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  • These are the most popular games on Steam - report

  • harryisme 16/04/2014

    Only 37%? I'd be lucky if the games I'd played that percentage of the games on my steam library.

    Doesn't stop me from buying games from the Steam Sales though.
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  • Amazon, Asda drop Titanfall Xbox One bundle to 349

  • harryisme 11/04/2014

    Tesco also following suit, I wonder if this is a promotion similar to the one MS had in the US with the supermarket chains there, or if this will be a long term thing.

    This is all good for the consumer, hopefully it will turn things around forcing Sony to make a similar price cut and we end up in the price war where the consumer ultimately wins.
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  • AMD Radeon R9 295X2 review

  • harryisme 08/04/2014

    Already such a big gap between the new consoles and top tier PC gaming, it's about 8.5 times more powerful than the XB1 I just got, there is already a bigger difference between the 295x2 and XB1, than there is between the XB360 and XB1...that is scary. And to think within a few years we'll be seeing that kind of GPU power in a single chip.

    Oh well I doubt that apart from extreme gamers we won't see too many getting this level graphics cards. I wonder though if AMD will consider bringing out a single chip reference board with this liquid cooling inside and see what kind of extra performance they can get out of the single chip solution.
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  • Titanfall Xbox 360 footage arrives online

  • harryisme 07/04/2014

    Not bad at all, just watched the actual gameplay footage at elitexbox360gamings Youtube page and came away impressed. It's looks allot better than I thought it would and appears to play close to the XB1 and PC version.

    If that is the case props to Bluepoint Games, looks like they've done a good job here, I might end up pickin this game up dispite owning the XBO version because I know i'll have friends to play online with.
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  • Amazon Game Studios announces its first exclusive for Fire TV

  • harryisme 02/04/2014

    I don't see this competing against the PS4 and XBox One, but then again looking at the amazon page it looks like Amazon are more bothered about competing against the RokuTV and AppleTV box than go after the new consoles. It much more powerful than the OUYA atleast, though I think for $99 the controller should have been included...the lack of controller isn't going to help it gather support from game developers. (though if it gets rooted and someone manages to install Android on it, I might get it as for a MAME emulator.)

    Amazon are building their own eco-system, buy a game on FireTV and play it on the FireHDX and then on inevitable FireHD smartphone. The two big platform holders don't have anything to fear right now, but in a few years after a few hardware revisions? Who knows, didn't Nvidia reveal a mobile chipset more powerful the PS3 and 360? in a few years who knows they might get close to the Xbox one in terms of power.

    Good luck to Amazon anything that takes market share away from Apple products is a welcome addition.
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  • Square Enix announces Drakengard 3 Collector's Edition

  • harryisme 02/04/2014

    What's with Collectors edition that doesn't include the physical disk? Well better than Wolfensteins Collectors Edition I guess. These collectors editions make no sense to me, without the game you are buying a package that will never hold it's value...It's a collectors edition that holds no value to the collector.

    The extras are not worth the extra 20, though considering it's a digital only release the regular game will probably be priced at 50 instead of the 40 or less we'd pay for the game in retail.

    One small mistake, it's 59.99 in the UK not 69.99, the 69.99 is the price in Euros.


    Edit: I like how thay are making it sound like you need to get the collectors edition or pre-order early to get the Japanese Voices, this is Square Enix, they will make the Japanese voices available for DLC within a month of release.
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  • Looks like the Metro games are coming to PS4 and Xbox One

  • harryisme 01/04/2014

    So it's both games in one package? With the original revamped? Sounds interesting, still have yet to play the games, I have the first game on Steam but I've read the game engine doesn't run so well on mid range PC's so if this game bring the improvements from the second game to the first then I'm all for it, the second game doesn't need a redux as it's considered one of the best looking games on the PC from last year.

