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  • Gauntlet and King's Quest are your PS4 PS Plus December games

  • SegaBlueSky 26/11/2015

    @ClemFandango Agreed, they don't need to - and like I said I'm certainly not desperate for games. But their current PS marketing campaign is all about the 'wonderful life' of a PS4 player and this does seem to go against that slightly. It doesn't make me angry at Sony and I don't feel 'entitled' to anything, but it's a shame to see what was once a massively appealing benefit to PS Plus membership go into a state of decline. Reply 0
  • SegaBlueSky 26/11/2015

    Great month for PS3 and Vita. But the PS4 selection is possibly the worst yet. Woeful. Every month I defend PS Plus - and it's not like I'm struggling for games to play - but it's seriously going downhill and I'm disappointed that Sony seemingly isn't putting more effort into it. Reply +3
  • Amazon Black Friday week deals rounded up

  • SegaBlueSky 26/11/2015

    @melnificent Wow, damn that's a good price for a solid game. Annoyed I missed that, quite fancied playing it on PS4. Reply 0
  • SegaBlueSky 24/11/2015

    @Omniabsence Cool, I'll look out for that - thanks! Reply 0
  • SegaBlueSky 24/11/2015

    Really hoping for a Wii U console offer, but not holding out much hope. Reply +18
  • Bloodborne: The Old Hunters walkthrough and guide

  • SegaBlueSky 25/11/2015

    @jabberwocky Another tip is to use the Tonitrus for the spiders if you have it! But yeah Rom can be very tricky, but grab some helpers and you'll get there. I'd offer in a heartbeat but not sure when I'd be on next! Luckily it's a pretty popular boss. Reply 0
  • Heroes vs Villains is much more than Star Wars Battlefront filler

  • SegaBlueSky 24/11/2015

    @riceNpea That's exactly the point! Makes for good lunchtime reading IMO, not filler in the slightest. Too much would be a bit annoying but the occasional article like this about the big releases is great in my book, especially as I'm the kind of guy that tends to sit on the fence a bit rather than buy on launch day. Reply +4
  • SegaBlueSky 24/11/2015

    @Bertie Good to know. I'm familiar with Destiny - played it on original release but wasn't prepared to shell out for all the expansions individually so traded it in for Bloodborne. Just tempted to jump back in now that there's more to do...think you've helped make up my mind, so thanks! Reply +1
  • SegaBlueSky 24/11/2015

    Interesting read! I'm tempted to ask for either this or Destiny for Xmas and debating quite a bit over which I'd prefer. Thinking I might go for Destiny just because it has so much extra content included now, but if the season pass wasn't such an imposing figure I think I'd be very close to choosing Star Wars. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's PS2 emulation wishlist

  • SegaBlueSky 23/11/2015

    For me...

    Gitarooman (PLEASE)
    Project Zero trilogy
    Soul Calibur 3
    Soul Reaver + LoK: Defiance
    Persona 3 + 4
    Ico (yes it had a PS3 version, but can't have enough copies of this game)
    Shadow of the Colossus (as above...)
    Okami ( above)
    Timesplitters 2

    Unfortunately gonna have to side with the people voting against FFXII, too. I bought it and at first was thrilled by the MMO-like gameplay (I adored FFXI and there were a fair few parallels), but the story was a let down and the general characterization very shallow IMO. Didn't hate it but couldn't care less about a remake/re-release/emulation version. Same problem with XIII. XIV is a fantastic online game but for me the last great 'offline' FF was IX. Not convinced by XV either at the moment but will inevitably play it anyway!
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  • Star Wars Battlefront review

  • SegaBlueSky 20/11/2015

    Like many I don't mind the simplicity. In fact that works quite well for me. But the cost...the cost is just ridiculous right now. if the game is still fairly active when the inevitable 'complete edition' comes out I'll happily jump in, but if it dies down then I'll just have to pass on it completely. Reply +1
  • Mass Effect fans think they've discovered the name of Andromeda's main character

  • SegaBlueSky 16/11/2015

    Interesting! I've been replaying the ME trilogy recently too, getting very excited and nervous to hear more about Andromeda. I'm trying to stay open-minded about the whole thing though. The original trilogy had it's ups and downs but it's still one of my favourite modern gaming franchises and I really hope the next game is a good one...fingers crossed. Reply +10
  • Star Wars Battlefront 40 Season Pass contents partially revealed

