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  • Sony's PSN is making more money than all of Nintendo

  • Ryze 28/04/2016


    Mario Kart on the PS4K with VR support and 16 player online races would be the biggest wallet opening event in the history of gaming.

    Followed by F-Zero...

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  • Apple iPhone sales fall for the first time ever

  • Ryze 27/04/2016

    They NEED:

    - True wireless power tech for home, work and car

    I don't want to need to plug a cable into my iPhone again

    - Flexible tech that allows their devices to be dropped and bent without breaking

    I want to be able to sit on an iPad by accident, or drop it, without worrying about how delicate it is.

    - Official wireless headphones - multiple types

    See above comments regarding plugging in cables.

    - Waterproofing

    I want to be able to use or take these devices in the bath and shower, if I so wish.

    - Lighter iPads

    Wireless power should enable smaller batteries and removing glass and metal in some versions of the device could make the whole thing much lighter.

    Even the latest iPad is much too heavy.

    - Colour eInk tech

    I need an iPad that I can read in sunlight, without having to turn up the backlight. It should use new e-ink tech, capable of a high refresh rate.
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  • Nintendo's NX console launches March 2017 globally

  • Ryze 27/04/2016

    Remember that Zelda demo they showed to promote the Wii U in... 2011, was it?

    What a fucking joke that is, 5 years later. Nintendo enters its early PS3 era with the Wii U. So, this year they have nothing of interest to offer?
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  • Watch: Johnny plays Shadow of the Colossus for the first time

  • Ryze 25/04/2016

    Imagine Shadow of the Colossus in VR, where the VR player is the Colossus, and the TV players have to take you down!

    ...and you can walk around your lounge if you have space!
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  • Ryze 25/04/2016


    ...and they can not lie.
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  • Apple iPhone SE review

  • Ryze 25/04/2016


    Carrying out a factory reset is one way to improve iPhone 5 performance on iOS 9.

    Once reset, turn off background app refresh.

    My next phone is likely to be an iPhone 6S (plus) or 7, if I can hold out until the end of the year.

    I'd go for a Galaxy S7, but I really hate the shite that they've chucked onto this work 5s mini that I have here. Gets on my nerves having to duck S voice if I tap the home button an extra time, and the fingerprint sensor is so shit that I've turned it off.

    I don't especially want to stay on iOS, but I don't need to faff with a phone, and the iPhone has the least faff of any phone I've used, as long as the storage or battery don't run low.
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  • Nintendo stock stolen at A14 services

  • Ryze 22/04/2016

    eBay! Reply -1
  • Amazon marks GTA5, FIFA 16, Minecraft and more as "exclusively for Prime members"

  • Ryze 22/04/2016

    Their loss. Don't need to buy from them. Reply +7
  • Sega to support Mega Drive game mods via Steam

  • Ryze 21/04/2016


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  • Ryze 21/04/2016


    Wireless pads, HDMI and even a Wifi connection so games could be downloaded direct to the unit onto an SD card would be marvellous.

    Can't imagine they'd do it, but it'd be decent if it contained the original hardware and still had RGB & Composite for those who wanted CRT connectivity.

    The Megadrive hardware would be able to play Master system and Game Gear games as well, so they could throw in support for those, and ideally it'd be region free, so imported carts would work.
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  • Ryze 21/04/2016

    Sounds really promising, and it'd be nice if they moved towards selling 'everything' that they legally can, via the service, then opening it up to their other consoles, and moving it over to the PS4 as well. Reply +1
  • How PlayStation Neo and the original PS4 will co-exist

  • Ryze 21/04/2016


    Why sub-30 in non-Neo games?

    Surely they'd want to just reduce the detail in order that there's frame rate parity for multiplayer gameplay?

    The screenshot porn can now come from the Neo version, so the base game can be optimised for performance instead of eye candy.
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  • Here's the most streamed Spotify music on PlayStation

  • Ryze 16/04/2016

    @TheDarkKnight n

    Rock bands aren't in the pop mainstream right now. I mean - do you really want a pop group fucking up decent rock music right now?

    You really don't.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with PS4 Remote Play on PC

  • Ryze 14/04/2016


    Ahhh, what On EARTH were DF thinking, publishing this hands-on?!

    They for got the Vita IN A BUBBLEBATH test!

