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  • Video: Ian plays Gears of War: Ultimate Edition's multiplayer, is once again rusty

  • Skooch 21/08/2015

    Looking forward to this! About time we got Gears on the Xbox One. Reply +6
  • Xbox One will let you record live TV for free next year

  • Skooch 07/08/2015

    @CatmanBegins - that isn't actually how it looks when fitted.
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  • Uncharted 4 pushes PS4 tech to the next level

  • Skooch 16/07/2015

    Whilst it looks lovely and you have to admire Naughty Dog's abilities there's still the nagging sense that, however hard they try to make it look like it's not, the game is still very on rails and very carefully choreographed such that its questionable how much the player really influences the story unravelling in front of them. Take the car chase, there were numerous occasions when the car should have spun/crashed/overturned but it was almost like it was on strings and it never reacted in the way it should so as not to interrupt the cinematic-like sequence. UC is almost more of a film than a game... Reply 0
  • Sony: PS4 market share "frequently greater than 90 per cent in continental Europe"

  • Skooch 30/06/2015

    I wonder what games everyone is going to be playing on all those PS4s this holiday... Reply -11
  • The Witcher 3 digital copies won't load on some Xbox Ones

  • Skooch 04/06/2015


    "Here's the lesson, stick to discs."

    I rotate regularly between three different Xbox One consoles. Discs would be a real ballache. When digital works, which is most of the time, it is great for me!
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  • Apple Watch prices range from £299 to £13,500

  • Skooch 10/03/2015

    @frightlever - Me too. Currently rocking an F-91W which was £7.99 off Amazon. It does everything I need it to, is waterproof and doubles up as an entertaining toy for my baby daughter, bargain! I also have a smart Tag which I roll out for special occasions and which will last for many, many years. Unlike the Apple watch I fear :) Reply +2
  • Skooch 10/03/2015

    I am not an Apple-hater, I actually like their products, just don't own any of them. But this watch seems incredibly expensive, the product range is extremely diverse and the battery life is poor. I also don't really like the look of it. But guaranteed it will still sell and I will bet it will sell more than any other smart watch out there.

    I don't understand the spell that the Apple brand seems to cast on its customers but it truly is a remarkable thing.
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  • Fable Legends is free-to-play

  • Skooch 27/02/2015

    Let us be clear, there are good 'standard' games and there are poor 'standard' games that rip you off.

    There are good F2P games, then there are poor F2P games that rip you off.

    Let's not fall into the trap of judging a book by it's cover.
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  • Don't buy Darkest Dungeon from the Windows Game Store, dev warns

  • Skooch 24/02/2015

    @cw- What certification? Reply 0
  • Bungie finally squashing one of Destiny's most annoying bugs

  • Skooch 30/01/2015

    "If destiny falls over in the woods and noone is there to witness it, will eurogamer still have an article about it?"

    I doth my cap to you sir, this is stupendous :)
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  • HoloLens is a surreal experience - and full of possibilities

  • Skooch 22/01/2015

    HoloLens seems to be a much more moderate idea than VR and I have to say I love the look of it. Then again, I do remember Kinect and all the promises and cool promo videos so I will reserve a healthy dose of scepticism until I've tried it for myself. The potential is extraordinary, I just hope they can deliver a game-changing experience, rather than just a different way of doing the same thing. Reply +6
  • Special World of Warcraft gift for 10-year subscribers

  • Skooch 20/01/2015

    Whatever people think of the game I think this is a really nice touch by Blizzard. If I had enjoyed playing this for 10yrs and got a bespoke statue out of the blue I would be stoked. Reply +4
  • Dedicated Halo: CE multiplayer playlist added to Halo: The Master Chief Collection

  • Skooch 18/12/2014

    The game works, just so that everyone knows. It's not super polished or anything but matchmaking works OK. Reply +3
  • And here's another Halo: The Master Chief Collection patch

