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  • Killzone: Mercenary review

  • amplifiedAnt 04/09/2013

    Having been involved with the beta since its closed stage I can attest to the multiplayer being a major reason to buy this game.

    What amazes me is that virtually every review I've seen today has glossed over it, barely mentioning anything that a quick glance at the menus wouldn't make obvious. Far be it from me to suggest they've barely bothered to scratch its surface...
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  • New FIFA Ultimate Team 14 adds player chemistry styles

  • amplifiedAnt 22/07/2013

    It's an interesting idea to combat exploitation of specific players but the implementation will be key.

    Sadly unless EA fix the core gameplay, it'll likely only end up causing everybody to pick whichever chemistry style affords the biggest pace increase. Then you can watch in despair as your technically balanced side is torn apart time and again by through balls humped over the top.
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  • Live: Sony E3 2013 Conference

  • amplifiedAnt 11/06/2013

    Gah, said I definitely wouldn't stay up this year, yet circumstances have dictated I am anyway. Might as well now! In the same boat RE: being up for work... Reply 0
  • GamesMaster: The Inside Story

  • amplifiedAnt 04/06/2013

    Jane Hewland got this so, so right. Reply +5
  • Madden NFL 25 the latest EA game to skip Wii U - what now for FIFA 14?

  • amplifiedAnt 03/05/2013

    So the next title in the series will be Madden NFL 25? That'll confuse videogame historians. Reply +2
  • Thomas Was Alone review

  • amplifiedAnt 01/05/2013

    Every time I see some uninformed fanboy claiming that the Vita has "no good games" I just smirk, turn mine on and start playing something like this. Reply +9
  • Sony announces Zeus and Isaac Clarke for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

  • amplifiedAnt 28/02/2013

    @illage2 Who ever said they had to be exclusives?

    Why is Big Daddy on the roster? Dante? Heihachi? Raiden?

    They're all characters that have featured prominently on PlayStation consoles and as such deserve their inclusion.
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  • amplifiedAnt 28/02/2013

    If you're using Isaac Clarke does the game pause and take you to the PlayStation Store every time you try to use a Special move? Reply +20
  • Real Racing 3 review

  • amplifiedAnt 28/02/2013

    Also in answer to the final paragraph, assuming you continue to achieve only 3500 credits for a win:

    Time to reach 44,000 credits = Time to complete 304 races + (Number of oil changes x 20 minutes)

    Would need to know how regular oil changes are, but you're going to end up with a staggering answer no matter the figure.
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  • amplifiedAnt 28/02/2013

    One price, then play. Is that really too much to ask for? Reply +28
  • HMV pins hope on FIFA 13 and Skylanders as it battles through winter

  • amplifiedAnt 14/12/2012

    Sometimes I like the ability to walk to the shops and pick something up to play/listen to straight away. With the postal system being the way it is, buying stuff online isn't without its minor annoyances.

    I also still thoroughly enjoy browsing the CDs in HMV and often find music that I missed due to the general noise of the Internet. Of course the high street needs to adapt or offer something that online retailers cannot, but I hope that it doesn't disappear altogether.

    Best wishes to the HMV staff especially, fingers crossed.
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  • Ratchet & Clank: QForce review

  • amplifiedAnt 27/11/2012

    It seems that in trying to find a wider audience, Insomniac are appealing to even fewer of us. I genuinely enjoyed parts of All 4 One when taken on face value, but it never felt like a 'proper' or complete Ratchet & Clank game in the manner that A Crack in Time did.

    Additional elements or genre mash-ups should be a natural part of the gameplay, not shoe-horned in.
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  • GoldenEye Reloaded, 007 Legends dev Eurocom hit by job losses

  • amplifiedAnt 23/11/2012

    I have some fond memories of 40 Winks, Crash Bash and Dead Space: Extraction. They were solidly dependable developers pushed from pillar to post by publishers. Shame that the tale essentially ended with Activision.

