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  • BioWare revises, extends SWTOR free-game-time offer

  • Wickerman 16/04/2012

    Still laughable that someone could have been signed up and paying since day one, played only one character and not reached the level cap and therefore still isn't deemed worthy of this 'thank you'. Reply +22
  • Guitar Hero outsells Rock Band 2-to-1

  • Wickerman 26/01/2009

    I wouldn't personally say that Rock Band is better than GH:WT in EVERY way - the character creation and on stage animations for GH:WT are significantly better than Rock Band. But for me the actual notation, game play experience and (most importantly) track lists on Rock Band 1 and 2 are miles ahead of GH:WT (which had all of about 5 songs, if that, that I enjoyed). That said, Guitar Hero 1's track list still pisses over all those that have gone after it from an extremely high height! Reply 0
  • Last Remnant coming to PC in spring

  • Wickerman 17/12/2008

    /continues to try and stoke the flames of the small Last Remnant love in, whilst pouring scorn on those who have expressed a like for Marmite ;)

    @Les - I totally agree. I'm not quite sure why RPG games keep popping up using it (bar Mass Effect, where it kinda made sense). Sooner everyone goes back to using Bioware's Infinity engine (for PC RPGs at least) the better!
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  • Wickerman 16/12/2008

    @Uncle Lou - you are right in your assessment of the technical problems of the engine, and as always (as far as I've seen) with Unreal engine powered games on the 360 it seems that the extent of these problems vary from console to console. I've read posts (not on here mind, but elsewhere on the internets) where people swear blind that loading into a battle in Last Remnant takes 10 seconds plus, then the game crawls at less than 10fps for another 10 seconds, and that it does this each and every battle - yet its something I've never experienced. Then again, I didn't experience the severity in issues others were having with Lost Odyssey until I played it on a friends 360 over the summer and finally realised what everyone was talking about with regards to the intro battle slow down... It does drop occasionally during the course of a battle, but its never been that bad (especially considering the amount of units usually wandering around the battle at the time).

    As for the game itself, I seem to be in the vast minority that enjoys the game - the story is no worse than the usual RPG fare (certainly far less yawn inducing for me than FFXII, but I guess thats all a matter of personal opinion). They have (for me - personal enjoyment may vary) nailed the best combination for battles by showing encounters on the screen yet switching to turn based combat once they are encountered. They have given the player a deep tactical system with the use of Unions (groups of units that act as one entity, just in case you don't know, that can be tailored into different formations and groups to suit different needs). There is a basis but useful crafting system in place in the game, with different skills to learn from different weapons (and the ability to 'level up' a weapon several times via crafting, plus the ability to reclaim some components from a weapon/item once it is no longer of use). There are plenty of side quests (the majority of which fast travel the player to their location, and then back to town once they are completed - cutting out lots of backtracking that people always seem to moan about in games, but that does admittedly make the game feel a little disjointed at times).

    Hmm, thats a bit of a wall of text right there, sorry! I guess either its a bit of a Marmite game (I hate Marmite, just for the record), I'm totally wrong and in the minority in thinking its good, the majority are totally wrong in thinking that its shit, or the game falls somewhere between the two... Personally, were I to rate it (something that I hate doing anyway), I'd say for me its pushing an 8/10 - but I'm a bit of an RPG whore and so some things that annoy other people may very well be things I accept as part of the game. Also (in an attempt to justify a little of where I think some of the hatred for this game is coming from - not explicitly from people here mind, but from some quarters) I might point out that I don't think the Final Fantasy games are the best RPGs ever made, and so don't want to cry wank when a game comes from Square that isn't another FF game!
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  • Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades track list

  • Wickerman 30/10/2008

    Very good track list indeed. In fact, it appeals to me about 10 times more than the one in place on the console versions! Reply 0
  • Country in Rock Band "sooner or later"

  • Wickerman 22/10/2008

    Not for me, but more diversity in the music choice available can only be a good thing. Reply 0
  • Free Rock Band 2 songs listed

  • Wickerman 22/10/2008

    Oh well, seeing as they are free I guess I can't complain, but I've not heard of any of those... Hopefully there will be one or two hidden gems - if not, I'll just delete 'em and be none the poorer for it. Still feels like a bit of an anti-climax though - had (perhaps foolishly) got my hopes up that they might be holding back one or two really good songs. Reply 0
  • Major WAR update in December

