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  • Elite Dangerous headed to PlayStation 4 in Q2 2017

  • Sorbicol 08/12/2016

    @wstephens0n - you can toggle 'flight assist mode' on and off in game to get Newtonian flight if you want. For high level combat it's practically essential. Reply +4
  • Fans revive Battlefield 2142

  • Sorbicol 27/09/2016

    Still the best Battlefield Game. With the possible exception of Bad Company 2.

    Damned if I know where my disks are though. There may be some rummaging through the loft tonight.
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  • Watch Endless Space 2's impressive, cinematic combat

  • Sorbicol 08/09/2016

    @Spanky It does seem to be a quirk of some of Amplitudes design decisions, all the female models on the game do seem to have visibly pronounced boobage. Odd. Mind you they wouldn't be the first game design company in the world to make that decision either. Reply 0
  • Best-selling Steam games of 2015 list has a few surprises

  • Sorbicol 05/01/2016

    So Civ V is still pulling in the cash for Firaxis/2K but Beyond Earth isn't? That's gotta hurt..... Reply +5
  • EA defends Star Wars Battlefront sales after GameStop claims launch "underperformed"

  • Sorbicol 03/12/2015

    Playing last night it was noticeable that more tha. One server I played on wasn't full. And that was in the walker assault / Supremacy modes which I believe are the most popular.

    No idea how much of that is because people with the season pass have moved to the new map / mode but even so I don't think it bodes that well for the longevity of the game.

    It's a lot more fun than I think a lot of people had given it credit for, but it is very situational. The lack of squad mechanics damn near cripples the Walker assault mode half the matches I've been in.
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  • Video: Elite doesn't care about you - and that's why it's great

  • Sorbicol 27/01/2015

    It's a game that you make what you want out of it. I'm currently trying to earn myself enough via combination of bounty hunting and trading before getting a decent ship, packing it full of engines and then heading off to explore - see Orion' s Nebula, The black hole at the centre of the galaxy, head off to the Galactic Rim.........

    Damn it, Someone has already beaten me to it.....................
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 3 details

  • Sorbicol 20/01/2015

    So not a word on the gaming breaking performance issues the second patch caused that rendered the game unplayable for myself and thousands of other players? Poor. Very poor indeed. Reply +9
  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2014 voting

  • Sorbicol 12/12/2014

    Why is Endless Legend not in this list? One of the greatest 4x games ever made. It should be in classic all time lists already. Reply +2
  • Elite Dangerous Beta 3 goes live

  • Sorbicol 29/10/2014

    How the hell I have resisted not just dropping the cash and buying into this beta I will never know. Full release cannot come quick enough Reply +28
  • These are the most popular games on Steam - report

  • Sorbicol 16/04/2014

    I reckon about 50% of my steam library remains unplayed. You collect a lot through humble bundles (which you normally only get for 1 game) some are sales purchases I haven't got round to yet and others I have no idea where they came from - or they are old games I've played plenty of times before valve started keeping all their metadata stats on their servers rather than your PC. I lost the 900 hours spent playing CS 1.6 when I upgraded a PC about 8-9 years ago for example. Doesn't mean I never played it! Reply +2
  • Games of 2012: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

  • Sorbicol 22/12/2012


    Currently 25% off in the steam sale. I think you can get it cheaper elsewhere on the interwebs though.
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  • Two generations of XCOM: Gollop and Solomon on this year's remake

  • Sorbicol 28/11/2012

    The remake is a terrific game on any level. Not without it's flaws admittedly - the reverse difficultly curve (much harder at the start than towards the end) and the slightly annoying restricted inventory system, but all in all Firaxis pretty much nailed it, especially the tactical combat which remains tight and fraught througout the game.

    I hope the DLC lives up to expectations too. However I have to admit I've been left a little underwhelmed with what's been revealed so far.
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  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown patch makes easy difficulty easier, fixes broken SHIVs

  • Sorbicol 02/11/2012

    I would start on Normal and learn to play the game first. You can always select Ironman mode if you want that little extra challenge.

