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  • Call of Duty: WW2 gets reveal trailer and release date

  • dsmx 26/04/2017

    There are so many places in the world combat occurred in in WW2 yet we only ever seem to get the ones the American soldiers appeared in. Would it kill them to to a bit more adventurous, say the British and Indian forces in Burma? Reply +36
  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 review

  • dsmx 25/04/2017

    @frazzl I'm not sure it's even worth doing that, might as well go get Sniper Elite 4 instead. Reply +4
  • dsmx 25/04/2017

    Within 250m doesn't strike me as sniping since modern assault rifles are designed to engage targets up to 300m away. So in the end you have a sniping game with targets at distances that no sniper would be used at, utterly pointless game.

    To me it means that sniping in this is worse than the first far cry released 13 years ago and the first sniper elite, released 12 years ago.
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  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 3's multiplayer mode isn't in the game at launch

  • dsmx 25/04/2017

    @FallingStickman to be fair to them, what's the point in releasing multiplayer if the load times are 5 minutes? Nobody is going to want to wait that long to get into a game, hell you could probably play a round of COD with sniper rifles only in less time than it takes to load this turd of a game. Reply +2
  • dsmx 25/04/2017

    The only people who will see this statement are people who visit game sites and people like us have seen this kind of statement so often that we already know they are utter bullshit and what they actually mean.

    To me this indicates that they think that were idiots who will fall for the same lies time and again and judging by the fact ubisoft games keep selling, maybe they are right.
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  • Older iPhone, iPad games now warn they'll soon become obsolete

  • dsmx 11/04/2017

    When is Septemer eurogamer? Reply +4
  • Destiny 2 teaser shows the Tower going up in flames

  • dsmx 30/03/2017

    I suppose this means we can look forward to another 18 months of destiny articles from eurogamer then? Reply 0
  • BioWare issues statement on Mass Effect Andromeda future

  • dsmx 30/03/2017

    @laimis911 in what way is it great?

    It's not better than previous titles in the series and it's not a better game than Zelda, Horizon, Persona 5 or Yakuza.
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  • dsmx 30/03/2017

    Working around the clock doesn't improve quality, it just means it's not finished. Reply +5
  • BioWare mulls Mass Effect Andromeda animation, character creator improvements

  • dsmx 22/03/2017

    Save your money, get Horizon or play zelda but don't give any EA for this crappy imitation of mass effect made by bioware's C team. Reply +2
  • Big No Man's Sky update out this week

  • dsmx 08/03/2017

    @wibbl The lesson I learned is that my opinion that all procedurally generated games are shit still holds true. Reply -20
  • Switch has redesigned portable gaming forever

  • dsmx 08/03/2017

    You spend over 300 for it and a game and you get a system with dodgy screens that nintendo say is normal, dodgy joy cons that nintendo don't want to admit is an issue, a lack of games because nintendo launched it to early, a charging port on the bottom of the system so you can't stand it on a surface and charge, a battery life that isn't that great and a dock that scratches the screen.

    Yeah it might be really good but right now to some people but for me it needs hardware upgrades and software to become a worthwhile portable gaming system and that kills it in my eyes. It doesn't matter how good zelda is if there's nothing else on it worth playing for 6 months.

    That how I see the system right now, if your enjoying the switch have fun but I see nothing of value in it right now.
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  • Nintendo Switch review

  • dsmx 01/03/2017

    @Hellotherenow If any of those games were coming to the Switch, Nintendo would be shouting from the rooftops. Reply +2
  • dsmx 01/03/2017

    @OnlyJoeKing Why do you disagree then?

    The switch is not especially portable and the battery life isn't any better than the vita battery life at launch which was moaned about when that came out.

    The ps4 and the One which are both more powerful, cheaper to buy with a AAA game and have a far bigger game selection with controllers that are cheaper to replace. So value has to be called into question as well.