  • Wickerman 18/10/2008

    @spammage - I don't doubt there will be people that will stop playing WAR to go back to WoW. I'd be willing to bet money that at least some of those same people will be back playing WAR after a few months of WoTLK, or will be looking forward to moving on to whatever the next big MMO release on the horizon is. A lot of people shift between MMO games a lot more frequently than most developers and publishers would care to admit - something the guys from Mythic mention in another article on here. Reply 0
  • Wickerman 18/10/2008

    By the sounds of it (if you take them at their word of course) there will be no nerfing - just improving of classes that need it (should make Squig Herders world wide happy at the very least). I'd be surprised if there was many changes to the Bright Wizard and the Disciple of Khaine, as they are both very, very good at the moment. Of course that won't stop people complaining if everyone else gets buffed and their class doesn't, but thats MMOs for you! Reply 0
  • Blizzard in for "lengthy battle" - Mythic

  • Wickerman 18/10/2008

    @dudefella - I've managed to juggle two MMOs on more than one occasion and still (shock horror) have a 37.5 hour a week job, have a fiancée (who hasn't left me for the milkman because I'm spending too much time playing games and not enough with her... well, that I know of at least - haven't seen her recently now you come to mention it...), and have a social life. Then again, I've never been a hardcore raider, or instance runner in any game - very much in the casual 'I'll play a few hours of this tonight, and if any of the guys I play with are around and free I'll do something with them, and if not I'll do something solo' camp. Reply 0
  • Wickerman 18/10/2008

    Glad to see my Saturday morning at work misery is being shared by others - makes me feel just a little better ;)

    Been impressed by a lot of the stuff I've heard coming out of the WAR camp - no-where near as childish as I was expecting things to get between them and the WoW guys. Pity that a lot of the people that play the two games can't be as civil towards each other on the some of the forums elsewhere that I've visited!
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  • Two new WAR classes this winter

  • Wickerman 17/10/2008

    Heh no worries Oli - thought there had to be a reason you only mentioned the classes as opposed to the REALLY juicy stuff! Reply 0
  • Wickerman 17/10/2008

    Personally I there is a whole lot more interesting information contained within the 'State of the Game' article this information comes from than the addition of these two classes - comments about an RvR influence system to match the PvE influence system, improving RvR gear drops and their drop rates, 14 new quest chains, 2 new Lairs, more Tome unlocks and 'much love' for a majority of classes.

    Link to the article here
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  • Penny Arcade Episode 2 to be cheaper

  • Wickerman 03/10/2008

    Liking both Penny Arcade and RPG games, I wanted to buy into this, but even at £10 it is still far out of purchase territory for me.

    I mean, for £20 (I'm assuming it'll be a bit more, seeing as they didn't say anything about changes in price to the first one - unless that dropped in price already and I missed it?), I can pick up (or at least come very close to, with the addition of a few quid more) any number of quality RPG games for the PS2, 360 or PC. That come with boxes and manuals and discs and everything.
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  • Bleszinski: "Internet facilitates dickishness"

  • Wickerman 30/09/2008

    @Doctor_What - you can't say the first one is boring! If you do you are apparently simply jumping on the 'cool to hate' bandwagon and are facilitating internet dickishness! ;)

    For the record, I didn't find the first one that interesting either - and were I ever to meet him I'd happily tell him that.

    My dickishness transcends modern technology \m/
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  • Earn game time with WOW credit card

  • Wickerman 29/09/2008

    I thought this was pretty old - sure I was linked to a WoW credit card with various graphics of your choice about 6 months ago... Have I fallen through a time warp? Will I regret not having written down the last couple of months worth of lottery numbers and high stakes horse race winners? Reply 0
  • Level-5 doing horror RPG for PSP

  • Wickerman 24/09/2008

    Sounds good, although I'd rather they hurried up and released an English language version of Inazuma Eleven! Reply 0
  • Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

  • Wickerman 23/09/2008

    @mkreku - the point I was making, that you so obviously managed to miss, was that you wasn't giving an opinion but was instead stating it as a fact (whether you meant to or not - perhaps you didn't, seeing as you are saying it is an opinion in your last post, or perhaps you are just trying to set yourself up for something to come back on) . Which brings me on to you calling those who didn't agree with you kids - which is obviously something a mature adult does... And, for the record, I don't remember once stating that I was a mature adult anyway. Reply 0
  • Wickerman 23/09/2008

    Wow, lovely. Kids who think you know nothing because you don't worship the kings of mainstream, Bioware.

    As opposed to your good self who, obviously, knows everything?

