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  • Here's what Lara Croft looks like in the new Tomb Raider movie

  • VibratingDonkey 28/03/2017

    I sometimes feel bad for Walter Googlons cause I don't feel like his name gets as much recognition as it ought to. Reply 0
  • Playtonic to ditch JonTron from Yooka-Laylee following anti-immigrant comments

  • VibratingDonkey 24/03/2017

    But sometimes it's good.
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  • VibratingDonkey 24/03/2017

    To be fair, these games tend to have annoying voices by de-de-du-duh-de-due-de-deh-du-de-sign.
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  • VibratingDonkey 24/03/2017

    It's as much within Playtonic's right to cut his role as it was to give him the role in the first place.

    Unless legally bound by a contract, companies (or anyone) are not forced to stick by a person who turns out to be a racist/someone they do not want to be associated with, be it on a personal level, to protect their business/brand, or both.

    I aim to establish the above because it would be absurd to feel uncomfortable, to take umbrage with Playtonic's decision on moral grounds.

    A racist getting dropped is not a slippery slope that will lead to people with different views getting shunned. It's just a racist getting dropped. Opposing that on moral grounds would mean you're defending racism, which is obviously antithetical to morality.

    Racists and those excusing, defending, normalizing them, is the only reason why Playtonic is in a rough spot. They absolutely do not deserve to be. They're being punished for doing good.
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  • VibratingDonkey 24/03/2017

    Playtonic's decision to cut Jontron's part and consequently nullify its association with a racist scumbag, is one I completely stand behind. I'm glad I now won't have to be reminded of the reality of that shitty asshole when playing this happy fun times game.

    I knew Jontron's audience and views wouldn't be negatively affected to any significant degree, but suspected we could potentially see consequences to his professional relationships. So it's nice to see that becoming a reality, to whatever extent.
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  • Flatout 4: Total Insanity is a welcome return to form for the series, but stalls on innovation

  • VibratingDonkey 17/03/2017

    Had no idea this existed, and apparently now it's out. I don't know where though, or if there is a PC version at all.

    Anyway, hopefully the real Flatout 3 will be done at some point and be good. Think it's been over three years since I backed Wreckfest.

    One thing I will never be able to understand about that game is why with the generic names for everything? It's super boring, deprives the game of personality, makes it actually difficult to differentiate between things, and it's super easy to make up dumb names for cars and tracks. "American 3 on Tarmac 2." Get outta Town 1 with that number 2.
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  • New Reservoir Dogs game doesn't have much in common with Reservoir Dogs

  • VibratingDonkey 15/03/2017

    I don't know if slapping a license on this will turn out to a good or a bad thing. Few would've heard of this game without it, but unless people actually read the impressions of critics who've played it and who all seem to agree that it's kind of cool, they'll assume this game is what it looks like. Reply 0
  • System Shock 3 is coming to consoles via new publisher Starbreeze

  • VibratingDonkey 15/03/2017

    System Shock 3 should not be confused with Night Dive Studios' remake of the original System Shock...
    I was doing that a little bit. Sorry.

    Actually didn't know there was a 3 being worked on, much less with Warren Spector as a lead.

    He probably has the coolest game developer name.
    Sounds like Deus Ex.
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  • Developer hits back at claims his Steam game rips off Banjo-Kazooie and Yooka-Laylee

  • VibratingDonkey 27/02/2017

    Strange how everyone who has crossed this guy's path are liars out to get him. Reply +5
  • Disney ditches Pewdiepie after anti-semitic stunt

  • VibratingDonkey 14/02/2017

    @KefkaCTM He said, outragedly. Reply 0
  • VibratingDonkey 14/02/2017

    Negative consequences to doing wrong is right.

    Rich guy getting slightly less rich than previously expected is not topping the list of great injustices deserving of ones sympathy.

    Saying he's gotten away with worse in the past is not an excuse for letting him get away doing bad now. Just makes him look worse.

    People who think or say he's actually anti-semetic or whatnot, are wrong. Or at least I haven't seen anything that would confirm that. About all I can say in his support in this situation. It's out of ignorance, not malice.

