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  • Xbox One system update rolling out now

  • Vice.Destroyer 15/04/2014

    @Chowny You know what I have to do? Mute my TV to be able to voice-control my console. I realise the irony there and as soon as my Logitech universal remote can control the Xbox One, I shall no longer use the Kinect for pausing.

    Having said that, I do enjoy going from the main dashboard into Netflix and starting my current show of choice, 24. That is brilliant.
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  • OneGuide rolling out to select Xbox One users in the UK

  • Vice.Destroyer 06/04/2014

    @cyacomini It is certainly a much more fun and easy experience streaming on the Xbox One, rather than the 360. Being able to select what you want to stream on the laptop, as you can on the Xbox One, rather than having to use the 360 to view your download folder is sooooo much more convenient and faster. Reply 0
  • Vice.Destroyer 04/04/2014

    @cyacomini Thanks for the tip about having the video app open on the Xbox. That was the missing piece. It is now working perfectly. Reply +1
  • Vice.Destroyer 02/04/2014

    @cyacomini Thanks for the link. Hopefully, the issue was that I didn't have the video app open on my console. I'll give that another try. Reply +1
  • Vice.Destroyer 02/04/2014

    @cyacomini Unfortunately not for me. :( Reply 0
  • Vice.Destroyer 01/04/2014

    @cyacomini HOW? Please share this secret. Reply +1
  • Respawn locks Titanfall cheaters into "the Wimbledon of aimbot contests"

  • Vice.Destroyer 27/03/2014

    Not that I am interested in it for myself, I am curious to know how console dudes cheat? Is there some sort of aimbot you can get for Xbox One? Reply +17
  • Microsoft discounts Xbox One Thief, Tomb Raider this weekend

  • Vice.Destroyer 25/03/2014

    @TheNinjaWarriorAGAIN They have stopped Delawarians from purchasing things whilst in their holiday home in the UK. Reply 0
  • Vice.Destroyer 25/03/2014

    I will certainly pick up Tomb Raider at that sort of price. Reply +15
  • Xbox Achievement hunter finally hits a million Gamerscore

  • Vice.Destroyer 13/03/2014

    Stallion is a beast. I'm clearly in the distinct minority here when I say that dude is a gaming god. Yes, he has probably played more than a few games that he didn't enjoy. He has said so himself many times. But that guy has got incredible skills. It's been a long time since I looked through his games list. But I guarantee if you go through his Gamerscore, find any game that you yourself have played and an achievement in there that you found difficult, chances are, he has done it.

    Some of the XBLA gamers will understand what I mean. Check his gamercard out and see the games he has maxed out. Serious skill in loads of games.
    The man is a gaming god.
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  • Mario Kart 8 release date announced

  • Vice.Destroyer 13/02/2014

    @FuzzyDuck Thanks. I had my suspicions that I knew who they were. Quick google showed me where I know them from. Never played SMB3. But I know them from Super Mario World. Reply 0
  • Vice.Destroyer 13/02/2014

    I'm sorry to be an idiot. Seven Koopalings? What are those? I'm going to have to google that, ain't I?

    Edit: Google complete. OK. They are what I thought. I thought they were Bowser's kids, that's why I got confused about the name Koopalings. But according to Wiki, they were thought of as Bowser's kids, then the idea got abandoned.
    As seen in Super Mario World. Where I know them from.

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  • Zavvi selling Xbox One for 20 less than RRP

  • Vice.Destroyer 20/01/2014

    @Markitron I'm aware that I am starting to come across like an Xbox One apologist, so I'll (try and) make this my last word on the matter. Why the PS4 can cope without an external power brick and the Xbox One can't? I can't answer that. I know nothing about videogame design and architecture. In all honesty, my understanding of electricity goes as far as power goes in, hot air comes out. :)

    All I can say is that I trust the Microsoft hardware engineers to have produced a console that can be potentially left on for 10 years continually.

    If we were to make criticisms of the Xbox One that actually have merit, I would mention the overpromising of the Kinect integration with DVR/Sky/other set top boxes. On paper, really cool. In practice, really shit! (Any other Xbox One owners disagree? Let's hear why. Personally speaking, if you have spare HDMI ports, the HDMI-passthrough is not necessary. And not being able to voice-tag channels so you can say "Xbox, go to E4" is such a missed opportunity.

    The other criticism I'd make is that Kinect is still actually shit at recognising gestures. Voice recognition is actually impressive, but playing games where it tracks your movements? 2/10.

