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  • Saturday Soapbox: The magic of dedicated hardware

  • StriderGoL 04/05/2013

    I personally feel this article describes perfectly why SEGA are no longer the force they once were.
    I am a massive Dreamcast fan and to me that was the company at it's peak in terms of creative output, they knew the ins and outs of the hardware intimately and were able to push it in ways that 3rd parties could'nt (with maybe a few exceptions) and no matter what hardware you play these games on now you still see them as a 'DC' game.

    Even Soul Calibur, which was originally in the arcade, then on DC, is now seen as a DC game as it was the definitive version.
    I also remember Yuji Naka saying he could'nt do Phantasy Star Online on the PS2 as the hardware simply was'nt capable of hosting that game, whether or not that was true is irrelevant, the point he was making was that he built it around the strengths of one particular platform.

    I feel that these days games in some ways don't have that 'uniqueness' anymore and to me it's disappointing, when I got a SEGA game on DC it was usually bold, colourful, adventurous, it really felt like the developers were putting a certain kind of personality into the games whereas now it seems focus testing is all the rage and the desire to have said game spread across as many platforms as possible meaning it can come across as quite bland.
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  • Deus Ex: The Fall domain registered by Square Enix

  • StriderGoL 06/03/2013

    I know this is a teeny tiny coincidence but I find it interesting that the new Total Recall took a lot of inspiration from DE:HR and one of the coolest things in it was The Fall, which is now the new name for a Deus EX game?
    I know, tiny detail, still cool though ;)
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Buy-to-let gaming

  • StriderGoL 26/01/2013

    I worry that things like this are slowly suffocating the gaming industry, the problem is that the bean counters at these companies fail to look at the bigger picture.
    They release games like this and after they are released, check the download rate of paid for DLC that is being bought by consumers.
    So automatically they say, well 60% (for example) of consumers bought this and we made a bundle of extra cash off this so it's worth our putting this into more of our titles.

    The problem comes in when there are many people out there who refuse to buy the title at all as a result meaning overall sales will drop, so yeah, they may get more purchasers of €10 DLC but less buyers of a €40-50 game, so in some ways they actually lose more money overall.
    I personally used to buy a game every week a few years back, now I hav'nt bought one in quite some time, I had to spend my money on other things over the last few months, but now that I have money to spare again I am planning to pick up games I have missed (Dishonoured, ACIII) and I cannot wait for Bioshock Infinite, but now that I have learned to be more sparing with my money I'm in no rush to get DS3.
    It's enormously frustrating as I thought the first two were excellent (scared the crap out of me!) but after reading all this (and the co-op, action slant of the new one) it means I may just give it a miss altogether, I'm sick and tired of gaming companies seemingly bending over backwards to fleece gamers, and I fear in the long term it's going to do a lot of damage to the market.

    One final thing, yes games offer excellent value for money (mostly) but ask EA or Square Enix to look at a copy of season 1 of Boardwalk Empire or Game of Thrones, hours of entertainment, about the same price as a game (when they first come out) but NO DLC, you put the disc in, sit back and relax.
    They have to remember they are not just competing against games, they are competing against all forms of entertainment and by doing things like this they risk shooting themselves in the foot.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The story of the microtransaction

  • StriderGoL 01/12/2012

    To swing a tad off topic (even though the link was in the article), am I the only one who read the article on The Mechanical Turk?
    Damn good read, very clever how it was all put together and even more so how the secret was kept over such a long period of time.
    It also reminded me how freaked out I was with those kind of machines when I was a kid ( the machine in Tom Hanks movie BIG for example), something vaguely disturbing about them.

    As for micro-transactions, you do bring up a few good points but I have to say I was annoyed when they started to creep in as I knew where it would lead, the likes of Capcom should be ashamed, charging for content that should be on the disc at the start and others witholding missions etc so they can charge for them later.

    Thankfully a few companies out there still know how to give there fans value for money, and in some ways the old boxed model had it's advantages, remember Morrowind, Half Life, Warcraft III etc?
    Because they had to rely on boxed sales they could'nt give you tacky crap like a sword or horse for money, they had to give a substantial amount of content in the box for a decent price and it resulted in some stunning expansions which in a few cases would even end up better than the original game.
    Now with the freedom of digital downloads those days are long gone.
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  • Battlefield 3 dev DICE quadruples console servers

  • StriderGoL 24/08/2012

    Kinda regretting trading in my copy now, had'nt played in a while and was planning to renew my gold subscription when I heard about this 'rented server' stuff, and since I never had any interest in the sp I traded it in.
    Had I known they were gonna fix it I would've kept my copy :(
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  • This Wild West Zelda mash-up is actually worth watching

  • StriderGoL 08/08/2012

    I really enjoyed that, well put together and the actors look like they enjoyed it too, and I gotta be honest the two actresses were seriously cute!
    Would'nt mind seeing some more mash ups like this.
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  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted pre-order bonuses detailed

  • StriderGoL 16/07/2012

    Can they not just release a full game anymore?
    Splitting cars across different shops just makes things messy, what if you want two cars that are in separate packs??
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  • Retrospective: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

  • StriderGoL 15/07/2012

    On the subject of Tenchu, a retrospective on either the first or second would be most welcome!!

