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  • Call of Duty: WW2 threat of sexual violence scene modified in Australia

  • SBandy 19/10/2017

    The UK advertising for the game (3 guys and a girl reunite to play together as its back to WW2 all played to cool music) seems at complete odds with how seriously the campaign is seemingly being taken. Reply +3
  • EA has shut down Visceral Games

  • SBandy 17/10/2017

    You know why Resident Evil 4 is a masterpiece? Because it did the exact opposite of everything EA has said here.

    And pure skill and gaming magic too of course.
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  • Jelly Deals: Super Mario Odyssey discounted digitally pre-launch

  • SBandy 16/10/2017

    Sorry to be a bit cheeky but I don't know why you are baffled by digital prices being more than physical as this has been the case with all major releases on any console since buying digital became a viable option.

    Although thanks for the heads up as I will be getting Mario Odyssey digital!
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  • Over 10 million players have flocked to Fortnite's Battle Royale in its first two weeks

  • SBandy 11/10/2017

    The Return of the Jedi joke was worth the click! Plus I like the general sense of humour of the infographic, that is how you win me over! Reply +8
  • FIFA 18 on Switch: custom-built or enhanced Xbox 360 port?

  • SBandy 08/10/2017


    Except no we haven't seen Switch peak because this has probably been a rushed game after Nintendo coaxed it out of EA. For instance their appearance at the reveal in January appeared a token effort.

    No console hits its peak in the first half of its life never mind the first 6 months!

    I have the game and I can tell you it is a Fifa game through and through that you can take on the go. It misses a few bells and whistles but it is a great experience and a lot of fun!

    But I do agree with your idea of a specific build of the game for the Switch. It used to happen all the time in the N64/playstation era with third party games. EG PS had the Smackdown series and N64 had the legendary AKI wrestling games. Even the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube era had third partys focus on the strenghts of each individual console and I again reference the wrestling games.

    But, much like football today, money and agents (publishers) rule so the time and effort to make best use of each console is gone. Pity.
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  • SBandy 07/10/2017

    First Fifa I have really played in a few years bar giving the demo a quick run on ps4 each year. I dropped the series when it took away the simple option to play a random person online and you could have a rematch after as that created some stellar, very competitve games.

    Picked it up for the Switch because I was intrigued how it would play handheld. I am enjoying it but it has a few bugs, had to quit one online game because the other team were all invisible haha.

    Overall it feels like Fifa and plays a good game of footie with the usual Fifa hangups eg not quite as responsive as it could be and commentary that constantly repeats itself.

    Still a very good game for the entire userbase and a decent version of the game and I am getting used to seasons online mode and quite enjoying it. Don't have any interest in FUT myself but its great its there for those that do enjoy it!
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  • Xbox One X Killer Instinct delivers the first 4K console fighting game

  • SBandy 24/09/2017

    This game is nearly worth owning an Xbox One for, it is incredible! Reply -9
  • How does Forza 7 improve on Xbox One X over base hardware?

  • SBandy 23/09/2017

    There has been as many Forza games, more if you include the Horizon games, in much less time than there has been Mario Kart games.

    Now I am not doubting the quality of these games at all and I am clearly using a stretch of a comparison.

    The point I am trying to make is I got rid of my Xbox One as it is just sequel after sequel at a very fast rate and all they seem to really do is improve the graphics. I personally can't get excited about that.

    I am more a Nintendo guy and have heard years of 'all Nintendo has is Mario/Zelda/Smash' etc but it is hard to deny the mainline games in those series don't add something of real quality with each new iteration, and at nowhere near the same rate as xbox produces their sequels which makes Nintendo sequels seem fresh.

    Also all the playstation consoles mix it up with new first and third party exclusives making for greater variety.

    I know this is completely off topic I am just trying to say why I believe Xbox is in a funk right now in my opinion. Better graphics won't change the fact it's the same old tired series of games after only 3 generations in to the console race.

    Sorry for being a downer as I want Xbox to compete properly with fresh exclusive games to bring even more out of Nintendo and Sony who are both already killing it right now in my opinion.
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  • Playdead's revered Inside heading to Nintendo Switch

  • SBandy 23/09/2017

    This is exactly the kind of game I would kind of want to play but wouldn't buy because I don't imagine I would dedicate my main time to it on my TV (if you get my meaning).

    But the option to play it portable, whilst I am lying in bed for example, makes it a much more attractive option.

