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  • Nier: Automata DLC adds Square Enix and Platinum Games presidents as bosses

  • dominicwhite 25/04/2017

    @BatJoe Yes, great idea. Let's get the level designers, writers, voice actors and musicians to drop what they're doing and patch specific PC engine issues. That'll work out great for everyone involved, I'm sure. Reply +1
  • Nier: Automata director releases absurd pre-order video

  • dominicwhite 17/02/2017

    Yoko Taro popped into existence sometime around when the first Dog was created.

    We have done nothing to deserve Yoko Taro or dogs, but we should treasure them both.
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  • DoomRL roguelike attracts eye of Zenimax, may be shut down

  • dominicwhite 02/12/2016

    Nobody seems to be mentioning that DoomRL has been out for over 12 years now, and vastly predates Zenimax even owning the Doom license. Now is a hell of a time to go after one of the longest-standing and best-known fangames.

    Oh yeah, and that just ONE WEEK PRIOR, Id Software had openly endorsed Brutal Doom 64 (a full fan-remake of Doom64) so it could be nominated for an award at the VGAs. So this is inconsistent as well as dickish and wildly delayed.
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  • Arkane looking into Dishonored 2 PC performance complaints

  • dominicwhite 10/11/2016

    @wyp100 There's definitely something squirly with the TXAA antialiasing at launch and some hardware setups. I've got a brand new Nvidia card, and it haemmorages frames when TXAA is on for me and many others. Reply +8
  • dominicwhite 10/11/2016

    I figured out what the issue is, and for once it was by listening to that oft-awful Nvidia Experience app.

    Turns out that the default anti-aliasing the game uses (TXAA) even on Low detail presets is THE ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE HOG, and possibly just broken in general. Turn it down to FXAA High and you'll have a nice smooth game even with everything else up high.

    My GTX 1060 runs Doom 4 at Ultra, 1080p, 60fps unbroken. Same with Titanfall 2. Dishonored was hitting 15-20fps in places until I turned off TXAA. Still not solid 60 in busier scenes, but definitely most indoors areas now.

    Funny thing is that the TXAA performance drops were almost completely independent of any other setting. Drop it down to Low at 1600 x 900, and it still crawled so long as TXAA is on. So yeah, change that ONE SETTING and you'll be good. Hopefully they'll either fix it or patch in a better alternative somewhere between FXAA and TXAA.
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  • Brutal Doom 64 mod will launch next week

  • dominicwhite 25/10/2016

    It's also worth noting that while Brutal Doom 64 looks like a pretty cool remake-type mod, there's also Doom64 EX, a proper port of the N64 original to PC, done by Night Dive's engine-porting guru guy, Kaiser. The same person who brought us Turok HD.

    Interestingly, Doom64 EX has its own little modding scene too. There's a few new level-packs out there.

    Oh, and if you've never played Doom 64? You're in for a treat. It's kinda the missing link between Doom and Quake, with a darker atmosphere, broody ambient soundtrack and a lot of sneaky traps. According to the manual, it's also technically the true Doom 3, as it's set directly after Doom 2.
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  • The day I killed my hero

  • dominicwhite 09/03/2015

    To paraphrase Psychonauts: 'There's no I in Team, but there is one in Squish' Reply +2
  • Zombie Army Trilogy review

  • dominicwhite 04/03/2015

    This is a very strangely written review. It feels incredibly rushed, mentioning multiplayer only briefly in passing, which is bizarre considering that it's designed as a co-op game from the ground up.

    That's kinda like reviewing Left 4 Dead or Destiny based entirely on the weight of its singleplayer content and then just saying 'Oh, and it's much better with friends' in passing right near the end.

    Edit: Given that the review actively mentions deadlines, I guess it was rushed? That'd make sense.
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  • Watch Super Mario Sunshine running in 60fps, thanks to Dolphin emulator

  • dominicwhite 09/02/2015

    Edit: Looks like the post I was replying to disappeared.
    Ah well, if you want to see a nice Before/After comparison on the upgrade, Youtube can simulate the difference for you! Watch the video in 480p/30fps, then switch to 1080/60.

