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  • Unravel review

  • Zyklonbzombie 08/02/2016

    Disappointed but not terribly surprised. As charming as the E3 reveal was, the actual game looks and sounds like it was designed by a 'heartwarming indie platformer' algorithm. Reply +38
  • What's different about Dirt Rally on console? Thankfully, not much

  • Zyklonbzombie 02/02/2016

    This was already comfortably the best driving game of this gen (so far) half way through Early Access. Reply +9
  • Homefront: The Revolution is surprisingly nutty

  • Zyklonbzombie 26/01/2016

    The original Homefront was a fun, if a bit short and cheesey/jingoistic single player campaign, shipped with possibly the most underrated FPS multiplayer of last generation. The only reason it flopped and is so loathed is because it had the bad luck of turning up when it was peak fashionable to sneer at anything vaguely resembling Call of Duty.

    Fight me.
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  • Assassin's Creed prequel set in ancient Egypt, due 2017- report

  • Zyklonbzombie 04/01/2016

    One of the main appeals of Assassin's Creed's settings is how unexplored most of them are in gaming. Which is why I don't understand everyone clamouring for feudal Japan. Reply +10
  • DayZ in 2016: aerial vehicles, predators, animal companions, more

  • Zyklonbzombie 15/12/2015

    I just don't understand how it has taken so much time and work to make something so bare, wonky, dated and poorly optimized.

    Am I missing something? Is there some technical/backend reason why DayZ is so much more complicated to develop than the countless other similar games? Is the ArmA engine just a nightmare to work with?
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  • The agony and ecstasy behind the first Rainbow Six

  • Zyklonbzombie 04/12/2015

    Really loving Siege - and contrary to what a lot of people think, I consider it an excellent distillation of Rainbow 6's appeal into a focused multiplayer shooter.

    Would kill for a lengthy, single player/co-op campaign with Siege's graphics/mechanics, though. A remake of the original and/or Rogue Spear would do.
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  • Here's your first look at Star Wars Battlefront's Battle of Jakku add-on

  • Zyklonbzombie 30/11/2015

    Battlefront is objectively terrible and people just like it because it's Star Wars, and incredibly pretty and has really simple accessible shooting.

    Also I fucking hate The Witcher 3. It relies too heavily on being a big story based RPG. And everyone would see Gran Turismo for the garbage it really is if they ignored the car bits.

    I only play games that can be reduced down to a pure, flawless base code element that transcends all opinion and human emotion. This is why I don't play games, and instead spend my time moaning about them on the internet.
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  • Dead or Alive Facebook page says Xtreme 3 won't head west

  • Zyklonbzombie 25/11/2015

    Cue legion of morons unable to differentiate between a game simply having little western appeal/criticism of the franchise and censorship/outrage/"offence".

    It's a fantastic scapegoat though. Companies can now announce they're not bringing games to the west with minimum PR backlash, because they can just blame "SJW"s. Play-Asia are already pulling that line to drum up sales.

    People foaming at the mouth over this can screech "ethics" all they want. They're the ones quite transparently being manipulated by big videogame companies.
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront's Battle of Jakku DLC introduces Turning Point mode

  • Zyklonbzombie 24/11/2015

    @zegerman1942 You realize this is free DLC, right? Reply +14
  • Zyklonbzombie 24/11/2015

    Hot take: I'm immensely enjoying Star Wars Battlefront, and if DICE support it with anything like as much decent content as they have with BF4, I'll have no gripes picking up the season pass and directly contributing to the death of gaming forever. Reply +20
  • Democracy 3: Africa announced as a standalone "re-imagining"

  • Zyklonbzombie 03/11/2015

    I love how everyone is honing in on "When do you ever see Africa in a video game?", failing to read the very next sentence, and then listing games that prove it 100% correct. Reply +9
  • SXSW considers harassment conference after pulling game panels over threats of violence

  • Zyklonbzombie 28/10/2015

    But if there are two ideological sides in opposition, they must both be equally extreme, equally wrong and equally responsible. It makes sense to punish everyone involved in the discussion. Balance, you see.

    Why yes, I do get all my opinions from YouTube and episodes of South Park. Why do you ask?
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  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered debuts in-game screenshots

  • Zyklonbzombie 24/10/2015

    @TheChieftian It looks like they just turned the original art into vector graphics (if they weren't already) and tidied them a little.

    I don't doubt that there will be hand drawn original bits added too (details, like the grass in that screen, for instance), though. And I'm certainly not complaining. But it's probably not the trickiest undertaking in the world. At least, not compared to actually remaking the game to run natively on modern consoles/OS's. Which is testament to the original art style.

