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  • Gran Turismo 7 in the works, standard cars set to stay

  • dfua 27/06/2014

    They really need to learn when to let go! When playing GT6 there are loads of cars from the early 2000s, while the more modern models of those cars are missing. There's a huge and noticeable gap in the timeline of the content there, particularly with common road cars. There's often dozens of variants from within a few years then nothing.

    It's also difficult to avoid standard cars as some events require them. It's time they had a clear out, remodel the ones they want to keep and balance out the range properly.
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  • PETA: anti-Mario campaign just a joke

  • dfua 17/11/2011

    The comments over this issue does little more than reinforce stereotypes of gamers. Few rational responses just blind hatred.

    Did anyone really think they were serious? They've taken advantage of the hype and promotion from Nintendo to raise awareness of a real issue.
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  • Dungeon Siege 3 DLC announced

  • dfua 02/09/2011

    Will definitely get this, was hoping there'd be DLC but worried it didn't sell enough to justify it. Loved it on 360, great game for local co-op. Reply +1
  • Gran Turismo 5 patch 1.11 released

  • dfua 30/08/2011


    Both Forza 2 and 3 ran at 60 fps, if anything GT5 has the greater issues with framerate and tearing.

    They are both great games but GT5 feels like it could and should have been a lot better. These updates have gone a long way to rectifying that but it's still underwhelming in some areas.
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  • dfua 30/08/2011

    These aren't new cars unfortunately, they're just existing ones now available in the Online Car Dealership. Reply +3
  • Valve wants Steamworks in CS: GO XBLA

  • dfua 25/08/2011

    Valve seem very keen on spreading Steam and creating a rival to the other services. It's understandable Microsoft aren't keen to open the market up for them. Interesting how similar these two statements are:

    Valve says:

    "Right now, there's a huge amount of updates and free content we've been able to deliver to people who have The Orange Box that we haven't been able to deliver to the Xbox because of the restrictions that have been placed on us on Xbox Live."

    EA says:

    "Unfortunately, Steam has adopted a set of restrictive terms of service which limit how developers interact with customers to deliver patches and other downloadable content. No other download service has adopted these practices."
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  • Xbox ahead in online-capable game sales

  • dfua 28/06/2011

    @riseer"Dear Eurogamer,You guy are nothing more then a bunch of fanboys trying to make Ps3 gamers dumb."

    Judging by the comments around here and in other threads it really doesn't need Eurogamer to to manage that.
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  • inFamous 2

  • dfua 02/06/2011

    Just finished playing the demo and it's ok. Controls are very twitchy and its still got the really frustrating aspect where you are pulled across to objects you can climb or stand on. It feels like steering assist in a racing game and just feels too sticky. It's a nuisance most of the time but a real pain when you're under attack. It also seems to assist you in aiming at civilians rather than bad guys, in the demo I ended up shooting the civilian I was escorting at the start of nearly every battle. Also, there are still buildings where it's not clear what you can and can't climb up.

    I think overall an 8 is fair. The graphics are much better, the mission feel similar, but I have no idea how the Dead Space necromorphs ended up in the game. Definitely feels tweaked and improved rather than a massive leap forward.

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  • Forza 4 Kinect head tracking footage

  • dfua 01/06/2011

    @aldogray "Unfortunatly Kinect only works if your 2m away so it's useless...unless you've got a very large screen."

    Watch the video, that is definitely not 2m. You only need that sort of distance for your entire body to fit inside the field of view of the camera, head tracking would require significantly less distance.
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  • Michael Jackson: The Experience

  • dfua 25/04/2011


    The problem is it's not just a dancing game. Some songs like Earth Song are singing only and this is where the Kinect version falls down. It only tracks rhythm and not pitch unlike the PS3 version, which also has proper multiplayer not just taking turns.

    The Kinect version is technically a lot better for dancing but the Move version is a better party game and slightly better package. It's very close as Ellie said and just down to personal preference and what you want the game for.
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  • EU PlayStation Network down

  • dfua 21/04/2011

    Annoyingly this affects Qriocity as well, the website still works but you can't login. Not good for a paid service, how often does iTunes or Zune go down for maintenance?

