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  • Torment: Tides of Numenera is still worth getting excited for

  • Zastai 19/02/2015

    Still on my radar.
    But I really loved P:T's setting too - could do with some new games set there.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 3 details

  • Zastai 21/01/2015

    @enricopaiella That was always the case. The trophy is for 10 dragons total across all playthroughs. One dragon doesn't always register properly, so an 11th is needed.
    Heck you could save the game before the first dragon you beat, then reload 9 times to kill it again and the trophy would pop - no need to kill every distinct one.
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  • Ubisoft details third major Assassin's Creed Unity patch

  • Zastai 19/11/2014

    I'd be less annoyed if they hadn't released a DLC trailer before the game's launch. That means that resources that could have been spent polishing the main game were instead spent on post-release content. Reply +6
  • Nippon Ichi's The Witch and the Hundred Knight due in March

  • Zastai 10/12/2013

    Another cool-looking Nippon Ichi product to add to my pile of shame :-)
    The only one I managed to avoid so far was Legasista - and that's only because it's a downloadable title.
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  • Final Fantasy 14 update 2.1 release date announced

  • Zastai 06/12/2013

    @Hypercube I didn't play 1.0, but several of my FFXI friends did, and they all agree this is MILES better. If you have a PS3 it's worth checking it out there - the disc costs about the same as a month's sub and comes with a free month, so you basically get the game for free.
    But for serious playing you'd have to use the PC (or get a kb/mouse setup on the ps3). The controller works quite well for the crafting/gathering jobs, and so-so for dps, but not so much for tanking/healing.
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  • Zastai 06/12/2013

    @Rens11 You can already start on PS3 - when you get a PS4 you'll have the option to switch to the PS4 at no extra cost (but it's a permanent switch - you will no longer be able to play on PS3 at that point; then again, if you wanted to, you could just buy another PS3 disc, which is less than a month's sub costs anyway). Reply 0
  • Zastai 06/12/2013

    @Kremlik Then again, I believe the target for Crystal Tower is ilevel 55 gear, so not exactly a high requirement (sort of WP/AK kinda difficulty). So duty-finding it shouldn't be a big deal.
    As long as there's no semi-raid like this that's on par with coil, it's fine.
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  • Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn early access announced

  • Zastai 08/08/2013

    @Folant: Well, they're only different in that on the PS3 you don't have a mouse+keyboard option.
    But the PC does include the ability to control it with a controller, just like on the PS3; so if you're used to that, switching platforms should not be difficult.
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  • PES 2014 preview: Why I'll be making the switch back this year

  • Zastai 03/08/2013

    "...Fox has played it's part." Sigh. Reply +1
  • New Lord of the Rings Online expansion Helm's Deep raises level cap again

  • Zastai 24/04/2013

    "Erodas"? Really? Rohan's capital is Edoras, Mr Purchese. Reply +1
  • The PS4 to feature cloud-based backwards compatibility - report

  • Zastai 18/02/2013

    @Spazgadget @DreadedWalrus Given that they do PS2 back compat on the PS3 by selling you "PS2 Classics", I highly doubt that you would not have to rebuy games on this - regardless of whether they're disk-based or PSN-based.

    Plus of course, even without the obvious lag issues (and no 1080p), unlimited broadband is not a given in most countries. I wonder how much bandwidth is used for an hour of gaming at 720p, and how that stacks up against typical caps...
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  • Behold the first Final Fantasy 14 PS3 screenshots

  • Zastai 13/10/2012

    The UI looks nice and crisp, and seems like it could be workable using a gamepad (except for text chat, so it better have good voice support).
    Rest of the graphics could use some work, but there's time.
    Plus, for an mmo I prefer slightly lower graphics quality if it means a rock solid and smooth multiplayer experience.
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  • Assassin's Creed 3 Achievements list leaked

  • Zastai 17/09/2012

    Those multiplayer trophies are fine. AC multiplayer is fun, but some of the previous trophies were a bit too involved. Reply +1
  • Sony closes WipEout developer Sony Liverpool

  • Zastai 22/08/2012

    While I could never master Wipeout's steering, I'm sad to see them go. Never realised they were Psygnosis; they made some cracking games back in the day. Reply +1
  • Regaining fans' trust in Final Fantasy will take a "long time", FF14 producer says

