windows PC

  • harryisme 18/09/2014

    @Darren You can use your wired Xbox 360 controller on a Xbox 360, the cable being undetachable didn't make it incompatible with the 360.

    As for the controller, it will be a good addition for those who want an official MicroUSB cable. unless it's the same price as a standard Wireless controller I don't see the point in this, just buy a wireless controller, and a cheap MicroUSB cable from Amazon or Ebay.

    I'm hoping for a wireless solution like they have with the 360 controller, that's what i'm using for my PC at the moment.
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  • Destiny thrills, but the big picture rings hollow

  • harryisme 10/09/2014

    Honestly I find the game is a bit of a letdown, so far all I seem to be doing is going from A to B with allot of running with no enemies, and while I'm still in Russia, it's kinda dull, once you get past the initial wow factor it feels like it's lacking in locations, the random enemy drop encounters are fun but other than that I can see this game getting boring within a week or two.

    Though by far the worst is the load times, I don't care what Bungie says those airship moments are load screens and they are freaking long. Also the story so far is uninteresting, maybe it will pick up later, but so far it doesn't quite hold up to their last piece of work. I guess the loot drop also feels lacking after you have played Borderlands 2.
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  • Microsoft to buy Mojang for $2 billion - report

  • harryisme 10/09/2014

    My question is why? While there is no denying the appeal of Minecraft, that's about it, Mojang have no other games in their porfolio making it worth the purchase, minecraft alone is not worth $2Billion.

    MS should spend that $2 Billion on a few new franchises, that's atleast 30 AAA Games they can finance, even if 10% of them are a success that will be a worthy investment, they'll never make the money back for this purchase, unless Mojang have a new game in the pipeline that can revolutionise the industry I don't see the logic in this on a financial or development viewpoint. Even then I'd argue the price tag is too high.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Dead Rising 3 on PC

  • harryisme 07/09/2014

    @daviejambo yet the low end AMD Jaguar cores can handle the load? Reply 0
  • harryisme 07/09/2014

    Wow...this is the first time I can remember a r9 280/285 being recommened for 1080p30 gameplay, that's usually good enough to reach 1080p60 without issue.

    Who would have thought the first PC port of a game designed for the new consoles would be optimised so badly. Having similar hardware was supposed to make PC ports better not worst...Lets hope this is an isolated incident.
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  • Sega claims Gearbox led the marketing for Aliens: Colonial Marines

  • harryisme 05/09/2014

    In late July, Gearbox explained that it should be dropped from the suit because it had little to do with marketing the game,

    Randy Pitchford, did "whatever the f*** he likes.

    That does sound allot like him, and how can Gearbox claim they had nothing to do with marketing the game, all I remember seeing is Randy promoting the game, kept on going on about how much of a fan of the series he is, and how it's a work of passion for them etc...it was all Randy.

    How can you claim you had nothing to do with promotion, do they not realise how the Internet works? The proof is all over the place, just look at the leaked emails.
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  • How to remove Dead Rising 3 PC's 30fps cap

  • harryisme 05/09/2014

    How can they botch up a port to PC this much when the Xbox One is pretty much a PC with low to mid ends specs? Even the OS is from the same company.

    This could be down to multi-core CPU optimisation. I would like to see how this game would run on a AMD FX system with 8 actual cores, would matching the Xbox One core count reduce the CPU load than a i7 with Multithreading?

    On a Side note this does make me wonder what the CPU load for the game must be on the XBO, if it maxes out the i5, those Jaguar cores inside the XBO must be run ragged.
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  • Samsung unveils GearVR

  • harryisme 03/09/2014

    We now know what screen we'll find in the Occulus VR Dev Kit 3 teardown when it happens. I would like to know how much one of these would cost, what improvements does it provide over the 10 DIY cardboard solution from Google. Reply +8
  • Is Ouya looking for a buyer?

  • harryisme 03/09/2014

    Not a real surprise, OUYA was an interesting concept at the time of it's Kickstarter, but it didn't come to market quickly enough, they took a year to launch. By that time having a phone that could be linked via a BlueTooth controller and connected to the TV were common so OUYA was useless.

    I backed the Kickstarter originally, then looked at planned launch date, factored in delays and quickly worked out it was flawed and cancelled by backing.
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  • Nintendo announces new 3DS and 3DS XL designs with extra buttons, improved CPU

  • harryisme 29/08/2014

    I'm not sure Nintendo learnt their lesson about confusing naming with the WiiU.

    New3DS? With a faster CPU and other improvements, this confuses even me, Is this a new console or not? How will the average Joe Consumer differenciate between New3DS game and and regular one? How many people will end up buying the new Xenoblade 3DS game and not realise their current 3DS won't work with it?