    Also, given that Sony are pushing using the PSN login for more things you would think login servers would be independent. Microsoft don't take down the whole passport system when doing maintenance on xbox live.
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  • UK top 40: Dragon Age II tips the scales

  • dfua 14/03/2011

    I'm almost ashamed to be one of those. I'm still enjoying DA2 but it feels like such a cheap rush job to cash in. The repeated dungeons are shocking, it's such a poor job they don't even try to hide it. They use the same 5 or 6 maps with the doors hastily blocked up, rocks in the way or carts blocking entrances. The loot is always in the same spots and the map even still shows the walled off area. It could also be called Dragon Age 2: Lost and Found with the amount of time you are reuniting these absurdly careless people with their long forgotten objects and remains.

    Having said all that, it's compelling enough to keep me going after 15 hours so far but I wish I'd waited for a price drop. I got the signature edition but the added content hasn't really been worth it.
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  • Dragon Age II

  • dfua 08/03/2011


    "Now, you can dispute that all you like, but the truth is, the most sucessful western RPG has been Mass Effect 2. Why? Because it took the bold step of removing all the shit of the day, all the inventory wank, all the boring combat stats, and brought back the core of the RPG, the story. It wrapped it in a nice shiney package, and if fucking sold a ton. "

    Thats a bit of a leap to make. You could quite easily argue that sales increased despite removing all that stuff, especially as people wanted to continue their story. Increased awareness due to being a sequel rather than a new IP will also have helped. Regardless, the difference in sales is just a couple of hundred thousand (on 360).
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  • dfua 08/03/2011

    Biggest issue for me from the demo is the icons for the dialogue choices. You don't have to think about what your saying anymore, you don't even have to read it. It just destroys the immersion. Part of the interest in these games is making your choice and sticking with the consequences, however small or large. By making it bloody obvious what your choice is going to do really does feel dumbed down. Reply +12
  • Face-Off: Bulletstorm

  • dfua 26/02/2011

    "The reason Bulletsorm doesn't achieve parity is unreal egines performance deficite on the ps3. In 5 years Epic never increased the performance of the ps3 version to the point of cross platform parity. Other developers like Criterion and Visceral crafted engines that give us pretty much like for like visuals on both consoles, So Epic either doesn't want to invest in the ps3 iteration of their engine (because it wouldn't signifantly improve sales), or they can't, because their software architecture doesn't fit the ps3's hardware architecture."

    If you want platform parity you have to make compromises. UE3 development is closely tied to the 360, and so makes greater use of the GPU which is more advanced than the PS3 GPU. As a result some effects work well on 360 and PC but have to be removed or reduced on PS3. It's up to the developers to decide if they want to include them or not. It would be very easy to have parity by stripping back the effects on both versions but they chose to keep the effects in the 360 build. They are still close enough to be pretty much insignificant and won't spoil enjoyment of the game.

    PS3 specific engines use different techniques that bypass some of the GPU limitations, and other multi platform developers will force parity by limiting the engine.
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  • PS Plus members get Stacking for free

  • dfua 04/02/2011

    I'm not going to pay 12 or 1200pts for something others are being given for free, even if it is just for a month. I shouldn't care but it's put me off day one purchase. Nice bonus for PS Plus users though. Reply -1
  • Face-Off: Dead Space 2

  • dfua 29/01/2011

    @Axeman, If you got that from my comment I was quoting TechnicianTed not RL, sorry for the confusion! Reply 0
  • dfua 29/01/2011

    "there's uncompressed sound which may make a tiny bit of difference if you can hear the differences in it(i couldn't on the ps3 demo and my 360 version). '

    The difference will be minimal at best. The 7.1 could be a nice addition if you have the right setup but the uncompressed audio just refers to the output format rather than the sound files themselves. There might be more noticeable difference if it was DD against DTS as in the original Dead Space.