  • SegaBlueSky 16/11/2015

    Let's see...a few more maps and characters - or...I could buy another game. Or several. This just isn't enough value as it stands - will be keeping an eye out to see what else develops but at the moment I won't be going anywhere near it until the price plummets. Which is a shame as I loved the beta. Reply +1
  • Nintendo Direct broadcast scheduled for Thursday

  • SegaBlueSky 10/11/2015

    @abeeken Good to know - but not what I was debating! I did own a Wii back in the day but skipped the Wii U at first. Thinking of catching up now but have this feeling that there will be a price drop soon or around Black Friday. Reply +3
  • SegaBlueSky 10/11/2015

    Might be the first Nintendo Direct I watch...think it's about time I bought a Wii U and caught up on some great games I've been missing out on. The question get one now or wait to see if there are any amazing Black Friday deals or a price drop. Reply +13
  • Rocket League's free match mutators DLC is out now

  • SegaBlueSky 10/11/2015

    Played a quick match last night with the mutators on - brilliant fun! Rocket League is the main reason I haven't made an impact on the Witcher 3, Batman and Heavensward in months...I just can't help but play a bit more every damn time I boot up the PS4. Reply +4
  • Dark Souls 3 Collector's Editions leaked via United Arab Emirates retailer

  • SegaBlueSky 10/11/2015

    Would love to get something like this if the price was right, but WOW that's pricey. The regular edition is at least a little more sensible - provided the statue/figure is of decent quality anyway. No interest in patches, a cloth map or the soundtrack though. Don't get me wrong the soundtrack will be immense but I can't imagine wanting to listen to it unless I'm, y'know - playing it. Not exactly in-car music, is it? Reply 0
  • Broforce review

  • SegaBlueSky 19/10/2015

    It's not gonna top my wishlist or anything but definitely excited to get this at some point. There are a lot of pixel-art games around at the moment but I'm still enjoying the odd one and this looks like a good example.

    Have to say though, I'd love to see the whole retro-2D movement take on more 16- and 32-bit art styles!
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  • PlayStation Plus October line-up revealed

  • SegaBlueSky 30/09/2015

    Have to admit this is a pretty poor lineup. But it doesn't upset me personally - I've wanted to play Broken Age for, well...ages, and I've already got a 'to-play' list that will last me well into the new year. Reply -1
  • Silent Hills would have been even better than we thought

  • SegaBlueSky 28/09/2015

    On the one hand this makes me so, so sad and angry. BUT, I'd never heard of this guy before and will now be going out to go buy what appear to be some exceptional horror-themed comics. Silver linings.

    Also for the record will jump all over a Kickstarter if one came along. Just saying.
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  • P.T. meets Gone Home in Allison Road, now on Kickstarter

  • SegaBlueSky 22/09/2015

    Love the look of this and how it's built up from just a guy trying to emulate what he liked about PT. Definitely backing this for a PS4 version! Reply +1
  • Going face to face with The Last Guardian

  • SegaBlueSky 17/09/2015

    Ridiculously excited about this game. I just love all the mannerisms and nuances to Trico's movements - it was a simply video but I was absolutely captivated just watching him move about. I get the feeling that by the time I finish this game I'm going to feel like I've been interacting with a real creature. Also, I will probably be drowning in a sea of my own tears. And then I'll play it again. Reply +2
  • Star Wars Battlefront beta playable offline, open to everyone

  • SegaBlueSky 17/09/2015

    There have only been a handful of Star Wars games that have ever got me truly excited - Star Wars Trilogy Arcade and probably the first Rogue Squadron. But this looks like the best anticipation has gone from zero to frothing at the mouth in a very short time and can't wait to give the beta a go! Reply +5
  • More than an expansion, Destiny: The Taken King is a relaunch of Bungie's vision

  • SegaBlueSky 15/09/2015

    @nexusz Most publishers these days tend to place an embargo on reviews - usually launch day. Activision setting one for a week after release would sure be sneaky.

