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  • Is Bayonetta on Switch the definitive console version?

  • ZipZap 15/02/2018

    @VanillaLake Sure, but there's also an emulation layer to take into account. Even comparing a SNES game between an emulator and real hardware, there's a noticeable lag. PS3 -> PS2 suffered quite badly with this. I'm not sure how backwards compatibility works, I presume it must be pretty advanced, and maybe isn't as susceptible to these problems. I'm not sure your statement that there is no additional input lag in any game is correct though eg I just think this is more relevant than the resolution. Reply -3
  • ZipZap 15/02/2018

    Won't backwards compatibility add input lag? Surely *that* is the number one priority on a game like Bayonetta? Gameplay over graphics! Reply -5
  • Switch Bayonetta 2 is a turbo-charged Wii U port

  • ZipZap 06/02/2018

    @neilka You added input Bayonetta? haha, well done (also, do you have any tips on fitting my desktop PC and monitor into my bag?) Reply +6
  • PlayStation 4 hacked: pirate software available, more PS2 titles running

  • ZipZap 23/01/2018

    I have a device that offers superb compatibility with the PS1/PS2 library, is only a little larger than a DVD case, and costs about 30 on ebay. It's called a PS2 slim! I know some people like their games rendered at a higher resolution, but personally I prefer low-res to glitchy graphics, bugs, and input lag. Reply -5
  • A voice from the past

  • ZipZap 13/01/2018

    Great article. Whilst nowhere near as poignant, I recently got a working C64 set up for the first time in a long time and had a fascinating experience browsing through my old disks, revisiting my code, graphics and (terrible) music from close to 25 years ago. Amongst them is a sample of my sister, who is now almost 30, singing "Jingle Bells" when she was probably around 5 years old. The quality is terrible (it was made with a very primitive piece of software that created samples from the C64's tape deck), but it's certainly recognisable as her voice. I also have a stack of C64 tapes, so really need to pick up a working tape deck and see what I can find from my school years! Reply +3
  • The bonkers box boasts of classic Codemasters covers

  • ZipZap 07/07/2017

    I had a friend who was quite pretentious about Code Masters' frequent use of the word "simulator". "It's not a game, it's a simulation", like the 1.99 he'd spent on a Spectrum tape was comparable to the land-a-plane round of the Krypton Factor. Reply +7
  • PS2 classic Resident Evil Code: Veronica X out today on PS4

  • ZipZap 10/05/2017

    I actually replayed a sizeable chunk of this on my Dreamcast earlier this year. I quite enjoyed it, although it depends on your tolerance of those old style Resident Evil quirks like tank-controls, ink-ribbon rationing, pushing a button to walk upstairs and so on. And remember to run past (most of) the zombies to save your good ammo for the bosses! Reply +1
  • Watch: Ian plays Super Mario Sunshine for the first time

  • ZipZap 04/02/2017

    I played through this again last year and I agree with Johnny that it's really underrated. Ok, some parts are really terrible (that pachinko stage!!!!) and it does feel as though it would benefit from a bit more refining (the rumour is that it was rushed out to fill a gap in the first party release schedule), but as they mentioned in this video, I really like that it shows you where you have to go, then leaves you to get there. I've always felt more recent Mario games hold your hand a bit too much and limit your options. I enjoy having the multiple types of jump and the freedom the pack gives you. If you watch expert players, they leap freely around the levels almost parkour style. I'm quite excited for the Switch game because it looks to be a bit more along these lines. I also agree with Johnny about the great music, and I like the bright sunny style and consistent design throughout the levels. Overall, it's sometimes mediocre, but not without some classic Mario moments! (I should also point out that I'm probably pretty close to Ian's age, so I'm not saying all of this through childhood nostalgia :) ) Reply +7
  • Gravity Rush 2 review

  • ZipZap 10/01/2017

    I just picked up the first one in the sale and have been loving it! It's great flying around the city performing various different tasks, and it's executed with a nice sense of humour, not taking itself too seriously. It's just lots of fun, as games should be! Reply +10
  • My daughter's favourite video game is a book

