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  • Nintendo's NX console launches March 2017 globally

  • harryisme 27/04/2016

    Will not make an appearence at this years E3? Then when exactly are Nintendo going to start building up hype for the console? The Tokyo Game show isn't what it used to be, and post September the gaming industry is usually busy with CoD, Fifa and Destiny releases while the rest of the tech industry has it's eye on the new iphone.

    I am curious to see if Nintendo do plan to release the console on March 2017, when they will officially reveal it, they need to start promoting this before Christmas, so that everyone doesn't end up spending all their Chrismas Money on the PS Neo or PSVR or Occulas Rift of the Vive.
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  • Apple iPhone SE review

  • harryisme 24/04/2016

    I can only go by what my sister decided, who kept hold of the 5S because of the small form factor, and waited patiently for the 5SE, and as soon as she saw it, she lost interest. She saw no point in going for a hardware upgrade if the external look is pretty much the same. Apple have Billions just sitting in their bank account, they could have afforded a redesign. It was sloppy of them, and it will cost them sales. Reply +2
  • AMD "design wins" suggest three upcoming console reveals

  • harryisme 22/04/2016

    @null Yeah that's what I was talking about when I mentioned cashe, I meant ESRAM, that takes quite a large area surface inside the XBO SoC.

    With some games programmed to take advantage of the ESRAM, I don't know if MS would need to keep that part on the chip, or if they would have to software solution...maybe the delay is because they hope to use the HBM2.0, this RAM is pretty much part of the chipset and could be a possible solution for the ESRAM as it's much faster than GDDR5.

    That would genuinly get me excited for the XBOne.5 if MS reveal they are using HBM 2.0.
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  • harryisme 22/04/2016

    Well it's certainly interesting to see how this all unfolds, the Neo's hardware is already leaked, and rumours of the NX being more powerful than the PS4 and XBO are making more sense.

    The XBOne.5 is a interesting puzzle though, If MS are going for a upgrade like Sony it would be interesting to see what path they choose. If ther double the Cores and increase the base frequency like PS4 they would still be around the 3Tflops mark, which would put them roughly a full XB1 worth behind the PS Neo in RAW GPU compute power. Which I don't think MS would want to do again. So they could be looking at tripling their GPU cores to match the Neo, however then they could face problems with Dye sizes as the XBO also has onboard Cache which they might need to keep on the SoC to run older XBO games.

    That said I'm still not convinced that a mid generation bump is a good idea, but at the same time they might not have a choice in the matter, the architecture both Sony and MS are using is old and AMD might not have thought it was cost effective to spend develpment cost to shrink the old architecture and figured it would be cheaper to convince both MS and Sony going with the new architecture is more benifitial for them.
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  • Microsoft discontinues Xbox 360

  • harryisme 20/04/2016

    This surprises me, where the original Xbox didn't have the same following, the 360 had a large userbase and there is still demand for the console, it's a great console for parents looking a first console for their young child.

    The Xbox one is still a bit too expensive for many and with the games library for the 360 and the price, I think there is still some life left in the console, I think they could have continued it for another 18 months atleast.
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  • Guile is the next Street Fighter 5 DLC character

  • harryisme 19/04/2016

    That background....man so nostalgic, I'm still not buying SFV until they add an arcade and story mode...but darnit, Seeing that stage reminded me of the first time I saw the game in the arcade over 25 years ago. Reply +1
  • Insomniac's metroidvania Song of the Deep gets a July release date

  • harryisme 19/04/2016

    @frazzl They will remain the publishers of the digital release as well, you just won't need to go to the store to give them your money now. Reply 0
  • harryisme 19/04/2016

    I expect we'll see these game on XBL, PSN and the Steam marketplace as digital releases, with just the physical releases being exclusive to Gamestop.

    This is Gamestops way of continuing to stay relevent, no matter how much I love physical media, fewer people are buying from Brick and Mortar stores, and most who buy physical copies buy from online retailers. This is Gamestops bid to get a piece of the digital games pie.
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  • Ubisoft threatens to "punish" The Division players who use a popular exploit

  • harryisme 18/04/2016

    If there is a glitch in the system players will exploit it, it's part of the game, infact for some players glitching IS the game, they spend more time trying to glitch into areas they shouldn't than playing the game the developers meant it to be played.

