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  • Meet the gaming star of the new Amazon Fire Phone

  • Sharzam 23/07/2014

    Amazon are not the first to try this.  Remember Microsoft tried to leverage the Xbox brand into Windows phone and has utilised ms studios.

    The problem is that most people just don't care about real games,  sure your casuals will know what Xbox is. But they only want Clash of Clans,  they are not interested in nuanced and deep platformers or interesting puzzle games.

    The sad truth is that money matters above everything else, and while F2P trash still makes money that is where the development will be.

    I actually know a few people that have not got a Windows phone for the sole reason it does not have candy crush, ignoring the fact it has plenty of other match 3 games which are better. Same will happen with Amazon.
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  • UK changing approach to illegal torrents

  • Sharzam 22/07/2014

    Netflix and Spotify have gone a long way towards me not using torrents. Not saying I don't ever use them but most of the time I am happy to wait a bit for it to show up on a streaming service.

    As I can be sure the quality will be good and easy to use on my TV.  Some things though are delayed by months or never turn up. The day the copyright holders are not so draconian is the day they win the war,  but I doubt that will happen any time soon.  As they probably insist physical media is still the way forward.
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  • Valve-licensed Portal 2 mod doesn't use the portal gun

  • Sharzam 20/07/2014

    My initial thoughts were oh this is just a mod and valve have said its ok to integrate it with steam, thats cool. Then after further reading and watching the trailer i see you pay for it! Sorry but that's crazy, a third party developed mod that you pay for.

    Ok i get that mods are not 'free' to develop as they require huge amounts of time. But their is a difference between amateurs that love the chosen game and want to expand it, and some professional that is doing as its their job. If you want to charge for a mod then you are making it for business reasons and not for the love of it, in my mind.
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  • You've got male

  • Sharzam 19/07/2014

    Yesterday with my friends we were talking about this and the conclusion was that it's OK to have female heroes but not OK to randomly change existing heroes. In particular Thor as he is based on mythology and an existing "god"  kinda smacks in the face of the reasons why the Thor universe is good. 

    So yeah they weren't happy.
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  • EA ends support for The Sims 2

  • Sharzam 16/07/2014

    I wonder who played 2 and refused to buy into 3. I can think of three people who play the Sims and all of them got 3 the second it launched. 

    Also semi related none of them have shown intreast in the 4th game.
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  • How about Elite: Dangerous on PS4 and Xbox One?

  • Sharzam 14/07/2014


    How many complex space sims can you count on consoles? While i agree that graphically it is possible to do it on consoles it is a market demographic. The simulation players are on PC pure and simple.

    An example would be the Civ games, look at the full fledged Civ games vs Civ Revolution. At the end of the day it all comes down to money and wanting to appeal to the mass market console player. Another example is the RPG, does Baldurs Gate (or now Divinity: Original Sin) exist on console, no you have your mass effects instead. The Witcher made the leap but only after already establishing itself on PC.

    Not saying console players cannot handle those games, of course people play on all sorts of formats. Nothing to do with which is better/clever, let me be clear it is about money not smarts. Just where the bulk of a market is, such as how Fifa is more popular on consoles than PC so as a result if Elite came to consoles they would make changes to appeal to the different market.
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  • Sharzam 14/07/2014

    So clear signal for dumbing down as they have one eye on consoles.  Oh iam sure that's going to go down a storm them.

    When will these companies learn,  you can easily make money by catering to a niche market,  not everything has to be mass market mainstream.
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  • PS4 system architect Mark Cerny working on a new indie game

  • Sharzam 14/07/2014

    So if it's "indie" I assume it won't be published by Sony and will end up on other platforms.

    Oh what's that, you mean you have changed the dictionary definition of independent to fit a soundbite,  oh nuts.
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  • Tech Analysis: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Sharzam 12/07/2014

    I for one do not want parity, I want every platform to perform to its best. If the PS4 can do more than the Xbox then do it, if the PC can do better than the PS4 then use the power.

    Don't get this insistence for parity across different platforms, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses so bloody well use them.
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  • Guild Wars 2 is a big hit in China

  • Sharzam 10/07/2014

    GW2 is a very well made game and it doesn't really have any flaws with what it tries to do.  However I am a PvE player at heart so the end game is not really my bag.

