alimokrane Groups

  • Blue Dragon Appreciation Society (BDAS)

    We are a group dedicated to Blue Dragon. Chat about all things
    BD. If your a fan of this epic game, enrole now! 4 Members

  • Eurogamer Expo

    The official group for the Eurogamer Expo. 552 Members

  • Hayfever Sufferers FTL :(

    Come here to gawp and pwn us miserable hayfever sufferers. We
    might as well be daywalkers. 8 Members

  • How many XBox 360's died?

    Please join this group *IF* you have had a failed 360 that
    needed to be sent off to repair or back to the shop for a
    replacement. I don't believe for one sec… 92 Members

  • JRPG Otaku

    222 Members

  • Lost Odyssey

    This is just another way for people to show they own the game.
    hopefully if everyone is in the one group we can talk about the
    bits where we get stuck!!!!! than… 13 Members

  • Running and Fitness

    There's room for more than one hobby, surely? The gamers who
    love to pull on those trainers and hit the open road... Or those
    who get their fitness kicks in oth… 22 Members

  • Team ICO Gamers

    Team ICO fan message board 1230 Members

  • The "Heroes" Appreciation Group (HAG)

    100 Members

  • The XBox 360 JRPG Group

    A little group for those of who are looking forward to Blue
    Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Eternal Sonata and more. 59 Members