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  • NX is now Nintendo Switch, a portable console with detachable controllers

  • Spuzzell 20/10/2016



    Wasn't.. wasn't actually expecting to want one.


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  • Hearthstone announces new mode with $10 entry fee

  • Spuzzell 18/10/2016


    What? How is that in ANY WAY related to currency fluctuations?

    What is WRONG with you Brexiters oh my God.

    The damage you've fucking done and you have NO IDEA why you did it.
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  • Spuzzell 18/10/2016


    I'm sure that's true, and not just another un-informed and baseless Brexiter example of "yur, werl, EVERYBODY knows..."

    However, Blizzard do not do that. $10 worth of something from Blizzard has previously cost us in the UK £6.50.

    That will no longer be the case, as since the Brexit vote our currency has been going down the toilet.

    Thanks, Brexit.
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  • Spuzzell 18/10/2016


    It's valid to mention Brexit as Brexit is the sole reason why the £ is worth close to 40% less than it should be. $10 should be around £6.40, not £10.

    But it isn't, because Brexit means we're going to be very much weaker and poorer.

    Thanks, Brexit!

    Politicians are there to do the best thing for the country, not blindly follow misled and ignorant voters who hadn't the first idea what they were actually voting for, and in fact were told they were voting for something that never existed.

    I hope (and expect) that Parliament will vote to never enact article 50, it's a geo-political and economic suicide note.

    On topic: 1000 gold/$10? Fuck that. I've never gone beyond 6 wins in arena, and I've only done that twice.
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  • Sunless Sea - Zubmariner review

  • Spuzzell 18/10/2016


    Wash the sand out of your bottom.

    Sunless Sea is fabulous, its by far the game I've thought about most when not playing it ever.

    If you don't like stories and unsettling atmosphere then it's not for you.. if you just want to shoot stuff you CAN do that but it's not what the game is really about.
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  • Anti-Trump ad alleges candidate "mains Hanzo" in Overwatch

  • Spuzzell 15/10/2016


    "How can one reconcile with her getting money from regimes where women have no rights with being angry at Trump"

    OK, lets balance it out shall we?

    Clinton's charity has accepted donations from the middle East - Trump has sexually assaulted multiple women, raped his wife and is on trial next month for raping a 13 year old child.

    Yes, I think she gets to be angry at Trump.
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  • Spuzzell 15/10/2016


    You understand that firstly you're repeating lies, and secondly, even if those lies were true:

    Clinton degraded women - Trump sexually assaulted women. And degraded women. And thinks women should be punished for having abortions. And is accused of child rape.

    Clinton proved her incompetency over Benghazi and lied about it(NINE, repeat NINE Republican Congressional investigations have found Clinton has no case to answer here btw) - Trump advocates war crimes, thinks Russia is justified in invading Ukraine and has lied repeatedly over his misjudgment on the Iraq war

    Clinton sent emails from her private server. Did she break any laws? Nope. Did she lie? Nope - Trump has encouraged a foreign power to hack his own countries governmental servers, and uses those illegally obtained emails from Wikileaks IN HIS CAMPAIGN ADS.

    Daesh is nothing to do with Clinton, and you sound like an idiot trying to pretend you think otherwise - Trump wants to ban every Muslim in the world from entering the USA, and wants to put the ones already there in camps.

    There is NO WAY you can favour Trump over Clinton in any of those scenarios that you think are reasons not to vote for Clinton.

    There just isn't.
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  • Spuzzell 15/10/2016


    They've all said why, because of the Access Hollywood tape and Trump then claiming he was just talking and would never actually do the things he said he likes to do.

    You have watched it, I assume?

    Understandably, these women didn't think that claim could be let to stand, and are now telling people why they know Trump isn't fit to be president.

    And he is NOT harmless. He's a sexual predator! He's unbalanced and unable to take advice and has been bankrupt multiple times.

    He'd be in charge of womans rights, the law, international relationships and the economy, and he's quite clearly shit at all those things.

    How can you vote for THAT instead of a competent yet cold and unlikeable woman?
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  • Spuzzell 15/10/2016


    "Clinton is the most despicable person on earth."

