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  • GAME launches unattractive new £36 loyalty card scheme

  • harryisme 19/05/2017

    What a great deal, give Game £36 a year, so you are paying only 10% more for the same game online...bargain.

    I feel sorry for the parent/grandparent/uncles, who get scammed into buying this.
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  • HTC Vive now offers two-year £35 monthly financing option

  • harryisme 15/05/2017

    Not the worst deal, though I do expect to see a more streamlined, cheaper model of the HTC Vice in the near future, and would personally rather wait for the tech to mature a bit more before investing in VR. Reply 0
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 announced

  • harryisme 15/05/2017

    If I am honest,I never expected to see Marvel Lego games, after Warner Bros acquired Traveler Tales, and Disney owned Marvel. Not only do we have two competing movie production houses, Warner Bros also own DC Comic so it's competing super hero franchises.

    I'm happy to see that's not stopped them making Lego Marvel games, as the last one was brilliant, and I expect the sequel to be just as much fun to play.
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  • In Theory: Could Sony release PlayStation 5 in 2018?

  • harryisme 13/05/2017

    I don't think we should expect a 8TF PS5 in 2018. For one, even running at the same speed as the Scorpio, it would need 54CU to reach 8TF, making it really expensive, (If EG is thinking $499 for just four more CU, and a faster clock, how much would the same speed and 14 more CU's cost?) Also would likely put the power draw at over 300W, which is a bit too high for a games console, and it would require a really beefy cooling solution.

    I expect once AMD move to the 7nm node, (rumoured to be 2018/19) and that has matured a bit, we'll see the PS5 and probably even a New Xbox. So 2020/21 seems to be a safe bet. by then I expect DDR6 will have matured enough to be affordable with 16GB, hopefully SSD's will have overcome it's current hurdle and be cheaper and have higher capacity.

    We will have the technology next year to release a new console that is 8-10TF next year but the costs would be too high for a game console.
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  • Blizzard reveals Overwatch's loot box probabilities

  • harryisme 05/05/2017

    I like this rule, other governments should do the same, maybe knowing the odds before hand will make a few people think twice before then spend all their money on loot boxes. Reply +3
  • Fan gets free trip to BlizzCon after finding long-lost StarCraft gold master

  • harryisme 05/05/2017

    I can't blame Khemist49's for going the 'not getting sued by a multi-billion dollar company' route instead of posting the content online. Yeah if he'd uploaded first then he would would have a plausible defense, but if he did it after the Lawyers contacted him, he had little choice but to comply.

    I expect the majority of the users posting hate his way would have done the same thing, you can't go up against a organisation like Activision that makes Billions every year and would have the legal higher ground.
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  • Teenager behind Microsoft and Sony hacks jailed for two years

  • harryisme 26/04/2017

    He wanted to make friends in the gaming community, by creating a tool that would disrupt them partaking in their hobby? Yeah I see why he struggled to make friends here.

    Two years seems a bit lenient when you consider how much chaos his tool caused, but it's a start.
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  • Watch: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 takes 5 minutes to load. Here's what you can do in that time.

  • harryisme 24/04/2017

    @MadDave123 Because reloading checkpoints and restarting missions is usually only done after you die, yeah the fast travel benefits everyone, but the other two you only do when you fail your mission. So if the Developer is making this a priority, then they are likely expecting you do die allot. Reply -2
  • harryisme 24/04/2017

    So they must not have allot of faith in their player base, if they are saying the five minute load times were deliberate for the sake of, fast traveling, loading last checkpoints and restarting missions, So they are either making excuses, or they think their game is really difficult or that we all suck at games. Reply 0
  • May's Xbox Live Games with Gold detailed

  • harryisme 21/04/2017

    @bioreit Well it Was, now we have Rogue One, and Episode seven. Reply +1
  • Ultra Street Fighter 2 on Nintendo Switch costs £35

  • harryisme 19/04/2017

    Expensive considering what it is, and on top of that, the Switch console does not exactly have the best controls to get a good experience, there is no D-pad, so you have to use the analogue stick, which is not the best way to experience a fighting game. Reply +9
  • Sources: Nintendo to launch SNES mini this year

  • harryisme 19/04/2017

    This would be cool, but what are the chances of the average fan managing to get a hold of the hardware at the Retail Recommended price? Unless Nintendo are going to have a healthy supply of these, (or force a 1-2 unit per consumer policy) I fully expect scalpers will buy most of the stock and then sell them on Ebay at triple the price. Reply +1
  • Nintendo discontinues NES Mini in Europe, too

  • harryisme 18/04/2017

    @el_pollo_diablo I wouldn't be surprised if someone starts selling Raspberry Pi's within a NES Mini shell and price it for a few hundred quid.