    Punishing players is not a good idea, Ubisoft would be better off patching the exploit and putting the matter behind them. Just look at Destiny, players glitched the system multiple times to get around certain Raid part, Bungie didn't punish the players for doing it, they even on the odd occasion patched the exploit, but only sometimes, some glitches are still being exploited today.
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  • Gears of War 4 trailer channels daddy Fenix

  • harryisme 11/04/2016

    Is it me or does JD's characor looks different than he did in his original charactor reveal? THat probaby is Anya in the promo, if it's set 25 years in the future, and JD looks like he's in his 20's, so doesn't give Marcus much time to meet someone new, so most likely mother of JD is Anya. Reply +3
  • Coleco Chameleon boss: "I am officially tabling the console venture for good"

  • harryisme 05/04/2016

    So innstead of people thinking him a lying, deceitful scam artist, he would rather people think him to be stupid, incompetant, and easy to fool?

    So no matter which story you believe, Mike Kennedy does not come out looking good. Atleast where first maybe a few might have beleived him to have genuine intentions, now you either think he's an idiot or a scam artist who doesn't know when to stop lying.

    Edit: Someone should take that shovel away from him, because they way he's going he's going to reach the earths core very soon.
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  • This is what a $4999 24-karat gold NES looks like

  • harryisme 04/04/2016

    @MrDurandPierre I even refreshed to make sure it wasn't ammended before posting....the wonders of caching. Reply +6
  • harryisme 04/04/2016

    'This is what a $5k 24-karat gold SNES looks like'

    Um...correct me if wrong but Isn't that a NES?

    Edit...and it's ammended already. The Gold plating aside, the NES does look good. They should make a matt finish model, these shiny things are a pain to keep clean.
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  • Destiny April update release date, Prison of Elders refreshed

  • harryisme 23/03/2016

    I thought they said we'd get a significant light increase? 15LL's would not be what i'd call a big increase.

    Doesn't really sound like a major update if i'm honest, the new strike will hopefully be fun, but the PoE never had the replay value other PvE modes have, and this just sounds like a Taken version of it, hopefully i'm wrong and there is more to it, and they've made enough changes that will keep us playing.

    Will wait for the actual update to come before making final judgement but initial impressions does not sound like it will be enough to tie over most for another five months.
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  • Xbox survey asks if you'd sell back your digital games

  • harryisme 21/03/2016

    For 10%? No, and would that be 10% of the price you paid or 10% of the price it's selling for at the moment? if the latter it could potentially be pennies by the time you want to sell it.

    Though if it was 10% of the price you paid and you could use the credit towards buying hardware like Game controllers or even even a new console from their store, it would be more appealing.

    However this is just a survey, MS are hopefully just gauging our reaction and will get enough sensible (ie. none hardcore fanboys.) participants who will all tick the no box. Ofcourse and MS pay attention to the negatives and not jst steamroll ahead like they did with the Always On DRM, despite the backlash from Orth's comments blew up the internet.
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  • Destiny composer Marty O'Donnell announces Kickstarter musical project

  • harryisme 12/03/2016

    @Thetick Really? Because I'd say the Taken Kings soundtrack is inferior to the original, the decline in the quality was noticable. Reply 0
  • Cities: Skylines sells two million copies

  • harryisme 12/03/2016

    @Sicho SimCity has a pedegree about it, it's been the market leader for over a decade, selling millions of copies of not just the main games but it's sequels as well. It had a marketeting budget that probably exceeded the cost of the entire Skyline budget.

    For Maxis selling 2 Million would be considered a loss considering it's history, and the strength of the Sims brand. For a small developer like Colossal Order this far exceeded their expectations.
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  • How Microsoft's most-hated employee found hope in galactic disaster

  • harryisme 09/03/2016

    Seems interesting, not my type of game but it's different, which is always nice to see.

    The whole Orth situation in hindsight makes you wonder how detached Mattrick and yes men must have been from the rest of the world if despite the public outcry at the mere possability of always on DRM, they still went ahead with their dreadful plan. You have to wonder if they'd learnt from that incident and made changes before the reveal how much moresuccessful the console would be.

    MS didn't start to mess up with their reveal, they messed up by not learning from the backlash from Orth's comments.
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  • Digital Foundry's guide to the best PC controllers

  • harryisme 28/02/2016

    I'm a big fan of the 360 Controller, though do prefer the XBO controller on the whole. However like stated the MicroUSB connector can be a bit of a pain, it's opne of the reasons why I still use a 360 Controller for the PC.

    I might be the only one, but I would have preferred if instead of a MicroUSB port, MS would have stuck with the charging connector used in the 360. That connector felt more sturdy and less likely to mess up. Just make sure it would make the controller wired when connected, which was a strange oversight on the 360 charge cable.
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  • Face-Off: Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC

  • harryisme 27/01/2016

    @Uncompetative Yes best timed exclusive released on the XBO, but worst time of release. Whoever thought releasing the game same time as Fallout 4 needs their head checked. Reply +2
  • Bungie rolls back controversial Destiny matchmaking changes

  • harryisme 26/01/2016

    Smart move if not extremely late, fans have been unhappy with the change since Bungie implimented it without any notice, then to make matters worst Bungie failed to ackowledge they made the changes to Matchmaking for weeks, only admitting to it in last Thursday.