  • Skooch 16/12/2014

    Just so people know, it does work now, and has done for a couple of weeks. It's not super-duper polished but it functions perfectly fine. Reply 0
  • Xbox One overtakes PS4 sales for November in UK and US

  • Skooch 12/12/2014

    Hardware: Sony > MS
    Software: MS > Sony
    Games: MS > Sony (so far)
    Sales: Sony > MS

    The story continues...
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  • The Dark Below makes Destiny's mistakes all over again

  • Skooch 10/12/2014

    I stopped playing Destiny at lvl 14. As a 'casual' Destiny player not interested in grinding or assembling fire teams it loses most of its charm pretty quickly. Shame, because the combat and weapons were enjoyable, but it needed strengthening with some great single-player content - rather than rip-off DLC which I can't play half of.

    I'm glad Halo: MCC is reaching a state where it is playable as both the MP and SP aspects are far more drop-in/drop-out then Destiny and I get to matchmake with strangers (although it did take a month for that to work!).
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  • Is Uncharted 4 the generational leap we were hoping for?

  • Skooch 08/12/2014

    Can't judge it technically properly yet as too far away from launch. However, the gameplay still jars me, Drake was caught out in the open at least a dozen times with assault rifles firing at him point blank and he just soaks it up. Some of the animation is still clunky, like when he lands from a jump and so I feel it there is some way to go before it is a truly 'next-gen' title. Saying that, it does look pretty and still a ways till release... Reply -4
  • Halo 5: Guardians beta will weigh in at 10.27GB - report

  • Skooch 05/12/2014

    It HAS to work pretty flawlessly, even though it is a Beta. They need to redeem themselves. Reply +2
  • Play the original Game Boy in 1080p on an HDTV with hdmyboy

  • Skooch 02/12/2014

    So for this you need a 1989 Gameboy, 115 Euros and the inclination to really want to go and play 25yr old games on your TV.

    Sorry, but some people must be bat sh!t crazy. As a tech project for some geeks, fine, but a viable product to take to market? Really!?!

    Perhaps I just don't get the retro gaming vibe, but living in the past just seems so odd to me. Nostalgia is all well and good but whenever I play old games it evaporates pretty quickly and you're left with just a really old, crappy looking game, poor sound and a sense of frustration.
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  • Halo: Master Chief Collection gets new 523MB patch

  • Skooch 27/11/2014


    I only really play MP, the SP (of this particular Halo release) doesn't actually interest me that much. I will say that Team Slayer on H2A is lots of awesomeness when it works! No rose-tinted glasses are needed at all to see why H2 was one of the greatest MP experiences of all time.

    I have been (trying) to play MP since launch and have had a lot of successful games, but the time sink has been significant and frustrating and patience has worn thin. I am sure there will still be plenty of people playing at Xmas, the audience for Halo is so huge that you will always be able to find games.

    So, close your eyes and ears, pretend none of this ever happened and enjoy the Halo awesomeness at Xmas with your son as it was intended. I'm sure you'll both have lots of fun.

    Merry Xmas!
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  • Skooch 27/11/2014


    "To all my fellow Halo players out there, is it as bad as everyone makes out? Has this patch made any difference at all?"

    Fellow Halo fan here. Yes, multiplayer and matchmaking was seriously broken but it is getting a lot better. I haven't tried the last patch but it should have improved a lot.

    I haven't tried much SP, but from what I have read the general consensus seems to be that it is buggy and has some issues but is generally playable.

    343 are working very hard and by Xmas it will probably have had another good few updates. They have realised that they have essentially f&*ked the crown jewels of Xbox and it will be put right.

