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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda is heavily discounted on Xbox One and PC

  • harryisme 16/08/2017

    Heavily Discounted....Price only a couple a quid more than buying a physical copy of the game on launch. Me thinks our definition of Heavily discounted varies somewhat. Reply +1
  • Why Shelob is a woman in Shadow of War

  • harryisme 15/08/2017

    Two Months ago? I'm sure it wasn't that long, I'm not certain the female form was revealed even a month ago.

    As for their reasoning, I somehow doubt it will be enough for the fans of the series.
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  • Nintendo hit by lawsuit over Switch design

  • harryisme 11/08/2017

    Nintendo has been working on its own, similar controller ideas for years - including this early concept for the Wii U, right, from 2012.

    That's a concept for the Wii U, and they'd have to prove they were working on a detachable concept before 2012, as the Wikipad was unveiled in January 2012.

    Plus this is the US law system, the fact that Apple could sue other manufacturers for making a phone that was a similar shape to the iphone is proof enough that patent law in the US needs a complete rework.

    Don't get me wrong, I think the whole lawsuit is complete BS, but we've seen in the past how patent trolls have profited from sitting on basic designs, or even how large corporation sit on thousands of patents and force manufacturers to either pay them royalty fees or use their product over a cheaper or more powerful design (Qualcomm being a recent example.)
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  • Modern N64 controller a Kickstarter success

  • harryisme 10/08/2017

    Hopefully the build quality will be upto scratch, for a fighter controller the D-pad does not look that great, looks allot like the cheap player two controllers everyone always had, that the younger sibling or friends who came to visit got stuck with.

    Despite it looking like a simple thing to get right, the D-pad seems to be the one thing that nearly all third-party (and first party) manufacturers get wrong, on way or another.

    Edit: Also I really liked the N64 controller, there were very few games I had issues with when using one. (Though some games did feel they needed to make use of all the buttons and that was where it became an impossible task.
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  • Destiny 2 has exclusive sparrow for Virgin Fibre customers

  • harryisme 10/08/2017

    @AdamNovice This game will not only have two paid expansion packs per annum, but Eververse (the in-game microtransaction store) kiosk was seen when they opened up the social space. So we know atleast two ways they are going to continue to milk the consumers after the initial game release.

    These sponsorship deals are not going towards helping pay for the game, they are still going to nickle and dime us.

    We have Sony, Rockstar, Poptarts, and now Virgin Media, and there is still a month to go till release so still plenty of deals to be announced.
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  • There's an official football-themed PS4 controller

  • harryisme 10/08/2017

    Sony either don't pay their design team enough money to come up with decent designs or the pay their design team too much money for the crappy designs the come up with.

    Sony Sales Team: We need a limited Edition Controller for ...........
    Design Team: No problem. Somebody throw me a controller, and some decals.
    *few seconds later* Done...that will be Ł10,000 please.

    It feels like all they do is stick some logo's on a controller or console and just ship it out.
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  • Ni No Kuni 2 has a season pass

  • harryisme 08/08/2017

    The original games collectors edition is one of the few Collectors editions that I pre-ordered soon as it went on pre-order,mainly because of the wizard companion book that came with it. It's one of the few Collectors edition that actually held it's value for a while, (they were selling for silly money on launch)

    I'm tempted with this collection, though I would like to know if these collections are for North America or Europe, as Bandai Namco have a tendency to charge more and include less in the European collectors edition of their games. The Original Ni No Kuni was such an example.
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  • Destiny 2 reveals promo with "renowned lifestyle partners" Rockstar Energy and Pop-Tarts

  • harryisme 07/08/2017

    Lifestyle partners? What kind of Lifestyle consists of Poptarts and Rockstar energy Drinks?

    Until I saw the promotion between Rockstar and Destiny, I always thought Rockstar was a cheap knock-off alternative to Red bull you see in pound shops. I never realised how big the brand was...or how expensive a can of the drink is.

