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  • Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos

  • beckyh 24/10/2012

    @morvilleo PEPSHE!!

    I don't have live gold anymore but when I did play online and I spoke it was "OMG a woman, stop swearing everyone theres a lady in the house", or it will be "hey lover, suck my teabag"

    In the end I just got fed up with being treated differently whether it was positively or negatively. It was a shame as in some games I was much better than the males.
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  • beckyh 24/10/2012

    @morvilleo Hey mang must I know you from somewhere dudello we are so alike but different, like coke and diet coke.

    My first day back here after not being here a few years. I've received more minus points than all my other 10 years of usage. LULLS I'm hated. Is it cos I is woman?
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  • beckyh 24/10/2012

    @governmentyard Its fruity but without giving the sense of exactly which fruit. Got a lime tinge to it plus other.... you decide. Reply +2
  • beckyh 24/10/2012

    @morvilleo Hey you! Yes you over there!

    I do agree that journalists must be beyond reproach and squeaky clean (is there such a thing?) but the difference is I don't think taking part in the little compo is not a corrupt thing. Its just a nothing, a little bit of fun for the journalists and harmless. Or rather I think thats how it should have been, but the reality is now different.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion on it however and if we cannot have opinions, forums would be dead :-)
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  • beckyh 24/10/2012

    Just one other point. I wonder, all these prizes that game websites give away in competitions, where do people think they come from? Funded by the websites? Donated by poublishers or maybe a combination of both? Reply -1
  • beckyh 24/10/2012

    @morvilleo Well hallo thar,

    I'm not a journalist but if I was and I had the opportunity of winning a PS3 I wouldnt feel I was being bribed because once I get to review the game the PS3 would be in my hands and I could say what I liked *rubs hands* *evil laugh* *take the goods and run sticking up one finger to the devs*

    I run a small blog, independent and staffed only by me. Its really shit but its my blog and I try to be impartial in my writing.

    Couple of years ago I was offered a free gift for writing up reviews of three gadgets. Could be any gadgets I liked to recommend for christmas purchasing. Spend limit £50. The free gift given was my choice of the three gifts so naturally I chose the most expensive. My views were not skewed, I chose the gadgets by myself and not told what to write. The links to purchase them though went to one particular website so they got their traffic and/or purchases.

    Did I consider it a bribe? well no because my opinions are my own and that free gift I was given I sold on and it paid for my next year of web hosting. To me on a very low budget it was great as I could carry on the blog. I don't regret as I was never pressured into writing what they wanted. If I was asked to specifically write a positive review for something specific I would not have done it because they are not my own opinions. I really don't see this as much different tbh.
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  • beckyh 24/10/2012

    Does anybody actually like Doritos? They claw the roof of your mouth like its been sliced with a gillette quad blade and give you bad breath forcing you to spend more money on a packet of mints. Its all a conspiracy I tell ya. Reply +13
  • beckyh 24/10/2012

    @morvilleo Hi Morvillio, this is why I made the destinction between a simple hashtag competition and a journalist who was writing positive reviews for kickbacks. The latter is clearly wrong and immoral, the former is what many people do on twitter every day. RT this to win... etc. Its just a silly competition without the obligation of a positive review and these journalists have been given a bad name for it.
    I also think it is wrong they have been bullied into giving it away for charity. They may have done so but the outcry on this and pressure on them I think is appalling.
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  • beckyh 24/10/2012

    I think this has been blown out of proportion really.

    Take a step back and look at what it is really all about. As I write this article on the eurogamer website I see 3 large adverts - One very large one for Black Ops 2 on xbox 360, two for PS Vita bundles and a smaller one at the top.

    Eurogamer has been paid for these adverts as do many other gaming websites and it is a perfectly acceptable and legal practice, it is not even immoral, it is what websites do to fund themselves and pay staff.

    A small number of journalists win a PS3 because they posted a hashtag which advertised a game/company. They weren't paid like their bosses are, they won them in a draw. It is no different to a website showing adverts.

    If the journalists were given a free PS3 in exchange for writing positive reviews, this would be considered a kickback/bribe and immoral. It is wrong because they are basing their judgement of the game because of a free gift.
    This was not the case though, it was not a review it was an advert - the very thing websites get paid for every day.

