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  • Project Cars overtakes 1m sales

  • Shabtai 05/06/2015

    Can we get a clarification if by '1m players' they mean direct sales or total number of people who played the game? Which would include borrowing, second-hand sales, multiple accounts using the same copy etc. Reply -2
  • Battlefield 4: The redefinition of Early Access

  • Shabtai 15/10/2014

    And yet even after Eurogamer started the habit of re-reviewing games, they didn't re-review a game that 'fundamentally did not work' and gave it a fitting score. BF4 was the perfect example why re-visiting a game and altering its score is needed but for some reason this task was ignored. Reply +27
  • Killzone 3

  • Shabtai 03/02/2011

    I guess EG were also limited to 30 minutes in reviewing the MP at a Sony event? ( )
    If the EG reviewer was also limited in that fashion, i find it rather disappointing that this review is supposed to cover the MP side as well. There's no way the MP portion can be addressed based on that.
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  • Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

  • Shabtai 08/06/2010

    PC listing a mistake? I haven't seen a pc version mentioned or its logo in the trailers. Reply 0
  • Crackdown 2

  • Shabtai 01/10/2009

    I geuss the PC tag is a mistake, right? Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • Shabtai 17/09/2009

    No word about MSAA being 'exclusive' to Nvidia cards? That's probably one of the most heinous moves in recent time. Reply 0
  • Tech Comparison: Resident Evil 5 PC

  • Shabtai 17/08/2009

    The end-conclussion of the article is unfair. No mention of the x3 enemies in the Mercs mode and close to no word about the mouse and keyboard controls that are spot-on, according to the hands-on.

    So, a better running,looking,controlling version of the game. I don't know what the author expects out the PC version to have?
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  • Cryostasis

  • Shabtai 24/02/2009

    Did the reviwer try to switch the game graphics to use Shader Model 2 rather than 3 in the game options screen? A major performance boost is to be gained doing that, making the game as playable as any. It seems that the performance is a big issue in this review, and indeed the game runs like shite on shader model 3, but switiching it to 2 should pretty much squash that complaint completely.

    I would suggest to anyone who was put off by how the game runs to recheck how it handles on SM2.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2008: 10-1

  • Shabtai 30/12/2008

    Umm..Sins of Solar Empire? Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2008: 30-21

  • Shabtai 29/12/2008

    The fact EG said before-hand that their Top50 system basiclly sucks, doesn't mean we shouldn't point it out when it gets more and more absurd. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2008: 40-31

  • Shabtai 28/12/2008

    The process just lacks transparency. Each contributer hands in his top10 list and its all digest by the formula and we get the list. EG admit it themselves it leads to bizzare results - a game showing up on everybody's list at a low spot will outweigh a game thats not in the majority of the lists, but placed at the high spots.

    It is also seems this list is made very much under the pressure of time. Getting everybody to submit their own lists on time, tinkering with the formula. Maybe it would be wiser to begin the year round-up earlier. Posting the Top10 games of each writer and then the overall top50.
    If time allowes, the final list can be shared with the contributers to look at and see if there are any prominent issues about it. Considering all the Top50 lists i read at EG, it seems that most the writers would be more than happy to re-oraganize some spots. If the list doesnt reflect the majority opinion of those who made it, then whats the point?

    To be honest, i don't see why this issue hasn't been addressed by EG in the past years. A list which ends up not at all on the same line of most of the participants, disregarding review scores very often, has no solid basis ( One man's list would have skyrocketed a game more than ten spots) and an end product that is more concerned with knowing how the hell X game landed Y spot and making stabs at some them, rather than actually share with us why it should BE in the top50 and what merits it displayed to win over the staff.
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  • Shabtai 27/12/2008

    Maybe it's time to change the system. If EG has to post a sort of "disclaimer" about the list 2 weeks ago and most of the contributers really dont agree with the way it turns out, then why should they continue doing so, or us investing in it?

    Those lists shouldnt be just a sum of review scores, no, but they do have to reflect them in some way and it clearly doesnt. Common, the writers basiclly say that King's Bounty would have jumped ~15 spots if one of them didn't miss the deadline.. is the system really that bad that it takes for one guy not to place the game in his #1 spot or top three, to make a game slide down so much.

