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  • Ellie is the lead character in The Last of Us Part 2

  • SBandy 05/12/2016


    Here's hoping I don't want Joel to be dead, I want him to have to try and win Ellie's trust back and prove to her he did it for his own right reasons, even if not everybody agrees.

    If the first game was from Joel's perspective with Ellie trying to make him let her in and trust her, then maybe this game will be the other way around. It is confirmed Ellie is the main character this time around so maybe it will be Joel slowly building trust again as the companion character.
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  • SBandy 04/12/2016


    I 'got' the game just fine and if the creators of the first game think they have justified the reason for a sequel I am going to take them at their word!

    Naughty Dogs themselves said they thought about cancelling the sequel but found a story worth telling.

    Also in the worst case scenario that Part II doesn't live up to the original, I can still see the magnificence of the first game in the same way the sequels or prequels didn't ruin the first Jaws, Matrix or Star Wars and games wise, Resident Evil.
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  • SBandy 04/12/2016


    I wasn't aware Druckman said that and that is interesting. I think if she stayed with Joel for a while in Tommy's town, while secretly hating him, she would come to understand his point of view over time. Then when, if, he finally admits the truth to her and the reasons for it she would be able to forgive him and even, as the trailer suggests to me, seek vengeance for him.

    I can't wait to play and find out!
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  • SBandy 04/12/2016


    Absolutely I would be raging too haha!
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  • SBandy 04/12/2016


    Well there is the theory that she maybe already knows the answer but is willing to take him at face value (its in her eyes when she says 'ok', how far have graphics come!).

    Theres already theories online that Joel in the trailer does not appear to have aged and is in her head because he died.

    So here is my theory:

    For last 5 years Ellie, Joel and Tommy and his wife all living happily in their sleepy little town and all of a sudden the Fireflys come knocking looking for the girl with the cure. Ellie is confused and Joel tells fireflys to get lost but they break in and ransack the town killing everyone, including Joel. Before he dies he gets to explain the truth to Ellie and then she is taken away heartbroken.

    She is taken to some house with a group of the Fireflys and she manages to kill them all. Final scuffle ends up in an upstairs bedroom, she kills the guy and finds a guitar and starts playing a song Joel taught her how to play. Outside the house a ghostly figure emerges from the mist and heads into the house and up to the bedroom....
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  • SBandy 04/12/2016



    This is why it is such a great ending.

    Let's say Marlene is right and Joel let Ellie be sacrificed, there would have been riots in the streets and people would probably hunt down Troy Baker or something mad.

    Lets say it was the perfect happy ending and the cure was found and Ellie and Joel went on to live happily ever after. Wouldn't sit right either as thats not the world the game painted and I think a lot of the audience couldn't accept it, would say it was a dream or something.

    In the end it was Joel deciding he would try and make the best of it as he could with his new adopted daughter Ellie and he would burden only himself with the truth of what really happened as he could just about handle it but it would break Ellie. I think its the perfect ending for that storyline.

    I can't wait to see how its handled in part II.
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  • SBandy 04/12/2016


    I see the Last of Us as the spiritual successor to Resident Evil 4.

    Resi 4 is my no.1 game of all time and TLOU has taken the number 2 spot. Both spectacular games!

    I agree with your Nathan Drake assessment (add in mass murderer!) but not Joel, he is a man full of hate and bitterness, and only towards the end of the game does he start to thaw.
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  • SBandy 03/12/2016



    Hell No!

    I can remember the blind panic I felt trying to get to Ellie in the hospital and then trying to escape with her.

    What I remember, which in my opinion justified everything, was Marlene begged for her life but she was so willing to take Ellies without telling her she would die, and for something that might not even work.

    She had to go!
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  • Fresh Zelda: Breath of the Wild footage introduces a new area, offers glimpse at Zelda

  • SBandy 02/12/2016

    Well I got to see some towns which is what I wanted! Looking amazing and I have a feeling the short trailer is Switch footage, it looked better than the other footage.