  • ZipZap 22/11/2016

    When I was a child, this was a recurring nightmare of mine. There'd be dots that I needed to push, at first a manageable amount, but before I knew it, there'd be vast walls as far as the eye could see and some kind of figure was taunting me. Watching the video above actually reminded me of it! On a side note, I haven't had this dream in about 20 years, so whatever psychological disturbance it represents, I'm hoping I'm cured :/ Reply +7
  • The Return of Battle Garegga, the mad king of Shmups

  • ZipZap 05/11/2016

    Looking forward to giving this a go, although I 'm a bit more excited by Dangun Feveron. Hopefully this is just the start and we'll see lots more M2 ports to the PS4! Reply +2
  • Cave shmup DoDonPachi Resurrection is now on Steam

  • ZipZap 15/10/2016

    20 is nothing for a game with so much re-playability. I paid around 50 each for the Japanese imports of Dodonpachi Dai Ou Jou and Espgaluda on the PS2 and I *still* play both to this day. Reply 0
  • Gran Turismo Sport ditches one of the series' big features

  • ZipZap 31/05/2016

    Probably going to sound like a fanboy, but I really won't be losing any sleep over this omission. I never really liked these scenarios where the environment goes from pouring rain in the dark, to sunny daylight, all in the space of 4 laps. It's not realistic at all and seems more like something for them to show off on Youtube than an actual gameplay feature. Beyond endurance races, I'm not sure it's necessary (and with endurance races, it should happen over a long period of time). Reply -2
  • That time I was blacklisted by Sega while editing a Sega magazine

  • ZipZap 21/05/2016

    Interesting read! DC-UK was probably the last single format magazine that I purchased regularly.

    When I started reading this article, my first thought was how it was great that DC-UK gave such a lot of coverage to the Japanese scene, so interesting to then read that people like me were you target audience! The examples you gave such as Mars Matrix and Gigawing 2 are the exact things I remember reading about in DC-UK for the first time, and Mars Matrix in particular went on to become one of my most played DC games.
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  • Nioh on PS4: 1080p30 or 720p60 - you decide

  • ZipZap 29/04/2016

    Great news. For racing games especially, this needs to become standard.

    Edit: Lots of comments above about how it should be 1080p 60fps standard and I agree that in an ideal world, every game should be optimised that way. That is what attracted me to console gaming in the first place; everything just works optimally for the platform it's built for. I'm not bothered if a game doesn't have comparable graphics to the PC version, if that's what I wanted, I'd just play it on my PC in the first place! (re-boot to Windows, pair the controller, switch the video output to my TV, switch the sound output to my TV, sit on the sofa, stand up again because I'm going to need my mouse to select a menu option, sit on the sofa, play for a bit, repeat all of the above in reverse when I start work again the next day, but before I do, Windows is going to force me to install 72 updates). These days, however, so many people seem to enjoy comparing screenshots more than playing the actual game, that I can't see we'll ever return to that, but for this kind of option to become more common seems like a step in the right direction.
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  • The 64 is an unofficial reimagining of the Commodore 64

  • ZipZap 19/04/2016

    A lot of people in the know are very suspicious about this. Eg or

    They're very vague about the specs and the identities of their "expert developers", despite being happy to take people's money and claiming it will be released in time for Christmas.

    If it were FPGA based I'd be all over it, but if it's just a Raspberry Pi in a C64 style box running Vice, then it seems pretty pointless.
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  • Watch: Chris faces the horror of tank controls in Silent Hill 2

  • ZipZap 08/04/2016

    @ElCobrito Yeah, I'm sure it's fine beyond some graphical weirdness! Reply 0
  • ZipZap 08/04/2016

    @ElCobrito Same controls, inferior everything else :) Reply +1
  • ZipZap 08/04/2016