    I'm happy to see an improved version of 3DS but Nintendo really need to improve their messaging...Also i'm not sure about the location of the second direction nub and second shoulder buttons, the nub is too small and placed over the buttons so you'll likely make accidental button presses trying to get to it, and I can't see how you'll press the Z buttons without accidently pressing the L&R buttons half the time as well.

    I'll probably end up getting one when it comes out here, I was looking at the XL model anyway the regular 3DS screen is too small for my old eyes anyway.
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  • Pokmon fighting game Pokkn Tournament announced

  • harryisme 26/08/2014

    Bamco if you have time to make this Collab how about completing the Tekken X Street Fighter game you announced years ago. Capcom completed their end of the bargain, we are still waiting to see how your version will end up as...and if it's cancelled atleast officially can it.

    As for this game it will be interesting to see how they do this, there are so many evolutions of each charactors, with their own strengths and weaknesses and a large selection of movesets to decide from, will they just pick a set of charactors and a fixed moveset or will they try to keep some of the rpg element and let you customise your charactor? It will be interesting to see.
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  • Tales of Xillia 2 review

  • harryisme 22/08/2014

    Well my copy of the game didn't arrive today, infact they only dispatched it, seriously why bother pre-ordering if they can't dispatch the game to arrive on launch?

    I liked the first Xillia game but it was too easy, so might just crank the difficulty up from the beginning this time. The debt part doesn't seem too bad, I usually do the side missions anyway, my biggest worry is that the MC doesn't seem to do much talking in the scenes trailers i've seen, and interaction between the cast is one of the series biggest charms.

    I was hoping the review would tell me if it's true that you can't pick your team and that it's now randomised, I hope that isn't the case.
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  • If you pre-order Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare you can play a day early

  • harryisme 21/08/2014

    *Sigh* It saddens me that this will actually be an effective marketing ploy to get many fans to pre-order the game.

    Then again there was that person who paid a few hundred dollars for a copy of CoD on Ebay just to get the game maybe a day early a couple of years back, so it shouldn't be all that much of a surprise.
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  • Bungie ordered to return shares to composer Marty O'Donnell

  • harryisme 20/08/2014

    Bothersopme presence at a board meeting? Really Bungie that was your argument?

    That's like arguing at a divorcse hearing they don't want their former spouse to see their kids because it might be bothersome to their new partner.

    Though Bungie pulling this crap shouldn't be surprising, they got in bed with Activision and now the publishers work practices are starting to spill over.
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  • Xbox 360 getting new 500GB hard drive

  • harryisme 20/08/2014

    Both MS and Sony need to stop scewing us over wih the price of these memory upgrades, MS do it with these harddrives and Sony does it with the price of the Vita memory cards...they are a freaking joke.

    You can get four times the storage for the same price as they charge for their own. They make enough money on the software we buy to install of these storage devices they don't need to screw us over with the memory costs either.

    MS just allow us to buy our own HDD's and format them to the XB360 file system...I can guarentee that little bit of goodwill will go along way, we'll probably be more willing to make online purchases if storage did not come at a premium.

    @TheEnforcer000 Nope the 360 uses standard 2.5" drives as well nothing proprietory about them except the file system is locked down to work on certain hard drives only.
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  • Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition comes to Steam this week

  • harryisme 19/08/2014

    I'm pretty sure I own the original, and with 2/3rds off I'd be an idiot not to get this. I've played a bit of this on the XBO it's a fun game. Reply +1
  • Shenmue fan is remaking the classic adventure in HD

  • harryisme 19/08/2014

    I remember the arcades in the game, I held myself back from over doing it with the games and spending all my money knowing currency would carry on to the next game. Only for some git to steal my bag and steal all my money within the first 10 minutes of the seqeal...really pissed me off even to this day.

    I hope Sega doesn't stop this, I'm still holding out on SEGA greenlighting a full remake of the original games to update the visuals and gameplay, but this will please me just as much.

    The original will always be one of my favourite games of all time but I always felt it never managed to live up it's true potential due to the hardware of the time, so would love to see Yu Suzuki getting a chance to remake the game with current hardware which will allow his original vision to be fully realised.
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  • 1TB Xbox One with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare exclusive to GAME in UK

  • harryisme 18/08/2014

    Wait a minute just realised there is no Kinect with this, so they are charging 80 extra for 500GB? What decade are we living in again? early 2000's?

