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  • Halo Online modders working to strip micro-transactions, release worldwide

  • Zyklonbzombie 07/04/2015

    @Lukree It already sold well everywhere else as Halo 3. This is a game clearly designed for markets where console takeup is low and piracy rates are high. Like Russia.

    I'm sure it will make it to the west eventually. But we're not the target market.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 07/04/2015

    Free to Play is a good business model for markets like Russia, where traditional entry to gaming is too prohibitive for many. It makes games accessible, while providing an avenue for actually compensating the devs.

    I don't know why people feel the need to undermine that. If you don't like it, don't play it.
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  • Looks like Square Enix is revealing the new Deus Ex

  • Zyklonbzombie 07/04/2015

    Can't wait. Loved Human Revolution - perhaps even more than the original Deus Ex.

    I also thought the Thief reboot was good. Aside from a terribly designed hub world and awful writing (though people conveniently forget that the original games weren't exactly Shakespeare) - I thought it was pretty damned successful at bringing the feel, atmosphere and the balance of power/vulnerability of the original series bang up to date.
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  • Sony rewards after class action Vita lawsuit are now available

  • Zyklonbzombie 07/04/2015

    Some of you guys are going to totally flip when you find out that BBC News reports on international events. Reply -1
  • How Slender gave gaming its Blair Witch moment

  • Zyklonbzombie 06/04/2015

    The closest thing I've been to "frightened" by game was probably the first time I played STALKER. The first underground lab particularly. The tension and sense of hostility from that game world is still something special.

    I'm also glad that after a period of it being cool to be contrarian about the Blair Witch project it's finally starting to get the credit it deserves. That said, I don't think Slender is any any way comparable. It's only a couple of steps up from a screamer flash game.
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  • MMO shooter Survarium launches via Steam Early Access this week

  • Zyklonbzombie 31/03/2015

    If you're not likely to blow an aneurysm at it the words "free to play" and the fact it's currently PvP only, I highly recommend giving Survarium a go. The shooting is accessible but has a satisfying physicality and the atmosphere/look is great. Unlocks are a bit of a grind if you don't want to pay anything though, but it's far from the worst offender. Reply +4
  • Dirty Bomb is armed and dangerous, but is it likely to go nuclear?

  • Zyklonbzombie 24/03/2015

    I enjoyed Brink. It was certainly not for everyone but I feel like a combination of a troubled launch, arriving at a time when it was peak vogue to loudly dismiss FPS games, and all too common gamer-hysteria gave it an absurdly, disproportionately bad reputation that lasts to this day.

    From what I've played of this, it's basically Brink 2. And I hope people actually give it a chance. Because it's a lot of fun, if not totally ground breaking.
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  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a standalone prequel to The New Order

  • Zyklonbzombie 04/03/2015

    New Order gameplay and graphics in RTCW type settings? Yes please.

    There's a terrible irony in this being one of the few shooters without a multiplayer. The gunplay is so good I'd take one in a second. Fingers crossed for an enemy-territory type game/expansion at some point.
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  • 40 Battlefield Hardline Premium program detailed

  • Zyklonbzombie 02/03/2015

    I think Battlefield (including Hardline from what I played in the beta) is tremendous fun. I also think premium is pretty good value for money considering the amount of (usually very good quality) content.

    The only slightly iffy things for me in principle are booster packs, but in practice they don't have a particularly negative effect on the game. And they've been there since Bad Company 2, and no one threw a fit over them back then - presumably because it wasn't in vogue yet to do so.
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  • Watch indie games star in House of Cards season three

  • Zyklonbzombie 02/03/2015

    @Tiel It's really bizarre that people are praising the fact that a great series has awkward mood-killing advertisements shat all over it.

    I have no problem with brands appearing on screen - they can even add to the realism. But - for me at least - the incredibly awkward lingering shots and excruciating dialogue seriously detract from the overall quality.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 02/03/2015

    Some of the product placement is startlingly unsubtle in such an otherwise classy looking show. Having Kevin Spacey recite a fictional review made me laugh out loud. Reply +2
  • Future Assassin's Creed games will have "more robust modern day" than Unity

  • Zyklonbzombie 27/02/2015

    AC games do a great job of creating a beautiful authentic-feeling atmosphere and setting, then killing it dead as soon as you are reminded of all the future bollocks. Reply +3
  • The sorry state of The Stomping Land, another abandoned Kickstarter video game

  • Zyklonbzombie 18/02/2015

    @leeroye You obviously have the good fortune of having never experienced the sort of mental or medical health issue that makes even basic communication and courtesies difficult or impossible.