    Also who is fighting with Link at 23 seconds in the short trailer? Interesting...
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  • Finally, we'll see new Zelda: Breath of the Wild gameplay this week

  • SBandy 29/11/2016

    I would love a full on story trailer showing towns and some honest to goodness voice acting (though not from Link). I am not fussed if it is Wii U or Switch footage as I dont think the difference will be massive in the end. Reply +6
  • Street Fighter 5's latest stage banned from Capcom's own tournament because it's too distracting

  • SBandy 23/11/2016

    I find the casino stage to be a very distracting stage. The garish lights and numerous people bundled together make it quite difficult to see the other fighter at times!

    Only played the new sky stage once and it was a tad distracting.
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  • Lego City Undercover is getting a Nintendo Switch port

  • SBandy 22/11/2016

    Funniest game I played in years and it was just nice to play a GTA type game as one of the good guys. Plus Frank Honey was just the best.

    If they spruce up the graphics a bit and reduce the load times I will make the switch.
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  • Finishing Final Fantasy

  • SBandy 03/11/2016

    I have only completed FF7 and it was a spectacular game but why do Japanese RPG game devs make their storylines so incomprehensible?!? If I actually understood the end game FF7 would have made my top ten games list.

    I watched Advent Children, more gibberish. FF13 with all that L'cie and Fal'cie (from memory) stuff, what the feck was that all about?! Quit after two hours as life is too short.

    Is it simply a culture thing?! I find it hard to believe unless everyone in Japan is a genius cause it just melts my head!

    Seriousy. There are ways to tell complicated storys in a coherent way....maybe its a translation thing, maybe its a culture thing, but really I think its all just gibberish trying to sound smart and it just annoys and frustrates me which is probably why this game hasn't caught my attention.

    Terranigma on the Snes. That was a complicated story with a pretty bad translation job but damn if it didnt affect me to this day. A remaster overdue.
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  • Street Fighter 5 sales grind to a halt as community calls for revamp

  • SBandy 28/10/2016

    I'm stll having a blast playing it online. It's extremely satisfying winning a hard fought battle.

    The core gameplay is great.
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  • Nintendo won't announce Switch launch date, price and games line-up until January

  • SBandy 27/10/2016


    You are probably right but there is always hope. I hope.
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  • SBandy 27/10/2016

    I'm already sold on the console from the reveal trailer so any other features are simply a bonus.

    I can't help but be cynical about the third party line up fading away to nothing as is now the norm for Nintendo consoles but thats why I also have a PS4.

    What I do hope is we don't have to start the Virtual Console process all over again ala the Wii U, and Gamecube games are finally included (looks the the joycons are analogue so I hope).

    Plus a new Wave Race and an HD remaster of F Zero GX with an easy mode for the story mode 😀.
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  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare perk lets you end a competitive multiplayer game with a tactical nuke

  • SBandy 17/10/2016


    I tried to be patient as I really do think it will be released stand alone next year but it does look like a really well done remaster and I just want to see Captain Price, Gaz and Griggs again! Plus the online multiplayer really was amazing back in the day and I hope it will be again as long as nothing new is added. It is weird how back to basics is a killer feature for me.

    Its my early Xmas treat to myself.
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  • SBandy 17/10/2016


    Ah good to know, cheers!
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  • SBandy 17/10/2016

    I really hope Modern Warfare Remastered's multiplayer is untouched as it was perfect as is with just the three types of kill streak system.

    I havent bought COD in years so I don't feel like too much of a mug paying 80 just to get Modern Warfare (I know I am a mug).
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  • Watch - Ian plays the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer BETA, tries not to die continuously

  • SBandy 16/10/2016


    I fully agree, unfortunately Activision making it an annual series that has pretty much jumped the shark at this point makes people forget how incredible Modern Warfare was. I personally had no interest in FPS' involving any kind of realistic cover but COD4 was a revelation. The single player campaign felt as revolutionary as Goldeneye and the online multiplayer felt....well as revolutioinary as Goldeneye multiplayer.

    Forget Halo (in my opinion it is a snoozefest sorry), COD 4 was the next gen evolution of Goldeneye.
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  • Samsung KU6400 4K TV review

  • SBandy 08/10/2016

    Motion clarity is why I am dreading the day when my 720p panasonic plasma tv dies. LED and LCDs just arent good enough. OLED is meant to be great with motion but is still extremely expensive. Im OK without 4K and HDR for a while yet, it is a steady 60fps that I want to see. Reply +9
  • Life after console generations has one big upside

  • SBandy 07/09/2016

    I will be interested to see what Sony reveal tonight and I am very happy with my PS4 but I feel that after I get the NX (barring its reveal being disastrous), I think I am going to look backward to my massive games catalgue that I havent got anywhere near on my PS4 and Wii U and previous consoles.

