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  • New Xbox One bundle includes 1TB solid state hybrid drive

  • harryisme 01/09/2015

    Really tempted to get this, considering the controller on it's own will cost over a 100. Well be interesting to see how MS will make use of the Hybrid drive, will they stick the OS on the SSD portion and not use the rest as a buffer, or will they use it as a buffer as well.

    I really like the look of the black and white controller as well, shame about the gold triggers that puts me off, hopefully we'll see a a pur Black and white version for this controller without the gold...that would make it a must buy.
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  • The obscure baseball game that went on to be the PC's second highest ranked game

  • harryisme 30/08/2015

    @DrStrangelove Sports Interactive is doing just fine with the Football Manager games, so I don't think this article will make a lick of difference. I remember a few years ago when IGN gave Football Manager a bad review and got bombarded with unhappy fans who were not happy IGN let someone who didn't understand the genre review it. It's the only time I remember IGN rereviewing a game.

    The User reviews for this are like the person who reviewed FM all those years ago, they don't understand the genre so they think it's a bad game.
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  • The Taken King makes big changes to Destiny's weekly activities

  • harryisme 28/08/2015

    @Das_Ginge Then explain why no other developer does the same? Even if you account for 20% VAT it comes out at under 32. Don't try to justify Activision ripping off us Brits. Reply +1
  • Amazon cans trade-ins

  • harryisme 20/08/2015

    Not gonna lie, I read the headline and thought Amazon have started a recycling scheme with the local recycling plants where you can get amazon store credit for empty cans of Pepsi, coke etc. I completely forgot about their Game trade-in scheme.

    Never saw the point of it, made more sense to goto my local CEX and just get cash or credit for my old games.
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  • The insanely popular free-to-play Frozen mobile game is coming to Xbox One

  • harryisme 19/08/2015

    Top marks for subtitle. So this really is happening, I saw it on the coming soon secton on the XBL store, and was hoping it was a mistake.

    This could be the beginning of an influx of these mobile games on the XBL as Microsoft works to integrate their platforms closer to each other and make cross development easier...I guess every good idea can also be used for evil.
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  • You can vote on which game the developer of Max: the Curse of Brotherhood makes next

  • harryisme 19/08/2015

    From the three I'll probably vote for Karoo, as it sounds like the most fun, specially if they include a track builder with the multiplayer. Could be allot getting together with friends, building a track, then building a vehicle and race against each other...it would probably appeal to the lets play channels as well. Reply 0
  • Batman: Arkham Knight to get The Dark Knight Batmobile

  • harryisme 18/08/2015

    So this is what a 32.79 Season pass buys you nowadays? Really not seeing a value here. Reply +3
  • Video: ZombiU vs Zombi graphics and gameplay comparison

  • harryisme 18/08/2015

    Why bother? Three years after the WiiU release and all we get is what appears to be a very lazy port. In fact like many comments above I'd say the WiiU version looks better, the dirty lens effects really adds to the horror feel. Reply 0
  • Red Ash wants another $247k for its anime spin-off

  • harryisme 17/08/2015

    So they need almost two times more to double the length of the episode? $150k for a 12 minute video, and $410k to make it 30 Minutes? What do the Seiyuu charge double rate for extra lines?

    Inafune has lost so much built up trust he's gained over multiple decades with the Red Ash project.
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  • Here's what Zombi looks like on PlayStation 4

  • harryisme 17/08/2015

    Looks likes a WiiU game, not even an upscaled version either, just a direct cheap port, I wasn't expecting much but I didn't expect the port to be this lazy.

    Also maybe it's me but it looks like they've applied a wierd filter that makes it look like you are stood in front of a giant monitor, like you are playing those old arcade shooters like time crisis.
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  • Chinese console crowdfunding project manages to rip off PS4 and Xbox One

  • harryisme 17/08/2015

    Six months to come up with the design? I guess they couldn't decide if they wanted the unit to look like a XBO without the fan grills like the PS4, or to look like a PS4 with the fan grills like the XBO, I guess they decided on the latter in the end...that's some dedicated decision making there...lol Shame they didn't take as much time on deciding which name to rip-off, Ouye? Might as well call the console the titanic.