    She sent emails from a private server and didn't predict a terrorist attack.

    She's opposing a sexual assaulting, racist, multiple bankrupt, hatred spewing liar who wants to put an entire religion into camps.

    But yeah, clearly Clinton is the worst.
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  • Spuzzell 15/10/2016


    I think supporting either candidate was acceptable a couple of weeks ago though if you don't see a difference between the hateful stuff generated by Luckeys group and this then you should have a little think about yourself.

    Since just before the first debate though, anyone publicly supporting Trump is proclaiming their support for a someone who repeatedly sexually assaults and demeans women.

    His wife describes a violent rape he committed against her.

    Multiple women have come forward with accusations that he treated them exactly as he described how he treats women in the Access Hollywood tape. (and by the way, Billy Bush was fired for his part in that tape.. so apparently being president requires a lower standard of behavior than presenting an entertainment show)

    I don't know if you're aware that there is a court date in November for a trial where Trump is accused of raping a 13 year old girl.

    Anyone still supporting this man is either willfully ignoring the horrific behavior of Trump, or thinks that how he behaves is admirable, or thinks that raping and sexually assaulting women and girls is less important than sending emails from a private server.

    None of those beliefs deserve the slightest shred of respect.

    You can't really defend that.
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  • What happens when a tram collides with 100 people in GTA5?

  • Spuzzell 15/10/2016

    'Hilarious'. Reply +39
  • The StarCrafts Mod turns StarCraft 2 into a lovely cartoon

  • Spuzzell 12/10/2016


    No such game as StarCraft one, buddy. It's just StarCraft.
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  • Switch off your Galaxy Note 7 immediately, Samsung says

  • Spuzzell 11/10/2016


    It's not that the screen is curved, basically you just have touch sensitive sides of your phone with a display.

    It's sometimes useful. Media player controls are handy and what I find most useful is that even when my case is closed the side screen is still visible, so there's always a clock and notifications on show even when the screen is off and the case is shut.

    You can choose various things to display, like scrolling news headlines, weather apps, lots of fitness tracking stuff etc etc.

    It looks really nice as a design object, which is probably the main benefit.

    It doesn't come at the price of hurting anything on the large screen on the 7 Edge, on a smaller screen I would think it might be a little annoying to have the display wrap around at the edges though.
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  • Spuzzell 11/10/2016

    The 7 Edge is at least as good and probably better than the iPhone 7, just get one of those instead.

    You can use your headphones and everything.
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  • Watch: Final Fantasy 15 is making great strides

  • Spuzzell 10/10/2016

    Nope, can't get past the insanely annoying boy band protagonists.

    Hope you enjoy it but 40 hours being those tools would be a massive waste of my time.
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  • Gears of War 4 is smarter than it is sensational

  • Spuzzell 07/10/2016


    Since you liked the last snippet of a review so much, here's another:

    That may sound reductive—couldn't I leverage that same criticism at virtually any shooter?—but so many of Gears' contemporaries offer more player expression and interesting choice in how you approach combat. Far Cry integrates stealth and the environment. Doom emphasizes improvisation and rhythm. Halo gives you a freeform sandbox with half a dozen ways to approach any encounter. Gears of War 4 provides some fun weapon variety, but its fights are so linear, and enemies so simple and bullet-spongey, there's little opportunity for surprise or creativity.
    They think, very clearly, that it is a reductive, simplified game, for idiots or kids.

    Again, since you clearly aren't the brightest...


    You're weird.
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  • Spuzzell 07/10/2016


    Ha what the actual hell. Are you trolling me?

    You understand you just typed hundreds of words to attempt to justify calling someone a cunt for reading reviews?

    And you agreed with those reviews that the game - that you haven't even played - is stupid and childish?

    And you then said that anyone calling it stupid and childish is pretentious and offensive?

    And then you said anyone saying that people who like stupid childish games will probably like this stupid childish game is an elitist?

    Oh and you tried to use the term niveau LITERALLY in the same sentence as claiming elitism is wrong haa!

    I hope it worked in your head, because seriously. That is WIERD.