  • Zastai 17/08/2012

    Still have this preordered at Amazon for PS3. Can't wait to reprise my role as Pebbles, Taru whm (although it's lala'fell now I suppose). Given my evergrowing pile of games, don't know how long I'll subscribe this time though. Reply 0
  • Sony Gamescom Conference

  • Zastai 15/08/2012

    Excellent - cloud storage bumped to 1 GB fixes the one plus feature I wasn't completely satisfied with. Reply 0
  • Dead Space 2 free for PlayStation Plus subscribers

  • Zastai 01/08/2012

    While these free games are lovely, I'd prefer it if they bumped the cloud save storage space. If Google (Gmail) and Apple (iCloud) can give people 5GB (or more) for free, I don't see why Sony can't do more than 150MB (I use it for locked saves only and have ~4MB free now; I'd need 400MB to store all my current saves, and it's not like I keep huge numbers of saves per game (typically in RPGs I alternate between two saves). Reply +2
  • EA removing Rock Band iOS games next week

  • Zastai 28/07/2012

    @cw- the problem is that an iOS device is tied to only one account at a time (switchable once a what? Week? Month?). So I could then choose to have either all my normal apps, or only Rock Band. Plus I'd need a US credit card etc.
    This is also what makes Digital Copy useless for media I buy on Amazon, since that normally requires the use of a UK iTunes account.
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  • Zastai 24/07/2012

    Normally I'd be annoyed at this, but since EA never saw fit to put it on the Belgian store, I was never able to buy it anyway. Reply 0
  • Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 3 has free DLC on the way

  • Zastai 24/07/2012

    I enjoyed 1 & 2 on ps3; would be great to get these on psn too. Reply 0
  • Lara Croft: Guardian of Light, Saints Row 2 free on PlayStation Plus

  • Zastai 17/07/2012

    @Gambit1977 no binary compatibility, and unfeasible emulation given the exotic cell architecture, so no, it won't. Reply -2
  • Why Tales of Graces f is nearly two years late

  • Zastai 09/07/2012

    Good. Now get to working on localizing the PS3 version of Vesperia. We don't mind that it'll get here 4 years late, honest we won't.
    Plus, you already have the localized script from the base game from the xbox360 version, so you'd only need to localize the new content from the PS3 version.
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  • Telltale "working with Sony Europe" on The Walking Dead Episode 2 PSN release

  • Zastai 27/06/2012

    Given that psn content on the Belgian store of has descriptions in the wrong language (have seen Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese and Polish in the past) and/or translations that are sometimes very poor, it's not like they seem to really spend all that much time on localization QA.
    Plus, Sony brought it on themselves in part - I'd be perfectly happy with an English store, but the store and account info is always shown in your account's configured language, and you can only pick official languages from the account's country (leaving aside that I seem to recall that German was not actually an option when I created my account, despite it being an official language in Belgium, alongside French and Flemish/Dutch).
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  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - Dawnguard Review

  • Zastai 27/06/2012

    Yeah, umm I'm not paying 19 for an expansion to a game that costs 30. Waited this long to buy, can wait til GOTY. Reply +7
  • PSN-exclusive RPG Rainbow Moon release date

  • Zastai 18/06/2012

    @monty_79 Or, you know, they could have chosen a more compatible architecture for their new handheld and upcoming new home console.
    As it stands, making a Vita version is not simply a matter of recompiling (except perhaps for VERY simple applications).
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  • Zastai 18/06/2012

    Seems utterly derivative, but that's not a problem per se. Graphics seem nice enough. Hopefully the music and story won't suck too much.

    Will let my decision to purchase or not depend on:
    1) the price
    2) the type and price of dlc
    3) (to a lesser extent) the reasonableness of the trophies (they say it's a 40 hour game, which is fine - but if it has a trophy that takes 400 hours: nothankyou.jpg).
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  • Final Fantasy 14 on PS4? "We must first fulfil that promise" of PS3

  • Zastai 13/06/2012

    Got this preordered at amazon - they dropped the ps3 game price to 7.50 last November. So even if it turns out to be a disappointment by the time the 30day trial ends, it's not exactly a huge loss. Reply +1
  • Sony prepping PlayStation Plus revamp with top tier free games, expansion to Vita

  • Zastai 29/05/2012

    Main thing I want for Plus is a bump to the cloud storage size. 150MB is ridiculously low. I only use it for locked saves (because I can't back those up to my external hdd), and I only have 5MB free at the moment. Of course, if Sony would just remove the possibility of games making savegames "copy-protected", that would be fine too. Reply +2
  • Why Magic The Gathering has become an annual gaming franchise

  • Zastai 24/05/2012

    If rock band can have over 3000 pieces of dlc, i don't see why they couldn't do something similar fot MtG. You'd only need title updates for new rules, really.
    Card art could be synced over the network for online matches.