    It's never nice to see people out of a job - especially so when it impacts the UK games industry.
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  • PS Vita firmware 2.0 speeds up web browser, makes it a "small app"

  • amplifiedAnt 19/11/2012

    @Dismiss Can't you just be happy for those of us that will make use of this?

    Great addition to the update - will improve the Vita user experience and I'll always welcome features with the ability to do that.

    I severely doubt that the firmware team would ever have anything to do with developing games so it's hardly a waste of time.
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  • Nintendo Land review

  • amplifiedAnt 15/11/2012

    They did make us tea though.
    Are you certain that none of the Nintendo PR monsters dropped a tab of ecstasy in? ;-)
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  • EA boots out FIFA 13 invisible ball bug

  • amplifiedAnt 09/11/2012

    This article could do with another update - the invisible ball glitch is not fixed. Playing the online Seasons mode last night it happened to me three matches in a row. I'm a persistent so-and-so but even I gave up trying after that.

    Tweeted the official EASPORTSFIFA account and they replied saying: "We're aware of the trending concern, and we assure you we're looking into the matter. Stay tuned for more updates."

    Here we go again...
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  • The Walking Dead, Doom 3 BFG Edition on EU PlayStation Store

  • amplifiedAnt 17/10/2012

    @f0nZ CS:GO is available on PS3, just not on the EU region store. I got bored of waiting and bought US credit in order to play it. Reply -1
  • An audience with Syndicate

  • amplifiedAnt 11/10/2012

    Isn't it a bit worrying if publishers are starting to take such note of the opinion of a single demographic? I mean I'm only 25 but this guy definitely doesn't represent my interests.

    Also I know for a fact that Syndicate was paid an obscene amount of money to publicise Game's BAFTA award last year. Seems like a bit of a puppet to me...

    It's a bit like that episode of 'The Thick of It' where they create a focus group consisting of one woman (and she turns out to be an actor).
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  • EA Sports' new season ticket detailed

  • amplifiedAnt 07/09/2012

    On the one hand this actually works out at reasonable value; however part of me is crying inside because it means another year of FIFA Ultimate Team becoming even more 'pay to win' focused :(

    If you start playing UT more than a week after release you're going to be hopelessly behind.
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  • The Walking Dead Episode 3 hits PSN Store

  • amplifiedAnt 07/09/2012

    'Long Road Ahead' sounds like an apt description for the experience that episode subscribers have received. Reply +5
  • Crytek: TimeSplitters 4 fan interest "not high enough yet"

  • amplifiedAnt 07/08/2012

    At time of writing 29,013 people 'like' that Timesplitters 4 campaign page, with Crytek amassing 29,312.

    So by their logic, 'not enough interest' for TS4 equates to 99% of the interest in their entire company.

    Please stop using Facebook as a metric :(
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  • Codemasters announces F1 Race Stars

  • amplifiedAnt 13/07/2012

    Amazed that the FIA gave this one the "Go, Go, Go"! Could be fantastic though as an antidote to the more staid (if excellent) main series. Reply +3
  • Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

  • amplifiedAnt 25/06/2012

    Armour not touching this. Reply +52
  • Online shop goes bust

  • amplifiedAnt 19/06/2012

    Damn, this is pretty gutting as they've been my favourite importer of the last few years. Their warehouses are based in Europe, so they sorted the import (usually from the US) and then dispatched to you from within the EU. In other words there was always piece of mind that you'd avoid being hit with heavy import taxes on your purchases.

    I did wonder why they recently put free shipping on everything. Last-ditch attempt to increase sales and get some cash in?

    Anybody know of alternative companies that provide a similar service?