    I realise it's not really possible to get this across in a short video, but what Silent Hill 2 really excels at is story telling. I'm not usually one to binge on games, but I played through the entire thing in one weekend because I was so intrigued by it. It's a strange, non-literal story about a man's descent into insanity as he tries to deny his past actions. There's much more to it than a lot of horror games that just rely on gore and monsters (including most of the recent SH titles). Atmosphere, graphics and music were also excellent for the time. It all makes me forgive the clunky controls (even without tank mode!) and long corridors full of doors with "broken locks". I've just realised it's probably close to 15 years old, I should really give it another go! Reply +4
  • You can play TimeSplitters 2's first two levels in Homefront: The Revolution

  • ZipZap 30/03/2016

    Watching this and thinking that it looks a lot more fun than the actual game it's hidden inside says something about how console gaming feels to have lost its way in recent times. Whilst not perfect, Timesplitters 2 had its own graphical style, 60fps, varied locations and a storyline that feels like it's engineered to make the game more fun. Too many big name games these days all look alike, set in war torn cities where it always seems to be sunset. The graphics are only concerned with realism and struggle to keep up with 30fps because of it, and then there's the dull action-movie cutscenes and swearing in a macho voice. I'm not sure if the decreasing Japanese influence in favour of a more Western PC-gaming styles is largely to blame for this. There are plenty of indie games and good old Nintendo to keep me occupied, but I find myself less and less interested in the AAA titles. Reply +6
  • Watch: Johnny plays Bayonetta for the first time

  • ZipZap 18/03/2016

    I love Bayonetta, but I read an article about sexism in games that completely laid into it and made me feel a bit uncomfortable about the whole thing. Watching Aoife get excited about it for the very same reasons I loved it in the first place me makes me feel like a less bad person again. Reply +15
  • Raiden 5 review

  • ZipZap 11/03/2016

    @LLJaf Hopefully we will get that Ikaruga sequel (or at least something quite close) Reply 0
  • DriveClub's latest update is its most radical yet

  • ZipZap 17/02/2016

    @bluebird This would be great, and the ideal way to please both people who care about gameplay, and people who prefer to watch videos of fancy rain effects. I wouldn't care if in screenshots it looked like a PS3 game, because 60fps feels like so much of an upgrade to a racing game. Reply -8
  • What's different about Dirt Rally on console? Thankfully, not much

  • ZipZap 02/02/2016

    Really looking forward to this! And so glad to hear the importance they're putting on 60fpx, racing games at 30fps feel wrong. Reply +2
  • Games of 2015 no. 7: Invisible, Inc.

  • ZipZap 30/12/2015

    @Ep1cN3ss1e I know exactly what you mean. Ive stayed clear of the Steam sale this year as Ive learnt from past experience I wont end up playing most of this stuff I buy, until it ends up on the PS4. When I sit down on the sofa to play a PC game, its rare that I dont have to return to my desk because *something* is not right, and having to boot into Windows is a pain because it means everything is never exactly how I left it when I start work again. Maybe if I bought a dedicated gaming PC alongside my work computer it would be less hassle, but I can think of dozens of other things Id prefer to spend my money on. Reply +1
  • Japanese shmup Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours is coming to PS4 and Vita next week

  • ZipZap 03/12/2015

    It's funny people saying they're fans of shooters, but won't pay those prices...what have you been playing for years?! Until very recently, when Rising Star released a few Cave games for 25, the *only* option, without piracy, to play new shmups (not talking about a handful of games that were 7-8 years old released on XBLA) was to buy very expensive Japanese imports. Reply +2
  • ZipZap 03/12/2015

    @Ivattthestanier Toaplan went bankrupt and most of their employees went on to form Cave, who you may know have been the kings of "shmups" for years now (although due to the continuing decline of Japanese arcades, Cave are not doing very well now either...) Reply 0
  • Super Mario Maker update to add mid-level checkpoints, new levels

  • ZipZap 27/10/2015

    Definitely in favour of check points, I've felt so far that all my levels need to be short to avoid frustration. Reply +2
  • Looks like Super Meat Boy is headed to Wii U

  • ZipZap 07/10/2015

    @kevboard Initially I was pretty horrified that the music was gone, but after The Forest, which is pretty poor, the music gets quite a lot better. By the fourth chapter I'd pretty much forgotten and was starting to quite enjoy some of the music. It's a shame the original soundtrack couldn't be used, but I don't think it's critical. Reply +3
  • So, Mr Kojima, do we feel "ashamed" over Quiet?

