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  • UK gov changing law to get tough on internet trolling

  • abigsmurf 20/10/2014

    A single ill-considered sentence and your life could be irreparably ruined. You'd get less time if you physically beat someone up. Is it really going to be good for society to stick kids, people with aspergers, people who made the mistake of posting whilst drunk and just people generally with poor judgement, in jail?

    We've already driven one old lady to suicide over this overblown 'trolling' hysteria and her comments weren't even that bad.

    Then of course there's the whole "legitimate criticism labelled as trolling" thing.
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  • Anita Sarkeesian cancels university speech following school shooting threat

  • abigsmurf 15/10/2014

    @spekkeh That's moving the goal posts though. This isn't exactly the first time this saga has reached the news sites. Reply 0
  • abigsmurf 15/10/2014


    Penny Arcade receives death threats to their families over a comic.


    Total biscuit receives death threats from "anti-GG"


    Boogie2988 has received death threats to himself and his family.

    None of these have were reported on Eurogamer. Both sides in this are as bad as each other it's incredibly disingenuous for Eurogamer and other sites to keep pretending this is all one sided. What is the justification for not reporting these issues whilst reporting every incident on the other side?
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  • The Evil Within PC debug console commands unlock god mode, infinite ammo, more

  • abigsmurf 14/10/2014

    Reviews are appearing now. They're mostly pretty good, around the 8 mark. Only a few lower scores.

    Big complaints from the lower scores are texture and frame rate drops occasionally and high difficulty. The latter seems a weird point given this has been intended to be a return to survival horror roots which was a lot tougher than RE4+
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  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel review

  • abigsmurf 14/10/2014

    A very large expansion pack is pretty much what I expected and looks like it's what we've got.

    Not a bad thing for me, I'm thirsty for new borderlands after Destiny was such a personal disappointment. Would've been nice if it had shown the kind of creativity that Assault on Dragon's Keep showed though.

    Here's hoping that Borderlands 3 is something special.
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  • Kingdom Hearts 3 switches to Unreal Engine 4

  • abigsmurf 07/10/2014

    If it means dev can move along faster I'm all for it. Seems weird given that the Luminous Engine has produced some very nice visuals. Only thing I can think of is that Squeenix are looking at ramping up their PC content. KH1.5 and KH 2.5 on PC would also build a big fresh audience for the series.

    I'm hoping they're still doing the Kingdom Shader things they were talking about.
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  • EGX 2014: Game of the Show

  • abigsmurf 03/10/2014

    Don't get why so many people came away with bad impressions of The Evil Within. Was my game of the show (although annoyingly I didn't get to play Bloodborne because I couldn't find it).

    Maybe it was because the demo was much closer to REmake than RE4+.

    Here's hoping the NEC offer companies more space to put in more booths so the queues aren't quite so immense next year.
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  • The Witcher 3's Geralt: "The truth is, he was a relatively handsome man"

  • abigsmurf 26/09/2014

    Kind of a problem with designing men in these games. You want to make a man look big and strong as you'd expect a warrior to and you end up creating a greek demi-god. You then try to ugly him up with scars and the odd misshapen feature and you go from "demi-god" to "rugged good looks". Reply +22
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 review

  • abigsmurf 24/09/2014

    Been several years coming but we've finally a clear strong bang:buck upgrade from the HD 5xxx era.

    AMD have teased an announcement for tomorrow, here's hoping for some strong competition to force prices down.
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  • League of Legends blocks toxic players from ranked matches

  • abigsmurf 24/09/2014

    My experience with DOTA was back in the War3 days and I've never experienced a more toxic community. It was enough to stop me from getting through the initial learning curve. Shame it's not improved since then.

    That said, I thought footman frenzy was a much more fun game/mod (despite the massive balance issues) and it didn't suffer from the same toxicity.
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  • The New 3DS XL unlocks the potential of Nintendo's handheld

  • abigsmurf 19/09/2014

    I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of sites are getting the face tracking tech completely wrong.

    Having the camera on for every single game would be massively taxing on the CPU and battery and it would be a waste of resources having it on all the time. Not to mention all the 'tests' in the article that it passed with would be things you'd expect it to fail miserably on. Plus there's the fact that I'm not actually sure it's possible to adjust the 'sweet spot' in this way with the parallax barrier tech Nintendo use.

    The face tracking is meant for controlling the camera in games to produce a more immersive effect. If you physically look around an object, the in game camera shifts to allow you to do it.

