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  • Tour de France 2011

  • Sillothian 06/07/2011


    Really appreciate your comments Monty. I've been wondering how the game controls and you described it unlike the EG review! Watched a bit of that gameplay video you linked to and I have have to say I'm quite impressed in how well the game captures the feel of the Le Tour :-)
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  • First Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim footage

  • Sillothian 24/02/2011

    Looks awesome. I can't wait for this to be released ;-) Reply +10
  • Killzone 3

  • Sillothian 04/02/2011

    No online co-op is very disappointing. I'm not a fan of the mutliplayer side of things, but I was really looking forward to playing the campaign online with my mates. Will be a definite bargain bin purchase now ;-) Reply 0
  • Tiger Woods not on PGA Tour 12 box art

  • Sillothian 04/01/2011

    For golf fans to finally get The Masters tournament and to play on the Augusta National course is a massive feature for the game. It makes sense for EA to give that top billing on the cover of the game rather than Tiger. They probably wished they did the same thing for the Ryder Cup license in the last game, as having Tiger on the cover probably didn't help sales. Reply +1
  • ZX Spectrum Classics

  • Sillothian 26/10/2007

    ZX Spectrum FTW \o/

    I can't believe they haven't got Match Day 2 on the list though. It's one the best Spectrum games of all time!
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  • Resistance goes global tomorrow

  • Sillothian 28/06/2007

    Hopefully this won't spoil Resistance online, as so far it has been fantastic. Reply 0
  • Sensible World of Soccer 96/97

  • Sillothian 28/06/2007

    Both my questions were asked.

    Even better though is the game will still have a full edit mode and all the daftly named teams \o/
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  • World Snooker Championship 2007

  • Sillothian 15/01/2007

    Thanks for the mini review MM. It was much more informative than the EG one :-)

    The new pressure system sounds like an excellent new feature. I also like the idea of the new positional indicator, as it will help in learning how to use side & spin correctly.

    How is the commentary in this Manic? In last years game there were too many mistakes in the commentary for my liking. Which was a shame as they had in working really well in WCS2004 with only JV and Dennis Taylor on the mic.
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 6

  • Sillothian 24/08/2006

    The incredibly common pressing fouls, for example, are almost non-existent now - producer Seabass and his team having decided, he told us before the show, that the decision to ratchet them up had been ill-conceived.

    This is the main thing I wanted them to sort out from PES5 and they have. Hopefully the live play will be up to scratch as well.

    Will be getting this and FIFA07 as I am one of those freaks of nature who likes both games ;-)
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  • FIFA 06

  • Sillothian 01/10/2005

    EA say it is going to be a lauch title along with Madden 06 & Tiger Woods 06.

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