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  • Snake Pass on Switch holds up nicely against PS4

  • SBandy 29/03/2017

    Was this not ported to Switch in something like 3 months?

    It seems to be a decent job but maybe a patch in future to refine the experience would help, I don't think it is an example of a game utilising the Swicth hardware as well as it can
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  • Zelda directors reveal their favourite foods, locations and characters

  • SBandy 28/03/2017

    They nailed it with this game, absolutely nailed it. When I am not playing Zelda I am thinking about it and when I play I lose hours to it just enjoying the world.

    Same as Samael_Blackwing I am far into the game, have only one Divine Beast left and a few memories to go and done half the shrines, but Ganon and Zelda can wait because I simply love the world so much and don't want to see an ending of sorts yet.

    A masterpiece.
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  • Playtonic to ditch JonTron from Yooka-Laylee following anti-immigrant comments

  • SBandy 24/03/2017

    Anyone who argues he is free to say and do what he likes surely has no problem with Playtonic having the freedom to say and do what they like in regards to their own game. Forget everything else surely that is that. Reply +14
  • Capcom outlines plan to make Street Fighter 5 online play much better

  • SBandy 23/03/2017

    If I play a ranked game I don't get an opportunity to vet the player I am going to face so if they are a regular quitter its tough shit for me. It's too late for me to quit otherwise I will then be a quitter so I don't see a benefit for myself.

    Also since the last system maintenance the online has been incredibly laggy amd cost me a few matches outright. I paid a premium price for a half complete game and I pay a monthly fee to access online games so........sort it out!

    I do still love the core gameplay but hurry up and get this shit fixed!

    Edit: ooooh, I like the idea of that announcer though, could be a nice fun extra to hear how awesome my ten game winning streak is.....or how pathetic my 15 game losing streak is!
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  • How Zelda and Horizon fix open worlds in very different ways

  • SBandy 22/03/2017

    Hmmm....I may have to pick up Horizon Zero Dawn due to the great word of mouth the game has been getting (far more important to me than seeing a bunch of reviews).

    But I shall have to finish Zelda first. Seriously 50 hours in and I am only starting to make headway but it isn't a chore it is an absolute blast. Truly a stellar game and probably the best I have played.
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  • Sonic Mania release slips to summer

  • SBandy 18/03/2017

    Sonic Mania is looking great. Sonic Forcss looks shite. Seriously that does not look fun, they should have taken Sonic Lost World as the example and developed a game from that. I know it didn't have many fans but Sonic Lost World was the first real attempt in ages to try and adapt Sonic to a 3d environment and had tonnes of potential. Not this running down corridors shite. Reply -1
  • Turok 2 remaster now available on PC

  • SBandy 17/03/2017


    I couldn't resist the hi-res mode back then haha
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  • SBandy 16/03/2017

    I loved this game on N64, played it all the time. Far too ambitious for the console though, it was the first game where I got annoyed with the framerate. I had the expansion pack but the game would still turn into a slideshow regularly.

    The soundtrack and those trumpets during the Death Marshes level were epic.

    Hopefully this comes out on PS4/Switch as I would love another go but at a smooth 60fps!
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  • Breath of the Wild shows Nintendo is learning from PC games

  • SBandy 16/03/2017


    I havent mentioned it because it was not the point of the article or do you mean the article itself?

    Technically the game can't compete with Horizon and yes it has a soft image and frame rate issues. But I haven't encountered a single glitch in over 40 hours play and the game can be astoundingly beautiful at times with its art style and weather effects. Plus the game for me is just a joy to play and be part of its world.

    Funnily enough I have a PS4 and Horizon just has not attracted me at all from the moment it was announced to its great reviews. I have no doubt its a great game but we all have our own taste in games, nowt wrong with that!
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  • SBandy 16/03/2017


    What a completely pointless comment that ignores the entire point of the article.

    Plus considering Nintendo are normally the console 60fps kings for all genres on their systems, to be fair with the exception of 3D Zelda, your comment is even more pointless.

