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  • Jeff Minter "beyond disgusted" with Atari over TxK block

  • ThreeOutsideDown 19/03/2015

    @spamdangled Not an idiot, no.

    Minter 'made' Tempest 2000, yes, but this wasn't Minter's IP, it was Atari's based upon Atari's original IP of Tempest created by Dave Theurer.

    At best Minter is likely infringing the Atari owned Tempest IP by what is termed 'passing off'. This is when someone tries to sell a 'new' piece of work on the back of another IP owned by a third party. A judge could easily find in Atari's favour for this if this came to court due to the branding, look and feel and promotional material that Minter has been putting out where he talks as if TxK is sequel to Tempest.

    At worst for Minter the similarities don't end there and if Atari can prove that any of the programming in TxK is based upon work that Minter did in Tempest 2000 then it's blatant copyright infringement.

    If this was another party rather than Minter working on TxK then there would be a good chance that Atari would still take this approach due to the 'passing off' angle alone. But as Minter has prior history with Tempest 2000 then it seems like Atari have a very strong case here.

    No wonder Minter doesn't want to take his chances in court with this, it would be money down the toilet as he has very little chance of winning.
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  • ThreeOutsideDown 18/03/2015

    Why the outrage?

    It looks pretty cut and dried from here that Minter is in the wrong.
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  • Phil Spencer's new vision for the Xbox One

  • ThreeOutsideDown 13/03/2015

    Too little, too late Phil. Show, don't tell.

    MS knows the console battle is already lost this generation which likely explains their gaming emphasis shifting more towards the PC.

    MS desperately needs stellar first party talent to have any hope of salvaging this generation. Considering the sub standard first party output at the tail end of the 360, the odds are very much against them turning things around.
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  • The Order: 1886 review

  • ThreeOutsideDown 21/02/2015

    A beautiful turd of a game. Reply -1
  • The God who Peter Molyneux forgot

  • ThreeOutsideDown 11/02/2015

    One of the best Eurogamer articles in recent memory.

    More like this and less click bait please.
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  • Yu Suzuki is looking into Kickstarter for Shenmue 3

  • ThreeOutsideDown 21/03/2014


    I'd rather he directed a new racing game.
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  • Crackdown retrospective

  • ThreeOutsideDown 24/11/2013

    One of my favourite games of the current generation.

    Such a shame that the sequel didn't deliver.
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  • What happens when free-to-play games aren't free?

  • ThreeOutsideDown 23/11/2013

    Microsoft is gonna Microsoft.

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  • PlayStation 4 will cost $399/€399/Ł349

  • ThreeOutsideDown 11/06/2013

    Just preordered my PS4 + Destiny at

    See Microsoft, that's all you had to do but you didn't listen.
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  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • ThreeOutsideDown 07/06/2013

    The 360 was my console of choice this generation.

    Like any good consumer I'll be voting with my wallet.

    Microsoft by clarifying their policies have made it very easy to cross their console off my next generation shopping list.

    It's their loss, not mine.

    No exclusives, games or features are worth putting up with these blatant anti-consumer practices.

    If Sony tries to pull something similar, they will be next.
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  • Wonderbook: Book of Spells review

  • ThreeOutsideDown 13/11/2012

    There was no way this was going to be anything but shit.

    No surprises.
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  • Molyneux appeals for donations as Curiosity server woes continue

  • ThreeOutsideDown 12/11/2012

    The CTO and/or Systems Architect would be fired if this happened in the "real world" outside of game development.

    There really is no excuse for not sufficiently load testing an application prior to launch and building in decent database scaling.

    If these corners were knowingly cut to minimise costs prior to launch then fair enough, you took a gamble and it didn't pan out as you expected.

    However, if the tech staff didn't alert management beforehand of these potential scalability issues prior to launch then 22 Cans really needs to recruit people that better understand these things.
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  • Editor's Blog: New Editorial Policies

  • ThreeOutsideDown 10/11/2012

    (ugh terrible phone on screen keyboards)

    That aside, EuroGamer should be commended for taking this positive action.

    Unfortunately other lesser sites are choosing not make any changes to how they do things.

