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  • Why Nintendo Switch games are ending up more expensive

  • Tridus 13/03/2017

    @muro Developers make far less per sale on a physical copy than a digital one, *before* the added cost of carts comes in.

    So, yes. They're not making bank at that price.
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  • Laid-off SimCity dev launches Patreon for creation of Cities: Skylines buildings

  • Tridus 17/03/2015

    @Cosquae The good news is that art is one of the easiest things to work on remotely, so he likely wouldn't have to move across the pond. Reply 0
  • The God who Peter Molyneux forgot

  • Tridus 11/02/2015

    It's sad that people keep falling for Molyneux hype. His career is almost entirely over promising and then failing to deliver.

    At this point, if you give him money, you're a sucker.
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  • Sid Meier's Starships announced for PC, Mac, iPad

  • Tridus 19/01/2015

    After the giant pile of uninspired mediocrity that was Beyond Earth, this is going on the "maybe once the ultimate edition comes out on sale" pile.

    The Sid Meier name on a game hasn't really meant a lot since Civ V took two expansions to make decent. Compared to all other players in the genre, Firaxis seems stale and dated.
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  • Don't rule WildStar out yet

  • Tridus 12/11/2014

    "There hasn't been as much for players that hit level 50 who aren't raiders"

    That'd be the biggest problem, right there. Before launch, Carbine put out videos talking up their "zomg super hardcore raiding endgame!", and they delivered that. Annoying attunement walls, punishing difficulty, nothing particular for less hardcore people to do. They had it all like Burning Crusade was back in style again. The forum users loved it.

    Too bad those people aren't big enough to sustain the market. The attunements made it a huge PITA to form raid groups and recruit. The time and difficulty chased most people off, and with the population already in decline it got very hard to make a workable raiding guild. Carbine basically told the casuals to go away, and they did. But there weren't enough hardcore raiders to make it workable (something like eleven guilds have actually killed a boss in the 40 man raid, worldwide, which is under 500 players).

    The cold truth is that the playerbase has gotten older since Everquest and early WoW, and not a lot of people can devote that kind of time anymore. That's why WoW has multiple difficulties for the raids: to get the content into as many hands as possible and give more people something to do. Content creation is expensive, it's not feasible to make entire raids that almost nobody will play.

    Carbine never learned this lesson, and so created content that isn't getting used while players sit around with nothing to do. They were *surprised* to learn more people were playing solo than doing raids, which is utterly baffling in todays market. Were they not paying attention to every other themepark MMO's customers?

    Maybe they will reverse course in time to salvage the situation, but if they want to cater primarily to the hardcore raider only, they should expect sub numbers that reflect that demographic. Or they can open it up some and appeal to a much wider group of people.
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  • The Secret Developers: Wii U - the inside story

  • Tridus 12/01/2014

    @arty Fair enough, but the article mentions that Nintendo gave this developer tools for Visual Studio and they didn't work. They had to spend time and talk to another studio to figure out how to get them to work.

    That is not cool. If you're going to give someone tools for an environment like Visual Studio, those tools need to work.
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  • Tridus 11/01/2014

    When you get down to it, it's the tablet controller that does the Wii U in. Making it is so expensive that it drives the price up significantly. This system isn't in the same league as the PS4/XB1, and selling it at anything resembling a similar price is suicidal with the upcoming parade of killer third party games on those systems. Those third party games being ported over don't use the tablet in any kind of must have way, and the rest of the game winds up being inferior due to the slower hardware everywhere else.

    It's good competition for the 360/PS3, but because of the tablet it's priced well above either of them. So it doesn't do well in the low end of the market.

    What's it good at? It's a Mario Box. It plays first party Nintendo games, and there's always a lot of quality first party Nintendo games (eventually). At it's current price point, though, the market has shown pretty clearly that a Mario box is a tough sell. If it were $200 with no tablet? It'd have a MUCH easier time.

    Bottom line is that the tablet isn't a feature the market has shown much interest in. It's not selling systems like motion sold the Wii, and it's driving the price up so much that it harms the system elsewhere. Too bad there's nothing Nintendo can do about it now.

    (All that said, stuff like not looking at your competition's networking platforms when you are trying to emulate them is just unforgivable. That's basic stuff. Same with inferior toolchains. Any time spent tinkering with bad tools is time not spent developing, and big publishers HATE that.)
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  • Tridus 11/01/2014

    @arty Yes, nothing "separates the men from the boys" like wasting time with inferior tools just because.

    Here in the real world, productivity matters and tools are there to make things faster. You want your developers developing, not dealing with shoddy tools.
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  • Tomb Raider has sold 3.4 million copies, failed to hit expectations

  • Tridus 27/03/2013

    Squeenix's management is a total joke. These expectations are totally out to lunch. Sleeping Dogs in particular was never going to get GTA sales numbers as a new franchise. Anybody who thought so was delusional.