    By Xmas I would be confident you and your son can enjoy the collection 95% of the way in which it was intended. Probably still won't be perfect, but it will be vastly superior to what shipped.
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  • Skooch 27/11/2014

    "•Made an update to ensure that players do not enter a non-joinable state after searching for a match"

    This is significant if now fixed. It has plagued my matchmaking for a long time. I am fed up of having to launch a Campaign session to get out of a non-joinable state which takes 10-15mins to discover you are in.
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  • Halo: Master Chief Collection dev issues "heartfelt apologies" as matchmaking issues continue

  • Skooch 25/11/2014

    My biggest issue with the multiplayer is that even when it works, it doesn't really "work". Even once you get past server connection and incomplete lobby errors the whole process is beset by long lobby times, long loading and it just seems to take an age to actually play a game. Even a best-case scenario for the H2A Team Slayer playlist in my experience is poor:

    Searching for players (1min)
    Connecting players (30s)
    Arranging teams (30s)
    Creating session (30s)
    Voting for a map (30s)
    Loading map (30s)
    Deploying teams (10-15s)
    Playing Game - go team! (5 mins)
    Connecting for results (30s)
    Shenanigans whilst session tries to continue into another game but people are quitting so then host migration tries to kick in, usually fails, more people quit, more pain (1min)
    Restart matching to go again...

    This means I still spend more time searching, connecting, loading and waiting than I do playing. And that's assuming that once I get into a game it is actually worthwhile and isn't a 4v2 rout with laggy gameplay.

    This game was going to be my Xmas fun. All my hope is now pinned on the H5 Beta which surely HAS TO WORK?!?
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection matchmaking update out today

  • Skooch 20/11/2014

    Finally!!! Please, please work. H2A is such great fun online when it actually works - I want more and it's been so frustrating having the game and not being able to play it properly. Reply 0
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection matchmaking fix due today

  • Skooch 12/11/2014

    People actually tried to matchmake for 6hrs?!? I think after a few attempts I would have given up and played campaign. Reply +30
  • Smart Scoping with Halo 5: Guardians' multiplayer beta

  • Skooch 11/11/2014

    Oh this looks so much fun. But then I am a big Halo fan. I have to say really like the look of clamber (simple but effective) and the thruster and slide look kind of cool too. What wasn't clear for me from the vid is how many abilities can I choose to have at any one time....anyone know?

    EDIT: Thank you Ajent and Jabberwocky for your replies and confirming availability.
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  • Microsoft Band is a health-focused smart device for your wrist

  • Skooch 30/10/2014

    I really like the look of this. Covers all the functionality I would want and I like the relatively simplistic looking UI. Nice it works across all OS systems as well. Maybe I will pick one up when in the states next, the price point is rather tempting...especially if I don't have to fall victim to the usual 1:1 $->£ conversion. Reply +4
  • Here's what's in Destiny's The Dark Below expansion

  • Skooch 29/10/2014

    This is how I feel about Destiny on X1...

    Shooting = great
    Weapons = great
    Menus & UI = great
    Graphics = pretty nice
    Story = pants
    Depth and Immersion = pants
    Repetitiveness = pants
    Value for money if single player = pants
    Load times = pants
    Size of world (bearing in mind the hype) = pants

    The DLC is doing nothing to address the 'pants' list. In fact, it's making it worse. I like the game, it's a very decent shooter, but that's about all. I think Bungie think they have created something far better than it actually is.
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  • ESRB: In Dragon Age: Inquisition "fellatio is implied"

  • Skooch 24/10/2014

    Anita Sarkeesian is going to have her hands full!

    (sorry, couldn't help it) :D
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  • Microsoft's indie parity clause exists so Xbox One owners feel "first class"

  • Skooch 10/10/2014

    For once I agree with Cloudskipa :)

    All you guys moaning do realise Sony have the exact same parity clause for normal titles - right? Or is this just a chance to rage at MS without understanding the issues?

    For me as an X1 this is a good thing and I support it.
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  • Destiny developer Bungie calls for Iron Banner feedback

  • Skooch 09/10/2014

    There is a clear dichotomy with the Iron Banner playlist; the more unbalanced it is the more balanced the competition will become.