    And I'm not saying that's definitely the case here, but as with most kickstarter failures, I'm guessing the issue is more nuanced than "the bastard done a runner". I'd be pissed if I backed/bought the game too, but I'm not going to start baying for the blood of an individual I know nothing about.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 18/02/2015

    @Sicho I doubt he died or anything like that. He has a history of disappearing for months/weeks with no communication.

    I'm hesitant to be too judgemental of him personally, since I don't know his circumstances - he may be having serious family, medical or mental health issues. But it does demonstrate the risk in things like kickstarter. I'm all for crowd funding, but people need to understand the difference between being a consumer and being an investor - and it could be made clearer by the services offering it.
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  • Broforce xenomorphs into an Aliens crossover in new update

  • Zyklonbzombie 13/02/2015

    I'd give anything for an HD remake of the actual game Aliens: Infestation. Reply 0
  • Elder Scrolls Online will add paid-for health, XP boost potions

  • Zyklonbzombie 13/02/2015

    @LordDemigod I wouldn't pay 50 for Guild Wars 2 either - or any game for that matter. And for the record I don't think ESO is particularly bad. I enjoyed what I played in the beta. It's just not something I'm willing to blow a hefty chunk of money ...for a client ...for a game that will continuously ask for more. Reply +3
  • Zyklonbzombie 13/02/2015

    I don't have anything fundamentally against this sort of free to play model, and we're seeing more and more games able to pull it off.

    ...but implementing it in a game that costs 50 in the first place? No thank you.
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  • Survarium details its DayZ-esque Freeplay mode

  • Zyklonbzombie 07/02/2015

    I've been playing the beta to death, and even in its current state it's an atmospheric and satisfying (if not very revolutionary, perhaps) PVP shooter. The more I see and hear of it, the more confident I am that they might actually pull off the promise of a STALKER-ish MMO. Reply +3
  • Alone in the Dark: Illumination beta begins this week

  • Zyklonbzombie 28/01/2015

    @bad09 I wouldn't say the game was brilliant, but it certainly deserved some credit at least for trying to shake things up. I appreciate an experiment, even if it's a failed one. Reply +4
  • Ubisoft reveals experimental PC platformer Grow Home

  • Zyklonbzombie 23/01/2015

    @Kill_Crazy In think the constant outages alone are pretty bad, especially considering the fact that many games will yank you out of gameplay if there is a connection problem. There's a reason it's nicknamed Udon'tplay.

    I've had several issues with it crashing, or just refusing to run, on multiple machines, and that seems to be a pretty common experience ...as opposed to the loathing Origin and to an extent Steam often receive, which is mainly just down to something something "evil corporation" and not widespread technical issues.

    I actually think Uplay would be pretty cool if it was reliable. It looks nice, it's snappy when it works, and the points system is great.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 23/01/2015

    @OmegaNemesis28 Ubisoft have succeeded Activision and EA as the gaming industry pantomime villain. Their good releases will be forgotten along with any hope of nuance, and every thing they do wrong, however minor, will be hysterically blown out of proportion by both the gaming press and that part of the gaming community that revels in playing the outraged consumer more than they actually enjoy games.

    That said U-play is diabolical, but it has been for years :-P
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  • Alien: Isolation passes 1m sales mark after three months

  • Zyklonbzombie 21/01/2015

    @eightbitboy You're definitely in a minority there.

    I can understand how Alien Isolation isn't for everyone, but I can't understand how anyone can think it's anything other than a remarkable feat of game design.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 21/01/2015

    A combination of post-A:CM shyness and the fact that some very high profile review sites really disliked it helped doom this game to poor sales (for an AAA game in a massive franchise).

    I also think the novice difficulty mode would have helped the game out if it was there from the start. A game that promises to be faithful to a beloved movie is the sort of thing that appeals to non hardcore gamers. I can't help but feel that the game immediately gaining a reputation for being brutally difficult - even on its easiest setting - turned off a good chunk of potential buyers.

    I really hope word of mouth turns this into a big sleeper hit for SEGA. I need me a sequel.
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  • Hatred gets the dreaded AO rating in the US

  • Zyklonbzombie 17/01/2015

    I imagine the audience primarily attracted to this game is well under 18 years old. Reply 0
  • Nosgoth enters open beta next week

  • Zyklonbzombie 14/01/2015

    For a game that, on paper, seems to be designed purely to troll angry gamers of a certain age, it's actually not half bad. It has a striking aesthetic, a genuinely interesting asymmetry to it, and funness that isn't undermined by the f2p model. Reply +2
  • Survarium could be a worthy Stalker successor - if it gets the balance right

  • Zyklonbzombie 12/01/2015

    I'm under no allusion that this is going to fill the void left by STALKER, but so far I'm enjoying it a lot on its own merits, and I have high hopes for the open-world mode.