    So if Red Bull gives you Wings what does Rockstar give you? Kidney failure?
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  • The 35-year hunt for Swordquest's lost treasures

  • harryisme 06/08/2017

    "He had the EarthWorld talisman melted down by a coin dealer. I remember that he did say so himself, because he was warning me that the chalice wasn't going to be worth as much as what Atari said."

    Ouch, I wonder how much that Talisman would have been worth to a collector? Genuinely one of a kind Talisman, that is part of the games industry history? I bet he regrets that decision now.

    I watched a talk done by Ashens just the other day on a similar concept done by a Artist in the 70's and how it turned into a scandal then the winner of the competition released a video game version of the concept which according to Ashens is the worst game in history, and very likely a scam...harereiser or something.
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  • Konami announces exclusive global partnership with…

  • harryisme 04/08/2017

    So I wonder if someone got confused when they were told to get the exclusive deal with the Team that are League Champions from London, with the Team that are in the Championship League from London.

    Does feel like a odd move, but I'm sure they have their reasons, maybe they hired Fulham to do the motion capture, and decided to extend the deal.
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  • Microsoft really wants you to know playing Minecraft online is safe

  • harryisme 02/08/2017

    @Banacheck Um...that was years ago, MS have since changed their policy about cross-platform play.

    So what is stopping them from bringing the game over to the Xbox Platform now? MS won't be stopping them from allowing cross-platform anymore. However I have a feeling Sony wouldn't be too happy about this.

    Sony were all about cross-platform play support for years and soon as MS changed their policy, and made true cross-platform play a possibility, (not just between one platform and PC), they changed their tone completely.
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  • Rockstar sued over Auntie Poulet from 15-year-old Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • harryisme 02/08/2017

    The suit claims Rockstar has made more than $500m "exploiting" Miss Cleo's persona.

    Yes I'm sure that's the reason why Rockstar sold so many copies, it's all down to this Psychic's likeness in the game.

    Why the heck are they suing now? the game was released 15 years ago.
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  • Is the New 2DS XL Nintendo's last dedicated handheld?

  • harryisme 02/08/2017

    It could be, I expect we may see one more generation of handhelds from Nintendo, if they feel the market is not ready to converge into one yet. However if the Switch continues with it's current level of success in sales they may move forward with just one platform.

    If Nintendo can merge their two markets into one, it is more cost efficient for them, it also means they can increase the production of Switch units, by converting production lines that make 2DS, 2DSXL and 3DS XL unit into Switch production lines.

    It also increases the software support for the platform as developers who make 3DS specific titles would move to supporting the Nintendo Switch as well, bolstering Nintendo's portfolio of games making it more appealing to consumers.

    Though I do feel there needs to be a mini-Switch somewhere down the line for this to happen, the current console is not as portable as you'd like, though for this to happen they have to rely on Nvidia to move production of the SoC's to 14nm or smaller.
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  • AMD reveals full Ryzen Threadripper launch line-up

  • harryisme 31/07/2017

    RyZen, Threadripper and EPYC, AMD have some pretty out there names, specially EPYC, which is aimed at the professional market. (I imagine the IT guys will get a few funny looks when they go to the higher ups to convince them to upgrade to the new Epyc hardware.)

    I watched a Delidding video on this a few days ago, the CPU's are apparently 32 Core EPYC CPU, with half or more cores disabled, which would probably explain how they can achieve the 64 Pcie lanes, when the Ryzen itself has 24.
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  • Final Fantasy 15's invincible armour now looks less like Power Rangers

  • harryisme 31/07/2017

    So they look more like the foot soldiers from Power Rangers? The original ones while they looked silly they had some character, the new design looks bland and you can't differentiate between the members. Reply +4
  • Esports are coming to BBC Three

  • harryisme 28/07/2017

    @DampCloth The school holidays did start last week, so maybe?

    I might give the Street Fighter Tournament a watch.
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  • Pokémon Go Fest attendees file class-action lawsuit against Niantic

  • harryisme 28/07/2017

    Do these Class Action lawsuits ever benefit anyone apart from the lawyers involved?

