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  • Seeing Burnout through fresh eyes

  • Ryze 18/03/2018

    To join the children's angle - my daughter also loved LBPlanet when she was around 6-7 years old. It helped her with reading, as I'd play with her, but have her read to learn what she should do next. Hiring Stephen Fry for narration duties was a stroke of genius. It came to mind when he randomly appeared in Paddington Street Gardens right in front of me last summer!

    The physics model did often leave her stumped, however, but I was there for that. I can't say that I'm aware of a driving game that she was drawn towards, but she's definitely an avid former gamer. Now aged 15 and great with maths & language.

    I'd have to have a good think about the games she was really into at age 4. Can't say I made gaming with her a priority back then (2007), but she did enjoy my retro and PC games (Lemmings, especially). My younger sisters loved The Simpsons Arcade game (4 player) using MAME back around the early/middle of the last decade.

    I grabbed my 360 Elite in Oct 2007, and did PS2 & Xbox until then.
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  • Ryze 18/03/2018


    If only gimps like you were actually funny...

    Luckily, I don't need you to validate my comments. Who the ---- are you, anyway?
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  • Ryze 18/03/2018


    Good. I'll block you and save you the hassle.
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  • Ryze 18/03/2018

    The continued gushing over this game shows why I only tend to do 'retro' these days.

    It's really not worth me buying the games that are recommended, when I already own 1000 other games from 1985-2005 and beyond that I'd enjoy playing much more than the latest open world / online only games of today.

    Tonnes of driving games I'd rather play, that exist only on older consoles or Arcade cabinets.


    I had fun in Paradise until I got tired of looking and finding where I was on that map in the corner.

    I also got tired of smashing into walls when looking at said map and trying to take 90 corners.

    I'll continue to focus on moving my favourite games of all time onto 1080p displays or modern systems.

    Nice game engine and 'playground', however.

    Nice article also. Reminds me of my annoyance at not being able to skip ahead to later 'chapters' in modern huge games that I've already played on other platforms, and don't have saved games for.

    I don't need to 'cheat', just as some people don't need to deal with menus - I just want to skip past the annoyances in games that are filled with padding, and get to the parts that I enjoy. DVD Video managed it 20 years ago, but games haven't.

    Biggest dealbreaker in buying full-priced games in the last generation - having tonnes of locked content but being forced to slog through a level that I'm simply not enjoying, and will abandon due to limited leisure time for gaming. Not worth 30-60 to play an OCD chore, so I really understand this article in terms of the game's appeal to children, due to being a sandbox.

    Grand Theft Auto is the same in terms of its sandbox gameplay, worryingly. I do wish that I could skip ahead several chapters in my PC versions of TBoGT, IV & V, however.
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  • Jelly Deals: Destiny Ghost Alexa Speaker discounted to 23 today

  • Ryze 16/03/2018

    It's not a standalone Alexa device.

    No thanks.
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  • Jelly Deals: LG and BenQ monitors discounted today

  • Ryze 16/03/2018


    I refreshed the page expecting a few more comments, but I guess there isn't much excitement for advertorials!

    Those are nice deals on screens, however.
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  • Burnout Paradise Remastered review - driving perfection

  • Ryze 16/03/2018

    No rotating minimap = no sale.

    This game is still abandoned by me across 3 platforms.
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  • Sega Mega Drive Collection headed to PC, PS4, Xbox One

  • Ryze 15/03/2018


    Hear, hear
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  • The making of Shadow of the Colossus on PS4

  • Ryze 14/03/2018

    Love this stuff.

    I really want to see a VR equivalent of Bluepoint, who make stellar VR modes - including spectator modes and short experiences, for the biggest games.
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  • V-Rally returns later this year

  • Ryze 13/03/2018

    I only really remember playing V-Rally on the PlayStation, and that the cars liked to float upwards and roll over a lot.

    That may have been one of the sequels. Light, floaty cars with no weight. That, and the cars that just rotated like Mario Kart.

