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  • Crackdown 3 delayed until spring 2018

  • Toothball 18/08/2017


    I don't really think that it'll take another 8 years for them to finish this game, but then no one thought that when they first announced Duke Nukem Forever. I was just joking that this was how such a delay starts.
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  • Toothball 16/08/2017

    This could be the new game that is in development forever but eventually gets released! We went from Duke Nukem to Last Guardian, and with Shenmue 3 on the way we needed a new one.

    Hafl Life 3 doesn't count as they're not actually making it.
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  • Lovefilm by Post to be closed forever on Halloween

  • Toothball 15/08/2017

    I used LoveFilm for a couple of years to rent 3D movies, as these never hit the streaming services in the UK. It was a good way to get more use out of my 3D monitor without having to spend loads buying films and documentaries of uncertain quality. I enjoyed being able to see a decent range of implementations of 3D in films, from cheap action after effects to really well rendered animations.

    After a while I'd worked through most of their selection of 3D and found I wasn't really making use of my subscription on 2D movies. I enjoyed it while it was there though.
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  • Modern N64 controller a Kickstarter success

  • Toothball 11/08/2017


    I think Goldeneye is the reason I play FPS games with inverted Y axis, as it was the only option at the time. When I played it more recently with friends used to non-inverted controls they complained and insisted we change the controls. I had a chuckle when there was no invert option to be found.
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  • Toothball 11/08/2017


    When I first played Goldeneye I actually preferred 1.3 controls, as I didn't really get the whole "trigger button to shoot" idea. It's now hard to imagine going back.
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  • Toothball 11/08/2017


    Sounds like the 1.2 Solitaire controls. They seemed weird when I first played, but just right now.
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  • Toothball 10/08/2017

    I had an odd experience with the N64 controller not so long ago. I'd dug mine out of storage for a round of Goldeneye with friends. In the nineties I played with the usual controls, left hand on the thumbstick for movement, right on the C buttons for a bit of strafing. But after many years of playing twin-stick FPS games, I found myself using the mythical Left Position, with my left hand on the Dpad and right on the analogue stick for aiming. For the first time it felt like the shape of the N64 controller actually made sense, nearly twenty years after I first held one. And with it I proceeded to defeat all of my friends, who had forgotten that Goldeneye didn't let you un-invert the camera. Reply +9
  • Battlefield 1 now free to download from Origin and EA Access

  • Toothball 10/08/2017


    Headline should have been "BF1 free on (Origin and EA) Access". Classic grouping error there.
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  • Arms gets a proper training mode and more in latest update

  • Toothball 09/08/2017


    I've been in a similar situation. When I got Arms it didn't work on my Switch, so I had to send it off for repair. I eventually got it back on the day Splatoon 2 launched, so that has got most of the attention so far.
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  • Hellblade deletes your save file if you die too many times

  • Toothball 08/08/2017

    They did a similar thing in Steel Battalion (the giant controller game). When you start the game you had a budget for buying your robots, and earned more money by completing missions and could upgrade to better robots. But if your robot was destroyed - usually from too much use of the ejector seat button - you lost the money for it, and if you couldn't afford another robot you were fired and had to begin again. Better still, if your robot exploded and you didn't eject, you were killed outright and had to start again.

    I liked the idea of it but suffered from a couple of missions featuring difficulty spikes, so had a few restarts from the beginning. Never did finish that game, but it's still on the shelf.
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  • Yes, you can still jump into haycarts in Assassin's Creed Origins

  • Toothball 08/08/2017


    That joke doesn't get any funnier with age you know.
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  • Can sports data analysis figure out exactly how much Mario Kart screws you?

  • Toothball 04/08/2017

    While this article focuses on the randomness versus skill factors of remaining in first place, have you ever tried to hold on to second place? I find that it tends to be much harder to hold onto second place and catch up to first than it is to hold on to first place. The reason is that from second place onwards you're increasingly more likely to get better power ups, such as red shells. This usually results in everyone from about 2nd place to 8th - an area I like to refer to as "The Fight" - constantly switching places due to power ups.