    Forgetting the fact it's a rip-off in design, depending on the console specs, it might be worth investing in the project, 45 could be a good price to pay for the unit if you can install emulaters and play old arcade games on it.
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  • How to unlock 'very high' quality in Windows 10's Xbox One streaming app

  • harryisme 13/08/2015

    Very High settings all nice an all but my router can barely handle low settings, and it's only three metres away. I really need to replace my VM router. Reply 0
  • Rare Replay reveals the Kameo 2 we never got

  • harryisme 05/08/2015

    Interesting video's, appears that the Devs at Rare all wanted to go in one direction, and Don Matrick and his not so merry men forced them in a different direction.

    All three concepts show how Rare are aiming for the more grown up crowd, but MS wanted them to stick with kid friendly kinect games.

    Let's hope under the leadership of Phil Spensor Rare get the chance to make these games, I really want to see the Kameo and Kart game.
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  • World of Warcraft subscriptions at nine-year low with 5.6 million

  • harryisme 05/08/2015

    That's still $84 Million in revenue every month, that's still more money that most studios make in a year. No doubt once that new expansion launches they'll get another short term boost in subsciptions, and lets not forget the expansions themselves cost money, so still a away to for this franchise. Reply +8
  • Bungie ditches Destiny's Dinklage dialogue for Nolan North

  • harryisme 04/08/2015

    Shame as dry and monotone as Dinkladge was, he kinda grew on you, and as much as I Nolan North, hearing him and Troy Baker in every other game is kinda tiring and a change would be nice.

    So Legendary weapons won't be upgradable? that sucks, I thought for sure they'd be upgradable until Destiny 2 came out, not become obsolete so soon, this is specially annoying as the Taken King finally allowed for older weapons that we'd kept in our limited space vault to be upgraded. What was the point if this was the plan?
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  • Yooka-Laylee gets a publisher for "boring" stuff, not funding

  • harryisme 31/07/2015

    Well considering Team17 is a independant developer largely known for the Worms series and have been around for 25 years they can provide the developers valuable information that has allowed them to stay independant for a quarter of a century, which could come in handy for developers who until recently worked for a company with more money than sense.

    Their help in controlling their finances could be vital, we've seem many kickstarters fail or seek alternative financing because money ran out too quickly. Team 17 on the other hand have been doing it for decades.
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  • Five Nights At Freddy's movie gets a director - report

  • harryisme 30/07/2015

    Didn't he donate something like $250K to charity back in February? So many people would be busy spending their new found wealth on toys, this guy on the other hand donated a good chunk of it to Charity.

    If anyone has an issue with his success, the solution is simple, don't buy the games, and don't watch the Lets plays on Twitch or/and Youtube. He found success, and dispite the quick releases he is still selling so fans must enjoy the games so good luck to him I say.
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  • PS4 keyboard / mouse controller replicates PC FPS-style gaming

  • harryisme 28/07/2015

    Though the real question that needs answering is...does it include Cherry MX keys, or is it membrane? Reply 0
  • What makes Shenmue 2's open world so special?

  • harryisme 05/07/2015

    'the bag containing all the possessions you gathered throughout the first game is stolen. It later returns, but all the money is gone for good:'

    I am still bitter about that even after 15 years, I saved up my wages, didn't waste it on the arcade machines and collectables like I wanted to, because we were told the money and saved items would carry forward. Then it's frigging stolen...If I only knew that I would have wasted it all in the arcade.
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  • Peter Moore recounts $1.15bn Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death saga

  • harryisme 02/07/2015

    What Moore didn't know, while the RROD did allot of damage, the most damaging thing to the Xbox Brand was Don Mattrick, that person very nearly killed the brand. Moore had the job of getting the previous gens last place console and make it popular, Don took the brand at it's peak and almost killed it overnight, and it's still not 100% recovered and likely won't get a chance to make a full recovery until the next gen consoles come out. Reply +1
  • The Taken King is the expansion Destiny has been waiting for

  • harryisme 01/07/2015

    Sorry, But from what I just read, it doesn't even look like it justifies the $40 price tag let alone the 40 ($62) price tag was Brits are being charged. A new area only as large as the Cosmedrome? Hate to tell you this but the Cosmedrome is really not that big, I was not impressed by the world size of Destiny, considering we went to the Moon, Venus and Mars, the actual area's covered on that planed were not that great. It felt like we were just capturing a small area of each planet and leaving the rest to the enemies.

