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  • Nintendo's NX console launches March 2017 globally

  • SBandy 27/04/2016

    Well at least it gives me time to save for NX after PSVR.

    But Nintendo needs to come out and reveal what the NX is sooner rather than later as all these rumours are getting tiring and I'm getting fed up. At least its normal enough to play Zelda!

    Feels like Nintendo are going for a complete clean break from Wii U and maybe 3DS before the reveal of this 'brand new concept'. I hope they have ways to reward the owners of those consoles,especially Wii U owners, who now have very little to look forward to for the next year pretty much.
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  • Star Fox Zero review

  • SBandy 20/04/2016

    Even if all the reviews for this game were awful nothings going to disuade me from getting it. I have waited near 2 decades for a new proper Star Fox game and I can't wait to try it. I hope the controls become rewarding after I put the hours in.

    Strangely enough I hated the way the Arwings felt in Assault on the Gamecube, just didnt seem to have the feeling of weight they did in the Snes N64 games.
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  • Watch: Where did Resident Evil go wrong?

  • SBandy 17/04/2016


    I certainly will be getting it for either xbox one or ps4. I really hope that capcom put the effort in to this re-release and give it the full 1080p, remastered textures, 60fps experience and spruce up the old ps2 fmvs from the ada mission. I have high hopes as the fact they are waiting til years end to release it last means they clearly realise it is such an important game to so many of us.

    I play through the Wii edition a couple of times a years, the game is just that good!
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  • SBandy 16/04/2016


    For me Resi 4 is simply the best game ever made.

    I remember being so hyped for it, reading up on it for a couple of years in NGamer magazine, or whatever it was called back then, and seeing it go through its different iterations before Mikami settled on his final approach. Then on the day it came out in Norn Iron I could not find a copy anywhere in any shop or online, I even got swindled on ebay from some guy who apparently had ten copies ( I did get my money back eventually).

    Finally two months later the game was re-stocked and I got my hands on it and played it through to completion....and then immediately played through it again and again.

    My expectations for the game were not just met but blown away. The best game ever made, ever. And then they go and improve it with the Wii version. Perfection.
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  • SBandy 16/04/2016

    Resident Evil 4 is perfection, after that there was only one way to go. Reply +6
  • Face-Off: Microsoft Xbox Elite controller vs Razer Wildcat

  • SBandy 17/04/2016

    I love the xbox one controller and it fixed the only thing wrong with the 360 controller, the d pad. However the actually build quality os the worst in any controller i can remember I have now had to buy 2 replacements which is something I have never had to do.

    It just does not seem to be able to withstand prolonged use in something like a Killer Instinct session. The plastic finish is very cheap and starts to fall apart. Compared to my Wii U gamepad and PS4 controller its pretty shocking.

    Think I will save up and get an elite.
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  • The end of Nintendo's weird GamePad era

  • SBandy 13/04/2016

    I do love the Wii U and the gamepad's second screen felt essential in games like Splatoon and the two remastered Zelda's but likewise games like Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart and all VC games felt much better with the Wii U pro controller. Weird choices on Nintendo's part like not having an option to just turn the second screen off when using the pad for more traditional games annoyed me but hey its nintendo.

    From this article and rumours I have read it appears Nintendo is just going to go for a more traditional game controller this time around. I would hope they just use the Wii U pro controller design with anologue triggers and gyro control option.

    The Wii U has been a great console and I can't wait for Star Fox.
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  • There's no need to worry about Star Fox Zero's strange controls

  • SBandy 05/04/2016

    I have gone from cautious to extemely excited and now cant wait to pick this up on the 22nd! Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Resident Evil 6 Remastered

  • SBandy 05/04/2016

    I picked it up on PS4 as never got into it on Xbox 360 and I am well aware of its reputation but Leon and Chris in the same game is still a grand thought. The 60fps makes a massive difference and while the game is far from perfect I hope it means 5 and 4 also get the same update.