    Just to be clear, not defending King's Bounty, i didn't play it and dont plan to - it's just the way which the list is determined. It clearly doesn't reflect the scores and most of the contributers' own thoughts. Those thoughts make the EG list interesting and stand out, but i wish they were devoted more to actually say why a game made it so far, rather than bemoan how it didnt get any higher.
    But to its credit, the current way does make for a rather funny remarks and stabs at certain games.
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  • Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Shabtai 01/12/2008

    sneetch, the reason is purely technical. I dont think this kind of an issue sure bring the score down. GTA4 for pc is the best realized form of the game. Marking it down just because its system requirements are high and you may need to tweek settings is not vaild to me. The same can be said for every game in history which got a 10.

    Like i said , my problem isnt with the review(er) but with a consistency a site should present and the integrity of the journalisms.
    The review holds GTA pc as the best version of the game, or at least as good as. Thus, i can't find a reason why the site should score it lower. Yes, i would have scored the game as a 9 too for it has some gameplay issues, but seeing as the review should also allign with A site's "policy" and framework, it should have gotten the same score. Anything lower just makes the site look un-professional at best.
    Were it to be the original review, or one posted at a PC-specific only site (which ofc haven't done a review for the console version) then i wouldn't have any problems at all. But for a Gaming site, reviewing a multi-platform game, scoring one version lower even it the review states it as being as good and even better, is just wrong and undermines the integrity of the site.

    This incident is just another one in a year full of questionable reviews from Eurogamer, a site which i consider to be the most accurate one. Don't tag it as an EG bash , there have been alot of reviews on other sites that put a big question mark over video-game journalisms and validness of reviews.
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  • Shabtai 01/12/2008

    Why wouldn't it be worth a 10 on pc, merkdot? The game is a little demanding tech. wise, so what?
    It should have scored the same, "as pc owner", its the same damn game, but better!

    I think you are coming from the point of PC gamers (and reviwers) being more strict and less hyped about games. Be that the case, it shouldnt affect titles like that. Is a gaming site a random collection of people, with different scoring methods? It isn't.
    A 9 for GTA4 is a more suting score for the game, but when a site scores the same game that got a 10, six months later, and drops it score for really not any major issue (and one that is well-known to pc gamers), it just loses alot of credibility. And this isnt EG specific, if the PC version will be underscored at other sites as well, then really, the review industry has nothing to offer.

    It is certainly true for EG, they have been lost in the hype when GTA4 for consoles shipped, and now they are trying to ractify the situation by underscoring the PC version with no real reason.
    Yes, yes, different reviewers - different opinions, PC gamers more strict - all fine and dandy, but not when it shows gaming "journalism" in all its nudity. Thats when EG should have stepped in to over-ride the score and let the reviewer vent about the overscoring of GTA in an article, without marring the PC's review, sending a misleading signal for readers and consumers and continuing to diminish the status of professional reviews.
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  • Shabtai 01/12/2008

    His reason aren't sufficient enough for me to drop it down. I have no problem with the score itself, the game should have gotten a 9 on consoles. The problem is that it isn't helping Eurogamer or the declining status of video-game reviews. Scoring a better version of a game, 6 months after the original release, lower is just bullshit.

    These are the cases where EG as a site and organization, should allign the scores and have their pull. No need to make the situation worse by having these inconcictencies. Just post an editorial saying you were sucked in the GTA4 hype machine when it was rlsed on consoles and therfore gave it a 10 when it shouldn't have.
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  • Shabtai 01/12/2008

    If there was any integrity left in Eurogamer, this is surely seals the deal. It's sad to see a generally quality site, slide down the ladder.
    There is no reason to give the PC version anything but 10. Did Kieron though the game was too hyped in the first place? Fine, post an editorial. Don't review the game, only 6 months later on the PC and suddenly drop the score. Reviews and reviewers are just sawing the branch they stand on. It makes you loke as a joke, all the accusations people make against the video game industry are only more valid.