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion of course - personally I never saw anything surprising in any of the Gold Series games, but I suppose I'm wrong for not seeing the depth in them...

    Then again, what do you expect from us pesky kids. Its not like it was in the good old days, eh?
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  • Guitar Hero outselling Rock Band 6 to 1

  • Wickerman 18/09/2008

    Damn it JonFE - that's EXACTLY what I was about to post! Reply 0
  • Warhammer Online's Paul Barnett

  • Wickerman 17/09/2008

    @Krun - I agree. Only a matter of time before Blizzard get round to bringing out 'Galaxy of Starcraft' featuring Space Marines, Tyranids and Eldar. Sorry, I mean Terrans, Zerg and Protoss...

    Mind you, Vigil Games (a THQ owner developer) IS working on a 40k MMO - will just be a long way off before we see anything of it I reckon.
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  • Wickerman 16/09/2008

    'It's lucky - or some would say, factual - that Warhammer has a very similar look to World of Warcraft. That's just fluke. It's not our fault it has the same look. We would have realised the game the way we did even if WOW didn't exist.'

    Probably the nicest way I've ever seen someone say 'Blizzard flagrantly raped the Warhammer Fantasy IP as a basis for Warcraft'
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  • Barnett bets on 1m WAR subs in a year

  • Wickerman 16/09/2008

    Ah, ok thanks - was beginning to think I'd missed something specific. Personally I'd be surprised if they DID use it with an MMO, but I guess we'll have to wait and see (and admittedly, EA have a long history of not making the most sensible of decisions...). Not having had any problems with copy protection systems before (yep, I'm one of those lucky ones), I can't say this is a deal breaker for me but I can see how it could be for other people! Reply 0
  • Wickerman 16/09/2008

    @iokthemonkey - without trying to sound too confrontational in tone, where is your proof that WAR is going to have SecurROM or any other sort of DRM attached to it? So far all the code that has been available has been downloaded for access to the Betas and then the Headstart, so has not required any discs nor has stopped me installing the client on multiple machines and logging in from them. Reply 0
  • Fable 2 Pub Games glitch was intentional

  • Wickerman 16/09/2008

    @Tiste - yes, probably for testing purposes. Leaving the very real possibility that someone forgot to remove it.

    Of course, it could have been the best set up ever to play on the whole 'morality' angle he is constantly harping on about, but when he never seems to shut up its not a surprise that many view his words somewhat dubiously...
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  • Wickerman 16/09/2008

    This has the potential to be interesting depending on the nature of the 'punishment' levied once in game. I'm sure it'll just be something 'small' like a temporary title ('The Cheater' perhaps) or something, but if its something applied to a character out of the users hands I'm pretty sure it won't go down at all well. And given Pete's track record with stating things he wanted to do to characters (like turning your character bald and fat if you earned too much in the Pub Games) I wouldn't put it past him/them.

    Still, all speculation and such until we actually see any end result to this, given the reliability of the source and all (by which I mean Molyneux, not EG).
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  • WAR ships 1.5 million copies

  • Wickerman 16/09/2008

    Its getting ugly already - when I logged on at around 7pm last night there was queues of 200+ on nearly every EU server apart from one or two of the brand spanking new servers. Supposedly these are only at 2/3 of their final capacity though and will be raised again for the retail opening of the game come Thursday. Supposedly... Reply 0
  • Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

  • Wickerman 12/09/2008

    @Slim - ah, my bad. Yeah, point missed entirely - this is what I get for posting without sufficient caffeine... I can see how that would irk a lot of people that have put a lot of time into acquiring a item! Reply 0
  • Wickerman 12/09/2008

    @Slim - I understand the desire to craft an individual and cool look for a character, but I don't think holding up WoW as an example of how to do it is the right way to go. All the characters I've ever played spent the majority of their lives looking like they'd bought their armour piecemeal from Oxfam over the course of a couple of months and looked anything but cool until they managed to grab pieces of whatever the latest class set to wear was, at which point they looked the same as everyone else who was after the same set!

    Doesn't excuse WAR of course if they've fallen into the same rut (or worse, if peoples comments are to be believed) - I've yet to play an MMO that didn't have me looking like the village hobo after an hour or so play...
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  • Big Vanguard update next week

  • Wickerman 09/09/2008

    Not the best of timing, considering that WAR is out next week too. I mean, sure, all the bug fixes will be appreciated by the existing community but I thought the whole point of them putting in the new starting area was to try and attract new customers - customers that one would assume (if they are in the market for a new fantasy MMO) are going to have a sniff around WAR before this...