    Edit: It's always weird being heavily negged for simply pointing out reality. You can get almost identical results in literally seconds (or maybe a few minutes to tidy up), using a screenshot of the original game and an automatic vector graphics tracer like Inkscape. Once again, this is not a complaint. It looks great. And it still has to be re animated and re-coded.
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  • Gameplay of canned Star Wars Battlefront 3 shows impressive ground-to-space tech

  • Zyklonbzombie 23/10/2015

    You don't know if it was bad or not
    I can take an educated guess as to whether or not an expensive "nearly complete" game, in a big-selling franchise, cancelled by a publisher that's not afraid to milk said franchise, was bad. Or at least, unlikely to ever reach a releasable state.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 23/10/2015

    Companies - even perceived evil pantomime villains like EA and Lucasarts - don't cancel games for no reason. They certainly don't cancel nearly finished games for no reason. And they definitely don't cancel nearly finished games, that will sell bucketloads on name alone, for no reason.

    They exist to make money And part of that is ensuring some degree of quality control. Sometimes that definition of "quality" doesn't match up with certain gamers' (and often their corporate culture is responsible for poor quality), but I doubt they would have pulled the plug on Battlefront if there weren't concerns that it was bad enough to potentially damage sales of future titles.

    This game wasn't cancelled just to annoy you personally. I suspect it was cancelled, because despite being superficially impressive, it also looks quite clunky, and difficult to run. I also suspect the online/backend side of it was a nightmare. I Imagine it was simply never going to reach a releasable state within a reasonable amount of time or money.

    See also: That cancelled Obsidian Aliens RPG that everyone drools over when bits are leaked... despite looking truly, absolutely dreadful.
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  • Watch: Doom multiplayer gameplay rekindles memories of id Software's best

  • Zyklonbzombie 22/10/2015

    Looks like Quake 3, but with graphics from 6 years ago instead of 16.

    I really want this game to be great. But it doesn't look particularly new, pretty or innovative. Nor does it look like it retains much in terms of design, tone or atmosphere from the original games. It just looks like one of a million brown shooters that came out in the mid 00s. I also rather suspect the oft claimed desire vs. actual/real life demand for "old school" multiplayer shooting of this type doesn't really line up. The gameplay had better feel pretty damned special, otherwise once the pro/niche gamers go back to CS/Quake Live, and everyone else runs out of rose tinted glasses, it's going to be pretty dead. See: every other "old school" multiplayer shooter released in the last 10 years. Steam is a graveyard of them.
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  • Watch: Star Wars Battlefront is a bit shallow (and that's alright)

  • Zyklonbzombie 14/10/2015

    I thought the Beta was fun. Even the people banging on about how terrible it is couldn't seem to stop actually playing it.

    But it's Star Wars, it's EA, and it's a big, heavily marketed multiplayer only shooter - so the immediate scramble to be most cynical person in all the land towards it has been almost comical.
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  • Watch: Is Wild Run the reason to return to The Crew?

  • Zyklonbzombie 12/10/2015

    This is so much more appealing than the base game.

    Is there anything tackier than a storyline crammed into a racing game? It turned me right off The Crew back when I tried the beta.
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  • Shattered Horizon: the FPS that got lost in space

  • Zyklonbzombie 11/10/2015

    @Malek86 Trespasser is one of my all time favourite games. And not in an ironic "so bad it's good" way. Sincerely.

    At the time I thought it had a great sense of atmosphere and hostility that transcended the wonkiness. And the story/technology behind it is fascinating and forward thinking even to this day. I'm waiting for another game to come along and try some of the things Trespasser tried in a modern engine.
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  • Free DLC pack hits Battlefield 4 this autumn

  • Zyklonbzombie 02/10/2015

    Even better than BF2 though?
    In my opinion, absolutely yes. BF2 is a landmark game and deserves all the respect in the world. But in terms of actual gameplay and design it ended up dated really quickly, probably because it's from that weird transitional phase between generations. It's the GoldenEye of big, open first person shooters with vehicles.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 02/10/2015

    As much as people scoff at it, BF4 will go down in history as one of the all time great multiplayer shooters. And well above the beloved sacred cow Bad Company 2. Reply +8
  • Criterion founders tease Burnout spiritual successor

  • Zyklonbzombie 02/10/2015

    EA, now you have the license, please get Critereon working on a sequel to Star Wars Episode I: Racer. Thank you so much.