    I recommend anyone interested actually gives it a try before judgement. Don't believe all the people screeching "Call of Duty!" (not that there's anything wrong with CoD) - I'd describe the combat as a nice balance between the accessibility of, say, Battlefield and the brutal physicality of Red Orchestra.
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  • How Duke Nukem 3D managed to be ahead of its time while trapped in the past

  • Zyklonbzombie 12/01/2015

    Ever notice how views are dismissed as 'political correctness' only if they're a political stance you disagree with? Utterly meaningless term and a dog whistle for idiots.

    Duke Nukem doesn't get more scrutiny today because of political correctness. It gets it because standards of game writing, character design and humour have improved drastically since 1997. Elements like level design and weapons remain creative and interesting to this day, however. One can acknowledge both, as this article does.
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  • Indie platformer Rogue Legacy confirmed for Xbox One

  • Zyklonbzombie 08/01/2015

    Generally dislike 2D platformers, roguelikes, or colourful "retro" indie artstyles.

    Absolutely adore this game and have played it to death on both PC and Vita.
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  • Former S.T.A.L.K.E.R. team delivers Survarium into open beta

  • Zyklonbzombie 06/01/2015

    It's nothing groundbreaking, but I've been enjoying it a lot for a while now. I don't get the need to describe all PvP shooters as "Call of Duty" (not that there's anything wrong with CoD) - it looks, plays and is structured very different.

    Obviously we'll need to wait for the PvE mode to see if it in anyway delivers on being a kind of successor to STALKER, but even as it is, I think it's worth being judged on its own merits.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is 2014's Christmas number one

  • Zyklonbzombie 22/12/2014

    People like games I don't like? They must be idiots. Reply +7
  • Back from the Brink: the new Splash Damage

  • Zyklonbzombie 22/12/2014

    I thought Brink was great fun, and consider the vitriol it (and the eurogamer review) gets regularly to this day slightly hysterical. Enjoy. Reply -2
  • GTA5 PC in "final stages" and how about a new Red Dead?

  • Zyklonbzombie 18/12/2014

    I'm not really a gigantic Rockstar fan, but a Bully sequel would be amazing. Reply +5
  • Natural Selection 2 dev's Subnautica is out now on Steam Early Access

  • Zyklonbzombie 17/12/2014

    @Hiei193 Been quite a lot of underwater PC games recently. I just hope it's not going to be one of those indie trends where in 5 months time every indie devloper and their dog will have shat out a deep sea exploration game on Steam. Reply +2
  • Rich Stanton on: GTA's growing pains

  • Zyklonbzombie 13/12/2014

    I also just don't click with the tone of GTA. Compared to the wackiness and diversity of the last couple of Saints Row games especially, GTA's writing and characters just feels a bit bleh. The deliberately juvenile, self aware tone sits much more comfortably than the wildly inconsistent attempts at black comedy and satire. Ironically, GTA comes across as much more immature.

    Trevor especially is a disappointment for me. He's a paper thin take on the "lovable psycho" trope we've seen a thousand times in the movies, and I can't help feel that he is so lauded simply because (sadly) standards and expectations for video game writing are still set so low. The sort of stuff that would induce serious eye-rolling in any other medium gets a free pass, or even critical acclaim in videogames. (see also: the last couple of Far Cry villains)

    That's not to say GTAV isn't a triumph in many other areas. I just can't wait for the day we see a virtual world that detailed, with a story and set of characters that aren't just a bunch of recycled 1990's movie cliches.
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  • Richard Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar is Ultima Online 2 in so many ways

  • Zyklonbzombie 11/12/2014

    @Zealuu2 There's a certain kind of person who will invariably dismiss any progress, change or evolution in a medium as "dumbing down" - and this is especially common in gaming, where hardcore cred is scored on the basis of how firmly surgically attatched ones rose tinted glasses are. They'll flock to this game.

    ...Until it gets a minor patch, is accused of turning into Call of Duty, and then is promptly abandoned.
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  • Tripwire defends Killing Floor 2 PS4 port

  • Zyklonbzombie 10/12/2014

    @George-Roper Um, Dragon Age has always been on console... and Dragon Age Inquisition is easily as systemically complex and deep as the first one.