    There is quite a jump from Normal to Classic, and you really need to get your starting strategy right in classic too or you'll quickly run out of countries and soldiers to support you. I've lost my first 6 attempts at classic after originally completing it on normal ironman in my first campaign.
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  • Sorbicol 02/11/2012

    Well that's two of the more irritating bugs done, lets hope they also fix the "aliens warping into the middle of your squad" bug too.

    Other thoughts: People need easier mode to be easier? What, really?!?
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  • Editor's Blog: Lost Humanity 18 Aftermath

  • Sorbicol 30/10/2012

    Just a relatively quick post.

    One of the issues that's been mildly overlooked here is the nature of the libels laws in this country, which (when you get right down it) is the major contributory factor in Tom's decision to edit the article, Rab's decisions to leave and Lauren Wainwright ability to shut down freedom of speech.

    As consumers, if we don't like what we've been reading, and if we don't like the way in which Eurogamer were threatened, then there is something you can do.

    Libel Reform have been actively campaigning against the current state of UK Libel Law for a number of years. There have been abuses of this law for a great many years about issues vastly more important than squabbles about whether or not games journalists are too cosy with PR companies.

    Sign the petition, write to your local MP. You can do something about it and stop abuses such as that perpetrated here.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Hard times are here again

  • Sorbicol 27/10/2012

    I think you miss the point that people like Dark Souls / Demon Souls because although they are very difficult, they are also very fair with it, they don't have to cheat to be hard. I remember playing CoD4 back in the day (was it really that long ago?) on Vetern difficultly and giving up in disgust. It was hard because of the AI behaviour, it was hard because because suddenly enemy fire never missed, it just endlessly spawned soldier until you hit some artificial tigger point and then would spawn enemies in the room you just cleared out and shoot you in the back. It was just cheap.

    The new XCOM and FTL however both pull off that same trick of being difficult but also being fair. It's a joy in XCOM classic mode to see the aliens actively pushing to flanking positions, using cover and pulling back even when they are giving you a pasting. You might be getting beat but you can see where your mistakes are leaving at a disadvantage. I think that is what the success of these games is about as much as just being "hard".
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  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC demo on Steam now now now

  • Sorbicol 24/09/2012

    @mannyYearsAgo I did blast through the side of a building. Rest assured that 1 rocket = ample destruction. Reply +5
  • These 211 GAME stores are still open for business

  • Sorbicol 29/03/2012

    Not to be pedantic, but Taunton is in Somerset, not Devon. Reply 0
  • Battlefield 2142 update adds free maps

  • Sorbicol 15/02/2011

    Much better balanced that BF2, Titan mode has still never been bettered. No idea how that would translate to BF3, in fact I bet they won't. Only problem I ever had with the game was it not running in Vista once I upgraded. Bit of an arse really, never could figure it out. Reply +1
  • Will Activision block Respawn's EA game?

  • Sorbicol 23/12/2010

    somebody should be making a game out of this. Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Myst

  • Sorbicol 21/11/2010

    Bet you loved Secret of Monkey Island though. Is not really that different a game is it? Reply -14
  • Football Manager All-Star XI

  • Sorbicol 11/11/2010

    Jon Parkin was a goal machine - think it might have been CM98-99? I will also always remember getting 52 goals in a season with Uwe Rosler, in CM2 (years ago) despite the fact I couldn't afford his wages. Still in those pre bosman days he couldn't leave either as nobody could afford to buy him, so I got all those lovely goals for free! Reply 0
  • Play Fighting

  • Sorbicol 27/08/2010

    Interesting piece, but I do think you've missed what is the most basic argument of all - it's just a game. That might sound a bit trite, but in the end the overwhelming majority of players are fully aware of this distinction, and once the game is turned off they know the difference between a make believe fantasy world, no matter where it is set or how "realistic" the developer tries to make it, and reality.

    A good wargame probably should be making you feel a little bit uneasy about the death and destruction you are bringing to your fellow man - I remember feeling distinctly uneasy playing the Omaha beach section on Medal of Honour: Allied Assault - if it starts to make you think about what it really must have been like, then I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing.