    With all due repsect for different reviewers and opinions, this is a cohesive site. If any game gets a certain score on one platform and 6 months laters it comes to another one, there is no way in hell to score it less. Seeing GTA4 for pc only improves the experience, scoring it lower is just a site's self-destruction.
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  • New Xbox 360 Controller

  • Shabtai 15/09/2008

    Why would 4 seperated directions buttons be patented? Even it is, i assume they will let MS use it if the price is right.
    Or they could make it like the arrow keys in a keyboard.
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  • Crysis Warhead

  • Shabtai 12/09/2008

    Should we drop one point of the score to better suit the game as in the original Crysis? Reply 0
  • FIFA 09 demos: PC out, PS3/360 today

  • Shabtai 11/09/2008

    Enhanced version of the previous version? It does have the next-gen console graphics, either that or i'm blind, or you are. I have Fifa08 for the 360, its the same engine\gfx as this PC demo. Same 3d grass and look to it, same replays with the depth effects, a 3rd person view in the Be A Pro mode (last year's pc version had only the top-down views).

    Downloading the FIFA09 demo for the 360. I will have another check.

    I presume the PC version wont have some of the features of the console ones, didnt see any sign of the tactical bars you can adjust in the pc demo.
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  • Shabtai 11/09/2008

    I did play it. It's good. Havn't tried the mouse controls too much but I think i'll stick with the keyboard.
    Don't know what to say more, its is the next-gen game engine.
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  • Shabtai 11/09/2008

    What are you talking about chiz? This is the best FIFA on PC ever.

    It does have the 360 engine it seems. You can now also customize the controls to any keys you want.
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  • Alone in the Dark

  • Shabtai 21/08/2008

    One word of advice, Eden : Playtesting.

    It would have exposed all the games problems and save some face for the devs. Better or not, this doesnt help Eden's reputation.
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  • Building BioShock

  • Shabtai 08/08/2008

    Ken, here's whats wrong with Bioshock, and you basiclly said it yourself, it's a straight FPS and it isnt good. Gunplay is avarge minus, its not fun to shoot, weapon handling is off, aresenal is pretty much straight forward. Rapture should have offered alot more.
    For FPS, the enemy variery is laughable. Spilcers with different skins, some that can climb walls, someone shoots booms. Isn't Rapture supposed to be "no limits", how come a setting like that produces the most usable enemy types in games ever? The perfect chance to introduce crazy enemies, with un-usual powers and so on and we get a lame ass rundown of enemies in the history of the fps.

    Big Daddy - The most disappointing and underwhelming encounter i had in 2007.

    So, if it isn't good as FPS, people thought it's RPGFPS but obviously, they weren't making one. The game doesnt really encourages you to use them all and most of the time the electricity shock is the best choice. All the "choices" and non-linear elements dont work out too well.

    Anyhow, Bioshock has two things going for it: Atmoshpere and Design. Really great. It always appeared to offer that, but the reviews close to its rls made it sound like it had more and so everyone expected a great experience, but it turned out to be a RPGFPS w\o alot of the RPG elements or a severly lacking FPS.
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  • PS3 games earn big bucks for EA

  • Shabtai 30/07/2008

    Gnort, you are right and i agree with you that the fact PC is generating alot of money for EA shouldn't comes as a surprise, but it is quite ironic seeing as alot of publishers are bent to paint the platfrom as not worth the effort. EA representives were pretty vocal about that (Moore) but the numbers speak for themselves. Having a wide casual offering like The Sims shouldn't deminish the fact that the platform is doing just fine. I'm sure Mass Effect for pc helped too. Anyhow, outdoing the 360 and possibly the ps3 is a healthy indication anyway you look at it.

    I'm not even mentioning the Wii, which seems to be underperforming but somewhat EA are happy with the ~half million copies sold of Bloom Blox- a well recieved,casual,with-Speilberg's-name-on-the-box game.

    It would be interesting to compare the list of games released to each platform in that time-frame.
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  • Shabtai 30/07/2008

    Hmm, if GamerG is correct with what he said, that makes the PC the most profitable platform in the last quarter for EA.

    Ironic, isnt it?
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  • Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition

  • Shabtai 11/04/2008

    I dont know why put much of the emphesis on the "Director's Cut" angle, did anyone really expect there to be new gameplay? It's a conversion, nothing more.

