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  • Jelly Deals: Get an Xbox One Elite controller with a free game for £99.99 today

  • Spuzzell 13/02/2017

    PC gamer here.

    So I can buy the pad with Forza Horizon 3, then sell the game on eBay and get the pad for effectively £65?


    I need a reason not to do that. Please.
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  • Fans really want to have sex with Mass Effect's new alien

  • Spuzzell 13/02/2017

    "Mass Effect fans really want to have sex once."

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  • Nintendo's latest mobile gamble doesn't quite pay off

  • Spuzzell 09/02/2017

    I love Fire Emblem, and I don't like this.

    I don't even think it's well designed, it feels clumsy and clunky and the gameplay explanations are just awful.

    I'll give it another few days but right now it's meh. I'm certainly not paying anything for it.
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  • Resident Evil 7 at 4K: does resolution really matter?

  • Spuzzell 07/02/2017


    Why are you so pointlessly aggressive?

    It's ridiculous, it's not like you being a twat can change reality.

    I don't care if you're happy with a console, why you feel like someone is getting at you because they have a different way to play games is beyond me.

    On topic, I bought this, copied and pasted from the invoice:

    23" Asus VS239HV IPS Slim Monitor H 1 £114.28

    4GB MSI GTX 970 GAMING Twin Frozr 5 1 £290.36

    Cooler Master Devastator Gaming Bac 1 £22.79

    3XS Custom 1150 PC Bundle 1 £397.61

    That's a total of £837 including £9.99 delivery, which minus the Coolermaster stuff (a keyboard and mouse which was for someone else) is almost exactly the £800 I said.

    The 3XS bundle is a motherboard, RAM, i5 4690k overclocked to 4.6 GHz and cooling.

    I bought that in October 2014.

    I sold the components of my previous build I was upgrading from for around £300.

    So just... don't be such a needlessly aggressive twat.

    Particularly when you don't know what you're talking about. At all.
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  • Spuzzell 03/02/2017



    So about £90 more for the PC.

    It's hard to do exactly as the CPU in the PS4 Pro isn't worthwhile in the PC market so isn't available, but that build is pretty close to the PS4 Pro, albeit a little more powerful in the GPU and a little more expensive.

    But you would never build that if you were building a PC, because the components don't make sense if you aren't limited to them.

    You'd drop in a better CPU and downgrade the card and have a better machine for less.
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  • Spuzzell 03/02/2017


    The numbers are the numbers, how maths can possibly annoy you is beyond me.
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  • Spuzzell 03/02/2017


    Not really, PC hardware sells second hand too, plus you can keep hardware from generation to generation.

    I sold my previous graphics card, motherboard, RAM and processor for just over £300, so my build cost me £500 in real terms.

    I kept my case, hard drives and cooling set-up plus all the peripherals.

    The costs are so similar that it really doesn't matter, except when you dig into game pricing and online costs, where the PC is MILES better value.

    Basically. Consoles are more convenient, more expensive and much less powerful.

    Up to the individual if that bottom line is better for them, but that IS the bottom line.
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  • Spuzzell 03/02/2017


    Around that.

    Of course, I spent that £800 2 and a bit years ago when people were using their PS4s.

    Which cost them £350.

    And now another £350 on the Pro.

    So the PS4/Pro owner has spent £700 on hardware, plus £120 on Playstation Plus.

    That's £20 more than me for a lesser solution.

    The money side only tilts one way.. if you want a convenient console box, you pay for it in cash and a poorer relative experience.

    EDIT: Oh, and just FYI: I have a Steam link attached to my TV in the living room which cost me £15. So I have a 4K PC AND a TV console for less money than 2 and a bit years of console gaming cost a console gamer.

    And.. you can even get PS Plus, and play your Playstation games on PC. If you want, but you probably won't.

    It's better on this side, I promise.
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  • Did Nintendo download a Mario ROM and sell it back to us?

  • Spuzzell 19/01/2017

    These are fascinating and highly watchable, thanks! Reply +5
  • Brexit blamed for incoming UK App Store price rise

  • Spuzzell 17/01/2017


    I've read your previous comments.

    You voted to leave, and you are upset about being asked why.

    Maybe instead of being upset at the other side for being based on facts, logic and historical precedence you should be upset at those who misled you into voting for something the whole world apart from your little bubble is telling you is a disaster.
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  • Spuzzell 17/01/2017


    Since the treaty of Rome in 1957:

    There has been peace in Europe for the longest period in history.

    There has been the largest rise in wealth, living standards and quality of life in history.

    Since we joined in 1973, (when, by the way, we were bankrupt as a nation and needed emergency loans exactly the same as Greece just did) the UK has grown from an economy that was falling far behind the EU6 to the 4th largest economy in the world, despite being a small island with a mediocre sized population.

    These aren't things that are open to interpretation or idealogy.

