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  • Rob Fearon on: Three screens and the truth

  • ZipZap 21/02/2015

    There's a lot I can relate to in this article. I'd played Jumping Jack and Jet Set Willy, but then I started experimenting with HURG when I was about 8 (I can distinctly remember the first game I made; a complete colour clashing mish-mash of robots shooting at each other!).

    A couple of years later, after my dad had upgraded his Spectrum to a C64, I began using SEUCK obsessively. I rarely finished anything, but I became pretty good at pixel art.

    This continued through high school, and whenever I was asked about future career ambitions, I always said that I wanted to make graphics for computer games. Unfortunately, I left school around the release of the Playstation, pixels were replaced with polygons and I suddenly wasn't as interested anymore (from a creative point of view anyway). I then discovered the demo scene, and whilst I had a certain degree of success there, I became destined to never make a penny from those skills I'd built up during my teens!

    Anyway, along came the internet and I've now been working for 14 years in web design/development, but after not even thinking about game design for close to 20 years, the rise of the indie games scene has led me back to working on a few projects in my spare time again. Maybe this time around I'll eventually finish something!
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  • Pokkn Tournament gameplay shows off critters, controls

  • ZipZap 23/01/2015

    I've been saying for YEARS they should do this! YEARS! :) It looks good! Reply 0
  • Mesmerising pixel art adventure Children of Morta launches on Kickstarter

  • ZipZap 21/01/2015

    As someone who's been doing pixel art in various forms since the 80s, it's always good when indie games don't use pixel art as another term for "can't be bothered spending time on the graphics". Reply +2
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker review

  • ZipZap 24/12/2014

    Not directly related to this game....but after feeling underwhelmed by current PS4 titles, I've just picked up a Wii-U, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart and Bayonetta 2! It's the most excited I've felt about a new console purchase in a LONG time! Reply +4
  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • ZipZap 15/11/2014

    I completely agree with this article. Aside from a few indie games and Silent Hill PT (which I did enjoy a lot!), I haven't used it for anything other than prettier versions of PS3 games (I did buy Driveclub, but I traded that in after a week and went back to GT6).

    I still have faith it'll come good eventually, but I'm considering a Wii-U to fill the gap.
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  • New Mirror's Edge world record speed run sure is dizzying

  • ZipZap 05/11/2014

    Ok, so perhaps there are glitches, but overall it still looks a lot more like they're actually playing the game than some speed runs I've seen where they seem to spend 99% of the time outside the map! :) I should add that I don't really have a problem with exploiting glitches, it just makes for much more entertaining viewing when someone has mastered the gameplay, rather than all the bugs. Reply +12
  • ZipZap 05/11/2014

    What's great about this is that this person has actually learnt to play the game really well, rather than just exploiting glitches, as seen in many "speed runs" (I haven't watched it all the way through, so I hope I'm correct here!). Reply 0
  • Project Cars shooting for 1080p 60fps on both Xbox One and PS4

  • ZipZap 29/09/2014

    Exactly the way racers should be (and the way they almost all were in the PS2 days!)

    60fps, and anything else that enhances the playability, first priority. Fancy lighting, weather effects and all that crap, second priority. It's a GAME, not a tech demo!
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  • Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga creator working on new PS4 game

  • ZipZap 15/08/2014

    Brilliant news! Although I'm going to have to fork out for a PS4 arcade stick :/ Reply 0
  • See DriveClub's dynamic weather in action

  • ZipZap 08/07/2014

    Also, I see lots of comments along the lines of consoles = 30fps, PC = 60fps, like that's the way it's always been and the way it always will be. This was NOT the case until very recently. Almost all PS2 driving games ran at 60fps and a lot of early 360 driving games did too. The first time I saw Burnout 3 I thought that looked amazing. It was running on hardware that was (by that stage) several years old, yet they didn't feel the need to cut the frame rate in half. The 30fps frame rate is something that's crept into driving games over the past few years and I firmly believe the gameplay has suffered because of it. Reply -3
  • ZipZap 08/07/2014