    In four languages.
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  • Spuzzell 06/10/2016


    You're WEIRD.

    Ars is a science and tech site. I've no idea why PC enthusiast is in the blurb, a cursory glance at the site itself would show you how inaccurate that is.

    That would involve both reading and intelligence though, so it's not fair to expect you to manage.

    You haven't played the game, and you're shown opinions from people who HAVE played the game, and your reaction is to call the person who read those reviews and forwarded them a "cunt", because... I don't know, because your Daddy hates you? Who knows.

    If you're a stupid adult, a stupid game aimed at kids won't bother you.

    You'll just enjoy the pretties and the exciting gun noises and the loud bangs and thats fine, exactly as I said.

    Don't get offended if you're a prick and some says, "Hey, this game is aimed at pricks, so if you are one you'll like it."

    It's WEIRD.
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  • Spuzzell 06/10/2016


    Oh, sit down and be quiet, little boy.

    I've posted two sections of reviews.

    Written by people who aren't me.

    At no point have I said anything either pro or anti GOW4, as I haven't played it.

    I've no idea what you're talking about, but then again, neither do you I imagine.
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  • Spuzzell 06/10/2016


    Shockingly, once again you have literally no idea what you're talking about.

    1: Ars isn't a PC site.

    2: They played the game on XOne

    3: Stop being weird. It's fine that people have different opinions. It doesn't mean you have to call them cunts to make yourself feel better for liking kiddie games.

    Oh and 4: I have no opinion on GoW4, merely posting the thoughts of people who have played it. You seem to be in love with the game already, despite never having touched it. You're... weird.
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  • Spuzzell 06/10/2016


    @Spuzzell and you are what those "intelligent adults" would call a "pretentious cunt".

    You are surely one of those who also think that Pokémon Go is also only "for kids" and not for "intelligent adults".

    Charming. You've certainly proved me wrong with your balanced and reasonable attitude.

    I feel like an idiot for assuming you were an insecure bro who would instantly call someone a cunt for posting other people's opinions on a topic.
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  • Spuzzell 06/10/2016


    Yes, well. I think since you're blindly defending a game you haven't played against the opinion of people who HAVE played the game - a game that is, in fact, the ESSENCE of brofist douchbaggery - that you might want to rethink that statement.

    Since the context of the line in the article was a humorous and good natured mocking of the pwn noob culture contrasted with having a freaking bath with candles, you're both wrong AND stupid.
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  • Spuzzell 06/10/2016


    And your source for that statement would be....?
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  • Spuzzell 06/10/2016

    Ars absolutely HATE the single player campaign.

    Before I praise the game any further, I have bad news to deliver: Gears of War 4's campaign mode might be one of the worst I've played in years. It's probably as bad as Battlefield Hardline; worse than any of the overreaching, later-era Call of Duty games. This mode is so bad, I originally dedicated this review's entire introduction to how much I hate it. I have since calmed down in various ways (soak in the tub, lots of candles, pwning noobs) to give the rest of the game a fair, deserving shake.
    They also point out how well optimized it is on PC, and how much of a wrench it is to go back to the campaign on XOne lowered settings at 30 fps after playing at 60fps on a decent PC.

    Ars think you should wait for Scorpio or play on PC if you buy this for the campaign, but they think if you buy this for the campaign you'll be disappointed anyway.

    They love the multiplayer though on both formats, so.. swings/roundabouts!

    I should point out that Ars is a site aimed primarily at intelligent adults, so if you're stupid or a kid you'll probably not be bothered by the campaigns flaws.


    And PC Gamer have the exact same problem:

    I kept waiting for Gears of War 4 to surprise me at any point. Hoping for it to surprise me. To give me an objective more interesting or nuanced than "pull this lever," combat arenas open enough to approach with multiple strategies or angles of attack, bombastic setpieces less predictable for anyone who's played similar games or watched any Hollywood action movie made in the past 20 years.