    They are just the facts.

    I imagine you'll downvote them, as in your head that means they will just go away.
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  • Spuzzell 17/01/2017


    As I said, Leave lied, repeatedly and deliberately.

    Why aren't you furious that your vote was fraudulently taken? They lied to you.
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  • Spuzzell 17/01/2017


    As you voted to Leave I would hope you would be able to at least acknowledge the points I raised.

    You present logic and facts as attacks on you because you don't know how to respond to anything that isn't emotive.

    I didn't call you names, that's you inventing a reason to pretend to get annoyed about so you don't have to "engage" as you call it, or "debate" as I would.

    It's the classic straw-man defence of those who don't have any faith in their beliefs.

    The Leave campaign lied or misled or were incorrect on just about everything, as I said. You were either tricked into voting for them, or you didn't care.
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  • Spuzzell 17/01/2017


    I'm coldly logical on this issue now.

    Point me to one claim made during the campaign by the Leave side that still holds. For example, today we were told by our (unelected) Prime Minister we would be leaving the single market.

    And what did the Leave campaign say on that during the campaign?

    They said, and I quote: "Absolutely nobody is talking about threatening our place in the Single Market." - Daniel Hannan


    "Only a madman would actually leave the market." - Owen Paterson


    "Wouldn’t it be terrible if we were really like Norway and Switzerland? Really? They’re rich. They’re happy. They’re self-governing." - Nigel Farage


    "Increasingly, the Norway option looks the best for the UK" - Arron Banks

    Norway is in the single market. Switzerland is about to join.

    You don't know what you voted for. You were lied to and you should be furious.

    It's not judgemental or arrogant to be informed and to base your opinions on what is true, rather than what isn't.
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  • Spuzzell 17/01/2017


    No, sorry.

    One side of the argument had evidence, historical precedence, expert opinion, logic and humanity on its side.

    The other had vague promises of a return to a golden period that never existed, backed up by fear of foreigners, anger at our own government and lies on the side of a bus.

    Sometimes one side is just right and one side is just wrong.

    Anyone who voted Out is either a fool or a racist or deceived by people who trusted that you wouldn't bother checking up on what they claimed.
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  • Spuzzell 17/01/2017


    Yep. It's genuinely terrifying. They have essentially no idea what they voted for, mainly due to being lied to over and over during the campaign, but they are furious they aren't getting "it".

    They don't know what "it" is, but they're determined to destroy generations of building and achievement to get "it", and they blame the people telling them "it" doesn't exist for not providing "it", and point blank refuse to look at all the evidence or listen to the whole world telling them that "it" isn't real, and never has been.

    I honestly don't understand that level of deliberate ignorance.
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  • Spuzzell 17/01/2017


    You don't need THAT much education to know what to look for to be informed.

    I did Economics, History and Politics at A Level, and the main things it taught me was where to go for opinions that were more informed than mine, and how to find the information to challenge those opinions once you've found them and find your own.

    Plus reading Viz, obv.
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  • Spuzzell 17/01/2017


    Not pointing at you or anyone else for anything, just incredibly worried at the levels of understanding shown by so many people.

    "Fat Slags on Brexit Island". I'd read that.
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  • Spuzzell 17/01/2017


    Yes there is, if you don't understand history, economics or politics.
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  • Spuzzell 17/01/2017


    Yeah, because

    1: the contents of the speech were deliberately leaked ahead of the speech, so the selling happened the day before. Then when the profit taking happened the next day, people who don't understand economics look at the value going slightly up and go "wheeee! See! Brexit works! Yaaay wipe our ass."


    2: she promised a Commons vote on Brexit, which she has LITERALLY GONE TO COURT to prevent before, and no-one outside of Britain can quite believe that we would be stupid enough to vote for this suicide pact if given a second chance.

    The pound is still worth about 20% less than it should be, simply because of the Brexit vote... and we are still getting all the economic benefits of being in the EU.

    20% down, despite nothing having changed yet. Just the idea of it maybe happening devalued our country 20%. Maybe have a little think about what that says about what will happen if we actually do this.

    (also inflation is up to 1.6%, due again to the damage done to the pound. That figure was released today and would also have contributed to a rise in sterling.)
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  • Spuzzell 17/01/2017


    Don't be stupid. People fought in two world wars to bring Europe together as one and make it impossible for there to be another European war.

    Voting to leave what they died to bring about spat all over their memory and their sacrifice.

    Oh, and everything will be more expensive and we'll also all be poorer.

    Yay Brexit!
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  • Switch clicks in the hands, but on paper, it's in trouble

  • Spuzzell 13/01/2017


    Like I say. Build the Switch by all means. But make it a portable first, with TV play as a bonus.

    Apart from anything else, by waiting another 6 months Nintendo could have used the Tegra X2 in the Switch instead of the practically obsolete X1, meaning better battery life and vastly superior performance.