    Speaking generally about his career and having this massive influential platform, and all the implications and complications that comes with it, I don't think he's done a bad job at managing it responsibly. I know he's improved himself in the past, so hopefully this will be another one of those moments.
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  • VibratingDonkey 14/02/2017

    His videos are helpful to Nazis.
    Nazis cause harm.
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  • VibratingDonkey 14/02/2017

    These are Nazis.

    These are Nazis.

    That is the harm.
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  • VibratingDonkey 14/02/2017

    I hope he'll come out of this having learned why these are the consequences to his actions, instead of doubling down on "it's just a joke, you idiots don't get it" or going full on "PC SJW snowflkcensorhafreepschagrgrbrbRGRBGRLLLBARGLE".

    This is why, btw.
    4 minutes into the video. The Daily Stormer supports these displays of his. If that's not a clear enough sign that you're helping them out, I don't know what is. The ability to make shitty jokes vs helping out Nazis. What a toughie.

    It's particularly abhorrent when Nazism is on the rise.
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  • Resident Evil's Leon and Chris reunite for CGI movie prequel to Resi 7

  • VibratingDonkey 13/02/2017

    Not gonna lie, I am very disinterested.
    All of these that I've seen have been horrible. Granted I've only seen the one, but still.

    I only saw Degeneration because people said it was good.
    People are bad.

    Like, I am somewhat of a fan of Resident Evil, and it didn't help. Mostly because Leon's character is perhaps actually the worst character I've ever seen in a movie. In the games I recall him being like the MGS2 Raiden of RE, but here he is an actively unlikable, dire, faux-gruff, boring fucker that could be replaced by plants in tactical pants.

    Anyway, the best Resident Evil movie is already out there.
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  • Johnny and Ian had a fight about Switch - in video form

  • VibratingDonkey 04/02/2017

    The arguments for getting a Switch at launch, are mostly arguments for getting a Switch. The only potential reason for getting one at launch, is Zelda. Which is one game.

    Holding off will eventually get you that one game, more games, lower prices, bundles. Potential issues and things good to know about will be known about and perhaps addressed.

    This is the the case with all consoles ever.
    I'll be getting a Switch when Super Mario is out, at the earliest.
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  • Nintendo's precarious reveal runs risk of Switching off fans

  • VibratingDonkey 13/01/2017

    There's a bunch of valid questions and complaints, but looking at how I'd use the thing (play exclusive single player games on TV) many of them are kind of irrelevant. I might still be interested, but not until Holiday 2017.

    It costing more than a PS4 or Xbox One is kind of an issue to me. The same issue I had/have with the Wii U. I don't really care at all about the portable aspect, making that the opposite of a value add to me, as it's why the system has to be so energy efficient/kinda weak, and only has 32GB of storage. I.e. stuff I care more about.

    I'm hoping for eventual bundles to make up for it.
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  • VibratingDonkey 13/01/2017

    The launch offering seems particularly paltry and makes me think they might as well have postponed until Q4. Zelda is the game. And you can get that on Wii U.

    To me the presentation was more effective at selling me on the Wii U. Would've already owned one if the pricing wasn't weird and never dropped, instead going up. Now if you want one you'll have to find one used. And those prices will probably also start going up. The Wii U's pricing is so god damned annoying. I'll probably never get one.
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  • VibratingDonkey 13/01/2017

    At least you UK people know the price.

    Apparently retailers in Sweden have been told it will launch March 3rd here as well, but they have not yet been given an MSRP. The Switch supposedly launching here in seven weeks, and Nintendo not knowing the price, is pretty bizarre.

    I assume it'll be the usual conversion rate of add a decimal to whatever the US price is, but who knows.
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  • New year's resolution: Let's stop screaming

  • VibratingDonkey 08/01/2017

    People sometimes conflate angry accusations, insults and threats with criticism. Would indeed be nice if this were to stop happening.

