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  • Live: Nintendo Direct E3 Conference

  • chriscourtois 11/06/2013

    Mario, more Mario and an old Zelda game. Sigh... where's your courage gone, Nintendo?! Reply -1
  • Microsoft insists Xbox One Kinect doesn't record your conversations as privacy concerns build

  • chriscourtois 07/06/2013

    "ms really knew what gamers wanted
    over the past four or five years"
    M$ couldn't tell a gold mine if it fell on their head... in the post Win-XP and post-Bill-Gates days they are a hollow shell of what they once were. There is no more talent, no more vision, no more attention to customer and only piles and shitloads of arrogance. It's a terrible, horrible place called Ballmersoft lead by an incompetent buffoon named Steve.
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  • chriscourtois 07/06/2013

    People shouldn't be freaking out too much here. Relax everybody the solution is easy: DO NOT buy one. If it looks like something that will be enacted as the medium for corporations to spy on you and metaphorically violate you with an iron pole from a distance, it also looks like something people won't buy! It's that simple... if it's a box filled with sulfuric acid designed to explode the second you install it in your living room, you won't buy it! People will hopefully not buy this pile of steaming craporate horseshit! (Investing a lot of trust in my fellow humans here, don't freak me out, guys; no messing around, don't buy this crap) Reply +1
  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • chriscourtois 07/06/2013

    I think soon, we really won't miss Microsoft. Reply +4
  • Microsoft boss meets Hollywood execs to talk Xbox One TV content

  • chriscourtois 05/06/2013

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Still talking about "television"... what a fucking defunct company Ballmersoft are. People may want to stay far, far from that totalitarian pile of clock-rewinding-back-to-the-dark-ages plastic garbage that is the Xbox One.

    Ballmersoft: Nintendo and Sony thank you for being so thick! (On a side note Google and Apple also thank you for Windows 8... they never thought they could sell their large-screen weak pocket-calculators at a greater rate than super powerful, appealing state-of-the-art desktop computers)
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  • Nintendo now claiming ad revenue for YouTube Let's Play videos

  • chriscourtois 28/05/2013

    I'm surprised there hasn't been an attention craving copyright lawyer publicly stand behind "Let's Play" content makers as Nintendo is clearly AT FAULT here, have no right of claiming revenue and and behaving illegally. Any half witted copyright lawyer would say "If I make Microsoft Office tutorials on YouTube, do I have to give all my revenue to Microsoft?" ... and the answer would be a clear and sound "NO". the exact same rule applies to Nintendo's games. In case Nintendo don't know, their games are not movies nor are they music CD's. They're software.

    In what fucking Universe is a giant corporation allowed to delve in our pockets every time we demonstrate how to use their given software, or just present imagery showing off how good we are at using said software?! IN NO UNIVERSE that is where. Let's Play videos fit ENTIRELY within software demonstration videos. Unless you're airing a TRAILER made by Nintendo, in which case you're actually playing content created by Nintendo using their software, this grotesque, horrible move from Nintendo is ENTIRELY ILLEGAL and does not fit within any legit copyright claim on the goddamn planet.

    Software demonstrations lie partly on the user's skills (doubly so with games) and also on their screen capture skills. They perform some level of research either prior to or during the recording, and in the end they are performing a form of documentation you simply cannot sue for. If Nintendo wants to get in the copyright lawsuit business, they should start by making movies intead of games.

    hopefully there's one Let's Play content maker out there rich enough to prompt a lawyer to ream Nintendo up the ass on this one. It's an easily won debate and would hand a massive win to a huge community. Not to mention it would be Nintendo's wake up call; you can't be lazy or desperate, you can only come out of your current rut by using brain power.
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  • Phil Harrison tries (again) to clarify game ownership, second-hand sales and always-online in Xbox One

  • chriscourtois 22/05/2013

    @Blastiel consoles will be no more Reply 0
  • chriscourtois 22/05/2013

    Wow... here goes Ballmersoft with the embarrassing corporate babble. complexify an incredibly simple issue to confuse customers into thinking the concept doesn't suck.... confuse them just enough to think they're not getting hosed... confuse them so they don't realize this licensing scheme is rather authoritarian. Then when it gets to the meat (Second hand trading) just offer up some cliché BS corporate blabber answers taken from the list of Ballmersoft's scripted replies. Reply 0
  • Peter Moore weighs in on EA being voted the 'worst company in America" for the second year in a row

  • chriscourtois 08/04/2013

    Does this delusional fart smudge have a brain?! "Some claim there's no room for Origin as a competitor to Steam. 45 million registered users are proving that wrong," You moron, we have to install the pile of horse shit to play the game in the first place! What a complete bloated scumbag turd! This idiotic response on the whole has just officially started my moratorium on EA Games. They no longer should get our money, it's infected their brains with Heightened Greed Delusion syndrome. Reply +1
  • Layoffs at EA Montreal and Los Angeles as gargantuan company manages console transition

  • chriscourtois 12/03/2013

    Since Origin is turning out to be such excellent software (sarcasm at red flag levels) maybe they'll just "transition" all their games to the same great, excellent team of diligent developers!

    The transition will also likely involve moving some actual game development to China. Hopefully if nothing else does it, this fact alone will make EA tank.
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