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  • War of the Vikings review

  • Zyklonbzombie 19/04/2014

    @Bauul This.

    Granted, the idea of female viking warriors isn't based on 100% definite proof (female corpses with soldier like burials are probablyour best evidence). But guess what! Same goes for almost everything we "know" about the vikings.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 17/04/2014

    WOTR is one of my favourite games of the last few years, and probably my favourite multiplayer title of the past decade. I've enjoyed my time with Vikings so far, even if it's a little more simplistic - but it will be a nice stopgap until Mount and Blade 2. Reply 0
  • Call of Duty Ghosts adds R. Lee Ermey narration DLC

  • Zyklonbzombie 18/04/2014

    @LukehMuse Every game should have a Brian Blessed pack. Reply +20
  • Meet the man who salvaged Final Fantasy 14 from ruin

  • Zyklonbzombie 18/04/2014

    I came to FFXIV fairly recently. I sort of wish I could go back in time and play the older iteration, out of sheer morbid curiosity. Reply +20
  • The Walking Dead: Season Two headed to Vita next week

  • Zyklonbzombie 17/04/2014

    Exellent. I started season one on PC ages ago and didn't bother finishing it. Grabbed it again in the PSN sale last week on Vita and found it a much better fit - minus some annoying freezing. Reply 0
  • Snoop Dogg to narrate Call of Duty: Ghosts in upcoming DLC

  • Zyklonbzombie 16/04/2014

    Sounds dire. Not that I'm against the concept of narration DLC itself. The Brian Blessed pack for War of the Roses was a joy. Reply +3
  • Sony's Japan Studio unveils three new Vita titles for Europe

  • Zyklonbzombie 15/04/2014

    Is there anything new in Soul Sacrifice Delta which couldn't have been added via minor DLC? Reply +5
  • F2P mobile game Age of Empires: World Domination announced

  • Zyklonbzombie 14/04/2014

    If they want to trick fans of all these old franchises into playing their dreadful free to play reboots, the least they could do is not cartoonify the art style into something that barely resembles anything like the original. Reply +6
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 headed to PC for "holiday 2014"

  • Zyklonbzombie 14/04/2014

    I'd pay actual money for a good touchscreen/mobile port of say, Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. I imagine quite a lot of other people would too.

    Rather like Dungeon Keeper, I just don't understand how it makes business sense. Aren't these franchises a bit too old/hardcore to have much draw with the free to play crowd? Perhaps they're counting on the negative publicity to advertise to newcomers.
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  • I never want to play Shenmue 3, Half-Life 3 or The Last Guardian

  • Zyklonbzombie 12/04/2014

    It always surprises me when gamers want something to simply not exist. Are people really so lacking in mental discipline that they can't stop themselves from having utterly impossible expectations? Or from feeling previous tiltles are "ruined" by anything that doesn't live up to said expectations? It seems to be a common attitude (towards movies too), but it's one I simply don't understand. Reply +52
  • Outlast's Whistleblower DLC breaks loose in May

  • Zyklonbzombie 11/04/2014

    Am I the only one totally fatigued with first person jumpscare adventures? They're the new minecraft clone. I picked up Outlast because a few friends assured me that it actually had atmosphere and was scary, even to people who aren't scared by games. Sadly, I just felt it was a polished but utterly dull and cookiecutter experience. I just don't get how even the most easily startled/scared people don't get tired after an hour - because after the novelty of jumping out your seat wears off, there isn't anything interesting in terms of gameplay, story or setting. Reply -3
  • The numbers game

  • Zyklonbzombie 05/04/2014

    The industry's use of metacritic to shape working conditions/expectations/pay is rubbish - but beyond that, I don't get all the anti metacritic hysteria. It's a handy aggregator site that gives a quick look at general critical consensus. Does anyone in the world really think it's anything other than that? Has anyone ever felt mislead into thinking a review score was some sort of objective scientific quantity? Reply +29
  • Microsoft has a Kinect for Windows v2 sensor

  • Zyklonbzombie 28/03/2014

    Lots of people missing the point. Kinect as a mandatory console gaming interface is a disaster, yes. It has plenty other applications, from motion capture to music performance, though. Reply +2
  • EA makes Dead Space free on Origin

