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  • Jelly Deals: Humble's Winter Sale updated with more discounts

  • Ryze 16/01/2018


    Cheers. I'll take a look.

    The issue with the highest discount sort, is that it's pretty meaningless in the real world, and in practice there are tonnes and tonnes of cheap indie games with 70-90% discounts.

    Combine that with the 3 page nonsense and I can't quickly jump around to a specific price bracket, for example.

    Every page has a tonne of random indie games at whatever discount you've reached.

    If I could sort by price, then I could check out all of the games in the region of £5, £10, £15, for example, that would genuinely include games that I'm likely to buy.

    Any of the 1000 (or whatever) £1-£10 games with a 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 50%, 40%, 30%, 20% or 10% discount could realistically be purchased at any time of the year, and they're just slowing down my browsing of the deals I'd be interested in.

    The Indies are great, but there are just too many games for this site's poor browsing controls.

    I guess I could try poking around with the URL, but I just don't have the time or inclination.

    In the past, I've impulse purchased several Humble Bundles, and I regularly impulse buy games in sales by Steam, Sony & MS. I randomly bought King of Fighters XIII on the PS3 yesterday for no reason (I've had it on Steam for years), as it was easy to sort the deals by price. Not bought a PS3 game for years.

    This site has failed as an impulse purchasing opportunity if I gave up and found it so frustrating that I'm having this moan about it here 😂
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  • Ryze 16/01/2018

    Jesus - that Humble site is annoying to browse though a large amount of content.

    More than 3000 items on sale, but I can't sort them by price, and I can only jump forwards 3 pages at a time.

    Well done. I've given up browsing through 3000 games to find the few that I may want.
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  • Third series of Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit TV show begins February

  • Ryze 16/01/2018

    Yep, I went back to it after a year to have a look.

    Game choice is often odd, and only Dara & Ellie should be regulars. The other guys need to go get a job somewhere.

    One of them was shouting 'STOP BLOCKING!' whilst getting wasted at Streetfighter by a sports presenter who doesn't play anymore.

    This guy really doesn't need to be a regular on a gaming show.

    It's all a laugh, though. It's a 'comedy' show.

    Dara's the funny one, and Ellie's just authentic, and that makes her pretty great.

    The others... P45.
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  • A voice from the past

  • Ryze 15/01/2018

    Excellent read.

    I've since watched the livestream, and looked into getting a ZX-HD for my Speccy 48K, as it's still rocking the original RF output only!

    Fortunately / unfortunately, all of the stuff that I'd have found in my Mum's loft, I'd already grabbed when I moved out during my Uni days.

    It clutters up my cupboards and spare room - Scalextric, 20-odd M.A.S.K. vehicles, most of the Visionaries, and my complete set of computers, consoles and games from the Tandy CoCo 2, through Amstrad, to Sega and the ones I grabbed since - a Japanese SNES being the latest arrival.

    By chance I've been sorting through things just this evening, and placing items into (relatively expensive) storage containers. I do wonder how long I'll be able to keep it all for - basically whether I'll have to choose between marriage and my coolest stuff!

    I do wish that I could find my 80s audio cassettes, though, as we did record a bit of stuff back then. Maybe I'll hunt for any old audio tapes at my Mum's.
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  • Eurogamer's games of 2017: The big debate

  • Ryze 03/01/2018


    Sounds like it's still there (the spoiler), so now I have to AVOID reading your articles!


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  • Ryze 31/12/2017

    So it looks like you guys game up with that nonsense even AFTER altering the list following the vote.


    Well - I did decide to bail from here this year, and I'm not here much other than Digital Foundry...
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  • Fans have created a full 80-level sequel to New Super Mario Bros DS

  • Ryze 03/01/2018

    QUICK! Reply +1
  • The 50 most exciting games of 2018

  • Ryze 02/01/2018

    Nice. I played loads of retro over Christmas, but I may have to get myself that PS4 Pro I've been eyeing up, and actually play some modern games this year!

    We'll see...
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2017

  • Ryze 01/01/2018

    Well done, readers.

    WYP needs a muzzle next year.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2017: 20-11

  • Ryze 29/12/2017

    I reckon that EG would be wise to write a paragraph at the top of each page describing the method used to compile this list, and the number of people who voted.