    As for TH, I only played the second one but it was brilliantly done, just pure gaming fun where you could literally lose hours playing it, very enjoyable game.
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  • Lost Humanity 1: Fighting Talk

  • StriderGoL 27/06/2012

    I can't believe Frankie Boyle is writing for Eurogamer!!
    And they even came up with a fake name and picture to cover up his real identity, brilliant! :P
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  • JAW in talks with US publishers over Stranger's Wrath HD on Xbox 360

  • StriderGoL 22/06/2012

    You can add me to the list of former 360 diehards, over the last two years it is fading however, I finally stopped renewing my gold membership a while back as it simply isn't worth it, the E3 presentations are awful now, I used to be fanatical about Halo (the first one is still my favourite game mind) but I was'nt too pushed about the latest one, don't get me wrong I'm sure it will be very good but MS might do well to remember the old saying 'familiarity breeds contempt', do I really want to see the same quartet of games (Halo, Fable, Forza and Gears) wheeled out every year?
    Of course not, I had an Xbox 1, then moved onto 360, at launch no less, but now I'm planning to buy a new pc later in the year, and to be frankly honest I may just stick with that, Steam and GoG sound fantastic, whereas MS just seem to want to be the Multimedia/Entertainment/Kinect company, while completely forgetting what got them there (thats GAMES Microsoft!!).
    I have become incredibly jaded with Microsoft and it has been very depressing to see all the people who launched Xbox 1 and focused it on games leave the company, how are they making the exact same mistakes Sony, Sega and Nintendo all made when they reached a period of dominance?
    Do they not read about the history of the games industry??

    Oh and one final point, sorry if this comes across as needlessly spiteful, but Don Mattress does my head in, Peter Moore was class, this idiot is the definition of a corporate suit.
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  • Nintendo's E3 2012 Conference

  • StriderGoL 05/06/2012

    It was Nintendos for the taking and they blew it, too many kiddy and lifestyle games, does nobody want core gamers anymore?? Reply 0
  • From Assets on VHS to Execs Going Mad and Journos in Jail: Eurogamer's E3 Memories

  • StriderGoL 03/06/2012

    For me as a 360 fan this E3 is going to be confusing, I have no interest in Kinect which makes me dread MS E3 conference as that was mainly what it was all about last year, and this article just confirmed what I've always thought about Don Mattress, he is a complete businessman, bland, boring, no personal opinion on anything and always follows the company line, I miss Peter Moore so much, both when I had the DC and he was Sega USA then again with MS, he seemed like a genuinely likable guy and he actually seemed to listen to what the fans were saying, Microsoft may lose me next gen unless they remember who got them where they are now, I will be paying more attention to Wii U than I thought I would and if that does'nt catch my eye I may just get a new pc.

    Sorry for going off topic!
    I've always loved E3, to find out the latest news, new game announcements and new hardware being shown, it's a great spectacleand one I feel is good for the games industry, lets hope this years one is a classic.
    Great article EG, really enjoyed it!
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  • Ubisoft discusses next-generation game budgets

  • StriderGoL 16/05/2012

    I understand that developers need to find as much revenue as they can, especially as games are somewhat cheaper now than they were in the 90's (remember SNES, N64 game prices?), whereas budgets have gone up but I hope they don't try to rip gamers off, leaving out features that should be in the finished game only to charge for them later is wrong, even worse is when said features are already on the disc (looking at you Capcom).
    As long as they don't go overboard, not every game needs DLC, and make it value for money then I have no complaints.
    I still miss the days when I bought a game, brought it home and played it though, no patches, dlc or whatever, the whole game was 100% there ready to be explored, I feel sorry for the younger generation just starting gaming now, makes me realise how lucky I was.
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  • Level-5 isn't trying to "protect" the JRPG with the "very Japanese" Ni no Kuni

  • StriderGoL 17/04/2012

    Please please please say this will get a release on Xbox 360, I hav'nt played a great JRPG since Eternal Sonata and Lost Odyssey!! Reply 0
  • Caine's Arcade: a nine-year-old's cardboard dreamland and a wonderful surprise

  • StriderGoL 11/04/2012

    That was a great movie, had me smiling, especially when he realised the crowd was for him, as someone above me said, it's nice to see people can still be awesome to each other, and frankly with all the depressing news around at the moment it's nice to see something like this! Reply 0
  • Much-loved indie video game shop Game Focus shuts down

  • StriderGoL 11/04/2012


    That place looks really cool, a pity there is nothing like that in Dublin (that I know of), thanks for the link!
    I'm already psyched for a feature on independent game shops, please do it EG, maybe one shop a week, with the article put up every sunday along with the retro review, that would be an excellent breakfast read (well as long as I'm not TOO hungover ;))
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  • Fable: The Journey Kinect criticism "unfair", say Fable's creators