    I still loved every minute exploring the world thourgh.
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  • Cliff Bleszinski announces F2P PC arena shooter published by Nexon

  • Sharzam 08/07/2014


    I know, but i can try and be positive.
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  • Sharzam 08/07/2014

    Well plenty of examples of F2P PC shooters being ok so their is hope. Alot of people see F2P and run screaming but forget on PC there are many great examples of it done right. Reply +13
  • Destiny beta release dates, expansions announced

  • Sharzam 07/07/2014

    Sorry £85 for a digital version, holy hell.

    Guess still using the whole 'shiny new console' prices, cant imagine in any world i would pay that for a game less one that doesn't physically exist.
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  • Asus PB287Q review

  • Sharzam 05/07/2014

    I still think that 1440p is the sensible point for core pc gamers.  Their is a definite leap up from 1080p and good frame rates are possible with a single gpu.

    Also no way am I going back to TN, that was a revelation in itself when I changed to a Korean import.
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  • EA: FIFA 14 and UFC £4 demo price due to a "technical error"

  • Sharzam 04/07/2014

    Technical error my ass. They wanted to test out a system and see what happened. Reply +5
  • Rob Pardo's legacy of steel

  • Sharzam 04/07/2014


    Starcraft 2 can run on a £300 laptop if you must. But to run full whack high fps you would probably need £500, although not a demanding game having rock solid fps is required.

    So in dollar terms lets say $600.
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  • Suda 51 defends Killer is Dead's controversial "Gigolo Mode"

  • Sharzam 04/07/2014

    I have not played it so just wondering If it as simple as,  buy gift,  sleep with?  

    Whilst massively over simplified isn't that how it actually works? I mean most people are grateful when someone buys them something,  which depending on the circumstance could lead to sex. What guy has slept with a woman without spending a single penny/cent on something.
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  • Video: Why Superman will never have a good game

  • Sharzam 03/07/2014

    Got to agree, in pretty much every game ever created the player has a weakness/failure. If it was a true superman game you would be too powerful, so what's the point anyway.

    Oh and yes i remember Superman 64 good god why did my friends buy that, i think he liked pain a little to much. WHY BRING BACK THOSE MEMORIES WHY!!
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  • UK chart: Sniper Elite 3 hits the mark

  • Sharzam 30/06/2014

    Does seem odd,  I mean you can't fake it as the key is just a retail key.  So what the hell is going on. Reply 0
  • The Last of Us Remastered PS4 bundle confirmed for UK

  • Sharzam 27/06/2014

    The graphics are really similarly. You can tell the resolution bump but apart from that it is more an artistic change, the hues and richer colours are used. But this has little to no impact on the game from what i can tell.

    Will just have to see if the shift to 60fps feels different, with it being a heavily cinematic game i am not sure it matters to much.
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  • PlayStation Plus gets TowerFall, Strider and Dead Space 3 in July

  • Sharzam 26/06/2014


    You decided to buy a PS4 knowing full well what games were avalible at the time. If you wanted more big games then you should of waited, pretty simple really.
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  • Microsoft doubles OneDrive storage size

  • Sharzam 24/06/2014

    Did I read that right, most  people have less than 15GB on there PC?!   I assume by files they just mean photos and documents because when you add in games, windows, videos etc it quickly balloons.

    I wonder how this will effect my cloud thourgh, I have 230GB thanks to buying a Surface last year.
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  • Ubisoft "reinventing" The Settlers with Kingdoms of Anteria

  • Sharzam 24/06/2014

    I wonder if it's possible to reboot a RTS as an open world parkour game.  I think Ubisoft need more of them. Reply +2
  • Sky charging £5 more to use Sky Go on Xbox 360

  • Sharzam 23/06/2014

    As not intreasted in sports I really don't see the point in sky these days.  You have so many other options. With Freeview being better than ever, and then you have Netflix and Prime.

    And even if you watch sports it's so god damm expensive when could use pay per view for the one off stuff.
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  • MotoGP 14 review

  • Sharzam 20/06/2014

    For the record there is no rule or law that states Women cannot become motor racers.  So we should demand all racing games including this one should have 50% female racers.

    Oh what's that you say, that is not how life works and does not represent the actual world.  Well your sexist!
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  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • Sharzam 19/06/2014


    That is a fair point regarding stereotypes. But I see the problem is that if we change things because of offended a group you end up not wanting to say or do anything due to perceived risk. Well that might be sexist best not have any women, or that might be racist so let's remove all black people and so on and so forth. Till we have removed any nuance.
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  • Sharzam 19/06/2014

    rhiannonjones wrote:
    I'm a girl gamer, well, I'm 30, so mostly I am a woman gamer.
    I'm not one of these new age feminists that fight for stupid things that make no difference. I don't go all bat crap crazy just because some woman was used as a hostage in Black Ops and was all, "Help me, I'm such a weak and feeble woman",
    Do I find games sexist? Not really. Most games like RDR are set kind of in an older world, back then the whole world didn't really have womens rights yet. I've watched enough westerns to understand that women were always seen as weak and feeble. Is it the games fault for showing that? No. They are depicting stuff that used to actually happen.