    On top of that, they've been losing tens of millions on FF XIV and continue to dump money into that black hole, just in time to get into a MMO market that is shunning subscription games left and right.
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  • New Age of Wonders 3 gameplay video shows empire building and leader classes

  • Tridus 27/03/2013

    So excited to see this coming along. I played the previous games to death in my youth. Reply 0
  • Tridus 27/03/2013

    @razvanflorentinpopes Because they started this a long time ago, before Kickstarter. Plus, a lot of Kickstarter projects are outright failing to get funding these days. (Over 20% don't even get halfway.)

    If you can get Notch to invest directly, why bother with the overhead of Kickstarter?
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  • Maxis attempts to explain why SimCity is always-online as players discover code for 20-min offline force-shutdown timer

  • Tridus 18/03/2013

    Maxis has to be one of the dumbest companies on the planet. After how many times they've already been caught red handed lying about the capabilities and requirements of this game, you'd think they would know better than to do it yet again.

    But no. Instead, we get this BS about a lame "vision" and how it's "required", when in fact someone just put a timer in to disconnect after 20 minutes. Comment that out and add local saves (which is really easy since it's already writing stuff locally between server syncs) and you're most of the way there.

    The sheer amount of stupid here is just phenomenal.
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  • Maxis promises it will fix SimCity's silly Sims and traffic

  • Tridus 15/03/2013

    @lucifon Maxis said flat out that people have jobs and homes and go between them. It doesn't do that. People actually follow a simplistic "go to the first residence. If it's full when you get there, go to the next closest one" algorithm.

    And yes, if you've seen half your city population wandering around like total morons looking for a place to sleep every night and creating traffic jams for no sane reason except Maxis can't code their way out of a paper bag, you should be upset.

    It's pretty annoying having these fanboys say "don't be mean to the poor company, it's not their fault that it doesn't work like they claimed it would!"
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  • Tridus 15/03/2013

    @Kill_Crazy Actually it's not, EA isn't giving refunds out.

    And if you're enjoying it that's great, but the idea that people are "hating" on it because what Maxis said it could do is a bald faced lie and there is really little to no actual simulation going on here is a joke. The game's simulation is the equivalent of rolling marbles down a board with holes in it, and is buggy as hell on top of that.

    That's not good enough for many of us that expected something closer to Simcity 4 (aka: the last one that worked).
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  • Tridus 15/03/2013

    @Der_tolle_Emil Yes, I did. And even a compressed dump wouldn't work that well on cheetah speed, because 10 minutes is a VERY long time on cheetah speed and the city is going to need to know what's going on. You'd get weird behavior where sometimes the city is using the server's pathing, and other times where it's using the totally insane nonsense that it's doing right now.

    Yes, the Ars Review was scathing. The Tom Chick review was even more so. Most of the reviews before launch were positive, but those almost always are when it's an AAA game from one of the top studios with a huge marketing budget. You can read into that what you will.

    The only explanation I have for this fiasco is that they originally set out to make a game that could actually work the way they described. At some point they discovered that they couldn't actually do it and started cutting corners. It'd explain things like why there's actually only 15,000 agents in a city no matter how many people there are (any population after that is just extrapolated and fudged). I believe that because I can't believe that they set out to do something this absurd from day 1. No developer with pride ever does that.

    It's sad really. If they had taken the model in Simcity 4 and tuned it up a bit along with the new UI, people would have loved it.
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  • Tridus 15/03/2013

    @Der_tolle_Emil Your job is to take a game that's running on my computer, that barely stresses my computer, and make it run on a server for no apparent reason?

    Yes, what EA said it was doing is impossible without a really high speed connection. You can't transfer data on that many agents back and forth constantly on a poor connection. It simply wouldn't work. (And since the game works just fine for 20 minutes with no connection at all, they're clearly not transferring anything essential all that often.)

    Even if it did it, it wouldn't make any sense to do it. Dual cores and higher are very common now, and they can do this easily. Do you really think EA has some kind of supercomputer in the background running this overly simplistic "simulation" for every single city, on a game with no subscription? They'd never make any money that way.

    It's DRM, and always has been. Sorry if you were ever naive enough to believe EA's lies on the subject.
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  • Tridus 15/03/2013

    @Murton Let's be honest here. EA/Maxis have been lying about the game since before release. They lied about the online requirement being anything other than DRM, they lied about it being impossible to make a single player version, and they lied about what the simulation is doing. (When it comes to traffic, there isn't actually a "simulation" at all for any real meaning of the word, there's just a simple "run around and fill buckets in order" algorithm.)

    It's a disgrace.
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  • Tridus 15/03/2013

    @Kill_Crazy I'm glad you have such low standards that the simulator part of a city simulator not working is "still a great game". Reply +1
  • Tridus 15/03/2013

    @Capn_Franky Oh, QA knew. QA knows a lot of the time, but QA is basically the lowest run of authority in the game industry.