    On numerous occasions I've been desperately trying to make some ground on the player in first, only to get hit by a series of items consecutively and find myself in last. While this is happening, 1st is left alone to extend their lead. For those times, the Blue Shell is very welcome, as it means the race isn't always decided from the first corner.
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  • Toothball 04/08/2017


    GP Mode with your set of classic weapons might seem like a way to balance it, but it would make the game very easy to finish with a bit of practice. At that point the GP mode would be more of a formality than a challenge.

    The game still rewards skill if you have it, you just need to minimise the time that the randomness can affect you. If you're far enough ahead, getting hit by a couple of blue shells doesn't matter.
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  • Love it or hate it, it sounds like Mario Kart's Blue Shell is here to stay

  • Toothball 21/07/2017

    I spent a while frustrated with the blue shell, but with Mario Kart 8 I made my peace with it. I've come to accept that a degree of randomness is core to the Mario Kart experience, and that no matter how far in front you are the person in last can still feel empowered to affect the outcome of the race no matter how skilled they are. Driving skill is still important in a Mario Kart race, but it's not the only factor involved.

    I find the best way to deal with blue shells is to be far enough in the lead that getting hit doesn't matter. And winning a race after getting hit by two of three of them is extra satisfying.
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  • Splatoon 2 review

  • Toothball 18/07/2017

    My Switch has been stuck at Nintendo's repair centre for the best part of a month so I'm going to miss the Splatoon 2 launch. Had a great time with the original though so I'll be warring for turf as soon as I can. Reply +2
  • Arms' first DLC character is out next week

  • Toothball 07/07/2017

    I'm still waiting to play Arms at all. I downloaded it on launch but it crashes on my Switch. Sent it off to Nintendo repair who have been sitting on it ever since. Reply 0
  • Summer Games Done Quick starts

  • Toothball 03/07/2017

    Save the animals! Reply +10
  • Someone's already beaten Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC's tough new Trial of the Sword

  • Toothball 30/06/2017

    On the subject of that spoiler

    In one of the Memories, Zelda says something about being able to hear the sword, and it makes the Fi noise. I've not seen the new scene but presume it's the same sound.

    When I heard it, I was very concerned that Fi was about to appear and carefully explain everything I had done, and everything I still needed to do in great detail.
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  • Nintendo Switch has sold over 1m units in Japan

  • Toothball 28/06/2017


    I enjoyed the way that in your comment suggesting that Eurogamer have listed figures to present a specific perspective, you managed to do exactly the same thing yourself. There were two other Nintendo consoles on that list that you've missed that makes your suggested headline irrelevant.
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  • Xbox July Games with Gold includes Grow Up, Kane & Lynch 2

  • Toothball 27/06/2017


    If you like Speedrunners then you'll probably at least get along with Runbow. I find that the higher player count is great for parties, and watching the last surviving players botch important jumps is as entertaining to watch as to play.
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  • Toothball 27/06/2017

    Runbow is a tremendous game. It is similar to Speedrunners but features up to nine players, has a colour-change system that livens up every race and is way funnier than Speedrunners. Reply +4
  • Arms review

  • Toothball 16/06/2017


    As an aside, I think Rocket League may have taken a bit more time and effort to create than you'd expect. Danny O'Dwyer produced an interesting documentary on it, worth a watch if you have a chance -
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  • Toothball 16/06/2017

    Does the game crash after about a minute for anyone else? I had this trouble during the Testpunch but put it down to pre-release issues. I had it installed to the system memory at the time, and have been running the full game from an SD card.