    When there is a legit grievance at the core, there is justification to be some amount of emotional about it. But those emotions should be directed towards the thing, not the people who did the thing. That's where the righteous justification starts diminishing.

    How to stifle the abusive, overly hostile behavior though? Guess you'll have to try to talk to people. I feel like the argument that being shitty to developers provides the opposite of motivation for them to fix the games, and for developers at large to want to keep creating them, ought to be the most compelling overall. I don't know how you would argue against that. Guess it's possible if you're a shitty enough person to reckon fear makes for a good motivator.

    (Remembered one half of Vlambeer wrote a thing related to this.)

    It is not difficult to avoid a No Man's Sky situation as a consumer. Don't pre-order or buy games day one. Don't trust marketing. Wait for more, reliable information. Or be aware of and accept the risk of essentially blindly buying a thing.

    It is difficult to change consumer habits however. People will continue getting angry because they pre-ordered a thing for the foreseeable future. Publishers blatantly and greatly push for things to be this way, and have done so for a long time. They're far from blameless, but ultimately it's our decision to buy games based on their marketing.
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  • Square Enix Twitter recovers followers after hack

  • VibratingDonkey 06/01/2017

    I was disappointed by how boring it was to watch this unfold. Taking over an official account, and not using it for anything fun, dumb, clever, witty or interesting, is just...why even bother? Reply +6
  • Nintendo Switch CPU and GPU clock speeds revealed

  • VibratingDonkey 19/12/2016

    Hope it'll be competitive in regards to price then.

    I don't understand the logic of the GPU still being underclocked when docked. Is it just because they want some semblance of consistency? Seems dumb.
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  • Super Mario Run only playable with an internet connection

  • VibratingDonkey 09/12/2016

    "...we want to make sure that we're able to offer it to them in a way that they're able to play it in a stable environment."

    Well that's blatantly not true at all. Always online games are inherently less stable and reliable, and seems especially bad for a mobile game, where on top of connection issues on Nintendo's end, you'll be dependent on reception in order to play it. It's also especially bad for a game that costs $10, way up there for a mobile game. Paying more, and effectively getting less of a game, is just...bad.
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  • "She can't understand how someone she's never met would be so kind"

  • VibratingDonkey 06/12/2016

    I won both lottery-ish things I entered, the Christmas lights that were semi-broken started working again, that Adult Swim neo-Nazi show got canned, and now people on the internet are being nice. Today was a good day. Thumbs up, Jesus. Reply +1
  • Russian MPs call for FIFA 17 ban over "gay propaganda"

  • VibratingDonkey 06/12/2016

    Hopefully the giant space squids will invade before the beef nukes start flying.
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  • VibratingDonkey 06/12/2016

    Too late, Russia. FIFA's gay propaganda has already turned your children gay. Reply +1
  • Here's your first look at the Crash Bandicoot remaster

  • VibratingDonkey 04/12/2016

    I liked the second one in particular, and this looks like it'll probably be a good remaster of them, but I don't know that I particularly want to play them again? If I did, I think they're on PSN. Remaking/modernizing old games does revitalize to some extent, but I find the concept primarily dull. I'd rather they spend these resources on a new thing that's not restricted by 90's game design and technology.

    Who's making this anyway? I guess various Activision-ish joints have been trying to make something new on numerous occasions, so if it'd be that again, maybe this is for the better still/the only way a new Crash game would exist at all. I don't know.
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  • Huge Hitman update makes unlocks work offline

  • VibratingDonkey 28/11/2016

    Single player progression (i.e. the actual unlocking of unlocks, and the challenge system) are still unavailable offline. So this doesn't solve all the issues we have with the absolute stupid bullshit that is this single player game requiring a constant internet connection.