    This is a baffling move, they continued to keep the supply low, and then just randomly discontinue, you'd think Nintendo were running the scalpel racket themselves or something. Though it's more likely they are closing the production line and turning it into a Switch production line.
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  • Android owners catch a break in this amazing Humble Bundle

  • harryisme 18/04/2017

    This is a great deal but has there not been multiple Android Humble Bundles already? In fact I don't think any mobile bundles have been for Apple devices, as Apple does not allow side-loading games (without jail-breaking) So I am a bit confused with the tone of the article, as it makes it sound like Android users are catching a break when in reality they've been getting these deals for years already. Reply +9
  • We watched a Scorpio console get put together

  • harryisme 17/04/2017

    The hard drive part does worry me somewhat, no matter how how much work has gone into making it work at it's optimal speed, but at the end of the day it is still a 1TB Hard drive, so a external Hard drive is going to be a must (specially as I expect 4K games will need 4K textures making file sizes bigger.) I'm not sure if this means many of us that have a external 5400rpm HDD attached will need to upgrade to a faster drive or not. hopefully this will be cleared up after the official launch.

    I really want to see what this console looks like, though I wouldn't surprised if some one has not already taken the renders and pictures of the internals, managed to figure out the sizes and created a render of what the console will look like.
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  • harryisme 17/04/2017

    These articles make me think the visit to the Xbox Redmond camp, was a similar experience to Charlie visiting that Chocolate Factory...Not gonna lie I am jealous of Richard getting to visit the campus to see the console take shape. Reply +3
  • Peter Moore bids farewell on his last day in the video game industry

  • harryisme 15/04/2017

    I said this when the news broke and I'll say it again, I Highly respect what Peter Moore has done in the Game Industry, He did a great job at Sega trying to stop that ship from sinking, and made the Xbox brand what it was (before his successor messed it up.), And made EA look less evil. But I can't wish him good luck on his new job, being a lifelong Man Utd fan it's a difficult thing to do...So let's just say I'm happy for him to be working for the Football Team he's been a lifelong fan of. Reply +7
  • FIFA 17 played on three monitors is a beautiful game

  • harryisme 13/04/2017

    @funkstar Yeah I know, I think the 360 versions of Forza allowed something similar, but I was thinking more along the line of a adapter that allowed 4 1080p screens to be connected to the Scorpio and give you a similar experience on one console, not many people would use it, but it would be a great feature to include. Reply 0
  • harryisme 13/04/2017

    @carmagainagain at a hardware standpoint there is nothing that can stop the Scorpio was handling this, it's 3 1080p screens, where the Scorpio should be able to run this at 4K, though it doesn't have the monitor output to do this.

    Actually Turn 10 do like to show Forza running on multi screens at shows (though usually on custom dev kits,) So I wouldn't be surprised if we see similar set-up at E3. I know it would be a niche market but I wouldn't mind seeing a adapter for racing games that allowed racing games to run on multiple 1080 screens, instead of one 4K screen.

    Back to the article, this is impressive, though have EA started supporting Fifa properly on the PC yet? I know previous iteration were still running on the older engines, I'm not sure if they've updated to the frostbite engine yet.
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  • Project Scorpio supports FreeSync and next-gen HDMI

  • harryisme 11/04/2017

    This really is big news, I had pretty much everything crossed that when AMD announced support for Freesync via HDMI that consoles would somehow add support for this.

    It's a good thing MS are enabling enhanced 1080p support, because I'm not sure there will be a TV on the market that will have this option available at time of launch...might have to look getting a compatible monitor instead.
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  • Huge Xbox spring sale now live

  • harryisme 11/04/2017

    @suzakuseven Ohh...Gears of War, I completely forgot that game came out on Windows 10, I thought it was Gears 4, d'oh...good price. Reply +1
  • harryisme 11/04/2017

    @suzakuseven £11.59? Where? Reply 0
  • harryisme 11/04/2017

    @ArtyEG That's strange I'm seeing a 40% price cut in the Market store, £47.99 down from £79.99. Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport on Scorpio: the full story

  • harryisme 09/04/2017

    This is all really great to read, I'll be honest when I first saw the specs and how MS are getting to these performance levels I was worried, but reading about how they went about designing the console, and getting the best out of the hardware, I.m really impressed, and it doesn't sound like it's marketing talk, these are actual software and hardware developers.

    I wonder if the PIX engine would help MS with Xbox One Games as well, if the emulator can pinpoint the bandwidth restrictions, they could tweak the software engines to get the most out of the older hardware maybe?

    I can't wait to hear from third party developers working on the hardware how these optimisations have helped them develop for the Scorpio, if at all.
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  • Sega cracks down on Puyo Puyo Tetris streams

  • harryisme 08/04/2017

    @SpaceMonkey77 Well this situation is different Sega are not stopping western gamers from uploading the game on the Youtubes, it is Atlus that are doing this. Sega are stopping them in Japan, which is the part i'm confused about.