    They need to be more transparent with these types of changes in the future.
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  • Street Fighter 5 has a story

  • harryisme 25/01/2016

    @RawShark SF3 takes place after Street Fighter 4 in the timeline.

    Not sure what to make of this story, on one side I'm happy the game is getting a story expansion, on the other I play the single player more than online multiplayer so the story being there day one is important for me, so I might end up waiting until the story is ready to release.

    Also I find if amusing how something that should be included day one touted as free DLC as if that's a positive thing. The story mode is importatant for us SF fans.
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  • Oculus Rift costs 500

  • harryisme 06/01/2016

    @vert1go If it's priced like a console, say 350, and you have to spend another 300 on a console, that's 650 and that's it's you are set for VR, with Occulas it's 500 plus another 1000 for a PC capable of handling VR at a steady pace. This will see the VR attach rate back abit, but by how much we can't say. It will sell but nowhere near the figures they were touting originally. Reply 0
  • AMD reveals 'Polaris' next-gen graphics architecture

  • harryisme 04/01/2016

    If Nintendo's NX uses this new architecture, and they don't cheap out on the HW by choosing a low end GPU, Nintendo might actually give Sony a run for it's money, as the most powerful home console. Reply +9
  • The Digital Foundry 2016 graphics card upgrade guide

  • harryisme 03/01/2016

    I'd personally say to wait, this year we should finally get a dye shrink, with Nvidia moving to TSMC's 16mn fab and AMD moving to GF (and maybe Samsungs) 14nm fab. So we should hopefully see a big leap in GPU performance, and if nothing else we'll see slightly better performance with lower power consumption. Reply 0
  • Fox Engine director Julien Merceron joins Bandai Namco

  • harryisme 22/12/2015

    I thought Bamco were the publishers of the Dark Souls games, FromSoftware are the ones who make and own the IP?

    It will certainly be interesting to see what he works on, Bamco do have some interestingIP's the have Ni no Kuni, Tekken, the Tales games, and they hold the license for a bunch on popular Manga. Who knows maybe he'll work on something completely new.
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  • Final Fantasy 7 remake is episodic

  • harryisme 07/12/2015

    Now the question is, how many episodes will there me? How long will each episode be? how much will each Episode cost? and how long do you have to wait between each episode?

    Not owning a PS1 I never got the chance to play FF7 so was looking forward to the remake, now not as much, if I do get it, it will likely be after all the episodes are released.

    I also can't for the life of me get around how a JRPG like FF7 would work as episodes. People complain about keeping track of their decisions in Telltale games, how will fans keep track of everything in a game that could take fifty hours complete over the span of who knows how many months or years.

    I'm going to wait till the actual episodes start getting rleased before passing judgement but on paper this sounds like a really bad idea.
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  • Destiny adds Sparrow Racing League event next week

  • harryisme 05/12/2015

    I was hoping for something more enticing to get me excited about Destiny again, Sparrow Racing feels like something I might do to kill the time between raids and mission etc, but nothing that I'd boot up Destiny for in the first place. Reply +3
  • It looks like Rocket League will kick off on Xbox One

  • harryisme 04/12/2015

    Niiiiiice I haven't been able to play this on the PS4 or PC as i'm billy no mates on those platforms, atleast as far as this game goes, but will be sure to get it on the XBO, sounds like a really fun game to play, shame the XBO is coming so late to the party. Reply 0
  • Konami blocked Hideo Kojima from attending The Game Awards

  • harryisme 04/12/2015

    @Canyarion Wait how would Kojima be able to travel to the past if he was assasinated at the VGA? Don't you mean Kojima's Clone Liquid Kojima?

    @teddy1590 If the contract came to a end in December it could be end of December, plus there could be other snags along the way, Kojima could be having disputes over unpaid royalties, or other grievances, we may never know if the contract he is under states he is not allow to disclose any of the workings of the company...we honestly don't know.
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  • I am the only person in this office who doesn't play Destiny

  • harryisme 27/11/2015

    They still play Destiny and only at 304? I stopped playing a few weeks ago, have done the raid on normal one and a half times, and I've been at light level 304 for ages.