    I paid 40 for Destiny, and from the sounds of it EG seems to think a third of that content justifies the same cost. I guess next year when Destiny 2 falls, with a full game worth of content you'd be OK with paying 120 for it?
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  • Nier is the rare game that gets better with age

  • harryisme 28/06/2015

    Neir was a great game, if I had to complain it would be the lack of collectables, and the difficulty, I'd pretty much maxed out my charactor well before the final boss, and I beleive I had collected all the weapons etc, so never felt the need to continue playing from the second charactors perspective after you have completed the game in with the Main Charactor. Because of that it felt like a short game, specially for the RPG, however it was a very enjoyable game and would highly recommend it to anyone. Reply 0
  • Destiny: The Taken King director apologises, Collector's Edition content will now be sold separately

  • harryisme 25/06/2015

    This is Bungies solution? Sell them for $20 or in our case probably 20? No way is that content worth that much.

    You can't help but get the feeling that either Bungie don't understand the reason for fans ire or they are hoping to milk us further and think this half arsed apoligy will satisfy us.
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  • Games With Gold now offers two Xbox One games per month

  • harryisme 25/06/2015

    Might have to start grabbing these 360 Games again, with BC coming, it would be nice to have these games available to play later on. Reply +1
  • Warner suspends Batman: Arkham Knight PC sales

  • harryisme 25/06/2015

    Never seen such a polarising game as far as performance goes. on the consoles, (atleast PS4,) it's been hailed as the ultimate techinal achievement of this current generation, and on the PC it's being hailed as one of the worst ports of this generation.

    You'd think with the Consoles having PC hardware inside the PC ports would get better, if anything it feels like the ports are getting worse. What gives?
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  • AMD Radeon R9 Fury X review

  • harryisme 25/06/2015

    @TOOTR As someone who is fasting, the answer to that is No, it's not offensive at all.

    Edit: The results seem to be quite varied for the reviews. The Fury X is a good step in the right direction for AMD, and once the HBM tech has matured and everyone moves to smaller nodes we should see some good performance gains next year.

    Though you do have to wonder once Nvidia incorperates the tech will the gap widen once again, or will AMD continue to improve the power effeciency as well as improve performance? I hope so, like with the consoles the Graphics card market needs good competition to keep them moving forward.
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  • Destiny: The Taken King director defends 40 expansion price tag

  • harryisme 23/06/2015

    @Quizmos Yeah but it looks like MS made a pricing error and actually thought that $40 would translate as 27, look now it's 39.99 Reply +3
  • harryisme 22/06/2015

    That didn't sound like a good defence to me, if anything it sounded like an arrogant individual who knows he has a fanbase and has no qualms about milking that fanbase for every single dime they have.

    I do want them. I would buy them -

    "If I fired up a video right now and showed you the emotes you would throw money at the screen."

    That answer is one of the most insulting answers I have ever read. It sounded like a drug dealer mocking a former client trying to go clean.
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  • Video: Xbox 360 Gears of War vs. Xbox One Ultimate Edition

  • harryisme 22/06/2015

    I know graphically the XBO version looks better, but I prefer the look of the 360 version of the game, it solds up surprisingly well for a nine year old game, the original just looks grittier and more like a post apocalypse world. Reply +3
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Batman Arkham Knight

  • harryisme 21/06/2015

    Good to know the game is not a buggy mess and runs smoothly unlike every other release nowadays, shame it still has a 3.5GB Day one patch. Patches today are getting crazy, so much so that when I read the Project Cars patch was 500mb I thought it was small, before I realised not even two years ago this would be considered massive. Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry vs Xbox One backwards compatibility

  • harryisme 21/06/2015

    @blerk2000 Did you watch the WAN show on Linustechtips this week? Linus made a very similar point about past gen consoles being lost as there will be no hardware to run the software.

    I don't agree with the BC comment though, I personally think it's great, we can't always have all our consoles connected to our TV, and the hassle of taking the old console out and connecting it is tedious, so if MS offer this service then why not? probably a third of the games on my Steam Library are games I played on the 360, and bought on Steam because I knew once the next console came out I may never get a chance to play them again. Now that is no longer the case.
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  • AMD's Radeon Fury X: the new leader in graphics tech?