    Nintendo have very likely used a more advanced parallax barrier tech that has much wider viewing angles in addition to the face tracking.
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  • The Great Ace Attorney gets a debut trailer

  • abigsmurf 19/09/2014

    At least the localisation won't need to be so forced this time around

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  • Final Fantasy 15 demo confirmed, Nomura leaves director's chair

  • abigsmurf 18/09/2014

    Nomura seems to be one of the few directors still at Square Enix who reliably puts out good games, strange decision.

    Can only imagine they're trying to speed up KH3 production
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  • Final Fantasy Agito announced for Vita in Japan

  • abigsmurf 18/09/2014


    Twist: It turns out Lightning is actually Sora!
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  • Going Deep Down with Tokyo Game Show trailer

  • abigsmurf 18/09/2014

    "We're tired of people saying this is just us copying Dark Souls.... We copied the worst parts of assassins Creed too!"

    Jokes aside, it looks pretty good, will be looking forward to playing it.
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  • Silent Hills concept trailer is coming for you

  • abigsmurf 18/09/2014

    Looks incredible, if they can be as imaginative as PT and that trailer the game will be amazing. Reply +8
  • Destiny public events to occur more frequently

  • abigsmurf 12/09/2014

    "spend 5 minutes shooting near constantly at this almost stationary bullet-sponge whilst it occasionally one shots you"

    Only found one public event so far when playing. Needless to say it didn't impress.
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  • Sony insists Vita is here to stay

  • abigsmurf 12/09/2014

    No matter how they spin it, if they really cared about the console, they'd be making games for it. I actually strongly suspect that after the initial launch months, Sony just completely gave up and decided not to produce any games for it themselves. Outside of hiring a few no-name teams to churn out some questionable ports, I don't think there have been any new titles announced by the Western side of Sony that were definitely started after the consoles launch.

    We don't really ask for mega-budget uncharted/killzones but we do want SOME titles. Lets face it, Gravity Rush 2 is probably going to be a PS4 title.

    Playing indie games that have been out for over a year on PCs doesn't interest me and I'm starting to get bored of tiny budget fanservice heavy dungeon crawling JRPGs
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  • The next Ace Attorney game features Sherlock Holmes

  • abigsmurf 11/09/2014

    To be fair to them, this is a lot more restrained than when Japan last took on Sherlock Holmes

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  • Destiny thrills, but the big picture rings hollow

  • abigsmurf 10/09/2014

    @jabberwoky Enemies not only respawn, they respawn constantly. You've probably got about 30 seconds between clearing out some enemies and new ones flying in.

    In the instanced areas it's not so bad but bosses so far have tended to be escorted by 3 or so enemies. The second the last of those enemies get killed, identical replacements appear.
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  • abigsmurf 10/09/2014

    Played 3 or so hours yesterday, my thoughts:

    The story is uninteresting and unengaging and Peter Dinklage, who's basically the narrator puts in one of the most bored performances I've heard.

    The gun play is fun but there's a massive lack of variety in enemies. Had one public event and was a tedious 5 minute encounter with a bullet sponge tank that we failed to kill.

    Enemies re-spawning constantly from all sides is deeply annoying.

    The missions lack variety and too often the "get to a location" missions leave you staring upwards at a ledge you're given no clear indication of how to climb.

    Loot so far is boring (and it's really hard to actually see when gear drops).

    Tedious load times, especially going back to the tower.

    Horrible user interface and interacting with vendors is incredibly unintuitive with the reputation, exchanging, bounty collection all initially confusing.

    Overall, a big disappointment. I was hoping for a serious take on Borderlands 2 which did everything in a bigger, better and more multiplayer friendly way. Instead it's a fairly dull experience. Not a bad game but nowhere near worth the hype it got.
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  • Sony appears to have fixed vanishing Destiny PSN pre-orders problem

  • abigsmurf 10/09/2014

    Now they just have to solve the mystery Peter Dinklage's vanishing acting skills for this game. Reply +4
  • LittleBigPlanet gets a F2P mobile runner spin-off, Run Sackboy! Run!

  • abigsmurf 04/09/2014

    and people said Sony wouldn't put out any more AAA titles for the vita! Reply +8
  • Editor's blog: A brief note about "GamerGate"

  • abigsmurf 02/09/2014

    @MrTomFTW The hack has been proven to be physically impossible. Tumblr does not allow multiple users to log in to the same account at once. She can't have had loads of users all writing those posts (all but the last user would have been kicked out before submitting)

    All the information on their supposed Doxx was all crudely faked. Sure anyone could create that. However Zoe came out and said that it was all real information which obviously doesn't make much sense.
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  • abigsmurf 02/09/2014

    The thing which has got a lot of people so angry is a universal slamming of one side along whilst completely ignoring the other side.

    Sure it's bad that Anita got abuse, but what about the abuse towards TotalBiscuit? The threats from developers to (illegally) perform DMCA take downs of his reviews of their games? Phil Fish and his followers browbeat someone who came forward with an allegation of sexual abuse into silence.