    Instead of doing that AS WELL as building a home console everyone could actually consider buying rather than just us Nintendo die-hards, (by the way, that's the reason for wanting a wide range of launch titles. Not everyone only wants to play Zelda) we have an underpowered expensive home console that is also a compromised handheld.

    I love Nintendo, always have.

    But this makes no sense. At all.
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  • Spuzzell 13/01/2017

    It's just so annoying.

    The Wii-U had no software and due to the expense of its almost universally unused screen controller gimmick was hugely underpowered for its price compared to its competition, so no-one bought it.

    So what do Nintendo do for their next console?

    The exact same thing, only this time online play isn't free.

    Do they just not bother with market research?

    If I were to choose between 3 broadly equal consoles with the same multi-platform titles by their exclusives, I would 10,000% always choose the Nintendo option.

    All they had to do was build a £350 console with £350 worth of power able to perform at the same level as the Scorpio and it would have 3rd party support all over the place, plus Nintendos exclusives and they would have cleaned up the home console market.

    Then they could have released the Switch as the replacement for the 3DS and cleaned up the portable market too.

    I just... GAH.
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  • In Theory: Can AMD Ryzen break the Intel CPU monopoly?

  • Spuzzell 08/01/2017


    There is zero hassle using any processor. You wold have no clue as to what you were running on without reading the BIOS boot.

    Don't fan boy over a CPU, come on.
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  • Nintendo patent hints at VR support for Switch

  • Spuzzell 16/12/2016

    So, like, 4 pixels per eye?

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  • Activision will let you try Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare free for five days

  • Spuzzell 13/12/2016


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  • Spuzzell 13/12/2016

    Saw the headline, and read the story and..


    I don't even want it for free.

    That's not a ringing endorsement.
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  • Man blows $1m of stolen money on Game of War

  • Spuzzell 12/12/2016


    The figures are literally laid out in the court filing.

    All you have to do is read it before dismissing it as rubbish.

    I hate this post-fact willfully ignorant mindset. It's how Brexit and Trump won.
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  • Final Fantasy 15's story is being patched

  • Spuzzell 07/12/2016

    Oh, they're putting a story in now?

    Probably a good idea.

    Still going to be about being One Direction though.
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  • Russian MPs call for FIFA 17 ban over "gay propaganda"

  • Spuzzell 06/12/2016


    There's 3 billion more of us than there were 30 years ago.

    TBH the planet and the species will last longer the more gay people there are.

    How can you say you don't think it's appropriate for a website to state that people should all be treated the same way?

    Without feeling utterly ashamed of yourself?

    It is beyond me.
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  • Spuzzell 06/12/2016


    It's a story on a government looking to ban the latest FIFA due to it having rainbows in.

    Point me to the government of a Muslim country calling for a ban on the latest FIFA due to it having rainbows in?

    Oh, you can't?

    Then may I suggest you sit down and shut up?

    Have a nice little nibble on Uncle Putins salami to calm you down?
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  • How Football Manager 2017 is making football fans panic about Brexit

  • Spuzzell 25/11/2016


    You're an un-informed mistaken fool, spouting meaningless platitudes and ignorant generalities.

    The damage your vote has caused is astounding, and will drag our country backwards for generations, and you have no idea why you did it.

    You should be ashamed.
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  • Spuzzell 25/11/2016


    Yep. There's no good in this situation at all, except possibly for the French and German financial sectors who will pick up most of our financial sector should anything other than the most gentle of soft Brexits occur.

    We will suffer huge damage for decades ahead, and Europe will hurt a bit for a few years.

    It's undoubtedly us who will take the larger hurt by a a long way though. Even Boris knows that.
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  • Spuzzell 25/11/2016


    There are 27 countries in the EU who will still be in the EU if we leave.

    There will be 1 country who will NOT be in the EU if we leave.

    It takes a special kind of snowflake to believe that it's the 27 who will suffer rather than the 1.
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  • Spuzzell 25/11/2016

    Will Brexit hurt the UK economically and make it harder to attract foreign workers and foreign investments, causing the UK to become maginalised internationally?

    UK Government: yes
    International governments: yes
    Financial experts: yes
    Premier League: yes
    Sports Interactive: yes

    Some Eurogamer readers: fuck you! SJW agenda! Salt! Salt! SAAAAAALT
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  • Digital Foundry's 2016 Black Friday/Cyber Monday top deals

  • Spuzzell 24/11/2016


    The pound is worth about 25% less than it was, and that's entirely due to Brexit.

    Importing a graphics card is 25% more expensive now.
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  • What does the Overwatch PS4 Pro patch actually do?

  • Spuzzell 19/11/2016

    The Pro is the first console actually designed to attempt flawless 1080/60.