    An external power brick to me is a nonsense issue. Unpack. Plug in. Stow away. Forget about it until you see people complaining about it on Eurogamer. There are other things worth complaining about Xbox One.
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  • Vice.Destroyer 20/01/2014

    @BobbyDeNiro It's not pretty, but surely you do what virtually the entire world does with their unseemly cables and doodahs? Hide it behind your TV and forget all about it? Reply 0
  • Vice.Destroyer 20/01/2014

    @Soton4084 I see two things that may answer your skepticism. Heat dissipation and fan noise. Microsoft clearly want to take zero chances with overheating this time around.

    And it is generally accepted that the Xbox is the quieter console this time around. There is not much in it, in fairness. So little, in fact, it is probably not worth mentioning. But it is there. But to each their own. Microsoft maybe should have recognised that people actually have a problem with an external power brick.
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  • Vice.Destroyer 20/01/2014

    Soton4084 wrote:
    I'll consider an Xbox One when:

    1) It is aimed primarily at gamers
    2) It doesn't include Kinect.
    3) It is at least as cheap as the PS4
    4) Microsoft improve the 'design'. Sony managed to make the PS4 smaller, more powerful and without an external power brick, why can't MS?
    5) The Microsoft gaming division isn't run by incompetent, arrogant and out of touch cretins. Getting rid of Mattrick was a good start, but they need to get rid of people like 'Major' Nelson and replace them with talented individuals like Mark Cerny.

    Can someone explain to me again why an external power brick is a negative? Do people move their console on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? Or are these the same people that will not consider a mobile because it is 6 grams heavier and therefore far too heavy for their delicate gamer arms?
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  • Nintendo slashes Wii U sales forecast from 9m to 2.8m

  • Vice.Destroyer 17/01/2014

    @sanctusmortis Let's hope you are right and I am spectacularly wrong. A world without Nintendo is not a world I want for my son. Reply 0
  • Vice.Destroyer 17/01/2014

    @sanctusmortis Being able to play SNES games would be a system seller? To who? You? And the 15 other people that have a hankering to have nostalgia fueled gaming sessions of games that are two decades old? You may love that, but you don't represent a sizable proportion of the gaming market. With all due respect.

    The past is the past. I certainly do not care for retro gaming. Games I played 20 years ago, I wouldn't have the patience for today. Tried to play Super Mario World 2: Yoshis Island a few years back. Big mistake. Same with the SNES versions of Mario Kart, Zelda, etc. My gaming sensibilities have changed. What I loved then just bores me now.
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  • Ubisoft is developing Tetris for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

  • Vice.Destroyer 16/01/2014

    To this very day, I still believe that the N64 version of The New Tetris is the definitive Version. Reply +5
  • Xbox One update will fix "hidden, harder to use" social features

  • Vice.Destroyer 12/01/2014

    @Ryze In fairness to Stoomonster, the latter point you described is what I described and what he explained Sky wouldn't do. He also explained a few other things. But my initial question was
    I would love for the Xbox to actually be able to access the Sky Planner (the programs I have saved on there for later viewing). How awesome would it be to say "Xbox, go to Sky. Watch Elementary on Planner"? Full of awesome. That's how awesome it would be.
    I agree, if it were able to do that via the network like my Sky+ app on my phone, that would be fantastic. Just being able to change channels is not quite as awesome for me.
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  • Vice.Destroyer 09/01/2014

    @StooMonster Thanks for taking the time out for enlightening me. Reply +3
  • Vice.Destroyer 09/01/2014

    @StooMonster Hm. Did I misunderstand what Microsoft were promising us? Also, I must be a bit dense, because I don't see how it would hurt Sky to allow the Xbox One to communicate with the Sky box? I mean, you would still need a Sky box? I seriously thought that was what the HDMI-passtrough was for. Reply 0
  • Vice.Destroyer 09/01/2014

    @Uncle_Fishboy As the kids say, I feel you, bro. My issue is, that I would love for the Xbox to actually be able to access the Sky Planner (the programs I have saved on there for later viewing). How awesome would it be to say "Xbox, go to Sky. Watch Elementary on Planner"? Full of awesome. That's how awesome it would be. Reply +4
  • Vice.Destroyer 09/01/2014

    I'm looking at the list of Top Xbox One feature requests. Agree with virtually every one of them. I find it strange that a need for a site like that exists, begging for the Xbox One to be given the same level of usability and features that the 360 already has.