    It's the same as it was in the past. Strange anomalies due to certain less than stellar games having been played by a much larger number of people than others.

    So, it's as much of a popularity contest as a list of the 'best' games, really.

    It definitely makes for a fun comments thread, but it'd be nice if people were informed about what they're actually reading.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2017: 40-31

  • Ryze 27/12/2017


    2001, and 1993 were also amazing years in gaming.
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  • Ryze 27/12/2017

    It's interesting that they've gone back to doing a top 50, and I can see the same gripes emerging, that I was moaning about, years ago.

    You'll find that some of the best games, simply weren't played through by enough of the staff, to score very highly in the list in terms of votes.

    The top 10 will have the games that everyone played, so it'll more likely be the Nintendo games (& PUBG). FIFA will probably score highly, as the staff probably play against each other. If I worked with an office full of gamers, I can only imagine how different my gaming time would be.

    Local multiplayer, and multiplayer with friends would become so much more important, plus games that are best played with others in the same place, sharing the experience.

    These days, I rarely socialise with any gamers, so I play games much less generally.
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  • A day in the life of an independent video game store

  • Ryze 26/12/2017

    I love these stores. I travelled around much of the north of England for work in 2014-15, stopping at every large town (incl Bishop Auckland, actually).

    I'd stop and browse at every retro games place that I found, but you simply can't assume that you'll stumble upon these places, and that's the benefit of using online stores such as eBay and Amazon, as well as your own site.

    It'd be such a shame to lose that store - I just found it on Google Street view, and if I ever was in that neck of the woods again, I'd go to take a look.

    He is really missing out without an online presence, though, as he might well have some of the stuff that I'd buy on impulse.

    Even if he placed a selection of his retro stuff on an eBay store with high 'Buy It Now' prices, with his shop's brand on there, and a link to a website showing the location of the store and some photos. It gives him visibility to collectors like myself.

    There are a few bits of hardware that hide in plain sight, like the Megadrive infrared 6-button control pads, and the smaller Master System Convertor II, plus 32X PAL games that small places like this tend to have, and could make a tonne of money by selling online.

    There's a place in Affleck's Palace in central Manchester that I only found last year (2016), that had 32X FIFA 96 for something like £10-£15. That game is pretty hard to come by, and wouldn't sell for such a price online.

    Great article. I'm sure he could keep himself afloat by hoovering up the boot sale rarities, and selling them both in the store and online. A laptop, and the willingness to but a 'back in an hour' sign in his shop window for post office visits, could possibly do him wonders.
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  • DF Retro takes on Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct

  • Ryze 18/12/2017


    Yep - it was hard to know the impact of 50Hz, despite being advised in magazines that it was significant.

    I didn't have any 60Hz capable TVs, or systems in the 1st half of the 90s, so I had no idea what I was really missing.

    If everyone was given a live demonstration, and everyone's TVs could display 60Hz PAL or NTSC signals, then things would be different.

    Back then, it was difficult even to access a composite / SCART capable set - never mind 60Hz RGB.

    I spent the longest time using RF leads, as I'd expect most of us did, unless we were older or had a sibling or parent who knew and cared about such things.

    I managed to get my school mates to put £1 each together to buy a SCART cable from Virgin Megastore, to use on a school monitor at lunchtimes. This would have been in 1993, but I couldn't use the cable at home, as my TV didn't have SCART or even composite inputs.
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  • Ryze 18/12/2017


    I can personally only really think of Toy Story, Bug! & Clockwork Knight.

    No idea if they only appeared due to DKC's influence, however.

    I never played the thing, although I remeber that it looked great for the SNES. There was WAY too much hype surrouding certain SNES games, whilst there were plenty of impressive games coming from Sega, Sony and the rest which were more than just walk and jump platformers.

    The PC was amazing during this period, as were the arcades.
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  • Ryze 17/12/2017


    8 & 16 bit sprite based games DID run at 60 or 50fps on consoles, though.

    If they ran any more slowly, then they were seen as 'jerky', and didn't play very well.

