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  • Watch: Why I'm not sticking with No Man's Sky

  • dwalker109 26/08/2016

    @almondo I hope you do actually get lied to one day. For real. On that day you will gain such insight. Reply -2
  • dwalker109 25/08/2016

    @almondo Oh OK. You said earlier "And I didn't pay for it.".

    So you either haven't played it (which is fine, but makes your opinion less relevant than most) or your mum bought it for you (which is probably the most likely explanation, my apologies).
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  • dwalker109 25/08/2016

    @almondo No, cretin.

    How many other games have you stolen this week?
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  • dwalker109 25/08/2016

    @almondo Normally not a problem, but your confirmation bias and seeming support for piracy is frustrating.

    I also tire of your constant, baseless accusation that this site is corrupt and gets paid for good reviews, simply because you/Jim disagree with them.
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  • dwalker109 25/08/2016

    @dadrester GTA5 is amazing for this stuff. I recall stopping my car, pulling a farmer out of his tractor, and driving off it it. He followed me in my abandoned supercar, shooting at me. And killed me.

    It was incredible.

    But of course, GTA5 cost millions of pounds to make, and took a team of hundreds 5 years.
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  • dwalker109 25/08/2016

    @almondo You sound just like the last guy who took that view. Where is he now, eh?

    And serious - did you spend Ł50 on it? Did you play it? So don't read the "bullshit reviews on here", and just fuck off to Jim Sterling's sweaty teat.
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  • dwalker109 25/08/2016

    @almondo Imagine that, a difference of opinion. Reply +7
  • dwalker109 25/08/2016

    Thing is though, Johnny has obviously played and enjoyed the game to a point. He has then tired of it. Isn't that normally the way? You can play 6 hours of Call of Duty, enjoy it, and then move on - then doesn't make CoD shit, and it doesn't make it overpriced. I can think of many games which I enjoyed and then tired of. Sometimes before the campaign ended, sometimes after.

    I've played probably 10, 15 hours of NMS. I am enjoying it. I'm sure I will tire of it before I hit 30. That's really not bad.

    I don't get the belief some people have that if a game does not have a drip feed of new content, 100's of hours of lifespan and features coming out of its arse, then it must be shit.
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  • A new PC mod fixes one of No Man's Sky's most frustrating traits

  • dwalker109 23/08/2016

    @DrStrangelove ... at some point. We really have no idea why it isn't that way now. We can only speculate. Reply 0
  • dwalker109 23/08/2016

    @TheTingler Time, money, priorities.

    But mainly vision. If Hello Games had wanted low level flight they would have done it that way.

    Fwiw, I would like to see it implemented, plus hovering/reversing. We shall see.
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  • No Man's Sky is a fine example of one type of game (but many people were expecting another)

  • dwalker109 22/08/2016

    @almondo I got exactly what I believed I was getting, because I'm an intelligent human being who can differentiate between a preview and a promise.

    The internet really is a virulent cesspool of childish tears isn't it. They didn't make an MMO, they were never making an MMO, get over it.

    This shit reminds me of the Witcher 3 "downgrade" whining all over again. Utterly ridiculous.
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  • dwalker109 20/08/2016

    Great read. Which has flown over the heads of many already, it seems.

    The irony in requesting a "proper" article on NMS instead of this is brilliant!
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  • Watchdog investigates Future merger with Imagine

  • dwalker109 22/08/2016

    @Zomoniac I love Edge, and the visual design, and the covers - but bear in mind that one is a subscriber's cover, which is always different to the newstand version and contains barely any promo stuff. Reply 0
  • Disgruntled No Man's Sky players thrust Sony's PS4 refund policy back into the spotlight

  • dwalker109 19/08/2016

    Part of the issue here is that is almost impossible to provide a warranty on software - EULAs routinely exclude pretty much everything beyond "it is compiled for platform X and is compatible with the stated system".

    A big part of this is the complexity of computer software, and the difficulty in drawing a line as to what is commonly accepted as "good enough". Does a single crash rule it out? Two? Three? The sort of QA needed to ensure zero crashes would make games completely impossible to fund, and is nigh on impossible on open platforms like PC. Ignoring this reality is bad form from Sony and I would like to see them address it.