    I was still hoping when the credits rolled. Gears of War 4 is a slightly newer, much prettier version of a game I've played a dozen times before. It's an expensive-looking, well-made toy that I'll completely forget in a few months.
    Keep downvoting, kiddies. It changes nothing.
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  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 is almost definitely in development

  • Spuzzell 06/10/2016

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  • Beyond Good & Evil on PC goes free next week

  • Spuzzell 05/10/2016


    uPlay is fine. Just like Steam is fine, just like Origin is fine.

    Steam is the least nice to live with of those three, but that's by the by.

    It's a different coloured icon in your taskbar.

    That's it.

    Stop fanboi-ing over a shop, will you? It's 13 different kinds of lame.
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  • There's a Skyrim concert coming to London, but...

  • Spuzzell 30/09/2016


    I'm not a huge expert, but I've commissioned a few pieces and it's always been the same, you pay for the work not the performance.

    Once the scores are delivered then they are ours to do with what we want!

    I don't believe Hans Zimmer outright owns any of his film score works for example. I know in 2000 when he did a live concert he had to license the music he wrote back from the film companies.
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  • Spuzzell 30/09/2016

    It would be VERY unusual for a commissioned work not to include rights to the score.

    I would expect that this is an oversight in terms of Bethesda keeping the composer informed rather than anything else, though unless there's some weird rights issue there's really no need to tell the composer when you're performing the piece you paid him to write.

    John Rutter doesn't need to know when my choirs sing his music, once we've paid for it his involvement is finished.
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  • Destiny 2 will launch for PC, characters may be left behind - reports

  • Spuzzell 28/09/2016

    If you say "Destiny", everyone already sodding KNOWS what game you're talking about.

    Stop appending "1" to the end of it, there's no such sodding game as "Destiny 1".

    Talking about the sequel? It's called Destiny 2. To differentiate it from Destiny.

    Which is just called Destiny.
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  • Nintendo hardware sales in the Americas are worse than you'd expect

  • Spuzzell 27/09/2016


    Oh, come on.

    Did you even read the article?
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  • Spuzzell 26/09/2016


    Rock Band. That was such a raging success for Harmonix that the entire company was sold for $50.

    Meanwhile, Nintendo make millions by selling to their own captive audience without paying a cut to Sony or Microsoft, and have more cash reserves than anyone except God or Apple.

    But yeah, I'm sure you're right.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with COD Infinite Warfare on PS4 Pro

  • Spuzzell 25/09/2016


    No goddammit it absolutely does not mean that. As it clearly says, its graph that correlates screen size, resolution and distance to show what makes a visable difference.

    I don't give the tiniest of shits about this, except people talking uninformed rubbish really pisses me off. The least you could do is look at the fucking graph before you start to talk crap.
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  • Spuzzell 25/09/2016


    That's a graph detailing the distance at which a 20/20 human eye can resolve levels of detail.

    It's not "bullshite", it's scientific fact.

    Still, I'm sure you have bionic super vision and therefore it doesn't apply to you.
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  • Spuzzell 25/09/2016


    No, sorry, you're imagining it. At 4 foot with a 40" screen you'll struggle to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p.

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  • Spuzzell 25/09/2016

    It doesn't say in the article, but I assume the PS4 is running the game at a native 1080p? Reply 0
  • Pirates of the airwaves: How Sega won the hearts and minds of a generation

  • Spuzzell 25/09/2016

    It didn't work on me.

    I was only 6 or 7 years old but I so clearly remember thinking "you're not cool and scary, you're the home of a stupid blue hedgehog."

    That campaign was why I asked my parents for a SNES.
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  • Report: Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey secretly funded pro-Trump meme website

  • Spuzzell 23/09/2016


    "But he's not actually evil like Hillary Clinton."

    No, fuck off. One of them is a hatred spewing repeat racist who encourages the assassination of his rivals and lies without a seconds thought or a seconds shame, and the other is a cold, calculating woman.

    Trump is a monster, Clinton isn't very likeable. There is LITERALLY no decision to be made here when picking one of them as a leader, unless you're a moron who doesn't understand the things Trump says, or a racist white supremacist who actually likes what he says.
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  • Spuzzell 23/09/2016

    I can't stand Trump and anyone who supports him and his policy of hatred and fear earns my contempt in the same way as anyone who voted for Brexit earnt my contempt for voting for hatred and fear.