    I will probably get it on the Xbox One or if I get the PS4 by then on that, It will depend on which controller I enjoy playing FPS's. Hopefully they will keep the frame rate same on both consoles, and sacrifice visuals if need be on one platform rather than try to make both games look the same but one running at 30fps and the other 60fps.
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  • Face-Off: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes

  • harryisme 23/03/2014

    @unclemonkey Games, I want to play Forza, Dead Rising, Titanfall, Killer Instinct and atleast try Garden Warfare.

    The PS4 has no games I really care to play, Infamous: Second Son was the only game that held my interest and was waiting for the reviews before I decided on a console...I flip flopped my decision so often, but in the end I decided to get the console with the games I wanted to play, (plus if I factor in the game it cost me less than a PS4 with a game). I'll get a PS4 in Winter when the games I want to play come out on it, and Japanese Developers start supporting it.

    At the end of the day the games is all that matters, no matter how powerful the hardware is, if they don't have the games you want to play on it, you'll either wait for buy a console that does have the games.
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  • harryisme 23/03/2014

    @DigitalTwisted Actually it's 0/4 you missed the most important point, Actually be the first comment.

    This is good to see, I know the PS4 will look better graphically, but I'd much rather see other developers follow the same route as Kojima and make a few visual sacrifices in order to get the same performance on both platforms.

    Even though I am just ordered the XBO, I don't expect MS's console to win any DF face-off, even if developers manage to make full use of the ESRAM there is no denying the extra horepower the PS4 has, and no matter how awesome the programmers are at MS, I can't see them optimising the drivers to make up for the 33% extra GPU power. However as long as the games run as smooth as the PS4 and are visually impressive I don't think the majority will care.
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  • McDonald's Mario Happy Meal unboxing video

  • harryisme 20/03/2014

    It won't look at all creedy if a grown adult goes into Mcdonalds with no childen and order 8 lots of Happy meals. Because you know half of they toys will be bought by fans of Nintendo from the snes days. Reply -1
  • Face-Off: Dark Souls 2

  • harryisme 11/03/2014

    @Der_tolle_Emil Well I've not played the DS game either but I'd think in a game notorious for it's difficulty, the faster you can respond to enemy attacks the more chance you have for survival..so I'd say controller response is important.

    So XB360 runs at a higher frame rate, but PS3 has less screen tear..hopefully they release a patch to reduce the screentear, I'd rather have a locked 30fps on the 360 than too much screentear. My 360 will be getting retired soon, and this game seems to be a fitting game to end it's loyal service.
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  • Why the PC version of Titanfall is a 48GB install

  • harryisme 11/03/2014

    Yeah but will those with the low spec PC's even have enough HDD space to install a 48GB game? Afterall if they have a low spec PC, they are likely to also have a lower spec (or older spec) Hard Drive as well.

    Or are Respawn saying that even newer i3s will not have the resources needed to decode compressed audio either?

    Edit: I wonder why Respawn never gave the ones with higher spec PCs the option to install the game with compressed Audio to free up some HDD space for them...that said do people with lower spec PC's like an Athlonx2 even play games on their PC's? Or would they own a console?
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  • Killzone Shadow Fall dev to be more precise about resolution in future

  • harryisme 06/03/2014

    Compared to how much of a big deal was made about XBO games being 720p and 900p, the reaction to this seems relatively tame in comparision. Well if anything it gives the argument about resolution not being as important as some people claim good fuel, most people who played the game didn't even realise it and never noticed.

    At the end of the day while resolution is important, it is gameplay that matters the most.
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  • Mad Catz Mojo review

  • harryisme 27/02/2014

    Well not a surprise, I am surprised how little optimisation and customisation seems to have taken place with the OS considering the price tag.

    If it was 130 I'd consider getting this as a cool little streaming device and mini PC to surf the web and watch youtube on the Tele but at 220, it's too expensive.