    My dream is for Resident Evil 4 at 60fps with wii pointer controls, that would be the ultimate experience for the best game ever made (in my opinion)!
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  • Miitomo: Nintendo's attempt to clean up social media

  • SBandy 04/04/2016

    Nintendo should get credit for describing it as 'free to start' as that is probably the most honest description compared to 'free to play' which is being a bit more economical with the truth! Reply +22
  • Capcom patches out Chun-Li's ridiculous boob physics

  • SBandy 29/03/2016

    So this update really does provide stability... Reply +70
  • Nintendo NX controller reports gather pace

  • SBandy 23/03/2016

    That looks shite and tiny compared to the Wii U gamepad. I call shenanigans. Reply +8
  • Star Fox 64 launches on Wii U Virtual Console this week

  • SBandy 21/03/2016

    Nintendo Uk have confirmed it is indeed the US version of the game which is excellent news and should also have the rumble back unlike the Wii VC version. Kinda gonna miss the Lylat Wars name now..... Reply 0
  • BioShock: The Collection spotted for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

  • SBandy 17/03/2016


    Our struggle is real!
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  • SBandy 17/03/2016


    It didn't let me swap the sticks around so I could aim with the left stick with my stronger hand. I know for some Lefties like my mate he has no problem aiming with the right stick but I am terrible at it and after the first portion of the game I kept dying due to not being able to precisely aim.

    I remember I even sent an email to 2K begging for an update to add a southpaw option but they never did haha.
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  • SBandy 17/03/2016

    I never got too far into bioshock 1 as it didnt have a left handed option but I loved what I did play until the control issue got to me. I will deffo pick this up as that is no longer an issue. Thank goodness for Xbox and PS4 re-mappable control features! Reply +7
  • Tips for playing Street Fighter 5

  • SBandy 16/02/2016

    How do you do a V-reversal? Reply 0
  • What Street Fighter 5 will - and won't - have at launch

  • SBandy 12/02/2016

    I can survive on single player stories and online ranked for a well over a month before the rest of the game shows up so I am happy enough. Game looks gorgeous! Reply +5
  • Execs resign at Rock Band 4 co-publisher Mad Catz on eve of financial results

  • SBandy 09/02/2016

    If they had done any decent market research they probably would have realised the the popularity for this kind of gaming experience with lots of expensive periperals had largely died off. Reply +1
  • Mario Kart 64 doesn't have Ghost data on Wii U

  • SBandy 22/01/2016

    Does the save state not remedy this?

    Its not a big deal for me personally as I have never been fussed with time trials but I know it would be a killer feature for some!
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  • Lap up Mario Kart 64 on Wii U Virtual Console this week

  • SBandy 18/01/2016


    Actually with the Wii U VC most of the titles are the US Versions of the game usually except those with a lot of dialogue. F Zero snes and Mario Kart snes are 60hz, as are DK Country 1 and 3( but not 2 randomly). Mario 64, Wave Race and 1080 are all the US versions. Super Metroid and Link to the past are PAL versions though. It varies!
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  • The Division beta gets January launch date

  • SBandy 15/01/2016

    One day earlier on Xbox one?!? I will rush out and buy one now!!

    I actually do have an Xbox One but these time delays for things like this and DLC on multiplatform games are stupid as fuck. Is it really a big factor on people's choice of console?
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  • Zelda: Twilight Princess HD has a new dungeon

  • SBandy 14/01/2016


    Agree with you there but it's probably the only other semi realistic option that Nintendo might consider. Having to pay to unlock on disc content is a joke and I don't agree with it, but it is effectively what people are doing when they purchase amiibos for that purpose.

    For example I would like the option to pay a nominal amount to unlock the amiibo content in Splatoon and Shovel Knight. A 2 player mode is quite a big deal and should not be limited to people able to get a Shovel Knight amiibo.
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  • SBandy 14/01/2016

    I don't like this practice. I have the limited edition on preorder but thats cause I want the cd soundtrack not the amiibo and don't have any other amiibo.