    It looks very nice, but how much time are you going to spend looking at water falling on to the bonnet whilst driving? (personallyI tend to choose bumper cam, so don't even SEE the car!). As lovely as it looks, if I could turn this kind of effect off for the sake of 60fps, I would definitely choose to do so. Reply -7
  • The making of Match Day

  • ZipZap 02/06/2014

    Interesting read! Match Day was the first football game I played, and one of the most played games from my Spectrum days. I also played the (rather slow!) C64 version of Match Day 2 quite a lot, before moving on to Emlyn Hughes and Microprose Soccer. Reply +1
  • If Grand Theft Auto 5 were a Commodore 64 game

  • ZipZap 27/05/2014

    Last Ninja 3 shows the C64 is capable of better isometric graphics than this, and sprites that don't use double-width pixels (by using overlays). Where the big problem would occur would showing quite so many sprites on screen at once, and scrolling it all around so quickly. If there were a C64 vesion, it would be better to go with the overhead view, as used in the original GTA games. The loading screen is crap and could be done far better. Incidentally, the music sounds nothing like the SID either! :) Reply +4
  • Mercenary Kings dev reveals upcoming minimalist brawler Curses 'N Chaos

  • ZipZap 18/04/2014

    @penhalion As someone who's done a lot of pixel art, I wouldn't say it involves "no effort". It's a design decision that may not be to everyone's taste (fair enough), but I don't think it's taking the easy option. Reply +1
  • In Theory: 1080p30 vs 720p60 - could next-gen let us choose?

  • ZipZap 02/03/2014

    It's not that consoles can't handle 60fps at 1080p, it's that developers seem more interested in pretty graphocs that look good in screenshots, than making the gameplay nice.

    Throughout the PS2 era there were loads of games running at 60fps because they were built with this in mind from the start. It doesn't bother me in every genre, but with racing games, and anything else that needs quick reflexes, it seems so wrong to run at 30fps (Grid 2 couldn't even maintain that!).

    To me, 60fps gives a game a polished feeling that no amount of fancy graphics can rival.
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  • EA PS4 games cost an eye-watering 63 from PlayStation Store

  • ZipZap 25/11/2013

    This isn't really new in that PS3 games were ridiculously priced as well. I've often seen "sale" promotions on PSN where a PS3 game that you could buy for less than 20 in a box was promoted with bargain offers such as "WAS 54.00, NOW 46.00"!

    Keep buying the boxes!
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  • Face-Off Preview: Need for Speed: Rivals on PS4 and Xbox One

  • ZipZap 15/11/2013

    I wish there was as much horror at 30fps for a racing game as there would've been if it was 720p max. Framerate does, after all, affect the actual *gameplay*, rather than just making it look a bit nicer. Reply +1
  • Gradius 5 retrospective

  • ZipZap 03/11/2013

    I've actually been playing this a lot lately, for the first time in years! At the time it was released, I was a little too bullet hell obsessed and it didn't click with me, but recently I've developed a new love for it! An HD version on the PS3 would be excellent! I did give it a go in PCSX2, but when you've been playing it on the PS2, there's a small, but noticeable, amount of input lag through an emulator. Reply 0
  • Games of the Generation: Spelunky

  • ZipZap 30/10/2013

    In response to people suggesting this doesn't define a generation, I would say one thing that definitely defines this generation is the rise of indie games on consoles. With most big name developers playing it safer and safer, I think the indie games scene is getting more and more vital.
    Spelunky perhaps wouldn't be my personal choice, but I think it's right to have an ambassador from the indie games crowd in such a list.
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  • Spec Analysis: the Steam Machines prototypes

  • ZipZap 09/10/2013

    @CloudXIV If we're talking gaming performance alone, then yes, you could build a better machine for the money and to many PC gamers that's all that will matter. I do think the form factor plays a part. I recently looked into building a small factor gaming PC and the price does start to shoot up fairly quickly (and even then, most of the cases are pretty ugly!). Also, even though I'm perfectly capable of building a PC and did so for many years, it's not something I can really be bothered with if I don't have to. As long as it wasn't massively more expensive, I would probably consider one of these. I already replaced my work PC with an iMac and certainly don't regret that (I'd also like to add that there was plenty of "logic" to that decision). Reply +4
  • EGX 2013: Game of the Show