    Isn't that much nicer?
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  • Bloodborne dev teases a procedurally-generated area

  • dominicwhite 20/11/2014

    Chain-whips confirmed.

    Welp, sorry Konami. Pack it in. Go home. We've got our new Castlevania right here.
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  • Sony to discontinue PSP in Japan next month

  • dominicwhite 03/06/2014

    Sad to see it officially get shuttered, but there's a multiplatform (even works on android tablets/phones) PSP emulator now called PPSSPP, and it is AMAZING. Like, better than the original hardware by a long shot. Insert ISO, get out instant HD remake.

    PSP games will live on, freed of the cruelly limited hardware of the PSP itself.
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  • Meet the man who salvaged Final Fantasy 14 from ruin

  • dominicwhite 18/04/2014

    @Zyklonbzombie Trust me, you don't. Here, look at this thrilling video of someone traversing the not-at-all copy/pasted and completely non-mazelike Black Shroud in the original version:
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  • Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn reaches over 2 million registered accounts

  • dominicwhite 16/04/2014

    I really wouldn't call A Realm Reborn an 'enhanced version', so much as it's a completely different game that re-uses some art assets from the original. New engine, new gameplay, new environments. It mostly re-uses character/monster models, textures and audio again. It's closer to a full sequel than anything.

    Story-wise, it is a full sequel. Set several years after FF14v1 ended on a World Of Ruin type scenario.
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  • From Software explains changes to Dark Souls 2 graphics

  • dominicwhite 21/03/2014

    @Kaminari No... No, the game looks nothing like that. In fact, the footage you linked looks almost identical to the 'before' footage presented in this article.

    It looks vastly better than the 360/PS3 version, and runs smoother, too. I'm not sure what you were trying to prove here, but I think you just managed to undermine yourself a tad.
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  • dominicwhite 21/03/2014

    I'd like to add that the changes go far beyond lighting, and apply to the whole game, rather than just this one scene, too. Notice the shiny details on walls and enemy armor? Like they're glossy and polished in places? Specular texture layers. A seperate layer of texture detail that defines how reflective it is in what places. They seem to be missing.

    Most of the particle effects are gone, too. Impacts on armored enemies were accompanied by an impressive burst of sparks in the earlier footage. The Mirror Knight (now Looking Glass Knight) battle also had a lot of rain particle effects going on which are absent in the final cut.

    For a particularly galling comparison though, just look at the fire-pit (the one with the salamander monsters) in that video, though, when the players look down from the bridge. It almost looks like a different game. It's like every single post-processing, texture and lighting effect is missing, and the result is a really awkward, poorly-tiling texture.
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  • dominicwhite 21/03/2014

    There's no doubt that the game is great, but there's definitely something fishy going on here. I'd just like to add that only six weeks before release, *Sony themselves* were claiming that this was direct-feed PS3 footage:

    Playstation Access 'Dark Souls: 5 Things We Learned'

    I don't believe that for a second. The anti-aliasing is the big tip-off (it looks like high-end FXAA or SMAA), but the vastly more complex lighting engine, particle effects (dem armor sparks), specular texture maps and more are just layer upon layer of differences. Hell, it even looks like it's running smoother on top of all that.

    There's no way that's PS3 footage. If the PC version looks that good? Great, but we really shouldn't give anyone a free pass when they're blatantly lying in the name of selling more copies. It's one thing to make changes early in development to target hardware better, but claiming that you had to make radical graphical cuts just six weeks from launch in the name of playability? Nah, not convinced.

    Pull the other one. It's got moonlight greatbells on.
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  • Sega petitioned to release more games on PC

  • dominicwhite 27/01/2014

    As others have mentioned, Phantasy Star Online 2 would be a no-brainer to bring to western markets. In fact, it's so much in demand that the fans have already released a near-fully-translated unofficial version.

    It's a good game, and already runs on a pretty fair F2P business model. There's an optional subscription for stuff like housing and full trading, and a cash-shop for cosmetic goodies.
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  • There's nothing to fear online except F.E.A.R. Online

  • dominicwhite 25/07/2013

    @Azhrarn Unlike regular retail FEAR multiplayer, which is forgotten about within two weeks of launch. Reply +10
  • dominicwhite 25/07/2013

    Oddly enough, I'm cool with this. Fear 3 had some really creative multiplayer modes that got completely ignored, and the series in general has plenty of chunky sci-fi guns that are loud and fun to use.