    I have been getting more and more frustrated with the way consoles have been going and the dawn of online gaming has brought more headaches than joy for me. Only game I play online is Street Fighter and that pisses me off too quite a bit.

    I think as the old console cycle changes beyond recognition the retro market will grow as nostalgia plays a massive part in gaming. It certainly does for me and I am beginning to lose touch, or rather I can't be bothered trying to keep up, with the new style of playing games on consoles.

    Plus DLC and preorder incentives can go jump as far as I am concerned as I beleive they have seriously impacted the initial and overall quality of games these days.
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  • Nintendo lawyers jump on No Mario's Sky parody

  • SBandy 05/09/2016


    Do you really think in that scenario those games would be anywhere near as good if they aren't made by Nintendo?
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  • SBandy 05/09/2016


    Just cause people believe a company, indie developer or the man on the street has a right to have a say over their own creation doesn't make them good little consumers.

    Are businesses/people not entitled to protect their own stuff in any way they want?

    The law should always favour the creator of something in my opinion and the creator should always have final say over their creation.

    I would expect to have that right if I had any talent whatsoever to create anything!

    This issue was resolved when the guy just changed the name and aesthetics and thats how it should be so it is now completely his and if someone tryed to use his creation the law should be on his side to protect it.
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  • SBandy 05/09/2016


    Yeh it was a perfectly fair question and apologies if my reply came accross cheeky.

    I didn't notice it was in Eurogamers sub heading that it was them who said parody.

    I personally don't think the game is a parody of either Mario or NMS and it is just a cool little game where the guy used mario's name and likeness so of course it would be an issue for Nintendo.

    I really have no sympathy for people who use other peoples IP then have their stuff pulled down. I would protect anything I created and expect others too as well.

    Look at Axiom Verge or Fast Racing Neo that take clear inspiration from classic Ninty games but use their own IP and therefore avoid any issues yet deliver great Nintendo like experiences. Thats the way to do it.
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  • SBandy 05/09/2016


    Don't think this would qualify as a parody though.

    The idea is cool enough for the guy who created it to just use his own individual characters as he is doing now.
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  • Face-Off: Resident Evil 4 Remastered

  • SBandy 04/09/2016


    It is hard to quantify but I will try and sum up why it felt that way to me, and to clarify it it is just my personal feeling.

    - the open but actually linear gameplay.
    -the very satisfying combat.
    -the mix of survival and genuine scares.
    -the crafting/supply system felt like the natural evolution of the RE4 system.
    -The world felt naturally connected.
    -the fact that I jumped straight into the new game plus mode not once but twice.

    There is a lot different between the games but for me there is a feel between the two games that just clicks for me, which is why Last of Us is now my second fave game of all time after Resident Evil 4.

    As self contained games they are perfect.
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  • SBandy 03/09/2016

    The Wii version still has the best controls but I am very much loving the PS4 version at 60fps. Feels great with the dualshock 4 and it is the best the game has looked on my plasma tv.

    It is great having RE4, aka the best game of all time, with what many call its spiritual successor, The Evil Within, and in my opinion its real spiritual successor, The Last of Us, on the one console.

    I am a happy man!
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  • Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto lawsuit rules in Rockstar's favour

  • SBandy 02/09/2016

    I love the idea of the Judge putting in a hundred hours on GTA V to fully examine the case. Reply +6
  • Watch: Our favourite local multiplayer games

  • SBandy 28/08/2016

    WWF No Mercy is no.1 for me followed by Goldeneye and I have to give kudos to Wii Sports. That game was revolutionry in that it got everyone in the house playing together not just me and my mates. Reply +2
  • The King of Fighters 14 review

  • SBandy 22/08/2016


    Eurogamer please review Stephen's Sausage Roll for neilka's (and my) sanity! Plus at this stage I am genuinely curious!
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  • Yooka-Laylee's ice level lets you transform into a snowplough