    Honestly I have found TTK expansion is in many ways much worst than previous expansions, the nightfall isn't as enjoyable as before, the enemies where before felt they were before felt somewhat intelligent now just feel like they have cheap tricks and numbers instead, and getting Exotics just doesn't feel as rewarding. Oh and the grind, there is so much grind now, find a weapon you like, it's too low level so grind to get multiple weapons to sacrific to get it to a higher level, run the raid over and over again because you can't get that one weapon or armour piece to get you to the highest light level...keep on doing weekly strike lists, and consume three of coins and hope the boss will drop an exotic engrams which will decrypt to a 310 or 320 level piece..there is so much grind, where before you just cared for the perks, now it's perks, and light level.

    Yes the story is more interesting, not entirely interestin but interesting, and the game feels less broken, but it's just not as enjoyable to play as the previous expansions were...specially as a solo and PvE player.
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  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 is heading to PC next month

  • harryisme 20/11/2015

    Hopefully it's a better port than the previous two versions, I'm still baffled by the original FFXIII install size, it's not got the uncompressed video from the PS3 version, instead uses the 360's poorly compressed scenes, yet has a install size bigger than the PS3 version. Though probably not as baffling as the 29GB disk space requirement for Xiii-2 which was on one DVD and didn't have any cgi scenes. Reply +10
  • Need for Speed's first big update will fix one of players' biggest bugbears

  • harryisme 16/11/2015

    Sounds promising, rubber banding is a Racing game mechanic that needs to die. Nothing more annoying than losing a race due to one bad corner near the end and then winning the replay dispite having worst times just because you nailed the last corner. Reply +2
  • Sony responds to claim PS4 used for terrorist communications

  • harryisme 16/11/2015

    The events of this weekend is a tradgedy, and we should be uniting to show a united front against these cowards, instead oppurtunists Journalists use it as an excuse to throw dirt at the gaming industry.

    Someone tell me, how they could figure out PS4's were used when they also claim it's difficult to monitor messages sent via the PS4? Aren't they essentially saying they can't tell if they used PS4's so they must have used PS4's?

    Well if they didn't use consoles before, thanks to these articles, they will be now...they've just been told they are the most secure for of communication....bloody idiots.
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  • Microsoft's cheeky video explains Xbox One backwards compatibility

  • harryisme 13/11/2015

    @Gamerz76 You make it sound like Sony never fucked up either, they've all done it, Sony told fans to get a second job to buy a PS3. We gotta look at how they go about regaining our trust, Sony managed it after the PS hack, and now MS are doing it with the new features etc. Reply +7
  • There's an infinite money glitch in Fallout 4

  • harryisme 13/11/2015

    @eightbitboy Your username makes your comment sound like an oxymoron.

    An 8-bitboy passing on a game because of it's looks. Do you not know what 8-bit games looked like?
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  • "The new Xbox One dashboard is the next step, not the final step"

  • harryisme 12/11/2015

    Really like the new dashboard, was a bit worried like when Microsoft moved from the blades to the NXE and then to the Metro there was a learning curve, but the new dashboard is so quick and intuitive.

    Look forward to seeing what games get added to the BC list over the coming months.
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  • It looks like Minecraft is finally coming to Wii U

  • harryisme 12/11/2015

    So we've hard Rare make games for the Nintendo DS in the past and now Mojang making Minecraft for the Wii U. That's pretty cool.

    With the Tablet controller, Minecraft and the WiiU does seem to be a perfect fit.
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  • So, how much do Steam Machines cost in the UK?

  • harryisme 11/11/2015

    I don't see a big price difference between a Steam machine and a Windows 10 Machine with the same specs.

    Problem with Steam Machines is, they were announced at a time when there was a need for such machines. as Windows 8 wasn't the most gamer friendly OS, specially with MS's implimentation of Games for Windows. However it's taken the Steam Machines so long to come to market, and we didn't have capable game streaming devices. The machines took so long to come to market that MS had plenty of time to improve the gaming experience on PC, and Nvidia and co (even valve themselves) had time to impliment their own much cheaper streaming devices.

    So the question now is, who is this device for? Games selection on Linux based systems is still not great so it won't stand on it's own as a gaming device, you'll still need a powerful windows gaming PC to steam your games, and if you are spending that much money anyway, why not just get a Windows based device in the first place?

    As for the controller it was touted as a replacement for a regular controller and the keyboard and mouse, but instead from all reviews and comments I've seen, it isn't as good as either solution and is a device to have on top of having a regular controller and keyboard and mouse, so instead of reducing clutter you have one more device to trip over.
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  • Yuji Naka recommends playing Rodea the Sky Soldier's Wii version

  • harryisme 11/11/2015

    Definitely a Yuji Naka game, looking at the trailer give me a nostalgic feeling of playing Nights into Dreams on the Saturn and Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast.