    God I love the Switch.
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  • Fans don't like Tomb Raider's awkward film poster

  • SBandy 19/09/2017

    To be fair that looks very weird and kind of disturbing the more I look at it! Reply +32
  • Pokkén Tournament DX is a great Switch port that can't solve the game's core contradiction

  • SBandy 18/09/2017

    The demo was quite enjoyable but not enough to warrant me buying the game. Maybe when it is on offer.

    The Pokken controller though is bloody fantastic with Ultra Street Fighter 2 and Garou Mark of the Wolves and most other 2d fighters on the Switch I would wager! That is well worth investing in if you have any interest in fighting games or even platformers.
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  • Super Mario Odyssey's photo mode will let you send screenshots to your smartphone

  • SBandy 14/09/2017

    This game looks absolutely astounding. Just over a month to go!

    The quick glimpse of the jungle level looked gorgeous.
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  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has a final release date

  • SBandy 14/09/2017

    I had no idea what the voiceover was talking about regarding the battle mechanics. I have the original game on my Wii U as one of the Wii download games and that battle system also completely confuses me.

    I just don't think these games are for me. More turn based or standard real time fighing RPGs please!

    But this has been quite the first year for the Switch, actually only 10 months by Christmas. Potentially one of the best first years for a console so far!
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  • Okami HD spotted for PC, PS4, Xbox One

  • SBandy 12/09/2017

    But not on Switch. I don't know who is making the decisions over in Capcom, but they are bloody stupid and self defeating. Reply 0
  • 45-minute Nintendo Direct broadcast this week

  • SBandy 11/09/2017


    And I thought your stephen sausage roll posts were repetitive!
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  • Nintendo reveals several Switch indie games and release dates

  • SBandy 31/08/2017

    There has been a further Sizzle Reel relased from Nintendo on Youtube confirming Worms WMD is coming to the Switch! The perfect game for the system! Hyped! Reply +5
  • The big Xbox Gamescom interview

  • SBandy 23/08/2017


    Yep I agree with you. I would say that if Microsoft want to stay in the console business they better start looking at it specifically rather than as part of the whole industry otherwise they may continue to struggle. And when I say may I really mean will.
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  • SBandy 23/08/2017


    Exclusives are the main thing for me but I can appreciate other peoples views.

    My point about Phil Spencer is, yes he did pull Xbox One out of that hole but it wouldn't exactly take a genius to do so as everyone and their mother could see what needed sorted. But now they are out of that hole he hasn't done enough to make the Xbox look like a real alternative to PS4. I think the folks at Microsoft just don't understand the console market.

    Sony pulled the PS3 back from the brink to in the end selling more than the Xbox 360. And I would argue that it was because of the exclusives.
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  • SBandy 23/08/2017


    Yes it absolutely had the hallmarks of the arrogant attitude that seems to come with a third console, see also N64 and its dream team.

    How the PS3 got through it in my opinion was with absolutely stellar first and second party exclusive games, same with the N64. Xbox One in all its iterations just doesn't have that.

    PS4 profited big time from Xbox Ones botched launch but its also still has stellar first, second and third party exlcusives.

    I see your reply to mamalkosari, I only buy and keep a console for the exclusives first and foremost, how shiny the third party games look compared to other consoles doesn't enter the equation for me.

    Again just my thoughts
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  • SBandy 23/08/2017

    I see a lot of people saying how Phil Spencer has turned Xbox around but has he really?

    This interview highlights exactly the kind of problems when Dom (Don?) Mattrick was still in charge. Yeh they got away from all the anti consumer stuff at the start but that was because they absolutely had to as it was such a ridiculous miscalculation on their part.

    By the way I don't blame this guy in the interview he is doing the best he can with not a lot.

    Bottom line is exclusives sell consoles and Xbox just doesn't have them anymore, all dull sequels which don't bring anything new. I have a feeling Xbox One X is a last throw of the dice and if it doesn't work out Microsoft might scrap the Xbox brand which is terrible as competition is needed.

    Just my thoughts. Killer Instinct is still awesome!
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  • Watch Uncharted: The Lost Legacy running at 60fps

  • SBandy 21/08/2017

    Not sure why Naughty Dog would help show the game in a state that no one will be able to play it in.

    "Here's what you could have won!"
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  • Super Meat Boy is leaping onto Switch

  • SBandy 10/08/2017


    It does take time to get used to but the joycon d-pad really isn't that bad. I am able to play many games like Shovel Knight and Ultra SF 2 with it with few problems.
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  • Thumper is hitting Xbox One this month

  • SBandy 03/08/2017

    Brilliant on the Switch with great use of HD rumble although I still can't get past level 4!