  • SBandy 17/08/2016

    Looking fantastic and loving the very Rare-esque humour! Reply +12
  • Sega 3D Classics Collection release date set for November

  • SBandy 12/08/2016


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  • SBandy 12/08/2016


    OK but it just seems a bit of a strange stance when there is a console that plays those games perfectly with the aforementioned abilities that you seem to want. Should tick all the boxes for you to make the purchase.
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  • SBandy 12/08/2016


    Ok but I do wonder why you are lamenting the lack of a 3d screen (probably) on a new system when you wouldn't even buy the original system for a game you would love to own with a feature you appear to appreciate?
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  • SBandy 12/08/2016


    Fair enough.
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  • SBandy 12/08/2016


    anything you do buy?
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  • 16-bit Disney classics out now on PC

  • SBandy 04/08/2016

    The SNES Aladdin was far superior to the Megadrive version in my opinion! Reply 0
  • NX is different, and different is Nintendo's best option

  • SBandy 28/07/2016

    I am not actually into Pokemon but I am pretty sure if they released the NX with a fully fledged 3d Pokemon game that you can play on the tv and on the go, the NX will fly off the shelves.

    I am and always will be a Nintendo man so the NX reveal will have to be pretty awful for me not to get one really. I like the hybrid idea.
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  • Resident Evil 4 finally has a PlayStation 4, Xbox One release date

  • SBandy 07/07/2016

    Best Game EVER made! Ever! Reply -1
  • Evolve goes free-to-play, devs discuss "DLC s***storm"

  • SBandy 07/07/2016


    Thats fair enough. I probably shouldn't have used a sweeping statement for what is only my personal opinion haha. I just really want Left 4 Dead 3!
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  • SBandy 07/07/2016

    This game was never going to work regardless of the extremely scummy DLC practice. Bottom line is 4 against 1 was gonna get boring extremely quickly and is pretty much the opposite of why people loved Left 4 Dead. Reply -2
  • Why I love video game credits

  • SBandy 02/07/2016

    My favourite end credits are from my SNES days, mainly Zelda: A Link to the Past and Terranigma which was a real tearjerker then and now.

    Also the credits for The Last of Us, the way the music from the game rolls into the credits is magnificent and after playing such an amazing game I needed to watch the credits out of respect for those who created it.
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  • The best reason to own a Kinect is coming in July

  • SBandy 28/06/2016

    Its like Bottom the game! Reply +10
  • Are 4K visuals really the best use for Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neo?

  • SBandy 18/06/2016


    Well I am due an eye test to be fair!
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  • SBandy 18/06/2016


    Yeh I'm not doubting that, like I said I was just relaying my own impression of what I did see and wasn't making a sweeping statement declaring 4k made no difference and didn't intend it to be read as such.

    My original view point stands though that I would rather the console and games makers master 1080p at 60fps first!
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  • SBandy 18/06/2016


    I didnt state that, I said it didnt appear to be much of a difference, I can only comment on what I saw on the 4k tv with 4k video.
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  • SBandy 18/06/2016

    Framerate should always be King! I still have my 43 inch 720p plasma and my PS4, Wii U and Xbox One games look great on it particualarly those running at 60fps.

    My folks picked up a 55 inch LG 4K TV which has Netflix with 4K built in. It looks good but does not appear to be a massive step up over 1080p. Surely 4K is only really of benefit for massive sized TVs.

    Just master 1080p at 60fps before going for the next target.
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  • Nintendo confirms there is no female Link in Breath of the Wild

  • SBandy 14/06/2016

    The bottom line is that these are Nintendo's characters and stories and they should have freedom to do what they want with them.

    I am all for more variety of gender/race/sexuality in games but when companies are pressured into doing it then that is against freedom of choice and surely that is against the entire point?
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  • Resident Evil 7's demo fails to be the next P.T.

  • SBandy 14/06/2016

    I enjoyed it. Plus it can't go for the weirdness of PT because Resident Evil has always tried to be grounded in science made monsters rather than ghosts.

    Plus PT didnt make any sense in how you progress When you have to use a guide to figure out how to progress through a game that is not good design. It is still the scariest thing I ever played though!
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