    But he IS still the Republican candidate. He is a legitimate political figure (I know, I know. But that's where we are). There's still a chance he will be president.

    I'm not sure that supporting Trump means you should have your business interests jeopardised in any other way than calling into question your ability to make rational decisions.

    I certainly don't think you should be publicly flayed for actively supporting a party that 45% of the American people will vote for.
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  • Yep, Hitler's in Sniper Elite 4

  • Spuzzell 20/09/2016

    I'm fine with killing Hitler, but I'm never buying a Sniper Elite title again after the horribly intrusive game ruining paid DLC in the last game. Reply -1
  • PES 2017 review

  • Spuzzell 19/09/2016


    Because the game doesn't have the licenses and this is a review of what the game does and doesn't do well.

    Are you new to this?
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  • Spuzzell 19/09/2016

    Until Konami stop effectively making an entirely different game for PC, then they can sit down.

    Actively spending time and money to deliberately make a worse product. It eludes me.
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  • Watch: Seven games we'd love to see remastered

  • Spuzzell 11/09/2016

    Dark Souls is only FIVE YEARS OLD for fucks sake.

    Next week: Johnny demands a remake of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
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  • Kingsglaive isn't a great movie, but it's a good intro to Final Fantasy 15's fascinating new world

  • Spuzzell 25/08/2016


    Did you read the actual review? It's a litany of why the film is bad, followed by "... but..... I feel like I have to like it because Final Fantasy."

    I don't think it's me being patronizing. It's me reading the review.
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  • Spuzzell 25/08/2016

    Sooo. The characters are unlikeable and inconsistent in their already unbelievable motivations.

    The plot is both nonsensical and tritely cliched (how is that even possible).

    The one note emotive manipulation is overbearing and dull.

    It has Aaron Paul in.

    actors like Aaron Paul

    (No, they really don't.)

    And you believed you liked it.

    Final Fantasy.

    The Stockholm syndrome of franchises.
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  • After a wave of fan outcry, Respawn is making big changes to Titanfall 2

  • Spuzzell 25/08/2016

    Gamers in "IT'S DIFFERENT SO I HATE IT" shocker. Reply +2
  • No Man's Sky offers new PC patch beta

  • Spuzzell 17/08/2016


    those AREN'T your videos? You mean you share them because you think they're GOOD?

    The hell is WRONG with you?
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  • Spuzzell 17/08/2016


    I don't get you.

    I mean, I do, in that you're riding this faux outrage to get a few views on your turgid videos, but.. have a little perspective for the love of God.

    I honestly feel embarrassed for you.

    This is what you chose to care about? That a game dev who will never know you exist might not have made the game you thought he would?

    Jesus, man. Sort your life out.

    I knew from the earliest previews this wasn't a game I wanted to play, it was clearly more tech demo than game. But it's his game to make? No-one owes you anything, you weirdo.
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  • There's a sneaky Half-Life 3 poster at Gamescom

  • Spuzzell 17/08/2016


    That's the whole point. Valve COULD do many things at once, but they aren't.

    Valve are building platforms for other companies to sell games on, Steam, VR, Steam OS, Steam Machines, monetizing mods etc etc.

    Any game designers they still have are busy designing hats and maps for CS and TF2 or heros for DOTA.

    If Valve wanted to make single player games, they could.

    But they don't.
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  • Spuzzell 16/08/2016

    Valve is now pretty much just a shop.

    I imagine that any rogue employees still trying to make games are hunted through the hallways of the building by Scanner drones wearing money hats and herded into pits of fire.
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  • Got a spare 50 minutes for a Final Fantasy 15 gameplay video?

  • Spuzzell 16/08/2016

    I just... I want the character you play as to get hurt, a lot.

    There is absolutely zero chance of me spending money to enjoy 50 hours of being irritated by my avatar.

    His stupid voice, his STUPID clothes and hair just blech God no punch him.

    Maybe you have to be 15 years old for this game.
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