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  • How the Yakuza helped sell Nintendo's first game

  • Toothball 17/02/2017

    I liked the hanafuda 3DS that was on the table in the gambling den. It's a really nice faceplace and I couldn't resist importing one when I saw it either. Reply 0
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild hard mode, Cave of Trials part of Ł17.99 season pass

  • Toothball 14/02/2017

    There have been a couple cases of Zelda games with extra dungeons along the way, through either enhanced versions that you had to buy again (like the Colour dungeon in Link's Awakening DX, and Four Swords on Link to the Past GBA), or through extra purchases (Wolf Link dungeon in Twighlight Princess HD). So far they've all been nice to have but are far from essential.

    We'll see eventually how it turns out this time, but either way it doesn't seem like there'd be a great need to pay for this on launch day. I think I'll wait until I finish Breath of the Wild, then decided whether I want a dungeon of more trials or some extra story.
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  • Watch: Chris plays GoldenEye 007 for the first time

  • Toothball 12/02/2017

    I tried playing Goldeneye a few months back and against my instincts fell immediately into the habit of playing with the 1.2 Solitaire controls. They seemed absurd at the time, asking you to move with the C buttons and aim with the stick, but they also allowed you to move with the D pad. Nearly twenty years after the fact, I found myself comfortably using the left positon on the N64 controller, which I'd never even considered before, and winning over everyone trying to remember how games worked in the nineties.

    Amusingly for me, after one round everyone else wanted to switch the Y axis, after discovering that Up was Down. When we checked the menu we found no such option, and I realised that Goldeneye was the game that means I always invert my axes in modern games.
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  • Nintendo's latest mobile gamble doesn't quite pay off

  • Toothball 09/02/2017

    Instead of getting into Fates I started playing Awakening, which had been sitting on my 3DS for a few years after a sale but left largely unplayed after I got it in a buy some games, get one free deal. Now I'm ravenously playing it every chance I get and won't need to spend any extra money on the character lottery at all! Reply +7
  • Being Player Two is rubbish

  • Toothball 06/02/2017

    Who else remembers the Wild West mission in Timesplitters 2, where player two was locked up in jail until player one broke them out? Sounds terrible when I describe it like that, but it was great fun to play out. That said, I think I was player one in that scenario... Reply +10
  • Hitman: The Complete First Season review

  • Toothball 31/01/2017


    The whole thing will be available in a single package by the end of the week. It was mentioned in the review in more than one place.
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  • Nintendo Switch touchscreen shown in action for the first time

  • Toothball 24/01/2017

    I presume they've included a touch screen as these days it's more strange for a screen in your hands not to be touchable. Won't be all that useful at home when its docked, but it seems like it'll be useful on the move. Reply +4
  • After an eight year hiatus, Consolevania is coming back

  • Toothball 23/01/2017

    @JiveHound That was the Independent Charles. It was great but I don't think most of the Xbox crowd were ready for it. Reply +2
  • Zelda will be Nintendo's last game for the Wii U

  • Toothball 20/01/2017

    I've had many great times with the Wii U, especially when I've brought it along to gaming evenings. Nintendoland's asymmetric multiplayer games were always a hit, as was Mario Kart. Getting eight player battles in Smash Bros was chaotic fun, and I've even had as many as nine players on at once with a little-known indie game called Runbow. No matter how many of them were sold overall, my one has provided many evenings of laughter and fun. Reply +4
  • Game based on Warhammer 40,000's Necromunda announced

  • Toothball 18/01/2017

    I played a great deal of Necromunda with my friends during my formative years, will be interesting to see what they make of this. Reply 0
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild download fills almost half Nintendo Switch internal storage

  • Toothball 16/01/2017

    This seems like it should only be an issue for anyone who currently buys physical games but is considering converting to digital. Those who have already chosen to go digital with the Wii U or other consoles probably assume they'll need extra storage whatever platform they choose, and those who prefer physical copies will presumably continue with that. Anyone on the fence will probably stick to physical. Doesn't seem like there will be much of a fuss at all. Reply +2
  • New year's resolution: Let's stop screaming

