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  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker review

  • freedumb 06/01/2015


    Still adapting to HD? Their games generally run at 60fps on the wii u and and/or are usually well optimized. If that is still adapting to HD then I hope developers like ubisoft and others who are releasing broken and unfinished games also still adapt.

    Zelda isn't catching up with open world games. The game design in zelda games are very good regardless of what other games do, they do things on their own terms, and have decided the time is right to explore zelda in an open world. And besides a lot of open world games are just fluff with loads of meaningless tickbox mundane'tasks'. Truly well designed open world games aren't that plentiful imo.

    I don't know what they can do about the 3rd party thing. They have been stubborn in the past by doing things on their own terms and not being encouraging to 3rd parties, but the gamecube showed that they shouldn't go down the power route again. Lower powered, cheaper console I think is right for them, but they'll have to work out how to appeal to 3rd parties again.

    Cpt. Toad will be near the top of the list when I eventually get a wii u, just looks so much fun to play.
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 review

  • freedumb 11/11/2014

    The PES 2014 demo was a good 8/10 for me, just needing the response times (in terms of button lag not natural momentum/inertia/footplanting movement physics) to be tweaked and the dribbling to be touched up. That was pretty much the same as the review code, so I can understand the high reviews. They were reviewing that launch vanilla game that the general consensus of people seemed to like from the demo.

    The patches spoilt the game though. It was based on good movement physics and player weight, but the patches dumbed this down and the game became a mess. It is unfortunate that they ended up botching the game. As it stands, it is quite bad, but if you set it to medium motivation it is again decent, though lacking responsiveness, the player weight and movement physics are back.

    Just hope the same doesn't happen to PES 2015, which is brilliant. Good demo and review code/launch game, but Konami need to be careful when patching it.
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  • Video: See how Another World 20th Anniversary Edition shapes up to the original

  • freedumb 26/06/2014


    Same here. I prefer the jagged edges. It's more evocative of the early 90s feel.

    Still nice to have both though.
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  • Grid Autosport is the Codemasters racing game you've been waiting for

  • freedumb 22/04/2014

    hope it is essentially toca race driver 4, the game i've wanted since for a long time. The previous 3 were a really fun and authentic mix between sim and arcade (in 3 you could choose between the two typess of handling), lots of varied disciplines, race flag rules and a great damage system.

    Will the handling kill it though like the previous 2 grids?
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  • Codemasters announces Grid Autosport, cockpit cam returns

  • freedumb 22/04/2014

    hope it is essentially toca race driver 4, the game i've wanted since for a long time. The previous 3 were a really fun and authentic mix between sim and arcade (in 3 you could choose between the two typess of handling), lots of varied disciplines, race flag rules and a great damage system.

    Will the handling kill it though like the previous 2 grids?
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  • The Wolf Among Us, Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors review

  • freedumb 11/02/2014

    @Kroogah Agree. Fables is far more interesting than the walking dead so these endless comparisons are a bit off imo. Reply +4
  • Back from the dead: MX vs. ATV

  • freedumb 02/01/2014


    Think it was motocross madness 2 demo by rainbow studios on pc with an open world on sand dune style mountains, the demo was awesome.
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  • The Wolf Among Us, Epsiode 1: Faith review

  • freedumb 11/10/2013

    As I said before, I always thought a Fables tv show would appear before a game. Reply +1
  • The play's the thing

  • freedumb 31/08/2013

    Gameplay systems should usually be prioritised over story. You should play to the strengths of the medium. A good plot and/or atmosphere is the icing on the cake. Reply +7
  • Gitaroo Man retrospective

  • freedumb 04/08/2013

    @ant72 Thats the one I remember, playing the demo with that great soundtrack. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 party chat, online apps won't require Plus subscription

  • freedumb 29/07/2013


    I played PES 5 and 6 on the PS2 online, using Konami's servers. I'm currently playing PES 2012 and 2013 online, using Konami's servers.

    So unless its a 1st party game, developers are using their own servers.