    An F2P multiplayer-only spinoff seems the way to go. Remember that they released the multiplayer from the original FEAR as a free standalone, too.
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  • ArenaNet: Guild Wars 1 "could last forever"

  • dominicwhite 16/07/2013

    As much as I'd like to believe this, Arenanet are owned by NCSoft, the same publisher that killed off City Of Heroes not long after a major expansion.

    Word is that CoH was still bringing in a profit, so it's not like they were pruning servers that were costing them money.
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  • The EU version of SMT: Devil Survivor 2 is finished, but Ghostlight needs fan support to get it released

  • dominicwhite 14/03/2013

    Goddammit, Atlus - you've been in the RPG publishing business for HOW long now, and you still don't have a European wing, or even any standard EU contacts for global releases. Even your digital stuff tends to be region-locked.

    How can a publisher operate like that in this day and age?
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  • Counter-Strike co-creator Minh "Gooseman" Le's Tactical Intervention launches next month in the US

  • dominicwhite 01/03/2013

    Well, at least it's not being published by Nexon. There are games that they released YEARS ago in the US (Dungeon Fighter Online, for instance) that never got an EU release, and are still IP-locked.

    And the gaming press can't get a straight word out of them about it, and haven't been able to for years. They stonewall the press.
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  • A video of Obsidian's Aliens RPG appears

  • dominicwhite 18/02/2013

    And just to hammer the point home - the publishers were willing to pour millions upon millions into completing Colonial Marines, when this game was apparently complete and ready to go straight onto shelves YEARS AGO.

    Fuck this Earth.
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  • European Fire Emblem: Awakening release date 19th April

  • dominicwhite 14/02/2013

    And this is why region-locking is awful. I'm waiting until the hackers have had their merry way with the Wii-U and I can just buy my games anywhere and not worry about having to wait months or even years for releases. Reply +7
  • Face-Off: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

  • dominicwhite 08/02/2013

    I recall reading that the PC version got some effects upgrades on some tracks, too. The sequence where the battleship cannon splits open the floating island in the Skies of Arcadia track is supposedly much more impressive on PC.

    Gameplay-wise, they tweaked some stuff for the PC version as well. Traffic races are deterministic now - you face the same traffic patterns and get the same powerups at the same time. It doesn't drop you into water either.

    If you've got a PC and can hook it up to a TV, it's by far the best version of the game. Once they patch for the occasional crashes, it'll be perfect.
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  • Borderlands 2 writer responds to allegations of racism

  • dominicwhite 04/02/2013

    @FatsoJetson A gluteus maximus of the protruding sort, as might theoretically make a 'badonk-a-donk-a-donk' noise when swaying side to side during locomotion. Reply +13
  • dominicwhite 04/02/2013

    I am the whitest British guy alive. My girlfriend is black, and American. Even before meeting her, I occasionally used words like 'Crunk' and 'Badonkadonk'. They're fun words. I also use 'Ass', which is American. I even drop a few German and French words here and there, too, where appropriate.

    She would beat my ass into the ground if I said anything actually racist, though. And Tiny Tina really, really isn't.
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  • Gas Powered Games had "multiple" projects canned last minute by publishers

  • dominicwhite 22/01/2013

    Just a reminder that Obsidian basically just got paid operating costs on the development of Fallout: New Vegas. Why? Because the final review metascore was 1% lower than what the publishers projections, so the studio didn't get any kind of completion bonus.

    Publishers can and will screw over developers HARD. Why do you think Double-Fine are going independent?
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  • Trials Evolution: Gold Edition crashes into PC in March

  • dominicwhite 17/01/2013

    Looks like a solid port, but without the DLC for Trials 1 & Evo, it's going to still be playing second fiddle to the 360 version.