    Demanding a refund because you don't like a game is ridiculous though. Steam offer this, great, but it really isn't anti consumer to not offer it. I've been reading reviews since the 1980s because making an informed decision is your own responsibility.
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  • No Man's Sky offers new PC patch beta

  • dwalker109 17/08/2016

    @-TheDarkSide- Because it was wall to wall drivel. I'm surprised at the removal but I won't shed a tear. He's free to go complain on PC Gamer's forum or something. Reply -2
  • dwalker109 17/08/2016

    @IronSoldier Great post lad, gold.

    Shhhh baby is ok.
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  • dwalker109 17/08/2016

    @IronSoldier Mmhmmm. Do the constant negative votes you get not even give you pause for thought though? It isn't people disagreeing with your point of view, it is people essentially marking your writing as drivel to be ignored.

    God knows why I end up clicking the "show" link on every post you write. It's like watching a car crash.
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  • dwalker109 17/08/2016

    @IronSoldier Not irrational or angry. Not actually disagreeing with your opinion of the game either (though I do disagree). Saddened by the embarrassing crusade you boys are on, bemused by your love of Jim Sterling, unsurprised by your use of ridiculous phrases such as butthurt (homophobic), fantard (just nasty and akin to calling someone a spastic) and gg (moronic).

    Foul mouthed though, for sure, unless you have a mental age of 12 or above and can take a bit of swearing.

    You massive bellend.
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  • dwalker109 16/08/2016

    I hope everything you bunch of whiners attempt in the course of your joyless, negative lives is offered as much scorn, mistrust and derision as you dole out to game devs on a daily basis.

    Having an opinion about the state of a released game is one thing, assuming every bug was either put their intentionally or ignored because the devs are a bunch of greedy fucking cunts is ridiculous.
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  • Watch: We play No Man's Sky on PC locked to 4K 60fps

  • dwalker109 15/08/2016

    The comments on all these articles are still full of fucking inane playground format battles I see.

    Thing is @IronSoldier , the narrative you are pushing (basically that everybody who own a PlayStation and this game sent death threats to Sean Murray and was involved in an organised DDoS attack in order to silence Jim "more embarrassing than Brexit" Stirling) is just ... stupid. You claim you don't care what people think about you, you claim you aren't behaving like a rabid dog - but you are. Over and over again. It is poisonous and dragging everything down into partisan childish bullshit constantly.

    Btw, whether he really got DDoS's is questionable at best. He published a review very early, he got a Reddit kiss of death. He got traffic which his hosts have claimed was organised sabotage but TBH, there is no evidence of this in his explanation of events. His hosts are probably just shit and covering their tracks. A tech's hypothesis turns to fact very quick when he's trying to explain why stuff has fallen over.

    I know there is no point calling you out in this but leaving this shit unchallenged is worse. I will continue to do it. This is not about liking No Man's Sky or not. This is about running these comment threads into the ground.
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  • Watch: Seven things we learned playing No Man's Sky

  • dwalker109 13/08/2016

    TBH Johnny, we'll probably just bicker about PS4 performance and PC bugs in here instead. Reply +15
  • No Man's Sky isn't going over well on Steam

  • dwalker109 13/08/2016

    @Nodka If you are making s game for PC and PS4, OpenGL is a much saner choice than DirectX. From a code perspective, anyway. Reply -1
  • No Man's Sky's PC settings revealed

  • dwalker109 12/08/2016

    @IronSoldier OK, here we go:

    Ha ha, {video game X} has the temerity to perform poorly on some of the (literally) millions of PC configuration combinations out there. Many will have old drivers, libraries or OS files. Some will be bang up to date. Bugs in the bespoke engine will be fixed, probably quite fast.

    Regardless of this, there will be a shitstorm and the developers will be accused of dishonesty/laziness/greed.

    How did I do?
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  • dwalker109 12/08/2016

    @IronSoldier Is this the part where I gloat? That's a thing apparently. Reply 0
  • Outcast remake heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in March

  • dwalker109 12/08/2016

    Excited for this. I find myself restarting the PC original every 5 years or so and then giving up because it has dated a lot.

    Looks like I remember it aged 15, which is great :)
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  • No Man's Sky review

  • dwalker109 12/08/2016

    @bauhaus Probably because they cut the MMO part out and downgraded the visuals.