  • StriderGoL 04/04/2012

    "When Mario Kart came out, nobody was going, what?! There's no jumping! That's not the next Mario game! What are you talking about Miyamoto! I hate you! I'm going to burn your house down and kill your children!"
    Yes but the reason nobody said it was they were all scared of Hiroshi Yamauchi sending over a bunch of heavies to rough you up for threatening his star worker!! :-P
    It was an added bonus that the game was quite excellent too..
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  • Capcom: survival horror market too small for Resident Evil

  • StriderGoL 23/03/2012

    This is what I always thought Capcom were doing since RE5, but why not be the market leader in one genre (survival horror) with a loyal group of fans, rather than another clone of a more successful game in an over saturated genre (action) were the fans will get bored quickly and drop your game when the next new shiny one comes along.

    The Resident Evil name used to be a collossus, now it's a pale shadow of its former self, I for one won't be buying it, RE5 was the first numbered Resi game I hated and RE6 seems to be going in the same direction.
    When you move back to survival horror Capcom give me a call.
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  • Shenmue 1, 2 HD to launch on PSN, XBLA - report

  • StriderGoL 16/03/2012

    I got Shenmue 1 when it came out at launch, got it home and played it all through Christmas, I had been waiting for the game for years and it did'nt disappoint, the characters, story, visuals, soundtrack, the whole world it was set in was stunning, even little things like the crunching noise as I ran through the snow, collecting the little SEGA toys in the capsules and of course the arcade game, it was a fantastic game.

    Sadly Shenmue 2 came out right at the end of the Dreamcast's life and though I bought it I never got to finish it, I still have both games but my DC is broken and can't get it fixed yet so I will be getting both at launch, can't wait to play these!!
    Dreamcast, what a console, still my favourite one, PSO, Shenmue, SoA, Grandia 2 and many many others, it was an embarrassment of riches!!
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  • Doom maker John Romero has "plans" for old-school FPS

  • StriderGoL 12/03/2012

    If he did make an old school FPS and truly gave it his all to make it the best game it could be I would at the very least be curious, I'm tired of the Romero beating now, yes he made a mistake, don't we all?
    But he still helped make one of the most influential games ever made and I hope he gets a second crack of the whip, he has been humbled by Daikatana, he won't make the same mistakes twice..
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  • Batman, Battlefield, Skyrim make BAFTA GAME Award shortlist

  • StriderGoL 09/02/2012

    Sorry to be 'boring' (as some people seem to be saying) but I picked Skyrim, easy choice really, I bought the game at launch and am still playing it now (120 hours+).
    Some people seem to think that because it's so popular now its cool to bash it while forgetting that it's actually an excellent game!!
    I do truly feel for PS3 owners as that must have been awful, and for people who just don't like it, thats perfectly fine, your choice.

    I personally love it, a brilliantly crafted game with some beautiful sights that make me stop and look in admiration (mountains, sunsets, the aurora borealis), quests and characters that pull me into the gameworld even more, and quirks that seem to be unique to The Elder Scrolls and give the game it's own unique character (I came out of Warmaidens in Whiterun the other day only to find a courier looking for me, naked apart from a cloth covering his nether regions, standing rock still outside, stood straight with his arms wide apart telling me he had a letter for me, classic!) and just downright FUN!!!!!

    I love shooters as much as the next person, but I think developers are forgetting we like games to escape from reality sometimes, we don't always want to be in Iraq/Afghanistan/random middle east country, it's nice to sit back and lose yourself in a world as amazing as Skyrim and remind yourself why gaming is such an excellent pastime.
    Well, thats my two cents!!
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  • Stylish Vita platformer Sumioni heading West

  • StriderGoL 13/01/2012

    I really wish somebody would give the Tenchu license back to Acquire and give them money to make a 360/PS3 Tenchu game, all we've had this generation is Tenchu Z, which while enjoyable enough was a shadow of the game Tenchu 1 & 2 were.
    Sorry for going off topic here, just hav'nt had enough ninja goodness this gen!
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  • Eurogamer's 10th Birthday! Nominate Your Top Ten Games

  • StriderGoL 31/08/2009

    Have been on this site for 6-7 years now but never registered, this has finally pushed me over though, bout time I reckon ;)

    My list is:

    1 Halo
    2 Bioshock
    3 Far Cry
    4 World of Warcraft
    5 Skies of Arcadia
    6 Sonic Adventure
    7 Phantasy Star Online
    8 Shenmue
    9 Warcraft III
    10 Call of Duty 4

    Though im kicking myself really really hard now, I should have Burnout 3 there instead of SA, I have it 99% complete and have played it for a ridiculously long time, sheer fun, vote for burnout 3 people!!
    And PSO isnt getting enough votes, surely im not the only one who had an amazing time playing that game, absolute bliss.
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