    Origin of Pain & Riders Of Doom confirmation please, Redlynx!
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  • Free XCOM: Enemy Unknown Second Wave DLC makes it even harder

  • dominicwhite 08/01/2013

    @dominicwhite Why am I getting downvoted? People literally knew about the Second Wave features before the game was even released! The options were visible in the PC demo - it just took until release before they unlocked it. Reply +3
  • dominicwhite 08/01/2013

    The funny thing is that this 'DLC' was always in the game, and config tweaks and minor mods have had it unlocked for ages on PC. Reply +3
  • Earth Defense Force 2025 announced for Xbox 360 and PS3 next year

  • dominicwhite 13/12/2012

    I'm still baffled at how Insect Armageddon got such praise. It introduced invisible walls and indestructible buildings to a series that was previously all about freedom and destruction, and added a tedious XP grind where there should have only been explosions.

    Not only that, but it was painfully short (literally a quarter of the length of the previous game) and had the nerve to end without a boss fight. The final level is literally 'You see the mothership, cutscene plays, credits roll'. They teased that the actual end of the game might be released as DLC, but it didn't sell well enough, so there was no ending. Ever.

    Thankfully, EDF4/2025 looks to be back on form, and Pale Wing is back from EDF2!
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  • Inaba: Revengeance "would have been very dull" without stealth

  • dominicwhite 11/12/2012

    It seems rather churlish to complain about linear level design (comparing to FF13? Seriously?) in what is ostensibly a brawler with some light stealth elements. Of course you're meant to be moving forward from one fight to the next - that's kinda the core of the entire genre. Reply +16
  • PEGI 18-rated games soon readmitted to Windows 8 Store

  • dominicwhite 26/10/2012

    This says so very much about Microsoft.

    They make a huge, obvious, terrible mistake. Everyone on day 1 tells them that it's wrong and they're screwing themselves.


    Weeks pass.

    Finally, Microsoft go 'Oh, yeah, our bad'.

    A fix is coming. Eventually. Maybe in a few months. If we're lucky.

    It's like trying to reason with a glacier.
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  • If you want the original Doom 3 from Steam you have to pay £76

  • dominicwhite 23/10/2012

    @kitsuneyo Yeah, the problem is that the 'enhanced' version... isn't. They broke a whole bunch of things, including mod support, the lighting engine, cut down the options menu and generally screwed the pooch five ways to friday.

    The biggest casualty is the mods. Doom 3 might not have endured as well as the original Doom 1/2, but it still had hundreds of mods worth checking out. As far as I'm aware, none of those work in the BFG edition, and there's no easy way to buy the original on Steam either.
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  • Dishonored Diary: Playing through in four different ways

  • dominicwhite 13/10/2012

    If you're going for a non-lethal playthrough, you need to be very careful not to let anyone you've knocked out meet an unfortunate, accidental death. Keep them away from rats, high ledges and bodies of water.

    Also, having a body found doesn't invalidate 'ghosting' a level. So long as nobody actually saw you doing anything, it might as well have been a poltergeist, get it?
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  • Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain review

  • dominicwhite 09/10/2012

    My only complaint is that unlike, say, LittleBigPlanet, any new stuff created using the DLC content can only be played by DLC owners, so it does split the community somewhat into haves and have-nots. That's by no means Redlynx's fault - Microsoft DLC policy and not letting you just patch a gig of new content into a game is more the issue.

    9/10 sounds about right. In an age when everyone else wants to sell you 3 multiplayer maps for $10, Redlynx offer a new vehicle, a whole pile of new tracks, a new land-mass and more editor functionality (a large expansion, effectively) for $5.
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  • Resident Evil 6, Hell Yeah! on EU PlayStation Store today

  • dominicwhite 03/10/2012

    @dogmanstaruk What am I excusing? It's a price I'd never pay myself. I'm just pointing out that Sony used to support up to 5 people splitting the price on a game (I got Infamous 2 on launch day for £10), but reduced it to a maximum of two after publishers complained about that sort of thing. Reply -3
  • dominicwhite 03/10/2012

    @TheDynamicDc It's something Sony won't openly acknowledge, but PSN digital purchase prices are high to compensate for game-sharing, which they nerfed a while back from 5-way to 2-way. You can split the cost with a friend and get it for £24 each quite easily. Reply -20
  • dominicwhite 03/10/2012

    No mention of the technical problems Sony EU have been having with the PSN store?