    Sounds like you can't dispute Zelda has pretty much just mastered a genre which has been a staple of the PC in it's first real go...and you are clutching at straws to belittle it.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild uses dynamic resolution scaling

  • SBandy 14/03/2017

    Zelda does have frame rate drops quite often. It is annoying and can take you out of the experience a bit so hopefully a patch can improve matters.

    But this game is absolutely gorgeous and many times I just stop and appreciate the beauty of the world. Get the framerate fixed and that will be my only real moan about this game gone too.
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  • Fast RMX showcases Switch's technological leap over Wii U

  • SBandy 11/03/2017

    This is a great game and a great improvement over the Wii U original. The game controls better than the original too or it may just be the analogue sticks on Switch are better.

    When playing docked I recommend playing with the joycons free in each hand, that mixed with the hd rumble just makes it more immersive!
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  • Switch has redesigned portable gaming forever

  • SBandy 08/03/2017

    Zelda Breath of the Wild is the best game I have ever played and I am nowhere near completing it. Resident Evil 4 has been dethroned!

    Also all of us who bought a Switch are probably doing free advertising for Nintendo. Brought it to my mates, we all had a few beers, threw on 1 2 Switch and had a great laugh and they are now interested in picking it up. I can see it becomong a common occurence.

    I love my Switch only issue I am having is a weak wifi signal so I have invested in a wifi booster and hoping that solves the issue.

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  • Zelda on Switch runs more smoothly in portable mode

  • SBandy 03/03/2017

    All I know is this game is amazing and that is only from an hour and a halfs play. I have done the first two shrines and the game has a FEEL that just makes it special.

    I am playing with the joycons loose in each hand and its very comfortable plus no one has really touched on how well integrated the motion controls are. I was using the Magnesis rune and just whacking the mini guardian left to right to destruction with a wave of my arm. Really satisfying.

    I'm loving my Switch and also the screen on the machine itself is fantastic.
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  • Nintendo's Switch media kit includes heartfelt messages from Reggie and Zelda's director

  • SBandy 24/02/2017


    Exactly! Variety is the spice of life, we should be happy there are so many options for us!
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  • SBandy 23/02/2017


    I'm not slagging off the Xbox One, just for me the only really compelling game was Killer Instinct. It really is a spectacular game. I had Rare Replay too for Conkers Bad Fur Day and it was cool too but other Xbox exclusives like Halo, Forza and Gears don't appeal to me.

    The backwards compatibility is a fantastic feature though and kudos to Microsoft for doing it!
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  • SBandy 23/02/2017

    I can't wait for the Switch, and Zelda, and 1 2 Switch (pure launch novelty fun), and Fast RMX and whatever else takes fancy.

    We are all different and have different opinions and frankly I don't care about anyone elses. Bottom line for me is Nintendo have always been number 1 for me when it comes to consoles and first party games, and they very rarely let me down. Plus having a PS4 too means I don't feel left out from anything else (though I do miss my Killer Instinct machine aka Xbox One).

    These are all just really expensive toys meant to entertain! 8 days to go!
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  • Splatoon 2 getting Switch demo in March

  • SBandy 13/02/2017

    Nintendo doing the same thing they did for the first game which ended up being their most successful new IP in years?! Madness I tell ya!

    Plus last time the stress test did exactly what it was meant to as the first two sessions were riddled with connection problems and were pretty much completely sorted by the end of the test.

    But sure this is just another opportunity for people who have no intention to buy any Nintendo product to have a moan. All so very predictable.
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  • Call of Duty will "return to its roots" after Infinite Warfare sales disappoint

  • SBandy 10/02/2017


    Oh I agree with that, did it myself as a kid.

    Also I am not having a go at the people18 and above who do enjoy that aspect of the game, each to their own and more power to them.....BUT it is fairly obvious this is clearly a hook to lure in the younger demographic to play a game aged beyond their years by one of the biggest publishers in the business.