    Zoe Quinn faked her Tumblr getting hacked and blamed it on Wizardchan. Her followers Doxxed people behind The Fine Young Capitalists (who are organising a game jam promoting female developers) and have repeatedly hacked their indiegogo page.

    None of these has been reported on major sites (including Eurogamer) but every single instance of "the other side" in this saga has had massive coverage.

    Eurogamer (and lots of other sites) need to realise that when some people are bombarded with articles saying that they're "chauvinistic neckbearded manchildren", this selective reporting flares up anger even more.

    TLDR: Both sides in this conflict have behaved shamefully but only one side has been called out on it by the major outlets.
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  • Telltale's Game of Thrones series setting teased

  • abigsmurf 01/09/2014

    @arcam If Walking Dead fans think their release schedule sucks, they should talk to Trails in the Sky fans.

    They've been sitting on a cliff hanger for 3 and a half years waiting for Chapter 2.
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  • PlayStation 4 version of Persona 5 revealed

  • abigsmurf 01/09/2014

    @ghostgate2001 PS3 isn't dead yet but I don't think you could say the same by Winter 2015.

    Keeping a console using a HDMI port and power plug for a year for P5 and Tales of Zestiria is a big ask
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  • abigsmurf 01/09/2014

    Come back in 2 years time for the first glimpse of gameplay footage!

    Glad it's coming out on PS4, makes a huge amount of sense given the PS3 will likely be pretty dead by the time it comes out in the west.
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  • After a decade away, Dragon Quest returns to PlayStation

  • abigsmurf 01/09/2014

    Dragon Quest Musou.

    I always get hyped by these games before release, enjoy the first few stages hugely then get bored and stop playing.
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  • Capcom announces Resident Evil Revelations 2

  • abigsmurf 01/09/2014

    Mixed on this, the first Revelations felt like Capcom getting back to a RE4 style feel (actiony Hunter filled skyscraper chapters aside). I got the feeling it was keeping it to the 3DS that forced them down that route.

    Now it's going to main consoles they don't have technical reasons to hold back and I can see them making it closer to RE6, re-using as much of that engine and mechanics as possible. Hope I'm wrong though.
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  • Leading creators back latest Tropes vs Women video

  • abigsmurf 27/08/2014

    @bobomb How is it shorthand? It's a different phrase with a different used in a context where brevity doesn't matter and often isn't used (see warnings about photosentisive epilepsy).

    Gamers aren't more likely to victims of sexual assault any more than the general population. Heck because gamers tend to be richer and live in better areas, the odds are actually probably less than the general population.

    It annoys me because where it could be about everyone helping everyone else, it's about helping a narrow section of the population whilst ignoring others.

    Male suicide is a massive issue that gets ignored and seen as unimportant. Heck, on the subjects of games, look at recent high profile games which present suicide as the brave, noble thing for a man to do.
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  • abigsmurf 27/08/2014


    So why not just warn about sexually violent content? Why use the phrase trigger warning?

    If the intent is to prevent harmful flashbacks, why are other very common forms of PTSD not worthy of this protection?
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  • abigsmurf 27/08/2014

    "Trigger warning"

    Can the phrase please die? It's completely self defeating for one thing: "WARNING, THIS VIDEO MAY BRING BACK MEMORIES OF THE THING I HAVE JUST NOW REMINDED YOU OF!".

    It's cringe-worthy extremely narrowly focused thing. Why not just warn that a video contains violence and/or sexual content? Actually I ask the question but I suspect I touched upon the answer; Because it's a reminder, "remember lots of women have experienced sexual violence".

    On the front page, Eurogamer has a video advert for a game feature gun battles. Where is the trigger warning for that? PTSD is endemic in former soldiers, more British soldiers have killed themselves than have been killed in action. Do soldiers not deserve their trigger warnings? Heck, simple muggings and car accidents are enough to cause PTSD

    In truth I suspect at best, this doesn't occur to the people who use the phrase "trigger warning", at worst, I suspect they simple don't care.
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  • Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition top of UK chart

  • abigsmurf 26/08/2014

    Disgaea 4 Vita, Neptunia Re:birth, Xillia 2, Dangan Rompa 2... Too many games coming out close together. Reply +2
  • Tales of Xillia 2 review

  • abigsmurf 22/08/2014

    Enjoyed Xillia despite the all the field areas being nearly the same and the plot having about 5 too many "Actually I am the real head bad guy!" moments.

    Looking forward to Xillia 2 which apparently was designed to fix the issues fans raised with the first. More Muzet is also a good thing gotta love yandere.