    My friend loved it, though, but he may have been trying to justify his costly full-price purchase of the game.
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  • Okami HD is coming to Switch this summer

  • Ryze 13/03/2018

    This is just great.



    (I'll buy them all, and a Switch in about 10 years).
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  • In Theory: Can a Switch hardware revision extend its lifespan?

  • Ryze 12/03/2018


    I'd buy a wooden one in a heartbeat.

    How about brushed steel? EU will have a surplus pretty soon...


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  • Ryze 12/03/2018

    This is the one that would get my attention.

    The one that runs everything currently being released, at the target framerate.

    For now, I haven't even bought a bloody DS.

    I'm still trying out Game Boy Advance games - just bought the GBA version of F-Zero a few weeks ago, and it's BEAUTIFUL!

    So glad I didn't spend 100+ back around 2001-2, as I was way too busy with PS2 & PC gaming.

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  • Nintendo Switch gets South Park: The Fractured But Whole

  • Ryze 11/03/2018

    People struggle with Jelly Deals, as it doesn't work so well, the further away you get from the island of London.

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  • Xbox One update will offer Remote Play with PC

  • Ryze 11/03/2018


    You need a dual boot or an external W10 drive with a clean install on it.

    You could probably install it relatively easily on a tiny 64GB USB 3 stick these days, if you're after keeping W7 as your primary for other purposes.
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  • President Trump shown violent video game reel while meeting members of the industry

  • Ryze 10/03/2018

    America don't actually have an equivalent to an '18' rating for games.

    M for mature is just guidance, and not law, so they can start there...
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  • The SD card and the vintage video game revolution

  • Ryze 08/03/2018


    The guy's just angry that other people enjoy and can afford something that he doesn't and can't.

    Usual geek boy idiocy.

    I'm not into hentai, but whatever floats your boat, fans!

    Emulation is lovely, but often faffy, inaccurate and wasteful of hardware resources.

    Original hardware is just me wanting to run 68000, Z80 or 6502 code ON THE ACTUAL HARDWARE. Some / much of this stuff runs at a beautiful 60fps. Why would I want to fanny about with an emulator, unless I personally chose to?

    Saying that, I emulate Arcade machines, as sourcing the original hardware is extremely difficult to accomplish these days. Same with many original retro games. I sold my original copy of Knuckles Chaotix around 1997, and its 200 now. Its not worth 200 in terms of gameplay, so I can only use SD carts or emulators.

    I usually do neither!
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  • Ryze 07/03/2018

    Yep, this is my article (again).

    Here is a defining image of my current gen:

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  • Ryze 07/03/2018


    Yep - I'm right with you :)

    Why look at the Mona Lisa when we can open Tinder and see real life photos of women, instead of some old painting.


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  • DF Retro: What was actually real in PS3's E3 2005 reveal?

  • Ryze 04/03/2018


    Looks pretty close to me.

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  • Ryze 04/03/2018

    Richard Leadbetter wrote:

    the concept of RSX powering two HD outputs and the idea of PS3 possessing three LAN ports is kind of Krazy
    FTFY :D

    Ah, this article was written for me.


    Sony were so full of shit around 2005-10.

    Remember PlayStation Home?
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 sold another 1m copies in the UK in 2017

  • Ryze 02/03/2018

    As I've commented several times, I have still yet to buy my 4th & 5th copies of the game, for Xbox One (X) & PS4 (Pro).

    Therefore there are another two copies to be sold just to me, and I'm already responsible for 3 sales so far on 360, PS3 & Steam.

    The only thing that will stop me from buying the game again, is GTA VIce City.

    Also - I DON'T play GTA Online.
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  • Metal Gear Survive flops at UK retail

  • Ryze 27/02/2018

    EVERYONE is still upgrading their PS3/360 GTA5 to the Ps4/One. Everyone (every household with a capable games console, pretty much) bought the game, so that's a LOT of upgrades.

    I have the 360, PS3 and PC versions of it. The PC version, I think I bought in 2016. The others in 2013-2014.