    As for me, I'm really tempted to get back in to Destiny (traded in at level 23 after finishing the main story, never bought the expansions). But I'm in no rush, quite happy to dip back in when the initial frenzy has died down a bit so I'm kinda happy to sit back and wait for a review, hoping very much that it'll be from someone who's spent a good amount of time with the new content live, out in the wild, so I get a better idea of how much I'm going to get out of it.
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  • Bloodborne: The Old Hunters expansion revealed, coming November

  • SegaBlueSky 15/09/2015

    (Bison voice) YES! So, so damn happy. Can't wait. Now to finish up my various builds in preparation so I can make use of all the new goodies... Reply 0
  • Exploring a very different kind of arcade

  • SegaBlueSky 14/09/2015

    Wow, this sounds fantastic - and I'd never heard of it before! Will be paying this a visit ASAP... Reply 0
  • PEGI listings hint at PS2 Classics for PlayStation 4

  • SegaBlueSky 14/09/2015

    @chubster2010 THIS. Damn I love that game. Reply +1
  • SegaBlueSky 14/09/2015

    What I'd give for a next(er, current)-gen Ape Escape game. Got a PS2 late so never played the sequel but loved the original! Reply 0
  • Tearaway Unfolded review

  • SegaBlueSky 07/09/2015

    Awesome stuff, need to clear my virtual shelves a bit first but really looking forward to getting this soon. Reply 0
  • SoulCalibur Lost Swords to shut down in November

  • SegaBlueSky 02/09/2015

    Personally I'd love a new SC game. Last one I really enjoyed was SC3 - had a huge, fantastic single player campaign and a great roster of characters. It just nailed the formula perfectly for me - me and my other half must have notched up hundreds of hours on it. Then we got SC4 on the 360 and it just kind of fizzled out from there - was abit bare content-wise compared to the third game. Reply +2
  • YouTube Gaming launches today

  • SegaBlueSky 26/08/2015

    What I do like it having the chance to watch developers give live presentations on their games and answering questions as they go along. It's a nice bit of interaction and genuinely makes me more excited about a game.

    I don't really enjoy watching streamers and big YT personalities/celebrities largely because I feel they appeal to the lowest common denominator. It's all a big convoluted popularity contest for the most part with people playing up to the camera and making money - a weird half-way between amateurs and professional media. I just don't click with it and I think that might be because I'm a little bit out of the demographic. Maybe I would have liked it when I was 15 and more into internet culture, Jackass and drinking crap booze, I dunno. But pushing 30 now I just feel like I'm wasting my time watching these videos.
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  • PlayStation Plus' free September offerings revealed

  • SegaBlueSky 25/08/2015

    Nice, will definitely check out Grow Home, Super Time Force and Twisted Metal. Will try and make time for the others too but honestly just got too much stuff to play right now @_@ Reply +2
  • Trine 3 dev says "future of the series is now in question"

  • SegaBlueSky 25/08/2015

    @zezyan Go work for a game company and see if your opinion changes on that.

    Anyways, I can see why people are disappointed but for the genuine criticisms are more to do with mechanics and gameplay features than anything else. Haven't played it myself yet (still on Trine 2) but have heard that there have been some gameplay changes that haven't gone down too well, which is fair criticism, definitely.

    As for gamers feeling 'entitled', well there's no right or wrong answer for that, I think. What I will agree on is that gamers are capable of some of the worst venom and misguided, skewed opinions I've seen in any industry. It doesn't go for everyone but there are a lot of people out there who need some perspective.

    Weirdly I meet so many gamers who seem to think that game developers are out to wring every penny from them and exploit their good nature while ruining the hobby they love so much. While there are of course some companies doing that, there are many more that are just desperately trying to find a way to make creating a games a viable business model for them. It's a very, very diverse place out there and you can't tar all game companies with the same brush.

    If this was EA selling the new Mass Effect and only delivering 5 hours of gameplay then yeah, I'd probably be pretty pissed off. But this is a small developer that probably doesn't fire out these games nearly as easily as we would imagine. For that reason I'm willing to give them a little bit of slack - that's not excusing them and denying flaws - but I'm not going to be sending them packed-down cakes of my own excrement, either.

    Ok so this turned out bigger than I anticipated. Anywho, people are entitled to whatever they want to think, right or wrong. Enjoy your day and try not to get bogged down too much by stressing out about a hobby.
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  • Final Fantasy Portal app includes Triple Triad

  • SegaBlueSky 20/08/2015

    Positively giddy to be getting a mobile version of Triple Triad! FF1 an awesome bonus too, will have to give that a try. Reply 0
  • Into the wild: inside The Witcher 3 launch

  • SegaBlueSky 20/08/2015

    Fascinating article, can't imagine how much work it took to put it together! Some really cool insights and stories here - sadly I had to read through fairly quickly as I'm at work but will be returning to have a more detailed read at lunchtime. Seriously though, this is a really, really great article. Feels like a long time since I've seen an article like this in print or online. Great stuff. Reply +10
  • Sky Rogue delivers the romance of aviation

  • SegaBlueSky 20/08/2015

    @MrTomFTW God I miss this machine. Hoping to try out the Transformers arcade machine on a trip to Japan later this year, which seems very much like an improved version of this.