    Making online unlocks accessible to the offline profile is just a step in the right direction, which means the game is now no longer completely useless whenever the game is unable to contact authentication servers. Which is almost always due to problems on their end.
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  • Burnout Paradise is gaming perfection

  • VibratingDonkey 27/11/2016

    Hey hey you you. I don't like this game as much as others did.
    The whole game just looks real dull, wish it looked closer to the boxart. Felt more like open world mechanics than arcade driving fun to me. It's like the Mirror's Edge Catalyst of Burnout. 2 and 3 were the peak of the series to me.
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  • So, about that Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection glitch video

  • VibratingDonkey 23/11/2016

    It was an error to claim these bugs indicated the remaster was worse than the original. But if you came upon these bugs for the first time in the remaster, who wouldn't make that assumption? Easy mistake to make. Reply +5
  • I'm still searching for the SSX in Steep, but there's one thing it absolutely nails

  • VibratingDonkey 21/11/2016

    The concept of a Horizon Paradise for extreme winter sports is something I'm theoretically on board with. But what I played of the beta feels like it's lacking something. Like it hasn't found the right balance between realism and arcadey goof. It's not extreme enough in either direction.

    The real-time sports change is good, but it makes me wonder how much more good it would be if you could sports change mid-air.

    As someone who's just barely played snowboardish games before, I'd say it feels ok, but not exciting, or much of anything, until you start picking up some proper speed. That, bailing and air tricks is what I think works for this game. And the stupid running in the wingsuit. And failing to deploy it. And the open mountain. And the seamless multiplayer thing.

    The worst thing it's got going is the parasailing. It's just...anti-fun. It's slow and boaty, and hard to grasp how to do well at. I'm just awkwardly drifting around vaguely towards checkpoints that I'll hopefully hit instead of trees or rocks or whatnot. Feel like even if I would eventually learn how to suck less at it, it's still not going to be fun. I kind of don't ever want to do that again?
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  • Let's raise a glass to Ubisoft's other open world game set in San Francisco

  • VibratingDonkey 18/11/2016

    I'm glad Ubisoft did it once, but wish Ubisoft would give Reflections the reigns of another larger budget project. Or more smaller ones. Using the creative talent responsible for this and Grow Up, in support roles for games thought up by others, seems like a waste. Reply +2
  • Sharing Watch Dogs 2 genitalia got someone banned from PSN

  • VibratingDonkey 17/11/2016

    This whole thing is dumb. Unless these were unintended genitals, this shouldn't be Ubisoft's problem, but Sony's and their lack of a content filter, and stupidly harsh punishment for people who quite sensibly assume that it's fine to share imagery from a game on the platform on the platform.

    Another thing I don't get is the implication that genitals are fine unless they cross some sort of line where they become too detailed? Apparently this makes Sony ok with the sharing of images of the dude's dong and the hoola hoop nudist?

    At least this guy eventually got the planned one month suspension lifted after this all blew up.
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  • Tacoma is like Gone Home, in space, with time-travel powers

  • VibratingDonkey 11/11/2016

    Taco Ma is my favorite fast food restaurant chain.
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  • VibratingDonkey 11/11/2016

    Essentially making the narrative the gameplay requires the player to feel like they're actively taking part in it in some manner. That's what makes these kinds of games interesting. Because even if the writing is good, effectively watching cutscenes play out, is not very engaging from a gameplay perspective. So it's good to hear that there's time/story puzzling going on.

    Following Gone Home I have some amount of faith in that these people are capable of designing good narrative games, but I wonder how many pushups Steve Gaynor can do?
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda $199 Collector's Edition includes remote control Mako

  • VibratingDonkey 07/11/2016

    If you want to buy an RC car/display piece and a steelbook for $200, this is the edition for you, I guess. I'm more interested in the edition that comes with the game and is $60.

    The Mako controlled fine as I recall it (might recall wrong.) But it had the dumbest design where you were asked to drive over the bumpiest terrain while shooting things, and the turret couldn't aim downwards.

    Mass Effect has had frequent issues related to resource gathering. But I dunno if that's ever particularly fun in games really. ME3 was fine in that regard. Probing planets isn't the most engaging thing ever, but the ME3 iteration of it was ok.