    The server argument can't be used for the paywall for basic online play.
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  • freedumb 29/07/2013

    If I don't want a rental service/sharing, why can't I just play the games I bought online? The game developers have their own servers for online games, just like they did on the Dreamcast/PS2/PS3/Wii/WiiU/PC and even xboxes.

    You should have a choice to sign up to a pay service with exclusive benefits such as rentals, discounts, but you shouldn't be forced to pay for basic online play, its irritating.
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  • How Gran Turismo 6's handling changes everything

  • freedumb 04/07/2013


    A number of them have their pros and cons.

    Netkar Pro (and its upcoming sequel Assetto Corsa)
    Rfactor 2
    Rfactor (with the best mods)
    GT Legends
    GTR 2
    RACE 07 and all expansions
    Project CARS
    R3E (aka Raceroom Racing Experience)
    GP Legends

    GT is good for road car physics, but race cars have usually been a different matter.
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  • Driver: San Francisco dev reportedly working on a racing game called The Crew

  • freedumb 29/05/2013

    Driver SF - one of the best, most varied and inventive games this gen, the game was full of good ideas, single and multiplayer. Reply +3
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day creators get together for Director's Commentary over a decade after release

  • freedumb 29/05/2013

    Gameplay wise, it was better than banjo kazooie because it was objective-based platforming, rather than collectahon-based, nothing wrong with the latter, just that it was overdone and got boring in the banjo games.

    Level design was also very good, its one of the best platformers imo.

    A number of the jokes and spoofs were funny, others immature in hindsight.
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  • Microsoft moots IllumiRoom with next Xbox

  • freedumb 30/04/2013


    Not a killer device, not for everyone, not for every game... but cool nonetheles...

    If they get it right, there might be a market for this.
    Agree, I think its a great idea. It may not the for everyone but that doesn't mean its automatically rubbish.

    I sometimes play racing sims with steering wheels, some people don't have room, coffee tables/wheel stands or the desire to spend on a wheel. Fair enough, doesn't make it a terrible thing though for those who want it.

    I like the idea of real-time peripheral vision in maybe being used for Forza to see around you while in cockpit view, without the need for 3 screens.

    As has been mentioned, if it was Sony or Nintendo showcasing this it would get far less surprising vitriol.

    Its an interesting idea that could enhance gaming for those that are interested.
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  • Quantic Dream: In pursuit of, and setting, a Hollywood precedent

  • freedumb 25/04/2013

    I don't want to play interactive movies. I want to play games, that you know, play to the strengths of the medium and focus on interesting and compelling gameplay systems rather than the indulgent aspirations of wannabe movie directors. Reply +1
  • BioShock Infinite: America's Fairground

  • freedumb 06/04/2013


    Its not the quick time events I'm speaking about, its the general gameplay; the fact that you could walk around the world, properly investigate it, speak to people, look for clues to your objectives and engage in various activities while doing so.

    In that sense it felt as if the designers were using more of the world that they had built. QTE's just added flavour, love them or loathe them, they weren't even popular at the time in many games.
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  • freedumb 05/04/2013


    A gameplay style for example in the mould of the Shenmue series would have made better use of the world, with some alteration in the story mechanics, imo.
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  • freedumb 05/04/2013

    I'm in more agreement with the 'Museum Piece' paragraphs than I am with the main article.

    Because the "game" part of Bioschock Infinite does not match up to the aim of adding political and philosophical discussion, and the artistry that went into building the world. For me its style over substance, because the gameplay system is not complex, interesting or inventive enough to match all the visual posturing. Few games have managed to match the two elements together, and this one is not one of them.
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  • Telltale Games details new series The Wolf Among Us

  • freedumb 01/04/2013


    Yeah it is a shame, the Fables content is far richer and if done right it could be big, in a Heroes sort of way.
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  • freedumb 28/03/2013

    Thought a Fables tv series would happen before a videogame, slightly surprising. Reply 0
  • Inside Japan's indie scene

  • freedumb 29/03/2013

    What's Ruud Gullit doing there? Reply +27
  • The Naughty Dog difference

  • freedumb 15/02/2013


    'I think the world of Jak and Daxter is Naugty Dog's finest creation.'