  • Toothball 08/01/2017

    I used to spend much of my time screaming on a forum. Then one day the server was compromised, as it was during the season during the late 00s where many sites were getting hit. It was down for a few weeks in this instance, and while I was annoyed at first I found myself better off for it. I spent time playing games instead of complaining about them, and when the forum did re-emerge I didn't feel like going back at all. I much prefer enjoying what's good now, rather than complaining about what's bad. Reply +6
  • Square Enix Twitter recovers followers after hack

  • Toothball 06/01/2017

    Good work not crediting those responsible. Other sites seem to have posted screenshots of the tweets, giving them extra coverage. I think reporting that there was a breach is fine, as some people may be left wondering why their following lists have changed. Reply +15
  • Free Overcooked Festive Seasoning DLC packs flamethrower

  • Toothball 02/12/2016

    Great news, we'd just got started on the Lost Morsel levels. The Flamethrowers sound mad though. Reply +1
  • Steam Winter Sale start date confirmed

  • Toothball 01/12/2016

    Steam sales are a lot more relaxing now that you don't have to watch out for limited time deals. Reply +18
  • The man who dared call educational Minecraft a "gimmick"

  • Toothball 01/12/2016


    I once got called out of a PE lesson to help another group get past the baby dragons in Granny's Garden, as I'd somehow managed it once. I'd been lucky at the time, but it got me out of PE.
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  • Board games understand the pleasures of taking things out of the box

  • Toothball 29/11/2016

    I get a bit conflicted when a game with a nice box like those pictured gets an expansion, as you can't then keep both in the same box without discarding the insert. I had to overcome my collector instincts earlier this year when I was moving and had to compress my board game collection, and the various tiny expansion boxes were the first thing on the agenda. Games like King of Tokyo and Spartacus had nice moulded inserts, but they were sacrificed in the name of space. That said, once I'd started it got easier surprisingly quickly. The games still work after all.

    The contrasting scenario of nice inserts that provide space for expansions provide an entirely different moral dilemma. Games like Machi Koro come with excessive space for the base game, but plenty to fill with expansions. That leaves me fighting urges to fill the box with expansions even before I've played the game.

    Either way, opening board games is great fun.
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  • Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is coming to PS4

  • Toothball 19/11/2016

    This one wasn't as good as the murder classroom games, but it was entertaining enough while it lasted. It was kind of interesting to see what sort of stuff was happening while the main games were going on Reply +5
  • The 48-hour Elite Dangerous rescue mission to the edge of the galaxy

  • Toothball 17/11/2016

    That was a nice story, although I can't help but imagine that if it too place in Eve, Chiggy would have flown all the way there just to scam Macedonica. Reply +2
  • Nintendo launches new 3DS messaging app Swapdoodle

  • Toothball 17/11/2016

    Nice to see Nikki return, although it's cutting it close to the Switch release. Should get a few chuckles from this at least. Reply +1
  • Nintendo announces US Legend of Zelda live puzzle escape game

  • Toothball 16/11/2016

    Wonder if they'll make people play an actual tennis match with someone dressed up as Ganon. Reply +3
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon review

  • Toothball 15/11/2016

    I may get back into Pokemon one day. I'm just waiting for the game where pokemon wander around visibly, like enemies in Dragon Quest 9 or Ni no Kuni. I burned out on running around in long grass and caves until I got pounced on. Reply -1
  • Nintendo Switch has a 6.2" 720p multi-touch screen

  • Toothball 27/10/2016


    That's what I was thinking. It'd be much easier to add game footage on afterwards without hands in the way of the screen.
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  • Zoe Quinn's next game is a far cry from Depression Quest

  • Toothball 27/10/2016

    It can't be long before we have to update Godwin's Law to allow for mentions of Gamer Gate instead of Adolf Hitler or Nazis. The correlation is nearly identical. Reply +5
  • Nintendo won't announce Switch launch date, price and games line-up until January

  • Toothball 27/10/2016


    They said it'd be released March 2017, rather than the 17th of March. The 17th would be a Friday though, so it's a potential release date.
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  • Civilization 6 review

  • Toothball 25/10/2016

    Does it have a touch interface this time? It was a neat addition in Civ 5, but it would occasionally refuse to drop a click meaning I had to find a mouse and click with it. Reply 0
  • Xbox Live Games With Gold for November announced