    Shoddy, shoddy journalism. Pathetic.
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  • The end of Nintendo's weird GamePad era

  • Ryze 13/04/2016

    It's such a huge shame that I'm seeing so much of late 90s Sega, in the current and recent Nintendo.

    Cannot believe that they abandoned the 100 million selling Wii by 2010, instead of evolving it with HDMI and storage back then, with a significantly better online store.

    Anyway - they make great games, but I've lost confidence in them where it comes to hardware. Good luck to them, and I hope they surprise us.

    I'll grab a Wii U once they hit bargain bin prices, and then grab 10 or so of the top titles.
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  • HTC Vive review

  • Ryze 09/04/2016

    8/10 Reply 0
  • Sony hasn't forgotten about the Vita just yet

  • Ryze 06/04/2016

    It's nuts really - I'm at a completely different phase with gaming these days.

    If the me from 10 years ago was here today, I'd be blowing cash on Rift/Vive, and I would already have a PS4+Vita.

    These days - I'm seeing great deals for the Vita - 85 was one of the recent ones, but I just don't know if I need another electronic gadget taking my attention from the real world! I have a Nexus, iPad and two phones, plus at least one laptop on the go.

    My lounge is ridiculous when all this stuff is laid out on the sofa. Adding another game thing, plus the 3DS that I'd inevitably grab once I give in to the urge to get those Sega 3D classics, would just be wrong (and right at the same time).

    I'm really gutted that I can't buy a device that's a hybrid of the iPad Air and the Vita, that runs Android plus Vita/PSP/PS games. Such a shame.

    Right now - I'm looking to blow my money on travel instead of more gadgets. I'll get back on board in the future.
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  • Massive God of War 4 leak points to Norse mythology setting

  • Ryze 05/04/2016


    2010 isn't early.
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  • Phil Spencer plays down "Xbox One and a half" rumours

  • Ryze 05/04/2016

    There's every chance that, due to Direct X and the XOnes OS setup, that they could release a drastically better, much more expensive machine (Oculus Rift spec), while Sony make a marginally better PS4K.

    We'll see...
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  • What would you uninvent about modern games?

  • Ryze 03/04/2016

    Collectibles are why I don't bother with most games. OCD crap instead of gameplay and story. Reply +8
  • Road Redemption slated for PC this summer

  • Ryze 02/04/2016


    You clearly don't have a clue about CPUs. Go and be a retard somewhere else.
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  • Ryze 02/04/2016


    It really leaves me frustrated at Nintendo.

    The innards of this machine are from a circa 2009, 2010 'Wii HD' spec. The CPU STILL would have been weak, even for a 2010 release.

    For them to wait until late 2012 while adding the 2nd screen, and leave that CPU despite the competition already showing their move to x86 behind the scenes...

    It's an insult to their paying customers - they could have moved to something Xbox 360 spec, but still PPC at the VERY LEAST! Incompetence / penny pinching.


    I've lost all faith in Nintendo hardware. They were rich, they still are, and they tried to palm gamers off with overpriced cheap kit AGAIN, using gimmicks, but missing crucial features?

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  • Ryze 01/04/2016

    After the obvious gun and 'kill' nonsense from the early versions, I can't trust that this will really capture what was special about Road Rash's gameplay.

    I'd have to try a demo, and I won't be paying for the whole game just to play a demo, I'm afraid.

    Please surprise us with something special, guys.
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  • PlayStation VR has the right price - and the right attitude

  • Ryze 02/04/2016

    Playroom VR has me thinking of so many hide and seek type games that would be great fun in VR.

    The motion sickness aspect may still prevent many games from happening, however.

    I was hoping to try BioShock in VR. Not sure that'll ever happen now - but I I'd be very curious to see some of the biggest games such as sports and shooters.

    I'd expect that people are expecting to see Call of Duty VR and such, and may be disappointed when that doesn't happen.
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  • Quantum Break review

  • Ryze 01/04/2016


    MS are utterly stupid for shipping this console with a Kinect, instead of a BDXL capable drive.

    They're not even expensive!
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  • The soul-destroying grind to unlock Street Fighter 5 character colours

  • Ryze 01/04/2016

    OCD crap.

    IMO, the game isn't finished, so it doesn't exist yet. We all know how well it went for Driveclub and Assassin's Creed, after all.