    Love the look of this game too, like a super polished Virttua Racer/AfterBurner hybrid.
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  • Sony dates Paris Games Week PlayStation conference

  • SegaBlueSky 18/08/2015

    Damn, will be on holiday when this goes live but looking forward to catching up on it. Hoping for Morpheus, Dreams and something from David Cage! More No Man's Sky also welcome of course. Reply +1
  • Red Ash wants another $247k for its anime spin-off

  • SegaBlueSky 18/08/2015

    Yeesh, Inafune needs to take a really hard look at what he's doing. I suppose this is the danger of getting a project funded before you thinking about the company making the project is going to be funded. I want to see him continue to make games, but not like this... Reply 0
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to PS4

  • SegaBlueSky 17/08/2015

    Dammit Sega, if you don't release this over here I'm going to be really quite upset. Adored PSO episodes 1-3, played the fan-translated version of this on my laptop for a while but it struggled to run for a while so would really, really love to play it on PS4. Reply +2
  • Worms WMD announced for PC and Xbox One in 2016

  • SegaBlueSky 31/07/2015

    Would love a PS4 version, but either way I really, really like the look of this. The old look was getting very stale and this really seems brings the series up to date! Looks promising. Reply +1
  • The Witcher 3 is getting a New Game Plus mode

  • SegaBlueSky 28/07/2015

    Cool. Still haven't spent enough time on the game to even get past the first village, but cool. Really need to get back into this! Reply 0
  • The Street Fighter 5 beta isn't working

  • SegaBlueSky 28/07/2015

    Well, it's disappointing - but like so many have said, it's a beta. I don't think they even have to offer beta testers any kind of incentive to make up for it, but it's a nice gesture that they are, and to be honest I've still come out of this with more anticipation for SFV if anything. Looking forward to whatever form the next beta takes. Reply +1
  • SegaBlueSky 24/07/2015

    Makes me feel slightly better that I didn't get into the beta. I'm so petty. Reply +3
  • Project Cars Wii U canned, "simply too much" for hardware

  • SegaBlueSky 21/07/2015

    Really not liking much that I hear from Slightly Mad Studios lately, which makes me wonder if they're more than slightly mad.

    As others have said I'm really not sure I'm comfortable with a company crowdfunding a game with the promise of a WiiU version and then scrapping it when they realize they're not up to the job - while asking for more money to fund the sequel to their massively successful first game. I don't like it and I think I'm done with them until they can convince me otherwise.

    Please tell me I'm wrong if I've twisted things here but that's how I see it at the moment...
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  • Odin Sphere is getting remastered on PS4, PS3 and Vita

  • SegaBlueSky 21/07/2015

    Ridiculously happy about this, loved this game but lost my copy before I could finish it while I was moving house. Looking forward to seeing what the new Vanillaware game will be when it's revealed in September... Reply +1
  • Thousands of Nintendo fans pay respects at Satoru Iwata funeral

  • SegaBlueSky 17/07/2015

    Rest in Peace, Iwata-san. You brought joy to millions and every one of them will miss you. Reply +7
  • Shenmue 3 breaks Kickstarter funding record

  • SegaBlueSky 17/07/2015

    Go Shenmue! As I've said a few times on various sites - Yu Suzuki is still one my all-time favourite game developers, and nothing would make me happier to see Shenmue 3 become a huge success and Suzuki back in the limelight. Stumped up for a physical PS4 copy and can't wait to see the game take shape! Reply +11
  • Godzilla review

  • SegaBlueSky 16/07/2015

    Just trying to imagine some box quotes for this now...

    "CRUSHING (disappointment)"
    "Experience true devastation"
    "Will leave you roaring and stomping around your living room"
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  • 15 games later, Rovio announces Angry Birds 2

  • SegaBlueSky 16/07/2015

    I never thought Street Fighter would ever be outdone in the 'not quite a sequel' stakes. I stand corrected. Reply +8
  • Amazon Prime day deals detailed

  • SegaBlueSky 15/07/2015

    @kevinkdobdobson Alas, I'm on PS4. Not in a mega rush for it anyway - to be honest by the time I get round to playing it, pre-owned copies will probably be sitting around 15 or so. Reply 0