    Can only imagine how insane it is on PSVR!
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  • Hey! Pikmin fails to set UK chart on fire

  • SBandy 01/08/2017

    I finally tried GTA V this week just playing for a very short time past the intro and in control of Franklin. What is the fuss about? The controls and physics are absolutely awful so I just gave up!

    I will say I only put 20 mins into it but thats all it took for me to realise it wasn't for me. Fair play to everyone who enjoys the game but I don't get it.
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  • Ultra Street Fighter 2 on Nintendo Switch does the business for Capcom

  • SBandy 28/07/2017

    I spent Ł30 taking my dad to go see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, that was Ł14 for the tickets and Ł16 for popcorn and drink each . I enjoyed it but I did not consider it value for money overall for two and a half hours entertainment.

    I bought Ultra SF2 for Ł35. So far I have put in 20 odd hours and intend to put in many more on the arcade mode and countless hours on the online and local multiplayer. I consider that to be value for money no matter how the game was formed,or how old it is, or how much perceived effort was put in by Capcom in making it.

    I got my moneys worth and more and that is how the value of the game should be judged in my opinion.
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  • Six perspectives on the Destiny 2 beta

  • SBandy 21/07/2017


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  • SBandy 21/07/2017

    When people say PvP do they mean competitive online gaming? And is PvE single player?

    I don't think I got the memo!
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  • Doom's paid DLC is now free for everyone

  • SBandy 20/07/2017

    I might be tempted to pick the game up for 12 quid for the single player aspect.

    If I had paid for the DLC I would probably be quite pissed off right now though as I would feel ripped off.
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  • Thoughts on three months spent with Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • SBandy 16/07/2017


    All I got from your post was "I hate it so you all should too!"

    I think you pretty much said that at one point.

    I disagree with everything you said and it is a top two greatest of all time for me after Resi 4.

    But to each their own.
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  • SBandy 15/07/2017


    You know you could skip the cooking animation right?

    I will humbly disagree with the vast majority of your other points but yes some shortcuts would have been nice.

    I also would have liked the classic outfit you get for completing all 120 shrines to have encompassed all your outfits' qualities but ah well.

    Still best game I have played since Resi 4 which also had many complaints about UI and item management. Funny that!

    Edit: Also the Transformers line was completely ridiculous and kind of made your entire, decently thought out, post come accross as petty.
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  • Four months on, BioWare still patching Mass Effect: Andromeda facial animations

  • SBandy 10/07/2017

    If George Lucas made videogames. Reply +19
  • Uncharted 4's Crash Bandicoot cameo made me nostalgic for a game I'd never played

  • SBandy 07/07/2017


    Yes I think you are right!

    And to be clear I do love the Uncharted games, it was just a bit of contructive criticism!
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  • SBandy 07/07/2017


    Haha I just made the link beween the games and movies in respect of diminshing returns.

    I dont think the Uncharted games are just interactive movies like some people say and I very much enjoy the mix of gameplay and cutscenes the majority of the time. Just the balance veered too much to cutscene in 4.
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  • SBandy 07/07/2017


    The final act of 3 was extremely disappointing for sure.

    Uncharted 2 is a masterpiece in my opinion and so I can understand why Naughty Dog have not been able to surpass it. I still enjoy all 4 games but there has been a slight feeling of diminsishing returns somewhat similar to a movie series, probably because the story is so important to these games.

    Uncharted 4 was overall better than 3 for me but just too bloated.
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  • SBandy 07/07/2017

    I love Uncharted but have previously said the 4th one suffered from being too bloated and this was my main example of that.

    This section just annoyed me, one because I just wanted to get on with the game, two because this felt extremely forced to have a cute look back at Naughty Dogs old game (I dont blame them for that though really) and three because I have no love at all for Crash Bandicoot games.

    If anything it just made me not like the character and his games even more! All just my opinion of course!
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  • Watch 23 minutes of Monster Hunter World gameplay in HD

  • SBandy 07/07/2017


    I consider them fair game as they have sent me flying on more than one occaision!
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  • SBandy 07/07/2017


    I have no problem killing the majority of wildlife in Zelda BOTW with a few rules: only kill the wolves if they attack first and never kill any foxes, or horses of course!

    I think in MH it is because these fights are long and drawn out and you see the physical impact on the animal. Whether it is a monster or whatever kind of creature when it starts limping or looking in pain I feel guilty!