  • Toothball 24/10/2016

    Soul Suspect is probably most fun if you resist trying to collect all the collectibles and just work on solving your murder. The collectibles are hidden all over the place, sometimes behind walls that you can walk through. This means that you end up spending most of the game walking backwards and forwards through areas, rubbing yourself up against every wall you can see in the hope of finding a button to press. The reward is a short piece of audio about someone's death that makes you wonder why you spend so much time looking. Do yourself a favour and stick to the story, as you'll have a moderately entertaining gaming experience instead of a long and dull one. Reply 0
  • GAME charges people to try PlayStation VR in its shops

  • Toothball 24/10/2016


    Paying a deposit is used in many situations to confirm your intent to buy something. The aim is to avoid people pre-ordering something but then not showing up to collect. In that case a company might be left paying for more of the item than they can sell, or losing a customer who would have bought the item but was told there were none available.

    It makes sense for a company to ask for a deposit, but these days there's rarely a situation where you can't obtain a copy of a game on launch day. Paying a deposit to ensure you can get one from Game is rarely necessary for a customer.
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  • Toothball 24/10/2016


    I don't think it's a good practice either, I just think that the consumer will be able to recognise that from the prices listed without it needing to be labelled as a controversy.

    You're right about there needing to be more encouragement for people to get into VR though, as I'd also like to see it grow. Sony should have reps out there in places like John Lewis in the same way that they have reps selling their TVs, rather than relying on Game doing something like this. With the early adopters already on board, they're going to need to show people VR in person, as no amount of video or testimonials do the experience justice.
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  • Toothball 24/10/2016


    I'm not so sure it's doing any harm to Sony. Most people here are levelling complaints entirely at Game, although I expect that there is some arrangement with Sony involved in promoting it.

    You're likely correct that it will dissuade some people from buying a VR headset who may have done so based on a free demo, but then this is impacting on Game's margins rather than the consumer's wallet. No one will be worse off for not buying into VR after all.
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  • Toothball 24/10/2016

    I like how all it takes to label something as controversial these days is a handful of tweets. Game aren't doing any harm in offering this, and people are quite welcome to not take them up on it. It's up to them to make their offers appealing, so time will tell if this works or not.

    I wouldn't pay for a VR demo either, but I don't find myself angry that Game decide to charge for it. I even plan to bring my headset into the office later this week so that anyone interested can see what the fuss is about without having to go to Game.
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  • The pervy Ł68 microtransaction for a Ł30 Steam Japanese schoolgirl game

  • Toothball 21/10/2016

    Headline is a bit Daily Mail, I'm sure most people here are capable of drawing their own conclusions about this.

    I think it's funny, and I'm sure there are people out there who would pay for such a thing.
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  • Outside Xbox branches out with new channel Oustide Xtra

  • Toothball 19/10/2016

    @kevinkdobdobson Dan also started a production company, making videos for other companies rather than Youtube. They do a reasonably entertaining podcast if you're into those - Reply +2
  • Toothball 19/10/2016

    So this is what Ellen left Xbox On to do. Seems like a great position to land in.

    I always enjoyed the way Outside Xbox was able to talk about other consoles while still being a predominantly Xbox channel. It'll be good to see them open to cover some other platforms outside their various list videos.
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  • Sunless Sea - Zubmariner review

  • Toothball 19/10/2016


    I'm not a regular to the roguelike genre but I gather it's a fairly standard pattern; you play, you learn a bit, you die and then you try again. I didn't find myself with much patience to iteratively learn the game, but did enjoy the run aided by some guides.

    For your efforts, you get an interesting tale of a dark and sinister sea. There's a fair amount of sailing to be done with not much to see, but the time spent sailing makes things more interesting when they do happen. I don't expect I'll play a great deal more, but I have enjoyed it.
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  • Toothball 18/10/2016

    My first couple of attempts at Sunless Sea ended miserably, with me being sunk by giant crabs and then being stranded in London with no money. My third run faired better after I looked up some guides, although I'm still having trouble gaining anything near profit from my voyages as most of what I earn goes on fuel and supplies, and venturing any further out leaves me struggling. I managed to produce a scion, so it's a little tempting to abandon that run and start another, more efficient one. But that would lose me quite a lot of progress. Reply +1
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is coming to iOS and Android this winter

  • Toothball 13/10/2016

    Apollo Justice seems like the game they really started telling an ongoing story about Wright and Co that has continued through the more recent instalments. I find myself playing the newer ones as much to find out what's happening to the characters as to solving mysteries in court. Reply +1
  • Battlefield 1 and Yooka-Laylee awarded Games of Show by EGX attendees

  • Toothball 07/10/2016

    I was lured into the Yooka Laylee kickstarter. I just hope it doesn't take years to materialise like most of the video game kickstarters I've backed.