    I couldn't get into Paradise. Juggling the whole open world aspect just undermined the whole semi-hallucinogenic zoned-out experience of the series. Burnout Revenge is my favourite Burnout. Deal with it, society.
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  • Trackmania Turbo delayed until early 2016

  • Zyklonbzombie 01/10/2015

    I love the game play of Trackmania, but I simply can't keep up with the series. I feel like they are constantly pelting out ever so slightly different iterations, with undescriptive names. Should I buy this, or wait a few months for Trackmania Turbo 2 United Forever: Canyon?

    For something to competitive, leaderboard heavy and community focused - I don't know how the series survives being so fragmented and confusing.
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  • The Neverhood spiritual successor Armikrog is out now

  • Zyklonbzombie 01/10/2015

    @OneClassyBloke Assuming what I wanted was "for TenNapel to be unable to produce his work", that still wouldn't make me a "censor". Not wanting him to make more games isn't censorship any more than you not wanting me to criticise him is. I'd be a "censor" if I was, you know, censoring him (i.e. erasing or altering his works or speech), or supporting it. Which I'm not, nor do I have the power to.

    For the record: I don't want anything even close to this. I don't even want him hounded out the industry (though I wouldn't cry myself to sleep over it). I just don't think he should have his unapologetic, shitty, harmful views and past ignored when it's convenient for his career/sales, while he preaches them publicly and regularly elsewhere.

    In short: If you're a hateful bigot, you don't get to pick and choose when that is "relevant" information.

    Things you say and do have consequences. It still utterly amazes me how controversial this simple reality is for some people.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 01/10/2015

    @OneClassyBloke Criticism does not equal censorship. It does not equal "basically censorship". It is not censorship. In any way, in any form. People not purchasing your product does not equal censorship. Someone deciding to not employ you does not equal censorship. Having a shitty reputation does not equal censorship. Someone repeating the views you publicly espouse regularly does not equal censorship.

    These things may suck if you are on the receiving end, or if it is happening to someone you support or admire. They are not, however, censorship.

    Consequences are not censorship. Inconveniences are not censorship. You may disagree with them. But they are not censorship.


    Then again, it ain't a problem for me because I don't wear my homosexual tendencies on my sleeve
    Good for you. Personally, I'm sick of pretending that people publicly condemning and demonizing my own "homosexual tendencies" and opposing equality is just a petty difference of opinion, equivalent to having different tastes in music. But that's just me.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 01/10/2015

    But I dunno, the whole 'let's not support someone whose not with us' is neo-tribalism
    Oh for goodness sake, no, it isn't "neo tribalism". I don't dislike Doug TenNapel because he supports a different football team or because he comes from a rival town.

    I dislike him because he thinks me and my gay, trans and female friends and family should have basic equal rights taken away. I can't enjoy his work with that knowledge, and I wouldn't feel comfortable financially supporting him if I could. The games industry becomes a more hostile place for LGBT people and women if it's somewhere that props up people with this sort of history, and where simply pointing it out as a disclaimer is shouted down as PC-gone-mad nonsense. Where no one gets to take issue with financially supporting, or working with, or covering him without being deemed hysterical or petty.

    No one is trying to censor Doug TenNapel. No one is trying to erase his contribution to the industry. Some people are, however, trying to bring up pertinent information to consumers who may not want their money going into the hands of someone who thinks they're a pervert who should have their equality stripped, or a silly woman who shouldn't have control of her body.

    Anti "SJW" types are all about consumer choice and advocacy. Unless consumers want to be informed about or make choices based on information they don't preapprove as 'relevant'.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 01/10/2015

    Logically you shouldn't be buying games from a developer that hasn't 100% certified that their staff are not homophobic then.
    This old chestnut.

    1) That is not how the world works - people form opinions and make decisions based on the information provided to them. I don't doubt we all buy products made in part by homophobes, racists, rapists, fraudsters, paedophiles at some point in our lives. It's impossible to find out about everyone - but that doesn't mean I can't have a reaction if and when it comes to light. I'm not boycotting games made by all homophobes here. I'm simply unable to enjoy his games now I have that knowledge.

    2) There is a big difference in terms of reach and impact between a vocal, preachy bigot who is a prominent member of a project, and whose presence is used as selling point - and some junior programmer who privately holds similar beliefs. But you know that.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 30/09/2015

    @Whitster As a gay man, I don't have the luxury of being able to "separate the art from the artist". I don't want my money going to someone who thinks I'm not an equal human being. I can't not take it personally. I can't play his games without that knowledge hanging there like a cloud ruining any potential enjoyment. Earthworm Jim was a childhood favourite - I didn't choose to have that ruined.