  • ZipZap 04/09/2015


    Just answear me this. If a scene like Raiden one, happened in phantom pain, but instead of a guy, it was a girl. Would it be offensive?
    If you flip every sexist character in video games around to be male, every film, TV, advertisement and so on that objectifies women were switched to men, then on top of that switch the sexist attitudes that exist in society that see women as being considered lesser in many areas, and drop those on men as well, people might not be talking about Quiet in the way they are.

    This character is one high profile example of a much bigger problem and whilst on its own, it won't change anything, if I were Kojima, I would prefer not to be seen as endorsing it.
    Reply +5
  • A great explanation for how oldschool graphics worked

  • ZipZap 19/08/2015

    @smelly hmmm...I think that's the case where 3D graphics were involved due to the faster CPU, but Spectrums rarely seemed to have the smooth 50fps scrolling you got on the majority of C64 games. Reply +3
  • ZipZap 19/08/2015

    I've been looking at some modern day C64 demo scene graphics lately, if you zoom in on these pictures you'll see they only use 2 colours every 8x8 pixels, it must take huge amounts of care!

    Reply +28
  • Project Cars Wii U stalled, may be delayed until NX

  • ZipZap 26/05/2015

    @Needs_More_Tang I love Mario Kart 8, but I'm pretty sure Project Cars has a LOT more physics going on behind the scenes that's taking up processing power. It's not just about graphics. MK does also have the advantage of being developed entirely with one platform in mind. Reply +9
  • Project Cars on PS4 and Xbox One has PC-like graphics settings

  • ZipZap 16/04/2015

    Rather than performance, could the thinking behind this be more about being able to disable effects that might be distracting? Eg. lens flare and rain drops are more realistic, but they also make the game more difficult and some people might prefer to play without them, in the same way you can turn driving aids on and off. Reply +18
  • Fatal Frame U coming to Wii U this year

  • ZipZap 02/04/2015

    Excellent news! I just hope they leave in the Japanese voice; the dubbing on Wii Project Zero 2 was awful! Reply +2
  • Looks like Gravity Rush Remaster is coming to PS4

  • ZipZap 20/03/2015

    That would be great! As above, I've always wanted to play this. Reply +10
  • Rob Fearon on: Three screens and the truth

  • ZipZap 21/02/2015

    There's a lot I can relate to in this article. I'd played Jumping Jack and Jet Set Willy, but then I started experimenting with HURG when I was about 8 (I can distinctly remember the first game I made; a complete colour clashing mish-mash of robots shooting at each other!).

    A couple of years later, after my dad had upgraded his Spectrum to a C64, I began using SEUCK obsessively. I rarely finished anything, but I became pretty good at pixel art.

    This continued through high school, and whenever I was asked about future career ambitions, I always said that I wanted to make graphics for computer games. Unfortunately, I left school around the release of the Playstation, pixels were replaced with polygons and I suddenly wasn't as interested anymore (from a creative point of view anyway). I then discovered the demo scene, and whilst I had a certain degree of success there, I became destined to never make a penny from those skills I'd built up during my teens!