    And most people would disagree with you on Deus Ex - Human Revolution was brilliant (boss fights excluded).

    The term "dumbed down" is thrown around too much. Game mechanics will always become more efficient, streamlined and less bloated. That's not "dumbing down", that's just what happens when any medium evolves and content creators get better at what they do.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 10/12/2014

    It's an absurd state of affairs when a developer has to defend bringing their games to a wider audience. Reply +93
  • Alien: Isolation's latest update adds new difficulty modes

  • Zyklonbzombie 09/12/2014

    @AgentDaleCooper I could list dozens of problems with Alien Isolation - some of which are quite major.

    And yet it's one of those games that just completely transcends the sum of its parts. Especially if you are a big fan of the franchise.
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  • King's Quest reboot debuts first footage

  • Zyklonbzombie 06/12/2014

    It looks lovely, but I have a sinking feeling that it's going to be a QTE fest. I really really hope I'm wrong. Reply +1
  • Tomb Raider 2 is out now on iOS

  • Zyklonbzombie 04/12/2014

    @samharper Pretty sure all the classic Tomb Raiders are already available and playable on Vita. Reply +17
  • Moving targets: the scattergun politics of Far Cry 4

  • Zyklonbzombie 02/12/2014

    I just want to blow up red-shirted guys with a grenade launcher while riding an elephant and not an essay about the suffering of Tibet.
    Then why on earth did you read this? You realise articles on the internet are completely optional, right?
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  • It Came From the Desert is getting an Extended Cut... on Sega Mega Drive

  • Zyklonbzombie 02/12/2014

    @Arsecake_Baker the phrase has been used for decades in the context of sales to refer to a period extending from thanksgiving until January sales. Christmas is only part of that, and Hanukkah is not exactly totally economically insignificant, even here in the UK.

    In other news, Santa hasn't been banned by Muslims, and Winterval isn't actually a thing.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 02/12/2014

    @mouseymouse how else was Gandalf to raise enough money to save the local youth centre from closing and win back Stephanie's affections? Reply +1
  • Zyklonbzombie 02/12/2014

    @unclemonkey It's about as controversial as if I used "joy division" as a username. I doubt the word alone recalls 'sickening fear' in anyone, certainly no more than the word 'nuclear bomb'.

    You are the first person to take issue with it, in a fairly diverse website. I myself have even been victim of violent bigotry at the hands of literal, card carrying neo nazis. However, if you are telling me that you are sincerely offended by it, I'll consider asking to have it changed.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 02/12/2014

    @unclemonkey yes, an antifascist song by a queer/Jewish band. The horror. Reply +6
  • Zyklonbzombie 02/12/2014

    @unclemonkey maybe they're aware of what it's actually referencing, or have google? Reply -2
  • Zyklonbzombie 02/12/2014

    @IronSoldier The fedora is strong with you. Reply +4
  • Zyklonbzombie 02/12/2014

    @IronSoldier you can call everyone childish as much as you like. You are the one who is coming across like a 14 year old who has just discovered the concept of 'debating on the internet', by your uncomfortable attempt at debate rhetoric, erroneously parroted checklist "arguments" and angry overdefensiveness. Reply +15
  • Zyklonbzombie 02/12/2014

    @IronSoldier Because the only possible reason I can think of for demanding a perfectly clear, articulate term translated into what you percieve to be "non American English" is kneejerk antiamericanism (which is, in my opinion, a type of snootiness).

    Especially a term that isn't even American English in the first place, as it is perfectly universal in terms of grammar, spelling and meaning...

    ...and is, besides, a direct quote from a (presumably) American source...

    ...and is, doubly besides, written by Eurogamer's US editor.

    You claim the term is "even more relevant" on the basis of the recent 'Black Friday' here in the UK. Again, you're seeking to press your personal opinion as though it were an established truth when it is not.
    Well, it is demonstrably factual that Black Friday is an increasingly present phenomenon in the UK and Europe, and that the term "Holiday Season" is encompassing of that. That's not exactly a controversial position.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 01/12/2014

    @IronSoldier I don't get the snootiness over "holiday season" (which isn't even technically "American English") - it's a perfectly accurate term that covers the November-December period of heavy sales stemming from the number of holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year). Even Black Friday has made its way over here, making it even more relevant, in a commercial context at least.

    Not everything is bad simply because it's American in origin.
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