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  • BBC iPlayer finally arrives on Xbox One today

  • Tahllian 04/12/2014

    @RawShark Channel 5 app has been out a while. Reply +8
  • Nintendo's E3 digital event

  • Tahllian 10/06/2014

    Zelda looks a bit Cliffhorse ;) Reply 0
  • Going Hardcore in Diablo 3

  • Tahllian 23/05/2012

    A great article.

    I've rolled a Barbarian as my first Hardcore character. I'm approaching the end of act 2 and currently lvl18.

    I'm enjoying the game immensely on non-hardcore but hardcore is so much more enjoyable.

    I've come close to death so many times and it's such a rush. One fight I had a whole group of mobs left and single figure health. My health pot was on cooldown and fleeing was only going to keep me alive for a couple more seconds. I had no choice but to charge the enemy, do some damage and pray a health globe dropped. I guess I got lucky as my character survived.

    It makes you think about things a lot more and take more care. I highly recommend that everyone try it.

    I know death is probably inevitable eventually but the extra fun it's provided is more than worth it.
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  • The Xbox is 10 years old today

  • Tahllian 15/11/2011

    I was on the original Xbox tour demoing it before it was released in the UK.

    Bought the console on launch day and the same with Xbox LIVE - still have my console hooked up in perfect working order and all the games.

    Played so much Halo 2 and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow online :)
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  • Dance Central 2

  • Tahllian 24/10/2011

    Dance Central 2 is a great game and better than the first. Not happy about having to pay to import tracks from Dance Central though.

    I'm shocked it only scraped in at 40 on this weeks charts. I guess some of that is due to Batman: Arkham City.
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  • Halo: Reach Invasion mode goes live

  • Tahllian 10/05/2010

    Yeh.. 6v6 every time I've played it.. great fun :) Reply +3