    As it is, I'm not buying this installment. I'm not a fan of all the modern additions, and back when I played physical MtG i used a 400-card deck -- so these games don't really cater to my playstyle.
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  • Uncharted 2 DLC free from today for everybody

  • Zastai 23/05/2012

    1) it's all multiplayer, so it's a little meh (although one of em adds 11 trophies), and 2) even after today's store update, they're not actually free yet (at least not in the Belgian store) Reply +1
  • From panties to shorties: why the young anime girls of Tera were censored

  • Zastai 14/05/2012

    Any time paedophiles spend playing Tera is time they're not spending molesting children or being involved in actual real-world child pornography.
    Remind me again why it was necessary to AVOID having paedophiles play the game?
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  • Sony mulls free day-one releases for PlayStation Plus

  • Zastai 02/05/2012

    @cynical wow, that's a lot of saves. At about 8mb per save later in the game, does that really mean you have 1000 fallout saves?
    I tend to alternate between 2 slots, plus for some games an extra slot here and there at major branch point, and I'm coming up on the 150MB limit now, using only copyprotected saves (the others go on a usb drive). If what you say is true, then I'd be able to go past 150mb; will be sure to try it out...
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  • Rock Band iOS "no longer playable" after 31st May

  • Zastai 02/05/2012

    It hasn't been available on the Belgian store at all, so luckily(?) I'm not affected by this. Would like to have Apple institute a rule that prevents app developers from completely removing offline functionality like this, especially for a paying app (and also ensure that purchased in-app content, like dlc songs here, remain available). Reply +2
  • Warriors Orochi 3 Review

  • Zastai 11/04/2012

    @Badghandi Dynasty Warriors 7 is not an awful way to start. A) it does a reasonable job of providing story/history for the various factions and generals, and B) it's not very expensive.

    If the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (i.e. ancient Chinese history) is not your thing, but you're into Gundam, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 is not a bad start (it's quite pretty, and not as brutally difficult as its predecessor). Big caveat tho: there is little to no background provided - you're rather expected to know a lot about the Gundam universe already. DW:G2 was better in that regard, which helped me since I had never watched the cartoons, but did like the idea of massive robot battlefields.
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  • Zastai 11/04/2012

    Got into DW with DW:Gundam 2 (which I did find too difficult to platinum), leading on to DW6:E, and every other DW game since.
    So what I'd like to know is, what are the key differences between this and, say, DW7:XL? Obviously, Samurai characters - but what key gameplay differences are there? The review speaks of dated graphics, but are they DW7 level (which I found quite acceptable), or a throwback to earlier engines?
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  • Demon's Souls goes offline on 31st May

  • Zastai 11/04/2012

    Luckily you don't need the online (and in fact it can be beneficial to play offline if you're working on tendencies, since worlds will tend to shift towards the global average while you play online (or to pure white/black during special events).
    Bosses on the whole are very soloable (provided you grind sufficiently to be appropriately leveled/equipped).

    In any case, I already platinumed the US version (got very lucky with pure bladestone, only took 2 hours of farming - the shards from the leeches in world 5 took me considerably longer).

    I really should go back to my HK version and finish off the plat there too, and then do it again on my EU copy.
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  • Cthulhu Saves the World dev making Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 and 4

  • Zastai 04/04/2012

    Shame they're not on ps3 where i have the first two. But i'll happily pick up the ipad version. Reply 0
  • Disgaea dev announces three PS3-exclusive JRPGS for Europe

  • Zastai 03/04/2012

    3 more games for the collection then Reply 0
  • Capcom defends on-disc DLC

  • Zastai 03/04/2012

    The problem is with withholding already-developed content in order to extract more money from customers; it's just more blatant when it's included on the disc. Reply +1
  • Lumines: Electronic Symphony Review

  • Zastai 05/03/2012

    @fongy just be aware that trading in Vita games may not fetch a very high price soon. The game cards get locked to the first Vita (or the owner's account if it's activated on a psn account) to play them. No-one else can get trophies from the game; so trophy hunters won't buy second-hand. I don't know how big the impact of that will be on 2nd hand sales though. Reply 0
  • Why Devs Owe You Nothing

  • Zastai 14/02/2012

    Mr Davies, I believe you'll find that it is "the principal feature" instead of "the principle feature".
    Am rather surprised that no one else has pointed this out yet - I'm sure I'm not the only grammar/spelling nazi on here :-)
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  • Will there be a PS3 version of The Witcher 2?