    It's clear in terms of the game itself there is no noticeable difference between platforms, but the extras could affect your decision. All those complaining are the ones that will happily call these face offs pointless or say they can never see any difference anyway next time the verdict goes against their console of choice.
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  • PS3 firmware v3.56 beats Jailbreak?

  • dfua 27/01/2011

    And so it begins, the cycle of pointless updates that do little but irritate legitimate customers. At least add some new features or something other than security updates to make it worthwhile. Reply +1
  • 2K, Rockstar XBL content on sale this week

  • dfua 26/01/2011

    "Axel and Pixel/P D Winterbottom. Anyone played? Any good? "

    Winterbottom is really good but quite short. Well worth 400 points. If you enjoy games like braid you should enjoy it as it has a similar platform puzzle mechanic.
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  • PS3 Tiger Woods Move kinks smoothed

  • dfua 25/01/2011

    Unfortunately, this will be pretty much the only thing they've done beyond changing a 1 to a 2. Reply 0
  • PS3 iPlayer usage shoots up, dwarfs Wii

  • dfua 18/01/2011

    I don't think we'll ever see it on 360. Development of the app and it's features would probably be a major stumbling block as well. The cost of developing a specific app, like Sky Player, for the 360 only would be difficult to justify. MS will also want something exclusive feature wise, which the BBC would struggle to justify that as it could be seen as favouring one platform over another.

    On PS3 it's not an issue as all they have to do is use the web browser to link to a website, it's much easier but also a bit of a cop out.
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  • Games of 2010: Mass Effect 2

  • dfua 27/12/2010

    ME1 was a flawed masterpiece while ME2 is a well polished great game. As others have said they played it safe. I think if you loved the first it's hard to feel quite the same way about the second, while if you didn't get on with it or didn't play it then you'll love ME2. ME1 is an RPG with shooter elements, ME2 is a cinematic space shooter with rpg elements.

    In ME2 it felt less like my Shepard as you had less control over your skills, appearance, weapons/ammo/grenades, and I didn't bond with the squad in the same way. I wouldn't have cared about losing any of them. It was only the continuation from ME1 that provided that link.

    Also, I hope Bioware allow Shepard to remove his/her helmet when not in combat in ME3. Wearing a helmet all the time was a really bizarre decision in a game where conversations and facial expressions are such a big part.
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  • dfua 27/12/2010

    I really enjoyed ME2. It's a great game but I only played through it once compared with the three times for the original. It gained a lot of good will continuing your story and being reminded of your decisions from the original but in the next one they need to step back and give some more freedom back to the player.

    I just hope they dont continue stripping the game back ala Fable in the name of accessibility. The inventory only needed minor tweaks, the mako just needed proper content, the lifts were far better than loading screens, and I really liked the rewards for achievements in ME1. The second game felt much smaller and more linear, if they carry on we'll end up with a shiny Gears of War with dialogue and the occasional choice thrown in.
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  • Black Ops sales top $1 billion

  • dfua 21/12/2010

    If the 18 rating on the box was strictly adhered to I doubt sales would be half that. Reply +18
  • EA: Brand PlayStation beats brand Xbox

  • dfua 21/12/2010

    "Not sure that Sony have marketed and advertised better than Microsoft over here in the UK, as a casual observer, I certaintly tend to notice that Microsoft have more adverts on the TV than Sony do? "

    Sony ads seem to be on far more at the moment, they are attached to every big EA game and Assassins Creed.

    From the article "they've done a nice job of supporting some EA content to their own advantage." says it all.

    They seem to be doing a lot of cross-promoting with publishers like EA and Ubisoft with exclusive content, betas, adverts, with their own ads limited to Move at the moment.
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  • Shift 2 dev slams Gran Turismo, Forza

  • dfua 30/11/2010

    One thing Forza 3 does really well is gift you cars that you need for the next events, as well as offer automatic upgrades. It reduces the grind and need to pore over specs and head back and forth looking for the right car. You can still do it if you want to or just get on with the racing. Oddly, GT5 sometimes gifts you cars that would have been useful in the event you've just done. Reply +1
  • Gran Turismo 5 Tech Analysis

  • dfua 28/11/2010

    "This game isn't crash derby or NFS there are unwritten rules that drivers must obey and it's amazing how the A.I. in GT5 respects these boundries."