    They seem to have broken something fundamental with the store interface, to the point where if they put up any new content, is has to be in pages of just four icons or less, because otherwise, stuff becomes invisible/unclickable. They completely broke things last week when they put up all their Starhawk + DLC stuff on one page.

    How did they fix it? It's now spread across four seperate pages. Hardly accessible. Any chance EG could go and poke Sony and ask them what the hell is going on there?
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  • Tokyo Jungle just £9.99 on EU PlayStation Store today

  • dominicwhite 26/09/2012

    @TTAM1091 Yes, it's an annoyance, and it sucks, and it's no excuse.

    But complaining for weeks on end will literally take you longer than sidestepping the issue and getting the game off the US store. It's far more productive to just shrug and use the workaround.

    It's also probably going to be cheaper. US stuff (when bought direct) comes to a couple dollars less.
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  • dominicwhite 26/09/2012

    No mention of the biggest thing on the store today for PS+ people? Starhawk singleplayer campaign for free, and £16 gets you the multiplayer side + all DLC. That's pretty good value. Reply +18
  • dominicwhite 26/09/2012

    Just a reminder that it takes about two minutes to make a US PSN account, and there's a ton of places online where you can buy store point/money cards. If you're sick of waiting for CS:GO, just get it direct. It'll take an extra ten minutes of your time, rather than months of waiting.

    There's very few barriers, region locks, or anything else on the PS3 stopping you from getting what you want.
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  • Devil May Cry: how Capcom turned public opinion around

  • dominicwhite 25/09/2012

    @Feanor Hurrah for Platinum! At least one team still understands how to make a good brawler. Reply +11
  • dominicwhite 25/09/2012

    30fps is going to feel so slow after DMC4 and Bayonetta, and the 'new' Dante still gives me raging douche-chills. Doesn't help that he's clearly modelled on one of the execs at the studio, who has a similar effect on me.

    DMC3's Dante was the honorary 5th Ninja Turtle. He was a radical dude who kicked all the asses in a blend of 90s saturday morning cartoon and anime styles. He was fun. This new guy isn't fun. He seems like he's trying very hard to be edgy.
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  • Fist of the North Star 2 looks every bit as subtle as puberty

  • dominicwhite 20/09/2012

    @robg That... makes no sense. Like I said, there's plenty of genres that are still very simple, yet get glowing praise for specifically NOT changing the formula. No matter how much Musou style games do, they get complaints. Reply +2
  • dominicwhite 20/09/2012

    I've always found it weird that Dynasty Warriors-style games get crapped on by every critic out there for being 'archaic', yet Diablo clones which have barely changed anything since the mid-90s get glowing reviews. Reply +13
  • Guild Wars 2: At the Frontlines of World vs. World

  • dominicwhite 12/09/2012

    The Zerg-mob of 50+ is king, right up until they encounter a group of five organized players who have set up a couple of arrow carts at a key chokepoint. Suddenly, 50 players are completely halted by a tiny, tiny force.

    That's why WvW is so interesting. There's a whole mess of ways to even the odds.
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  • Guild Wars 2 boss on the current matters that matter

  • dominicwhite 30/08/2012

    @Bloke1182 Yeah, it can't be understated that this is far more of a heavily networked, inherently multiplayer game than, say, Diablo 3. But there's no queues - they've come up with a system to ensure that everyone is able to play, even if the back-end creaks when social elements have to be tracked too.

    For a major MMO launch, they've done impressively well so far.
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  • Guild Wars 2 Head Start Diary

  • dominicwhite 27/08/2012

    Something that REALLY bears repeating, as the writers seem to have missed it: There is NOTHING stopping you from travelling between zones. If you've exhausted all the interesting things to do in your current level 1-15 zone (I hit 15 by the time I left mine, but I seem to be the exception), there are FOUR MORE.

    Travel to Lion's Arch via the Asura gate in your home city, and then and hop to another city. Five minutes and you'll have a fast-travel waypoint to a vastly different environment.

    You never have to grind and repeat stuff. There's always 3-4x the content needed to level. You just have to travel a little to see it.
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