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  • Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood review

  • Zidargh 03/07/2017

    Genuine question; Why doesn't SE pay attention to the acclaim their MMORPG receives and double down on this style of game instead of the J-Pop titles in the 'main series'.

    I was, and always will be, a huge FF fanboy up to X and the last one I played was XII. The plot, mechanics and art direction are clearly what the market wants in an offline version.
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  • Abzu review

  • Zidargh 02/08/2016

    @dwalker109 I don't fall under such a title but that's pretty derogatory. Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industries and each channel has become a science to its own right. There's more to SEO than meta-tagging and it has huge implications for complex websites, especially in e-commerce. A marketing assistant would usually only go to shallow depths. Reply -2
  • Zidargh 02/08/2016

    @Cazalinghua Yep, that's exactly right.

    To be honest though, any SEO executive would know to capture "ABZU or abzu" and redirect from there. It's not a big deal for the marketing of the game.
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  • Splatoon bows out in style with its last ever Splatfest

  • Zidargh 25/07/2016

    Nooooo! I was out all weekend and missed this! Reply +1
  • XCOM 2 comes to PS4 and Xbox One in September

  • Zidargh 07/06/2016

    Literally bought a new laptop yesterday with one of the motivating factors being this game.

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  • Sony: Uncharted 4 copies stolen while in transit - and now police are involved

  • Zidargh 27/04/2016


    (To EG-ers, avoid her post)

    Absolute moron.

    If you're joking, you've still ruined the experience for others as they're going to enjoy the story less, trying to understand how the plot works to this "conclusion".
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  • Oculus founder Palmer Luckey: "We don't make money on the Rift"

  • Zidargh 07/01/2016

    @ShiftyGeezer Good post regarding the VR ecosystem but I know of various people who bought them who weren't particularly wealthy. Reply -1
  • Zidargh 07/01/2016

    I don't recall people being up in arms when HD TVs first came out. Wasn't the entry price point back then something like 5k? Reply +2
  • Watch: The worst jobs we've had in games

  • Zidargh 18/11/2015


    Wanna' play a game of Lucky Hit?
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  • Konami closes LA studio responsible for Metal Gear Online

  • Zidargh 03/11/2015

    Can someone explain to me why exactly Kojima left Konami on such bad terms?

    Was it some political thing between him and the Board?
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  • Nintendo signs theme park deal with Universal Studios

  • Zidargh 08/05/2015

    @TheMightyEthan I've no idea why either. People are just jealous of our innovation. Reply -1
  • Zidargh 07/05/2015

    I've always thought that they could make an immersive Mario Kart experience by integrating laser tag/quest with go karts. You could have an electronic slot machine which selects the item and then depending on the item, it could effect yours or other karts.

    For example, a mushroom could give your kart a child-safe power boost and a shell/banana, if lined up with another kart, could temporarily stop them or make them spin out.
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  • Witcher 3 dev: "Market is afraid of badly polished games on next-gen"

  • Zidargh 10/12/2014

    A good statement from the developers but I have a problem with their use of terminology - "Afraid of badly polished games..."

    No, not afraid. We don't deserve badly polished games.
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  • Developers' Games of 2013

  • Zidargh 02/01/2014

  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PC release date confirmed

  • Zidargh 20/12/2013

    I'm glad you PC gamers get the chance to play this. It really is a brilliant game.

    I really don't understand why people get so hung up on the camera. Yes it could have been improved but just adapt to it. The fact that the rest of the game is so bloody good more than compensates.

    In fact I'm struggling to think of a time where the camera let me down as the only times I got frustrated were when my fingers decided to stop working after slicing off my 5000th bionic arm.
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  • Games of the Generation: Red Dead Redemption

  • Zidargh 22/10/2013

    The game was so dedicated to immersion in fact that after gunning down the last of Marston's crew, you are presented with a very poignant soundtrack as you ride back down the hill in the woods. I decided I wanted to take it all in so trotted real slow, feeling pretty sombre about the whole affair and feeling completely absorbed by the game. This, naturally, came to abrupt, pant-splitting end when a bear came out of absolutely nowhere and slaughtered my horse.

    ...I nearly had a heart attack.

    Also, the Stranger missions with the Strange Man were very eerie and thought-provoking.