  • Zyklonbzombie 28/03/2014

    Definitely a good idea to try and get people over their hysterical mistrust of Origin. Reply +5
  • Goat Simulator's launch trailer is a work of cinematic genius

  • Zyklonbzombie 27/03/2014

    As a Swedish company, the fact the game's official site isn't Goat.se is a crime. Reply +39
  • Arma 3 review

  • Zyklonbzombie 26/03/2014

    Loving my time with ArmA 3 so far. My only gripe is that he tutorial/hints could be much more elegant and comprehensive. ArmA 2 did it better, and it had a far more complex control system. Reply 0
  • CCP to stick with Oculus Rift for Eve: Valkyrie

  • Zyklonbzombie 26/03/2014

    @fragjam I don't think it would have made much sense for MS to buy Oculus. I imagine once it actually arrives and establishes what people expect from a VR device, it won't be difficult to quickly knock out their own - especially since they won't be competing with the OR on their own Xbox platform (with which it's presumably incompatible). Ditto with Sony - expect progress on Morpheus to ramp up once OR charts some water.

    At one point I half expected Valve to buy them - but outside of that, it seemed sort of inevitable that a non-gaming-specific company would take them on. I'm just surprised it wasn't Amazon.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 26/03/2014

    @scoop What on earth does any of that actually mean? You sound like a medieval peasant talking about witchcraft. Reply -1
  • Zyklonbzombie 26/03/2014

    Since the Oculus is essentially just a type of screen with some motion data sent back to the computer, I don't really understand what people think Facebook are going to do to it. Unless FB really significantly overhaul the whole concept, it will still be entirely up to developers to do what they want with their own software. Reply +2
  • Microsoft to begin warning naughty Xbox One players

  • Zyklonbzombie 26/03/2014

    I really love this system. I just hope they're not too timid to utilize it effectively. Reply +8
  • OMG Zombies dev unveils Vita exclusive Flame Over

  • Zyklonbzombie 26/03/2014

    This actually sounds awesome! Reply +5
  • Watch Portal running on Nvidia Shield

  • Zyklonbzombie 26/03/2014

    Would love to play this on Vita. Reply +1
  • Betrayer review

  • Zyklonbzombie 25/03/2014

    @null You heal using a flask which you can use twice before needing to refill at one of the barrels sparsely placed around the maps.

    Right clicking zooms in slightly, though it's not quite the same as aim-down-sight views in most modern shooters.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 25/03/2014

    @erp I'd say the level of ambiguity in this game is greater. The Souls games have obscure mechanics and story elements, but in terms of objective and core gameplay, they're conceptually pretty straightforward, unlike this game which doesn't really resemble anything else out there. Reply +2
  • Zyklonbzombie 25/03/2014

    Fell head over heels for this during Early Access, though I restrained myself from playing too much unil final release. Combat is definitely a bit wonky, but the oppressive atmosphere and sense of mystery shine through. Definitely worth picking up for anyone waiting for the PC release of Dark Souls.

    It's probably worth noting for those put off by the style, that the game can indeed be played in colour. I personally feel that detracts from the otherworldly mood slightly, but it's a nice option for those who might find the high contrast B&W look headache inducing.
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  • Elder Scrolls Online early access timings

  • Zyklonbzombie 25/03/2014

    @krishenry Uh, it has an entire race for 20 Reply 0
  • Zyklonbzombie 24/03/2014

    @Cube1701 Warcraft was able to establish itself during a time when subscription fees were basically universal with MMOs. I can't think of any subscription MMOs that are thriving without having established itself pre rise-of-F2P (Warcraft, EVE), or without a monumental global fanbase (Final Fantasy). Reply +1
  • Zyklonbzombie 24/03/2014

    @Cube1701 The fact access to an entire race costs an extra 20 doesn't fill me with confidence that future additions to the store will only be minor/cosmetic.

    The Elder Scrolls as a franchise just doesn't have the same sort of global/established pull as, say, Warcraft or Final Fantasy. There's definitely a core fanbase who will cough up indefinitely, but I can't see Bethesda sustaining the game on that alone. Especially since they're going to need to keep servers relatively full across three different platforms. I suspect they know this, and the high cost of entry will only exist as long as it takes to recouperate a certain percentage of costs before going F2P.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 24/03/2014

    Quite liked the beta, but I simply can't afford the ludicrous pricing. 50 (70 if you want to play aas Imperial), plus a tenner a month... plus an in game store.