    Oh wait...
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  • dwalker109 12/08/2016

    @IronSoldier I'm not attempting to deride Sterling's entire review, not at all. There is nothing wrong with his review (though that particular point - dinosaur riding - did strike me as daft).

    You'll note that I've made no attempt to question anybody's negative opinion of a divisive game. How much you enjoy it depends very much on whether you buy into the central premise of exploring something vast, and whether the mechanics are something you enjoy or not.

    The technical limitations may or may not affect your enjoyment of the game - they don't bother me, but I accept the cost/benefit tradeoff inherent in these things. YMMV.

    I say this as somebody who has actually played it, btw. Being so partisan about something you have not experienced is a little odd. I don't know why you are so invested in it, tbh.
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  • dwalker109 12/08/2016

    Great review. No agenda, not burdened by expectations. Not dismissive because you can't ride a dinosaur.

    I don't quite understand how the usual suspects still can't accept that some people have different opinions to them on this, but believe it or not, quite a lot of us really like No Man's Sky. I have wanted to play it for years, and I am happy to pay Ł50 to do so.

    Attaching arbitrary numbers to the score is the domain of fools, which is why Eurogamer ditched it, very successfully.
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  • Tech Analysis: No Man's Sky

  • dwalker109 11/08/2016

    When did "salty" start to be used by annoying cunts to mean "bitter"? I mean, it makes no sense? Salt isn't bitter, is it?

    Oh, gamergate. Now I remember.
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  • "Cosmic emperor" Bill Bailey promoting No Man's Sky in the UK

  • dwalker109 10/08/2016

    @IronSoldier I don't think "professing mild amusement" really covers it. Smiling while making a point doesn't excuse being a bore.

    It's just constant. I know you're going for chin stroking intellectual but you're coming across like the worst kind of elitist. Surely you can recognise this?
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  • dwalker109 10/08/2016

    @IronSoldier Bizarre how? Misplaced how? Reply +3
  • dwalker109 10/08/2016

    @IronSoldier When you run Sony, you can choose to edit your PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS as you see fit, warts and all. Until then, engage your brain and have a think about how marketing works in a capitalist society keen to turn a profit.



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  • Performance Analysis: No Man's Sky

  • dwalker109 09/08/2016


    So then,

    - obsessing over a build for a console he deems beneath him
    - has an emotional response to a games console
    - has a protective instinct towards another gaming platform
    - thinks that most of us give a shit about ultrawide monitors or FOV sliders, forgetting that most of us have more in our houses than a sparse BATTLESTATION and wanking sock
    - isn't a games developer and is the worst kind of critic (no critique, just criticism)

    In short, yet another annoying ejaculation all over the comments from this clown.

    I don't want to be mean, but I like reading the comments here, and you are tiresome. Please son, tone it down a bit. Get some perspective.
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  • Our No Man's Sky review will be late, and here's why

  • dwalker109 08/08/2016

    Sure, games used to be be "finished" and shipped.

    They also used to be much smaller in scope and complexity.

    They also often still shipped with game breaking bugs.

    They often still got patched, on PC at least. Though that usually meant being sent a floppy disk in the post after phoning tech support.

    I have 2Mbps internet, and even I cope with Witcher 3 style mega patches. It is a bit annoying, but I deal with it.

    Broadband internet is considered an essential part of modern life (there is a government investment scheme trying to make sure this happens), so I think it is reasonable that video games also consider an internet connection essential.

    And yes, this means that the disc version that the vocal minority insist on is basically a waste of plastic, and that the game probably won't be playable in its current form in 10 years or so. Meh.
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  • Just Cause 3 revisited: has performance got better or worse?

  • dwalker109 05/08/2016

    @FMV-GAMER Frankly, the vast majority of us play on consoles because we don't have a problem with performance most of the time, or we don't notice, or one of many other criteria beyond the FPS, resolution etc.

    Without wanting to be mean about it - the "PC Master Race" persecution complex you have is pretty much self invented.

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  • Pokémon Go developer explains why it shut down third-party apps

  • dwalker109 05/08/2016

    I think that everybody is pretty quick to jump to the conclusion that the devs must be lying about this. They are running a phenomenally popular game, so I think is reasonable to assume their infrastructure is absolutely getting hammered.