  • ZipZap 07/10/2013

    I miss the days when grey and black didn't account for at least 80% of the colours in a screenshot. Reply +2
  • FIFA 14 review

  • ZipZap 23/09/2013

    My favourite online mode on the last FIFA was the Interactive World Cup. Ratings for players are completely equalled, so it's now about your ability to play the game, rather than getting a helping hand from Messi's stats. Reply +1
  • Samurai Gunn is another PS4 indie to get excited about

  • ZipZap 17/09/2013

    I'm really happy to see Sony taking the indie scene so seriously, although part of me feels a bit frustrated that I have to buy a new console to play games that would run fine on my PS3! Reply +2
  • Is the most disturbing scene in GTA 5 justified?

  • ZipZap 17/09/2013

    This sounds like another attempt by games to be "adult" that will actually just re-enforce the stereotype of them mostly being a hobby for nerdy, single men.

    I once saw a German film, unfortunately I don't know the name, where a family are tortured by two intruders into their home. Every time something horrible is happening, you don't see it, you just see the reactions of those around it and then the aftermath of the actions. It's very, very unpleasant viewing. I'm not saying everything should follow that model, but I do think if a scene is done well, you would still feel the horror of it without seeing the actual violence. Silent Hill at its best could perhaps come close to this, I have a strong suspicion GTA would not.

    I'm bored of all this gratuitous violence in games now, I'd like to see games *actually* grow up.
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  • Viewtiful Joe retrospective

  • ZipZap 15/09/2013

    "the eventual Clover-handled PS2 port (a poor one, surprisingly)"

    Really? I originally owned this on the Gamecube, but later picked up the PS2 version and played through it again (much better with the PS2 d-pad IMO). There's a tiny bit of slowdown (a TINY bit, we're not talking PS3 vs 360 Bayonetta levels of slowdown!), but other than that, I barely noticed a difference. Anyone who doesn't have access to a Gamecube should definitely not be put off playing the PS2 version, it's still amazing! I'd love an HD release of this!
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  • Letter from America

  • ZipZap 08/09/2013

    @eightbitboy I'm a demo scene guy, but I still think some of the composers from the past take a LOT of beating. Reply +1
  • ZipZap 08/09/2013

    The demise of traditional game soundtrack is sad. I think it's part of the wider problem of games being ashamed to have their own unique style and instead just taking loads of influences from films. Thankfully the indie games scene is still an exception and there have been some great soundtracks such as Fez, Scott Pilgrim and VVVVVV.

    Looking back, it's funny to recall how well known these composers were. When I bought a game and it had a Rob Hubbard (for example) soundtrack, I almost saw that as part of the package. It was something that gave a mediocre game value for money. Their reach was limited to the smaller games market of the time, but to gamers, these musicians were celebrities. Just look at the way Zzap used to have a readers favourite music chart sitting directly alongside the favourite games chart. Sometimes a games review would spend almost as long talking about the music as it would about the gameplay! That just wouldn't happen anymore!
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  • Letter from America

  • ZipZap 26/08/2013

    @Ryze The CPC version of Chase HQ is superb. It's better than Amiga and ST versions, nevermind other 8 bits! Reply +1
  • ZipZap 26/08/2013


    I'd definitely recommend checking out more! :) The C64 demo scene is still very active, much more than any other old platform (including the Amiga). There's also quite a few guys making C64 demos that work for big games companies by day (Dice, Microsoft Studios etc)

    Another nice release from just a few weeks ago (intro part is a little long, but awesome once it gets going)...

    And a graphics show that uses a clever PC graphics tool which combines C64 bitmap and sprites to create multicolour graphics at 320x200 with no interlacing (massive breakthrough that was just made a few years ago)

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  • ZipZap 25/08/2013

    Since there's all this talk of what a CPC can do these days, I feel I should post an example of what a stock C64 can be made to do...