    Well done EuroGamer.
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  • ThreeOutsideDown 10/11/2012

    I'm glad that a policy like this has been put in place.

    Although I'm disappointed that it took the public shaming from Rab's final lost humanity article to get gaming sites to realise that this was necessary.

    That aside, EuroGamer
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  • Editor's Blog: Lost Humanity 18 Aftermath

  • ThreeOutsideDown 30/10/2012

    I'm glad EuroGamer had the guts to publish Rab's original article.

    It was a complex issue and one that many websites would have preferred to shy away from.

    One thing that has been clear during this sorry episode is the large number of readers that feel under served and disappointed with the current state of video game reporting / commentary.

    I can only hope that this causes gaming websites to improve the quality of their output before their readers choose to get their entertainment fix elsewhere.
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  • Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos

  • ThreeOutsideDown 25/10/2012

    After reading the original version of this excellent article earlier today, I was disappointed to return this evening to see how things have played out.

    Gaming journalism needs more articles like this and writers like Rab that have the courage of their convictions to name and shame those that deserve it.

    I wish you the very best of luck with your current and future endeavours Rab, you will be missed.
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  • ThreeOutsideDown 25/10/2012

    This is one of the best articles that I've read on EuroGamer in a very long time.

    That is all.
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  • Notch's Minecraft follow-up is called 0x10c

  • ThreeOutsideDown 04/04/2012


    How can I tell what the game is trying to be? It's easy, I read the "list of things we hope to include" and draw my own conclusions.

    The key to completing development of anything is minimising the scope. The feature set of 268 is a rambling list of "nice to have" ideas. They will all take a significant amount of development effort and cold hard cash to pull off even with procedurally generated content.

    The odds of all of these disparate features coming together on time and on/under budget in a well honed perfectly balanced gaming experience are slim to none - in my opinion.

    Don't get me wrong here, as a public relations news release this is fantastic. It pushes all the right buttons to whet the audience's appetite and loosen their purse strings for when they start asking for cash for early access. They're selling the dream, not the reality. Letting their audience's imagination run riot for what the future might hold.

    The reality is far more likely to be much less spectacular. With vapourware ( ie. "list of things we hope to include" ) features cut back or watered down to be mere tokens of what they were supposed to represent.

    I don't have any sources to post, these are my opinions, not those of anyone else. I'm old and cynical enough to understand the ins and outs of marketing and how the product life cycle is managed from concept to production. Your mileage may vary and all that.

    For what it's worth, I haven't invested or backed the FTL game kickstarter. It's just a similar type of game (space, open ended, procedural, roguelike) that I think looks interesting from what has been shown so far.
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  • ThreeOutsideDown 04/04/2012

    It reads like a game designed by committee, trying to be all things to everyone and ultimately failing miserably. looks far more interesting and it's closer to completion too...
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  • Ex-Burnout, Fable, Eight Days devs announce iOS action racing game

  • ThreeOutsideDown 18/12/2011

    We hope it will show that touch devices can have rich console experiences designed for gaming on the go.
    The majority of people don't want traditional console experiences on smartphones.

    But I guess when the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail...
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  • Out This Week - 14/10/11

  • ThreeOutsideDown 12/10/2011

    Ace Combat looks like the 3D update of Desert Strike that we've been waiting for all these years.

    I'll definitely pick it up when it reaches bargain bin price levels.

    There's plenty of titles in my backlog to keep me busy until then...
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  • Sony's Gamescom 2011 press conference

  • ThreeOutsideDown 16/08/2011

    *yawns* Reply 0
  • Talk to the Handheld

  • ThreeOutsideDown 23/01/2011

    I could write a very long detailed post on this topic because I think there's some very obvious important things that the article doesn't even touch on.

    But I don't have the time at the moment :(

    Maybe later...
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  • Tim Schafer hits back at Bobby Kotick

  • ThreeOutsideDown 27/09/2010

    and people wonder why video game journalolism gets a bad reputation... Reply +3
  • Who would've improved Heavenly Sword?

  • ThreeOutsideDown 05/08/2010

    Who would've improved Heavenly Sword?