    What i would like to know from the pc\console reviewers is what version would they recommend to someone who is about to play the game for the first time? which version to get?
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  • Try out the PC version of Euro 2008

  • Shabtai 26/03/2008

    I join the question of whether the pc version features the new next-gen engine of the 360\ps3 games.

    I do remember reading the next FIFA on pc would make the jump.
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  • More Heavy Rain details emerge

  • Shabtai 12/03/2008

    plz pc port plz pc port plz pc port. Reply 0
  • Lost: The Video Game

  • Shabtai 29/02/2008

    Avoid the game. Can't see any Lost fans having any fun with it. I also gave up on it in the cave part. Best thing about it is the installation window music. Reply 0
  • GDC: More from Molyneux

  • Shabtai 21/02/2008

    Would they drop Crysis already? It only proves pc still has a market. More than one million retail copies sold of the game, considering the high system requirments,piracy and a packed holiday season it's pretty good.

    I mean, there are top ps3 games that didn't even reach 1 mil. and nobody says the ps3 is least not everybody..
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  • Demo Roundup - 22nd to 28th Jan

  • Shabtai 29/01/2008

    It's pc-only, adventure game *watches the crowd leaving*. It has a great concept and i enjoyed it alot. One of the fresher games around and a good departure from a regular P&C game.
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  • Shabtai 29/01/2008

    No mention of the best demo of the week and indeed best demo i remember playing in long time?
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  • Burnout Paradise

  • Shabtai 24/01/2008

    No laps then? Having races be point-to-point ending at 1 of 8 centers is a letdown. Common, no laps in a racer which is all about the crazy roads ats actions you do on them? The regular races are just mini "continental rides", alot shorter and exicting i think.

    I still prefer to be in a ceographied craziness, levels with laps made espicially for the over-the-top mayhem that Burnout made its name of. Having open-world means that this priority isn't the only one and possibly not the most important. They could have easily implement the crash signs\shortcuts in regular levels format. It would have made the races vary and with more options of how to drive.

    And no, the Burnout fans wouldn't uproar if the new Burnout was of the same formula (minus trafic checking).

    Crash mode would have worked well, don't see any reason to have that Showtime mode which i don't really like.
    The new Marked Man mode is a nice concept. Only played one but it seems too easy and having the ability to fix the cars just beats the purpose and deminishes the tension of the cpu wrecking you.

    The essentials are good though. Driving in the city, finding all the crazy spots but i really don't see why they had to strip all the other stuff.
    The open-world however, does good for the Road Rage events. It's alot better and fun. Takedowning adds time to the clock so you can prelong the event alot, which is good because i love Road Rage. So you can have long Road Rages, really visiting paradise city so it adds alot to the mode. Also the possibility to fix the cars in this mode is nice and is a good use of that open world structure.

    I need to play more, but alot of what made Burnout,Burnout have been dulled away and it's a shame.
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  • Coming Attractions: Shooters Pt.2

  • Shabtai 08/01/2008

    I'll throw Condemned 2 and They to the mix of games not mentioned. Reply 0
  • Rock Band

  • Shabtai 13/12/2007

    Can the RB guitar be used to play GH3 too? I know it works the other way around. Reply 0
  • No Assassin's Creed demo

  • Shabtai 05/10/2007

    Wasn't the pc version pushed back to 2008? Reply 0
  • LA Noire delayed

  • Shabtai 11/09/2007

    LA Noire isn't a ps3 exclusive, or is it? Reply 0
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne

  • Shabtai 08/09/2007

    I playe and finished the game. It's 7 at most and even 6.
    The game is short, it hasn't been installed here for 24 hrs and i completed it. On Normal. 6 levels is outragous, they are not too long either , so i can't understand the reviwer. Yes , the bridge part can delay you and so is the apalling final battle but that's it. Rest and most of it is very easy and i don't consider myself a badass FPS player.

    The AI is bad. I dunno what came into the writer. Worst case, you take a cover and peek and shoot.
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  • Dtp wheels out Leipzig line-up

  • Shabtai 17/07/2007

    Awesome. Adventure games FTW.