    Forget the 'real cash for shite' part of the equation for the minute, I am just talking about parents having to buy their kids a game not suitable for them yet because it will be the talk of the school because of the above mentioned hook. Parents will be guilted into it moreso because of this kid centric part of an adult rated game.

    Edited my original post a bit as I hit post too early!
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  • SBandy 09/02/2017

    These are 18 rated games but everyone and their son knows that all this loot shite is aimed at the kids. It's verging on criminal for me and seriously needs looked at by the authorities that be. Reply +81
  • Johnny and Ian had a fight about Switch - in video form

  • SBandy 04/02/2017


    I loved Star Fox Zero haha.

    I get what you are saying and I don't think its going to challenge PS4 or anything but I think Switch will do considerably better than Wii U (the worst marketed console in recent memory).

    I think it will be a success in it's own right and get lots of Japanese third party support and more Western third party support as it will sell enough to become a viable platform for them.

    Dreamcast suffered in the long run because Sega was already on it's knees and couldn't afford to stay in the race and frankly their first party games were never in the calibre of Nintendo's, in my opinion, so it wont be the same situation at all.

    But I can't tell the future so let's just all see what happens. If I get to play some amazing games on the Switch that is really all that matters to me!
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  • SBandy 04/02/2017

    I understand why people are hesitant to get the Switch at launch but I cant wait any longer. There is something magical about unboxing a new Nintendo console and turning it on for the first time.

    Plus I am not fussed about the launch line up as Zelda will take up all of my time plus Fast RMX also launches in March as does Snipperclips which looks like a great laugh.

    I think Nintendo are doing the right thing spacing out the relases rather than overloading at launch. If the Switch does become a proper hybrid and Nintendo's sole focus, i.e. it gets all games that would come to handheld and home console, I can see Nintendo being able to put out first class games regularly which provide the console with potentially the greatest games line up a Nintendo console has ever had.

    Less than a month!
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  • The big Zelda: Breath of the Wild interview

  • SBandy 19/01/2017

    Why should Nintendo be dictated to about what to do with their own characters?!

    That bit with Zelda crying in the trailer shocked me because up to this point every previous iteration of Zelda has been strong and independent, so seeing that made me think "Holy shit something real bad must have went down'. I didn't think for one second 'typical emotional woman' or something equally stupid to that effect.

    As for Link also being a girl, or having a female option. If Nintendo want to go down that route fair enough. But it should be up to them, they created the character and should have the freedom to choose how Link is handled.
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  • Nintendo's next big mobile game is coming to Android first

  • SBandy 18/01/2017


    Cool, it's not normally a genre I would go for but if the mobile game leaves a good impression I will seriously consider picking up a full game in the future.
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  • SBandy 18/01/2017

    Ive never actually really tried Fire Emblem before but I will try this on my Android phone. I won't spend any money on it, cause I don't spend in free to play games, but if I enjoy it I will consider investing in the actual 'real' versions of the game on the Wii U (vc) or Switch.

    Seems like a great way to advertise your games and make money while doing it. Also Nintendo can't do right for doing wrong with the backlash they got for charging full price, all be it higher than normal, for Mario Run. I will purchase that when it comes out on Android as I have no issues buying full games on mobile, just won't spend on free to play games.
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  • Nintendo Switch's bundled Joy-Con grip doesn't charge controllers

  • SBandy 16/01/2017


    Ok I understand where you are coming from. The portability of the console isn't actually a big thing for me and it will 99% of the time be used in the house therefore the charging grip is not a requirement for me.

    But I am near positive that you can charge the switch with the joycons attached while out and about with any standard usb charger so I don't see that as a massive issue. Plus the joycons have a 20 hour battery life so I honestly can't see a situation arising where I couldn't find the time to charge them for a few hours while I do something else.

    But I do get peoples situations differ from mine.
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  • SBandy 16/01/2017


    Yep but they have 20 hours charge, and yes that will decrease over time, and it is as easy to place them on the docked switch to charge when not in use as it is for me to charge my ps4 controller when Im not using it so I can't see it ever being an issue.