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  • Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two review

  • freedumb 22/11/2012

    Don't really trust Eurogamer's review on this one, as evidenced by the first game. Reply -3
  • Back on track: the UK racing scene revival

  • freedumb 21/11/2012


    MX vs ATV Reflex had a real time surface deformation system that affects handling, but you're right, that team deserves an honourable mention. They have been bought by and folded into Codemasters though.
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  • FIFA 13 review

  • freedumb 20/09/2012


    "Broken" is a strawman argument. PES's team AI and defensive AI are quite good, in fact FIFA has now improved its attacking AI in response to PES. Physicality is not broken, but FIFA's animations make it look better, and the jostling for headers is better in FIFA, but PES' stats of body balance, jump and heading still have a big effect. Shooting was Tom's opinion, it has a big stat-driven influence, which also relies on ball physics, and body position.

    PES' pronunced stat application makes the player individuality function at a much higher level than FIFA, as well as movement physics of momentum/inertia and the deep application of the tactics/strategy options.

    Both games are fun in different ways.
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  • PES 2013 review

  • freedumb 18/09/2012


    Its personal opinion as to the views of development and complacency. IMO PES has always focused on developing the unglamourous things in football, like AI, player individuality, tactical depth, movement physics (momentum/inertia etc.), with a compromise having to be made with less fluid animations; while FIFA's engine is built mainly for the visually smooth animations, but the actual depth of the game beneath the surface isn't as prominent as in PES. Thats why Tom says it simulates the fluid, energetic nature of football, but not the nitty gritty, earthy, difficult details that PES does.

    PES 2008 was the only really complacent one, in each game since PES 2009, whether people have liked it or not with the accusations of animation rigidity, there's always been new ideas and development, starting with the heavier weighted ball physics and contextual dribbling in 2009, a more developed first touch system in 2010, hold up defensive play in 2011, better developed team AI in 2012 with zero assistance passing melding freedom with pronounced stat influence and more. Funny that FIFA is incorporating these things as well if there has been no development whatsoever in PES.

    PES 2008-2010 was built using the modified PS2 engine, 2011 was a new engine for the 360/pS3 refined in 2012 and now in 2013. Before 2013 was even finished they have been working with Kojima's team using the new Fox Engine to modify it to PES 2014+, so there'll be no catchup to the next gen like last time, they seemed to have learnt their lesson on that one.
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  • freedumb 18/09/2012

    One of the biggest changes comes in defence, where PES has now joined FIFA in switching from pressing to containment as the primary means of holding off the opposition.

    Hold up play first appeared in PES 2011, its in the controls/command list. It was in a fledgling state, but a start and was refined in 2012 and now 2013.

    PES has always been bravely reluctant to let you actually score, but it still feels a little artificial.
    Thats because stats of individual players have a greater effect on shooting. It seems to be a closer nod to realism.

    FIFA may be at the height of its powers, a wonderful simulation of football at its most fluid and energetic, but PES 2013 is just as entertaining for different reasons.
    It's about keeping possession, tracking runs, overloading full-backs, switching systems and the majesty of the well-contested nil-nil draw. Once you master the close-control trigger and start learning other button combos, it also reveals its flashy side. Just like the old days, you can't just pick it up and play it effectively, but if you persist then you'll discover something very special.
    Brilliant comment, both games aim for different sides of the game; but PES has lots of depths to plunder if you stick with it and learn it, spot on.
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  • PES gets officially licensed Brazilian teams for the first time

  • freedumb 24/08/2012

    gameplay was clunky compared to fifa
    Thats because in real life not everyone can dribble like messi and stats are being translated onto the pitch in terms of dribbling, ball control, movement and more.

    They could make it as 'fluid' as fifa but they'd have to minimize the effect of stats and differences in players, like fifa has done.
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  • Retrospective: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

  • freedumb 19/08/2012

    I never finished the original Banjo because it was too much of a collectathon rather than a level design based challenge like Marios and the Jak and Daxter series.

