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  • "It was tempting to retire…"

  • abigsmurf 03/02/2016


    You're missing out if you've never played Dungeon Keeper, believe it's on GoG, still holds up pretty well (low resolution sprites aside).
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  • Lego Marvel's Avengers review

  • abigsmurf 29/01/2016

    @VotesForCows the gameplay is very simple, not requiring much skill with the pad and the fact you've unlimited lives as standard makes Lego games great 'starter' games.

    Most violence from the source material is replaced with slapstick so that's fine for younger children.

    Only issue for a 4 year old is that they require a bit of reading for the puzzle hints. That can be remedied by talking them through the puzzles though.
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  • Fire Emblem: Fates controversial scene changed for Western launch

  • abigsmurf 21/01/2016

    @cowell How is that ironic in any way?

    There is an important difference between "I don't like what you said" and "you shouldn't be able to say what you said"
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  • abigsmurf 21/01/2016

    This comes, what, a week after after Stephen Universe had a scene censored (or 'localised' is now apparently what we call this sort of thing) because it featured a scene with lesbian undertones and we can't expose innocent kiddies to that sort of thing apparently.

    What if Kanji in Persona 4 had been censored because his shadow was a camp stereotype? We would have have lost out on an interesting, memorable piece of character development.

    This is the kind of thing a puritanical approach to what is acceptable leads to. We're not getting Japanese companies actually coming out and saying they won't release games in the West because of these moral panics. The people who want to play these games are finding them unable to because of the hysteria caused by people who would never play them to begin with.

    From what I gather, the character in Fire emblem isn't even gay, she just has issues with dealing with men that are extreme enough to actively harm her abilities on the (mostly male) battlefield. The solution is to make her see all men as women so her anxiety doesn't get her killed. 'female character is afraid of men' is a reasonably common cliche in Japan (as is the inverse).
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  • Nintendo in 2015: A difficult year shows signs of promise for what's ahead

  • abigsmurf 29/12/2015

    Seems very much like a filler year for Nintendo, a few of the titles they've released reek a bit of being put out quickly in order to fill schedule gaps or are titles which have taken a long time to localise.

    Rumours are suggesting that the NX will get a showing behind closed doors at CES next week so we'll probably start getting more concrete rumours soon.
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  • Games of 2015 no. 9: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

  • abigsmurf 24/12/2015

    I played this for 90 mins or so, felt it beautiful and the story interesting but... I haven't played it since.

    Just doesn't really to give me any motivation to come back to it, I guess the feeling that you're never quite sure if you've gone to the 'right' place doesn't help, there's not really a sense of progression, you get more of the story the more you explore but there's always a worry that you've skipped ahead and missed something.
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  • Watch the gameplay trailer for Monster Boy, the spiritual successor to Wonder Boy

  • abigsmurf 23/12/2015

    wonder boy 3 is one of my all time fav games, the fact its using that one as a blueprint makes me happy. Love that one of the forms is the tavern owner from the older games.

    and of course it has the trademark myconid boss
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  • Square Enix exec quits after decade at Crystal Dynamics

  • abigsmurf 16/12/2015

    If the sales of the latest Tomb Raider are to be believed, it flopped fairly hard. Releasing only on the XBox One and on the same weekened as Fallout 4 were both disastrous choices.

    Hoping this is him leaving on his own terms and not as a result of sales figures though.
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  • Star Citizen soars past $100m as alpha 2.0 launches

  • abigsmurf 14/12/2015

    @I_Am_CatButler This is something a lot of pay2win games have experienced and even profited from.

    Generally the common solution is that if you've an overpowered thing in the game, you don't nerf it, you simply make the game tougher (and make all the new items you make match or exceed the power of it).

    Power creep, not only does it not feel like a nerf (even though it essentially is), it also lets companies people to keep spending more money to replace what they bought before.
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  • abigsmurf 14/12/2015

    $100 million from crowdfunding is insane and slightly worrying.

    That's a lot of money for regular consumers to be on the hook for. Consumers taking all the risk whilst the developers get all the rewards. Past a certain point they should have stopped asking consumers for money and, if they needed more money, should have gone to a publisher instead.

    A publisher will supply the money but they'll also help manage the project, make sure the money is spent efficiently and rein in the scope creep that could destroy this game. But of course, with a publisher comes signing away profits and no longer being your own boss...
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2015 voting

  • abigsmurf 11/12/2015

    The Vita did actually get some exclusive games this year.

    Would be nice if any were actually listed...
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  • PlayStation Experience 2015 keynote live report

  • abigsmurf 05/12/2015

    'Addicting' over 'addictive' always makes me cringe. Reply 0
  • abigsmurf 05/12/2015

    I hope they don't keep cranking out great ones, they'll go blind. Reply 0
  • abigsmurf 05/12/2015

    "We have hidden free stuff everywhere with no clues as to where they are".