    I still need to get the One & PS4 versions.
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  • Ryzen 3 2200G/ Ryzen 5 2400G review: triple-A gaming without a graphics card?

  • Ryze 25/02/2018

    I could actually replace the innards of some of my 'old PCs' with this spec.

    I've a couple of old machines that are currently way too power hungry, running on Core 2 Duo & Quad processors with loads of old hard drives strapped to them.

    If I moved to a cheap/decent motherboard+RAM, plus this CPU for those, I can imagine I'd actually increase the performance of these machines. All whilst reducing the power consumption, without spending way more than I'd ever save.

    I have NAS drives now as well, so I'll have to look at some cheap SSDs and pulling the local HDDs out of some of these systems.

    I'll look into it...
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  • Bayonetta 2 physical Switch launch down on Wii U

  • Ryze 19/02/2018

    Nobody in the mainstream knows or cares what Bayonetta actually is.

    There hasn't been a marketing campaign, and 'Bayonetta' doesn't mean anything on its own.

    It's another 'Sleeping Dogs' and 'Saints Row' situation.

    'Normal' people don't know what any of that ACTUALLY IS.
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  • The retro gaming industry could be killing video game preservation

  • Ryze 18/02/2018

    Still reading, and it's a very pertinent subject.

    I just overspent on Chrono Trigger for the SNES, on purpose, to support my local retro indie at Affleck's Palace in Manc, as opposed to eBay. Nothing goes to the original creators, but they've already been paid, and the SNES mini doesn't have a built-in shop.

    I also want a Super Everdrive, so I can access EVERYTHING, including fan translations. The SNES mini could have catered for much of this, and I'll buy one to support.

    It's just such a complex issue. Sega aren't even near to releasing their best games. They've forgotten about Sega Rally 1995 and Outrunners, for example, as they haven't had Arcade Perfect ports, along with probably another 50 corkers that ought to be brought to modern systems.

    Sorry - but I'll work my way through emulating all of those. No other options.

    Nice article. Consoles with emulators built in, 'stealing' the work of other people who emulate another company's consoles. Complex.
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  • Jelly Deals: Sea of Thieves Xbox One controller reduced by 10

  • Ryze 18/02/2018


    Fair point. I gave that an upvote.
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  • Ryze 16/02/2018

    When did controllers start costing 65?

    I bought my wired 360 controller in 2008 for less than 20. Wireless 360 controllers were less than 30, IIRC.

    This is just shocking, and makes me glad that I held back on entering this gen back in 2013.
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  • Poundland now sells video games for a fiver

  • Ryze 13/02/2018


    Clearly Music Magpie have a fucking huge pile of copies of Zombi U and Project Gotham Racing 3 to shift!

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  • Ryze 13/02/2018

    I will absolutely hoover up those Wii U games. Reply +2
  • PS4 exclusive Shadow of the Colossus tops chart

  • Ryze 13/02/2018


    I've still yet to buy the Xbox One (X) & PS4 (Pro) versions of GTA5.

    I've also still yet to finish the story.

    I have purchased the 360, PS3 and PC versions, and they're all beautiful, but I don't like the online or the car handling vs. the previous games.

    I have a 2nd Steam account, and have 2 copies of many Steam games. I don't yet have 2 copies of GTA 5.
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  • Why the founder of Traveller's Tales released a director's cut of an old Sonic game 25 years later

  • Ryze 05/02/2018


    I absolutely love this stuff. I'd been looking at Mega Drive / 32X development - as I'd love to spend some time developing my assembler skills. Not done enough of it since Uni, and I really need to generally spend more time coding - I was messing with Python a few months ago, but I need an interesting project.

    It'd be wonderful to see how much of Sonic Mania could run on the 32X via an Everdrive, with a CD in the Mega CD if the extra hardware in that could help at all.

    I can imagine that would be a mammoth task to port, but not impossible by any means. The Saturn could eat it for breakfast, I'm sure.

    I'll start with 'Hello World...'