    If it's not an issue for you - good for you!! Great! No one is preventing him from making games, or you from buying them. No one is holding that against you. But it's exhausting being constantly told to just ignore someone's social views and actions, as if it's just a petty disagreement I have. It's a question of whether or not I am able to look past someone who actively wants my rights (and the rights of my gay and female friends and family) curtailed, and who preaches that from a public platform. Personally, I can't. If that makes me a thin skinned SJW ninny, so be it.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 30/09/2015

    Gaming needs more claymation. Preferably not from someone as loathsome as Doug Tennapel, though. Reply +5
  • Watch: Eurogamer plays Vermintide

  • Zyklonbzombie 30/09/2015

    I'm not the biggest fan of Left4Dead type games, but I absolutely love FatShark's previous games (War of the Roses is my favourite multiplayer game in years), the art style and anything that borrows from Dark Messiah. Will probably pick this up. Reply +1
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate takes a leap towards inclusivity with the series' first transgender character

  • Zyklonbzombie 25/09/2015

    @lostmuppet I'm not sure where in the article of promotional material it suggests all of Victorian London are suddenly putting on a pride parade for this character.

    Trans people existed everywhere in all periods of history. They existed in Victorian London. Some hid it (either through "passing" or by keeping it totally private). Indeed, there was something of a vibrant queer subculture there from the regency onwards in many European cities. The fact they weren't welcomed by mainstream society doesn't cancel this out, nor does it make it unsuitable subject matter for a game. Especially a game that seems to be precisely about the illegal underworld of London at the time.

    It's not historical revisionism. It's actually a pretty fascinating historical nugget waiting to be mined.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 24/09/2015


    *unless they want to make a game that has minority characters, that is.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 24/09/2015

    Explain how a shemale fits in Victorian fucking England. Go on, i'll wait.

    It's the literal definition of pandering.
    Assuming by the slur "shemale" you broadly mean trans folk:

    2 minutes of googling:





    It's the literal definition of pandering if we pretend trans people were invented in 1996 just to appease the fragile insecurities of teenage boys (mental or literal).

    (a place where homosexuals were illegal)
    Guess what else was illegal in Victorian England! Running around rooftops stabbing people in the throat.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 24/09/2015

    @Mothhive Why can't it be both a decent character, and something they hold up for good PR? Are they mutually exclusive?

    The simple fact is, very few games have a trans point of view in it. Why can't that be a selling point? You know just like the setting they've been showing off. Or in fact the straight white moody main character they've been showing off constantly.

    And if he turns out to be a shallow, poorly written character, so be it. It happens in countless games, with countless much-touted characters - and they only ever get crucified for being box tickers if they happen to belong to a minority.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 24/09/2015

    @tomphillipsEG You see that all the time with things like Gay romances. It's either written into the story and therefore shoved down our throats - or it's an incidental bit of world building, and then it's "why bother making them that way then?".

    When simply acknowledging the existence of any sort of minority is considered PC gone mad boxticking.... I don't know how you reason with that.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 24/09/2015

    @RevanNL Trans people play interesting roles all throughout history. Not least in regency/victorian London - where much of what we know as modern queer counter culture sprouted up. The Fanny and Stella scandal/trial is a quintessenitally Victorian scandal, for goodness' sake.

    I wonder - Is there any historical representation of trans folk in video games that wouldn't strike you as boxticking?

    Much credit to the drag/trans/queer folk of that era. They were the punk rock of their day, and judging by some of the comments here, they still have people clutching their pearls.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 24/09/2015

    Cue legions of manbabies screeching about "pandering", because the game doesn't pander to them and their ideal worldview (where 'different' people simply don't exist outside the depths of tumblr) specifically - all without a trace of irony. Reply -3
  • Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod gets a significant update

  • Zyklonbzombie 07/09/2015

    @Acidizer It saddens me to this day that Wolfenstein didn't ship with a multiplayer mode. I can only hope they're working on an Enemy Territory style standalone game.

    I get pushing the whole focus-on-the-campaign thing, especially when "tacked on multiplayer'" was the trendy snarl phrase a couple of years ago.