    Certainly not the big deal it is being made out to be by in the article or the comments. I will never have a need to buy the chargable grip so it costs me nothing.
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  • SBandy 16/01/2017

    Why is everything so negative?! The way Eurogamer worded this makes it sound like the joycons wont charge while attached to the docked switch, but I assume they mean cause you will be using them unattached.

    Unless you will be having frankly unhealthy 10 hour plus gaming sessions, it is easy to simply attach the joycons to the docked switch to charge when you are doing different things. This will never really be a problem anyone has to deal with.

    But Eurogamer has apparently decided Switch is bad and now all articles will probably carry this tone.
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  • Nintendo confirms Switch launch lineup of games

  • SBandy 13/01/2017

    Can't deny that is pretty weak, but I am guessing that Zelda will take up at least a month of my life then I will get FAST RMX and double dip on Mario Kart 8.

    I tend to look for positives and I doubt I will end up feeling I got nothing to do or play.

    What I do want to know is where is the Virtual Console details!
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  • UK online shop says it will honour 198.50 Nintendo Switch pre-orders

  • SBandy 13/01/2017

    Fair play. Reply +47
  • Let's compare and contrast the US and European Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild box art

  • SBandy 13/01/2017

    I can't play the cover! Reply 0
  • Nintendo's precarious reveal runs risk of Switching off fans

  • SBandy 13/01/2017

    If all this negativity makes it easier for me to get the Switch on day one then Happy Days! I have my PS4 for third party games. Reply +2
  • Nintendo Switch reveal live report

  • SBandy 13/01/2017

    Stop being miserable everyone, Switch offers everything! Reply 0
  • SBandy 13/01/2017

    Power through! Whatever it takes! Reply 0
  • SBandy 13/01/2017

    Seriously, I just don't trust myself to wake at such a ridiculous hour. Only time I have been awake at 4am is cause I never went to bed! Reply 0
  • SBandy 13/01/2017

    No alarm could wake me at 4am so I am powering through. Kicking arse, and getting my arse kicked, on Street Fighter 5 online for the next few hours will get me through. Can't wait! Reply 0
  • Scalebound director sorry game's cancellation "let fans down"

  • SBandy 11/01/2017

    I get Star Fox certainly had issues but I can't understand people saying its awful. The controls work great they just take some getting used to. Once they click the game feels great.

    When you are in a space battle you approach one of the armada ships and turn into the walker on the fly, run up the back of the ship blasting its guns away destroying it before transforming back into the Arwing and blasting away from the explosion.....there really wasn't a more epic game moment like that for me last year!

    The game isn't for everyone yes, but it is nowhere near a bad game.
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  • HDMI 2.1 spec adds 8K/10K video, dynamic HDR and variable refresh

  • SBandy 05/01/2017


    Cheers for the explanation, makes things much clearer!
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  • SBandy 05/01/2017

    I'm not tech savvy enough for this. Does that mean it reduces actual input lag on HDtvs without the need for that HDtvs own game mode being on? Reply +2
  • Stephen's Sausage Roll review

  • SBandy 25/12/2016

    Brilliant! Congrats to Nielka for getting his rewards and Merry Christmas to everybody!

    Thanks to all at Eurogamer for another great year of keeping me entertained on the bus, to and from work, it really does mean a lot!
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  • Super Mario Run review

  • SBandy 16/12/2016


    Of course, it is called Hungry Cat Picross. It is on android not sure about IOS.

    Only cost a few quid and has an initial 320 games plus another couple hundred bonus ones that are being added to at a slow pace and there is weekly challenge puzzles as well and you can play the entire backlog of them.

    It uses colours to fill in spaces rather than the normal style picross but I have sunk hours and hours into it. Great game
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  • SBandy 16/12/2016


    I fully understand your stance and have no problems with it.

    Thankfully for me, and purely selfishly, always online doesn't affect me as I commute by bus and never have connection problems, my only problem is I have an android phone so have to wait a bit longer for the game.