    Expecting a 50% at best bump in hardware over the PS4 to deal with 400% more work (4k) is ridiculous.

    The PS4 Pro isn't a 4k gaming machine. It just isn't.
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  • Nintendo punishing Pokémon Sun and Moon pirates by blocking 3DS online access

  • Spuzzell 16/11/2016


    Are you kidding?

    It's the pirates that are crying, due to being busted for being scumbags.

    Everyone who isn't a thieving chav is laughing.
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  • Spuzzell 16/11/2016


    Piracy is shit, but pirating and THEN using the companies expensively maintained servers to play your pirated game on?

    That's both stupid and incredibly scumbag-ish.

    Personally I think it'd be great if Nintendo could brick the console itself until the game was bought properly.
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  • Spuzzell 16/11/2016

    Good, so long as Nintendo thought to include blanket bans from online services as a possibility in their TOS.

    Fuck pirates.
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  • Dishonored 2 launch sales down 38% on Dishonored

  • Spuzzell 14/11/2016

    I don't trust Bethesda games to work.

    It's that simple. If there's no advance review then there is absolutely zero chance of me buying any Bethesda title.

    I waited for Dishonoured to be released with all DLC and bugfixes and despite loving it and really wanting to play the sequel, as a PC gamer no advance reviews + Bethesda = not touching that with someone else's 10 foot barge pole.
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  • DiRT 3 Complete Edition is free on PC and Mac through the Humble Store

  • Spuzzell 11/11/2016


    I thought "Free? Great, I've wanted to play this for years!"

    Checked my Steam library to see what other Dirt titles I have.

    I have this already.

    So then I did a bit of browsing on Humble to see if there was anything else, and you know Driver: San Francisco? I've always wanted to play that too.

    So I checked Steam and yep. I already bought it.


    No more. No more games. Nope. Nope.
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  • The final Wii U will roll off Nintendo's production line this week

  • Spuzzell 01/11/2016


    Nothing to do with what format the games come on, the Wii U and Switch use completely different and incompatible processing systems.

    To run Wii U games on Switch would require software emulation of the Wii U hardware, which would then run the game. That's perfectly possible (cemu) but requires a hefty PC to run games at all, let alone run them perfectly.

    There's essentially zero chance of Wii U games ever appearing on Switch, they'd need to be completely, and I mean completely, re-written.
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  • Spuzzell 01/11/2016


    There's zero chance of backwards compatibility, the hardware is utterly different.

    I'd still quite like to buy a Wii U, but they're still asking around £300 for one plus the games I'd want to play, which... nope.
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  • NX is now Nintendo Switch, a portable console with detachable controllers

  • Spuzzell 20/10/2016



    Wasn't.. wasn't actually expecting to want one.


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  • Hearthstone announces new mode with $10 entry fee

  • Spuzzell 18/10/2016


    What? How is that in ANY WAY related to currency fluctuations?

    What is WRONG with you Brexiters oh my God.

    The damage you've fucking done and you have NO IDEA why you did it.
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  • Spuzzell 18/10/2016


    I'm sure that's true, and not just another un-informed and baseless Brexiter example of "yur, werl, EVERYBODY knows..."

    However, Blizzard do not do that. $10 worth of something from Blizzard has previously cost us in the UK £6.50.

    That will no longer be the case, as since the Brexit vote our currency has been going down the toilet.

    Thanks, Brexit.
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  • Spuzzell 18/10/2016


    It's valid to mention Brexit as Brexit is the sole reason why the £ is worth close to 40% less than it should be. $10 should be around £6.40, not £10.

    But it isn't, because Brexit means we're going to be very much weaker and poorer.

    Thanks, Brexit!

    Politicians are there to do the best thing for the country, not blindly follow misled and ignorant voters who hadn't the first idea what they were actually voting for, and in fact were told they were voting for something that never existed.

    I hope (and expect) that Parliament will vote to never enact article 50, it's a geo-political and economic suicide note.

    On topic: 1000 gold/$10? Fuck that. I've never gone beyond 6 wins in arena, and I've only done that twice.
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  • Sunless Sea - Zubmariner review

  • Spuzzell 18/10/2016


    Wash the sand out of your bottom.

    Sunless Sea is fabulous, its by far the game I've thought about most when not playing it ever.

    If you don't like stories and unsettling atmosphere then it's not for you.. if you just want to shoot stuff you CAN do that but it's not what the game is really about.
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  • Anti-Trump ad alleges candidate "mains Hanzo" in Overwatch

  • Spuzzell 15/10/2016


    "How can one reconcile with her getting money from regimes where women have no rights with being angry at Trump"

    OK, lets balance it out shall we?

    Clinton's charity has accepted donations from the middle East - Trump has sexually assaulted multiple women, raped his wife and is on trial next month for raping a 13 year old child.

    Yes, I think she gets to be angry at Trump.
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