    I'll give it a shot when it goes free to play. Or at least if they cut/remove the price to access the actual client.
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  • Demon's Souls retrospective

  • Zyklonbzombie 23/03/2014

    I don't play souls games for the challenge. I play for the amazing sense of place, atmosphere and design (though admittedly the difficulty adds to this). And as far as I'm concerned, Demons' has never ben beaten in these departments. That said, I'm waiting For my pc version of Dark Souls 2, so fingers crossed! Reply +53
  • Misogyny, racism and homophobia: where do video games stand?

  • Zyklonbzombie 22/03/2014

    @mahmoudsand about 6+% of people are gay. About 1-2% of people have red hair. So there's that. Reply 0
  • Zyklonbzombie 22/03/2014

    @mahmoudsand my point is this. Red hair, for example, is pretty rare. But no one is going to kick up a fuss about it being 'forced' if it crops up in a game. When it comes to homosexuality in fiction, people demand justification for it like they do for nothing else. Reply +1
  • Zyklonbzombie 21/03/2014

    @Vasot See, why is homosexuality exceptional? Why does it need all this extra justification to not be considered "forced"? Why does no one complain about heterosexual characters having their sexuality "forced"? Reply 0
  • Zyklonbzombie 21/03/2014

    @smackeroo Unless you want all games from now on to have the depth and detail of, say, Pong, you're going to have to accept that there are wider cultural/social considerations, just as there are to every other artform. Reply +1
  • Zyklonbzombie 21/03/2014

    @Azhrarn I can understand that - but it just seems strange to me that that would be any more of a barrier than pretty much any other aspect of a game protagnist that doesn't match. I can empathize with heterosexual romance much more than I can with being a space marine, or a gorilla in a go kart.

    Well that is not always true, is it?
    It is, technically. If they're the opposite gender you either share a preference of one sex, or hetero/homosexuality - not both. Unless you/they are bisexual, that is.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 21/03/2014

    @Apaar If you go to the doctor with a serious illness, you'd be happy for them to just say "it's natural, deal with it", then? Reply +2
  • Zyklonbzombie 21/03/2014

    I can imagine a problem.
    If your sexual orientation is for example hetero it might be difficult or even impossible to immerse yourself in a gay character if romance-sexuality plays a big part in the game. The same is true though for gamers whose sexual orientation is gay... and they have had to put up with hetero characters in games, movies and books forever.
    Never understood this argument. The idea that people can immerse themselves in characters who are space marines, talking animals, the opposite gender from them (which, by the way, implies a sexual preference different to your own) ...but identifying with a gay character is difficult?

    For the record, I'm a gay man, and I have no problem immersing myself in a straight character, and I don't imagine many gay people have trouble doing so either. Possibly because we aren't brought up to think of heterosexuality as completely alien.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 21/03/2014

    The backlash against any sort of discussion in this area is so tedious. The stock "WHY DOES THIS MATTER?" response is particularly exasperating. Gamers are quite happy to debate pretty much any other issue relating to the state of gaming, but the moment anyone brings up this sort of thing, they're told to shut up.

    For a lot of people, there's simply no winning when it comes to minorities in games. They simply can't grasp the idea of gay/female/ethnic characters existing as anything other than 'box ticking'.

    For example. Put a gay character in a game, where their sexuality is a vital/prominent part of their character, and they will be accused of shoehorning gay issues into the game.

    Put in a character who is incedentally gay, and they're met with a chorus of "why bother?!" and "PC box ticking!!".

    I also wish people would stop conflating feminism and the definition of misogyny with the utterly tiny minority of views expressed by some of the wackier tumblr 'feminists' out there. The internet has made it all too easy for people to hone in on the bad eggs and say "look!! this is feminism!!". And sadly, a lot of folk just fall for it hook line and sinker.