    I'm tempted to buy this dispite not owning a WiiU. Yuji Naka is a legend.
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  • Itagaki's Valhalla Game Studios faces trademark dispute with Valhalla Motion Pictures

  • harryisme 10/11/2015

    The ships are different but with it being black and white and both being viking ships it's not surprising if the two companies could be mistaken as being related somehow. So unlike most cases I can see where the film studio is coming from.

    If I was Valhalla games I would have changed the logo, it's not really worth the hassle and legal fees. They are still a relatively new studio with one game under their belt...one game I am betting most gamers had forgotten already...If it wasn't for this article I wouldn't have known Devil's Third was even out.

    Looks like Friday the 13th is not going to be a lucky day for Itagaki...he's a Gaki for not just settling things out of court.
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 tops UK chart, 91% of physical sales on PS4/Xbox One

  • harryisme 09/11/2015

    I'm not surprised how poorly the last gen versions did, All the news pretty much pointed as Acti telling the ones on old gen, not to bother with Blops3 on the 360 or PS3, and just to stick with Advanced Warfare, or upgrade their hardware.

    I'm actually surprised how close the PS4 and XBO sales are, not sure if Sony will be happy with that considering they are likely paying Activision allot of money to get the one months early map access. You have to wonder if Sony are benifiting at all with the deal considering there are more than twice as many PS4's sold than XBO's so you'd expect the PS4 version to be in the lead anyway.
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  • PlayStation indie champion Shahid Ahmad leaving Sony

  • harryisme 09/11/2015

    He stopped being a developer 25 years ago? So he never developed a game for the Playstation...crazy. I wonder if we'll see him at next years E3 as one of the Indie developers on Stage....that would be cool. Reply +12
  • Watch: When should publishers stop supporting last-gen?

  • harryisme 08/11/2015

    Let's be honest here, the reason Blops3 Last gen version looks so poor and lacks a single player campaign is because Activision didn't think it was profitable enough to spend a budget big enough to get these features in the game. Technical Limitation wouf have meant some sacrifices would have to be made, but I dont think they were enough that the single player campaign was not possible. PS2 to PS3 jump I could beleive, but not the PS3 to PS4 not as much.

    As for when the past gen should be dropped, well it's already happenning. I expect by this time next year the majoritiy of games will drop the last gen platforms, with the exception of Fifa and the odd JRPG. So really is a mute point, by the time Destiny 2, Battlefield 5, etc are ready for release the 360 and PS3 version will have been dropped.
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  • Square Enix polling Final Fantasy fans on FF15 moogles

  • harryisme 06/11/2015

    This game has been in development for 10 years and they are only now asking this question? Important stuff like this should have been nailed down in the planning stages. Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate steampunk outfits weigh in at 3.1GB on PS4

  • harryisme 05/11/2015

    So we've come to a point where a couple of costumes need the same amount of HDD space than AAA titles from the last gen?

    Something smells fishy here, for one thing loading up a 2GB file into RAM would likely cause performance issues on a system that has 5-6GB of RAM available to games.
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  • Data-miners reckon they've uncovered Street Fighter 5's DLC characters

  • harryisme 04/11/2015

    @spindle9988 If you'd been following the game you'd know that Capcom promised no on disk DLC, and that it is possible to unlock all future charactors using ingame earned currency.

    Though we'll have to wait to see how generous the ingame currency system is.
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  • Watch: No Man's Sky - managing the hype

  • harryisme 03/11/2015

    I've seen very polarizing views about this game, on one end fans are really hyped and thinking they are going to be millions of things to do, and on the other end I've seen fans interested but still unsure what the game offers beyond exploration.

    I'm still weary of what the game will actually offer, I'm keeping my expectations grounded and will wait until more information becomes available closer to launch. It certainly warrants being on your radar.
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  • Konami sorry about incomplete PES 2016 transfer update

  • harryisme 03/11/2015

    Seems like an odd thing to do, specially as the last few days seem to see allot of business so the patch could be missing half of the transfers that took place.

    Also it taking weeks is also strange, why would it take so long to add in the last fews days worth of transfers in? Surely they would have designed the game to easily patch in player transfers easily.
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  • Official PS4 In-ear Stereo Headset out December for 78/€90

  • harryisme 03/11/2015

    Someones going to have to help me here, what makes these worth 70? They look like cheap earphones you get with a mobile phone, and honestly using those is usually a last resort, you get a much better sound stage with proper headphones. Reply +8