    With Nuts & Botls, its good that they did't simply make Banjo-Threeie and went for something new, and it worked. Its one of the the most inventive and interesting games of this console generation, objective and challenge based with the vehicle design, more games like this please. Unfortunately they don't sell, so we'll see more Call of Honor: Medal of Duty games en masse.
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  • 10-year-long Civilisation 2 game offers grim outlook for mankind

  • freedumb 14/06/2012


    In general, I'd agree.

    But they did apparently do a decent job with Civilization Revolution on console.
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  • Sony's E3 2012 Conference

  • freedumb 05/06/2012

    sneak around, kill...
    sneak around, kill...
    scripted sequence
    sneak around, kill...
    sneak around, kill...
    scripted sequence

    ad infinitum

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  • freedumb 05/06/2012

    .......... Reply 0
  • Driver dev making an Xbox 360 Kinect game?

  • freedumb 06/02/2012


    It's just a bit of fun, don't get too hasty. Reminds me a bit of Digitiser as well, which could be a real laugh alongside the articles.
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  • Naughty Dog: A new Jak & Daxter would do "everyone a disservice"

  • freedumb 06/02/2012

    Not really surprised and had guessed as much with all their focus on Uncharted and now a new franchise.

    People don't want to play platformers any more, or anything approaching exploration and puzzle solving. As gaming gets even bigger and development costs grow even higher, it's all shooty-bang-bang from now on :/
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  • December PES 2012 patch notes

  • freedumb 05/12/2011


    Thats because eagle eyed players have realized how goalies are perfect in real life and never make mistakes. At all.

    If goalkeepers (which are fine imo) are really ruining the game for some, then maybe they should manually ctrl them instead of whinging.
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  • Jak and Daxter Collection dated and detailed

  • freedumb 21/11/2011

    Yeah a new Jak game is what I'd like too. Reply +4
  • SimBin's Race Injection out in UK next year

  • freedumb 04/11/2011

    This content package is good idea as it's excellent value for money for newcomers to the series., nothing wrong with generating more publicity for RACE 07 and its expansions.

    They've already announced that they are working on a new GTR.
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  • EA claims FIFA 12 outselling PES 25:1

  • freedumb 20/10/2011

    The people who think PES are crap are usually the ones who are not very good at the game. I have only fallen for the EA hype once and bought FIFA 09. Once the novelty of the animations wore off, the game revealed itself as a bug ridden, exploitable mess. The only truly awful PES was 2008, since then they have been rebuilding and improving and adding a lot of features that have also made their way into FIFA, as they did with the PS2 versions. Once you learn how to play them you'll realise the depth the PES games have always offered.

    There is room for 2 football games in the market, on its own terms PES still sells very well for a game that costs relatively little to make. It's not like its entered the charts in 40th.

    Apart from that one instance where sales were pretty much 1:1 and PES edged slightly ahead, PES 5/6 period, FIFA has always sold better. So this bragging is just embarrasing. Licences, gloss, presentation, that's what appeals to most gamers. You can easily get Option Files for PES that'll give you the same thing. I'll repeat, most who think PES is crap are probably not very good at football games, having not taken the time mater it. Tactical defending etc. which now apparently makes FIFA a" simulation" is already in PES, player individuality, AI, the works are all in PES, the unglamourous things that really affect the gameplay.

    If PES is arcade and FIFA is a simulation then I am King Kong :/
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  • PES 2012 release date announced

  • freedumb 28/07/2011

    sfp noodle, I think Konami are entitled to pick up on the good things that FIFA has included, after YEARS of FIFA pilfering their ideas. Basically a lot of what you now see in FIFA was already done in pes, even simple things like the control system, L1 one twos, triple tap crossing, finesse shot modifier etc. PES has been copied by FIFA for a long time, so its a bit rich to accuse Konami of doing the same!