    But am also stunned to see that people actually want the Avatar store as well. :)

    Edit: Binky beat me to it. We are making virtually the same point.
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  • Motorola Moto G review

  • Vice.Destroyer 18/12/2013

    @DrStrangelove I can see where you are coming from. But at least it is just one phone. I am constantly looking for cheap, good smartphones to send to my family in Uganda. The amount of cheap turds I have bought, that are still more expensive than the Moto G, beggars belief. Reply +4
  • Vice.Destroyer 18/12/2013

    @poobob Thanks for that. Can I be cheeky and ask if you can find a similar cheap price for the 16GB model? Edit: I used the power of google to find the answer myself. Thanks again. Reply 0
  • Vice.Destroyer 18/12/2013

    I was already convinced by the Moto G. But where can you pick it up for 100? Even the good people at Mobile Fun that supplied the review model sell the 8GB Moto G for 160. Reply +6
  • Yoshi's New Island for 2DS and 3DS in spring 2014

  • Vice.Destroyer 18/12/2013

    I just may get myself a 3DS just for this game. Reply +2
  • Blockbuster to close all remaining UK stores

  • Vice.Destroyer 12/12/2013

    @andy25801 Wow! And to each and everyone else who finds it distasteful that I am looking for a bargain, regardless of where it comes from. If you work in Blockbuster, have a family member that works in Blockbuster, I apologise for my heartless comment. Shit news just before christmas.

    If you are a person that actually used Blockbusters in the last 12 months to rent DVDs, I guess it sucks that one of your preferred shops is shutting down.

    But if you are a person (as I suspect a bunch of folk here are) that has not had a Blockbuster card for years, that uses Netflix or Lovefilm or even Sky for their rental needs and is essentially the reason for the reduced footfall into traditional video rental shops like Blockbusters and calls *me* a vulture, I would say take a good, long look at yourself. It's all very well and good to say "Poor Blockbusters. Heartless Auditors. Etc" But where was your support? Where were you when Blockbuster needed people to walk to their shop and rent films from them to keep going as a viable business? As far as I can tell, using any of the myriad of alternatives that would stream films directly into their homes. And then come on here and give me grief? Some people.
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  • Vice.Destroyer 12/12/2013

    Stock sold with up to a 90% discount? Does anyone know whether they got any Xbox One games in? Reply -36
  • Amazon announces drone delivery service

  • Vice.Destroyer 02/12/2013

    So many things are frightening about this. Reply +22
  • Xbox One outsells Xbox 360 two-to-one in UK launch

  • Vice.Destroyer 25/11/2013

    @Defecationqueen I like your sentiment. I agree with it. But your username made me gag. Reply +1
  • Ballmer: You can trust Microsoft with your privacy

  • Vice.Destroyer 20/11/2013

    I'm confused. Wouldn't Bill Gates kids be grown up now? Reply +6
  • Introducing Games of the Generation

  • Vice.Destroyer 21/10/2013

    My list would include Batman: Arkham Asylum, Blue Dragon, BioShock 1, Assassin's Creed 1 and Dead Rising. Not sure about the order. And that I can't squeeze Mass Effect in there is upsetting. Reply 0
  • Sony expects 5m PlayStation 4 sales before April

  • Vice.Destroyer 19/09/2013

    I hope that they reach those numbers. That and Xbox ONE. Imagine a world with only mobile games (and in-game purchases), Nintendo 3DS and PC gaming? Reply +9
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 review

  • Vice.Destroyer 16/09/2013

    My local gameshop doesn't care about embargoes and street dates. I have it and will give the game a bash. Although, I am hearing rumblings that trading standards will actually get involved in this instance. I feel a little sorry for my gameshop. They will probably get a hefty fine.

    \plays in offline mode
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  • Google Nexus 7 2013 review

  • Vice.Destroyer 07/09/2013

    @TarickStonefire That is what I meant. I even went to the effort of putting the link to the different iPads showing the different prices, as sold by Apple to illustrate my point. :) Reply -2
  • Vice.Destroyer 07/09/2013

    @ToiletDuck I do agree with the app store. And I guess I am not as demanding as the average punter. The Android equivalent is stocked enough for my needs. Reply +3
  • Vice.Destroyer 07/09/2013

    What it will always boil down to me with, is price. Compared to what you can do with an iPad and a Nexus 7, the price differential seems like an evil joke. Unless some of you are the most loaded Eurogamers, I can't justify the price difference.

    Nexus 7 for me. And the missus.
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  • Where are the Xbox One role-playing games?

