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  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2010

  • baphomet_irl 31/12/2010

    haha I totally agree with Dan Whitehead about not wanting to do things to my main character's canon - while I have played ME1 twice and am playing ME2 again atm, I find it difficult to vary too much from my original decisions as I do really feel an attachment to the Shephard I created. Same in Fallout3 when I played the PC version after already completing the 360 version, I blew up Megaton to get a screenshot of it and see what it was all about, but I didnt savegame and in fact the minute I had finished my screenshots, I actually made that iteration of my Lone Wanderer jump off Tenpenny Tower and commit suicide for his sins! Reply +4
  • Apple iPad presentation

  • baphomet_irl 30/01/2010

    why is it not 16:9 - or at least 16:10 - no doubt it's some bizzare proprietary res too like that weird 1152 one they used for years

    ok I give up - I cant make it to the end - Im not watching the whole video - it is an experience more cringeworthy than any 'cash for gold' or 'stick all your mortgages in one bowl' advertisements on TV...
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  • baphomet_irl 30/01/2010

    exceeds what I understand ? - wot???
    my god what a load of bull -

    'theres no wrong way to hold it..' except anything other than portrait and landscape maybe ????

    the designer's been speaking to the marketing department for too long

    im kinda putting this slightly out of context here but still these words do appear in sequence:

    'it just feels right, to hold the internet in your hands!'

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  • The EGTV Show: Microsoft on the evolution of Xbox Live

  • baphomet_irl 05/12/2009

    yeh the new stuff is pretty good, although I think they should go through all their 'watch previews' of films that have been up for a long time and apply the Silverlight streaming to them, as it is very good when you checkout the Avatar trailer to test it. Why is not coming here (Ireland) ? :( Reply 0
  • The EGTV Show: Pixie Lott at the GH5 launch

  • baphomet_irl 15/09/2009

    thats the guy from 'Sent U A Message' on the XboX (Adam Ferrant I think his name is) on drums isnt it? - he doesnt look too excited by Song 2 lol Reply 0
  • Project Needlemouse - teaser

  • baphomet_irl 09/09/2009

    loyal as I am, and especially on this holy day, I do NOT want to tempt fate again, so I will tell myself it will be crap so I can't get hurt again Reply 0
  • Polyphony confirms GT5 head-tracking

  • baphomet_irl 09/09/2009

    Im pretty sure Forza 3 is going to integrate Natal head tracking into it too, there was a very quick flash of that going on in the Natal launch video - TrackIR has done this on the PC for a good while now, mainly for flight sims (although you have to wear a Scotchguard reflective strip on a cap (or your forehead (!)). It is pretty cool, but if you're one of the unfortunate who can often suffer from motion sickness in first person (and sometimes 3rd person games even), it can be kinda disorientating and nauseating, but the feeling of flight is very good as you look around during takeoff. FIA GTR (or the next game they made) had trackIR support in it, although you can usually assign trackIR to use 'mouselook' in any game that has it. Reply -3
  • The EGTV Show: The History of Eurogamer

  • baphomet_irl 07/09/2009

    Congratulations Eurogamer :) - I also just realised your 2 days older than the greatest console ever made :D.

    Your Quake origins I find very impressive as an ex Q3 Test/Q3A/RA3 player, I wasnt that good, but Jesus I loved that game (and all Quake/DooM/Wolf3D for that matter).

    Keep up the good work - and bring the Expo to Dublin next year :D :D :D
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  • Benchmark Resi 5 on your PC now

  • baphomet_irl 23/07/2009

    74 or so FPS with everything on max, 2xAA @ 1920x1200 :D

    i7 2.66 @ 3.4
    Geforce GTX260
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  • Resident Evil 5 PC benchmark video

  • baphomet_irl 17/07/2009

    one thing I noticed although it may have been from sitting further away from my TV when playing my (360) version - as opposed to up close on PC, and also maybe the 360's upscaling from its internal render applies a bit of blurring - the menu/attract screen with 'press start' seemed to be encoded lower quality for some reason, I could see the fractal squares used in the compression more apparently, I think that noise filled scenes are asking for trouble from compression though. The 360 menu definitely felt as clear as if it was done in engine though... Reply -1
  • baphomet_irl 17/07/2009

    i ran this benchmark last night and got an average of 70fps - 1920x1200 2XAA :DI really like these benchmarks Capcom are giving us - great fun - Id love a screensaver based on them Reply 0