    I think a solution to this would be to also be able to unlock amiibo locked content by way of normal dlc. Therefore people who aren't fussed on amiibo can also get the content. Simples
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  • Fast Racing Neo review

  • SBandy 10/12/2015

    I have played it for a couple of hours and although it is a tiny bit rough around the edges I can say that I think its a cracker game!

    Whenever you are in a race it demands your undivided attention, I like the colour switching mechanic and the music and sense of speed gets the blood pumping! Also online has zero lag and plays well except for a couple of races being non starters hence the rough around the edges comment, but I am sure that will be ironed out

    Plus the pro controller and this game were made for each other!

    Overall well worth the price of admission. Well done Shinen!
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  • SBandy 08/12/2015


    To you..... not so relevant to you.

    As I have watched game makers try and publish incomplete games or buggy games on other consoles I have seen games on th Wii U be released in perfect working order without ridiculous season passes.

    To me the Wii U has been the perfect tonic to this generation of money grabbing bastards that are the publishers of today.

    To clarify I own all three consoles and never have been or will be a PC man. I own my Xbox One for KI and I own my PS4 for Street Fighter and Naughty Dog. Most games I own from this gen are Nintendo games.
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  • SBandy 08/12/2015


    I believe a bit of context is required. This is an indy game made by a team of about 7 people and being sold at a very reasonable price of 11 quid. Plus it is a genre of racing that hasn't had a new game in a while and has been getting good/great reviews so far. Plus I think some of the tunes are great and the graphics and sensation of speed very good.

    On that basis I am buying it.
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  • Eight PS2 games coming to PS4 tomorrow

  • SBandy 05/12/2015

    Street Fighter Alpha Anthology please Reply -2
  • Killer Instinct's Shadow Jago out in December

  • SBandy 24/11/2015

    It appears I have been reading my combo breaker lock outs wrong this entire time! Which explains a lot actually.

    Time to get playing again. Love this game!
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  • Street Fighter 5 sparks "censorship" debate

  • SBandy 10/11/2015

    How is it censeorship when the game designers themselves made the choice during the game's development? Surely they can change what they want?! It is their game after all. Reply -1
  • SXSW adds Online Harassment Summit after canceling panels due to threats

  • SBandy 30/10/2015

    Serious question. Is this about videogames? I mean I genuinely dont or cant understand whats going on cause isn't what we are all doing just trying to have fun playing games? What is all this other shite? Reply +2
  • All signs point to a PS4 price cut in the UK today

  • SBandy 21/10/2015

    I am playing through the Uncharted collection at the moment and its great. Completed the first and halfway through the second and its great seeing the incremental improvements leading up to Naughty Dog perfecting third person shooting/stealth/combat in the masterpiece that is The Last of Us. PS4 is a great console but says a lot maybe that most of my games are PS3 remasters.

    Will have to pick up Bloodborne.
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  • P.T. meets Gone Home in Allison Road, now on Kickstarter

  • SBandy 22/09/2015


    Whilst I respect your opinion I have to disagree about Resident Evil 4. Not only is it not an abomination, it is one of the best games of all time and my favourite game of all time. It is also dripping in atmosphere and managing your inventory was never more important than in that game on the higher difficulties.

    5 and 6 however....
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  • GAME apologises after Super Mario Maker mix-up

  • SBandy 07/09/2015

    That will be the pre-owned price in a month or so! Reply +6
  • Rainbow Mika is in Street Fighter 5

  • SBandy 27/08/2015

    Stone Cold Stunner! Reply +10
  • Digital Foundry vs Rare Replay

  • SBandy 15/08/2015

    Conker live and reloaded is not in anyway superior to the N64 original. I even go as far as saying the N64 graphics suit the game better. Reply -1
  • It takes nine days to unlock everything in Super Mario Maker

  • SBandy 13/08/2015

    I am honestly buying this and never touching the editor and just playing countless player created levels. I don't have the patience to make my own stuff but I look at this game like Mario Infinity. Reply +1
  • New article on Konami paints a bleak picture

  • SBandy 03/08/2015

    Is Japan a bit behind the times when it comes to employee rights? Reply +88
  • ZombiU is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in August

  • SBandy 31/07/2015

    Bit cheeky to quote Eurogamers review score when it was about the Wii U version and that review was clearly influenced by the great gamepad integration that the other versions will not have.