    Plus as UncleLou said the more improved graphics would just make it more real and unsettling for me!
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  • SBandy 07/07/2017

    I honestly don't think I could play any of these games as I just feel bad for the monsters! This example in particular shows why as the animal was just having a snooze! Reply +2
  • Crash Bandicoot on PS4: retro gameplay meets state-of-the-art visuals

  • SBandy 29/06/2017

    Best graphics in the world can't change my opinion that the Crash Bandicoot games were awful, sorry. Reply -4
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe patch makes it easier for players to catch up

  • SBandy 29/06/2017

    This is needed otherwise it would completely unbalance the game and ruin the point of Mario Kart being a party racing game everyone can play. Plus when racing online I notice the same people always finishing higher than the rest because there is a skill to how you use the items you get as well as your racing skills!

    There is the option for creating or joining an online group that has no weapons if you fancy a straight up race. I tried it a few times and it was OK but I prefer the chaotic fun of the game with items.
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  • TumbleSeed is toning down its difficulty after only 0.2 per cent of players could finish it

  • SBandy 27/06/2017


    Thumper is rock hard but I love it. I have only got to level 4 but as the levels are not random you can learn each course.

    Plus the game is just a trip and when you get into "the zone" it is an amazing experience!
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  • SBandy 27/06/2017

    I like the game but only got past the first quarter a few times and died pretty much right away.

    Plus the game just didn't explain things clearly especially what the aura's actually did so I only used the main three (flag, heart and crystal).

    It was soul destroying trying to complete the first quarter when the difficulty seemed to ramp up considerably and introduce new monsters or obstacles in the same area each time so I couldn't even learn from experience as no game was the same.

    I know that is the point but I thought it would show its full hand in each quarter, just in a different order each time, to allow me to learn.

    I look forward to this update.
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  • Why Star Fox 2's release on SNES mini is such a big deal

  • SBandy 26/06/2017

    To be honest what makes me most excited is the fact that these super FX games are on SNES classic dramatically increases the odds of them finally being added to the virtual console too! Reply +3
  • Detroit: Become Human tweet swiftly removed after poking fun at Xbox

  • SBandy 23/06/2017

    Can no one have fun anymore?! These are all toys people (Cool toys but still)! Reply +46
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy treads charted territory in dev walkthrough

  • SBandy 21/06/2017


    Uncharted 2 is a masterpiece and one of my favourite games but in hindsight 4 was just too bloated story wise and therefore didn't flow as well.

    When a game made me complete a level of Crash Bandicoot to continue the story I realised something wasn't quite right!

    But like I said I will probably get this when that itch for a big adventure game arrives again, and I have no doubt it will be am extremely playable polished experience!
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  • SBandy 21/06/2017

    It just looks....exactly the same as all 4 Uncharted games. I have enjoyed them all but I definitely started to feel the fatigue with 4, and mainly because the story side of things took too much of a front seat.

    This game is same scenario, 1 guy with a million henchman who will likely doublecross the heroes and result in mass murder over a few shiny trinkets.

    Yes Mario always has to rescue Peach but the main thing that changes there is the gameplay in new and exciting ways!

    The biggest joke is I know I will buy this!
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  • Sony PlayStation E3 2017 conference live report

  • SBandy 13/06/2017

    Showing some Last of Us Part II is enough for me. Anything else is bonus! Reply 0
  • WipEout Omega Collection review

  • SBandy 05/06/2017

    I will probably pick this up BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NINTENDO!! Please release F Zero GX remaster on the Switch! Literally all you would have to do is push the res up to 1080p and add online play and the game would be perfect and beautiful.

    And perhaps have a super easy option for the story mode!
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  • Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers review

  • SBandy 28/05/2017

    Right. Now I have played this game a fair bit I have to say that I believe this review to be a joke. Anyone who enjoys Street Fighter should get plenty of hours entertainment out of this.

    Also kudos to Nintendo, these are probably the best anaolgue sticks for a fighting game on any console I have ever used to the point that playing with one joycon with the grip attached has become my preferred way to play docked. And I have the pro controller!

    This review again, a joke.
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  • Teslagrad was most profitable on Wii U

  • SBandy 25/05/2017

    I am loving all these indies. I personally am so sick of "AAA" titles from most of the big companies in their current shape. It is just sequel after sequel and they all seem to be getting the awful, awful loot box crap added to them.

    The indies are a breath of fresh air compared to that!
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