    I remain unconvinced that the switch is going to sell to anyone else other than the same people who bought the wiiu. Which does make me question how many people will actually buy a switch at launch when the WiiU will play it as well.
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  • dsmx 01/03/2017

    For me it's a jack of all trades and master of none and the only way that works is if it's good enough at everything, which it isn't.

    It's too big and too power hungry to be a portable system, it's not powerful enough to be a home console, it's too expensive right now to be a second console, the pro controller price is extortionate and the built in storage is insultingly small.
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  • Peter Moore leaving EA to take up CEO position at Liverpool FC

  • dsmx 28/02/2017

    Sounds like a good fit with Liverpool, produces good games every now and then but the best years are behind them. Reply +14
  • Escaping Skyrim's shadow

  • dsmx 27/02/2017

    The only way it will escape it's shadow is a new game engine. Reply +1
  • In Theory: How AMD's Ryzen will disrupt the gaming CPU market

  • dsmx 19/02/2017

    I really hope that AMD actually release something compelling this time, I'm still running an i5 2500k and intel have yet to release anything since then that justifies upgrading it....Well not something that justifies me rebuilding the computer entirely since intel graciously decided to change the motherboard socket after the ivybridge processors despite the lack of extra processor grunt. Reply +3
  • Nintendo Switch system features shown off in video

  • dsmx 17/02/2017

    @Arkona The only microsd cards with large capacities that are stupidly cheap are the ones with slow transfer speeds. Reply +2
  • Here's our first look at FIFA on Switch

  • dsmx 15/02/2017

    @VideoGameAddict25 Twice as many, plus the system itself compared to the versions on the PS4 and Xbox One. Reply 0
  • Watch Dogs 2 had "soft" launch sales but Ubisoft happy with franchise

  • dsmx 09/02/2017

    The main problem with ubisoft titles is every open world game world they do has exactly the same features and the setting is literally the only thing that changes. Reply +4
  • PS4 Pro boost mode: a game-changer for unpatched titles?

  • dsmx 08/02/2017

    I wish I was in the beta for it, I have project cars and would love that performance boost for it. Also Just Cause is discounted on the PS4 store at the moment so it would be interesting to see a video of any improvements in that game. Reply 0
  • Can Horizon: Zero Dawn really be a AAA game without cynicism?

  • dsmx 30/01/2017

    @ProTw33ks The problem with EA is the sequels to all the new IP's they made in the last 10 years or so have all been terrible. Reply -1
  • Punching Nazis

  • dsmx 28/01/2017

    Almost everyone can agree that Nazis are evil, you just need to put a swastika on something and everyone knows instantly you need to eliminate it. Makes it piss easy to make a video game villain with very little effort. Reply +5
  • Face-Off: Resident Evil 7

  • dsmx 27/01/2017

    TIL that DF consider going from 1920x1080 to 2240x1260 which provides nearly 750,000 more pixels on screen a small resolution increase. Reply -2
  • The race for 4K: how Project Scorpio targets ultra HD gaming

  • dsmx 24/01/2017

    None of this talk matters though, in the end it will come down to price and with 4K60 possible on the PC but requiring either dropping down the quality settings or a seriously expensive PC something is going to have to give with Scorpio. It's either going to be hugely expensive, as in northwards of 500-700 and/or Microsoft will be heavily subsidizing it in some way. Reply -2
  • Watch: Here's how switching the Nintendo Switch works

  • dsmx 13/01/2017

    Still don't see a compelling reason for people to ditch their PS4/One for this and at that price point they need people to ditch them. That price won't get impulse purchases and it's not a novelty either since the wiiu did something very similar.

    The games aren't that bad, but I don't see anything there that will compel people to buy a Switch and I don't see enough games in that release list to make people that hopeful for the future either.

    It won't wow people with it's graphics, or it's online service and so I can only conclude from this right now that the Switch is going to be lucky to sell more than the WiiU.
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  • Sources: Microsoft and Platinum part ways on Scalebound, development ceased

  • dsmx 09/01/2017

    @rep- They got to finish their games before they were shut. Reply -1
  • dsmx 09/01/2017

    I remember people being very hopeful on this one, ah well at least sony tend to see through titles come what may. Reply 0
  • In Theory: Can AMD Ryzen break the Intel CPU monopoly?