    I can't see how they respect those boundaries if they just drive right into you if you just happen to be on the line where they want to be. It gets very frustrating when they spin you out, particularly on the top gear events where you often get disqualified if you do the same. At times the AI is decent, at others they get magical speed boosts and a complete lack of awareness or self preservation.
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  • Game of the Week

  • dfua 27/11/2010

    ""Don't understand the hate That's being directed at gt5 it's a bloody good game IMO."

    PS3 exclusive."

    It's just got a lot of inconsistencies, and some of its sublime and some is ridiculous. It's still a great game, it just depends on how easily you can overlook its flaws. It had a level of hype generated it hasn't matched and after 5 years still feels unfinished at times. It's absolutely nothing to do with being an exclusive and if anything, being GT, people are being more forgiving than usual.
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  • Bizarre Situations

  • dfua 20/11/2010

    Activision must take a significant share of the blame for the failure. Blur was released at the wrong time, coming straight after Split Second, and Activision's spat with Game must have hurt Blur and Transformers badly, leaving them to slip by almost unnoticed on the high street.

    Still, I do feel that it was always going to be a tough sell as the demand wasn't really there, they would have done much better with a standard racer.
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  • Xbox Live UK dashboard update now

  • dfua 01/11/2010

    I really like the new dash. The menus are far better and it looks much cleaner and crisper.

    They've made a number of improvements and I'm sure it won't take you long to get used to it. Whenever anything changes there is always a mad rush complaining before they've spent any time with it. If the white hurts you eyes too much, either change the settings on your tv or stop living in the dark.
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  • Sony proclaims PS3's VidZone a success

  • dfua 26/10/2010

    Has it got any easier to navigate and use? Its a nice service for free but it used to be a real pain and put off anyone in our house who tried it. Reply +1
  • Sony: Kinect-style control is "cumbersome"

  • dfua 26/10/2010

    After a few weeks with Move I actually prefer the Wii, I think I'd feel the same with Kinect too.

    The Wii just works, without all the messing about with calibration, resetting the pointer, positioning the camera and finding enough space to use it. It also has much more charm and personality.
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  • Game of the Week

  • dfua 15/10/2010

    "Kind of like the original Sonic's actually) but you can totally roll downhill. Well, at least you can on the PS3 version."

    I don't know if it's just with the iPhone but I don't roll far at all before stopping and coming out of the roll and on the spiral things you just drop off if you're rolling no matter how fast you're going..
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  • dfua 15/10/2010

    "You've got to learn the difference between broken physics and different physics."

    When you can walk up walls and not roll down hills, I'd say physics are pretty broken.
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  • Alan Wake: The Writer

  • dfua 12/10/2010

    I think I finally understand, the character Alan Wake is or was based on John Teti! Reply +4
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • dfua 11/10/2010

    "dfua - did you play on iPhone 4 or iPad? I found the iPad tilt controls pretty intolerably sensitive. Obviously, that might just be me being a ham-fisted moron, but maybe it's just better suited to phone-based play."

    It was on iPhone 3GS. I hadn't considered how it might play on iPad, but just thinking about it now I can see how it could be a bit of a problem! There are two versions on the store, one for iPad and one for iPhone, not sure if that makes much difference to the controls.
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  • dfua 11/10/2010

    I generally hate tilt controls but I've had no problems at all with Bit.Trip Beat, if anything I find them an improvement over the original Wii controls. It actually feels more accurate to me. Reply 0
  • Too Human dev making new X-Men game

  • dfua 08/10/2010

    "And it's basically a subtitute for a back-to-the-last-checkpoint loading screen, big deal."