    [EDIT] Ah yeah, have used Video Games Plus before (God of War Collection springs to mind). Believe they're Canadian-based though, so still a risk of having to pay extra.
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  • Sony's E3 2012 Conference

  • amplifiedAnt 05/06/2012

    It was about an hour and a half last year wasn't it? Most of the interesting stuff will probably be within the first 60 mins though, unless there's surprises at the end. Reply 0
  • Activision vs. No Doubt Band Hero argument will go to trial

  • amplifiedAnt 30/05/2012

    I kinda always knew I'd end up your ex-Guitar friend. Reply +4
  • Datura Review

  • amplifiedAnt 10/05/2012

    This definitely appears worth supporting, even if flawed. Ł6.49 doesn't seem extortionate at the current going rate and it always feels nice to reward innovation.

    Plastic's last 'game' was Linger in Shadows, so they're certainly moving in the right direction! That said even as a demoscene project LiS had a decent atmosphere, look forward to seeing whether it carries into this.
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  • Wrecked: Revenge Revisited Review

  • amplifiedAnt 02/04/2012

    Fell for it based on former glories and stumped up the money on day one. Yes, I should have done my research. Yes, the DLC pack staring straight at me on the store should've rung alarm bells. In spite of this all I decided it was worth supporting Supersonic for the joy they've given me and my mates over the years.

    Can I have my tenner back?

    It's not a horrendous game, nor a broken one. What I do find fairly inexcusable is that it's a step back in almost every way from Mashed. Even ignoring the DLC there's a crushing lack of content. The weapons are overpowered. The course design's worse.

    The worst crime? It's simply not that fun. It didn't snare us into race after race of bitter rivalry and petty namecalling. We didn't expect a sausage on the singleplayer side but were baffled that the multiplayer options were comparable slapdash.

    It's sad that the more inspiring option would have been to simply port Mashed. I'm sure Supersonic didn't lose their magic formula overnight and would love to know why so little came off. Lack of effort? Publisher meddling? One iteration too many?

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  • GAME and Gamestation websites are back online

  • amplifiedAnt 30/03/2012

    @Stepharneo Fair enough, I meant the sale imagery and categories included but if the prices are worse that's daft and then some. Reply 0
  • amplifiedAnt 30/03/2012

    Very poor reporting, these are exactly the same sales that they had on both sites pre-outage. Reply +1
  • ShopTo pulls "bad taste" GAME Reward Card promotion

  • amplifiedAnt 27/03/2012

    They got the branding wrong, I find that more offensive :-P Reply 0
  • GAME suspends trading of its shares on the stock exchange

  • amplifiedAnt 21/03/2012

    @Craven I worked in a freelance capacity at head office for nearly 2 years (finished last week) - 'luckily' they cut all contract staff out of the business so I had no choice but to look for something else.

    I'm sure many will be pleased to hear that most of the people made redundant in the last pass have landed on their feet (and there were some REALLY good members of staff there, sadly stunted by the company). Fingers crossed for everybody else now.
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  • Former Sony man Phil Harrison made boss of Microsoft's European Game Studios

  • amplifiedAnt 13/03/2012

    It's days like this that I pray for the return of UK:Resistance. Reply +5
  • Lumines: Electronic Symphony Review

  • amplifiedAnt 02/03/2012

    this has always been a game that Sony's handheld needs if it's to feel complete.
    A good point that - what would a Nintendo handheld be without a Tetris release :)
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  • MotorStorm RC Review

  • amplifiedAnt 27/02/2012

    @el_pollo_diablo There's no instant restart button as such - it's a reference to the fact that you're only Start, Down, X away from being able to retry an event without a loading screen, a la the classic Tony Hawk games.

    Absolutely crucial when the compulsive urge to beat times and squeeze more medals out of events is so strong and the races themselves so short (rightly so, this isn't a criticism).
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  • amplifiedAnt 27/02/2012

    On Vita, the default (and best) control scheme even mimics a radio control handset, with throttle and brake/reverse on the right stick.
    Ah, that's nailed it - was wondering why it felt so natural given that I'm normally adverse to right stick control for accelerate/brake!