    For example, if truly unbalanced, all the very highly ranked Guardians will own everyone who isn't in the top couple of levels. Once this happens, most players will quit the playlist - it's no fun being owned, especially as it is, well, unbalanced - leaving only the really highly ranked players left. This will actually make the playing field quite level (or balanced).

    Get me? :)
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  • 343 remaking Lockout for Halo: The Master Chief Collection

  • Skooch 29/08/2014

    @JCHilton - Guessing that won't be possible during MP gameplay, at least on revamped maps. Reply +1
  • Skooch 29/08/2014

    Best multiplayer map I've ever played. Simples. Reply +10
  • Destiny's timed-exclusive PlayStation content shown off in new footage

  • Skooch 28/08/2014

    This is worse than the Tomb Raider deal in my mind - Xbox owners are paying the same price for the game as PlayStation owners but Sony have paid money to ensure the Xbox owners get less for their cash. At least with Tomb Raider, PlayStation owners are only losing an opportunity, not paying for something they aren't getting. Reply 0
  • Tomb Raider, Vita's no-show and the mystery of 10m PS4 sales

  • Skooch 19/08/2014

    @TrevHead Dark Souls was on Xbox 360 though and given the last Tomb Raider was a reboot you could argue it's not a true multiplatform franchise in the same way you are saying Bloodborne isn't. Look, I get it's not identical situation, but it's still crappy if you're an X1 owner that you can't play Bloodborne. Reply -6
  • Skooch 19/08/2014

    So interesting he is quizzed about Tomb Raider but not a single mention of Sony buying Bloodborne, the spiritual successor to Dark Souls, exclusively for PlayStation. I guess it is too much to expect balance in Eurogamer's reporting. Reply -5
  • Destiny's six-player raids can only be played with friends

  • Skooch 31/07/2014

    Like everyone has said, this sucks and I am not a big fan of digging around on internet sites for friendly clans who I then have to go and make arrangement with. Bungie should have implemented matchmaking with some type of front-end questions that helps matches appropriately:

    #1 - Are you a hardcore or more casual player?
    #2 - Would you like to communicate with other players or play without voice comms?
    #3 - Would you prefer to be matched with players of a similar skill or do you not mind?

    This way, it helps match up the right people.
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  • Sony says EA Access program isn't "good value"

  • Skooch 30/07/2014

    Isn't good value - FOR SONY. I think it is incredibly good value for gamers who want to graze across EAs big titles for a few months without owning them. You can spend £20 and get 5 months of FIFA, Madden, BF - it's pretty sweet.

    MS are coming to get your lunch Sony :D
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  • Bungie forced to pay $95k to ex-Halo, Destiny composer

  • Skooch 22/07/2014

    I guess it was worth making a song and dance about after all! Reply +40
  • Uncharted 4 is pushing for 1080p60 on PlayStation 4

  • Skooch 21/07/2014

    Of course they are, sadly these numbers have become a differentiator that Sony feel they can push. I feel it takes away the emphasis from the game itself but hey ho. Reply -23
  • PS4 top-selling US console in June despite Kinect-less Xbox One launch

  • Skooch 18/07/2014

    Removing Kinect doubled sales? Great decision by MS then. Reply +5
  • How strong exactly is PlayStation's 2014 line-up?

  • Skooch 09/07/2014

    So loyal PS3 owners who upgraded to PS4 get some DLC for Destiny and a poor mans Forza? Way to go Sony. Reply +2
  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • Skooch 20/06/2014

    A lot of sexism, racism, ageism is driven by stereotypes, which isn't fair, but then neither is life. It would be lovely for everyone to think of every new person they meet as an entirely blank canvas and not judge them but ultimately that would mean we never learn from our experiences.