  • Vice.Destroyer 27/08/2013

    @nickcannon I think you should look at this thread. Reply 0
  • Born slippy: the making of Star Fox

  • Vice.Destroyer 05/07/2013

    The memories that come flooding back. I remember how in 1993 I flew to Uganda with a SNES, Mario World and Starwing. (I still wish I had the money for Mario Kart back then, but no). I was there for nearly 6 months, visiting my family that had moved over there from Germany. In all that time, I must have completed Starwing at least once every 3 days. But in all those times I finished it, I only got 100% on the medium settings once in my life. 100% on easy and hard was very doable. But on medium? I can't remember what it was about that difficulty, but I only did it once. Probably from sheer luck.

    And something that might amuse @JezSan, was this. I came to Uganda with a UK SNES. My family had a german TV. Which only had a RF input, no Scart. And what I didn't realise, until it was too late that sound gets transmitted in UK and GErmany in different frequencies. (That is what I was told by an electrician friend back then. Don't laugh at my lack of technical nous).Don't ask me which is which, but for arguments sake, UK transmits sound at 5Mhz, Germany at 6Mhz. And because of that, audio from a UK SNES would not play via the RF cable on a German TV. It was an absolute tragedy, because I loved the audio track to Starwing. I tried everything I could, until I had the brainwave of using the Scart cable, unhooking the audio L,R cables from the scart plug and wrapping them around a radio aerial. If you then tuned to an MW band, to a particular frequency, it allowed you to hear the games audio. Albeit with a huge amount of interference. But it was better than nothing. :)
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  • Lovefilm ditches game rentals

  • Vice.Destroyer 02/07/2013

    @karaokequeen3 I've been using Boomerang for about 6 years. Brilliant service. Reply +3
  • Titanfall dev demystifies Xbox One cloud following "a lot of confusion online"

  • Vice.Destroyer 25/06/2013

    @Alcifer I'll pretend to know the pros and cons of your argument. (I wish I was smart) Reply 0
  • EA retires Mass Effect 3: Datapad app

  • Vice.Destroyer 06/06/2013

    Hm. I pity that person that is a completionist and has no internet access. Reply +1
  • Meet Kenya's indie gaming pioneers

  • Vice.Destroyer 01/04/2013

    One thing that these guys have not mentioned, is that they have met ERIC SCHMIDT!!!

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  • Vice.Destroyer 01/04/2013

    What a brilliant article. @blaisekinyua et al. I have a brother in Uganda and am regularly sending him games and gears down. I just recently sent him down a Sony Android phone. I'll make sure he downloads it (I can't, because I went down the Windows 8 Phone route). I tell you what you should add as an easter egg in a next game. Just for the Ugandan market. I have long suspected that the reason that Yoweri Museveni hates Kizza Besigye is because there is some unrequited man-love happening there. Just put in a bonus level, hinting at some sort of Brokeback Mountain scenario. Spending all that time in the bush, plotting to overthrow Milton Obote must have done something to those two guys.

    How else can you explain this?

    Of course, if you put that in your game, you will probably not ever be allowed into Uganda, but it will make you famous in East Africa :)
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  • Ken Levine personally killed off the BioShock film - here's why

  • Vice.Destroyer 12/03/2013

    @TelexStar I'm not involved in the film world, but I would imagine that marketing costs are counted separately to the film budget. Considering that, the film did very poorly indeed. As a pointer, there is a rumour going around that total spend for Green Lantern was $500m. That includes budget and marketing. Budget was about $200m. Marketing spend made up the rest and the film did not come anywhere near recouping that some. Someone bet very big on that film. :( Reply +1
  • PlayStation 4 Press Conference Live Report

  • Vice.Destroyer 20/02/2013

    Hm. The price is and control scheme is most important thing for me here. Let's see what we get. Reply 0
  • Destiny requires an internet connection to work

  • Vice.Destroyer 20/02/2013

    @dogmanstaruk Yep. Let's see what happens. And just to put into perspective to what extent I look after my brother and his gaming habit, check out the games that I have bought him since last year March. Reply 0
  • Vice.Destroyer 18/02/2013

    @dogmanstaruk I agree with your sentiments. To a degree. Two things to remember though. If the next gen will be online only, the people that moan about it will not disappear. They will triple.

    And on a personal note, having an always-on connection will be quite upsetting. I buy consoles for my brother in Uganda. And internet there is just..., shit! Having an always on console will be terrible for virtually an entire continent of gamers.
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