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  • Metroid fan realises HD Samus in Unreal Engine 4 tech demo

  • Zyklonbzombie 21/08/2015

    @maxwellsdemon13 For some reason, every time a new wave of game engines comes along, there's a period where everyone wants to make their games look like everything is wet, shiny plastic. Reply +21
  • Here's what Zombi looks like on PlayStation 4

  • Zyklonbzombie 17/08/2015

    But that cover. Reply +2
  • There's a new Warhammer 40K game coming this autumn

  • Zyklonbzombie 13/08/2015

    Space Marine 2 please :( Reply +16
  • Mooncrest developers cancel their Kickstarter

  • Zyklonbzombie 12/08/2015

    Here's why games that try to emulate "the combat of Dark Souls" never make an impact: the best thing about Dark Souls isn't the combat. The best thing about Dark Souls is the "vibe". The world, design, atmosphere, obscured lore and feeling of isolation each contribute just as much as the tooth and nail combat, which is contextually perfect. Transplanted into any generic, indistinguishable rpg setting and story, less so. And this games concept art (and even logo), screams "generic, indistinguishable rpg setting and story".

    That's not to say it will be terrible. But whenever a dev claims Dark Souls as an influence, a little red flag goes up.
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  • Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries developer Grin closes down

  • Zyklonbzombie 11/08/2015

    "Maybe gamers are just spoilt brats, bashing on everything, maybe there is an oversaturation of indie market, maybe all the free-to-play games by big studios are giving players a false sense of value. How could less than $10 be to expensive for a beautiful game like Woolfe? How could this be our fault?

    "Of course none of the emotional excuses above are the reason of our mixed steam rating. We can only blame ourselves..."
    This is actually incredibly refreshing, especially after Tale of Tales recently throwing their toys out the pram and blaming everyone and everything other than the possibility their game might not quite be the pinnacle of digital storytelling.

    It seems like they tried, miscalculated, failed and have been honest about it. That's probably not much comfort to those who backed it, but that's the nature of kickstarter. It's an investment, not a preorder. I feel bad for everyone on both sides.
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  • Homefront: The Revolution is already a big improvement on the original

  • Zyklonbzombie 04/08/2015

    I thought Homefront was a servicable, if slightly too short campaign packaged with a phenomenal, atmospheric, criminally underrated multiplayer.

    It's a shame it arrived when it was peak-Vogue for Real Gamers™ to dislike anything vaguely resembling Call of Duty.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight mod lets you play as Alfred

  • Zyklonbzombie 31/07/2015

    I'd like an Arkham Knight mod that lets me play as anything other than a binbag being eaten by a vortex on my AMD card. Reply +27
  • The re-engineering of Ethan Carter

  • Zyklonbzombie 22/07/2015

    I'm so torn about Ethan Carter. It's by far one of the most beautifully created pieces of gaming geography ever made, and just wandering around it was such a unique and worthwhile experience. But it also suffered from poor writing, voice acting and stunted story, as well as some utterly rubbish puzzling. Like it just didn't want to fully commit lest it "just" be a walking simulator. For me, it's like Gone Home. A fantastic proof of concept, and I can't wait for these core world building ideas to be built on by really good writers.

    To be honest, finding out that the main dev is a bit of a shit has soured my interest in playing it again (yes, yes, I'm the hysterical SJW cancer that's killing gaming), but I'll be interested to hear how some of the changes to the game's progression work. I think most agree that one particular never ending section was very frustrating and out of place, and I hope for the sake of future players, that it's fixed/removed.
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  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 gets a surprise, huge patch

  • Zyklonbzombie 22/07/2015

    Fantastic update. I hope they do a similar patch for the first game. Or at least add controller support. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 2 fan remake nears finish line, free this summer

  • Zyklonbzombie 21/07/2015

    I appreciate the effort and love that went into it... but the game's entire mechanics and pacing were tailored around that tactically placed static third person camera. An over the shoulder shooter plonked into an exact replica of that world just doesn't work. And making it pitch black dark and painfully slow doesn't substitute for atmosphere (and this applies to all games).