    The big question is however: Do we finally get taught about Bazongas?
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  • Watch Microsoft's Phil Spencer accept the Ice Bucket Challenge

  • abigsmurf 19/08/2014

    @BBIAJ http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11294023

    Wasn't terribly hard to find. Includes an explanation of why its so dangerous from a doctor who's a specialist in cold water exposure.

    No doubt this will get downvoted too. Who cares if it's a major health risk when it gives us funny videos right?
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  • abigsmurf 19/08/2014

    Kinda bugs me that this ALS awareness campaign chose a method that's a great way of inducing heart attacks in people with weak hearts. Someone has already died after attempting it. Reply -7
  • Video: Watch us play through P.T.

  • abigsmurf 18/08/2014

    It's weird that a teaser has managed to feature some of the most realistic graphics I've seen. The hallway may be simple but it looks incredibly good.

    It's also pretty impressive that Kojima expected it to take a week before people could figure out how to finish it, only for it to be solved in less than a day. Infinite monkeys with infinite PS4 controllers in action!
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  • RollerCoaster Tycoon World headed to PC in early 2015, first teaser shown

  • abigsmurf 15/08/2014

    Make the stages harder than in 3, remove the VIP guests, make it so that you can't abuse really short rollercoasters for easy money, include all the modern coaster types and I'm sold. Reply +2
  • Sony's Gamescom 2014 briefing

  • abigsmurf 12/08/2014

    Clearly this is the conference Sony have been keeping all their Vita announcements for and will announce at least half a dozen new AAA Vita titles

    *hugs his vita crying*
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  • Sierra is back - and so are Geometry Wars and King's Quest

  • abigsmurf 12/08/2014

    Hopefully the new kings quest won't kill me because I did the very dangerous activity of looking at a river. Reply +6
  • The new Settlers game is part city builder, part action RTS

  • abigsmurf 06/08/2014

    People really love Settlers 2 (and its remake), people hate it every time they try and 're-invent' the franchise and produce a game that has none of the elements that made it so fun in the first place.

    You'd think Bluebyte would take a hint
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  • Resident Evil 1 remastered for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

  • abigsmurf 05/08/2014

    Looking at the screenshots, the backgrounds are upscaled from the SD originals with a terrible blobby filter applied to them. That's unfortunate. Reply +6
  • abigsmurf 05/08/2014

    But will the backgrounds be re-rendered at 1080p? Pin sharp enemies and blurry 480p backgrounds isn't a great look.


    Nope, they're terrible quality filtered up-res
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  • Video: Ian's about to tell you all about his favourite game

  • abigsmurf 04/08/2014

    Loved these as a kid but never came close to actually finishing a Dizzy game. Would've been far better games without lives, especially consider you could die from jumping into candles you assumed were just part of the background... Reply +1
  • Devolver Digital and indie devs help finance failing GaymerX convention

  • abigsmurf 30/07/2014

    @Murton It's bad they pledged and didn't deliver but it was a simple mistake rather than anything malicious. NIS America aren't a huge company they pledged money then found they didn't have the budget for it.

    It was extremely unprofessional for the one of the main organisers to instantly accuse them of homophobia when this became apparent and it makes companies wonder if getting involved in these events is worth the risk of getting accused of homophobia.

    Stuff like this and what happened to Penny Arcade have shown that no matter what you try to do, you're only ever one mistake or even one poorly thought out tweet/forum post from people ignoring any good work you've done and attack you.
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  • GAME now selling Vita game download codes

  • abigsmurf 24/07/2014

    Do the store bought PSN download codes still just give you the PSN credit and steer you towards downloading the game rather than just limit you to that game?

    Seem to remember looking out for download cards being discounted in sales as a good way of getting reduced PSN credit
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  • Sony will box Freedom Wars for Europe because fans asked

  • abigsmurf 22/07/2014

    Nice move on Sony's behalf.

    Now Square Enix, about FFT-0...
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  • Google Play removing "free" label for F2P games with in-app purchases

  • abigsmurf 21/07/2014

    Don't think it's going to make much difference really.

    Would be nice if it meant ad supported games get a boost over pay to play type games but as I imagine Google will still use the same charting system (but with the 'free' one renamed), I can't see it making any real difference.

    Pay to play games simply print too much money and will keep doing so in the foreseeable future unless/until the market gets saturated.
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  • The Evil Within release date jumps forward a week

  • abigsmurf 18/07/2014

    @Acquiescence - a AAA horror release before Halloween will mean it gets a lot of press coverage as sites do their annual "horror games to play during Halloween" type articles.

    Besides which, a summer drought followed by an insane surge of games in the Autumn is a (weird) annual tradition.
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