    So what is the real issue here? Because if it is wrong for a journalist to advertise a game then by equal rights it must also be wrong for gaming websites to advertise a game.
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  • Influence next Fable in Lionhead survey

  • beckyh 10/02/2011

    The survey is crap, you can only vote one column once. Typical Lionhead, show up lots of options and sequences but actually you can only tick a numbered box once. Therefore I cannot rate two or more things as equally important or unimportant. I am not going to bother filling in the survey when there is a tight limitation on how you can score. I used to work in customer research, this is the worst way to gauge public feeling as it is going halfway towards fixing the results.
    Lionhead, you cannot get your game right and you certainly cannot get your survey about the game right. No wonder people get pissed off with you.
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  • Duty Calls has 1.25 million downloads

  • beckyh 07/02/2011

    Cannot get the video to work, says oops there has been an error. Reply +9
  • Guess what percentage finished ACII

  • beckyh 20/10/2010

    At what point do they decide a gamer is no longer going to finish a game?
    I know a few people who may play part of a game, put it down and then go back to it a few months later. Its not like their is an achievement for putting it back in the box and never touching it again. It is interesting to have all this game playing data but this is something which cannot be gauged.
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  • Namco hails Chilean miners, causes offence

  • beckyh 16/10/2010

    I bet nobody asked the miners whether they were offended. The thing nowadays is to be offended on behalf of someone else, even when like in this case it is unwarranted. Reply +1
  • Red Dead zombie DLC dated

  • beckyh 15/10/2010

    What is with the current obsession with zombies? I hate them. Reply -2
  • "Someone's got to be the Taliban"

  • beckyh 15/10/2010

    Mine arrived yesterday and I played it and finished it. Enjoyable game with some fun levels. But it didn't make me want to join the armed forces. What it did do though more than in any other war fps make shake me up and make me think about what the armed forces do in war. If people play the belly of the beast level in the wadi they will see what I mean. It was quite unsettling and made me wonder how on earth there were no more deaths for real in Afghanistan. Reply +7
  • Willing and Able?

  • beckyh 13/10/2010

    Very interesting article, thankyou.

    I have a couple of problems with my arms and hands at the moment including painful carpal tunnel syndrome. Sometimes when playing after very short periods (sometimes only even a few minutes) my right hand locks up and I cannot move my fingers well. One thing that makes the problem worse is QTE moments. I don't mind QTE but some games implement it so that it is too fast for my fingers to get a grip of and it makes it impossible to finish the sequence. This is one of the reasons why I don't play music games like guitar hero, etc.

    A game like Heavy Rain did it well for me. Whilst the game is mostly QTE, in most of the game it was not too fast but when it was fast the sequence was kept quite short so I was able to them although there was one moment where I got it wrong and it resulted in a line of story I did not want. But otherwise it was okay.
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  • LEGO Universe

  • beckyh 09/10/2010

    Shame it is not on consoles. Reply -2
  • Langdell war "not over yet" - Mobigame

  • beckyh 07/10/2010

    Yeah sorry I forgot the link

    But there has been an update

    Update/Correction: Some of our more legal-savvy readers have helpfully explained what this proposed final judgment is - it is a document submitted to the court (in this case, via EA's lawyers) to request an actual final judgment.

    Given that the judge has not signed off on this yet, the court has not yet filed for Langdell's trademarks to be dismissed - sorry to get people's hopes up. However, given that both EA's and Edge's attorneys have apparently agreed to this, I am told that it is likely that it will be accepted.
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  • beckyh 07/10/2010

    ITS OVER - THE TRADEMARKS ARE GONE :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    The parties having stipulated to the disposition of the claims in this action, FINAL JUDGMENT IS HEREBY ENTERED in favor of Defendant and Counterclaimant Electronic Arts Inc. ("EA") and Counterclaimant and Counter-Counterdefendant EA Digital Illusions CE AB ("DICE"), and against Plaintiff, Counterdefendant, and Counter Counterclaimant Edge Games, Inc. and Counterdefendant The Edge Interactive Media, Inc., on all claims, counterclaims, and counter-counterclaims, with the exception of the Sixth Claim for Relief (Declaratory Relief) in the Counterclaim asserted by Counterclaimants EA and EA DICE, which is dismissed without prejudice in accordance with the parties' stipulation.