    I'm saying this now, even if you are the biggest fan of this fish franchise, you are an idiot if you buy this pack...save yourself money by buying the Destiny or Sunset Overdrive pack, buy the game on it's own and get yourself a 1TB external drive, it will end up costing you less, you'll have two games, 500GB extra storage space AND you won't feel like a chav everytime you see the gold trims on the console and controller.
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  • harryisme 18/08/2014

    Grey with Gold Trims....um....I guess it's good to see a 1TB version of the console finally get released, shame it looks like it was designed by someone with no talent. Reply +2
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Season Pass detailed

  • harryisme 18/08/2014

    I never understood why so many people are willing to buy the season pass even before the game is released? Specially for a unproven game like this, we have no idea how this game is going to turn out, it could be a poor mans Assassin's Creed for all we know.

    It's not the like SP are only available for a limited time, if you must get it atleast wait until the first DLC drops and then decide.
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  • Level-5 RPG Fantasy Life gets European release date

  • harryisme 18/08/2014

    @HarryFabian But you have to remember that Tesco take money for Pre-orders straight away...other than that good price.

    This game looks really good, have to give Level-5 credit, during the PS3/360 era when jRPG's were struggling to sell in the west and developers were trying to westernised their games, they stayed true, and innovated in the genre while still staying true to the jRPG roots.
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  • The Witcher 3 includes Gwent, a Hearthstone-esque card game

  • harryisme 15/08/2014

    @nottorp No I don't but Ubisoft games, only Ubi game i've bought in the past three years is Far Cry 3 and even then it was when it was on offer for 5 on PC.

    These are the same guys that own GoG and release their games on the PC platform DRM free for anyone to copy....they've got a long way to go before they start doing stuff like that.

    As I said before it's likely Namco that pulled this deal, you just have to look at their colectors editions for the Tales games and Ni No Kuni, the Europeons got screwed over each time to appease the North American Market who got more extras for less money.
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  • harryisme 15/08/2014

    @nottorp Wow Really? Worry about the like of Ubisoft who for a few quid will cut out hours of content from other versions. Or Activision who again for a few quid will do the same or give you times exclusives, Or SE who will make a much loved multiplatform game timed exclusive for a few quid.

    This is nothing, it's just a couple of quid extra worth of extras nobody except the hardcore will care about, Something that CD Projekt might not even have anything to do with but was agreed between Namco (the publisher) and Microsoft.

    We need to worry more about ACTUAL game content being cut from games not some extra's hardly worth anything.
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  • harryisme 15/08/2014

    CD Projekt Red has revealed Gwent, a competitive card game that will be included in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for players on all platforms.

    So the game itself is included with all versions of the game, but the physical copy is only available with the Xbox One Collectors Edition as far as we know.

    I don't see the problem, atleast the game content is the same accross the board. Though it's sad that I don't see an issue with this...I guess it's become so common to see publishers cut out actual game content or features for a few extra quid from platform holders that something like this is not even something to care about.
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  • The Crew won't release on PS3 and Wii U due to different "technical infrastructure"

  • harryisme 14/08/2014

    Yeah but the WiiU hardware is similar to the 360's, AMD GPU, and 3-core powerPC CPU. Do they mean DirectX? Reply -2
  • Titanfall and MGS: Ground Zeroes both half price on Xbox One

  • harryisme 14/08/2014

    If you want to own the digital copy of Titanfall, just buy it from CD-Keys it's 23.90 over there, and if you like their facebook page you'll get a code for a further 5% off.

    Ground Zero is a good price though.
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  • Destiny expansion The Dark Below launches in December 2014

  • harryisme 12/08/2014

    @richardiox This is Activision we are talking about. Reply +7
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox One

  • harryisme 12/08/2014

    Wow...I'm a Xbox One owners and i'm pissed off at this news. I want exclusives on the platform but certain games need to stay multiplatform. Tomb Raider is one of them. Reply +2
  • EA Access is now publicly available on Xbox One

  • harryisme 11/08/2014

    20 a year is decent for access to the older games, 4 a month (48 a year) is not worth it at all.

    Getting Battlefield 4 certainly makes it much more appealing now that Hardline has been delayed until next year.
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  • Sleeping Dogs for PS4 and Xbox One spotted on Amazon

  • harryisme 09/08/2014

    Full price for a game that has been released for a couple of years already and if you own a PC can usually buy for under a tenner with all the DLC?

    No thank you SE, if the Tomb Raider: DE version was considered a rip off then this is a even bigger on. Don't get me wrong I think it's a good idea to release it but for anthying more than 25 is just a piss take.