    @RandomTerrain Two shiny platinum trophies if you have a Vita and PS3 :) The saves sync across the cloud so if you earn a trophy on one, it'll ping on the other version next time you boot it up whilst online.
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  • Batman, Battlefield, Skyrim make BAFTA GAME Award shortlist

  • amplifiedAnt 09/02/2012

    The anti-CoD vote always gets spread too thinly, it'll likely triumph as it has done for every year this award's been running... Reply +1
  • Dirt 3 Complete Edition announced

  • amplifiedAnt 09/02/2012

    There's DLC included, yes - but it sure as hell wasn't worth Ł20!

    I loved DiRT 3 FWIW, but the add-ons were handled horribly.
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  • Twisted Metal demo, day one patch confirmed

  • amplifiedAnt 23/01/2012

    @nickthegun Good job the games themselves have come on a bit then. Reply +3
  • Govt to axe boring school ICT courses from September

  • amplifiedAnt 11/01/2012

    @Bennicus True enough, but it may at least force him to learn how to do some of this proposed revised syllabus himself. My GCSE days were nearly a decade ago mind, I'd hope things have moved on a tad. Sadly it doesn't sound like it :/ Reply 0
  • amplifiedAnt 11/01/2012

    Our ICT teacher tried to get us to use Word as a vector graphics editor. This move can only be a good thing. Reply +4
  • Uncharted 3 aiming controls to be patched

  • amplifiedAnt 21/11/2011

    Completed my Crushing playthrough this evening and, as on Hard, no complaints. I'm glad they're leaving the U3 launch controls in there as an option because the feel of the game was spot-on for me. Still, hopefully the maximum number of people will be able to enjoy this wonderful game now. Reply 0
  • Huge FIFA 12 PS3 and Xbox 360 patch out today

  • amplifiedAnt 10/11/2011

    Most of the chat from my Clubs team mates is about how awful the AI defenders are, this won't go down well with them! As a CAM I'm normally too far up the pitch to notice ;) Reply +1
  • Uncharted 3 aiming fix could be incoming

  • amplifiedAnt 07/11/2011


    Personally really like the U3 shooting mechanics. The guns have a lot more 'bite' and the feedback on hits is better, in my humble opinion. Did my first playthrough on Hard and didn't encounter any problems with the aiming.

    Yes, if you stand still and rotate the analog stick the view moves in a near-square/rectangular motion, but surely you don't play the game by wildly thrashing at the stick?! Given that throughout most of the shooting sections it's done from cover or peeking around corners, I found the slow initial aiming to be useful as you're generally edging the cursor over the enemy rather than flailing your view around at rapid speed :)

    It is indeed nice that a dev team is prepared to listen to fans, but I'm hoping this isn't simply the vocal minority shouting loudest. For the record I have no idea what sort of percentage of U3 players are upset (pretty hard to quantify I guess) but it'd be interesting to find out. Getting individuals or groups of such a tiny sample size to help adjust precise mechanics seems a little foolhardy though.

    Fingers crossed there'll be an option to leave the game as-is too.
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  • Fear Effect 1, 2 and Fighting Force 2 look set for PSN

  • amplifiedAnt 03/11/2011

    Hmm, eagle eyes there EG - but wasn't Fighting Force 2 released on PSN in the 19th October PSN update? Reply +2
  • Sony raises PSN Trophy level cap

  • amplifiedAnt 19/10/2011

    @Triggerhappytel - 104 now ;)

    Not convinced that there ever was a trophy cap, this may just be lazy IGN journalism re-created here. Fairly sure that I checked Hakoom's profile after IGN initially reported progress beyond L50 1% was 'impossible' and he/they had already gone past that.

    It does frustrate me a little when a large trophy/achievement haul is equated with having no life. I'm sure there's people out there for whom that's true but not everybody's circumstances are the same! Not every patron in the pub is an alcoholic. In context I'm Level 29 on PSN with nearly 6000 trophies, but I simply love games. Working full-time and having a healthy social life are still more than possible.

    Best to simply play games however you best enjoy them, nobody else will ever care about your trophy 'collection' :)
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