    Don't underestimate how hard it is to scale this stuff - there are bottlenecks all over the place, for sure. Like it or not, if you want to play, you do it on their terms. And the 3rd party sites are clearly outside of the ToS. Surely nobody is surprised?
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  • XCOM 2 delayed three weeks on console

  • dwalker109 05/08/2016

    I don't think they stated it was "exclusive" - it was that they were developing for PC. No console versions were in development. Which was probably true, since it has taken a while to get console builds done (runs on Unreal I think). Reply +3
  • The Eurogamer Podcast #12 - Pokémon Go and Richard Garriott's bodily fluids

  • dwalker109 02/08/2016

    Always enjoy the podcast, thanks chaps!

    Glad you guys have stopped trying to bleep out swearing (in general) - it's puerile, I'm puerile, we all spend our time swearing at each other in the comments anyway, we can handle it.
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  • Abzu review

  • dwalker109 02/08/2016

    @Zidargh You're right, it was pretty derogatory. There is a distinction though between marketing (in its various guises) and SEO (working out how to game Google's algorithms this week). It is the latter I have a big issue with, because it is a race to the bottom which preys on misinformation and superstition. Reply 0
  • dwalker109 02/08/2016

    @Zidargh "SEO Executive", a great self appointed title for the guys who used to call themselves marketing assistants. Reply +5
  • Destiny fans despair as latest patch causes Beaver errors

  • dwalker109 28/07/2016

    "Bungo hasn't been able to fix it in over 12hrs"

    Fucking go outside for a bit, or read a book, or play one of the many, many other games available.
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  • NX is different, and different is Nintendo's best option

  • dwalker109 28/07/2016

    Great piece. I'm really excited for NX, assuming the rumours are accurate. Sure, it's not the traditional PS4 competitor that the vocal minority are clamouring for, but as a sort of DS/Wii hybrid (with relatively modern visuals) it's a fabulous idea. Reply +11
  • I am Setsuna review

  • dwalker109 19/07/2016

    @jabberwoky It's pointless selling more copies though, if the act of distributing them means you make even less return than you would otherwise. That's the issue here. Nobody makes these games purely out of love.

    One other point I would make is that even a disc in your collection really means nothing these days. I bought Witcher 3 on disc because I have awful internet and didn't fancy a 20GB download.

    After putting the disc in, it starting downloading a 20GB patch anyway. All my disc does is makes a noise when I boot the game.
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  • Face-Off: Carmageddon: Max Damage

  • dwalker109 18/07/2016

    @chris1479 You have no idea how much of a moron that comment makes you look, do you?

    If you want to say whatever you like to whoever you like, nobody is stopping you. But that doesn't make you "non PC", it just makes you a bit of an oaf.
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  • dwalker109 18/07/2016

    @chris1479 I despise the term "politically correct". The only people who use it are the ones who want to cry and moan when more thoughtful people point out that their words are poison. Reply +6
  • dwalker109 18/07/2016

    @carmagainagain He certainly comes across as a bit of a dick. I think there is a difference between homophobia and being foolish enough to use certain words without understanding/caring that they are loaded with history - but regardless of that, I still didn't like the tone.

    If I had been on the receiving end of abuse though, I might very well not take such a dispassionate view - as a hetero white male, I don't get a lot of abuse, obviously. Which means we often struggle to understand stuff like this.
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  • dwalker109 18/07/2016

    I always found Carmageddon conceptually unpleasant. Even more so now, in light of what happened last week.

    I'm not decrying it btw, or suggesting we should BAN THIS SICK FILTH.
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  • Xbox One S 2TB launch date 2nd August

  • dwalker109 18/07/2016

    @Dingbot_Frog_13 Alright, give it a rest son, you think XBox is a great brand. Enough. Reply +5
  • Looks like the original Dead Rising is headed to PS4

  • dwalker109 18/07/2016

    This always really appealed to me back when I first got a 360 (2009), but I never actually played it. Played the DR2 "prequel" and didn't like it much, and DR3 didn't interest me.

    DR1 though - I'd be up for that.
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  • Grow Up out 16th August

  • dwalker109 18/07/2016

    @bf Fair enough. I felt there was plenty of game there myself - simple overall objectives, a few simple mechanics, tiny bit of story to tie it together. Felt quite old fashioned in many ways, which was nice. Reply 0