    Was going to say that its about three months too late, but given the state of the game at launch I think its considerably more than a few months too late!
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  • Morrisons doing half-price games all week

  • Wickerman 08/09/2008

    Was up on Hot Deals about a week ago, so yeah I think quite a lot of people knew about this in advance. They were putting a limit of one of each title on purchases when I was in store, but people were still walking out with 5 or so games ahead of me. Will be interesting to see if they run this all week long, or if its 'whilst stocks last' Reply 0
  • Wickerman 08/09/2008

    Checked into my local store (Wimbledon) and they had the following (that I can remember):

    360 - Too Human, Mercenaries 2, GTA4, Tiger Woods 09
    PS3 - MGS4, Battlefield Bad Company
    Wii - Tiger Woods 09, Super Smash Bros Melee, Mario Kart
    DS - Guitar Hero On Tour

    Don't know if this is 'the chart' regardless of store or not - would need confirming with some other locations I guess.
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  • Microsoft reduces DLC prices

  • Wickerman 05/09/2008

    @Doctor_What - you get a new dream, a new ring (that doesn't look all that good anyway) and an item to let you view your dreams at any time (instead of returning to the main menu). Personally I'd say no, not worth the money, but then again I have issues with any DLC that consists of just a few more items for a game, as opposed to actual gameplay content... Reply 0
  • EVE is better than WOW, says Dyack

  • Wickerman 27/08/2008

    I'm more confused as to why this is even considered newsworthy on its own to be honest. Still, good job Mr Dyack - you've now replaced Peter Molyneux at the top of my 'oh for fucks sake, why won't he shut the fuck up' list - something I never thought would happen! Reply 0
  • How to access Rock Band songs in RB2

  • Wickerman 21/08/2008

    A minor amount, but still rather irksome to have to pay all the same... Looking for reasons beyond 'they are money grabbing bastards', perhaps they need to pay a re-licensing fee for the songs if they can be used in a different product and so need to cover this cost some how? Either that, or they are money grabbing bastards! Reply 0
  • Epic "defrauded" industry, alleges Dyack

  • Wickerman 18/08/2008

    "[Too Human has] been a four-year development cycle and it would have been out even quicker, but we had to re-write the engine because of all the Epic stuff," Dyack told Develop.

    Yeah and I suppose someone else was to blame for the development cycles slipping on the Playstation and Gamecube too... Perhaps I'm getting a little bit too cynical in my old age, but this seems like a perfect 'any problems with the game at release are someone else's fault' excuse in the making.
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  • BioWare considering Mass Effect for DS

  • Wickerman 08/08/2008

    If they want to make a Mass Effect SRPG then great. Anything else I can't see really utilising the DS features whilst adding to the franchises worth. Still, would love to be proved wrong - I know a lot of my instant 'hmm' at this sort of news article comes from the recent addition of EA to the mix (old knee jerk reactions die hard I guess) and the fact that I am a Bioware whore from the 'good old PC days'... Reply 0
  • Lionhead has three more Fables planned

  • Wickerman 29/07/2008

    "One day I really should do a sports game, just because it really seems such a genre which is just locked in stone.

    Help us Obi-Molyneux, you're our only hope...

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  • Dragon Age: Origins

  • Wickerman 23/07/2008

    I'm hoping for more detail on the world the game is set in personally. When I heard Bioware were leaving behind the D&D ruleset and the FR setting in favour of their own work, I was hoping for something a little more... creative... than what I've seen so far.

    Still, good writing and characterisation can make up for that (assuming, of course, that the basic gameplay is all present and correct).
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  • Dragon Age coming to consoles

  • Wickerman 15/07/2008

    I'm still clinging onto the hope that, taking the article at face value, they are referring only to the franchise and not this specific game coming to the consoles. After all, Baldurs Gate came to the consoles in a totally different form that didn't affect either of the two PC games and their associated expansion packs... Reply 0
  • BioWare spills Dragon Age details

  • Wickerman 14/07/2008

    @Phattso - yeah, I can understand that. I think it was only the fact that I'm a whore for anything Bioware and/or D&D related that even got me to play NWN2 after the snorefest that was NWN and its assorted bastard children/expansion packs (none of which I could even bring myself to complete).

    It really, really is worth a play though if you ever find it knocking around for cheap. One of the plot related gameplay additions has the potential to have you tearing your hair out supposedly, but I never found it to get in the way.