    Even this year FIFA are talking about including tactical dribbling, Remember the R2 button from the PS days of PES? And the development of the d-pad contextual dribbling system from PES 2009 to today's versions. PES is the one actually leading, FIFA following, while admittedly including some good ideas itself as well that Konami are entitled to use as payback for all of their ideas that have crossed over to FIFA.
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  • freedumb 28/07/2011

    @EddieMink, he may overdo it at times, but in recent times I think the games have backed up his words, despite all the PR guff that goers with it :P

    See, that's exactly the kind of attitude PES is battling against. People giving up on the series before they've even played it :/ Konami haven't forgotten suddenly how to make a good football game. They are the pioneers. If you approach the games with the attitude of: 'What is Konami trying to achieve, how can I learn the game, master it' then you will enjoy them much more and see them for what they are; tactical and realistic football games.

    For example people champion FIFA, but in all these years they still haven't beaten PES in areas such as player individuality or tactical gameplan options which have a discernible effect on the pitch, both of which are crucial areas!

    Have you even played PES 2010 and 2011? Admittedly PES 2008 was turd, but you could see as far back in 2009 they started to turn it around again (despite the lack of polish and rigid animations) with the introduction of heavier weighted ball physics and d-pad contextual dribbling, developed and refined through the later versions; something which FIFA is now claiming to be an innovation in their 'Trinity' for this year.
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  • freedumb 28/07/2011

    Eddie Mink, the only absolute twaddle is that people seem to think the sun shines out of FIFA's backside and it is the perfect football game with no flaws whatsoever. Take away the gloss and the animations, for those who play real football you can clearly see which is the more realistic and tactical football game.

    Darthkebab you're right. Once you learn and master PES 2011 with extended play, you'll realize how amazing it is. Not just 5 minutes of the demo and thinking its crap.
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  • Codies ends PC, PS3 GRID online play

  • freedumb 17/06/2011

    And the prestige pack is limited to the PS3. Reply +2
  • FIFA 12 trailer shows new game tech

  • freedumb 17/06/2011


    youre right, interesting as it is, this real time physics/collision engine is primarily a visual/animation thing not really a gameplay thing. PES is the game making leaps and bounds in thr gameplay stage first,then animations second. Extended pay (doezens and dozens of hours, not just a quick go of the demo and deciding its crap without learning how to play it properly) and mastering the depths reveals the better football game.

    Also PES already has contextual dribbling and complex jinking with the left stick, its nothing new, yet people will come out and say FIFA keeps innovating and surpassing PES when a lot of its ideas are following from PES :/
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  • FIFA 12 trailer throws in gameplay

  • freedumb 03/06/2011

    tactical defending tracking system and the precision dribbling are already in PES :/ Reply +1
  • Official FIFA 12 reveal, details

  • freedumb 27/05/2011

    andijames Pes 2011 transformed the animation system completely and IMO the players look and move more realistically than FIFA's hunchbacked players. Fifa's animation transitions are smoother and PES still has to improve in that respect,but I'm not really sure you can rate FIFA''s AI as being superior. PES feels and plays more like real football, especially if you mess with wealth of tactical options available.

    The only strides forwards FIFA has really taken is in animations (on the pitch), if you look beneath the surface and the gloss, there is no way it even has the depth of a PES game, especially PES 2011.
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  • freedumb 27/05/2011

    If they bettered it in terms of being an easy pick up and play, pressure mad, through-ball-and score arcade game, then you're right.

    But as a football sim, tactically and realistically PES beats and Decks it in every respect. It is much (Deck)harder to get into and master, hence why a lot of people think it is crap, like the difficulty of PES 5.
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  • freedumb 27/05/2011

    'precision dribbling for tight control, tactical defending and pro player intelligence.'

    Already in PES 2011.

    The new real time physics engine sounds good, but when it comes down to it, its primarily an animation, not really a gameplay thing. They need to change a lot more than that to better PES.

    I still can't feel that much of a difference in stats on the pitch, whereas player individuality has been a hallmark of PES, even more so in the latest version.
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  • Full stereoscopic 3D hitting Xbox 360

  • freedumb 23/05/2011

    I know all you punks ain't gonna like the 3D.

    But don't be hatin on me, cos I like it you see.

    But only when I can afford a 3DTV.
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