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  • Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite flops

  • Ryze 02/02/2018

    To be honest, I would NEVER buy the first version of any Capcom Marvel fighter, after what they pulled with the previous game.

    For those who don't remember, they forced a 2nd purchase, by releasing Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, with no upgrade option. They somehow blamed that decision on the Fukushima disaster, as well.

    Not good enough, and I wouldn't trust them enough to buy their fighting games at launch these days. They keep messing up launches. Remember Street Fighter X Tekken? They delayed the game for several months, so they could pack the disc with locked DLC that couldn't be bought for months and months beyond the game's eventual launch. Then they made some of that DLC platform exclusive, despite it all being on both platforms' discs.

    AND they had a pay to win system by selling 'gems' to gain an online advantage. Funny how we haven't seen Tekken X Street Fighter yet. Capcom pretty much killed off the idea, despite it being one of the most exciting looking fighting games until they started fucking with it.

    Since then, Street Fighter V's launch happened, and MvC Infinite's launch happened.

    Well done Capcom - that's quite a record of cuntfuckery.
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  • Rockstar's new Humble Bundle for PC includes GTA, Max Payne, Bully, LA Noire and Manhunt

  • Ryze 01/02/2018

    Already bought them all!

    I may be tempted to pay 10.60 for charidee, and add a 2nd copy of all of them to my 2nd Steam account.

    I guess I can then do multiplayer... with myself!
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  • Shadow of the Colossus PS4 review

  • Ryze 30/01/2018

    PS4ProWANT! Reply +3
  • PSN woes force big FIFA tournament to play matches on Xbox One instead of PS4

  • Ryze 30/01/2018

    Yep - it's looking like I wont bother with a PSN sub when I eventually get a Pro.

    Not worth the price, unless something unmissable comes along for multiplayer.
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  • Shadow of the Colossus is one of the best remakes of all time

  • Ryze 30/01/2018


    I've largely been sitting out the current gen, due to the huge backlog I had in 2013, how busy I've been travelling the country, upgrading my other AV kit, travelling, and bolstering my retro setup to epic levels of awesomeness.

    It's games like this that push me over the edge into getting a system on impulse, however. Ninja Gaiden Black had me wanting an Xbox, Mario Kart 8 had me wanting a Wii U - and it happened both times.

    The 360 had a tonne of great versions of the best games, so it was a no-brainer back in 2007 once the Elite dropped. The PS3 eventually got God of War 3 and WipEout HD, plus Uncharted 2 and others.

    I think that the 360 and PS3 turning out so well last gen, plus the fact that by 2012-13 I was on the PC so heavily as well, just delayed my needing to pay 350-450 for new kit in 2013-14. I ended up getting an awesome HD projector instead.

    The PS4 (Pro) now has The Last Guardian, Bloodborne, Hellblade and many others, and now this is pulling me towards grabbing a Pro console.

    All in time, but it's pretty much inevitable, as the standard console is well within impulse purchase prices now - probably significantly less than 200 if I look around. I think I saw a Pro for 260 around Christmas.

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  • The Virtual Console's continued absence on Switch is creating some exciting possibilities

  • Ryze 29/01/2018


    Nintendo will likely wait until the sales dip slightly over a period of a few months - or wait for a games drought in a year or so, and launch VC to plug the gap.

    Following that, they could probably just drip feed their best old games every few months, to give each one room to breathe and sell in the switch.

    We may well see that happen over the next couple of years.
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  • PlayStation 4 hacked: pirate software available, more PS2 titles running

  • Ryze 23/01/2018

    They ought to get it running Xbox One games, and the Xbox 360 emulator.

    Now THAT would be worth hacking the PS4 for!

    As things stand, I'm not interested in pirating PS4 games. It's a great platform, and they deserve to get paid.

    It will be a nice way to preserve games in case they suddenly disappear at some point in the future.
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  • Where do downloadable games go when they die?

  • Ryze 23/01/2018

    Yep, I missed out on the PS3 version of Outrun.