    I'm re-downloading to the system memory, but afterwards I'll probably get in touch with Nintendo's support. Haven't seen this issue with any of my other games so far.
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  • Original Xbox games coming to Xbox One via backwards compatibility

  • Toothball 12/06/2017

    Need to find a way to plug in my Steel Battalion controller. Good to know the disc will work fine though. Reply +2
  • Arms Global Testpunch will refuel with more modes for this weekend

  • Toothball 30/05/2017


    I don't have an SD card in my Switch at present but that's a useful observation. I had wondered if I had some sort of storage issue with the internal memory, but I've downloaded all my games so far and haven't had this issue with any of them.

    I was considering trying the opposite of your solution, by installing to an SD card and seeing if that had any benefit but I didn't have one spare at the time. I might try that plan with one of this weekend's sessions.
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  • Toothball 30/05/2017

    Did the Testpunch crash on anyone else's Switch after about a minute? I couldn't get through the tutorial on mine, and it would even crash during the demo play that runs after the title screen. I did all the usual fixes, redownloading, restarting, redditing and so on, but couldn't get it working.

    It did work perfectly on my girlfriend's switch though and I really enjoyed it. The motion control is sufficiently accurate for throwing punches and dodging around, and I got a lot of exciting matches out of it. The lobby system worked pretty well too, with matches forming from your selected group pretty quickly. Looking forward to the finished game!
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  • Monster Hunter is heading to Switch

  • Toothball 26/05/2017


    That's good to know. I may check in with them again one day. The people who I knew who played it assured me that the payoff for time invested was great, but at the time there were many other games to contend with that got to the fun much sooner.

    A Switch version is certainly more appealing as a follow up as I bought both the Wii U and 3DS versions intending to take my progress with me to work and online, but ended up not doing much with either. At least this way you just need one copy of the game for that use case.
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  • Toothball 26/05/2017

    I tried to get into Monster Hunter on the Wii U but never got the hang of it. Seems like a perfect fit for the Switch though. Reply +10
  • Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers review

  • Toothball 24/05/2017

    While I wouldn't buy this for the current asking price, I do remember Street Fighter 2 Turbo launching on the SNES for 60. I'd only managed to persuade my parents to buy me the original a month or two beforehand, so was unsuccessful when I asked if I could upgrade.

    Last year I finally got my upgrade when it came to the Wii U Virtual Console for 9, so I'll probably stick with that for now.
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  • Extra Nintendo Switch dock costs 80

  • Toothball 22/05/2017


    There were suggestions early on that the dock contains some kind of decryption circuitry, since USB to HDMI connectors don't work. Presumably something to make it harder for third party peripheral manufacturers to produce alternatives.
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  • GAME launches unattractive new 36 loyalty card scheme

  • Toothball 20/05/2017


    Good result, I think mine is having trouble scanning these days. It's also mostly held together with tape.
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  • Toothball 19/05/2017

    I was in Game at lunchtime and got the sales pitch. Apparently if you don't gain points to cover your subscription fee, any remainder is refunded as reward points. Makes it a little better but I still don't find myself tempted to sign up. Reply +1
  • Toothball 19/05/2017

    I'm a member of Game's Vintage loyalty club. It's the same as their regular loyalty program, but my card still says Electronics Boutique. My aim is to one day present it to a Game staff member who is younger than the card. Reply +41
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe patched to remove offensive arm-clench gesture

  • Toothball 18/05/2017

    In patch note news, I was dismayed to hear that

    "Worldwide" and "Regional" modes add players to Mirror and 200cc matches less often.

    I've been looking forward to seeing more 200cc in online play. The 100cc matches are too frequent and slow for my tastes.
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  • Here's our first good look at Splatoon 2's story mode

  • Toothball 18/05/2017

    The splatoon coloured Joy Con look great, I just hope the release the opposite coloured pair at some point too for extra coordination.