    If Sonic ran slower than 60fps (50 for PAL), then it wouldn't have been as playable.
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  • Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch

  • Ryze 11/12/2017

    WANT! Reply 0
  • Cool new PS4 dynamic theme recreates the PS2 dashboard

  • Ryze 04/12/2017

    Disc Read Error Reply 0
  • American Truck Simulator's big New Mexico update is out next week

  • Ryze 09/11/2017


    You probably had to wait for New Mexico to reach the 9th of November?!

    I reckon they're probably on -9 time.
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  • Ryze 06/11/2017

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  • Humvee suing Activision over Call of Duty

  • Ryze 09/11/2017

    How long until they spot GTA's Patriot vehicles going all the way back to 2001 & GTA III?

    Doubt they'd have much of a case against Rockstar.
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  • This gadget fixes the video game steering wheel compatibility nightmare

  • Ryze 04/11/2017

    Fantastic stuff - definitely one of the reasons that I hadn't bothered upgrading.

    My Fanatec GT2 is still gorgeous and works with the 360, PS3 & PC.

    The chance to use it with a premium shifter on the consoles is even better, and caught my attention whilst reading.

    My cousin lives in Ontario, so I may well have him grab me one, if there are any cost savings to be had by doing it that way.

    Nice find. Cheers!
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  • Xbox One X comes hand in hand with massive downloads

  • Ryze 03/11/2017


    What would be more useful, would be the mandated option of a 1080p performance mode for every X1X title from now onwards.

    Not everybody wants 4K supersampling at 30fps.

    I'm still waiting for 1080p60 games, and it looks like the PC is the place to go for those, as the CPUs in these systems just aren't up to it.
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  • Ryze 03/11/2017

    Yep - these consoles' games should have used BDXL discs, with 100-128GB of triple and quad layer storage.

    Silly error, as the S & X consoles can already read those discs, and capable drives were commonplace and inexpensive in 2013 when the original consoles launched.
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  • The Shadow of the Colossus remake retains the original's clumsiness while doubling its majesty

  • Ryze 01/11/2017

    a blanket of thing cloud overhead
    Also, it looks from this game, like The Last Guardian is going to need a PS4 remaster!
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  • Ryze 01/11/2017


    They need to 'add value' with DLC and a capture the flag deathmatch mode, with custom outfits and hats via microtransactions.

    That's what we're all waiting for with bated breath.
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  • Assassin's Creed Origins physical sales roughly on par with Syndicate's

  • Ryze 30/10/2017

    I always thought that the original Wii should have had Nintendo games published beyond 2012.

    It sold so many units to non-traditional gamers, and those guys don't care about what's the latest console or whatever.

    They could have bought new versions of Mario Kart and Super Mario, based on the (3)DS & Wii U games, released since 2011-12.
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  • Sonic Mania and its impact on the future of the Sonic series

  • Ryze 24/10/2017


    You raise some really valid issues regarding Sonic.

    This is the first Sonic game since Sonic & Knuckles to really play like the original Sonic games. That's exciting for people who fell in love with the originals.

    Mario is a very different game. I love Mario, but it often feels very difficult, and I could criticise it in a similar manner. Different games.

    As far as consistency, Sonic games have largely been trash since they went 3D, whereas the Mario games have been marvellous in 3D.

    The issue is that Sonic Team themselves, just don't make great Sonic games. Therefore people have been hankering after the old magic again.

    If the Saturn had two or three games in the vein of Sonic Mania, that evolved the 2D formula with better gameplay, as well as a decent 3D game, then things would be different.

    If the old Sonic Adventure games were even nearly as highly regarded as Mario 64, then things would be different.

    It's like the excitement when the Arcade version of Daytona finally came to consoles with the original handling and 60FPS gameplay. If it had happened properly in 2000 on the Dreamcast, and the sequels would have actually IMPROVED on Daytona, then we'd be asking for and expecting more, but we didn't even get a conversion of Daytona 2.

    Sega have just been lacking so badly, that we're stuck in 1995 in some ways, waiting for them to deliver the goods that should have followed the amazing Mega Drive and Arcade days.

    The Dreamcast & Saturn eras were completely unfinished and incomplete.

    It's a shame, really.
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  • Star Fox 2 review

  • Ryze 22/10/2017


    Exactly. Daytona USA had been out in the Arcades for 3 years, and that ran at 60FPS with full texture mapping, and was the most revolutionary 3D game of the era.