    I suspect that EA have set the new one in Afghanistan to make it as distinct from the Call of Duty series as they possibly can (although why should this be any different to the fictional "Iraq" that the first Modern Warfare was set in? Does it really make that much difference if a game is set in a real world location as opposed to a fictional realistic one?) without giving it too much thought. If you want to be controversial then there are easier ways to do it (Russian Airport section) Without giving more genuine ammunition to your detractors by setting in a real world, real time, conflict.

    In the end if the game makes the gamer think a little bit more about the conflict they are playing in then I think that's some small justification. As interesting as it would be for there to be a section in the new MoH game where you have to go to an Afghani village that's been hit by an allied missile but only killed scores of innocent civilians, and deal with the aftermath, they aren't going to because nobody would want to play it.
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  • Star Trek Online moves into Season Two

  • Sorbicol 28/07/2010

    I sort of enjoyed the beta but not enough to buy the game. When Mass Effect has shown was 3rd person RPG combat should be like the planet side missions on this fell woefully short. Space Combat was pretty good though. Reply +1
  • Sorbicol 28/07/2010

    I sort of enjoyed the beta but not enough to buy the game. When Mass Effect has shown was 3rd person RPG combat should be like the planet side missions on this fell woefully short. Space Combat was pretty good though. Reply 0
  • The State of the MMO in 2010

  • Sorbicol 21/04/2010

    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the Civilisation game that Sid Meier is making for Facebook here. That could prove very intriguing indeed- can a Facebook off shoot lead to more purchasers of the real thing? I would have though that any MMO maker would like to explore that possibility - release a lower spec game on Facebook then say "like this? then get the bigger, better version here!"

    With advertising revenues thrown in, I would have tempted a lot more developers by now.
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  • Mass Effect 2 - Side mission consequences

  • Sorbicol 19/01/2010

    Oh yeah Gods how much do I want this game? Reply 0
  • DICE explains BFBC2 server policy

  • Sorbicol 15/01/2010

    Wonder if you could argue it's against competition law to for people to rent servers striaght from the developer and no-one else? Like Abyss says, the code will get leaked or hacked and then there'll be dedicated servers all over the place if DICE like it or not.

    At least it's not Peer to Peer though. Hope EA get that right with the new Medal of Honour too.
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  • Blood Bowl

  • Sorbicol 14/09/2009

    To be fair that's not a bad review from someone who'd never played the game before. Yes, it could do with a better tutorial and the multiplayer interface is hideous, but it's so much fun to play, especially online. 6/10 does seem a bit harsh though. Playing a league set up with your mates is soo much fun, and given the complexity of the game you'd need a full sentient AI to give a challenge in single player.

    I agree the "randomness" in the game is neither random and immensely frustrating at times though. It's only bearable to suffer those 3 fumbled pick ups in a row and be 2-0 down with 3 players off injured 'cos you know you're going to lay waste to some team a few matches on.

    Solid 8/10 for me - it does need a lot more polish mind, and as for those port issues when trying to play online. Argh!!!!!
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  • Interplay's Fallout MMO on the ropes

  • Sorbicol 14/09/2009

    I got these from GOG ages ago, and they were consistently the top sellers until they were released via steam as well. Seems a bit heavy handed from Bethesda, but strongly indicates they want to develope their own fallout MMO.

    But then if interplay signed on the dotted line I guess they haven't got a lot of come back.
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  • Exclusive: 13 minutes in Dead Space

  • Sorbicol 01/09/2008

    Looks pretty damn good to me :) Reply 0
  • Space Siege

  • Sorbicol 25/08/2008

    Good review there - wasted good money on this. Disappointed really, I quite liked Dungeon Siege I & II but this was nothing like as good. Left with the overwhelming sense that they had a great idea for this game (and lets face it, running around a giant spaceship blasting aliens is a great idea) and then just couldn't be bothered to execute it properly. The game feels very rushed at the end like they realised it was rubbish and just wanted to get it out.

    Gonna have to track down shadowgrounsd now and give that a go.

    Oh. and the "E" button to evade incoming fire? Only works in the direction you are facing. Therefore, 9 times out of 10, you'll roll directly into the incoming fire. Most of the time this doesn't matter but it s real pain in the arse in the final boss battle.
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  • BioWare keen on more Mass Effect DLC

  • Sorbicol 11/08/2008

    Having also just finished playing ME for the first time, I was also left with the distinct impression there was a phenomenal game in there somewhere, but it wasn't the game I was playing.