    I guess we'll see Dues Ex Machina DE and Hitman: DE soon....If SE Japan ever got around to finishing the bloody FFXV and KH3 games then the western SE division might not need to release these HD remasters of HD games to pay the bills.
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  • Xbox One Digital TV Tuner dated and priced

  • harryisme 08/08/2014

    DVB-T2 Means Freeview HD right? If MS add record features then I might pick this up, if it's 25 at launch it shouldn't be too long until it's available for under 20 which is a decent price for a TV tuner....who knows someone might be able to hack it to work on the PC. Reply +2
  • Killer Instinct reboot is coming to retail, adds bonus fighter

  • harryisme 06/08/2014

    @salxicha Ryu was player one and Ken was player 2, so you only got to play as him if you were the challenger.

    I know the business models were different then but you were the one who made the comment about SF having just Ryu or Ken and having the other charactors as DLC.

    How is this different to Ultra SFIV? you get five extra charactors for 11.99, here you pay 15.99 for a set of eight charactors...no different to how Capcom have done it with Super SFIV, SSFIV: AE and Ultra SFIV....or would you be happier with Microsoft renaming Season two Super Killer Instinct instead?
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  • harryisme 06/08/2014

    @salxicha You must not know your SF history much. The first SF game was only Ryu and Ken, the second had multiple versions, which in todays terms would be considered DLC add-ons, and you had to pay full retail for each release. And we hapily paid it.

    SFIV has had four versions, and the last two have also been released as DLC packs for the extra charactors.
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  • harryisme 01/08/2014

    @FuzzyDuck Season Two is still part of the game, it's not a sequel, it's just a DLC pack with eight more charactors, taking the roster up to 16 fighters. Players won't be migrating anywhere, it's still the same game, just with more charactors.

    This looks like a good deal except it doesn't look like it comes with the original Killer Instinct Arcade game, you still need to get the ultimate Combo pack for that, which is a shame, I'd have prefered to slightly more expensive release with all the DLC costumes and the original arcade game included.

    It's not a bad price though, will likely pick it up if it is released here for 15 or less.
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  • Gearbox explains why it should be dropped from Aliens lawsuit

  • harryisme 31/07/2014

    Furthermore, Gearbox said that Sega was satisfied with the project as it was being developed. "Sega approved every milestone submission from Gearbox throughout A:CM's development.

    I find this part hard to believe, I seriously doubt SEGA would have been happy with the way the was progressing, They were probably at a point where they didn't even care, they just wanted the game released. This game started development in 2006, between which Gearbox managed to aquire the rights to and release Duke Nukem forever, and released two Borderland games, and a few Brothers in Arms games.

    It took them seven years to release the game, and judging from the state it was at on release, you can't think anything else other than them not putting the developement time they were contracted to do to complete the game, specially when you saw the quality of the Borderland games and the fact they hired third party studios to finish the title.

    I wouldn't be surprised if SEGA put in much less money into developing the new Aliens game and that will turn out to be multiple times better.
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  • Over 4.6m people played the Destiny beta

  • harryisme 30/07/2014

    Was a fun Beta to play, not enough to make it a day one purchase though, also I had some major connection issues, so i'm going to wait to see if the servers can handle the strain before I commit to buying it. Reply 0
  • ID@Xbox dev reveals costs of launching Xbox One game

  • harryisme 30/07/2014

    @DwarfyP How is it unbias if the costs apply to all three platforms but the article fails to mention any of this?

    The article appears bias because it specifically mentions the Xbox One alone and makes no mention of the other two platforms. By omitting them EG is implying that it's only MS who has these charges.

    All it would have taken is one sentence 'It should be noted Sony and Nintendo, also have similar charges for publishing games on their platform' and that would be it...but no mention at all.
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  • harryisme 30/07/2014

    The lack of comparison to PS4 (and WiiU) is unfair to Xbox, and seems bias against them.

    If Eurogamer were going to cover the cost of publishing a game on Xbox One, they should have atleast mentioned if any of these costs associated with publishing on the XBO are also present on the PS4 or Wii U, or if Sony and/or Nintendo don't require you to pay these charges.

    If these charges don't apply or EG don't know it should have been mentioned in the article...As it stands it feels like by ommitting any info about publishing on the other two platform EG are implying there are no charges related to publishing them them...which may or may not be the case, but I would have liked to know either way.
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  • Deep Silver parent company buys Homefront from Crytek

  • harryisme 30/07/2014

    Hopefully they also aquired Timesplitter along with the Studio, I get the feeling Deep Silver, who recently have published games like Metro, Saints Row and Dead Island are more likely to green light a new TimeSplitter game.

    I am happy to see that the UK studio managed to survive a second potential closure, in the past few years.