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  • Why Need for Speed: Rivals runs at 30 frames per second

  • ZipZap 23/08/2013

    The actual reason is that most people are happy to let developers compromise gameplay if it means the graphics look prettier. Racing games just feel so much better at 60fps. In fact, I think most things feel much better as 60fps. I'd be happy if the next gen showed little or no graphics improvement if everything ran at 60fps. It all looks good enough for me already, let's concentrate of GAMEPLAY again! Reply +6
  • GamesMaster: The Inside Story

  • ZipZap 05/06/2013

    Finally had the chance to read this, great article! Loads of interesting inside info! Reply +1
  • ZipZap 04/06/2013

    I haven't had chance to read all this yet, as I'm about to rush off for work, but the first attempt at putting games on TV definitely did a better job than many that had followed! I think one of the reasons for its success was getting the guys from the magazines involved. Julian Rignall etc were names I already recognised and already held up as gaming authority, so it gave Gamesmater massive credibility than Andy Crane would never have! Reply +2
  • Still no sign of The Last Guardian

  • ZipZap 21/02/2013

    PS5 launch title then? :( Reply +2
  • Google will donate 15,000 Raspberry Pi computers to UK schools

  • ZipZap 30/01/2013

    I'm happy things are going well for Raspberry Pi, but don't let those kids get too good at programming, I quite like the idea that my skills will (apparently!) be in high demand in the future! :) Reply +1
  • iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 due just five months after predecessors - report

  • ZipZap 14/01/2013

    I don't really see what the problem is. Sure, the church of Apple will rush out an buy one, but for everyone else, the iPad they bought last week will still be just as good as it was last week.

    I have a 3.5 year old iPhone 3GS. It definitely isn't as good as the latest models and probably has issues with some apps, but it still does all I personally need it to do and I won't be upgrading until that's no longer the case.

    It could be argued that more regular updates mean that when you DO come to upgrade, you're getting a better version than if you bought a new device 9 months into a yearly update cycle.
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  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth coming to consoles

  • ZipZap 29/11/2012

    @uninspiredcup it's a shame more of them don't like to pay for their games! :) Reply +3
  • Back on track: the UK racing scene revival

  • ZipZap 21/11/2012

    Slightly concerned at the claim "single activity games are going out of fashion", one of my biggest hates at the minute are these games that, rather than doing one thing really well, try to jump from genre to genre, doing many of them poorly!

    What I personally want from a game is a challenge. I want variety in gameplay to be fairly limited, but what is offered to have lots of depth, so I can practice and get better.

    Is the future of gaming really to wander the streets following a map, fight a few people on the way who have massively inferior health bars and can be beaten by pushing square repeatedly, meet a man, have a conversation (press x repeatedly!), drive somewhere with a really basic driving engine (hold down accelerate, move left and right, doesn't really matter about how slow of fast you are, or how many objects you hit on the way) to meet someone else for another conversation (which will involve pressing x repeatedly again), all to progress the a storyline that's barely worth the effort!
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  • Dragon's Dogma taught Capcom new tricks that give Devil May Cry the feel of 60 frames per second, publisher claims

  • ZipZap 05/11/2012

    @JumpinJackFlash I REALLY hope you're right, but I'm slightly concerned they'll continue to see 30fps as acceptable and use the extra power to throw more graphical effects. Reply +1
  • ZipZap 05/11/2012

    @Cjail I'm also a console player and 30fps for games like this is relatively new. All of the PS2 DMCs ran at 60fps, including DMC3 which was released a long way into the PS2's life. All of the Burnout games ran at 60fps, as did Out Run SP (with a tiny bit of slowdown), but new arcade racing games such as Cirterion's Need For Speed games and Ridge Racer Unbound run at 30fps. Reply +4
  • ZipZap 05/11/2012

    @Cjail To me, it is bad. I don't mind it on something like Fallout, but racing games, 2d platformers (looking at Sonic Generations here!) and fast paced combat games like DMC feel so much better with 60fps in my opinion. I know some people say they don't notice it and that's great for them, but I really do! To me it just feels like they're ruining the gameplay to make the screenshots look prettier. Reply +7
  • Face-Off: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

  • ZipZap 05/11/2012

    30fps is just graphics over gameplay. I would happily take a graphics hit for 60fps, Burnout Paradise looks good enough to me. It's a shame they don't just include a settings menu, similar to PC games, so you can have the option for improved frame rates by reducing the graphics quality. I remember Sega Rally 2 on the Dreamcast had this as a hidden option.