    I have the 360 version, but it doesn't support force feedback with my Fanatec wheel.

    I've read that the PS3 version does, but I'm unable to check. I've had a PS3 since 2009, but no wheel until a couple of years later.
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  • Sonic Generations revisited: better than Forces, runs beautifully on PC

  • Ryze 21/01/2018

    Bought this years ago, but I don't think I even played it any further than the first 'Modern Sonic' level.

    I'm simply not interested in homing attacks, rail grinding and falling to my death, and the game playing itself when you hit certain parts of the level.

    IF there's a way to skip all of the modern Sonic crap, then I'll go back and take a look.
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  • Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition review

  • Ryze 20/01/2018


    I didn't label him as an expert at anything, you prick, but whatever.
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  • Ryze 20/01/2018


    That you've immediately tried to turn it into a dick measuring competition based on what you've spent, shows exactly who we're dealing with here.

    Yes, you ARE the biggest dick, and I'm sure you've spent the most money on it 👌
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  • Ryze 19/01/2018


    If there's ONE thing WYP does know, it's his fighting games, and ESPECIALLY Street Fighter.

    Therefore, I don't agree.
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  • Ryze 19/01/2018

    https://youtu.be/HB3qdnHeIJQ?t=1m22s Reply 0
  • Driver San Francisco, Far Cry 2 now playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility

  • Ryze 18/01/2018


    You forgot Outrun 2006 / Outrun Online Arcade, but I'll let you off - just this once.

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  • Jelly Deals: SNES Classic Edition back in stock

  • Ryze 18/01/2018

    Too late!

    I bought a Super Famicom a fortnight ago. SD card adaptor next, and I'll keep buying my fave original carts, as I have a nice bundle already.

    I may well investigate in the future, as I DO want a couple of those SNES mini control pads, if they work with the Wii and Wii U, plugged into a Wiimote.

    I guess the portability of the SNES Mini is a big selling point, so there's hope yet, if I find myself wishing I could have taken it with me on my travels.
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  • Jelly Deals: Humble's Winter Sale updated with more discounts

  • Ryze 17/01/2018


    Spleen vented!
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  • Ryze 16/01/2018


    Cheers. I'll take a look.

    The issue with the highest discount sort, is that it's pretty meaningless in the real world, and in practice there are tonnes and tonnes of cheap indie games with 70-90% discounts.

    Combine that with the 3 page nonsense and I can't quickly jump around to a specific price bracket, for example.

    Every page has a tonne of random indie games at whatever discount you've reached.

    If I could sort by price, then I could check out all of the games in the region of 5, 10, 15, for example, that would genuinely include games that I'm likely to buy.

    Any of the 1000 (or whatever) 1-10 games with a 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 50%, 40%, 30%, 20% or 10% discount could realistically be purchased at any time of the year, and they're just slowing down my browsing of the deals I'd be interested in.

    The Indies are great, but there are just too many games for this site's poor browsing controls.

    I guess I could try poking around with the URL, but I just don't have the time or inclination.

    In the past, I've impulse purchased several Humble Bundles, and I regularly impulse buy games in sales by Steam, Sony & MS. I randomly bought King of Fighters XIII on the PS3 yesterday for no reason (I've had it on Steam for years), as it was easy to sort the deals by price. Not bought a PS3 game for years.

    This site has failed as an impulse purchasing opportunity if I gave up and found it so frustrating that I'm having this moan about it here 😂
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  • Third series of Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit TV show begins February

  • Ryze 16/01/2018

    Yep, I went back to it after a year to have a look.

    Game choice is often odd, and only Dara & Ellie should be regulars. The other guys need to go get a job somewhere.

    One of them was shouting 'STOP BLOCKING!' whilst getting wasted at Streetfighter by a sports presenter who doesn't play anymore.

    This guy really doesn't need to be a regular on a gaming show.

    It's all a laugh, though. It's a 'comedy' show.

    Dara's the funny one, and Ellie's just authentic, and that makes her pretty great.

    The others... P45.
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