    A good RE2 remake needs to be in the style of REmake1/RE0, or feature a fundamentally redesigned core game.
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  • 15 games later, Rovio announces Angry Birds 2

  • Zyklonbzombie 16/07/2015

    @metalmike25 Never underestimate the ability of enthusiasts to loathe something purely on the basis of it being popular amongst the masses. If Angry Birds was a Japanese Vita exclusive, people would be raving about it to this day. Reply +16
  • Fans launch Kickstarter for unlicensed Zelda animated series

  • Zyklonbzombie 14/07/2015

    How on earth does this keep happening? How can you know enough about a franchise and gaming/film making/animation to assemble talent and marketing, and actually make a fan game/film/animation, but not know that you just. can't. do. this??

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  • Konami scrubs Kojima's name from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain cover

  • Zyklonbzombie 14/07/2015

    I'm willing to give Konami some benefit of the doubt and assume they at least have some sort of reason or logic behind booting/alienating one of their most beloved assets, and that, as much as people love their corporate pantomime villains, there are two sides to the story.

    But their public handling of the whole affair just screams pettiness, arrogance and unprofessionalism. I can't wrap my head around it.
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  • Five Nights at Freddy's 4 arrives next month

  • Zyklonbzombie 13/07/2015

    Good for Scott Cawthon and his amazing success. But file Five Nights At Freddy's along with Vine celebrities and Snapchat under "proof I've reached that age where I simply don't 'get' what the young'uns are into any more". Reply +15
  • Steam hit Ark: Survival Evolved has already sold 1m copies

  • Zyklonbzombie 08/07/2015

    There's lots of superficial stuff to set alarm bells ringing. I mean, look at that raptor's overbite! But I'm glad I took the plunge, and I'm more than happy to support such an enthusiastic/hard working developer in early access. There's a very novel and grand take on the survival genre hiding there if you can get past the understandable cynicism.

    Optimisation and overall aesthetic need some work, but they're gradually improving thanks to daily patches. The UI is straight out of 1997, and the loading times sometimes feel like I've been waiting since then. In terms of sheer content and systems in place, it's already very impressive, however.

    Also you can poop on the ground and eat it.
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  • The BBC is giving a tiny computer to every year 7 child in the UK - for free

  • Zyklonbzombie 07/07/2015

    @jambo74 Much of the BBC's broadcast/online (which includes stuff like Bitesize) material is educational and aimed at schoolchildren, and most of that is considered a fantastic asset by both educators and students. This is a relatively inexpensive supplement to that. I imagine it's actually no more (perhaps even less) expensive than much of the published printed suppliments the BBC produces.

    People need a sense of perspective. They're not handing out a million iPhones.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 07/07/2015

    @iceytoa1 The BBC has always invested a lot in their school-age educational resources. This is a good and relatively inexpensive way of being able to unify their basic coding/IT learning material based on hardware every schoolkid will own. Reply +17
  • Apple reinstates removed Civil War game with the Confederate flag

  • Zyklonbzombie 27/06/2015

    @abigsmurf Wolfenstein is historical/pseudo-historical. Swastikas aren't used in an "offensive or mean spirited" way. The reinstatement of apps and what they've said in the article indicates that they intend similarly reasonable policy, even if a bunch of games were unfortunately caught up in some overly zealous/hasty/rushed implementation.

    However much you dislike Apple's policy it's not "censorship". Companies can allow and disallow whatever they like on their platforms. They are not preventing anyone from expressing anything publicly or from seeking out a platform that will allow it. Nor are they preventing customers from consuming those ideas elsewhere.

    Edit: Unanimously negged for understanding the basic definition of a word and for actually reading the article. Good lord.
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  • Rocksteady and "external PC development partner" investigating Batman: Arkham Knight performance issues

  • Zyklonbzombie 23/06/2015

    Frame rate is fine for me on my fairly old AMD card.