    Sega must be kicking themselves not publishing Persona5 worldwide, by giving publishing right to a other parties, they must have lost out on a few million in Revenue.
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  • harryisme 07/04/2017

    OK....I understand Persona 5 to some level, it's story driven so the Developers might feel having the story spoiled would hurt sales, though I'm not convinced that is accurate but I can understand them thinking it.

    Puyo Puyo Tetis is um....well Puyo Puyo Tetris, what are they worried about? Someone will figure out that the purple blobs are pure evil and plan to take over the world? This always confused me about Japanese Developers, we see plenty of artists self publish manga's and making money using characters from other Manga's, Anime and games, and that seems fine but playing games and streaming them is a big no no.
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  • CD Projekt explains Cyberpunk trademark

  • harryisme 07/04/2017

    If there was a developer I was OK with owning the copyright to such a generic word it would be CDR, in the future it may be a different matter if ownership trade hands, but right now there is no other Dev I can think of who would not abuse the ownership.

    Honestly can we blame them? We live in a world full of patent and copyright trolls, and they have a valid point if they don't copyright the word, some troll will file a copyright for it and try to sue them. And it's not as generic as say Scrolls or Candy.
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  • Gearbox partners with controversial game key reseller G2A for Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition bundle

  • harryisme 06/04/2017

    Odd move indeed. not exactly surprising considering both have a habit of shady practices, one has a habit of selling stolen keys, other has a habit of selling unfinished games and then pushing the blame on others.

    however it's odd because these are expensive editions, and G2A visitors are going to visit the site for deals, not to pay €249.99 on a collectors edition. I think Gearbox are overestimating the popularity of this franchise, yes it has a built a fanbase, but not big enough to pay £34+ for the game.
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  • Jelly Deals: Get a Vive with £100 / $100 off today only

  • harryisme 05/04/2017

    HTC Vive on sale with a £100 off, but still only £30 cheaper than launch ....the exchange rate sucks. Reply +12
  • PS4 premium joypad face-off: Razer Raiju vs Nacon Revolution Pro

  • harryisme 02/04/2017

    So the DS4 controller wins. Whilst EG are doing unfair comparisons, how about comparing the third party (and much cheaper) Xbox Fusion 2 controllers with the official Xbox Elite controller? Reply -18
  • Peripherals maker Mad Catz files for bankruptcy

  • harryisme 01/04/2017

    @Laryd1985 I believe they own Tritton, however they don't own Turtle Beach, they just have the distribution rights for their headsets in Europe. Reply 0
  • harryisme 31/03/2017

    It's a shame really, I've not had too many issues with Mad Catz products, I loved their Dreamcast controller with the six front face buttons, and I own two of their Arcade Sticks. And their Pro controllers for the PS3 and 360 were really innovative with their interchangeable thumb sticks and D-pad, though apart from the Arcade sticks and the Rock Band disaster, I don't remember seeing much released from them over the years, Do they still own Tritton? Reply +2
  • Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey departs Facebook

  • harryisme 31/03/2017

    I think it's the best decision for the future of VR and Oculas, he may have kickstarted the VR revolution, but he's also been responsible for some of the most negative news surrounding it, from his selling out to Facebook, him going back on his word and making a walled garden, him promising a affordable VR experience for everyone and then coming out at a much higher price point, his political stance and other views and ofcourse him being sued by Zenimax.

    There was too much negativity surrounding Palmer Luckey, which spilled across to the whole VR industry, which for a fledgling sector could be crippling.
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  • Snake Pass review

  • harryisme 30/03/2017

    @wowami £15.99 on the digital store, don't think this has a physical release so prices seem to be the same across the board. Reply 0
  • Destiny 2 teaser shows the Tower going up in flames

  • harryisme 29/03/2017

    I think it's partially because I'm still bummed about not having my gear with me, but I am not that excited by the official announcement of the sequel.

    I've put in well over 500 hours into the game and only stopped playing in January, so I'm not saying this as someone who gave up after the rocky launch. The invasion is not exactly very exciting, It's the cabal, arguably the least exciting enemies in the game so far, (though atleast it's not the Fallen and Hive).

    Maybe the full trailer will do a better job getting me exited, but so far not really too excited.
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  • Sources: This year's COD is called Call of Duty: WW2

  • harryisme 28/03/2017

    Not sure if WW2 is what will bring back the spark CoD has lost over the years, the WW2 setting is where the roots are and it was popular, but it was bringing the game into the modern era that made the game the behemoth it is. Battlefield could do it as it was known for it's World War 2 setting, and fans had been asking for DiCE to go back to the WW's for years. Not sure if the CoD fanbase want the same thing, they've already moved far ahead with the ridiculous weapons and wall jumping etc that a slower paced WW2 setting might not work for them. Reply +2
  • Playtonic to ditch JonTron from Yooka-Laylee following anti-immigrant comments

  • harryisme 24/03/2017

    "Nobody wants to become a minority in their own country." hypocritical comment coming from someone living in a country where the natives of the country are in the minority after white settlers murdered the majority of them. Reply +33
  • Famous red Gyarados among the first Shinies added to Pokémon Go in latest update

  • harryisme 23/03/2017

    is there a real-world reason to celebrate water in March that we're missing?