    Now if they release a console with the new Tegra, that Nvidia claim is faster than the PS3 and 360 I might be more interested at this price, but even if they do it probably won't be for another year by which time it will be the same problem again and seem to expensive as more powerful chipsets will be on the horizon. That's the problem with Android based consoles, by the time they come out to market the tech inside is already outdated and the tech seems too expensive. This was specially the case with the OUYA and Gamestick.
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  • RedLynx defends Trials Frontier's mobile micro-transactions

  • harryisme 27/02/2014

    This sucks, but what sucks even more is that he is correct, putting a price tag on a mobile game was actually put off the majority of the users, and it would only reach a small percentage of the market. Making it free to play will reach a much higher audience.

    It's sad when so many people would much rather get the game for free and then pay potentially hundreds of pounds on Microtransactions than pay 5 on the full game and never have to worry about any further costs.
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  • Sega secures future of Persona maker Atlus

  • harryisme 19/02/2014

    I seriously hope this means Atlus games now get published by Sega and Europe no longer has to wait AGES for a release. Maybe they should give Atlus one of their older forgotten franchises to play with, I'd love to see what they would do with the Shining Force or a Landstalker series. Better still let them remake ShenMue Reply 0
  • Double Dragon: Neon now kicking butt on Steam

  • harryisme 08/02/2014

    @Bleemo Well I did notice a couple of weeks ago he hasn't been on Rev3games for a while so maybe he got a job with the developers of DD: Neon or decided his bad acting on Rev3 was really good and decided to become an actor. Reply 0
  • Battlefield 4: disaster report

  • harryisme 05/02/2014

    My nephew got a XB1 last weekend and one of the games he got with it was BF4, I then proceeded to lecture him for the next ten minutes for not checking online before he got the game to see how many issues people have been having.

    The Kid is going to be 18 next month so he definitely should know better...I let him off for choosing a XB1 over PS4 now, (because I myself will pick up a XB1 eventually) but getting BF4 was just plain stupid.

    It's a shame nothing can be done about crappy games like this, the consumers don't seem to be protected the same way as a hardware product is, if a Tefal sold frying pans where the handle just fell off, they'd be forced into a product recall, yet in gaming it's the norm, and it's getting worst....the easier it is to patch a product the easier it is for a publisher to force a product out of the door with multiple game braking bugs.
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  • The new Microsoft CEO earns how much?

  • harryisme 05/02/2014

    I don't see an issue with his wage, yes it's very high but then again he is in charge of one of the biggest and most well known brand on the planet...he has to be in charge of a Multi Billion Dollar portfolio of products and services.

    If a Footballer can get over 200k a week plus bonuses, why can't a CEO of one of the biggest companies on the planet earn a crazy amount? He'll have to put in allot more hours than a footballer will, and if things go wrong he'll be the one who shoulders the blame...and with the job comes the fact he'll be under the microscope now, It's allot of pressure he'll be under.

    While I agree it is allot, atleast it looks like he's earned his position in charge by being with the company for years unlike many other CEO's that get the job who don't even know the company they are in charge of, they get the job because they know how to make a profit.
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  • Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer welcomes new CEO

  • harryisme 05/02/2014

    I wonder if Satya, (who according to this article Spearheaded MS's Cloud services) was the one on the board who pushed the Online aspects of the Xbox One?

    He appears to be a good choice on the matter, allot of the other choices appeared to be business men and women, he looks like someone who understands how a tech company works and not just how much money is involved. He's allot better choice than Elop that's for sure, hopefully he'll make sure Elop doesn't get rid of the Xbox Division.

    I wish him luk.
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  • Sony: UK PS4 to Xbox One sales ratio is 1.5:1

  • harryisme 31/01/2014

    @richbambam Japan will make a BIG difference, the PS3 has sold around 9Million units in Japan and it's considered a failure when compared to the PS2, the 360 has sold just over a Million (with sales drying up since IdolMaster moved to the PS3) and that is comsidered a success compared to the original Xbox.