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  • Molyneux admits Milo is "contentious"

  • ThreeOutsideDown 05/08/2010

    it's not that the people aren't ready for different gaming content.

    the issue is that this concept piece does not look fun or entertaining and has zero appeal to core gamers or the mass market.
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  • Bizarre: Blur is about "s*** blowing up"

  • ThreeOutsideDown 14/08/2009

    sounds like it has a long was to go to beat "split/second" which seems to be having a similar theme - drive fast and blow shit up.

    split second e3 trailer where lots of shit is blown up!
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  • E3: Project Natal - Milo demo

  • ThreeOutsideDown 04/06/2009

    it might be breaking new ground but... i don't care. the technology maybe there if you like Eliza-like intelligence (cough) but to me it doesn't look like any fun, it looks like work.

    the best demonstration they could devise was a "babysit a stroppy 12 year old that needs to be spoken to like he's a retard" simulator?

    it's technology for technology's sake. it looks like they found the solution to a problem that no one is interested in.

    show me how this would be used to create/enhance an AAA title and i'll be interested. but at the moment i'd avoid games with this technology like the plague, it's just a gimmick and not a fun one at that.
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  • Heavy Rain - Mad Jack

  • ThreeOutsideDown 23/05/2009

    it's like don bluth's dragon's lair coin op from the 1980's.

    except now it has on screen prompts for which button / direction to press.

    woo ho... ugh.

    no thanks.
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  • Sex 'n' Drugs 'n' Rock 'n' Roll

  • ThreeOutsideDown 26/01/2009

    interesting article, although the game does sound shit.

    i'm amazed it even made it to the concept stage, nevermind full blown production.
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  • Leaked Battlefront III footage emerges

  • ThreeOutsideDown 17/01/2009

    without the star wars pornography, the gameplay looks very meh. Reply 0
  • Sony US slags off rival consoles

  • ThreeOutsideDown 08/01/2009


    marketers, they're as bad as politicians.

    you can't believe a single word that comes out of their mouths...
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  • Free Radical Design closes doors

  • ThreeOutsideDown 18/12/2008

    thank fuck i got out of the games industry when i did in 2001.

    it was clear to me back then that the industry would split into cheap and cheerful casual titles and mega budget blockbusters.

    it was obvious there would be no middle ground.

    for the smaller devs, the choice was simple, get out or starting turning out casual stuff.

    smaller developers don't have the time or resources to compete with the mega budget block busters. so they have to gamble that their own technology and brands can remain huge sellers when compared to the block buster titles with mega budgets.

    with the smaller developers being highly dependent on publisher's milestone payments (without the luxury of large royalty checks rolling in from past titles) they are at the mercy of their publisher and pretty much living a hand to mouth existence.

    if the publisher turns sour on them for whatever reason, the industry is so risk adverse that it would be impossible to find replacement project in the time before the next round of bills and wages arrive. it can easily take 6 months or more just to negotiate contracts even with a working prototype demo to show to puiblishers. if the developer has decently skilled staff, they're probably easily on 30k-40k/year per person, those outgoings can and do mount up very quickly.

    so for smaller developers with just one title in development, they really are walking on a high wire with no safety net. one foot wrong and it's all over for good.

    i wish the ex-staff of free radical all the best in their current and future endeavours.
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  • Wii wins out again in the US

  • ThreeOutsideDown 12/12/2008

    i love the smell of buyer's remorse in the morning.

    /apocalypse now mode off
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  • LBP is "going to be a hardware seller"

  • ThreeOutsideDown 08/08/2008

    LBP is "going to be the emperor's new clothes" is more like it.

    i honestly can't see what the attraction is. it looks like a competent browser flash game, nothing more, nothing less. certainly not a full price title.

    i can see the sack boy graphic gimmick wearing a bit thin after the first hour or so, when all the animation frames have been seen.

    put it in the drawer with lair, heavenly sword and killzone1 and all the other titles that failed to live up to the hype.

    when release schedules are barren of real block busters, polished turds get much more media exposure than they rightly should.