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  • That Dragon, Cancer "has not yet seen a single dollar from sales"

  • Ryze 31/03/2016



    I would sometimes go in, play one game, watch, chat, play, watch...

    Playthroughs are custom designed for me. I've played plenty, and I'll still buy games when I have time to play.

    I have no Arcades to hang out at, and nobody else has built a decent chain of gaming / sports bars, so YouTube / Twitch and PSN/Xbox Live have to fill in for the real world until it catches up!
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  • Ryze 30/03/2016


    Absolutely wrong.

    You could pretty much NEVER go to an Arcade, and only spend all of your time playing games. You could, but you'd not learn very much, and you'd be pretty anti-social - you'd spend half your time watching others play.

    Same with video games, as a child, I'd never or seldom be the only person in front of the console and TV who's playing. Often you'd share a single player game with another person, or several friends or family, and often you'd be watching them play as much as you play yourself.

    Your own, personal solution is simply not to use Twitch and Youtube for watching games. It doesn't stop anybody from playing anything - it's simply a new medium for seeing gameplay.

    It allows us to see gameplay without sitting through shit video games shows with unfunny presenters, shoehorned into shit TV channels shown at inconvenient times of the day, once per week for a couple of months per year.

    Then there were the magazines which would have to charge a premium to include a DVD or VHS. That's all gone now, and doesn't need to come back.

    A decent gaming show on TV would be nice to see, but as it doesn't exist, then forget them - Youtube & Twitch do the job just fine.
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  • Ryze 27/03/2016


    Nonsense. How much time did people spend watching others in the 80s & 90s in Arcades?

    How much time did people spend watching others in the same room play a game with their friends or family present?

    Only difference is that it has moved online.
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  • Oculus Rift review

  • Ryze 29/03/2016

    I really don't see how 499/$599 is justified. Reply -3
  • John Carmack to get this year's BAFTA Fellowship award

  • Ryze 24/03/2016

    "Doom and Quake and Wolfenstein...and..."
    Ah, primary school sentences... I remember the days...
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  • Nintendo NX controller reports gather pace

  • Ryze 24/03/2016

    Looks like they've been working with Sharp on those screens. I could be wrong.

    Unusual shaped screen for the sake of it? Looks like a waste of pixels.
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  • Nintendo plays down claim it will end Wii U production this year

  • Ryze 23/03/2016


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  • PlayStation VR will cost 349, out in October

  • Ryze 15/03/2016


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  • Sony adds 22 games to PlayStation Now, including Uncharted trilogy

  • Ryze 10/03/2016

    PlayStation Now needs:

    Bundling with PS Plus
    PC Client
    Allowing all PS Plus subscribers to use PS3 discs to play games they own.
    Bundling with access to PS & PlayStation games
    Access to PS4 games - especially via a PC / Mac / Linux / iOS / Android client and a PS4 pad.

    Right now, I can't see most of that happening, as PS4s are selling, so there's no urgency.

    I do wonder what the current running cost of the service is, however.
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  • The Division players are queuing to use a laptop

  • Ryze 09/03/2016

    Right - someone needs to photoshop the box art with the Queue Simulator in the correct 'Simulator' font.

    Then watch as the Americans have no idea what that means.
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  • Star Wars Humble Bundle 2 awakens

  • Ryze 02/03/2016


    REALLY? $9500??

    Fuck off :) That must be like a million Humble Bundles or something! Where do I sign up?!?!
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  • Ryze 02/03/2016


    Already bought it, fella!
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  • Ryze 02/03/2016

    Do WANT!

    I've already bought some of these, as well. I'm going for it anyway.

    Hopefully they're mostly or all Steam keys.
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  • PlayStation TV has been phased out in Japan

  • Ryze 01/03/2016


    Yeah fair points there fella.

    With Hololens, it depends on the tech and the price, but in equal measure it's about software, usability, and the support from the company behind it. Great tech can fail, simply due to poor decisions or poor software - especially nowadays.

    Imagine if you could give Microsoft a blank iPhone 5 with no OS, in 2007.

    They'd still cock it up - It would get Windows Mobile 6! Utter shite! That was the year they released Windows Vista! Ballmer was busy flying the Microsoft jet into a death spiral.

    It's really hard to have any faith in Microsoft right now, so I have little faith in hololens. We've only seen fake demos, smoke and mirrors so far.