    Anyway, along came the internet and I've now been working for 14 years in web design/development, but after not even thinking about game design for close to 20 years, the rise of the indie games scene has led me back to working on a few projects in my spare time again. Maybe this time around I'll eventually finish something!
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  • Pokkn Tournament gameplay shows off critters, controls

  • ZipZap 23/01/2015

    I've been saying for YEARS they should do this! YEARS! :) It looks good! Reply 0
  • Mesmerising pixel art adventure Children of Morta launches on Kickstarter

  • ZipZap 21/01/2015

    As someone who's been doing pixel art in various forms since the 80s, it's always good when indie games don't use pixel art as another term for "can't be bothered spending time on the graphics". Reply +2
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker review

  • ZipZap 24/12/2014

    Not directly related to this game....but after feeling underwhelmed by current PS4 titles, I've just picked up a Wii-U, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart and Bayonetta 2! It's the most excited I've felt about a new console purchase in a LONG time! Reply +4
  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • ZipZap 15/11/2014

    I completely agree with this article. Aside from a few indie games and Silent Hill PT (which I did enjoy a lot!), I haven't used it for anything other than prettier versions of PS3 games (I did buy Driveclub, but I traded that in after a week and went back to GT6).

    I still have faith it'll come good eventually, but I'm considering a Wii-U to fill the gap.
    Reply -2
  • New Mirror's Edge world record speed run sure is dizzying

  • ZipZap 05/11/2014

    Ok, so perhaps there are glitches, but overall it still looks a lot more like they're actually playing the game than some speed runs I've seen where they seem to spend 99% of the time outside the map! :) I should add that I don't really have a problem with exploiting glitches, it just makes for much more entertaining viewing when someone has mastered the gameplay, rather than all the bugs. Reply +12
  • ZipZap 05/11/2014

    What's great about this is that this person has actually learnt to play the game really well, rather than just exploiting glitches, as seen in many "speed runs" (I haven't watched it all the way through, so I hope I'm correct here!). Reply 0
  • Project Cars shooting for 1080p 60fps on both Xbox One and PS4

  • ZipZap 29/09/2014

    Exactly the way racers should be (and the way they almost all were in the PS2 days!)

    60fps, and anything else that enhances the playability, first priority. Fancy lighting, weather effects and all that crap, second priority. It's a GAME, not a tech demo!
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  • Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga creator working on new PS4 game

  • ZipZap 15/08/2014

    Brilliant news! Although I'm going to have to fork out for a PS4 arcade stick :/ Reply 0
  • See DriveClub's dynamic weather in action

  • ZipZap 08/07/2014

    Also, I see lots of comments along the lines of consoles = 30fps, PC = 60fps, like that's the way it's always been and the way it always will be. This was NOT the case until very recently. Almost all PS2 driving games ran at 60fps and a lot of early 360 driving games did too. The first time I saw Burnout 3 I thought that looked amazing. It was running on hardware that was (by that stage) several years old, yet they didn't feel the need to cut the frame rate in half. The 30fps frame rate is something that's crept into driving games over the past few years and I firmly believe the gameplay has suffered because of it. Reply -3
  • ZipZap 08/07/2014

    It looks very nice, but how much time are you going to spend looking at water falling on to the bonnet whilst driving? (personallyI tend to choose bumper cam, so don't even SEE the car!). As lovely as it looks, if I could turn this kind of effect off for the sake of 60fps, I would definitely choose to do so. Reply -7
  • The making of Match Day

  • ZipZap 02/06/2014

    Interesting read! Match Day was the first football game I played, and one of the most played games from my Spectrum days. I also played the (rather slow!) C64 version of Match Day 2 quite a lot, before moving on to Emlyn Hughes and Microprose Soccer. Reply +1
  • If Grand Theft Auto 5 were a Commodore 64 game

  • ZipZap 27/05/2014

    Last Ninja 3 shows the C64 is capable of better isometric graphics than this, and sprites that don't use double-width pixels (by using overlays). Where the big problem would occur would showing quite so many sprites on screen at once, and scrolling it all around so quickly. If there were a C64 vesion, it would be better to go with the overhead view, as used in the original GTA games. The loading screen is crap and could be done far better. Incidentally, the music sounds nothing like the SID either! :) Reply +4
  • Mercenary Kings dev reveals upcoming minimalist brawler Curses 'N Chaos

  • ZipZap 18/04/2014

    @penhalion As someone who's done a lot of pixel art, I wouldn't say it involves "no effort". It's a design decision that may not be to everyone's taste (fair enough), but I don't think it's taking the easy option. Reply +1