    "hardware seller" ? never, certainly not at the mass market unfriendly price point that the ps3 still sits at.
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  • No Haze for Xbox 360 or PC

  • ThreeOutsideDown 17/03/2008

    cabbadgecase wrote:
    "the source of the information is vague, no-one is quoted and nothing official has been said. is it really true?"


    you think they have professional journalists writing these articles or something?
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  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • ThreeOutsideDown 24/11/2007

    "Nobody is likely to be surprised at yet another NeoGeo fighting game but, as with so many of that overlooked handheld's line-up, SNK's King of Fighters is a superbly accomplished entry in beat-em-up pantheon."

    article written in a rush was it?
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  • Heavenly Sword

  • ThreeOutsideDown 21/07/2007

    i don't think there's any doubt that this game will be a great technical showcase for the ps3.

    but i've a nagging feeling that the gameplay is going to fall short of alot of people's expectations.

    time will tell...
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  • Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

  • ThreeOutsideDown 18/06/2007

    given the otherwise universal acclaim for wii re4, it seems more likely that the reviewer got out of the bed on the wrong side on the day of the review, rather than any major faults with re4 itself.

    it would've made more sense for the review to start off with what the reviewer's opinion was of re4 on the 'cube/ps2 before launching into their thoughts on the wii version.

    but going on past "offences", i would say that eurogamer would be more likely to get a review wrong than right anyway...
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  • Resistance: Fall of Man

  • ThreeOutsideDown 22/03/2007


    it can do "a whole lot of dead bodies"



    /cancels preorder

    nope, i'm afraid it's not a system seller for me.
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  • ThreeOutsideDown 22/03/2007

    has the fanboy rage about the review petered out already?

    come on, you 'tards!

    i'm sure you can get this comments thread to 300.
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  • ThreeOutsideDown 22/03/2007

    Where's JediMasterMalik? Someone just put down a PS3 title, expect him to be a little upset.

    he's camping out at the virgin megastore with the 4 other people, waiting in line for his ps3.
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  • Europe gets new PS3 hardware

  • ThreeOutsideDown 23/02/2007

    jiroczech wrote:
    There used to be some editorial comment on here, not just regurgitated press releases. How about some journalism?

    decent journalism isn't needed once a website's readership is large enough.

    once the userbase is large enough, people will come to the site just to read regurgitated press releases, if they're getting them fast enough.

    oh for the good ole days, i remember when all these message boards were just green open fields...

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  • ThreeOutsideDown 23/02/2007

    as i've written elsewhere on the forum:

    it wouldn't surprise me at all if there never was a blu ray diode shortage.

    and the only reason that sony delayed the european release was to reduce the ps2 hardware in the ps3 to more of a software solution for significant savings on the cost of production of the console.

    i guess we'll never know the real reason for the euro delay but being a cynical bastard i know what i think it is...
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  • Sony confirms 23rd March, Ł425 PlayStation 3

  • ThreeOutsideDown 25/01/2007

    /cups hand to ear

    can you hear that?

    it's ken kutaragi lubing up his cock just for you.

    you lucky lucky early adopters.

    you know you love it...
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  • MotorStorm dev looking to PS4

  • ThreeOutsideDown 13/12/2006

    second part of the interview is up now, right here

    and you can start bitching about it, here
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  • ThreeOutsideDown 12/12/2006

    there's an interview with the motorstorm developer linked on now for those that are interested.

    and for those that aren't interested, there's plenty of other good gaming news

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  • Sequels are 'high risk rather than low risk' - Evolution boss

  • ThreeOutsideDown 13/12/2006

    "I think we really proved ourselves and pulled it together at E3 this year. As a developer you thrive off feedback."


    the title failed to meet the standards of the highly publicised target renders.

    you failed.

    sure, it was rush job built on none final hardware, so that sony could tick the driving game box at launch because gran turismo was missing.

    but hey, you still failed.

    i'd hate to think what their vision is for ps4 titles... " ummm. it'll have cars in it'

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  • Drunken Jaffe goes mental

  • ThreeOutsideDown 04/12/2006

    this has been linked on since friday.

    please do try and keep up...
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