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  • These Nintendo toys launch in McDonald's Happy Meals next week

  • bronze 12/03/2014

    These toys have been in McDonald's across Europe since last year. They are pretty decent build quality. Reply +4
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze delayed to 2014

  • bronze 01/10/2013

    I don't think the sub-heading is meant to say "Rare" :)

    Edit: Yep, it's fixed now!
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  • Will GAME's Woes Kill Off AA Titles?

  • bronze 31/03/2012

    Perhaps things are different, but my local Game and Gamestation only appeared to stock either AAA titles or second hand pap. The staff would try their damnedest to get you to take new copies back to the shelf and buy the used copy instead, where applicable.

    I had to use Amazon to buy titles like Shadows of the Damned and Bayonetta, as these titles were not stocked.

    As for this article, the UK and Ireland are just two territories. These "middle ground" titles sell very well across the rest of Europe and America/Asia too. The closure of Game + Gamestation will change nothing in my opinion.

    I'd also make the argument that the more hardcore gamer crowd stopped using these 'specialist' stores long ago and moved onto Play or Amazon, who actually stock more specialised titles, at better prices.
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  • Zelda soundtrack offer extended in US

  • bronze 20/06/2011

    I just got a confirmation email that my CD will be shipped. I requested mine after this article was posted, so I think it was just a temporary glitch in the system where you input your address. Reply +1
  • bronze 20/06/2011

    I got the "An error occurred when your data were being validated" message, then checked the box at the bottom saying 'Turn off address check" - and it went through fine.

    I did this after this article was posted, so who knows if I will actually get a copy or not.
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  • Capcom denies alienating DR2 PS3 gamers

  • bronze 22/09/2010

    If you and your twin brother had a birthday and only your twin brother got a present - wouldn't you feel alienated? Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 - The experience

  • bronze 15/07/2008

    That guide looks awful... such a terrible rip off of the iTunes style.

    What were they thinking?
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