    Actually, I also hope they don't release it as I'll end up wanting to collect all the colours.
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  • Nintendo Switch Dock Set hits the UK in June

  • Toothball 10/05/2017

    A few of us at my work have been considering this for one of the meeting room TVs we have, so maybe we can split the costs for one. Previously I've brought in my Wii U and other consoles for lunch time gaming with great success. Reply +1
  • EA reckons 40% of console game sales will be downloads by the end of 2017

  • Toothball 10/05/2017

    I switched to digital initially on portable consoles for convenience of not needing to carry around a pouch of games, and then later for everything when digital releases became more standard. I did enjoy collecting games for many years, but having to haul boxes of them around whenever I move was getting more taxing each time. It's also great to be able to pick a game of a hard disk instead of digging through the collection to find a game that I have a sudden urge to play. Reply +2
  • Live-action Zelda escape game lands in London this July

  • Toothball 03/05/2017


    I've been on a bunch of them in Scotland, 60 for five people has been the average rate and some places I've seen advertising more.
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  • Nintendo Switch shifted 2.74m units in its first month

  • Toothball 27/04/2017


    Ah, cheers.
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  • Toothball 27/04/2017

    Any idea if that Zelda figure includes downloads? Some proportion of the Switch-owning population will have downloaded it, meaning that a potentially larger number of people bought more than one copy of Breath of the Wild than even these numbers imply. Reply +5
  • Looks like Mario Kart 8's controversial fire hopping has been nerfed on Switch

  • Toothball 19/04/2017


    You can select a subset of items while setting up a multiplayer game on the Wii U version, including no items at all. I tried racing without items a couple of times with different groups of friends and each time it and it became boring quite quickly.
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  • Toothball 19/04/2017

    Pink sparks?! I don't remember seeing those in any Mario Kart games before. Those are going to make 200cc even faster. Reply +8
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild's new patch removes infinite arrow exploit

  • Toothball 12/04/2017

    I thought enemy arrows stopped hanging around after a few shots anyway. Guess I wasnt looking hard enough for them. Reply 0
  • Boo! Ghostbusters game suddenly releases for PlayStation VR

  • Toothball 22/03/2017

    Is it based on the original crew, the new one or some random other non movie characters? Could be a laugh either way. Reply +2
  • Jelly Deals roundup: Call of Duty, Nintendo Switch cases, cheap Xbox Ones, and more

  • Toothball 19/03/2017

    For Switch screen protectors, I got the Premium Hori one, and while it was better quality than normal screen protectors and went on without issue, it was starting to come unstuck a little especially when the console warmed up. Its RRP was 15, and it wasn't worth that. I have recently replaced it with one of the Orzly glass protectors, which cost 8-10 for two on Amazon. I split the cost of a pack with a friend and the result was excellent. Feels nicer to touch than the screen itself, and gives greater piece of mind that you won't get left with a permanent scratch. Reply +1
  • New For Honor emotes spark fresh debate about the cost of Steel

  • Toothball 17/03/2017

    Doesn't really seem worth the money, but as usual if they're selling it there must be people buying. Reply +1
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has a new unlockable character for beating its hardest difficulty

  • Toothball 11/03/2017


    I never expected there to be any way to transfer saves between versions. I'm looking forward to doing it all again in fact.
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  • Toothball 10/03/2017

    I finished 200cc on the Wii U, albeit not with three stars in each cup, but I'm looking forward to doing it again. Collecting 10000 coins to get all the gliders unlocked is going to take a while though. I held Mario Kart evenings to discretely persuade friends to harvest coins for me, but now many of them have their own Switches so won't be so easy to persuade! Reply +3
  • Super Bomberman R review

  • Toothball 09/03/2017


    The cost of the Switch, game and extra controllers is an undeniably large amount, but the extra chargers are arguably an unnecessary extra. It would be straightforward to charge any controllers in advance of playing with them, so your totals are slightly inflated.
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  • Snipperclips review

  • Toothball 08/03/2017

    The main set of puzzles were tremendous fun, and my girlfriend and I were a little distressed when we ran out. Planning to give the party mode a try in the near future. All in all it was definitely worth picking up, hopefully we'll see more! Reply 0