    I am also fully behind the full price no ads system. The only other game I play on my phone is a cracking little picross game that also was full price and no ads. The idea of an official Mario game on my phone is too hard to resist. Hurry up!
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  • The Last of Us fans have a huge Part 2 theory

  • SBandy 06/12/2016


    Accuse me of presuming much (I'm right by the way) then presume how the Last of Us 2 will turn out?

    But hey enjoy complaining about everything, as of course is your right!
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  • SBandy 06/12/2016


    Guess who has more right than you to decide whether The Last of Us gets a sequel or not? The people who created the masterpiece!

    Everyone complaining about the sequel, and yes I can understand their viewpoint to an extent, need to realise the people who created the games are the only ones who really have a say in what happens to the story. We were all in awe of the game, story and characters because of their hard work.

    Thankfully if you really hate the idea you can just ignore all the talk about this new game and never play it so, in the end, why complain?
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  • Ellie is the lead character in The Last of Us Part 2

  • SBandy 05/12/2016


    Here's hoping I don't want Joel to be dead, I want him to have to try and win Ellie's trust back and prove to her he did it for his own right reasons, even if not everybody agrees.

    If the first game was from Joel's perspective with Ellie trying to make him let her in and trust her, then maybe this game will be the other way around. It is confirmed Ellie is the main character this time around so maybe it will be Joel slowly building trust again as the companion character.
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  • SBandy 04/12/2016


    I 'got' the game just fine and if the creators of the first game think they have justified the reason for a sequel I am going to take them at their word!

    Naughty Dogs themselves said they thought about cancelling the sequel but found a story worth telling.

    Also in the worst case scenario that Part II doesn't live up to the original, I can still see the magnificence of the first game in the same way the sequels or prequels didn't ruin the first Jaws, Matrix or Star Wars and games wise, Resident Evil.
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  • SBandy 04/12/2016


    I wasn't aware Druckman said that and that is interesting. I think if she stayed with Joel for a while in Tommy's town, while secretly hating him, she would come to understand his point of view over time. Then when, if, he finally admits the truth to her and the reasons for it she would be able to forgive him and even, as the trailer suggests to me, seek vengeance for him.

    I can't wait to play and find out!
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  • SBandy 04/12/2016


    Absolutely I would be raging too haha!
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  • SBandy 04/12/2016


    Well there is the theory that she maybe already knows the answer but is willing to take him at face value (its in her eyes when she says 'ok', how far have graphics come!).

    Theres already theories online that Joel in the trailer does not appear to have aged and is in her head because he died.

    So here is my theory:

    For last 5 years Ellie, Joel and Tommy and his wife all living happily in their sleepy little town and all of a sudden the Fireflys come knocking looking for the girl with the cure. Ellie is confused and Joel tells fireflys to get lost but they break in and ransack the town killing everyone, including Joel. Before he dies he gets to explain the truth to Ellie and then she is taken away heartbroken.

    She is taken to some house with a group of the Fireflys and she manages to kill them all. Final scuffle ends up in an upstairs bedroom, she kills the guy and finds a guitar and starts playing a song Joel taught her how to play. Outside the house a ghostly figure emerges from the mist and heads into the house and up to the bedroom....
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  • SBandy 04/12/2016



    This is why it is such a great ending.

    Let's say Marlene is right and Joel let Ellie be sacrificed, there would have been riots in the streets and people would probably hunt down Troy Baker or something mad.

    Lets say it was the perfect happy ending and the cure was found and Ellie and Joel went on to live happily ever after. Wouldn't sit right either as thats not the world the game painted and I think a lot of the audience couldn't accept it, would say it was a dream or something.

    In the end it was Joel deciding he would try and make the best of it as he could with his new adopted daughter Ellie and he would burden only himself with the truth of what really happened as he could just about handle it but it would break Ellie. I think its the perfect ending for that storyline.

    I can't wait to see how its handled in part II.
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