    They also need to stop conflating mature discussion/analysis with hysterical demands of censorship and specific change. No one is demanding Marcus Fenix becomes a black lesbian in a wheelchair. It's all about simply putting a voice out there. A voice saying "game developers: don't be scared to be more diverse - there is an audience here who are all for it!".
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  • This is what Battlefield 4 Naval Strike gameplay looks like

  • Zyklonbzombie 20/03/2014

    @LittleRiver A car/TV/washing machine is a relatively simple, solid pieces of technology - from a QA perspective, at least.

    If operating a washing machine neccessarily involved using a continuous online infrastructure connecting every other washing machine, I'd be more forgiving of faults.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 20/03/2014

    @jabberwocky Because the name EA is attatched to it which leads to things getting completely overblown. Any sort of optimism, positivity or understanding goes out the window.

    I realise this is an unpopular opinion, but I think Dice and EA deserve kudos both for making a fantasitc game, and for doing their best to address its issues.

    No amount of QA can fully prepare for the reality of millions of people playing a huge, complex piece of software online over 5 platforms, so this idea that DICE just half arsed it annoys me.

    There are wobbly starts that arise from poor design (Sim City, for example), and there are wobbly starts that are simply an unfortunate but inevitable side effect of game technology becoming ever more complicated. I for one am happy to accept the odd disconnect/bit of lag at launch if it's the trade off of getting to play something as spectacular and impressive as the last two Battlefield titles.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 20/03/2014

    @Melonfodder Thing is - I have been playing from launch too, and aside from a handful of disconnects in the first few weeks (it was by no means the unplayable mess I keep hearing about), my experience has been pretty consistently good. Reply +2
  • Zyklonbzombie 20/03/2014

    I'm having zero problems playing the game on PC. Is the experience drastically different on other platforms, or have I just been extremely lucky? Reply +4
  • From Software explains changes to Dark Souls 2 graphics

  • Zyklonbzombie 19/03/2014

    I think people are setting themselves up for disappointment by thinking the PC version will use different lighting/assets. If it did, I'm sure Namco-bandai would be shouting from the rooftops about it - especially after the hysterical backlash the DS1 port recieved. Reply +18
  • Obsidian partners with Paradox for Pillars of Eternity

  • Zyklonbzombie 19/03/2014

    I don't even why anyone would be bothered by this
    There's a certain type of gamer who absoloutely revels in playing the outraged betrayed consumer - who will back/preorder/buy a game like this and look for even the flimsiest excuse to kick up a fuss and demand a refund. Especially with kickstarter, developers are treading dangerously on these pathetic eggshells of human beings. Deviate slightly from their exectations, and one Kotaku troll article later, you have an internet shitstorm.
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  • The first Twitch mobile streaming game is Asphalt 8: Airborne

  • Zyklonbzombie 17/03/2014

    I have zero interest in game streaming, or much interest in mobile gaming - but colour me impressed. Reply +2
  • Dark Souls 2 walkthrough and game guide

  • Zyklonbzombie 14/03/2014

    Christ, you'd think reading this walkthrough was mandatory. If you don't want to use it, don't. I hate how one of the greatest game series ever has one of the worst fan bases ever. Reply +2
  • Titanfall live stream today at 5pm GMT

  • Zyklonbzombie 12/03/2014

    @Darren being an origin title, the PC version is presumably unplayable until the proper UK release date. Reply +5
  • Gone Home is console-bound

  • Zyklonbzombie 10/03/2014

    @Bauul I'd say it's both rubbish and important at the same time.

    It absoloutely showcases a new way of storytelling that only games can do. It also shows us that games can maturely take on subjects like gender, sexuality, alienation and family.

    Unfortunately - for me - however, it was so overreliant on 90s nostalgia in place of actual atmosphere, and on me being able to empathetically jump into the shoes of an obnoxious chariciature of a cliched, ultra rich, suburban, American family - which I struggled with.
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  • Ex-F.E.A.R. devs' FPS Betrayer set to spook in two weeks

  • Zyklonbzombie 10/03/2014

    From what i've played of early access, they're right. These sense of atmosphere and mystery is brilliant. I'm eager to see how they maintain that over a full game. Reply +2
  • When will we see a gay protagonist in a triple-A game?

  • Zyklonbzombie 28/02/2014

    @StahlWurst That's simply not true. The Doom Guy has lots of characteristics which contradict yours. Being an impossibly armed space marine, on mars, presumably being one. Reply +1