    If management wants the game released, what QA says is totally ignored. It's happened quite a lot in the past, and given how absurdly broken this game was at release it almost certainly happened here.
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  • Tridus 15/03/2013

    @Der_tolle_Emil Nonsense. There is no server simulation and there never was. The very idea is absurd - The data requirements to simulate thousands of sims on the server would make the game unplayable for people without very high speed Internet.

    I swear some people hear that it's using the cloud and they think it's some kind of magic.
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  • Tridus 15/03/2013

    How nice of them to fix it once gamers and the press caught on. Maybe next time they'll do the proper thing and fix this type of absurdly broken simulation BEFORE releasing the game. Reply +1
  • Maxis looking into fixing SimCity traffic problems as complaints grow about pathfinding

  • Tridus 13/03/2013

    So now that the game works, we can start to realize that it's not actually a very good game in the simulation department, either.

    Let's just call this one a failure and move on.
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  • SimCity launch debacle: EA admits it was "dumb", says sorry with a free game

  • Tridus 09/03/2013

    @JorgeLuisBorges The sweedish version of the site did, yes. It's the highest review listed on Metacritic at 100/100. Reply +8
  • Tridus 09/03/2013

    So uhh... about that 10/10 "GOTY CAndidate!" review that you folks at Eurogamer put up? Want to rethink that? Even EA admits this was a fiasco.

    As for EA... they're incompetent. Everybody except them knew the servers would get hammered. There is no excuse for this, particularly when it's a game that only requires servers in the first place because EA decided to force it to be that way.
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  • Gamer anger grows as SimCity debacle threatens to turn ugly

  • Tridus 08/03/2013

    @RinuCZ Not at all, Eurogamer Sweeden gave it a 10/10 instead. Reply +2
  • Tridus 08/03/2013

    So have you guys rethought your 10/10 review yet? Because it looks pretty absurd right now. Reply +3
  • Tridus 07/03/2013

    The only people on the planet surprised by this debacle all work at EA, because they're incapable of learning anything from all the other games that have had the same problem.

    It's a joke, and at this point some games need to bomb and bankrupt a producer before the rest of them will get the hint.
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  • As Origin server woes render SimCity unplayable in the US, EA "confident" all will be well for Brits on Friday

  • Tridus 06/03/2013

    EA creates a point of failure for a single player game that has a history of failing.

    It fails.

    EA acts surprised.

    Why do I get the feeling that major game companies are all run by morons?
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  • Japanese weekly Wii U sales fall below Vita's for the first time

  • Tridus 27/02/2013

    It's just not a very interesting system. It's woefully underpowered compared to the PS4, doesn't do anything new or unique except for the gamepad, and it seems not a lot of people are that interested in the gamepad.

    Expect this trend to continue, particularly when the next gen hype machine gets going.
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  • Ubisoft "hurt" seeing Rayman Legends Wii U fans upset at delay, extends new olive branch

  • Tridus 19/02/2013

    Management has no confidence in the Wii U. That's what it comes down to. They don't think it'll ever recover and be worth making exclusives for. Reply -3
  • Sony announces PlayStation Vita price-drop in Japan

  • Tridus 18/02/2013

    @SpaceMonkey77 Yeah, a portable that can play Steam games would be pretty awesome! Reply 0
  • Tridus 18/02/2013

    Sony's mistake with the Vita was making it too expensive to manufacture. They put in too much hardware that's gimmicky and drives the price up, in a market that is extremely price sensitive. Then for the cherry on top, they made it use those insultingly overpriced Sony memory cards.

    Now they don't have the flexibility to lower the price to where it needs to be without harming the company bottom line, and the company bottom line is already in rough shape.

    Remove the camera, the rear touch screen, 3G, and make it use SD cards. Sell it for $150. Now you've got a competitor.
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  • Tridus 18/02/2013

    @SpaceMonkey77 The Vita is far more expensive to produce than the 3DS is due to the expensive (and fairly pointless) stuff in it like the rear touchscreen and 3G (which is now the same price in Japan as the wifi one for some reason).

    If they get to the same price and the memory cards become not insanely overpriced, Sony will lose a ton of money on them.
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  • Aliens: Colonial Marines "primary development" outsourced to Section 8 developer TimeGate Studios - report

  • Tridus 12/02/2013

    It's funny... Duke Nukem Forever put out by Gearbox? Not their fault.
    That lame Hammerlock DLC for Borderlands 2 put out by Gearbox? Not their fault.
    This game put out by Gearbox? Not their fault.

    Gearbox is really good at taking credit for success and deflecting blame for failure. They have their name on the box and they're charging $60 for it. That makes them responsible for what's in the box.
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  • Ubisoft promises Wii U-exclusive Rayman Legends demo after fans vent anger at delay

  • Tridus 11/02/2013

    Publishers don't have confidence in the Wii U. That's the takeaway here. (Well, that and Activision flat out calling it a disappointment.) Reply +1
  • 3DS has surpassed PS3 lifetime sales in Japan

  • Tridus 14/12/2012

    Geez the Vita isn't selling well anywhere. Earth to Sony: drop the price. Reply +2