    Nice concept, but it's way more limited and expensive than they'll admit. I still want it to be great, however.
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  • Ryze 29/02/2016

    It's yet another half-hearted, half baked Sony release.

    I'm not going to list the issues with these devices, but there were plenty

    PS Move
    PS Vita
    PS2 Network adaptor

    There are tonnes of others, if you look beyond their gaming division.

    So - what'll happen to Playstation VR? I do hope for the very best, as it could be a perfect companion to a fantastic console - it should be the most affordable VR system for several years, and deserves success, but we'll have to see.

    Even PSP was missing some really key obvious features, and if it hadn't have been hacked to pieces, would have been in the above list. I hope that Sony adapts, and keeps pace with the development of VR.

    There will be trends and developments in VR, that we can't assume or predict at this point in time. I personally think that the PS Move controllers will become too limited to use for many titles, but we'll see. I can't predict the future here, as I'm not a VR user, and have no plans to invest just yet. I've not seen/felt the 'motion sickness' effects that trouble some people when they walk around while sat still in VR. Maybe it's overblown. Maybe not.

    I could then move onto Sony's digital music players, which should have left the iPod in the dust before it even got onto the drawing board. No chance of that.

    BUT - The PS4 has been handled marvelously, as was the PS2, minus its network features, and it was a transitional phase anyhow.

    PS3 was Sony learning how to react and respond, but cost them dearly. I can imagine they just didn't want to throw any more money at the Vita, as they realised that catering for a handheld simply isn't one of their strengths, and neither is an app store based network device.

    I'll look out for a bargain when this thing dies over here.
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  • Digital Foundry's guide to the best PC controllers

  • Ryze 28/02/2016

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  • The remembrance of things parsed

  • Ryze 22/02/2016

    No, you cannot trust old men!

    Whatever happened to ROM?
    Think of a 3DS or Vita cartridge. That's pretty much ROM. It never really disappeared. We still install games off of:


    It's just that chips with content set in stone are less widely used since the PlayStation succeeded while the N64 didn't. Remember that!? That's where your ROM went. It moved from cartridge chips to optical discs.
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  • Watch: Are fighting games losing popularity?

  • Ryze 20/02/2016

    No media promotion, unfinished game, Ultra SFIV wasn't very long ago.

    I had a go of SFV at EGX and tried to play as Charlie. Nothing worked. Not really looking to pay 50 to then study moves lists, just to get wasted online.

    If it was recommended, then I'd show more interest, but there's no proper training mode, and the game's reviews all say that it's threadbare.

    Not really surprised.
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  • Watch: What's going on with Chun-Li's ridiculous boob physics?

  • Ryze 16/02/2016


    Since (King of Fighters) '94.
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  • You can now play Galaga on Xbox One

  • Ryze 15/02/2016


    You've gotta take your time.
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  • Ryze 15/02/2016

    Killer app confirmed!

    ... but still not buying one. Such a shame.
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  • How do our gaming habits change as we grow up?

  • Ryze 12/02/2016

    Yep, in my childhood and early 20s, gaming was like magic escapism.

    It really was like visiting another, magical, exciting world.

    Now, it's a time consuming and fun / repetitive activity. The magic only appears fleetingly. Money has a different meaning nowadays, time has a different value, and sex & valued social relationships distort the enjoyment scale of other activities.


    I hate catching buses.

    I don't mind catching buses when I have good company.

    I can have an amazing time, socially, during a bus ride, with the right company.

    I still hate catching buses.

    When I was a child, catching a bus could be a fun experience.

    I'd be happy if I never had to make a solo bus journey in my life, ever again. Unless it was full of beautiful, sociable, single women, or otherwise had a party and alcohol on board.
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  • Ryze 12/02/2016

    Yep, I'm more discerning where it comes to making the most of relaxing in my free time.

    Loved FPS games in the 90s. Abandoned them nowadays. I've generally pushed things out of my life that
    I find unpleasant or timewasting.

    'Stubborn asshole' is the phrase, from 'Ghost', that comes to mind.

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  • Red Dead Redemption backwards compatible on Xbox One... for a few hours

  • Ryze 08/02/2016


    You vastly overestimate the intelligence of the set of people commonly known as 'the general public'.

    Don't get me wrong, 'the general public' has a genius or two amongst its ranks, but... my god...
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