    Exploring around to find stuffs is a good concept in theory, but it needs to be more than the kind of traipsing around barren areas of ME1, or whatever the hell Dragon Age Origins was. So I hope they've figured that out. I'm tentatively happy about the return of the Mako though.
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  • Now we know exactly when Mass Effect Andromeda is set

  • VibratingDonkey 07/11/2016

    A long time to go, in a galaxy far, far away...Mass Effect 3 might as well not have happened.

    Anyway, this has probably been pointed out a lot before, but this must be intentional, no? Come on, they're even from the same city.
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  • VibratingDonkey 07/11/2016

    The Shepard era being over with means I no longer feel beholden to maintain the DudeShep I made like a fecking decade ago. People kept going on so hard about FemShep, I felt a little bit sad.

    Dunno if Jennifer Hale's still on board or how everything fits into the SAG-AFTRA strike, but after a decade of dude I'm looking forward to FemRy.

    Also looking forward to the Red Dwarf jokes that surely must be present. If there was ever a time for Mass Effect to lean at least a little bit towards Guardians of the Galaxy, this would be it.
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  • Sony PlayStation 4 Pro review

  • VibratingDonkey 07/11/2016

    With all of our content mirrored across onto the new PlayStation, we decided to begin our tests by looking at the presentation and performance of existing PS4 titles. Rather famously, Xbox One S features a GPU overclock compared to the standard model, resulting in a small bump to performance that while not essential, is clearly nice to have. When I spoke to Mark Cerny about improved base PS4 performance on Pro, he ruled it out completely pretty quickly and this is borne out by final hardware.

    The new Pro GPU shuts down half of its compute units and the rest are downclocked from 911MHz to the standard PS4's 800MHz. We used a Project Cars replay running on both systems to judge performance in like-for-like gaming conditions in a title that stresses both CPU and GPU, and saw totally identical results. Maintaining compatibility is Sony's key aim here, though we would have liked to have seen an option to unlock full Pro performance (or at least the additional clocks) on older PS4 games. There is some precedent here: PS2 introduced additional texture filtering for running PS1 titles via backward compatibility - it was an option, and it was signposted that using the feature was done at the user's risk.
    Yeah this is a somewhat significant bummer.

    Performance gains are automatic across the board with PC hardware upgrades. And with the Xbox One S. It not being possible for all games on the PS4 Pro to benefit from that bump, sucks. I honestly don't understand what Sony is worried about. Surely AMD drivers don't suck that hard? And as pointed out in the quote above, Sony could allow users to enable this boost mode by slapping a disclaimer on there saying stability is not guaranteed.

    Hope they'll change their minds about this with a firmware update.
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  • VibratingDonkey 07/11/2016

    @mecha-B Fivehundredandninetynine youess dollars? Reply 0
  • VibratingDonkey 07/11/2016

    When I do get a PS4 it's 94% going to be a Pro, for the reasons mentioned above, but looking at games currently available and games coming up, that'll be somewhere in 2017. Since I've spoiled Until Dawn for myself, Uncharted 4 is pretty much the only PS4 exclusive out there that I'm properly into. Some Tearaway Unfolded and a little bit Driveclub.

    By the end of 2017 there will (certainly, probably and/or hopefully) be Horizon, Days Gone, Gravity Rush 2, God of War, Detroit, Dreams, The Last Guardian, Valkyria, Spider-Man, WiLD and Yakuza 6. And friends. Perhaps also a bundle including one of them.

    I really, really want Yakuza 6. That game looks like the best game ever. It's some kind of miracle that it gets to exist with a budget properly accommodating for its overindulgent brand of nonsense. Thanks Japan. Hope it'll make its way out of there ASAP.
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  • Zoe Quinn's next game is a far cry from Depression Quest

  • VibratingDonkey 30/10/2016

    Haven't seen a burn like that since I rolled over that sausage in Stephen's Sausage Roll.

    If it wasn't clear, I'm fine with suppressing disruptive Gamergate garbage. I would say unless you're on a government operated forum, but libel, threats and harassment isn't protected speech; is about half of Gamergate's speech.

    Wondered how these self-proclaimed free speech supporters would respond to the pro-free speech argument you quoted, within the context of my previous post. Would they stand by their supposed ideology, or would they betray it.