    Plus unless you have actually played the game on a Wii U it is honestly hard to understand the tension the gamepad features add to the game and therefore improve it. Plus I can't see any real improvement in the graphics but that doesn't really matter in the long run.

    Bottom line is the Wii U version will most likely still be the best version all things considered. A great survival horror game.
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  • The Street Fighter 5 beta isn't working

  • SBandy 24/07/2015


    Well to be fair this is surely the point of the beta. Plus Splatoon had the exact same issue with it's fancily named beta test where it didn't work for an hour on the second test fire round. That game and I'm sure this one will be the better for this.
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  • Project Cars Wii U canned, "simply too much" for hardware

  • SBandy 21/07/2015


    It was a joke!
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  • SBandy 21/07/2015

    23fps performance hasn't prevented a lot of games being released on PS4 and Xbox One! Reply +88
  • Take a look at Uncharted 2 remastered for PlayStation 4

  • SBandy 16/07/2015

    Uncharted 2 blew me away on the PS3, it was the best of the trilogy and the best game on the PS3 for me. Can't wait to play it again with the others at a much smoother framerate on PS4. Reply +12
  • Nintendo president Satoru Iwata passes away at 55

  • SBandy 13/07/2015

    Rest in Peace. Reply 0
  • Jordan Henderson is on the cover of FIFA 16

  • SBandy 10/07/2015

    Hendo! Fair play! Reply 0
  • Fire Emblem Fates is the first Nintendo game to allow same-sex marriage

  • SBandy 24/06/2015

    Excellent. Reply +4
  • Project Cars 2 announced, launches crowdfunding campaign

  • SBandy 22/06/2015

    Surely this goes against the whole point of crowdfunding?! Crowdfunding got them a successful first game they made a bit of cash with and thats great. They should use that cash to make the new game otherwise they are just taking advantage of goodwill. On principle I have to hope it doesn't get met. Reply -1
  • Nintendo's painful metamorphosis leaves fans reeling

  • SBandy 17/06/2015

    I love Nintendo but this E3 shows how out of touch they can sometimes be. While Microsoft and Sony were giving people what they wanted (backwards compatability, rare classics, FF7, Last Guardian etc) Nintendo were taking us for fools. Kinda actually mocking us by revealing spin offs or rubbish alternatives to the games we really want. Even when they gave us a game we have been asking for in Starfox, their insistence in using the gamepad screen shows they have forgot what made that franchise so great. Starfox is an epic arcade shooter at heart with simple controls, thats what we want!

    The low sales of Wii U should have shown Nintendo that their core fans are not as many as they thought. They need to start giving us core fans what we repeatedly ask for eg Metroid, F Zero, GC games, Improved VC etc.

    They keep trying to reinvent the wheel with controls and they need to realise it cant be done. Hell the Wii U pro controller is a work of art except for lack of analogue triggers. When you secondary controller is better than the main you have to relaise you need to rethink your strategy. Give your loyal customers the experiences they want or risk losing them, plain and simple.
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  • Nintendo Direct E3 2015 live report

  • SBandy 16/06/2015

    @vertigo Forget Mario.

    Watching the treehouse, the view from the game pad is very dofferent from the tv view so it appears you need to be lookong at the gamepad. I am hoping they confirm there is a classic option.
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  • SBandy 16/06/2015

    @vertigo what I was using was an extreme example but the basics of mario have not changed. I was more highlighting completely messing with the entire experience of the Starfox games. A part of it has always been about the cinematic experience and that is now being impacted by the new controls, in my opinion. Reply 0