    Shame batman is being rendered as a bin bag being eaten by a vortex, and the environment is an abstract mess of glitching giant triangles.
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  • Tale of Tales is sunsetting its studio following Sunset

  • Zyklonbzombie 23/06/2015

    @abigsmurf 100% agree with all of that.

    Unique voices in game development are important. But these devs are dripping with entitlement.

    Sunset got about as much coverage as an indie game could hope for - at a time where gamers are increasingly willing to embrace more unusual, minimal and political games.

    The fact it didn't set the world alight isn't indicative of any vague wider problem with 'gamers' (and there are many problems with the gaming community/industry to be sure) - it's simply down to the fact that the game doesn't look particularly fun, artistically interesting or profound. Especially for the price.

    As with all art/products - simply believing in it doesn't make it good. It doesn't guarantee success, and it certainly doesn't entitle you to it.
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  • Bedlam announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in August

  • Zyklonbzombie 11/06/2015

    Hardly been absent for "more than 18 months". It has been regularly updated in Early Access since last year. Reply +1
  • Armikrog release date announced for August

  • Zyklonbzombie 09/06/2015

    The art style is great, but Doug TenNapel's homophobia (which is hard not to take personally when you're one of the people he doesn't believe should be treated as an equal human being) and other assorted, publicly documented, reprehensible/batshit views have soured any chance of me being able to enjoy his work. Perhaps it will inspire more claymation games. Reply +6
  • Video: Let's Play ARK: Survival Evolved

  • Zyklonbzombie 03/06/2015

    There's nothing sadder than a raptor with an overbite. Reply +5
  • The rediscovery of Ethan Carter: How last year's adventure is being remade for PS4 and VR

  • Zyklonbzombie 03/06/2015

    The gravestone incident with Pillars of Eternity being a prime example. Finding four lines of text that offend you in a game that size, doesn't mean you should get to demand changes to the game, life will upset you sometimes, get used to it.
    This! This post is exemplary of the extremely flawed perspective that underpins GG and its supporters.

    No one demanded anything. No one was censored. No creative freedom was stifled. Some trans folk/allies pointed out a few lines in a game that they found mildly upsetting, and the creators, who are on record as being quite progressive/supportive of diversity, realised an error and removed it.

    There were no threats. No "pandering". No "box ticking". Because news flash: many game developers genuinely don't want to include bigoted or upsetting content in their game because they actually care. Many game developers want to create more diverse, more welcoming games. GG simply can't seem to get its head around that. They are stuck in the absurdly ironic belief that anything that isn't tailored precisely to them and them alone must therefore be "pandering" to others.

    What would have been "pandering" would have been if Obsidian felt forced to keep it in at the expense of potentially upsetting a minority they wish to welcome, just to prove a dumb point.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 03/06/2015

    @Whitster He's has a comparatively low risk of getting inundated with rape and death threats simply for sticking his head out. So there's that. Reply -2
  • Zyklonbzombie 03/06/2015

    @arcam Some people and some views are contemptuous. Including the view that misogyny, sexism and bigotry are merely frivolous differences of opinion that should be "respected", even by those on the receiving end.

    It's the old "tolerate the intolerance of others!" argument, and it's as nonsensical and as tacitly supportive of sexism/bigotry as it ever was. See also: the whole "shunning bullies makes YOU a bully!" rubbish.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 03/06/2015

    @gravearchitecture I loathe being told to separate the art from the artist/politics. I can't help having a game experience soured by the nagging knowledge in the back of my head that I've supported an asshole.

    I think this view was sealed in the last few years by being repeatedly told that even as a gay man I should be able to happily ignore Orson Scott Card and Doug Tennapel's views that I'm not an equal human being, and appreciate their art for "what it is". As if I should somehow be able to delete that information from my brain to stop it cropping up and souring things.

    Screw that. Don't feel guilted into financially and artistically supporting assholes and bigots just because others can ignore that aspect. Good for you if you are able to do that. But not everyone can. And that's fine.