    It was World Water Day on the 22nd, so that is the reason for the event. plus it coincides perfectly with the first Shiny most of us ever encountered. Time to go out to catch a shiny, though it's a shame I just evolved a Magikarp last week, so back to collecting 400 candies again.
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  • Daytona USA is coming to Xbox One today

  • harryisme 21/03/2017

    Did we ever see Scud Race released on the home Consoles? I remember being wowed by the graphics when I first saw it in the arcades, Those Model 3 games still look good even after 20 years. I wouldn't mind a arcade port of Virtua Racing either. Reply +10
  • Capcom remasters six classic Disney titles for PS4, Xbox One and PC

  • harryisme 16/03/2017

    Is it really fair to call them remasters when they look like their 8-bit era versions?

    I might get these as I never owned or played them, though would have preferred a SNES and Mega-Drive pack, NES gets all the love these days though I think the SNES and Mega Drive had the better games library.
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  • The original Xbox turns 15 in Europe

  • harryisme 14/03/2017

    I always intended to get the original Xbox, as I felt it was the spiritual successor to the Dreamcast, but the console was a beast in size so I had no place to put it, it didn't help the top surface didn't look flat so I couldn't even stack my PS2 on top of it. Reply 0
  • Why Nintendo Switch games are ending up more expensive

  • harryisme 13/03/2017

    I've been asking the question about the cost of cartridges increasing the game prices for months now. No matter how cheap memory cards gets, a cartridge will always cost more than a Blu-ray which costs pennies to make and thousands can be printed easily.

    I don't know if £10 is correct but this does not surprise me, it does make you wonder though how much the Dragon Quest game will cost as that is meant to take up a 32GB cartridge.
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  • Hearthstone fans aren't happy with UK price rises

  • harryisme 10/03/2017

    What Activision using the weaker pound to increase prices well beyond the actual price decrease? That so unlike them, just as how they charged us 50% more for Destiny DLC year one compared to the rest of the world, never happened.

    Let's be honest here, Acti have a habit of screwing us Brits over with their prices. Like the time they increased price of CoD games to £55 when RRP was £50 at the time....they see an opportunity they'll screw us over.

    Edit: Just looked at the prices compared to the US prices and it appears Brits must have been paying quite a bit less that the US before, and this price hike appears to be to even the prices out. So it's not Acti screwing over Brits, it was just that the Brits were paying quite a bit less compared to the US before.
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  • Super Bomberman R review

  • harryisme 09/03/2017

    £50 for the game, £200 for the extra controllers...by the way if you do pay £70 or so for the Joy-Cons how are you meant to charge them? Have Nintendo atleast given you a method to charge them without having them attached to the Switch console? Reply -2
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is getting premium DLC

  • harryisme 08/03/2017

    Instead of moaning about it, just stop buying the content, that's the only way Activision will listen. It's what I did after Black Ops 1, I got tired of the crap Activision pulled and pretty much didn't buy a single game they published until Destiny. Reply +4
  • Rime comes out in May, costs £10 more on Nintendo Switch.

  • harryisme 08/03/2017

    It is a odd difference, I wonder if it is because of the extra costs associated with making cartridges. Reply +1
  • Crytek Black Sea now a part of Total War developer Creative Assembly

  • harryisme 07/03/2017

    Good to see atleast some good news regarding the Crytek business. Hopefully this will be beneficial for both the studio and Creative Assembly.

    Let's hope the other studios hear some good news soon as well.
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  • Nintendo Switch off to solid sales start in UK

  • harryisme 06/03/2017

    @Mrsyms Check Hotukdeals, they have quite a few deals posted with retailers still having stock of units. Reply 0
  • Finally, we have answers to Nintendo Switch's digital game sharing questions

  • harryisme 03/03/2017

    So in a time when my Save files automatically got synced up when I downloaded a BC game on the Xbox One, and have set my nephews xbox so he can play my digital library without issue...Nintendo are not even allowing saved games to be moved over on a memory card? What is this a SNES? Reply +14
  • Here's how Link looks in his Zelda expansion pass-exclusive Nintendo Switch T-shirt

  • harryisme 03/03/2017

    Never thought making a character wear a T-shirt would make them look so different, without it he looks like Link, with the T-shirt, he looks like a fan cosplaying as him at a convention who just got a free T-shirt at the Nintendo booth.. Reply +19