    I find "games for women" quite sexist though, apparently I'm supposed to play cute fluffy games, farmville and own a nintendo console. I like FPS's and such like.
    As a woman, I'm glad to see women are beginning to be represented better in video games. For instance, Mass Effect is my favourite game series, not just because it's freaking awesome, but because I could be a girl Shepard and kick reaper butt. Similarly, the new Tomb Raider is fun for the same reason. (The old ones, well, she was just a dude with giant boobs).
    I hope this trend continues, but I'm not going to go cry about it if they don't. It doesn't make any difference in CoD or Battlefield, but in third person games, it's much more fun to be a girl if you are a girl, because it helps you be immersed in the game.
    I have a blog and know hundreds of other girl gamers, it's not like I'm rare or different to be a girl gamer.

    Oh and I don't think it's sexist to say, "Women nag", we do nag, but for different things. I nag my team mates for ammo constantly until someone gives me some ammo, others nag about taking out the trash, it's in our DNA. It's not sexist to say we nag, it's true.

    Quoting as someone actually gets it.  People are different and that should be celebrated. Why make everything bland just to appeal to those that are afraid. 
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  • Sharzam 19/06/2014

    I might have misread but why is that GTA4 review considered sexist? If the women in the game nag then you commented on them nagging.

    If you had said "all women everywhere nag"  you might have something but that was not the case. In the context of the game the women nag. In real life women do enjoy nagging, that is sexist (and depending on your view true ).

    I really hate our current world where if anyone anywhere gets offended then everything must change. No one can say or do anything. If we follow games to logical conclusion you would want every character to be a square block because any show of individualism or creativity can be misread. Well that is assuming your a white male,  because everything is something ist.

    And breath.
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  • Female character option cut from Assassin's Creed: Unity co-op

  • Sharzam 11/06/2014

    Lack of resources? Seriously they are going to play that card with the budget they have. Ubisoft chucks they kitchen sink at them and they say they cannot do female animations.

    I don't personally mind the lack of a female avatar,  but the reasoning is just daft.
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  • Nintendo's E3 digital event

  • Sharzam 10/06/2014

    Why do people latch onto a series and then all bleat on about it. I mean honestly why do you want F-Zero,  we just got a new Mario Kart ffs.  And why now are you all going on about it! Reply 0
  • Sony had more wow moments, but Microsoft has closed the competence gap

  • Sharzam 10/06/2014

    Everything was CG trailers and teasers for things we wont see for atleast a year. There was very little of WOW moments or 'oooooh' moments to get excited at either.

    Nothing shocked or surprised it was just your run of the mill sequels and remakes. The only thing which came close was Rainbow Six which while not a new series it was actually intreasting and unexpected to see a return to a proper tactical multiplayer game.

    Now to look forward to Nintendo, as a bare minium we can expect details on'X' which might steal the show for me if it is actually more than a CG trailer.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One this autumn

  • Sharzam 10/06/2014

    DRsteinman wrote:
    Glad for PC owners, but the game sold well on last gen console and i hope it wont have the same success this fall with the next ones... Or the market's going to turn into somewhat terribile where stupid and useless ports are the normality

    Turn in to? Arnt we already there, in every thread people write asking for ports (GTA included) rather than new games.
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  • Why online shooting peaked with Bungie's decade-old Halo 2

  • Sharzam 09/06/2014

    Totally agree with all the statements. While I didn't really play Halo 2 I did play older shooters. I joined Halo multiplayer with Halo 3.

    Counter Strike and Unreal being similar examples. The modern dumbing down and rewarding time not skill has truly ruined multiplayer shooters. At some point it will swing back as all the 'Daves' realise it is pointless without true skill being the measure.

    I just hope that point isn't so late as to totally destroy first person shooter first.
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  • Words With Friends dev is making an Oculus Rift-exclusive platformer

  • Sharzam 05/06/2014

    Ooooh gaming bingo time!

    Best practise ready for all the 'interactive' experiences at E3.
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  • Mass Effect 2 retrospective

  • Sharzam 01/06/2014

    I prefered the story of the first game and the RPG elements were better however as a more rounded overall better game i do have to say the second. It refined so many other things, the combat system, controls and inventory to name just a few were better in the second game.