    It takes years to get to court, and at the end the losing party has to pay a fee that sounds allot but after taking away the lawyer fees, and divided out between the many attendees the amount each person gets is not that much, and you have to go through multiple hoops to get that money.

    Also despite the event have plenty of technical difficulties, All attendees did get their Legendary Pokemon, did get the chance to catch Unown and Heracross, and the Raids in the area had close to 100% catch rates.

    Also with the refund and $100 in-game currency might be considered acceptable compensation by the courts anyway.
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  • Destiny 2's awful turbines will be less awful when the game comes out

  • harryisme 27/07/2017

    @davetobin Same here, I spent a couple of minutes shooting the turbine and nothing happening, Once I figured out what to do I managed it with little issue, maybe we lucked out? Reply 0
  • The Sims 4 is coming to Xbox One in November

  • harryisme 25/07/2017

    @vert1go I'm sure they'll customise the experience to work well with a controller.

    I expect Keyboard and Mouse support will be added to Xbox One by then, so that might be an option too.
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  • Destiny 2 open beta extended

  • harryisme 24/07/2017

    Hopefully they adjust the guns balance in PvE at launch, with the exception of the hand cannon, the other weapons felt weak, it also felt like the secondary weapons had more of a kick, but I haven't played in a while so it's probably me sucking at the game. Reply +2
  • Pokémon Go Fest attendees to be compensated following widespread connection problems

  • harryisme 23/07/2017

    @Spence1115 You'd think a company that was spun off as a separate company by Google, would understand web traffic and bandwidth issues wouldn't you?

    Their CEO was in-charge of the Google Maps division, one of the most data critical service from Google.

    So anyone seen a Lugia in the wild? I wonder how many Legendary Pokemon the Chicago Fest attendees caught yesterday? As it appears from Youtube videos the catch rate for the Pokemon (atleast in Chicago) was 100%.
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  • harryisme 22/07/2017

    It is a shame for those people who traveled over there, many from outside the US to attend but lets he honest we all knew there were going to be connection issues.

    This game is notorious for having server connection issue (specially for those with a Pokemon trainers club account) whenever a new event or major update is rolled out, so why anyone was expecting this to be any different is beyond me.
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  • New Pokémon Go update tweaks gyms further

  • harryisme 19/07/2017

    and the fact your journal will now record how many Pokécoins a returning Pokémon has earned.

    Which in the current game will be 50 for the first returning Pokemon and 0 for the rest.

    The current game has actually made it so I play the game allot less, the old system you had to go out to take down Gyms, or power them up to make a slot available, and had to manage each Gym so you get your Coins. Now I just take over the Gym down the road in the morning, wait for the yellow team takes it down a few hours later and I get my 50 Daily coins.

    Raids are a great introduction, it's just a shame I never see other players take down a Gym so I'm stuck with low level bosses, and I tend to get a error message half the time anyway.
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  • BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle stars characters from Persona and Under Night In-Birth

  • harryisme 17/07/2017

    Maybe this is a hint at Arc working on the RWBY Fighter, if not I hope that we get more than just Ruby. Shame no announcement for the XBO. Reply +1
  • Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition now Xbox One backwards compatible

  • harryisme 14/07/2017

    Awesome, now if they'd only make the Xbox 360 arcade sticks compatible as well. I'd love to play this on the XBO with my MAd Catz Tournament Arcade stick. Reply +1
  • Pokémon Go Fest attendees must unlock "major global reward" for players worldwide

  • harryisme 12/07/2017

    Well let's hope these challenges were not set by the same individuals who set the numbers for the first Pokemon Sun and Moon challenge.

    It could be legendary Pokemon (most likely Mewtwo first) but I'm going to keep my expectations low and think it will be unlocking region exclusive Pokemon in the wild for a limited time, or maybe a uknown event, those things are bloody rare, I saw my first ever in the Game last weekend and even then it was in a Gym. (Though I'm expecting that to be a back to school event.)
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  • Xbox One "gift a friend" feature coming soon

  • harryisme 07/07/2017

    I expect there will be some restrictions here, you'll probably need to be a friend with the account for atleast one month, and other security features.