    MS have not even announced the release of XB1 over there and the PS4 was sold out of it's pre-order units within minutes, even the second batch of pre-orders....they've not give official numbers but i'm expecting Japan will increase the gap by half a million within the first month.

    I hope MS get their act together soon, the industry needs three strong competitors, and as it stands Nintendo are out of the picture so it's upto MS to give Sony a run for it's money, if MS are not competitive then we could see Sony getting complacent and we could see the old Sony of the PS3 launch day show their arrogant faces again and we the consumers will lose out, MS can afford to lose they make Billions from other businesses. Healthy competition means more games, more price cuts, more offers more deals, and more exclusives...no competiton means non of that.
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  • Sony explains PS4 digital game pricing

  • harryisme 28/11/2013

    I don't know why they are making this an issue now, it's been like this for Digital releases for a while, Even on Steam, a game will release for 40 on Steam but you can usually pick up the game elsewhere for under 30.

    The RRP is usually around 55 for console games (even for PS3/360 games) but retailers will undercut each other, and we'll often end up paying around 40 for a new game at retail, (which often works out cheaper than what they pay in the US.)

    Digital games are set at RRP, or more often on the PS store slightly higher, (Maybe i'm wrong but i'm pretty sure Sony generally sell retail games on their digital store more higher than MS does on their marketplace) because they don't want to upset the retailers who have to take a cut from their own profits margins to sell for around 40. Now if Sony and MS cut their prices to meet the other retailers, then there would be trouble with retailers who would demand buying the product cheaper so they can be competitive, and publishers would not be happy about that.

    It's the same everywhere, you look at any manufacturers online store, and you'll see they sell their products for the same price as retailers do, even though they are selling directly and can afford to sell it cheaper, they don't because it would upset their retail partners, and potentially cut off a massive revenue stream for them.

    So until both MS and Sony can afford to stop relying on retailers, their prices will stay artificially high, and even if their reliance on brick and mortar shops stops, we probably won't see the savings passed onto us. Just look as Ubisofts and EA's digital stores, PC games have moved almost entirely to digital, yet the prices on there are often as high as console games for the PC versions.
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  • All the PS4 launch games and their install sizes

  • harryisme 13/11/2013

    Angry Birds Star Wars: 1.5Gb : $49.99

    $49.99 for a game that plays better and free on Mobile Devices?!?!? Seriously Activision you are taking a PISS.
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  • Blockbuster store refunds PS4 pre-order after megaphone protest

  • harryisme 04/11/2013

    Well if he got 450 worth of DVD's BluRay's and CD, he would have been sorted for Christmas presents for the whole family. 'Sorry Dear I know you wanted a bottle of perfume, but I thought you'd like a copy of Free Willy more.'

    Really what was he thinking paying upfront for a console at a retail chain that has already gone into Liquidation once? Then again I guess quite a few have paid upfront at GAME as well, and a few at HMV.
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  • South Park: The Stick of Truth delayed to 2014

  • harryisme 01/11/2013

    I get the feeling either WatchDogs, The Crew or Southpark is going to get delayed again, I can't see Ubi releasing all three games around the same time. If they do hats off to them. Reply 0
  • Xbox One Resolutiongate: the 720p fallout

  • harryisme 01/11/2013

    Lack of flexibility in their design, that's all I can really think of, the final specs for the XB1 were not much different to the rumoured specs from articles dating back to Jan 2012.

    I am surprised that no one at MS thought that the Kinect will take up 10% dedicated hardware resources we need to make the hardware more powerful to balance that out? Surely they knew that the PS4 was atleast as powerful as their own hardware, if the hardware was leaked to the outside world it shouldn't be too hard for them to get hold of the specs considering it was being designed by the same company, and this was leaked a year ago, plenty of time to make hardware changes.

    Were they really that confident in their customers loyalty to their brand? Did they learn nothing from Sony's failed launch? Or did they really beleive that the power of the cloud was that great? Or were they all too scared of the Board of Directors to make their fears known?