    Glad to also see Overcooked high up on the list. I've been having tremendous fun with that game.
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  • Actually, I think you'll find the "time paradox" in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered isn't really a paradox

  • Toothball 07/10/2016

    Didn't the same thing happen with Metal Gear Solid 3 if you shoot Revolver Ocelot? Or any time you die? Reply +3
  • Gravity Rush 2 pushed back to 2017

  • Toothball 06/10/2016

    I am keen to play Gravity Rush 2, but I'm also getting into the VR lark next week. Plus, Last Guardian is due out in December too. Spreading the releases out a bit may not be so bad after all. Reply +6
  • The Eurogamer Podcast #14: Does anyone have a script for Aaron Paul?

  • Toothball 04/10/2016


    At the start, Bojack Horseman looks like it's going to be a show of cheap animal jokes. But it turns into a strong story about depression with some very entertaining characters. Well worth a watch.
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  • There's a new sound for rare Xbox achievements

  • Toothball 04/10/2016


    I tend to turn off all notifications for videos, but leave them on for gaming. They can be annoying, but there are reasonable options for turning them off if you want to.
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  • Toothball 04/10/2016

    I think I most enjoyed earning the achievements in Ilomilo. They weren't particularly hard for the most part, but each time you earned one some little characters popped up either side of the system notification and added a little fanfare. It was a neat little trick, but one I haven't seen in other games. Reply +3
  • Bulletstorm remaster dated for 2017, published by Borderlands studio Gearbox

  • Toothball 29/09/2016

    We're seeing so many HD remasters from last generation as games were costing more to develop than ever at the time. I'd expect publishers are wanting to make back some of that cost, especially in cases where the game didn't perhaps sell as well as they'd wanted to. Reply +6
  • Nidhogg 2 announced for next year, with weird new art style

  • Toothball 29/09/2016

    It's a different look, but if it generates half the number of laughs as the first one did it'll be worth it. Reply +4
  • First Forza Horizon nears "end of life" status

  • Toothball 26/09/2016

    This sort of thing is an artefact of licensing external sources for physical print runs of games. A publisher licenses a car, some music, Wayne Rooney's face or whatever for as long as they thing they'll be printing copies of a game. After that time expires they may be able to extend the license for some amount of time if it seems worth it. If not, it expires and they stop making physical copies. New copies then slowly disappear from the shelves. Used copies may still be in circulation, but those are a finite resource and can eventually disappear or increase in price depending on demand.

    Now that games can be sold without the need for physical distribution, perhaps it would be worth publishers taking out longer term licenses so that games on digital stores can remain there for longer. Or perhaps they just look at the numbers and decide that it's not worth it. Sometimes the source doesn't want to renew the license either, leaving the publisher no option to continue selling the licensed game.

    Neither solution is perfect, but it's no reason to oppose all digital game distribution. There are myriad games release every week from developers who do not have the resources to commit to a worldwide release of physical copies. This is just a side effect of the existing licensing arrangements not quite keeping up to date with changes in technology. The lesson for now is that if you want something, make sure to get it while you can.
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  • And that's that for fan game Pokémon Uranium

  • Toothball 22/09/2016


    Yeah, that was sort of what I was getting at, I just couldn't remember the difference between copyright and patents when I wrote that. Point was that there was more to this case than just the Pokemon name.
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  • Toothball 22/09/2016


    That would avoid the trademark issues, but many cases there are claims to be made based on the contents and mechanisms of a particular game. Individual elements can often be patented, like the arrow above your car in Crazy Taxi, or Namco's now expired patent on having mini games in loading screens.

    If you make something more than a bit similar to someone else's works, they may be within their rights to come after you for it.
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  • Firewatch Xbox One suffers last minute delay in Europe

  • Toothball 22/09/2016


    Good to know, it's a lovely wilderness to wander. I may even remember to use the camera this time.
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  • The Eurogamer Podcast #13: Ironman Bratt

  • Toothball 20/09/2016

    Great, I've been hit with something of a podcast drought in my subscription list lately. This should fill some of the afternoon nicely. Reply 0