    Everyone's now going to to trash the place looking for them.
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  • abigsmurf 05/12/2015

    I should probably play Bastion. Seen it in so many Steam sales... Reply 0
  • abigsmurf 05/12/2015

    lol Nioh even has a sword based bonfire in it's logo, that's a either shameless or an amusing lack of self awareness. Reply 0
  • abigsmurf 05/12/2015

    I get the impression there are lots of QTE prompts being hidden in this trailer... Reply 0
  • abigsmurf 05/12/2015

    Sony recognise the Vita exists? Reply 0
  • abigsmurf 05/12/2015

    They have the money produce something like that but they need a kickstarter for psychonauts 2? Reply 0
  • Psychonauts 2 is really real, launches a crowdfunding campaign

  • abigsmurf 04/12/2015

    @DreadedWalrus Media coverage and potential crowdfunders are both finite pools. The 'mere existence' of this does have an impact on other projects as they take attention and backers away from them.

    Double Fine's widely publicised past antics have harmed the reputation of crowdfunding making people less willing to fund other projects.
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  • abigsmurf 04/12/2015

    I enjoyed Psychonauts but Double Fine are not a developer that deserves the goodwill nature of Kickstarter backing given their past behaviour.

    I'd rather back the Dragon's Lair movie instead (if only because I want Don Bluth to start producing animation again).
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider reveals Baba Yaga DLC in new trailer

  • abigsmurf 04/12/2015

    I love Mystical ruins and folklore exploration in games.

    Shame they're more of an afterthought in Tomb Raider (and Uncharted). Little breathers to break up you killing your way through a small army.
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  • Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros Review

  • abigsmurf 02/12/2015

    I gave up on Dream Team. 10-15 hours in and I was still constantly getting very long, tedious tutorials for mostly obvious things. I've heard they're skippable here but that doesn't really solve the issue. If you skip a tutorial you risk missing something important and non-obvious. Reply +2
  • Dead or Alive Facebook page says Xtreme 3 won't head west

  • abigsmurf 25/11/2015

    @eregol the difference is that sites like Eurogamer don't care about Atelier and Ar Tonelico titles (a quick search seems to indicate that the last time Eurogamer posted even a news article about an atelier title was back in 2014).

    DOA is a much more well known series so will get much more coverage resulting in much more of a backlash. Not only that, the fanservice is more more prominent and unavoidable compared to even things like Dungeon Travellers 2 (which still got plenty of flak).
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  • abigsmurf 25/11/2015

    @Eregol This is the company that has released 4 Atelier titles on the Vita (and by next summer this number will likely be boosted up to 6 or 7).

    These are titles they had to specifically translated to English for the West and contain orders of magnitude more text and speak than DOAX3 is likely to contain.

    They also sell in numbers that make DOAX sales look like a AAA blockbuster.

    For a release where they need to do no translation work (plenty of titles are English only in Europe), the release costs will be a fraction of the cost and they will sell much more.
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  • abigsmurf 25/11/2015


    The game is already made and is being translated. It's a sunk cost.

    If they were worried about global sales figures like you claim, then they wouldn't have made the game in the first place.

    Whatever the reasons for not releasing it in the West, fear of low sales in an age of easy and cheap digital distribution is not one that holds up to any kind of scrutiny.
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  • abigsmurf 25/11/2015


    The DOAX series has sold more copies in the West then it has in Japan so it's definitely not a case of them thinking it won't sell here.

    If it was a case of a 'limited audience' they wouldn't limit the release to the smallest market. The game is already translated, to release it digital only in the west would cost miniscule amounts.
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  • Xenoblade Chronicles X's English version ditches breast slider

  • abigsmurf 16/11/2015

    They've also removed some relatively harmless religious references from the game. Can't be offending religious people even slightly can we? I'm sure we can look forward to Nintendo removing more and more 'problematic' elements in their games in the future.

    Of course this side of the censorship has been largely ignored by sites that have been generally happy at Nintendo cutting some slightly risque elements from their games.

    People say things like "how can you defend a breast slider or some leery costumes?". It's because if you don't defend censorship against things you either don't like or don't have strong feelings about, how can you rely on other people to make a noise when something you DO care about is next on the chopping block?
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  • Rodea The Sky Soldier review

  • abigsmurf 13/11/2015

    Any chance of a seperate review/article on the Wii version that Naka says is the game he made (Wii U and 3DS were ports with redesigned controls made by a different team). Reply +22
  • Street Fighter 5 sparks "censorship" debate

  • abigsmurf 10/11/2015

    @SteadyBarker They would have had plenty of time to examine the animation beforehand, it's an animation that gets triggered on demand and is displayed clearly every time.