  • harryisme 18/06/2015

    The lack of HDMI 2.0 is an odd one, dispite it not being an adopted standard today, over the next 12 months, I know many gamers plan to move get a 42"+ 4K TV for gaming + media consumption over the next 12 to 24 months.

    While the Fury does appear to be a very capable card, I wonder if this is a short term solution until AMD are ready to refresh their entire line-up, and the Fury lineup can include 8GB onboard RAM.
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  • Shenmue 3 sets Guinness World Record for quickest video game crowdfunding

  • harryisme 18/06/2015

    @Dizzy I played the original, and it's sequel, as well as rereleased Xbox version. And still own a Dreamcast, it's a shame I don't have a copy of the original game.

    I was backing this project no matter what. I've been dreaming for a release for 14 years and it's finally happening, I'm not going to lie I almost lost my shit when the project was announced.

    I literally spent an hour just watching the numbers go up and refreshing the page. The next 30 Months is going to feel like 30 years.

    Edit: Now we need a kickstarter for Power Stone.
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  • Hands-on with Microsoft's ridiculous $149 Elite Xbox controller

  • harryisme 18/06/2015

    I actually want one of these, not going to pay 130 for one but if it ever goes on sale I'll probably pick one up. I know pro-gamers pay more than this to have their regular controller modded with remapable buttons so they might not even care for the price tag.

    The one thing that does surprise me is that I expected a more secure method of attaching the MicroUSB. A pro-gamer would be worried there is nothing that locks the USB cable in place, eliminating any possability of the cable accidently detaching during a game session.
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  • Bethesda E3 2015 conference live report

  • harryisme 15/06/2015

    Bethesda might just have won E3, despite it not even officially starting. For their first time they did an excellent job. They really only concentrated on two games, Doom and Fallout, and while the presentations were really long for both and neither game being franchises I care for, they were really enjoyable to watch, even at 3am.

    Well done Bethesda, you've raised the bar for everyone else to follow.
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  • Street Fighter 5 ditches Focus for V-Triggers

  • harryisme 11/06/2015

    OK, dissapointed with the lack of Focus attack but will hold judgement until I actually get a chance to test the system myself.

    More interesting is the stage, Could we be seeing a return of Birdie for the sequel? We have punk charactors in the background and the area seems more working clall than what I'd expect to see either Cammie or Dudley to be fighting in.

    Or as pointed out it could be Eagle the area also does look like it's stuck in the past like Eagle, and is more for a street brawler.
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  • The challenge of remastering Uncharted

  • harryisme 10/06/2015

    Well having Bluepoint do the port is reasuring, how they managed to take a XBO game and port it to a 360, like the did with Titanfall, and make the game just as enjoyable, gives me reassurance . If there is one third party that could take a series like which was designed to run specifically on the PS3 hardware and port it to the PS4 with minimal issues it's these guys.

    There track record speaks for itself. GoW Collection, Ico, MGS HD were some of if not the best HD remasters of the past gen.
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  • Destiny: The Taken King release date leaked

  • harryisme 09/06/2015

    "The Taken King costs $39.99, which probably equates to 34.99, going by the conversion used for the Destiny expansion pass."

    No using the conversion used for the Destiny expansion pass that would be 39.99. The Expansion pack was $34.99 converted to 34.99 in the UK. It was disgraceful, but for some reason not a single site decided make an article about it, even EG who like their daily Destiny Articles.
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  • Mega Man Legacy Collection brings original six titles to modern platforms

  • harryisme 09/06/2015

    What they really meant to say was, 'we don't want to spend money on making a new megaman game, but we know fans will be hyped for Mighty 9, so we are making this quite port to cash in on the nostalgia that game will create.'

    That said, I'll take it, missed out on Megaman largely as a kid as never owned a NES or SNES, so it will be good to play these games. Megaman X is the only game in the series I've played.
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  • The Digital Foundry 2015 graphics card upgrade guide

  • harryisme 07/06/2015

    @SeeNoWeevil I believe AMD have plans to unveil the card next week at the PC gaming show, they are sponsoring the event and they are going up against E3 so it must be for the unveil

    Also they did show the GPU on it's own at Computex just without it attached to a graphics card.

    But those cards are out of my budger anyway, i'm more interested to see how the 380 turns out, it's rumoured to be the 285 with more RAM and all it's cores unlocked. If that fails to impress I might just end up buying a Nvidia card for only the third time in 18 years. I want to support the underdog but AMD don't make it easy.