    But when your game's mechanics are such that you could throw together the simplest of online modes and it would still be great fun, it seems like a massive misstep.
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  • No server browser for Star Wars Battlefront

  • Zyklonbzombie 02/09/2015

    It's not a dealbreaker for me, but it's a shame. I may be the only person alive that actually quite likes BF's browser based battlelog. Reply +11
  • Battlefield 4's big summer patch out today

  • Zyklonbzombie 01/09/2015

    I love Battlefield - but I'll never forgive it for being the series that caused people who don't know what "netcode" means, to start moaning about "netcode". Reply +8
  • Metroid fan realises HD Samus in Unreal Engine 4 tech demo

  • Zyklonbzombie 21/08/2015

    @maxwellsdemon13 For some reason, every time a new wave of game engines comes along, there's a period where everyone wants to make their games look like everything is wet, shiny plastic. Reply +21
  • Here's what Zombi looks like on PlayStation 4

  • Zyklonbzombie 17/08/2015

    But that cover. Reply +2
  • There's a new Warhammer 40K game coming this autumn

  • Zyklonbzombie 13/08/2015

    Space Marine 2 please :( Reply +16
  • Mooncrest developers cancel their Kickstarter

  • Zyklonbzombie 12/08/2015

    Here's why games that try to emulate "the combat of Dark Souls" never make an impact: the best thing about Dark Souls isn't the combat. The best thing about Dark Souls is the "vibe". The world, design, atmosphere, obscured lore and feeling of isolation each contribute just as much as the tooth and nail combat, which is contextually perfect. Transplanted into any generic, indistinguishable rpg setting and story, less so. And this games concept art (and even logo), screams "generic, indistinguishable rpg setting and story".

    That's not to say it will be terrible. But whenever a dev claims Dark Souls as an influence, a little red flag goes up.
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  • Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries developer Grin closes down

  • Zyklonbzombie 11/08/2015

    "Maybe gamers are just spoilt brats, bashing on everything, maybe there is an oversaturation of indie market, maybe all the free-to-play games by big studios are giving players a false sense of value. How could less than $10 be to expensive for a beautiful game like Woolfe? How could this be our fault?

    "Of course none of the emotional excuses above are the reason of our mixed steam rating. We can only blame ourselves..."
    This is actually incredibly refreshing, especially after Tale of Tales recently throwing their toys out the pram and blaming everyone and everything other than the possibility their game might not quite be the pinnacle of digital storytelling.

    It seems like they tried, miscalculated, failed and have been honest about it. That's probably not much comfort to those who backed it, but that's the nature of kickstarter. It's an investment, not a preorder. I feel bad for everyone on both sides.
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  • Homefront: The Revolution is already a big improvement on the original

  • Zyklonbzombie 04/08/2015

    I thought Homefront was a servicable, if slightly too short campaign packaged with a phenomenal, atmospheric, criminally underrated multiplayer.

    It's a shame it arrived when it was peak-Vogue for Real Gamers™ to dislike anything vaguely resembling Call of Duty.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight mod lets you play as Alfred

  • Zyklonbzombie 31/07/2015

    I'd like an Arkham Knight mod that lets me play as anything other than a binbag being eaten by a vortex on my AMD card. Reply +27
  • The re-engineering of Ethan Carter

  • Zyklonbzombie 22/07/2015

    I'm so torn about Ethan Carter. It's by far one of the most beautifully created pieces of gaming geography ever made, and just wandering around it was such a unique and worthwhile experience. But it also suffered from poor writing, voice acting and stunted story, as well as some utterly rubbish puzzling. Like it just didn't want to fully commit lest it "just" be a walking simulator. For me, it's like Gone Home. A fantastic proof of concept, and I can't wait for these core world building ideas to be built on by really good writers.

    To be honest, finding out that the main dev is a bit of a shit has soured my interest in playing it again (yes, yes, I'm the hysterical SJW cancer that's killing gaming), but I'll be interested to hear how some of the changes to the game's progression work. I think most agree that one particular never ending section was very frustrating and out of place, and I hope for the sake of future players, that it's fixed/removed.
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  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 gets a surprise, huge patch

  • Zyklonbzombie 22/07/2015

    Fantastic update. I hope they do a similar patch for the first game. Or at least add controller support. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 2 fan remake nears finish line, free this summer

  • Zyklonbzombie 21/07/2015

    I appreciate the effort and love that went into it... but the game's entire mechanics and pacing were tailored around that tactically placed static third person camera. An over the shoulder shooter plonked into an exact replica of that world just doesn't work. And making it pitch black dark and painfully slow doesn't substitute for atmosphere (and this applies to all games).

    A good RE2 remake needs to be in the style of REmake1/RE0, or feature a fundamentally redesigned core game.
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