    I really want to understand why MS thought that releasing hardware the same time as their biggest rival knowing that the opponants had the more powerful hardware, they would be the more compelling choice?
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  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 new battle systems unveiled

  • harryisme 25/10/2013

    Why the 'W' you may ask? Well, doesn't a 'W' sound a lot like 'double?'... No? Well, we're working on it!

    Ummm....W pronounced Double U, as in both Ultra's? Not really difficult is it?
    I wouldn't mind a PS4/XB1 version, just sold my XB360 version of Arcade Edition today so would welcome a PS4 release otherwise i'll just buy it on the PC.
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  • Watch Microsoft's expensive-looking Xbox One ad, starring Steven Gerrard and Spock

  • harryisme 25/10/2013

    The Fact they showed the Premier League game, is that a hint at a possible deal with Sky on the horizon? I ask because as far as I know the current Sky boxes can't take advantage of the advance features of the XB1, so wouldn't make sense to use it as a selling point.

    Skype whilst watching Footy...oh boy that is actualy something I never evern considered, that would be awesome, to taunt or celebrate with your friends who live miles away...that's actualy pretty cool.

    It makes the XB1 a bit more appealing for a future purchase, i'll stick with the PS4 for launch for now.
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  • Injustice joins Sony's PS3 to PS4 digital upgrade programme

  • harryisme 25/10/2013

    Just to clear up any confusion, this applies to the Complete Edition of Injustice right? Reply 0
  • Why Killzone Shadow Fall is almost 40GB (it used to be 290...)

  • harryisme 24/10/2013

    Oh yeah really hate splash screens specially when you can't skip them.

    What I want to know is will the PS4 allow for full game installs for physical disks? I am still old school in that I prefer to own the physical disk, but I really don't like running the game from the Disk ever since MS allowed full game installs on the HDD...the reduction in noise and faster load times is brilliant, and is a big selling point for me.
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  • Ubisoft cancels the next-generation launch party

  • harryisme 19/10/2013

    I don't see what the big deal with Watchdog was, while it looked great initially after seeing what games like the Last of US and GTAV manage on current gen Watchdog itself looked like a current gen title.

    Forza 5, Killzone, BF4 heck even Fifa 14 will all have features that will make the next gen versions stand out compared to the current gen versions.

    We never see true next gen titles until after 12 months, I'd argue that the Dreamcast was the only console to release with next gen console with titles that could be considered next gen from the get go with games like Shen Mue, Sonic Adventure etc. But as far as launch line-ups go this is one of the best to date from both sides.

    So no the Next gen party will start without Ubisoft, they might be one of the few developers to actually try something, but WD was never going to be a title that defined next gen, (for me atleast) that will happen next year when Developers get used to the hardware and be able to dedicate more resources to the platform, and whilst we wait for those games we'll have plenty of multiplatform games as well as quirky Indie games to keep us entertained. For some people Watchday was the game that defined Next Gen, for me it was another game that tried to integrate online in your single player game.

    One last thing, even if the new consoles launched with a couple of games each, I would have still bought one, some of us are just tired of the current gen and it's constant sequels, we just want a new console for the hope of one day getting something other than another sequel.
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  • Xbox One's headset adapter delayed until 2014

  • harryisme 19/10/2013

    Seems to be the one delay after another, first we had the PS3 headset compatability, then the abilty to use your real name, then the Crew and Watchdog goto delayed then Driveclub and now the XB1 Adapter.

    While risky it's a smart move from TB to use the adapter instead of building the port into the headset. This should mean that it should be compatible with the XB 360 PC and PS4, and maybe even the PS3. Personally I'm more likely to spend the extra on a headset thats compatible with multiple devices than locked to one platform alone.
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  • Radeon R9 270X review

  • harryisme 17/10/2013

    I was hoping for some new Mid-range GPU's from AMD, The bump in performance isn't enough to go from a 6850 to 7850 and while the new 270x does provide the performance increase, I'm not sure about the extra power it would need to run. I'd probably need a new PSU, and new case as i'm not sure if my current case is wide enough for the GPU.