    Also so many little elements which showed potential were in it and the characters could really develop nicely. It was such a shame that the third game was merely a tick box exercise and i felt they didn't truly use this potential. It was more 'oh such and such was in ME2 we better mention them' sort of thing.
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  • Pikmin 3 adds new stylus control option

  • Sharzam 31/05/2014

    @richbambam I picked up Monster Hunter also. If you fancy some co-op let me know, but warning iam new to MH. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Watch Dogs

  • Sharzam 30/05/2014

    So if the game uses six threads (and i imagine more games will with time), Can you please compare the good old i5 with i7 and does the AMD camp actually score a win ?

    I know in some heavily threaded applications the 8350 actually trades blows with the i7 3770k, do you think this might be the case with games going forward ?
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  • Nintendo unveils Wii U GameCube controller adapter

  • Sharzam 29/05/2014

    Yet another controller for the Wii U, iam loosing count. Surely it holds the record for the amount of different controllers it supports.

    But hey choice cant be bad i guess. Just one thought, will they begin making Gamecube pads again ? Surely those wave birds are starting to get a bit worn out.
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  • Sonic Boom reveals jungle badger Sticks, the latest gang member

  • Sharzam 29/05/2014

    Of course just what Sonic games need, more characters.... Reply +40
  • Relic saves Dawn of War multiplayer from destruction by moving to Steam

  • Sharzam 29/05/2014

    That's amazing support from Relic,  just goes to show which developers care about games if they are prepared to sort a game as old as the original DoW.

    It won't result in more money due to its age, but yet they still care about it.
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  • Watch Dogs PC unplayable for many due to Uplay errors

  • Sharzam 28/05/2014

    Perfectly normal for launch period Ubisoft games. That company never bothers to invest in proper servers despite requiring them for even single player games.

    People that bought Watch Dogs should of thought about this when they bought a Ubisoft game. The issues will go away when people stop buying Watch Dogs, ironically.
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  • Steam Controllers delayed until 2015

  • Sharzam 28/05/2014

    I thought all a Steam Machine was, is a PC running Linux. If that is the case why say they are delayed when you can buy/build a PC today.

    As for the controller, well no big issue as there are already plenty of other control options.
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  • Watch Dogs review

  • Sharzam 27/05/2014

    Originally I thought it looked like something special but every time they have shown gameplay it has become more generic.

    Always stuff like man jumps over car, walk along push button, the passive aggressive allies etc. Not surprised by the review at all, looks and I guess plays like an alright bog standard open world game.

    When will the new consoles come up with something actually new? For games to move forward every generation needs to do something that the previous one could not.
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  • Samsung is developing a VR headset - report

  • Sharzam 23/05/2014

    Iam 100% sure they are developing one, along with every other major technology company. In the just case the concept takes off, they wouldn't want to be left behind.

    Whether they plan to market and launch it before the other companies is another matter thourgh. Would they want to take the risk of a potential dead tech?
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  • Always Sometimes Monsters review

  • Sharzam 21/05/2014


    Depends what you call small and portable i guess. There are plenty of Atom based Windows Tablets. As they are Atom based they are full on X64 machines capable of running Steam etc.
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  • The end of gimmicks?

  • Sharzam 17/05/2014


    I dont know if that is a negative or positive. + We have got Morpheus on the way but, - on comment on Nintendo.

    They invented both the Dpad and Analog stick oh and rumble, with there experimental gimmicks. I want them to keep experimenting, sure the gamepad may not of revolutionised anything but who is to say there next idea wont.
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  • GTA Trilogy comes to Amazon's Fire TV and Kindle Fire

  • Sharzam 15/05/2014


    Of course there are ways (as with all pc games) but its a far cry from official support. Things like simple 'plug and play' and button icons are missed.

    Not to mention the just plain hassle of using key mapping software.
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  • The Stanley Parable's narrator comes to Dota 2 as DLC

  • Sharzam 15/05/2014


    Thank you. If i hadn't of heard some of them i would of brushed this off, but thats EPIC!
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  • The Witness to run at 1080p 60fps on PS4

  • Sharzam 14/05/2014

    Why do i think Myst when looking at those screenshots? Is that a good thing is another question. Reply 0
  • Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails review

  • Sharzam 14/05/2014

    Sounds barking mad (hehe) will just have to give it a go. We always need more colourful but challenging games, helps if the mechanics and controls are good also. Iam looking at you Puppeteer grrrr. Reply +2