    Took several years to match that. The SNES 3D games looked a mess from launch.

    StarWing/Fox had great gameplay, and visually impressed people who couldn't get to the Arcades.
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  • How Valve released five of its greatest games in a single day

  • Ryze 18/10/2017


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  • Unofficial SNES cartridge-playing Super Nt unveiled

  • Ryze 18/10/2017

    I'll have one of them.

    Now I need an Everdrive for the SNES.

    Nice one. Fuck the understocked SNES Mini.
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  • True 4K isn't the best way to play Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One X

  • Ryze 15/10/2017


    Fine, but the CPU is still crap compared with an old i5.

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  • Goat Simulator, Child of Eden now Xbox One backwards compatible

  • Ryze 13/10/2017

    Ah, Child of Eden.

    My ex-gf is a gamerphobe, so it was so difficult to really spend any time gaming socially last year.

    Child of Eden has been sat in my collection, as has the old Kinect, and it really needs a play.

    Good reason to dig out the old Kinect and get the best titles going again.
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  • How Star Wars Battlefront 2's stunning tech scales across consoles

  • Ryze 12/10/2017


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  • Oculus is launching a low-cost, all-in-one VR headset next year

  • Ryze 12/10/2017


    It definitely sounds cheap, but TBH, if it can do video and social networking features, as well as games at smartphone quality, then it's a potential hit.

    It wont be running Skyrim in VR, but average Joe (& Joelle) don't need to play that in 1080p+

    There's so much potential in VR video that doesn't require exotic levels of horsepower, plus shopping and social networking, that this is VERY worthwhile. They just need to upgrade it every 2-3 years to enable richer experiences, and have a decent naming or numbering scheme like Playstation or Android (not like bloody Xbox).

    I'd REALLY want one of these when travelling on an aircraft, or even if I'm forced to take a long journey on a coach or train, just for video content and web browsing, this could be great.

    I'd really hope that it's easy to tether to a phone for data, and can access regular phone apps in VR. Probably wont, but it'd be marvellous if we could just have a private viewing environment for our current games and apps.

    A pair of external cameras would make it even better.
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  • Ryze 12/10/2017

    TBH, I'm very excited to see a standalone headset, even if it used ARM/phone spec hardware, as there's plenty of room in a headset for larger components and cooling if necessary. The kit should be more powerful and able to run much faster than the average slimline phone.

    I remember discussing such things in the VR forum thread a few years ago, along with the need for external cameras for interaction with the real world before HTC added one to the Vive, in order to see the keyboard. This should be expanded on depending on what works best.
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  • Ryze 12/10/2017


    How long does it take you to type? Surely that was about 60-80 seconds worth of comment at the most?

    Seriously, though - yes, this is an issue, and therefore Microsoft's system, which contains dual external cameras is the one that I personally feel is most promising for fitting into the real world.

    Having immersive VR that can take you away is one thing, and is amazing, but just being able to glance at the world around you for a few moments in order to see an item on a desk, or grab something that's not currently in your hands without it feeling like fidgeting in the dark would be marvelous.

    Hopefully over the next few years we'll see some really nicely fleshed out VR OS interfaces, that make it as easy to 'peek' into reality as it is to peek at the desktop in Windows 7.

    All of this is very promising.
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  • Xbox One X won't include Xbox One S' offer of free Kinect adaptor

  • Ryze 11/10/2017


    I'm sure that there are plenty of people who would vouch for the non-gaming benefits of Kinect.

    It's only a shame that Microsoft had made such a pigs ear of pushing out a box on which to carry out all of this stuff, without harming their games console business.

    What a mess. It's clear what they were trying to do, but the launch Xbox One was neither here nor there, really.

    That HDMI passthrough with its added lag, plus the fact that it stopped working as soon as the console was turned off. Great.

    Then there was the forced online requirement, that, when combined with the forced Kinect usage is a privacy nightmare in the lounge.

    Such a shame that they couldn't pull this stuff off without compromising the GAMES console, as the possibilities of an HD Kinect 2.0 plugged into a 'set top box' connected to broadband with a set of apps and services looks potenially amazing. They made a mess of charging £429 for a hobbled games console that forced Kinect on every buyer, however.