    Well played R*
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  • Sony details final PlayStation 4 tech spec

  • Zidargh 11/06/2013


    ARGRGRGRGGHHH - Have some thought for those who might not be up to date with the series before you post stuff like that. I didn't watch it but the caption says it all. Fuck sake.

    On another note - Bloody hell SONY. You must be absolutely ecstatic with how well poised you are for the years ahead. I am very very excited for the PS4 and your stance is actually quite symbolic for a lot of us gamers.
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  • Catch some all new The Last of Us gameplay in our video preview

  • Zidargh 17/05/2013

    I swear I kept hearing a random trombone in that video.

    Looks great though.
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  • David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake, waves goodbye to Metal Gear

  • Zidargh 02/04/2013

    @MarketZero Because the connection is so obscure?

    On another note, I am optimistically calling April Fools on this one. :)
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  • 24-year-old Total War fan immortalised in Rome 2 shortly before losing battle with cancer

  • Zidargh 19/03/2013

    Rest in peace James. I will be on the look out for you in the battlefield if I purchase the game! Reply +2
  • Administrator Deloitte confirms 66 HMV store closures

  • Zidargh 07/02/2013

    Ah man, my Walton-on-Thames one is going. Hardly the most metropolitan town but HMV was a sign of the development and improvement in Walton's overall appeal.

    All the best Walton Team!
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  • Heavy Rain composer Normand Corbeil dies of cancer aged 56

  • Zidargh 28/01/2013

    Rest in peace. I never heard your music but can only imagine that the industry has lost a true talent and my heart goes out to your son and other family. Reply 0
  • Battle of the Bulge review

  • Zidargh 24/01/2013

    I studied History at university because I didn't really know what I wanted to do in terms of a career. Managed to graduate with a 1st but the single most valuable lesson I learned throughout my studies was that it is absolutely vital that the Second World War remain in the minds of every single generation to come lest a similar event occurs again.

    If video games, with their broad 'fun' appeal can cover subjects like this in great detail, then we are making an effort to ensure that this is so.
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  • Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch review

  • Zidargh 17/01/2013

    Can someone do me a favour and let me know if this review contains any spoilers? I want to go into this game 'fresh' but would also like an entertaining read on my lunch break! Reply +1
  • HMV prepared to go into administration as early as tomorrow

  • Zidargh 15/01/2013


    I've made 'many many' purchases there throughout my lifetime and popped in to browse from time to time (last purchase was a CD around Christmas). I just don't find the need to purchase entertainment goods frequently due to my lifestyle.

    I am perfectly qualified to form an opinion on whether or not they should be missed. The fact that they: a.) Provided consumers with a retail choice; b.)Employed thousands of people; c.) Were very helpful in locating items for myself; gives me very good reasons to miss the retail chain.
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  • Zidargh 15/01/2013

    What makes me laugh is in response to an article preceding this one, there was an abundance of 'good riddance' comments from some EGers.

    Now they're all bloody silent aren't they?

    I'm genuinely gutted by this. Can't say I shopped there often but I began to regard HMV as symbol for retail entertainment.

    All the negative 'good riddance' commentators can quite frankly go fuck themselves.
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  • HMV pins hope on FIFA 13 and Skylanders as it battles through winter

  • Zidargh 14/12/2012

    The funny aspect of a lot of these 'good riddance' comments is I bet once all the Games, HMVs, Gamestations etc have died off, the comment owners start lamenting the death of retail.

    I don't understand why it would be 'good riddance' when its not like there's some HMV mobster waiting outside your door to extort you.
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  • Riot permanently bans League of Legends pro for "persistent toxic behaviour"

  • Zidargh 05/12/2012

    On the subject of their PR team - Isn't 'Dignitas' the name of that euthanasia clinic in Switzerland? Reply +3
  • Zidargh 05/12/2012


    See I thought that as I left the computer.

    But when you think about it:

    a.) At least sports involve exercise, and generally, fresh air.
    b.) I don't know of many pro-gamers that strut around with Abbey Clancy or who blow thousands on Dom P in the Auras, Reds and Movidas - for their sins.
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  • Zidargh 05/12/2012

    "...League of Legends is my life, and I will do everything in my power to play as long as possible."

    For goodness sake man. I love gaming and I respect the emotional investment people put into their hobbies but get a life for fuck sake.

