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  • Nintendo confirms SNES mini, including never-released Starfox 2

  • gingamonkey 26/06/2017

    I'm sold, but so many classics are missing. Also, has there ever been a console with so many classics in its launch lineup? Super Mario World, F-Zero, Super Tennis, Pilot Wings...
    Was playing Super Tennis on a retro pie recently. Still holds up well today.
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  • Inside PlayStation 4 Pro: How Sony made the first 4K games console

  • gingamonkey 21/10/2016

    All very nice... But how loud/quiet is it?

    If it means going back to the Boeing jet engine of the original PS4, it's a no thanks from me.
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  • FIFA 17 demo out tomorrow

  • gingamonkey 12/09/2016

    Been playing the beta, and personally I think it's a backward step both visually and playability wise.
    On the flip side, loving the new PES demo. Might be returning to it this year after a very long sabbatical.... All hinges on this FIFA demo and how much improved over the beta it feels.
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  • Dirt Rally review

  • gingamonkey 14/12/2015

    Been playing it since it's first release on Early Access. Superb game.

    To sum up, I was terrible at this game to start with! I then coincidently had a rally day for my birthday from my wife, and using techniques I picked up that day, I am SOOOO much better at it now. This just goes to show how much Codies have nailed the realism in this game.

    They have been ripped apart in recent years for sub-standard releases, but credit where credit's due - This is probably my fave driving game EVER!

    Very much has that 'one more go' feeling about it..... defo double dipping when it comes out on PS4 too!
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  • FIFA 15 review

  • gingamonkey 23/09/2014

    The same site that reviewed pes2014, failed to mention that the online was borked, and then went on to give it 9\10!!?!
    I bought it, played 1 match and instantly knew it was one of the worst football games ever made and traded it. After playing PES 2015 demo.... If they can give last years effort 9\10, this years version should get 19\10! Its back on track with a bang.... Can't stop having '1 more match' ;)
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  • PES 2015 demo goes live, but not in Europe

  • gingamonkey 19/09/2014

    As a hardcore PES fan right back from ISS on the SNES...Konami lost me to FIFA during the last generation of consoles with some truly bloody awful releases of PES. How the hell Eurogamer gave last years release 9/10 I will never know....4/10 would have been more appropriate!
    However, after playing this demo I think PES is back with a bang! Flippin great fun, and even starting to look the part. Might be double dipping this year for both games! :)
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  • Sony's Gamescom 2014 briefing

  • gingamonkey 12/08/2014

    Stream working on Twitch Reply 0
  • FIFA 15 has all 20 Premier League stadiums

  • gingamonkey 06/08/2014

    @Ingram85 I might appear biased as a fellow Villa fan, but I can't believe we've had to wait this long for its inclusion in fifa. Even neutrals must agree that Villa Park is one of the most iconic and prestigious grounds in the country (man Utd fans would certainly agree!), regardless of how bad the team are doing at the moment. Hosted more FA cup semi finals there than any other English ground.
    Massive fan base, at LEAST on a par with Newcastle, Everton and Spurs....yet we've had to wait until they decide to drop all the grounds in?!
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  • What's in the Destiny beta?

  • gingamonkey 17/07/2014

    Little tip for anyone with a Vita (guess it might work through PS3/PS4 store too?).... I was waiting/trying to log on to PS Store on PC for 2 hours. Managed to input Destiny code through PSStore on Vita straight away then download away on PS4. Almost finished downloading gigs of game now :) Reply +3
  • The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4 revealed

  • gingamonkey 09/04/2014

    As a previous 360 owner, I watched the reviews rolling in for this on PS3 with VERY green eyes. Now I've jumped across to the good ship Sony, I finally get to play it on my shiny new PS4! Happy Days! :)

    GTA V next please - Didn't get anywhere near finishing it on 360 and would happily buy it again!
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  • Chancellor backs games - Livingstone

  • gingamonkey 17/02/2011

    They'd better get a move on or there won't be a UK Games Industry to back! Reply +2
  • Can Rock Band Save Music Games?

  • gingamonkey 29/10/2010

    Anyone else had an issue where RB3 fails to see their RB2 songs? I redeemed my RB2 manual code last night and downloaded the update pack, but RB3 can't see them?

    All RB1 and general DLC is visible - Just the RB2 stuff. Hmmmm?

    EDIT: What a n00b! I actually received a free song pack for entering the RB2 code which I didn't redeem on release. Anyone else having trouble, this is what you do:

    1) Go to the music store from WITHIN the RB3 game.
    2) Go to 'redeem code'
    3) Enter just the first SIXTEEN characters from the back of your RB2 manual (not including hyphens). This is because if you have a PAL manual, you will probably have a 25 digit code. It's an error on their part with EU copies of the game apparently.
    4) Dispense with 800 gamer points!
    5) Wait for the almost 2GB download to commence!
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  • DJ Hero 2 and GH:WOR demos out now

  • gingamonkey 08/09/2010

    DJ Hero 2 demo now up on marketplace....

    Xbox Marketplace - DJ Hero 2
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  • Sony E3 Conference

  • gingamonkey 02/06/2009

    Totally unbiased as I own a 360 and wii - No PS3....

    Personally, I think Sony stole the show!

    MS's motion controller thing looks too good to be true - I work with motion capture and it's difficult to capture that shit with thousands of pounds worth of kit! They are expecting me to believe they can do it on a 360 which costs a couple of hundred quid?! Give me a break!

    As for Nintendo, what the hell was that finger thing?! Isn't that what they put on you in hospital when you have heart problems?! Geezus! Just give us Pillotwings and F-Zero and the world will be a better place!

    Anyway, Sony - great lineup of games, motion controller looks interesting - Could be trading in the wii and owning a shiny new slim PS3 and PSP GO by this time next year!

    Hats off to Sony imho! A saddened 360 and wii owner. :(
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  • More songs for Guitar Hero World Tour

  • gingamonkey 11/12/2008

    I actually think Activision have turned the corner with regards to DLC for GH. There seems to be a massive hate towards GH which I just don't get. I enjoy both games, but I actually think the DLC for GH since the release of GHWT has been far superior to a lot of the unknown drivel released for RB (excluding the excellent Foo's album!).

    Hendrix, Raconteurs, The Killers, Smashing Pumpkins and now Nirvana..... Not a bad little lineup in just over a month! And the Raconteurs pack is excellent in my opinion!

    I say long may the battle continue - It's the consumer that's going to win as they battle for supremacy! :)
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