    Worse than Sony did with Blu-ray on the PS3, as at least the BD drive offered capacity and an excellent HD movie player for everyone who bought in. The costs and compromises still hurt Sony hugely.

    Interesting times. Perhaps Microsoft need to make a TV, with these features built in.

    Kinect, Xbox One S horsepower and app ecosystem, plus Cortana and all the rest.

    Wouldn't need an optical drive.

    It'd be nice to see either Microsoft, Apple or Google make an actual TV, with their tech built into it.

    The issue with ARM chipsets from Apple and Google devices is that the kit seems old after just a few years compared with the competition. I guess that this will become less of the case in the next few years, but you never know what's round the corner...

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  • PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.0 released

  • Ryze 04/10/2017

    This tickbox has only taken TEN YEARS to be devised by Sony, despite it being something that Stevie Wonder would suggest as a default option.

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  • John Lewis briefly sold the SNES mini last night - but for some it did not go well

  • Ryze 28/09/2017


    I want to laugh, but also tell you to fuck RIGHT OFF!


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  • Jelly Deals: Amazon introduces six new Alexa-enabled devices

  • Ryze 28/09/2017

    Advert. Reply +2
  • Microsoft worked on an Xbox-branded smartwatch, images suggest

  • Ryze 28/09/2017


    I do REALLY need to wear a watch, but not a watch that needs taking off and charging every fucking day, just for it to keep telling the time and date.

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  • The new Ataribox console priced and dated

  • Ryze 27/09/2017


    Crap, then

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  • Ryze 27/09/2017

    I'll wait until the hype dies off, and the price tumbles.

    ...unless it has Atari 400/800/XE, ST, Lynx & Jaguar games.

    If so, then I'll cave and impulse buy it.
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  • World's first 8K VR headset off to flyer on Kickstarter

  • Ryze 20/09/2017

    I'm certainly interested in a device like this for the resolution and field of vision, but I wouldn't expect I'd be able to do much with it for the next 3 years.

    It's nice that version 1 will appear, and will be reviewed and given feedback in the meantime, however.

    More competition is great, as long as the quality standard remains high.
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  • Nintendo announces NES mini back in production

  • Ryze 13/09/2017

    #NextSummerLOL Reply +1
  • iPhone X: Apple bets the future of smartphones on Kinect's failed tech

  • Ryze 13/09/2017


    I can imagine you've already had replies, but it's still just as it was.

    Still annoying, still has no means of expanding the storage beyond cloud services.

    iPhones are marvelous in their own annoyingly limited way.

    iPads even moreso.

    Sent with my iPad
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  • PewDiePie apologises for racial slur

  • Ryze 13/09/2017

    I'm sure that he wont accidentally say it any more, if somebody accidentally stands on his head in public at some point. Reply +1
  • Apple reveals iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X

  • Ryze 13/09/2017

    Of course, someone could technically unlock your phone by pointing it at you (or creepily doing so while you're sleeping).

    Nobody in a relationship, or who is having sex with anyone else will EVER buy this phone unless it demands EYES OPEN!

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  • Firewatch dev threatens Pewdiepie video takedown, following YouTube star's use of N-word

  • Ryze 12/09/2017


    I guess I'd make a slight edit, to:

    "You'd need to leave Birmingham and the Midlands for a kick off, as you're in absolutely the wrong environment to assume how everywhere else is, in terms of their views on race, and especially the use of racially charged language..."

    In London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester, you'd get your arse kicked, or at least 'a stern telling off' / social stigma for casually throwing certain language around. The rest of the country - depends.

    Of course it depends who you are, as well. Women, disabled people, geeks, gay people all have language terms that SOME members of those groups occasionally use, that could be deemed shockingly insulting if used by someone who is not a member of that group.

    The thing is - it's still offensive to a huge number of members of the group, regardless of whoever uses it or deems it as reclaimed language.

    Just have a think about the words that are used to describe disabled people, and how they're used jokingly by some disabled people. It's probably the closest thing in terms of the impact here, but still doesn't really hit the nail on the head.

    I know that this isn't all in response to you. I just don't fancy making a double post right now.

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