    Edit: It's strange that Eurogamer did this article this week when it's believed that AMD will be unveiling their new lineup (rumoured to consist of largely rebadges) next week on the 16th.
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  • 1TB Xbox One bundle spotted on Amazon.com

  • harryisme 05/06/2015

    @Luke_Martin_VA I don't think we'll see a slim for another year. AMD are still on the 28nm process, as the chipset fabrication company they use seem to be having issues implimenting the 20nm process.

    Though MS can probably slim down the console even without moving to a smaller chipset, they probably won't do that as the current design pretty much runs silent.

    1TB is a good addition, though I'm hoping for other updates like maybe a MiMo Wi-fi, and one more USB 3.0 port at the front.
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  • Fallout 4 is real and it's being revealed tomorrow

  • harryisme 03/06/2015

    Bit strange for them to announce it now. They spent months denying the rumours, and now less than two weeks away from E3, where the announcment would pretty much win them E3, they decide to let the cat out of the bag.

    Very strange, specially with them having their own press conference this year as well. I wonder if they have another surprise up their sleeve.
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  • Nintendo reportedly mulling Android OS option for NX

  • harryisme 01/06/2015

    I know the NX project will likely not be released until late 2016 but I would have expected them to have finalised the core OS by now.

    If they do go with Android I'd expect them to heavily customise it, As a Android phone user I've always felt the OS is bloated, and not optimised as well as the other mobile OS's, and with it's success largely down to the customisable nature of the OS and Google tools baked into the system.

    If Nintendo do go down this route I can sort of understand why, I don't think NX is just one console but a two or three product release that's meant to work together. They will have a home console, a handheld device and a mobile phone app.

    Going with Android OS would give them the flexibility of making games for the home console and handheld in parallel.

    What worries me the most is that Android is relatively open platform and it's hard to keep it secure from modders. I don't know if Nintendo would be able to keep the modders out, and if we might end up with a console easy to pirate on.
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  • Face-Off: Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PS4

  • harryisme 01/06/2015

    Grateful now I didn't get this version then, I've bought SFIV on the 360, PS3, and PC, and would have got this as well. After seeing this I'm definitely not changing my mind and getting SFV on the PS4, PC version it is, and even then not on day one, too many buggy releases nowadays to make day one purchases worthwhile. Reply +1
  • Looks like Microsoft will launch a new Xbox One controller in June

  • harryisme 28/05/2015

    @Liuwil um...the XBO does not have a 2.5mm design, it has a proprietory port that requires an adapter. 2.5mm was on the X360, and it was released at a time when we were seeing 2.5mm ports on phones as well, thankfully that got abandoned, though considering how thin phones are getting 2.5mm ports might make a return soon. Reply 0
  • harryisme 28/05/2015

    @Episode13 The PS4 has a 4-pole Headset port, meaning so you can listen to the the game audio and chat with it at the same time.

    A normal Headphone jack only has 3 poles, one for left speaker, one for right speaker and one for ground. A headset 4 pole port, found in the PS4 and most phones, has one extra for the mic.

    To control the chat and game audio is something Turtle Beach have built into the headphone design for years, it's nothing new.
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  • harryisme 28/05/2015

    @Episode13 Well it's a regular 3-pole headphone port then it's no good for me, I use the TB DSS2 when in single play. If the adapter is still required for chat then the new controller makes no difference to me. Reply +1
  • harryisme 28/05/2015

    Cool, so no longer need to purchase a audio adapter for the controller. Though hopefully they can integrate the game and chat adjustment into the controller, but if not it's not a big deal.

    I was looking at buying a new controller, I'll just wait a bit longer before I buy one.
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  • AMD reveals HBM: the future of graphics RAM technology

  • harryisme 20/05/2015

    @GAmbrose According to rumours the 390x will have two versions, one with 4GB and another running in dual channel with 8GB. That should make it a good card for 4K gaming, specially if the other rumours of the specs are also true. Reply 0
  • Decrypting the new Destiny: House of Wolves trailer

  • harryisme 22/04/2015

    The ability to reforge weapons and upgrade old legendary weapons, two features that you don't need the expansion for and probably the most exciting announcement. My Devil you know will finally become relevant again

    The Prison of Elders could be interesting, but being limited to three players is dissapointing.
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