    I was lucky enough to enjoy Ethan Carter before I knew what the creator was like. It was one of the most beautifully realised pieces of game geography I have ever seen. But it's now one I can never revisit without that knowledge scratching away in my head. So I won't.
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  • Need for Speed reboot requires online connection

  • Zyklonbzombie 29/05/2015

    Then I'm out. Not because of some stubborn principled stance - but because I simply don't have a stable enough internet connection to justify buying a game with an always online requirement which I mostly intend on playing solo. Reply +11
  • State of Decay dev's MMO Moonrise now in Early Access

  • Zyklonbzombie 28/05/2015

    It's primarily a mobile game, and is clearly designed around that and inevitably the free to play model. Watch some actual gameplay footage before getting excited. Reply 0
  • H1Z1 dev unbanning cheaters who publicly apologise on YouTube

  • Zyklonbzombie 20/05/2015

    No doubt I'm just a bleeding heart wet blanket, but this just a) rewards those who are most shameless, and b) contributes to the toxicity and unpleasantness of the online gaming community by actively encouraging acts of public humiliation. Encouraging people to forgo privacy and expose themselves to the brutal judgement of the internet is deeply unprofessional for any company to do, for any reason. Reply +2
  • Turok: Dinosaur Hunter to receive a PC re-release - rumour

  • Zyklonbzombie 07/05/2015

    Turok 2 is one of my all time favourite games - such a menacing and unique atmosphere. Re-release that at a reasonable price and I'll be all over it. Reply +9
  • The Witcher 3 PC is £32.49 at Green Man Gaming

  • Zyklonbzombie 07/05/2015

    If your reaction is "well it's understandable that CD Projekt want to maximise profits", replace "CD Projekt" with "EA" or "Ubisoft", or whoever the current favourite pantomime villain is and reassess.

    If they're legally obtained and legal to sell, don't feel guilted into spending more.
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  • Goat Simulator getting GoatZ survival DLC

  • Zyklonbzombie 05/05/2015

    @Rodimus-Prime Reply +1
  • Zyklonbzombie 05/05/2015

    As a swedish company, it's a travesty that their official website isn't goat.se. Reply +4
  • Star Wars: Battlefront will feature 12 multiplayer maps

  • Zyklonbzombie 05/05/2015

    I know it's terribly unfashionable to like AAA shooters, anything Star Wars post-ESB or EA - but I absolutely can't wait for this game. I loved the first two (and even one of the PSP spinoffs), and I love Battlefield and DICE's output generally. I'll buy it. I'll probably grab premium, and I might even preorder. And while people are calling me the cancer that's killing gaming, I'll be having too much fun playing Battlefield with AT-ATs to notice. Reply +1
  • Halo Online modders working to strip micro-transactions, release worldwide

  • Zyklonbzombie 07/04/2015

    @Lukree It already sold well everywhere else as Halo 3. This is a game clearly designed for markets where console takeup is low and piracy rates are high. Like Russia.

    I'm sure it will make it to the west eventually. But we're not the target market.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 07/04/2015

    Free to Play is a good business model for markets like Russia, where traditional entry to gaming is too prohibitive for many. It makes games accessible, while providing an avenue for actually compensating the devs.

    I don't know why people feel the need to undermine that. If you don't like it, don't play it.
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  • Looks like Square Enix is revealing the new Deus Ex

  • Zyklonbzombie 07/04/2015

    Can't wait. Loved Human Revolution - perhaps even more than the original Deus Ex.

    I also thought the Thief reboot was good. Aside from a terribly designed hub world and awful writing (though people conveniently forget that the original games weren't exactly Shakespeare) - I thought it was pretty damned successful at bringing the feel, atmosphere and the balance of power/vulnerability of the original series bang up to date.
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  • Sony rewards after class action Vita lawsuit are now available

  • Zyklonbzombie 07/04/2015

    Some of you guys are going to totally flip when you find out that BBC News reports on international events. Reply -1
  • How Slender gave gaming its Blair Witch moment

  • Zyklonbzombie 06/04/2015

    The closest thing I've been to "frightened" by game was probably the first time I played STALKER. The first underground lab particularly. The tension and sense of hostility from that game world is still something special.