    What is he going to tell his kids, or scratch that, grandchildren? (Assuming he finds a suitable mate in his free time).

    We are able to honour our grandparents for the sacrifices they made throughout wars and history. His grandchildren? They can print this story for Show and Tell and lament how their grandfather was dishonourably discharged from the battlefields of Nunu and Dr. Mundo.
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  • Natural Selection 2 review

  • Zidargh 19/11/2012

    Am I correct in thinking that this isn't an entirely new concept?

    I swear I bought a game years ago called Savage: The Battle for Newerth which combined both genres.
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  • Okami HD review

  • Zidargh 31/10/2012

    This article has actually made my day.

    I never knew this was being released again - what wonderful news! I didn't get to finish Okami as I played it towards the end of university, then life got in the way, and I've regretted never picking it up again.

    If Dragon Quest VIII gets the same treatment, all my PS2-era unfinished game guilt will be eradicated.
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  • Successfully funded Kickstarter game Haunts halts development

  • Zidargh 21/10/2012

    At the end of the day, backers need to realise that funding a project is not purchasing a product. They make the choice to invest, the practice of which is always associated with risk, in the hope that their dream game might just get made.

    If everyone remembers this, then I don't see Kickstarter suffering.
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  • Assassin's Creed 3 multiplayer storyline to continue long after launch

  • Zidargh 05/09/2012

    I have such ambivalent feelings towards this series.

    Ubisoft, without shadow of a doubt, are brilliant at creating immersive game worlds for which I easily suspend my disbelief. As a result, I have owned two AC games and borrowed the first.

    However, in every single one of them, their focus on adding 'variety' makes me feel that they spread themselves thin in doing so. The additions, whilst welcome, are not fleshed out enough. For example, their enhanced and more varied economy still suffered from the 'become a millionaire in 1 hour'-experience that made collecting money redundant/finding chests redundant.

    The combat, whilst looking spectacular, is just too damn easy and I think they forget that what makes stealth games so satisfying is overcoming the protagonist's vulnerability by utilising their skill-set at opportune moments.

    The assassination immersion is shattered when one knows that the only reason you are being stealthy is because the game forces you to, for you know full well that it would be more efficient to just run in all guns blazing and blades drawn.

    I love the look of the setting, but I just will not be buying this unless it is proven to me that the gameplay is more fleshed out.
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  • Tim Schafer on free-to-play, showing works in progress and Brutal Legend's misleading marketing

  • Zidargh 05/09/2012

    Is the hate for the RTS sections of this game based on non-RTS fans or just gamers as a whole?

    I always meant to play this, and to be honest, the RTS elements seem quite appealing to make battles all the more 'epic'.
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  • Actor Michael Clarke Duncan dies aged 54

  • Zidargh 04/09/2012

    Genuinely saddened by this, and I'm glad that Eurogamer have made a tribute article to him as in a lot of cases, I have nowhere to show acknowledgement and send sympathies besides personal dicussion.

    Rest in peace buddy.
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  • Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn footage shows how to kill a dragon

  • Zidargh 03/09/2012

    You know what? As a long-standing, old-ish (FF7 onwards but refuse to play FFXIII) Square fan, I am really excited about this and I hope it does very well. I will definitely look to get the PS3 version. Reply +1
  • Twisted Pixel reveals first gameplay footage of Lococycle

  • Zidargh 29/08/2012

    This is exactly how I felt when I let some Dutch bird take me for a ride on a moped in Thailand. Reply +2
  • Lost Humanity 4: Dark Souls: The Movie

  • Zidargh 19/07/2012

    To echo what others have said, Dark Souls is not that hard (at least for me it has not been so far).

    I suppose, had I not played Demon's for a few hours, had I not been aware of the Wiki, had I not had an online connection for co-op and had I not been playing games for more than 5 years, then it would be very difficult.

    But there have only been a couple of instances where I thought Fuck me, the odds were against me there. Capra Demon, ahem. So, when I died, I may have found a summon sign and more often than not, it would be someone who was a much higher level who would plough through the level for me.