    I can't say I'm that surprised to hear about Cryteks financial woes though. they went from a one game developer, to opening multiple studio's working on multiple titles. It felt like they tried to expand too quickly, and unless they were making allot of money from licensing their game engine or had a very rich backer it was a very risky move.
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  • Sniper Elite 3 has a 10GB day one patch on Xbox One

  • harryisme 23/06/2014

    @-cerberus- Yeah because installing an external drive is sooo much harder than an internal one right? Reply +3
  • Amazon unveils Fire phone, bets on 3D

  • harryisme 19/06/2014

    Same price as the S5 but with the 800 snapdragon instead of 801 and only 720p screen? Yeah this isn't going to set anything on fire. Add to that the fact Amazon marketplace will probably be heavily integrated into the phone I really don't see this taking off....and the whole 3D thing went out of fashion in 2011, this phone is three years too late.

    I would usually never recommend the iphone but yeah you're better off waiting a little longer and getting the iphone 6.
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  • Over half an hour of Xenoblade Chronicles X gameplay

  • harryisme 12/06/2014

    *sigh* I'm going to be soo skint next year, This is the first year in a while I can honestly say The Gamers won E3 this year, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony all had excellent showings, there are so many promising games shown.

    This game is looking good, never got the chance to play Xenoblade on the Wii, so I'm looking forward seeing why the series is so highly regarded.
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection is pure fan service

  • harryisme 12/06/2014

    This feels like love letter to the fans more than anything, I know even if I didn't own the XBO (which I do) I'd be looking to buy this game for the sheer content and value.

    All four games, running at 60fps, that's amazing value. When the rumours about the pack came out I was expecting Halo 2 AE to come out as a stand alone at a 30 budget release and then a complete pack to come out six month laters with all four games in a special edition for 60...I'm happy to see this come out on it's own.

    I bet Digital Foundry is already planning on a old vs new comparison, this isn't just a resolution upscale but a 30fps vs 60fps comparison. I know it's unlikely to happen, I hope for single player atleast 343 have an option to play this at 30fps, just for the real hardcore that will want to play the game exactly how it was originally released.
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  • Female character option cut from Assassin's Creed: Unity co-op

  • harryisme 11/06/2014

    Lack of resources? Don't they have like three or four studios working on the AC games? Montreal does certain parts, Vancouver does others, then Paris? How can they have a lack of resources...that baffles me, I'm fine with the lack of female charactors if they really can't do it, but the lack of resources confuses me....it's like Apple saying they couldn't afford the legal fee's to sue someone.

    Seriously they have thousands of people working on this game, they can't dedicate three or four people to design a female charactor?
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  • PlayStation TV due for launch in Europe this autumn

  • harryisme 11/06/2014

    It should be 75 in the UK, even with VAT, that's still over $20 more expensive than what they are paying in the US.

    This should be DS4 compatible only and not DS3, the touchpad on the DS4 would have made more Vita games compatible with the device than the DS3 would...plus it's a better controller. I hope Sony will atleast consider adding a few games that use the touchscreen and make them compatible with the DS4.

    I'll probably get the device when it comes out, I want to play some of my Vita games on the bigger screen as my old tired eyes can't play on the small screen for too long...I doubt we'll see an external Hard drive support from Sony will we? That would save me sooo much money...the biggest negative the Vita has is the stupid memory card prices.
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  • Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin joins Oculus VR

  • harryisme 10/06/2014

    For him to 'Upped-Sticks' he'd have to have been working at a place somewhere before, THQ collapsed over a year ago. Your opening paragraph makes it sound like he left his previous employment to join Occulus...which isn't the case.

    Other than the semantics, it will be interesting to see how this partnership goes. One thing I picked up from watching him on the Bonus Round, like Michael Pachter he does have a high opinion of himself, he tends to believe his views are more accurate than anyone elses...but I guess that's the case with most people.
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  • Phantom Dust to be remade for Xbox One

  • harryisme 09/06/2014

    Have no idea what this game is, I was texting my nephew during the event, and both of us sent the exact same message at the same time 'I've never heard of this game.'

    I guess the people who owned the original have probably heard of the game, but that was the PS2 dominated era, so most of us never got a chance to play it. I was hoping they'd get Bioware to make a Jade Empire game.
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  • Microsoft's E3 press conference

  • harryisme 09/06/2014

    Well it was a decent showing, there was nothing mind blowing, but I'll look forware to the games that were announced, my biggest gripe is the three games, Division, CoD, and AC: Unity, that they gave the biggest spotlight to seemed a waste, Cod looks worst than ever, and Division and AC: Unity will be at the Ubisofts conference anyway.

    That time could have been given to the other games.
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  • harryisme 09/06/2014

    Um...I thought they said CoD was getting next gen treatment? doesn't look much better than normal to me. Reply 0