    I was in a café with my 3mth old daughter (giving mum a rest) and at the till I asked the lady if she would mind bringing the coffee and cake over as I had the buggy to contend with. She smiled and said "if you were a woman, you'd be able to do both". That's a nice bit of stereotyping and sexism right there. Did I get annoyed, not really, she was playing on the stereotype of 'new dad' isn't as good as 'new mum' which is probably about right.

    Anyway, not sure where I am going with this, but I guess the point is let's not get too sensitive about every little unfairness in life - because life isn't fair and never will be.
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  • 343's master plan for Halo 5: Guardians

  • Skooch 17/06/2014

    Perks, unlocks, armour lock, jet packs, loadouts, sprint - get rid of all of them and put everyone on a level playing field. This isn't rocket science, it's standard competitive multiplayer.

    343 could still allow customisation, which I am a big fan of, such as different armour, weapon skins, different gun sights, etc. etc. but these shouldn't change the abilities of the player.

    I also think you need mostly symmetrical maps and power weapons that spawn which anyone can pick up, not provided via weapon drops or other methods.

    Halo 2 and Gears 3 are the games that have got it the most right in my opinion in terms of balanced competitive multiplayer and both largely follow a similar formula; life is precious, you need to cooperate to win, maps are fair and starting weapons are balanced.
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  • Bloodborne gameplay footage from E3

  • Skooch 12/06/2014

    That footage is pointless, makes it look a bit crap, which I am sure it isn't... Reply +4
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection is pure fan service

  • Skooch 12/06/2014


    "Oh, I'll give it a go.

    I own 2 copies of HCE (original and AE), 2 copies of H2 (original and SE) Halo 3 and Halo 4 (SE). That a fair old whack of cash spent on these games already.

    What we're paying for here is the MP, plain and simple.

    I'm not saying that its not a great package (if I had a xbone i'd pick it up day 1), but there's something about this that strikes me as a little desperate, a little bit messy. If Bungie were still in charge, would they be doing this? Dout it.

    Speaking of Bungie, they are about to release their latest epic (which I'll hopefully get to play this evening), brimming with potential and ambition. 343? Well, they're just re-releasing old Bungie games."

    Really? So you are discounting the complete HD remastering of Halo 2, post-processing and FPS improvements to H3 and H4, Halo Nightfall, the Halo 5 Beta access and an integrated UI that holds it all together?

    As for Bungie, all they are doing is re-releasing old Bungie games!!! Have you seen the trailers and gameplay for Destiny, it is a new Halo in everything but name.
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  • Sony had more wow moments, but Microsoft has closed the competence gap

  • Skooch 10/06/2014

    I like the fact that MS were humble and made it 100% about games. For me Sunset Overdrive looks like really great fun, Scalebound and Crackdown look good for the future and Forza Horizon 2 is always going to best Drive Club.

    Halo 2 MP though, boom! That could suck me right back in for another 6mths or so... :D
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  • Xbox One dev kits receive more GPU bandwidth

  • Skooch 05/06/2014


    And you think Sony don't? The fact the PS4 is selling so well is exactly why there won't be a price cut for a while yet. Sony are not your friends, they are a business, everything is a business decision.

    There's a lot of naivety in comments threads where people bash MS but want to cuddle up to Sony. Neither 'like' you or want to be your friend, they want to shift units.
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  • Microsoft's free Xbox One Games with Gold promotion starts today

  • Skooch 04/06/2014

    Imagine if all the changes to Kinect requirement, Games with Gold, UI updates and recent game announcements had all made it into the LAST E3...the gap with Sony would be a lot smaller. Reply +6
  • Xbox One without Kinect "levels the playing field" with PS4

  • Skooch 13/05/2014

    PS4 managed to catch up to mostly level with x360 sales last generation despite the 360 being technically superior on almost every x-platform title. Many commentators here seem to have extremely short memories - it is NOT all about the pure horsepower, otherwise MS would have sold no X1's at all. MS has had the better games by almost any measure so far next gen - software sells hardware, as Sony well know. Reply -3