    Pursuant to Section 37 of the Lanham Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1119, the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks and the Assistant Commissioner for Trademarks are hereby ordered to cancel U.S. Trademark Registration Nos. 2,219,837; 2,251,584; 3,105,816; 3,559,342; and 3,381,826. The Clerk of the Court is further directed to certify a copy of this Final Judgment to the Commissioner of the Patent and Trademark Office.

    Each party shall bear its owns costs and fees in this matter.

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  • beckyh 07/10/2010

    Got to wonder whyhe never targetted EDGE magazine though. Oh look he has the copyright to my words. Reply 0
  • Dragon Age 2 imports DAO world

  • beckyh 07/10/2010

    Ah, a couple of emails from Alistair... A throw away remark about Morrigan from a character on Illium... Nominally retain your Spectre status if you saved the Arl's family...

    You just reminded me about the Morrigan DLC, I haven't played that yet. I assume its out?
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  • beckyh 07/10/2010

    So presumably if I made someone King, they would be King in the new game? Reply 0
  • Call of 3D

  • beckyh 06/10/2010

    Hi Sabreman, it is not a gimmick and a fad if it enhances someone's game experience and makes them more immersed. Some will love it, some will hate it. Reply +1
  • beckyh 06/10/2010

    Thanks sneetch for the clarification. That is a relief, we don't want 3d content split. Reply 0
  • beckyh 06/10/2010

    For those that want a sub £1000 3d TV, check out John Lewis, they have one for £999 with a free blu ray player
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  • beckyh 06/10/2010

    This is from the COD site:

    Xbox 360 users need a television that supports a “side by side” 3D mode. PlayStation 3 users need a television that supports a “top-bottom” or “over-under” 3D mode. PC users need a monitor that supports Nvidia 3D Vision 3D technology.

    Oh great so that means if you have two consoles and want to start 3D gaming you are going to need two TVs
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  • Homefront

  • beckyh 06/10/2010

    Your logic doesn't stand because there are good fictions and bad fictional plots. Isn't that apparent?
    Also, Halo is Science Fiction. This is not, and is considerably more ridiculous, as it tries to explain the ridiculous plot, failing in the process.

    It is only rediculous to you because you are from South Korea and you don't like the plot, had it been Russia I am sure it would be okay then. The game is not trying to put over a story of fact, its just a game, it could have been any country they chose. There have been far worse storylines in games. You could just do what EA are doing with the taliban and give them a false different name, or even not play it at all if it doesn't appeal. Or do what I do with games and ignore the storyline and just play the game for what it is - just a game :-)
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  • beckyh 06/10/2010

    PeterJi, the plotline is rediculous because it is not real, it is fabricated but how more rediculous is it than the Halo plotline you love so much which has aliens landing on earth? You cannot scream for realistic storylines and then go on to hail the Halo one in the same breath, that is a huge contradiction and is just silly. Reply -2
  • beckyh 06/10/2010

    The single player of this game interests me most so I look forward to a review of that Reply 0
  • HMV on game-traders: "It's up to them"

  • beckyh 05/10/2010

    What the games industry failed to do was to have proper rental licensing for games. The DVD industry has rental copies - in our DVD rental shop we can only purchase rental copies and these cost a bit more than what you buy in the shops (prices vary depeding on the film) - the extra cost is extra royalties for the film makers.

