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  • Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy

  • fillip 18/04/2009

    Do the levels that you create all have to use the collecting space junk mechanism or can you create a more trad shmup - anyone know? Reply 0
  • SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters

  • fillip 06/05/2007

    I agree with all of the points in the review - although I am yet to encounter the 9th floor bug - but strangely, am still really enjoying it. (Apparently, not everyone has experienced the 9th floor bug and the suggestion is a dodgy batch of cartridges is to blame rather than something within the game itself. The bug didn’t exist in the JP version.)

    They have changed the moment when cards are put in to freeze phase so a newly played card can't defend on its first turn. Initially, this grated as it seemed to give the player with the first turn a massive advantage. However, with all these new 'force’ points you can't just play your big hitting cards up front and must play in some smaller cards to build up your 'force', so playing second doesn’t mean an automatic loss. It kind of works but doesn't match the sleek simplicity of the NGPC version. The advantage of going first is greater than the first game but not insurmountable.

    Yes AI is a bit crap but I didn't think it was all that on NGPC - soak up a few hits and then launch a powerful combined attack for MASSIVE DAMAGE seemed to work for me.

    The story is awful but it just means that this game moves you from one card fight to the next without any of the exploration bits of the first - I guess you can decide for yourself how important the exploration was in the original and whether its omission is a game breaker.

    In summary: not as good as the original; slightly over-complicated, especially after the enjoyable simplicity of the original; but if you don’t try and play it like the original then, for some of us at least, good fun.

    / I reserve the right to completely change my opinion if my cart is bugged.
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  • New pic on

  • fillip 13/04/2005

    The red bit. Reply 0
  • El Matador

  • fillip 22/03/2005

    There is a bullfighting game, The Togyu (Sega 1984), and it is excellent. Give it a try on MAME or something. Reply 0