    I expect both MS and Sony would have wanted to add this feature years ago, but with potential issues with scammers, hackers and fraudsters abusing the system, they can't go in without proper security in place. We just have to look at sites like G2A, who have made millions on the back of shady dealings the Gift a friend feature has allowed them.
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  • The week Activision sells Modern Warfare Remastered standalone, it puts COD: Ghosts on Xbox One back compat

  • harryisme 30/06/2017

    Odd move from Activision,with there already being a XB1 version. Almost feels like they did it just so they would get some free press about it, and the article mentions the standalone release of Modern Warfare.

    Also why would this game get a remaster when there is already a current console version of it?
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  • Inside and Limbo physical double pack set for September release

  • harryisme 28/06/2017

    Playdead's former CEO and co-founder Dino Patti has moved on to new Guildford-based studio Jumpship,

    So you could say he jumped ship....I'll get my coat.
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  • GameStop giving away fidget spinners in ridiculous Crash Bandicoot promotion

  • harryisme 28/06/2017

    Come on Gamestop, if you want to appeal to the generation who played Crash Bandicoot, you should give away something that target audience when they were kids, like those Trick Yoyo's or Pogs or um....Tamagotchi's.

    I'd pre-order if it came with one of those Coca Coca Trick Yoyo's, and I can show the kids my (lack of) skills with walking the dog and around the world, much more impressive than 'spin on finger and wait'
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  • Pokémon Go's raid update captures a fresh lease of life

  • harryisme 28/06/2017

    It's still early days for the raids, the current system is too buggy or it for me. I've wasted the past few days free raid pass getting a error message, not exactly exciting waiting a couple of minutes for a raid to start then getting an error, (not to mention the weird looks you get from passerby's as you are standing in one place for half an hour staring at you phone cursing every few minutes.) it was working fine the first few days but now it's broken, I'm definitely not spending money on Raid Passes until this is fixed. I've tried the suggested fixes and non of them work.

    Another issue is living in a small town means I'm limited to level one and two Gyms anyway, as there are never any other players close by when a Raid happens, I'm at a point where I'm hoping for Spoofers just to make up the numbers.
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  • Pokémon Go to brand cheaters with mark of shame

  • harryisme 23/06/2017

    Not sure if they've done enough, soon as the new Gyms went live the entire town was taken over by Spoofers, and it's much more difficult to take over gyms as now we have Berry Campers, that just power up a Pokemon soon as as it's defeated. If anything the new Gym rework benefits Spoofers more than regular players.

    It takes 4+ battles to knock down one Pokemon, and that's if you are lucky and a spoofer is not feeding it Berry's, and with only six slots you have even less chance to get your Pokemon in a Gym, because now it's simply first comes first serve, you don't need to train it get you Pokemon in a Gym, just one person needs to knock it down, again something that benefits Spoofers more.
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  • harryisme 22/06/2017

    @Buggs While I do agree about Niantic did need to put more effort into fixing issues with Go. They did need to concentrate efforts in catching cheats as well. As for many Spoofers are ruining one of the main parts of the game.

    However where Niantic stumbled was who they branded as cheaters. Everyone from those who used scanners to spoofers who were disrupting other players by taking over Gyms were all painted with the same brush, they were all cheaters, and Niantic put in just as much effort to go after spoofers as they did those who used third party scanners.

    If Niantic put in more effort blocking spoofers from taking over Gym and improve the scanner options to make using third party tools redundant, they'd be in much better shape right now.
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  • Sega's back catalogue is headed to mobile with Sega Forever

  • harryisme 21/06/2017

    One part of me is really excited to get this release, on the other I'm disappointed it's on Android and iphone, I can't for the life of me play these games on a touch screen.