  • dsmx 08/01/2017

    @_TheDarkSide_ I wouldn't get carried away on the scorpio it will either have performance slightly ahead of the pro or it will be far more expensive than anyone will be willing to pay. Reply -1
  • dsmx 08/01/2017

    The last processor intel genuinely pushed things forward with outright power was the sandybridge line of processors. Intel simply aren't pushing processing power forward as they have no need to because of the piss poor competition AMD are offering.

    As DF showed the other day the 2500K when OC is still a viable competitor to even the latest i7 line of processors, a 5 year old design should not be able to do that.

    I'm still running the i5 2500K, I got it when the ivybrdige line came out and didn't push things forward, every new generation since I've hoped intel would push processing grunt forward and they still haven't. We're now up to the 7000 line of processors and they still aren't pushing things forward in the desktop space. Laptop processors have improved immensely since the 2000 line but still on deskptop processors there's been no significant improvement in 5 years now.

    AMD get your thumb out your arse and offer intel some proper competition.
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  • Intel Kaby Lake: Core i5 7600K review

  • dsmx 04/01/2017

    So if I'm looking at that right this new processor in games world is not appreciably better than a i5 2500k OC to 4.2 GHz, a processor released Q1 2011. AMD for fuck sake will you release something that actually competes with intel properly, it's been 5 years now since intel actually pushed desktop processors forward.

    When I got the 2500k, just after the benchmarks for the intel ivy series was launched I didn't think I'd still be using it now, yet here we are and unless AMD really up their game in games I'm going to be using it for at least another year.
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  • Ellie is the lead character in The Last of Us Part 2

  • dsmx 03/12/2016

    Initially I was a bit annoyed by the ending of last of us, then I thought about it for a bit. Oh yeah and obviously spoilers ahead.

    The ending is exactly what should of happened, Joel cares for Ellie like she was his own daughter by the end what he does is out of instinct for parents when their child is threatened.

    It's not helped when he discovers the people he's been trying to contact are no different in their motives than the people and clickers he's been fighting, willing to do anything to survive.

    Yes you can argue the philosophy of needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few. However, in this case what was left of Humanity worth saving?

    All the most beautiful and tranquil bits of the world were the areas where there were no humans.

    Also watching that video seems to indicate to me they are going after the fireflies. Which could make sense, they aren't going to give up on getting Ellie that cure is the ticket to getting anything and everything they could want.
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  • Why I think big console game sales are down

  • dsmx 30/11/2016

    The reason sales are down is because people have less money to spend and all these big games release at the same time and people don't have enough time to play through the last game they played. Reply +4
  • Sony PlayStation 4 Pro review

  • dsmx 07/11/2016

    So if we sum up, sony made a games console that has better gaming performance than the previous one. Reply +2
  • Sony edges closer to 50m PS4 sales, PSVR "on track"

  • dsmx 01/11/2016

    @Badcompany88 I wouldn't get your hopes up about the price of the switch, it will be 350. Reply -1
  • What Skyrim had that Fallout 4 lost

  • dsmx 27/10/2016

    The problem with Fallout 4 for me is Witcher 3 came out.

    Witcher 3 showed you could have a massive map, tons of quests with interesting characters, interesting combat with a beautiful and detailed game world with proper sized towns with hundreds of people walking around.

    Then we have Fallout 4.....which is none of those things. It's not that it's awful it's nothing in it is good enough. The quests are dull, the places are dull, the map is dull, the graphics are dated and it's frame rate is worse than Witcher 3.