    It's a shame the 260x is nothing more than a 7790 with a faster clock speed.
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  • DICE promises improvements after Battlefield 4 beta

  • harryisme 17/10/2013

    @Bananazniper Thanks, will try that, it's been years since I rage quit a game, but BF3 managed to bring out the worst in me. Reply 0
  • harryisme 17/10/2013

    I hope they have better controller support for the PC in single player, I tried playing BF3 and kept dying because the onscreen button prompts kept showing Mouse and keyboard set-up, and pressing the mapped buttons on the controller didn't always work. Reply +5
  • Microsoft waiving Gold requirement for free-to-play sandbox Project Spark

  • harryisme 15/10/2013

    Now they just need to remove the paywall for all subsciption based services, why should we have to pay Lovefilm/Netflix/Sky etc a monthly fee and then pay MS a annual fee to access that content we already pay for? I understood for Multiplayer and other premium services but when you need to pay to access content you are already paying for that's just plain stupid. F2P should also be included in that as the whole point of that option is to generate income though microtransactions etc. Reply +1
  • 14GB Battlefield 4 install needed for optimal Xbox 360 performance

  • harryisme 15/10/2013

    @kevcampbell Well that's pretty much exactly why anyone would want to get it on the current gen...I doubt all 150 Million Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will be jumping to the next gen ship this November so even if it's the most inferior version it will still be the best selling. Reply 0
  • Watch Dogs delayed until spring 2014

  • harryisme 15/10/2013

    @null a bit of all but three. GTAV's awesomeness did make Watchdog look less awesome, So means they need more time to finish and make the game better, and AC4 was going to take away sales from Watchdog, that much was obvious, Ubisoft games do often share DNA, so I bet allot of people were thinking of getting one or the other.

    I don't think Sony will be too happy with this news, all those SE boxes printed and maybe they've already got the consoles packed and ready with just the game to add, and now they need to unpack and put them in regular boxes.

    It's a good thing thanks to Amazons Pre-order price cuts I changed m pre-order bundle to Maga pack from the Watchdog pack I orginally pre-ordered...I'm guessing retailers will be busy trying to figure out what is going on.
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  • Dragon's Crown to receive cross-play between Vita and PS3

  • harryisme 09/10/2013

    Well if one positive can be taken from Sega buying Atlus is that they have a publishing division in Europe so in the future we should hopefully recieve Games like Persona 5, and the next P4:Arena around the same time as North America does and won't get shafted like we did with P4:Arena, and possably here with the lack of cross-play. Reply +1
  • MadCatz's M.O.J.O. Android console costs a whoptastic 219.99

  • harryisme 08/10/2013

    220? Seriously MadCatz? I'd rather get a OUYA and I really don't want to get a OUYA. I guess this might be a fun kit for someone who wants a mini emulation machine? I honestly can't see the reason to go for this over everything else on the market. Reply 0
  • Beyond: Two Souls review

  • harryisme 08/10/2013

    OK so far I've seen three reviews for this game, IGN gave it a 6/10, EG also gave it a 6/10 and Edge gave it a 5/10, not the best scores.

    Though the review score itself is ouch worthy but that closing statement: Perhaps what David Cage and his dream need are limitations - limitations that Sony's blank cheque has singularly failed to impose on this sprawling, over-reaching game. That's just a kick in the balls.

    Good review though.
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  • SimplyGames: Your pre-ordered PS4 now costs at least 65 more

  • harryisme 07/10/2013

    @Jorendo Never said they did, but it is Sony that has set the bundle prices excluding the USB cable.