    If it supports controllers, I might look into getting those cheap android boxes to play these games. I'd love to see some arcade classics released as well, Sega were years ahead of others with their arcade technology.
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  • Gearbox to publish Epic's Fortnite on disc

  • harryisme 21/06/2017

    Wasn't this game supposed to be one of the early showcase games to highlight the advantages of the Unreal Engine 4? Epic games has changed quite a bit since the game was originally announced, allot of their key game developers have left, the are now partially owned by a Chinese games company, and they've pretty much ceased being a typical AAA full retail release developer, and mainlu focusing on FTP games. Reply +3
  • Xbox One X looks stunning - but we need to see more

  • harryisme 14/06/2017

    @flooff Next Gen has to be 4K/60 as standard, 8K won't be a thing for a while (And that would need a major boost in GPU performance to hit. we are talking atleast 20TF or more and probably 20GB RAM.) and who knows how many years it will be before we see 8K screens as common as 4K.

    In fact I'm hoping with HDMI 2.1 being recently announced, I hope all games will support VRR and go up to 120hz.
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  • Sony PlayStation E3 2017 conference live report

  • harryisme 13/06/2017

    Did Sony just phone it in this year? They usually go over their usual 90 minutes and this year it looks like they struggled to fill in one hour. Reply +2
  • Xbox One X promises a strong and stable line-up

  • harryisme 12/06/2017

    Leaving aside the whole topic of the price, something I've over talked about already, let's talk about the games MS announced.

    There was one thing that was really lacking in MS's game conference, and that was a killer app. All the games MS showed were games that if you already owned a Xbox you'd look at and think, 'hmm...these look interesting maybe I'll buy it when it launches.' However there was nothing there that someone who was on the fence or just curious would look at and go 'OK I want this game, and I'm going to buy an Xbox to play it.'

    Nothing (atleast exclusives wise) stood out as must grab games, which is a shame because all games looked amazing.
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  • Original Xbox games coming to Xbox One via backwards compatibility

  • harryisme 12/06/2017

    Shenmue 2, would make me happy, that and Dead or Alive were the only games I own. Reply 0
  • Xbox One Scorpio revealed as Xbox One X

  • harryisme 12/06/2017

    This was a disappointing conference if I'm honest, I personally felt it's one of the most disappointing Xbox conference in years, yes they showed allot of games, but the majority of them were titles that really didn't get me that hyped, Ori 2 looks awesome but beyond that nothing stood out.

    As for the the price point, I've already made my views clear, it's a bad move, If MS want to regain any market share they need to be ruthless, just releasing the most powerful console doesn't guarantee success, The original Xbox is a classic example of power alone not being enough. They need to get the price, performance and content spot on, specially when you are playing the chasing game.

    I really thought Project Scorpio would be MS coming out fighting, but it doesn't feel like they've learnt from their mistake....There was a reason why Sony's $399 price point for the PS4 broke the internet.

    MS needed a mic drop moment, instead they came out with the maximum price point most reasonable people were expecting. The way they've been hyping this felt like they wanted to take the fight to Sony, however you can be sure soon as Phil announced that price everyone at Sony let out of a sigh of relief, because they still have a minimum of a $100 price point advantage.
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  • Project Scorpio reportedly set to cost $499

  • harryisme 11/06/2017

    @TheSilentMeow Add VAT to that and you have Ł469.64. US prices don't include sales tax as it's different every state, with some not have any, in the UK VAT is included in the price. Reply +2
  • harryisme 11/06/2017

    It will struggle at that price, specially if Sony drop the price of the Pro as expected. Yeah the hardcore fanbase will buy it day one, but beyond that it could leave MS in a situation where they have the most powerful console but the userbase is not big enough to make it a viable option for third party developers to do more than the bare minimum to support the console.

    I hope MS will seriously reconsider their pricing if this is true. They are literally shooting themselves in the foot, a $100 to $150 price difference is too great.
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  • E3 2017: Why Project Scorpio is good news for PS4 Pro users

  • harryisme 10/06/2017

    @Fake_Blood You do know what choice is right? (Also thanks for taking my comment out of context, Mr Trump).