    I'm also glad that after a period of it being cool to be contrarian about the Blair Witch project it's finally starting to get the credit it deserves. That said, I don't think Slender is any any way comparable. It's only a couple of steps up from a screamer flash game.
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  • MMO shooter Survarium launches via Steam Early Access this week

  • Zyklonbzombie 31/03/2015

    If you're not likely to blow an aneurysm at it the words "free to play" and the fact it's currently PvP only, I highly recommend giving Survarium a go. The shooting is accessible but has a satisfying physicality and the atmosphere/look is great. Unlocks are a bit of a grind if you don't want to pay anything though, but it's far from the worst offender. Reply +4
  • Dirty Bomb is armed and dangerous, but is it likely to go nuclear?

  • Zyklonbzombie 24/03/2015

    I enjoyed Brink. It was certainly not for everyone but I feel like a combination of a troubled launch, arriving at a time when it was peak vogue to loudly dismiss FPS games, and all too common gamer-hysteria gave it an absurdly, disproportionately bad reputation that lasts to this day.

    From what I've played of this, it's basically Brink 2. And I hope people actually give it a chance. Because it's a lot of fun, if not totally ground breaking.
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  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a standalone prequel to The New Order

  • Zyklonbzombie 04/03/2015

    New Order gameplay and graphics in RTCW type settings? Yes please.

    There's a terrible irony in this being one of the few shooters without a multiplayer. The gunplay is so good I'd take one in a second. Fingers crossed for an enemy-territory type game/expansion at some point.
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  • £40 Battlefield Hardline Premium program detailed

  • Zyklonbzombie 02/03/2015

    I think Battlefield (including Hardline from what I played in the beta) is tremendous fun. I also think premium is pretty good value for money considering the amount of (usually very good quality) content.

    The only slightly iffy things for me in principle are booster packs, but in practice they don't have a particularly negative effect on the game. And they've been there since Bad Company 2, and no one threw a fit over them back then - presumably because it wasn't in vogue yet to do so.
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  • Watch indie games star in House of Cards season three

  • Zyklonbzombie 02/03/2015

    @Tiel It's really bizarre that people are praising the fact that a great series has awkward mood-killing advertisements shat all over it.

    I have no problem with brands appearing on screen - they can even add to the realism. But - for me at least - the incredibly awkward lingering shots and excruciating dialogue seriously detract from the overall quality.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 02/03/2015

    Some of the product placement is startlingly unsubtle in such an otherwise classy looking show. Having Kevin Spacey recite a fictional review made me laugh out loud. Reply +2
  • Future Assassin's Creed games will have "more robust modern day" than Unity

  • Zyklonbzombie 27/02/2015

    AC games do a great job of creating a beautiful authentic-feeling atmosphere and setting, then killing it dead as soon as you are reminded of all the future bollocks. Reply +3
  • The sorry state of The Stomping Land, another abandoned Kickstarter video game

  • Zyklonbzombie 18/02/2015

    @leeroye You obviously have the good fortune of having never experienced the sort of mental or medical health issue that makes even basic communication and courtesies difficult or impossible.

    And I'm not saying that's definitely the case here, but as with most kickstarter failures, I'm guessing the issue is more nuanced than "the bastard done a runner". I'd be pissed if I backed/bought the game too, but I'm not going to start baying for the blood of an individual I know nothing about.
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  • Zyklonbzombie 18/02/2015

    @Sicho I doubt he died or anything like that. He has a history of disappearing for months/weeks with no communication.

    I'm hesitant to be too judgemental of him personally, since I don't know his circumstances - he may be having serious family, medical or mental health issues. But it does demonstrate the risk in things like kickstarter. I'm all for crowd funding, but people need to understand the difference between being a consumer and being an investor - and it could be made clearer by the services offering it.
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  • Broforce xenomorphs into an Aliens crossover in new update

  • Zyklonbzombie 13/02/2015

    I'd give anything for an HD remake of the actual game Aliens: Infestation. Reply 0