    The outcome isn't terribly surprising.
    Basically, my point is that it's easy to cut through the veil and see where Gamergate's priorities lie. Has been for years. For instance, "Gamergate is about ethics in games journalism!", Gamergate argued and argues, while Zoe Quinn wasn't and isn't a games journalist. Yet to this day Gamergate says and encourages things like:
    The only reason we know her name is because she slept around a lot.
    Miss Quinn's propensity to give out hand-jobs for coverage.
    a Crowd-funding campaign with more than whiff of fraud about it.
    This whole endeavor was kind of pointless though due to the aforementioned blatantness. And you're probably the only one who will read this, assuming you have notifications on. Butt oh well.
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  • VibratingDonkey 28/10/2016

    Downvoting is another issue Eurogamer needs to deal with, as its sole purpose is to suppress and silence speech. Reply -9
  • VibratingDonkey 28/10/2016

    And here's Fallo to prove MrTom right.

    That's just what happens when you attract a gamergate infestation and the registration process is designed to be convenient. Make alt account, or get banned > create new account, rinse and repeat.

    Eurogamer really should just disable comments on articles about certain topics where you can see the shitstorm coming from a mile away. But I don't know if that's a thing they can do with this ancient software.

    In lieu of that, ignoring accounts is proper super effective. I highly recommend it.
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  • VibratingDonkey 27/10/2016

    That hat swivel is honestly a reason why I believe in this game. It's beautiful.

    I haven't read anything Tingle, just seen a couple of covers, but on a surface level I like the goofy sexy rebellion of it. It seems borderline too memey, but I'll give this game a shot why not. At the very least I'll appreciate that this thing is a thing that will exist. More things, good. Especially FMV things. There's just something about FMV.
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  • VibratingDonkey 27/10/2016

    I searched "sexy Goldblum"

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  • Deadly Premonition director Swery65 has the most amazing tattoo

  • VibratingDonkey 28/10/2016

    How can one get angry at an article about Swery, game butts and giant monkey tattoos? I do not understand.

    Also, why not both serious and goofy articles? Don't understand that either.
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  • My Summer Car is the most hardcore driving game yet

  • VibratingDonkey 27/10/2016

    Those people are fine with women making games, as long as they're not perceived to have stepped out of line. By for instance indicating that the aforementioned is a shitty situation.

    Argue against the status quo, sexism, inequality etc. or be a woman working on a game perceived to contain such messages, and the angry nerds may start flocking out of the woodworks.

    Anyway, the message of this game is to always carry a case of beer with you. And that's a message anyone can get behind.
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  • VibratingDonkey 27/10/2016

    Not sure about the current state of this game, but in general for early access games, it's kind of weird that people are ok with paying for buggy, possibly broken games with features and content missing, because they're told they are like that before paying for them.
    "This game's unfinished and busted."

    It's just strange that unfinishedness isn't thought of as an absolute problem. I'll find it annoying if a game crashes regardless of what stage of development it's in. That's not something I can switch off, and I don't understand how some people apparently can.

    I don't have a problem with it, kind of the opposite. Everyone knows what they're buying into, and early access has led to the existence and further development of a lot of games. I just find it strange. Strange but good.

    I've been on board with this game's vision ever since that dev diary, am glad to see it's in public beta and moving towards completion, and I'll be buying it when the journey's done. Hopefully by summer.

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  • Infamous video game movie director Uwe Boll retires from filmmaking

  • VibratingDonkey 27/10/2016

    I won't pretend to know the business realities of lower budget movies as streaming is becoming more popular, but there's probably other factors that led Boll to here.

    It sounds like he realizes that though from how he refers to the streak of garbage video game movies he shoveled out. He made money from them, but they completely assed up his reputation. Something he's evidently been royally frustrated by over the years. I don't think it's unfair that those are what most people know him by, but it's also fair to say that he is capable of doing, and has done, better than that. He suffers a wee bit of hubris though, I think. He's not always that bad, but he's never that good.
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