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  • Kid Icarus: Uprising anime footage

  • ZE_SLB 04/05/2012

    at least isn't a repacked PS2 movie with the word HD on the title...
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  • Sony confirms PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

  • ZE_SLB 27/04/2012

    So Sony fan boys still say that Sony doesn't copy anything from Nintendo?
    What is the excuse now? Perhaps Sony was thinking about this game before 1999 when the first smash come out...
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  • Tech Interview: WipEout 2048

  • ZE_SLB 31/03/2012

    "However a choice of a solid 30FPS doesn't mean that it is a bad frame-rate! I don't know of many handheld racing games that run at 60FPS?"

    Mario Kart 7 runs at constant 60 fps in 2D and 3D.
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  • EA shows off FIFA Vita touch controls

  • ZE_SLB 22/12/2011

    If you use the touch screen you block part of the screen and to use the back touch pad you have to guess where (on the screen) your fingers really are touching... Are these great controls? :confused:

    Like it or not the best football games that don't use traditional controls are the PES series on the Wii.
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  • Final Fantasy 13-2 sales well down on FF13

  • ZE_SLB 21/12/2011

    3DS beats PS Vita on it's first week (hardware and software) ... it's something huge isn't it!? So why nobody says nothing about it? Is Final Fantasy more important than a new console? :confused: Reply -2
  • Vita beats 3DS in battery life test

  • ZE_SLB 20/12/2011

    WTF!? Eurogamer.net now posting youtube videos? where is your credibility?

    About the video the PSP is the monster hunter version that have 2200 mha battery so the 8 hours are believable.

    Now about PS Vita and 3DS... come on both consoles already are turn on in the beginning of the test, how we know if the 3DS is half full, or if PS Vita has the Wifi on, or the sound on (that final fantasy music is very suspect), or vice versa... it's a shame eurogamer presenting rumors as facts.
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  • Louvre replaces audio guides with 5000 3DS

  • ZE_SLB 16/12/2011

    3DS battery lasts the same as PSP/PS Vita and still have the 3D... and people still are bashing the battery life of 3DS... be a shame of your selfs! Reply +1
  • F1 2011 3DS Review

  • ZE_SLB 16/12/2011

    "Textures are still sad smears while rival car detail is often woeful, but it's a close enough approximation of what the PSP achieved a couple of years back." WTF?

    PSP doesn't have shaders and doesn't have 3D so... the 3DS version looks much better than ANY version of F1 on PSP and even looks better than F1 2010 on Wii!
    Just Sony blinded people can't see that!

    For reviewers 3DS being better than PSP in graphics isn't enough so im just curious about the reviews of Vita games... Vita games will just look better than 3DS (not by far), will be that enough? Will they again overrate their games just because it's a Sony console? Or will be something else? Only time will tell...
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  • Images of Sony's rumoured Smash Bros. rival revealed

  • ZE_SLB 28/11/2011

    Another Nintendo game ripped off... oh well we all know what happened with the others smash bros clones ... the great viewtifull joe red hot rumble and the mighty tennage mutant ninja turtles...

    come on we saw the result of modracers nations, move, move games, and whatever... all rip offs... and they still think they can do Nintendo like games? lol

    Their only chance would be if Sega joined the team...
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  • Sony vid shows off PlayStation Vita AR games

  • ZE_SLB 28/11/2011

    "Anything the 3DS can do, Vita can do better?"

    PSP Vita can't run Nintendo games and can't do 3D without glasses, so the answer is a big NO!
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  • Wii U to support two tablet controllers - report

  • ZE_SLB 08/11/2011

    This is great! 2 Wii U remotes means that the console must be capable of generating 3 different pictures: 2 for each remote + TV, this is only possible if the machine is a processing beast!
    Imagine games that use only one remote and the extra power for brutal graphics.

    Besides, with a 250 euros PC machine we can get 1080p at 60 fps with much better textures, shaders and lightning than on PS3 and X360, so the Wii U hardware just need to be something like that with just a little better cpu, maybe tri or quad core, for generating 3 different pictures.

    Personally i prefer the slider pads than regular analog sticks, the slider pad is much more precise than the analog stick. People just go out and try the 3DS.

    Move and Kinect were inovative? lol if they had been released in 2005 yeah maybe they would had been inovative...

    with Sony no uncertainty? you are joking right? lol

    Sixaxis FAIL

    Then came the dual shock 3 finally with rumble.

    Playstation Home? Most of the gamers don't even know what this is...

    Move? where are the games?

    just because Wii U is capable of hd output it means that is comparable to PS3/X360 hardware? Is my iphone comparable to a PS3 just because it's capable of HD?
    For you people even if Wii U had a i7 processor you would continue to call it equivalent to PS3/X360 just because no other console must be better than your precious consoles... I actually have a X360 (old model) and i don't mind Wii U being more powerfull... so what is the big deal?
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  • Treyarch bringing COD to a "new console"

  • ZE_SLB 04/10/2011

    It's funny how people continue to despise Wii U as a next gen console, oh well that will be their "doom" again... Reply -11
  • Syphon Filter Vita in the works - report

  • ZE_SLB 03/10/2011

    New console same old games...it's sad ;( Reply -4
  • Bulletstorm "didn't make money"

  • ZE_SLB 22/07/2011

    It's funny how publishers dont regret making AAA games that dont sell on hd consoles/pc but when that happens with their DDD games on Nintendo consoles they come crying out loud with their lousy excuses: "Nintendo doesn't support third parties", "only Nintendo games sell on Nintendo systems", "the system is too weak", "the controller is too different", etc...

    It's nice to see good games failling to sell well, it's a way to publishers open their eyes.
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  • Nintendo: No 3D for Wii 2

  • ZE_SLB 29/03/2011


    "Same old shit in Hd." Just like Sony! :P
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