    Even for betas you don't release without a large amount of testing.

    Nice try to turn the argument back on me and resort to name calling to boot. Changes made out of fear of backlash or penalty are not people exercising 'creative freedom' and it's dishonest to try to present them as such.

    This isn't an isolated case, it's a growing, worrying trend. Nintendo, Skull Girls, and now this, in the space of a few weeks.
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  • abigsmurf 10/11/2015

    Self censorship out of fear of backlash is actually more insidious and harmful for society than an external party forcing it.

    When you go too far and engage in battle with censors, you're pushing back on censorship and pushing boundaries to push for more freedoms of expression.

    When you're scared of the censors and do their work for them, there are no boundaries being pushed. Even worse, you're taking a step backwards, letting the censors take their step forward.

    If Capcom didn't want a buttslapping animation, they wouldn't have spend the time and effort adding it in the first place.

    Now they've removed it, next time someone puts in a risque animation and the puritanical crowd object, they can use the argument "Capcom knew it was unacceptable and removed it, it should be the same for this". The censors feel they have justification and are empowered by it.
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  • Zoe Quinn's memoir Crash Override picked up by Ghostbusters reboot producer

  • abigsmurf 07/11/2015

    It's just been optioned, it's nowhere near the stage of getting a movie and I can't really see one being made.

    Pay someone $50,000 and promise 10% of any profit (lol hollywood accounting) and you can lock in the rights to a book on the off-chance it becomes a worldwide phenomenon. It's pocket change. Plus it gives you the right to lift scenes to use in unrelated films (an example of this is the rights to Perfect Blue being bought so that scenes could be copied and used in Black Swan).

    The book comes out next year, the film will take 18 months to produce, hard to see there being much interest in this for the general public in 2+ years time, let alone enough interest for a $10million+ a movie actress in it. Then there's all the legal wranglings involving Eron Gjoni that could potentially mean the film isn't even allowed to be shown.
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  • Watch: the first Warcraft trailer

  • abigsmurf 06/11/2015

    This would probably look a lot better looking if they used more actual sets instead of green screening. The human characters never really feel like they're there. Is the armor also CG? Looks really off.

    Not convinced the story can really work based on those trailers. They're trying too hard balance factions aspect of the game so that one isn't portrayed as more better or worse than the other. Two even sides fighting in a conflict that'll likely end in a draw is something that's hard to make exciting.
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  • BlizzCon 2015 live report

  • abigsmurf 06/11/2015

    DLC for an expansion pack. That's pretty terrible.

    Also on the Warcraft movie. The blending of CG and real actors really doesn't work. There's a constant uncanny valley effect. Just as you're getting used to the CG, you get a poorly compositted real actor. Just as you're used to that, back to the CG.
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  • Take-Two cancels Borderlands Online, shuts down 2K China

  • abigsmurf 06/11/2015

    150 staff working on it for over a year... That's a lot of money down the drain. Reply +1
  • SXSW considers harassment conference after pulling game panels over threats of violence

  • abigsmurf 28/10/2015

    @jamyskis1981 That may be so, however even Gameindustry.biz's short, dry coverage was still 3 paragraphs more than Eurogamer's. Reply +1
  • abigsmurf 28/10/2015

    @spekkeh http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2014-10-23-digital-retailer-speaks-out-on-gamergate-name-confusion

    Yes, it got three whole paragraphs from Eurogamer's sister site with no condemnation of any kind.

    Very even reporting.
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  • abigsmurf 28/10/2015

    There's a slightly weird narrative been spun by sites reporting on this.

    The statements released by people involved seem to indicate that the majority (or even all) of the threats were directed at the GG themed panel, NOT the anti-GG one.

    You can be sure that if it was SavePoint being harassed that Randi Harper wouldn't be so vague about the targets.

    GG do not seem to be the perpetrators yet are getting the blame for some reason.

    Just for perspective, the last time a show held a GG panel, they received 6 separate bomb threats.

    One of the biggest lies being spun about this whole saga is that all the threats of violence and abuse are coming from one side.
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  • Destiny raid boss Crota defeated solo using Rock Band drum kit

  • abigsmurf 28/10/2015

    That's nothing, I once narfled the Garthok using a DDR mat! Reply +9
  • UK tabloids point the finger at Call of Duty, GTA in coverage of 15-year-old TalkTalk hacker

  • abigsmurf 28/10/2015

    The kid is just a fall guy, clearly this is another heinous act from the hacker known as 4chan! I hope they catch him soon. Reply +9
  • Michel Ancel reveals PlayStation 4-exclusive Wild gameplay

  • abigsmurf 27/10/2015

    I absolutely haven't become 100 times more interested in this game because it features an attractive giant snake goddess. Honest. Reply +1
  • Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water removes skimpy costumes

  • abigsmurf 21/10/2015

    Censorship is never something that should be celebrated.