    If games had a proper rental license then the publishers can be like the film industry and get their extra revenue from that. This may mean an extra couple of quid on top of a monthly game rental plan but it would work and give the publishers extra royalties without punishing the second hand market.
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  • beckyh 05/10/2010

    Publishers are being greedy by charging for an online pass. If someone purchases brand new and plays online then sells the game, they are no longer playing that game online. The online has already been purchased by the original purchaser who then passes on the rights to play online to the next person. By charging for an online pass the publishers are really getting 2 for the price of 1. Reply +7
  • EA beats "nuisance litigator" Langdell

  • beckyh 05/10/2010

    What about the companies who did pay him to avoid litigation? Can they claim their money back now? Reply +4
  • NeverDead

  • beckyh 05/10/2010

    Is this going to be another game which promises lots but delivers generic? I hope not, it has promise, but we have seen promises before. Reply +7
  • SP mulling inFamous 2 multiplayer

  • beckyh 01/10/2010

    No please do not do it. InFamous has the potential to be a great series, don't ruin it with tacked on multiplayer. Concentrate on using the development team to make an excellent sequel. Reply +5
  • EA axes Taliban from Medal of Honor

  • beckyh 01/10/2010

    They should have changed it to Russian, French or Cornish, as we are not at war with them. Reply +4
  • beckyh 01/10/2010

    So it looks like the taliban, shits like the taliban and shoots like the taliban, but actually it is only the opposing force. Oh thats okay then :-/ Reply +10
  • Gears of War 3 delayed

  • beckyh 01/10/2010

    Seems a strange marketing decision. April is the very time when people will be wanting to spend money as there is usually a lack of titles. Fall is the time for big games and people will have to make bigger decisions and GoW sales may be split. Reply +2
  • Fable III has "huge decision" at start

  • beckyh 01/10/2010

    I have heard these ducks fart before. Is this going to be a good versus evil thing? Reply 0
  • Homefront played by 32 people

  • beckyh 01/10/2010

    Yeah right I really want to play Battlefield forever. Not. If they never made a game because someone did something similar then there would be very few games released. Besides if you knew anything about Homefront you would realise it is nothing like battlefield. Reply +3
  • UK's first 24/7 game channel announced

  • beckyh 26/08/2010

    I bet the adverts will all be text 4 sex shite. Reply +5
  • MS unveils standalone 250GB HDD

  • beckyh 24/03/2010

    What is the point of this STANDALONE drive? Why is it not an attachable one? Reply -3
  • Xbox Live Game Room is faulty - reports

  • beckyh 24/03/2010

    So is this the 360 version of the PSN Home? Reply -2
  • Heavy Rain

  • beckyh 15/02/2010

    It is great that someone can pick up the story from different places in the game and play it differently. I knew there could be many different outcomes but I thought i would have to play it over and over again. Reply 0
  • Red Dead Redemption

  • beckyh 31/01/2010

    So the map size is bigger than San Andreas? I don't like that idea at all. San Andreas had cities and it was still too big, yet turn of the century Western is not going to have cities and will have small towns scattered around at best, with lots of space doing nothing but being just dust and wildlife.
    I am really lookiing forward to this game but I do hope the mass of land is not going to ruin it.
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  • Mass Effect 2

  • beckyh 26/01/2010

    So is this correct in that I can use my old ME1 save and have my stats, weapons and decisions in tact?
    If this is the case I hope Bioware have fixed the autosave problem from the first game as I don't want that to carry over aswell :-))
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  • Interplay claims 2012 beta for Project V13

  • beckyh 25/01/2010

    2012? A non story then :-/ Reply -2
  • Dead to Rights: Retribution

  • beckyh 16/12/2009

    designerheadache - its a police officer with a dog Reply +1
  • PSP minis coming to PS3 next week

  • beckyh 09/12/2009

    PSP minis will look crap on a big telly though? Reply +2
  • The Saboteur

  • beckyh 04/12/2009

    Been playing this since yesterday. Its an okay game, quite fun and I am loving the black and white look splashed with colour, i only wish they had that look for the whole game as it looks fantastic.

    I think a 6/10 score is pretty harsh and undeserving and the reality is whilst the game is undoubtedly a little rough around the edges, it is certainly at least a 7 score although I would not go as far as giving it more than an 8.5.

    I think too many reviewers lately not just here but on other sites aswell, look too much into the tiny detail which is lacking and not looking at the overall picture.

    Oh and I am not sure why the reviewer cites an elevator on the Paris tower as a problem, the tower does have elevators for real anyway and at least they are giving gamers the choice to ride up or climb it. Picky picky picky
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  • Mirror's Edge leaping to iPhone

  • beckyh 03/12/2009

    He should release a game called "smoke and mirrors" Reply 0