    New Vegas could only get away with using the same game engine again because they crafted a fantastic quest line but the game still looked terrible and had really poor performance for how it looked.
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  • The making of The Witcher 3's greatest villain

  • dsmx 23/10/2016

    Is he a villain though? He's actually very helpful it's just his help takes what you say very literally. Reply 0
  • Civ 6 versus Civ 5: what a difference 200 turns make

  • dsmx 21/10/2016

    If your a fan of the series it's very important that it's reviewed in comparison to it's predecessor.

    When Civ 5 came out it was missing a ton of features that were in Civ 4 and it was only when Civ 5 had 2 expansion packs and some rebalancing of the game it became brilliant and that was some 3-4 years after release.
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  • Mafia 3 review

  • dsmx 12/10/2016

    Sounds like I made the right call waiting on this one, I'll ask for it for christmas by then the bugs should of been fixed.... Reply +13
  • FIFA 17 - the football game where you're better off letting the AI defend for you

  • dsmx 11/10/2016

    It's hard to talk about this without mentioning how excellent PES is this year, nearly got through my first season now in master league with default players.

    The frustration of the team not playing well together at the beginning has made way for delight as they learn to play together and you learn what the players are good at. Then you hit about 70 team work and they start making runs without you asking, defenders and midfielders pulling back into to gaps you left when you pulled a player out to close down an attacker. Keepers making strings of realistic, excellent saves and howlers when you have a crap one in goal.

    Then you start delving into the formation settings and setup the team to play the way you want, create on the fly attacking and defensive changes, it really nails that feeling of being an actual football manager trying to create your own play-style.

    Truly is a fantastic game.
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  • Sony PlayStation VR review

  • dsmx 05/10/2016

    Even if VR doesn't work out I can see it carving a big niche area in racing games. A decent VR headset is a far better solution and takes up far less space then having multiple monitors set up it should also require less system resources to run than a multimonitor setup. Reply +3
  • PES 2017 review

  • dsmx 19/09/2016

    Have 100 internet points for the subtitle eurogamer. Reply +3
  • Your original PS4 now supports HDR, but no games currently make use of it

  • dsmx 13/09/2016

    The problem with HDR is unless you have a HDR screen you won't see the benefits of it. Reply +2
  • Destiny just got a big pre-Rise of Iron update

  • dsmx 09/09/2016

    Heavon forbid making other weapons more effective, much easier to just nerf something that's actually decent. Reply -1
  • The battle to fix Britain's internet heats up

  • dsmx 06/09/2016

    I don't think openreach is entirely at fault here, there's very little incentice for ISP's to upgrade capacity when they can get away with advertising "up to" speeds.

    I think the simplest change would be to make ISP advertising state the minimum speed you can get. Advertising the up to speed is meaningless, internet providers should be forced to advertise based on the worst case scenario because then they'd be forced to actually upgrade their capacity.
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  • What happened to gaming's Waterworld?

  • dsmx 29/08/2016

    The beta was broken, it wasn't fixed by release and it only went downhill from there.

    It's strange really because Star trek online was also a bit broken at release, had a publisher that didn't think you needed to keep making content in an MMO to keep people playing and yet at the moment it's still going, it's one of the few F2P titles that actually feels like you can play it for free and it's about to launch on the consoles.

    Probably also helps that it's space combat is rather awesome if a little unrealistic in that it's more like flying a plane rather than a spaceship and the star trek license helps but it wouldn't be going this long if it was a bad MMO.
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB vs 6GB review

  • dsmx 27/08/2016

    @TallestJon96 I'm not sure you can call AMD a solid value option when the 460,470 and 480 cards all struggle to conclusively beat their equivalent nvidia cards that are 2 years older. Reply +2
  • dsmx 27/08/2016

    @neems It's even scarier thinking that the 970 came out nearly 2 years before the 480 and all AMD managed was to match it at the same price. Great work there AMD. Reply 0
  • dsmx 27/08/2016

    @raresmacovei Really? Because I just ventured onto ebuyer and the 480 was about 20 less than a 6 GB 1060. That's not 25% more expensive, that's barely 10% more expensive. Reply +3