    400 for the bundle with a game and 450 for the bundle with the game, camera, extra controller, which would have been a good deal if not for the fact that Europe is paying 100 extra where we are paying 100 extra.
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  • harryisme 07/10/2013

    349.99 is considered Bait? That's the R.R.P for the console so it's no bait. This is shitty from SG, i'm grateful I didn't pre-order from them, i'm pissed off as it is for Sony screwing over with the bundle prices compared to the rest of Europe this would have made me blow my fuse completely. 100 does not equal 100 Sony so screw the bundles I'm sticking to my console on it's own.

    I've been reluctant to order hardware from SimplyGames since the screwed up my Dreamcast pre-order. Also a Dual Charging Cable for 14.95, bloody hell they cost 7 in Asda with Two spare Xbox 360 Batteries from Venom, that cable on it's own is daylight robbery, it probably costs them 50p each to buy wholesale.
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  • Sega lays off a "small" number of US staff

  • harryisme 02/10/2013

    Extra Lives DLC packs? Wow that's just...wow. Isn't that a shitty idea considering the demographic the game is aiming for? Oh well will wait for final game to come out before judging, who knows it might not be as bad as it sounds.

    I wonder if these redundancies are because they've now acquired the staff at Atlus or the transition period when they move from one gen to another.
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  • Next-gen Thief has better textures, detail, loading times

  • harryisme 01/10/2013

    So they want the experience to be the same accross all platforms but the PS4 will make use of the DS4 controllers functions to make the experience slightly different? Huh? Reply +1
  • Sony confirms Beyond censored in Europe

  • harryisme 01/10/2013

    @bushwod That would be the US, Europe usually takes issue with certain types of violence, so a maybe torture scene? Reply -1
  • Rockstar hopes new GTA Online patch out today

  • harryisme 01/10/2013

    Now I know why there was a teachers strike today, GTAV, the row over pay, pensions and workhours was just an excuse...IT's probably why the servers are even more overloaded than usual (Though we were all expecting server issues) hundreds of Thousand of students who would normally be at school right now are playing online. Reply 0
  • Sony on PS4: "the format war is a marathon, not a sprint"

  • harryisme 30/09/2013

    @7M7 Lost in terms of sales, userbase and turnover, which MS won clearly.

    This gen will be different, Sony were too arrogant at launch last gen and it took them years to recover, and this gen it appears it's MS that were too arrogant and losing marketshare because of it.

    When a giant brand like Sony or MS are humbled they can sometimes produce some great results, like Sony did after the PSN hack, they took something potentially crushing and managed to turn the companies fortunes.

    I was surprised by the 4:1 ratio, i'm sure they've sold more than 2-3 Million PS3's in the UK. though that figure is accurate with my friends.
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  • Sony confirms PlayStation 4 Killzone, Camera, second DualShock bundle for UK

  • harryisme 27/09/2013

    Someone please tell me this is just Game screwing over the consumer with their prices, and not the prices Sony has set for us? We are already paying more than the other two terrotories, but 100 equals 100 is a freaking joke, and I don't care even if we are saving on buying this all seperately it's a piss take.

    I'm going to wait and see until we get other prices from retailers to pass judgement, if this is the new prices i'll stick with my console only pre-order, and get the extra controller another day, the camera was just a bonus anyway.
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  • Could AMD's Mantle revolutionise PC gaming?

  • harryisme 26/09/2013

    So let me get this straight, potentially the biggest threat to the next gen consoles has come from the supplier of the Next Gens consoles CPU/GPU? I've been wondering for years why no GPU manufacturer has not given the game developers the tools to bypass the bottleneck produced by DirectX, and always thought it would be Nvidia that would do it, not AMD.

    This could be very damaging for Nvidia and a godsend for the SteamBox, most games will be optimised to run on AMD manufactured hardware over the next few years because of the PS4 and XB1 and with game developers being able to bring over that optimisation to the PC platform..this could be a gamechanger.
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