    Oh, and while we are on the subject of the Baldurs Gate games - IGN UI screenshot. That screenshot alone is enough for me to forget the blandness of the Dragon Age trailer!
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  • Wickerman 14/07/2008

    @Phattso - just out of curiosity, did you play NWN2 - Mask of the Betrayer? Because, IMO at least, that was as close to the Baldurs Gate games in terms of atmosphere, storyline and characterisation as I've seen since... well, the Baldurs Gate games!

    While I too would love the gorgeous pre rendered 2D backgrounds and isometric camera of the Infinity Engine, I think those days are well and truly behind us!
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  • Spector working with Pixar on game

  • Wickerman 14/07/2008

    I'm confused, why would anyone want to distance themselves from the uberness that was Deus Ex?!

    If it was anyone else, I'd say that was just a very flowery way of saying 'Mickey Mouse just dropped a phat load of cash off on my doorstep, and I just couldn't say no', but he actually seems rather passionate about his games...

    Ah well, good luck to him - will be interesting to see what he comes up with!
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  • Too Human demo on Live now

  • Wickerman 14/07/2008

    @Nick_JC1 - thanks for your input, but if it's all the same to you I'll continue to state my thoughts on things without running them past you first. For what it's worth, I wasn't 'giving my review score' - if I was, if I'd made my mind up on it already, I wouldn't even bother to download the demo and play it now, would I?

    Thank fuck this place comes with an ignore poster function.

    'tool' etc
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  • Wickerman 14/07/2008

    While I don't wish to keep flogging a dead horse, loss of four player co-op and no support for local co-op really put a nail in my interest over this. I'd always seen the game as one of those 'wade your way through 101 enemies, performing the same limited set of moves over and over again' types from the start, but I can forgive and even enjoy that style of play when I have a friend or three alongside me for the frantic carnage. When its just me however, I can't see it holding my interest at all...

    Still, I'm a sucker for Norse mythology, and who knows - it might polish up in its final couple of weeks to hold at a passable 6 to 7 out of 10 that'll be worth a play once it drops in price a little.

    I'll certainly give the demo a go anyway - not like I've got anything to loose with that!
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  • WAR loses four cities and classes

  • Wickerman 12/07/2008

    Personally, I always saw having so many races from the off as likely to lead to inbalances - for those of you playing WoW, think the huge faction inbalances you get on some servers and the PvP issues that creates. Now, thats only spread between two possible choices and not the six there would have been in WAR...

    Still, like others have said, I'd like to see what this does regarding starting areas, and cuts of any nature to a game months before its supposed launch (and after delays) make me very, very nervous.
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  • New drum kits for Rock Band 2

  • Wickerman 11/07/2008

    @Razz - ah, that'd make sense! Probably end up picking up one of the new ones between the band of friends I play with anyway - now the drummer has stepped up to Hard it doesn't look like its going to be too long before we have pieces of pedal and drum scattered all over the place... Reply 0
  • Wickerman 11/07/2008

    Ok, I'm confused... original Rock Band kit has been confirmed to work with Rock Band 2, right? But the Rock Band 2 drums are velocity sensitive? Doesn't that change how the drums (and therefore the tracks) work - assuming its an actual feature and not a wanky buzz word that actually means there isn't any benefit to be had? Reply 0
  • Dragon Age named, trailer dated

  • Wickerman 10/07/2008

    @Miths - you are indeed correct, I always end up getting Planescape: Torment mixed up between the two... Still, my comment holds still on it being one of the few RPGs I've ever wanted to play more than once - so I'm not technically wrong, it just might have seemed I implied that it was a Bioware game...

    *tries to squirm out of his mistake*

    The Infinity Engine, if I remember correctly, was Bioware's baby and was licensed out to Black Isle Studios.
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  • Wickerman 10/07/2008

    @farticusmaximus - hence the 'IMO'.

    For a while I was going to say NWN was its 'turkey', but the single player campaign in that was always an afterthought compared to its main objective - delivering a content creation system for the D&D rules.

    Now I don't argue that the main storyline of Mass Effect was very, very good. However, a huge amount of game play niggles irked the hell out of me (each one of which has been discussed 101 times before, so I won't delve back into them again here), the planetside side quests were so poor as to appear to be a totally different game and I had trouble with achievements (not that I'm a achievement whore, but if something is advertised as being a 'reward' I'd better sure as hell get it when I do what is required).

    Now with the Baldurs Gate series, and Planescape: Torment, I was all up in them for a second playthrough almost as soon as the game finished...
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