    How come no game page for So Blonde? The screenshots look lovely.
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  • Sony pals with Fahrenheit dev

  • Shabtai 03/07/2007

    Yea, to calrify, i didn't mean the game is now not worthy, just upset if it's truely going to be ps3-only tite.

    Common, it's a adventure game, you can't not release it to PC as well :\
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  • Shabtai 03/07/2007

    We need a clarification on this ASAP.

    Is Heavy Rain going to be PS3 exclusive? or nomad soul 2 or whatever game they making after?

    If these game are going to be PS3 only then it sucks.
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  • Portal only four hours long

  • Shabtai 14/03/2007

    Portal IS set in the Half-Life universe.

    4 hours is fine for a game that is solely about 1 mechanic. Valve mentioned that the portal gun will be used in more challenging situations (prolly will be part of Episode 3) so Portal is kind of tutorial for us how the wepon and mechanism work.

    And of course you'll have countless of user created maps and levels to d\l. At least if you are a PC gamer.
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  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

  • Shabtai 06/02/2007

    Boiling Point was buggy, boring and bad.

    Stalker has some chance being good , though I always had doubts. Doubts which increased after they removed bunch of stuff. My main concern is the exploration and navigataing , no vehicles and how polished the final game will be and how good the basics - control , action , AI , design - are.
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  • Shabtai 05/02/2007

    Hmm..maybe there's hope afterall for this game.

    One question , the preview mentions vast and big areas. We know there are no veichles in the game. Does the travelling part from one point to the other becomes boring and tiresome?
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  • Eye On '07: PC

  • Shabtai 05/01/2007

    skillian , Admirillo Run?

    No racing games? 2006 had quite a few for the pc. As of 2007 , well nothing yet.
    No fighting games too but to tell you the truth , this are the genres i'm least interested in.
    Fighting games are mainly good for playing with friends , but alone it isn't much appealing.

    Racing games , Burnout series is the main attraction in this genre and 3 was awesom on the ps2, I didn't like the 4th.

    There are cool games in those genres and no doubt I wouldn't mind playing them but in the big picture there aren't too many good games and those genres atrn't my first choice in gaming.
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  • Shabtai 04/01/2007

    I think people are exaggerating on the whole upgrade thing. No need to really upgrade every 18 months. You can get by for some time with a decent rig and you are not one of those that just have to play all max. Reply 0
  • Shabtai 04/01/2007

    Don't understand why you were hesitant about Ep2. It's not an expansion pack - it's a game like any other (but alot better). TF2 and Portal with it just might make it the best thing this year.

    I'm not to impressed with Crysis. All we seen from it is technical.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2006: 20 - 11

  • Shabtai 29/12/2006

    Good to see Ep1 in the list , I was beggining to worry lol.

    Though again there are inconsistenties. Ep1 was praised and got place 12 and RB6 got place 11 even when at least one voter couldn't believe it and the other were debating how good the game actually is.

    I just thing that as a "list" it should have gone through least best game to the best game and with this year's feature it's not. Weird placing , weird choices. How good is a game and why should it appear in a best of list when staffers themselves are split in debate if one game was really good?

    With year's list , EG shot itself in the foot and it really hinders what this site considered to be.
    If you wanna keep this voting system you should drop the numbered places and just present it with no particular order.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2006: 30 - 21

  • Shabtai 27/12/2006

    Yea , but it fails again in being list of games they had "most fun with". You can't place games in some kind of order without there being an even "playing ground" , so in most enjoyed list it's crucial that all the participants , at least , played a bit of them.

    I geuss every game is more enjoyable than COH , when you didn't even seen it.
    I just don't get why the list isn't compiled with the reviews in mind. By the way , the reviews are "Eurogamer's Review" - they represent the site's view on the game , eventhough it's by one reviewer , it holds as EG stand. So i'm not sure the "only one voter played the game" argument is anywhere enough to explain this weird list.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2006: 40 - 31

  • Shabtai 27/12/2006

    Why isn't the initial "filtering" of the games and their places isn't done by the score they recieved in EG reviews? That way , a game which scored 10\10 must be considered to be way up in the list.

    If it is Eurogamer's list - let it reflect in some way Eurogamer's reviews.
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