    If you have PC and want to play Xbox platform exclusive, not having to buy a Xbox to do it is a good thing, MS don't care as long as the get the sale. But just because it comes out on PC does not mean no one has a reason to buy a Xbox for those games, for allot of people, it's cheaper, more convenient to buy a console, and that is the market that MS is aiming for, same with Sony.
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  • harryisme 10/06/2017

    @Fake_Blood Wow...never did I say anything about getting a Xbox. Go back to sleep. Reply -1
  • harryisme 10/06/2017

    @Fake_Blood If the fact these Xbox exclusives were also coming on PC was a big deal, the Windows 10 storefront would be getting plenty of traffic, but everyone knows that is not the case.

    I personally think this is a great thing, if PC gamers can get a chance to play the Xbox exclusives, great for them and MS, because at the end of the day that's where Money is made. (With the exception of Nintendo) consoles are sold at a loss and money is recouped from software sales and licensing.

    The whole argument 'no need to buy a Xbox because all the exclusives also come out on the PC' is a flawed on. A
    typical PC gamer and Console gamer is not the same, I own all platforms, but still choose the console for my gaming needs, because it's just more convenient.

    Now back to this article, I agree, a bigger userbase of 4K console owners means more developers are going to support the resolution, (PC owners also benefit from this.) though one technical limitation that was not touched on was the amount of RAM. while I can see Developers supporting higher resolutions, will the 5.5GB RAM available to developers be enough for them to deliver 4K textures on the Pro?

    Might we even see that the lack of 4K textures on the Pro will lead to Developers not adding 4K textures for the Scorpio? If not I wonder how they'll use that extra 3.5GB RAM.

    It will certainly be interesting to see how developers make use to the hardware available to them, and I can see DF comparisons articles being even more interesting.
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  • Pokémon Go Ice and Fire event, new multiplayer gameplay detailed

  • harryisme 08/06/2017

    Could this be a cheeky nod to the impending launch of new Game of Thrones episodes?

    Could be or it could be simply because Summer officially starts in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere this month, or could be both.

    It's a shame the Fire and Ice type Pokemon don't have much importance in the current meta game, (exception of ice types against Dragonite), Though I wouldn't say no to another Laprus or two, though it probably means even more swinubs. XP bonus is always a plus.
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  • Pokémon Go cheaters complain they're being punished with Pidgeys

  • harryisme 24/05/2017

    @BigOrkWaaagh Trackers use throwaway accounts, everytime they get banned they create a new accounts, this would be what a new account flagged for cheating would see, making the tracker less effective.

    Also Tracker accounts don't need to catch pokemon they just need to know where the pokemon are what their IV is.
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  • harryisme 24/05/2017

    Hey don't knock, Pidgey's it's thanks to the thousands I caught that helped me reach level 30.

    That said I don't really have an issue with those using trackers, (I even think they make the game more enjoyable to play, surely beats the current 'go to this pokestop to catch this pokemon' built in tracker.

    I'm even sort of okay with spoofers using it to just catch pokemon, my biggest issue is with the spoofing software used to take over Gyms. catching Pokemon you are only cheating yourself and not really ruining other enjoyment, spoofing to take over gym is affecting other players.

    However this is positive, if they can stop spoofers from catching high level pokemon, I guess it makes it more difficult for them to take over gyms with just Pidgeys and rattata's.
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  • GAME launches unattractive new Ł36 loyalty card scheme

  • harryisme 19/05/2017

    What a great deal, give Game Ł36 a year, so you are paying only 10% more for the same game online...bargain.

    I feel sorry for the parent/grandparent/uncles, who get scammed into buying this.
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  • HTC Vive now offers two-year Ł35 monthly financing option

  • harryisme 15/05/2017

    Not the worst deal, though I do expect to see a more streamlined, cheaper model of the HTC Vice in the near future, and would personally rather wait for the tech to mature a bit more before investing in VR. Reply 0