    It's already an M rated game featuring depicting death and suicide Censoring some skimpy bonus unlockables is overly prudish; "people dying in horrible ways is fine so long as they don't show some skin".

    "It's immersion breaking" isn't an excuse given they're optional bonuses and that they're replaced by silly cosplay outfits. Plus having attractive cast members engaging in lewd behaviour (and often dying horribly as punishment) is something of a horror tradition/cliche.

    It goes beyond bonus unlockables, there is also a cutscene scene involving a 34 year old woman in a swimsuit that has been censored.
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  • Skullgirls dev explains why Indivisible costs $3.5m to make

  • abigsmurf 20/10/2015

    His point about Super Metroid is actually slightly worrying.

    Only a small portion of the Super Metroid team were working on the game full time for the majority of the project. What's a character designer going to for three years do once the characters are designed and sprited up?

    That aside, rather than people forgetting how much a game costs to make perhaps he is forgetting what Kickstarter should be for? It's not meant to be something to fund the wages of reasonable sized dev teams, it's supposed to be purely covering the costs of required to get something out. Any sort of delay means you chew through those staff costs with nothing to show for it and a team wondering how they're going to feed their families next month.

    A large project should be funded through a publisher alone. Using kickstarter as a means of lowering the risk a publisher is exposed to is pretty murky ethically.
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  • Star Citizen hires heavyweight Hollywood cast for Squadron 42

  • abigsmurf 12/10/2015

    @williamarthurfenton Plenty of people recognise that games take a long time.

    The problem is scope creep.

    Introducing radically different, labour intensive new features or deciding to re-do existing features is terrible for development.

    If you've spent 3 months coding something, only to be told that it needs a complete re-write, it's pretty depressing, if it happens multiple times, it can completely destroy a dev team's motivation.

    Aside from motivation issues, adding a feature to code that was never designed with that in mind results in terrible code structure. The correct thing to do in these situations is to re-write part, or all of the base code from scratch. However as it's 'only' a minor new feature and a rewrite requires massive work, this new feature gets implemented in a hacky way.

    Suddenly, before you know it, you've done 50 of these 'minor' features and your code is a horrible mess of hacks, workarounds and interfaces between incompatible code that can no longer be re-written from scratch because no-one really understands how the code works any more.
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  • Watch: Lumo is nostalgic and lovely

  • abigsmurf 08/10/2015

    Think about it!

    *watches no one get the reference, highlighting just how old he is*
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  • Rediscovering Lego Dimensions through the eyes of a child

  • abigsmurf 08/10/2015

    And now I'm going to have "through the eyes of a child" from the South Park Movie stuck in my head all day.

    Can someone clarify something that wasn't clear in the review (never played skylanders or Disney Infinity so I don't know how these things work):

    If I buy the starter pack for this, do I get the full story or only a little snippet? Do I need to keep buying packs to get the full game?
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  • Is Headlander Double Fine's most whimsical game since Psychonauts?

  • abigsmurf 07/10/2015

    I really wish developers would remember to actually give players/npcs some actual contrast against the backgrounds.

    Getting eyestrain or a headache after 30 minutes of playing because you're constantly having to struggle to make out people against the background isn't my idea of fun.
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  • The Beginner's Guide review

  • abigsmurf 01/10/2015

    It's odd that a glowing review can put me off a game. Absolutely loved The Stanley Parable for its creativity and sense of fun so it's even more disappointing that I'm not feeling excited by it.

    One of the things about creating deeply personal, introspective stories drawing upon the creator's feelings/experiences is that, at the expense of sounding unfeeling, you need to have an interest in hearing that person's innermost thoughts.

    I've read a fair number of biographies so I'm not averse to seeing a writer revealing their feelings and memories to me but ultimately I've read them because I've a genuine interest in who they are and what they achieved. The prospect of hearing all these kinds of things from a developer I know nothing about about just doesn't excite me.

    I could be wrong and getting the wrong impression from the review about what the game is about but these is probably one for a Steam sale or humble bundle for me.
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  • Silent Hills would have been even better than we thought

  • abigsmurf 28/09/2015

    It wouldn't be the first time Ito has collaborated with Konami

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  • Redesigning the world's most-played PC game

  • abigsmurf 20/09/2015

    I'm convinced I once got a game of Patience where there were no possible moves from the start. Not sure if that's something that's possible but extremely unlikely or if I'm just that rubbish. Reply +1