    I tried with Hot Pursuit, played for several hours, but it never felt right at 30fps. I eventually got the PC version which felt much nicer. By the sounds of it, my PC won't be close to running this at 60fps, so it's 30fps or nothing...I may choose the later.
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  • Is Need for Speed: Most Wanted better with Kinect?

  • ZipZap 22/10/2012

    It would also be better with 60fps! Reply +22
  • magreviewdraft1.doc

  • ZipZap 26/09/2012

    I'm fairly sure that this is intentional. Read it. It looks like a spoof of crappy games columns in mainstream magazines which tell you nothing about the actual games and generally read as though the author doesn't have a clue what they're talking about. When games journalists turn their hand to satire, it doesn't always work very well either :) Reply +70
  • UK dating site Shag a Gamer gives YouTube tips to virgin gamers

  • ZipZap 19/09/2012

    I hope they're paying you a lot for this to make it worthwhile the discredit it does to the rest of the site. Reply +60
  • Seven-minute Beyond: Two Souls gameplay video

  • ZipZap 17/08/2012

    I like the idea of the ghost being able to interact with things, but as others have said. It looks very scripted.

    "For some convenient reason, this man can't simply be strangled, but he can be possessed and when he's possessed you can make him push the accelerator of his car, though you can't control the steering wheel or change into reverse gear".

    And of course they shouldn't just be standing around waiting to be picked off one by now. Once things start to happen, there should be reactions from the others.

    Giving players more freedom would no doubt mean it would need to look less spectacular (as it's no longer just a non-linear QTE), but it could make the gameplay much more fun!
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  • Western devs "focus on the visuals", Capcom says

  • ZipZap 10/08/2012

    It's a very sweeping statement and there are undoubtedly exceptions, but the rise in Western developed games does seem to have led to genres such as racing games now almost always running at 30fps, which is certainly a sign of graphics over gameplay in my book. I wouldn't be surprised if the new DMC ran at 30fps as well. Reply 0
  • Lara Croft attempted rape will make Tomb Raider players want to "protect" her

  • ZipZap 13/06/2012

    Given that it's certainly not unheard of for men to be raped, would this be considered a good idea if it were in Gears of War or Call of Duty? Reply +8
  • Was E3 2012 the grisliest games show ever?

  • ZipZap 08/06/2012

    @danhese007 I noticed the things you mention, I thought it was because someone who whoops at a throat slit would whoop even more if the victim pled for their life before having their throat slit, but maybe deeper meaning here and it's supposed to show the horror of killing to survive. That's fair enough, though if the whole game consists of this, the impact will soon wear off and there should've been other elements of a living in desperate times that a writer could focus on. If the whole game *doesn't* consist of this, then showing a trailer that entirely does still raises questions about why that's the best approach. Reply +3
  • ZipZap 08/06/2012

    I was a bit surprised by The Last of Us. I haven't paid that much attention to it so far, so I didn't know exactly what to expect. I knew it was about a man and a teenage girl surviving in a post apocalyptic world, yet somehow thought there'd be a bit more to that than killing waves of people in violent ways. Maybe I'm being harsh and maybe there is more to the finished game, but I didn't get much else from the trailer.

    Slitting virtual people's throats isn't what I find entertaining about games, the same goes for people shouting mother f-cker and "dark" games in general (I don't mean something like Beyond Two Souls, which is supposed to be dark, but more games like the new Ridge Racer where the sun is only ever be seen through a haze and there's an intro featuring a monologue about "living beyond the law" yaaaawn).

    There are people out there making adult games that don't rely on the above, but the masses still seem to prefer a good murder simulator. Meaningless blood and violence definitely isn't going to make games appeal to a wider audience who don't realise there is a lot more to gaming than just this. It also makes me feel a bit embarrassed that if you say you're into games, this is what many people think you mean.
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