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  • DayZ: The Best Zombie Game Ever Made?

  • Seto 28/05/2012

    Wow - great read, in my excitement I logged into Steam to buy the game. Did not read that you needed Combined Operations to play it (missing out on the £5 saving) and did not batter an eye-lid about buying the expantion.

    Not felt that way about a game in a long time... :)
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  • Shadow of the Colossus movie in works

  • Seto 08/04/2009

    its really a PS2 installed at the cinema - then they let you all play one boss each - its the only way it will work... Reply 0
  • Warhammer Online closing 63 servers

  • Seto 11/03/2009

    Just resubscribed to this - great news that there will be more people about . Reply 0
  • Rock Band man defends Euro price

  • Seto 09/04/2008


    Probably - will only play it for a few months then get bored of it and put it in the loft :D
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  • Seto 09/04/2008

    Hmm - just wanted to point out that I have (and a lot of other people on here) have paid a lot more for one type of game in the past.

    "WoW come on down" (and all the other MMO's out there)

    Monthly sub £9 (ish) and been out for almost 3 years = around £300 if you have subscribed from near the start.

    /cancels WoW

    /starts money fight
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  • The Lord of the Rings Online

  • Seto 04/04/2007

    Been playing on the US servers and itís been quite good fun, though the most fun I have had so far is getting a lute and using the /music command.

    Great fun playing the Star Wars music in the LoTR world :)

    Game wise, I don't think it will keep my attention for more then a few months (which is probably a good thing - bloody wow addiction).
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  • No one can compete with WOW

  • Seto 20/06/2006

    Hmm your making me want to play EverQuest again :)

    WoW will keep most people intrested in it for about 5 to 15 months, then you want to try the next thing (ok sometimes you relent and reopen the account, but that dosent last long). Give it a year and a bit and that would be the best time for the next big MMO.

    Unless WoW comes out with a complete overhall of the game for expansion number 2.
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  • Blizzard talks MMO rumours

  • Seto 15/06/2006

    What ever happened the to customer all ways being right.

    Blizzard Slave2249: Sir, Reports coming in that there is a rumour spreading about new MMO titles for Diablo and Starcraft, the money fans are getting worked up about it. They have already started gorging themselves with money and are using a giant catapult to filng themselves at Bliz HQ.

    Blizzard Master142: Intresting.... (pauses for effect)...

    Blizzard Slave2249: Sir, I have ordered clean up team 227 to start clearing the blood / guts / money and fanboy parts from the windows, but what should we do about the rumour?

    Blizzard Master142: ...(unpauses) .... release the hounds....

    Blizzard Slave2249: but Sir, think of the money that would could make if we make the game.

    Blizzard Master142: SILENCE WORM AND RELEASE THE HOUNDS...... (pauses for extra dramatic effect)

    Blizzard PressHound27: BARK..WOOF.. NO GAMES...YAP YAP .. WOOF ...(pauses to lick balls and arse)
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  • Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach

  • Seto 27/01/2006

    Thats a good point - Can you solo this at all??

    If not, then thats my interest killed.

    Groups are ok, but I love to head off on my own.

    /forgets this is D&D, which is not much fun sitting in a corner with a Wizards hat on, playing with yourself.
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  • Seto 27/01/2006

    /smacks kangarootoo

    You know what I mean (Subscription free)

    But it would be a good idea :)
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  • Seto 27/01/2006

    I'll be interested to find out what the combat is like in this, if its good it would have me hooked.

    I get the feeling that Guild Wars has spoilt me a bit too much, it makes me feel this game should be sub free for what it offers.

    If they want to make money then all they have to do is sell virtual gold for cool hard cash themselves.
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  • DS performs well in Europe

  • Seto 05/01/2006

    I got my DS a few weeks ago - it had 3 dead/stuck pixels on it but I love it, gave it to my mum to play (Nintendo Dogs) and she loved it, gave it to the wife (Kirby) and she loved it., gave it to lots of "Non Gamers" and liked it

    How many people could you give the PSP to and get that kind of reaction.
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  • Hot XXX nude orc action!

  • Seto 02/12/2005

    /zorro Reply 0
  • No Diablo or Starcraft sequels at BlizzCon, says Blizzard rep

  • Seto 15/08/2005


    /cancels WoW subscription in protest
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  • Guild Wars set for launch

  • Seto 26/04/2005

    So there are no servers?!?!?

    Hows that work then?
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  • World of Warcraft

  • Seto 15/12/2004

    Good review.

    I'm currently a die hard EQ2 fan but Iíve always been interested in the progress of "the other side".

    MMO are always going to be hard to review because of the constant changes going on in the worlds and I like the style you have written the two reviews in (even tho Iím a bit confused as to why so much is made on what you kill in the first few levels).

    At the end of the day I play these games for fun and I still giggle when an 8ft Ogre gets his bottom handed to him by an 8 inch rat.
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