  • Zastai 14/02/2012

    @freethinker101 Of course, after adjusting their engine for the PS3 (and there certainly is enough of a market to justify it - I was severely disappointed when they scrapped the console versions of Witcher 1), they will probably have a much easier time making their next game (whether Witcher 3 or something else) for PC+360+PS3 in one go.

    Having said that, if they decide to make Witcher 3 first and after that release the entire trilogy on PS3 that'd be good enough for me :-D
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  • Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 gets Euro release

  • Zastai 20/01/2012

    As someone who tended to like (but not finish) things like Cross Edge, I really wanted to like the original. However, the battle system in the end wore me down - it just wasn't any fun. From what I've heard so far they improved things in this sequel; hopefully this will indeed be the case. Reply +2
  • New Uncharted 3 DLC dated and detailed

  • Zastai 17/01/2012

    Wasn't interested in U2 DLC (I couldn't even buy in the Belgian store because I had the UK steelbook edition). Just as uninterested in U3 multiplayer DLC (and particularly happy ND only had "tried the multiplayer" trophies and no "became l33t in the multiplayer" ones). Reply 0
  • Scarygirl announced for PC, PSN, XBLA

  • Zastai 06/01/2012

    So is this related to the existing Mini? Seems odd that the article doesn't mention it at all... Reply +1
  • PlayStation Vita Review

  • Zastai 04/01/2012

    Also no mention of the fact that physical game purchases get locked to the first vita they're played on (or, if the owner has a psn account, that psn account). No trophies for second hand copies (not clear if this also impacts saves).
    Also, games and saves are considered one combined thing by vita and can only be baceked up or restored together (exception: game cards, where the game iself cannot be backed up). So no convenient savegame backup possible. In fact, if a physical game saves games to its game card, neither can be backed up at all (back to the days of game cartridges basically).

    There's also been no word from Sony (that I've heard) about the umd passport program in europe. I'm not holding my breath...

    They're all small niggles, but in my opinion they add up to a system that's not very customer-friendly.

    I'll have to see what happens in the first dozen or so firmware updates before I take the plunge.
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  • Game of Thrones RPG details revealed

  • Zastai 21/12/2011

    Art assets seem fine. With GRRM involved directly, one can expect the story to be good too.
    So that leaves the gameplay, which is not a traditional strong suit for tie-ins....
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  • Star Ocean developer tri-Ace helped make Final Fantasy 13-2

  • Zastai 20/12/2011

    @telboy007 i seem to recall you need two play through it three times to get the full story (such as it is). First playthrough brings up new questions to be answered (supposedly, never started my second playthrough) in the next one. Reply 0
  • Sony: Vita intended to be played by only one user

  • Zastai 18/12/2011

    @triple_hunt Any DLC really, just as with imported games on PS3. Sony indeed hate region freedom. There have even been cases of UK dlc codes not working on other EU stores, causing a problem for Amazon UK purchases (but that seems to have changed; the Ratchet & Clank online pass code gave you the UK and EU codes). Reply +1
  • Assassin's Creed: Recollections dev diary

  • Zastai 16/12/2011

    You buy new cards with ingame currency that you get for winning battles in the game (single or multiplayer). Of course, buying those credits for cash is MUCH quicker. You tend to get 25 credits for a win in a story mission (not done multiplayer yet), and there are 3 types of booster - templar cards for 100, a mixed set for 500 and assassin cards for 900. So if you want to build a deck with assassin cards, that's 36 story mission wins before you can afford a single pack.

    I do get the feeling that they intend for credit buying to be basically required ( there's even game center achievements for buying credits!). Still, it's graphically slick, rather enjoyable so far, and includes the Embers animated short, so it's good for its price.
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