    Okay, in fairness, I did have a moment where I thought, "Was that cheap?", if a player was very good/high level, but as someone wrote on here, the game allowed me to do it, I didn't choose that person, I got lucky. Just as the game may get lucky when someone takes a wrong turn such as in the very beginning.
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  • The Walking Dead: Episode 2 staggers onto XBLA tomorrow

  • Zidargh 27/06/2012

    After playing the demo I wanted to pre-order the whole package but I wanted to see whether or not they would honour their timescales. Based on the delay of the second episode, I probably won't. Reply 0
  • Square Enix will only remake Final Fantasy 7 after it betters original with a new Final Fantasy

  • Zidargh 26/06/2012

    For me, Final Fantasy as I loved it died when Sakaguchi left. Reply +1
  • Project Happiness cinematic teaser revealed

  • Zidargh 08/06/2012

    What is this!? Reply +1
  • FIFA 12 bundle, Virtua Fighter 5 on EU PlayStation Store

  • Zidargh 06/06/2012

    @Mister-Wario Tomba... Great shout! That's a pleasant blast from the past. ^_^ Reply 0
  • Rune Factory Oceans PS3 release date

  • Zidargh 04/05/2012

    Thrilling, informative trailer there...

    I am somewhat excited about the idea of a Harvest Moon-style game for PS3 though.
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  • App of the Day: Dragon Fantasy

  • Zidargh 16/04/2012

    Ironic as its posted on here, but I honestly think the real reason why we look back to gaming's past with rose-tinted glasses is because of the lack of media access we had back then.

    I, like many, regard FF7 as not only a highlight of gaming but also my youth. However, had I used websites such as Eurogamer then, or read more journalistic discussions, my mind would have been opened to the criticisms and standards that would have made its flaws stand out more significantly.

    Let it be said, Final Fantasy, in my opinion, sucks when compared to the Sakaguchi days. However I can see why those who first enter the series at XIII or whatever number it is now would be absolutely enthralled by it.

    Take CoD: MW3 for example. I've been playing it quite a bit recently and I regard myself as a 'core' gamer. Yes I've played others like it or under the same brand, but this does not change the fact that I do find it entertaining, which, after all, is what the games industry is about (art discussions somewhere else please). However, because of my exposure to forums, etc, I constantly have this niggling, almost guilt, for playing it, because its not 'indie' or 'innovative' enough.

    We are not without gems these days (Rocksteady anyone?), I just think rather than create templates/genres, developers should now focus on developing them, and if we weren't so engaged with debate and discussion, we may be a bit more open to the games that the second decade of the 21st century has/will produce(d).
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  • Assassin's Creed 3 reveal trailer

  • Zidargh 06/03/2012

    @Kami *Slaps face*

    You had a great post and I totally agreed... But its not the Civil War!

    Anyway... Why on earth are people getting so sensitive about all this? Don't take it personally. Its a game. I'm British but in general, British characters in games irritate me.

    Jeez, I'd think this setting would be perfectly justified if they claimed the Revolutionary War was somehow tied to Desmond's hate of that British, glasses-wearing sarcy twat who worked the computers.
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  • "Real risk" bosses may pull the plug on GAME, insiders claim

  • Zidargh 05/03/2012

    What are the odds that GAME are going to stock the retail version of Terraria at this rate?

    I've got a 15 voucher that needs to be used ASAP but last I read, its not out 'til the 16th.
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  • Assassin's Creed 3 set in American Revolution - report

  • Zidargh 01/03/2012

    @Inmediasress Why would there be a North vs South setting? This is the Revolutionary War, not the Civil War. Reply +5
  • Hironobu Sakaguchi: Fantasy Man

  • Zidargh 28/02/2012

    Looking back, I realise what a spoilt little kid I must have looked like, but I think the effect that the Final Fantasy series had on me is best summed up by the time I; when anticipating the release of FFIX, having obsessively bought every magazine with my pocket money just to get a look as to what it would look like (that image of Vivi is such a, 'vivi-d' memory ;)) and getting the release date wrong several times, my dad sent out employees from his company about three times to find me a copy.

    I may never get it again, but I am so grateful to Sakaguchi for that feeling of pure excitement he gave me when looking forward to the Final Fantasies.

    Has to be said that 10 was the time my passion began to diminish.
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  • Five new Mass Effect 3 gameplay trailers

  • Zidargh 10/02/2012

    Bloody hell I've really got to finish ME2. I've only just gotten through Arkham City, now killing dragons in Skyrim. Form some reason, the episode-like nature of the story means I get distracted by other things. :/ Reply 0