    I felt that the main story was excellent and the running length spot on, but doing the same side mission, and exploring the same planet 30 times really let it down. As did imagination in the weapon department. Didn't really have a problem with the lifts though, I just thought they were a bit pointless!

    Hopefully ME2 will keep the emphasis on the main story but work a lot harder on the side missions. I liked the premise behind bring down the sky but it added nothing to over all story arch and was a lot of slog for little reward. Ditto with the plant exploration. Fewer, longer more meaningful side missions would have made it a superb game rather than just a pretty good one.
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  • Space Siege demo pops up

  • Sorbicol 29/07/2008

    Erm, Considering it was only a demo I quite liked it (and yes I did play both Dungeon Sieges, both of which I also enjoyed if I found them a little repetitive at times - even for these types of clickclickclickclickclickclick games)

    Lots of abilities and techs you couldn't unlock in the demo, which seemed a bit stupid to me as it was more like a lick than a taster, but I liked the overall feel for it. Probable purchase for me.
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  • TF2's Heavy class to get new upgrade

  • Sorbicol 03/07/2008

    I'm not convinced that there is much change for the heavy tbh. Maybe he could duel wield a less powerful but more accurate rifle or something, but I'm not sure what else there is. Reply 0
  • NVIDIA bombards PC game pirates

  • Sorbicol 07/05/2008

    Nice to see that once again someone in the industry misses the point. How a company treats its customers has more bearing on whether or not they will illegally download rather than the amount of DRM they stuff onto the disk that someone will invariably break after a couple of days anyway. I'll point towards a company like Stardock there - they make a specific point of not adding DRM to any of their products they fully involve their customers in the game development process and as a result release excellent games without a significant piracy problem. Yes they release niche games - Galactic Civilisations and now Sins of a Solar Empire - but to be honest PC gaming is increasingly becoming a niche market anyway. Valve pretty much have the FPS market sewn up with the Half-Life and Counter-strike games, I would expect the battlefield games to port to console soon given that Xbox live is now a viable, reliable network (or so it would seem) Lastly, the modding community for PC will always outlast console gaming but it doesn't make any moneyf or the developers unless they are cunning enough to employ those modders into making their next generation of games for them. Hello Valve again!

    If you try to create the hype and marketing power behind Halo 3 and GTA IV for a PC game, then people will always priate just so they can be involved in the whole spectacle. It creates a rod for their own back. He should really be concentrating on their approach to PC gaming rather than just spouting random rubbish about "excessive pirating".

    I seem to remember getting my PS1 chipped anyway so I could play copied NTSC format games - mostly because I couldn't afford the 50+ PS1 games that cost back then, so I fail to see why this piracy problem is so endemic to PC games..
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  • BioShock: A Defence

  • Sorbicol 06/12/2007

    Wow so much vitriol! Erm, Bioshock is undoubtedly an excellent game, but it's not really the sum of it's parts is it? Yes, the story telling, the art direction and atmosphere are unmatched this year, but the overall game play and lack of variety just let it down so much. It's sort of having like having the chassis of a ferrari with a citreon 2 stroke engine in it, isn't it? Looks beautiful, great atmospherics, but after the 300th water tube hack and 900th big daddy scrap, it just gets soo repeatitive and boring.
    Maybe that's why people hate it so much - it really should be so much better than it is. Not that its bad, just a bit boring! I confess I haven't finished it yet - I got to the power plant and went on holiday for a week, I haven't restarted it since. Although I am tempted to play it now and finish it off.

    All I will say is that in my opinion, Portal delivers the combination of story telling, inspired puzzle solving and inventive game play that Bioshock truly deserves. Get it to balance the sum of its parts like Portal does and then you'd have the greatest game ever made. Probably ;)
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  • Football Manager Handheld

  • Sorbicol 27/02/2006

    I've stopped buying FM as there are just too many hours of my life wasted to this game over the course of the last 10 years. Thank the Lord I don't own a PSP! Reply 0