    Exactly, it winds me up how many people complain about this or the elevators in Mass Effect. Of course it would be better if no loading was required at all, but both are infinitely preferable to load screens.
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  • Face-Off: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

  • dfua 07/10/2010

    I mentioned sound in the F1 2010 face off. I'd really like to know what format the audio is actually stored in for the PS3. The disc sizes are almost identical so it seems unlikely to me you would have multiple encodes on it. It could be a real advantage or it could just be ticks on the boxes like 1080p support. Reply +1
  • iPhone Sonic 4: Episode 1 released

  • dfua 07/10/2010

    Disappointed in this so far.

    First impressions:

    Controls are ok most of the time,

    Music is poor,

    Spinning is rubbish as you slow down too quickly or end up braking.

    I really hate the way the screen spins when you go round the loops and how easy it is to fall off them,

    You basically stick to walls now, no momentum needed just run right up which feels wrong.

    Finally too many horribly cheap ways to make you lose rings, particularly right at the end of the level.

    I love the graphics and it is proper 2D sonic again but it is definitely overpriced for the content, and as for replay value I think I'd rather go back to the originals. Also, you don't really get another level with the three acts and separate boss stage as has been suggested before, it really is just the boss fight and some rings that would have been at the end of the third act in the previous games.
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  • PS3 connectivity forced LBP2 delay

  • dfua 05/10/2010

    It's been delayed so those that can't patch get the full experience yet the promised move support will only come in the form of a patch after release, isn't that a bit of a contradiction? Reply +1
  • Face-Off: F1 2010

  • dfua 30/09/2010

    Its funny the PS3 managed a rare win on the back of Logitech hardware rather than its own. Reply -7
  • dfua 30/09/2010

    One thing I'd like to know more about is the audio side on the ps3 version. It supports the extra formats yet the disc space is often virtually identical to the 360 version, and in this case less. I'm guessing it's just one format that's then converted on the fly, similar to display resolution support, but what is the format? Surely PCM would require more space.

    In this case I've picked up the 360 version, I'd prefer the graphical advantage and I'm more than happy with the MS wheel.
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  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

  • dfua 29/09/2010

    I was looking forward to this but I'm not too sure now after watching the recent gameplay videos. I was hoping for a return to classic nfs not burnout. Why the hell did they need to add nitro to cars like these?! Reply 0
  • Memorial fund set-up for Relic dev

  • dfua 10/09/2010

    It's a nice gesture and good to see Eurogamer letting people know about it.

    Just remove the mistake please! - "Brain Wood, 33"
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  • Dead Rising prologue breaks records

  • dfua 09/09/2010

    "Is it just me that sees this as nothing more than a glorified demo they've made you pay for?"

    If you class this as a demo what is your definition for a full game? Do you see every game as just a demo for the sequel?
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  • The Case for PS Move

  • dfua 06/09/2010

    I've decided to cancel my move order.

    It's just not worth all the cash for me right now. I already have the camera, but the main launch title I'd be interested in is Sports Champions. To buy the game and two move controllers (for two player or the events that use two) would set me back about 80. Thats without buying the nav controller, which I'd prefer to have than bodging the DS3 in my left hand. The rest of the launch line up does little for me, then there's the issue of the controllers being rechargeable. It's just too much cash for one game, maybe a few PSN titles and potential.

    Before anyone goes crazy I feel the same way about Kinect. I'll stick with the Wii for motion party games and everything else using regular controllers, until there is enough to convince me otherwise.
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  • Rare dismisses Kinect space concern

  • dfua 03/09/2010

    As Fogheart said there are so many FUD articles. It's still two months from launch but there are so many articles based on little unconfirmed information like translated comments or online shop pages. Lets just wait until nearer launch and see what it can actually do or get reliable information.

    Too much 'Well I heard from my neighbour's daughters whose neighbour's husband works at Harmonix on Dance Central who said due to a limitation Kinect will only recognise people who are upside down.'

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  • BioShock 2: Minerva's Den next week

  • dfua 27/08/2010

    Its because prices are only released for the US. Live is easy to work out, it's 800 points wherever you are. For PSN it's not a straight conversion, you don't know how much it will be until they release it here, it could be 6.29 or 7.99. Reply +4