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  • Unreal Engine 4 tech demo looks unnervingly realistic

  • Ryze 28/01/2015


    What's PT?

    Have a good study up of this, and all will become clear.

    It's quite complex to grasp and discover, but you're probably an intelligent chap, so you'll work it out sooner or later...
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  • Ryze 28/01/2015

    Yep, no people in this video, so the uncanny valley stuff is nonsense / irrelevant.

    Not exactly great writing, but a great demonstration of the tech.
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  • Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered is coming to Steam

  • Ryze 27/01/2015

    Beautiful opening. Wonderful, but diminishes too quickly into QTE button bashing sections and crap stealth.

    Some terrible design, but a wonderful concept.

    Tragically flawed.
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  • A guide to gaming's most valuable treasures

  • Ryze 26/01/2015

    Another PAL 32X game that goes for up to 200


    It's a polygon-based version of Sega's isometric shooter Zaxxon. I grabbed it for cheap in 1996 or so. Kept it.

    These ones I don't have, and they're expensive:


    Only released in Europe, and region locked to boot, by David Braben's Frontier Developments. Highly sought after, and very expensive indeed:


    Attractive shoot 'em up starring a Hummingbird. Not cheap.
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  • Ryze 26/01/2015

    Up to 200:

    EU / PAL version.

    I swapped it for something insignificant with my cousin back in 1996-7. I have no idea what he did with it.

    Gutted :)


    I do have a (sadly disc only) copy of Guardian Heroes for the Saturn, however. I grabbed that from Blockbuster back in the late 90s along with the first WipEout when they were selling off their Saturn library.

    I also have a PAL Sega Multi-Mega, which can still go for 200, with the original box and instructions. Possibly another 200 for that, as I saw just the box go for 200 early last year.

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  • Microsoft HoloLens is a new AR headset computer

  • Ryze 23/01/2015


    Batteries. This thing would need Wireless Power (or a tether) in order to last for a decent amount of your FIFA game session, and 4K displays for each eye in order for your 60" screen not to look like PS1 resolution. Otherwise it'd need the equivalent of multiple laptop batteries attached to your head.

    Altering the viewpoint, and changing the perspective of a streamed 1080p display would require a lot of real-time processing.

    It looks great, but there are loads of concepts and prototypes that are great looking or sounding. They mainly don't make it to market due to practicality and cost reasons.

    I think that MS will release this, but not for the next 4 years at a decent price and level of functionality that will make it either useful, desirable or widely adopted.

    It'll be very interesting to watch its development. An excellent concept, and the components that would make this useful actually do exist. I'm just not especially confident that MS can pull it off, considering their recent track record with both software and hardware.

    Control is the other issue, as it would likely use Kinect-esque tracking for finger controls. It'd have to be accurate, or else people would become frustrated.

    All of this is very interesting, and I'll be waiting with eagerness to see them become real products.
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  • Ryze 21/01/2015

    Well - this is just a concept CG video.

    Wake me up when they have a working model to demonstrate.

    Anyone can make a CG demo of whatever they want.
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  • GOG Star Wars splurge includes X-Wing Alliance

  • Ryze 21/01/2015

    Yay BOUGHT.

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  • Video: When remakes improve on the originals

  • Ryze 21/01/2015


    Daytona USA 2001 looks nice but plays terribly. It doesn't make the cut.
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  • Steam Broadcasting has arrived

  • Ryze 21/01/2015


    Well - have you ever played a game with another person in the room?

    That other person is watching you play, unless they hate gaming. This is similar. Have you never sat next to a person who's playing a game?

    It matters more when you CARE about the content or the person playing.
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  • What happens when Ikaruga's director remixes one of Sega's all-time greats?

  • Ryze 19/01/2015

    Highlights of my 80s childhood.

    Not Star Wars, Not Disney, but Sega's Arcade cabinets.

    New 3DS is a sure-fire purchase, now.
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  • Video: Resident Evil HD - what still works and what doesn't

  • Ryze 19/01/2015

    ...and not a video moaner in sight this time :)

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  • Assetto Corsa review

  • Ryze 18/01/2015

    I've seen this on Steam for way over a year now, but had no idea how good it was, so couldn't really gamble the cash due to the sheer number of other games I have with little time spent playing.

    It's just been given a green light. Thanks, guys.
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  • Google Glass is being removed from sale

  • Ryze 16/01/2015


    Nothing it does is either cool, new or freaking awesome, though.

    My phones in my pocket, and until the form factor, performance and usability are up to standard, I don't need a head mounted AR display or HUD. It's useless geek crap in its current form.

    Needs a major revision and form factor overhaul.
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  • Ryze 16/01/2015


    In that current sorry state, Apple would never announce such a product.

    This is Google trying and failing to innovate.

    That headband crap, with crap software and crap battery life isn't even a 0.1 alpha version.

    They tried to use hype and bullshit to raise money and have us guide development for them, but only idiots bought into it.

    Rubbish from Google. They have nobody to copy from here. No Yahoo, MS, Facebook or Apple to rip off and paste their own adverts on top of.

    I'd expect better from them, really.
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  • Motorcycling game Ride release date revealed

  • Ryze 15/01/2015

    I hope that the naked modes feature a high standard of gender equality.

    This could be an interesting motorcycling experience!
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  • Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy headed to Wii U eShop

  • Ryze 15/01/2015

    Wow - this is appealing - apart from Ninty's dumb online accounts.

    I'd immediately buy the two in the headline if I could make am account and do it online right now, even before getting a U.

    Oh well.
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  • Wait, what? Xbox One just won an Emmy

  • Ryze 14/01/2015


    DLNA? DSLR are cameras.
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  • Video: 11 actors and the game ads they'd rather forget

  • Ryze 13/01/2015

    Keep negging.
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  • Ryze 13/01/2015

    Skim this 30 minute video from 2007, you pricks.

    Check Ellie out, swooning at the guy from Blue at 15 mins!
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  • Ryze 13/01/2015

    Hey, look - the video moaners are back.

    How did you guys ever watch The Eurogamer Show with Johnny Minkley back in the day? Most of those were fantastic, with visits to development studios and gaming events. I wonder if there's an archive anywhere?

    Fuck off and find another article to moan about. Are they supposed to just list the names of the actors?

    The article is tagged VIDEO:
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 PC release date delayed until March

  • Ryze 13/01/2015

    Fuck. I was already going to wait until Feb-Mar for the first patches, now it'll be APRIL onwards before they patch the first rounds of bugs and poor performance.

    I've been holding off a PS4 purchase, as my PC / Steam Library needs attention, but I have largely halted playing the 360/PS3 versions of this, to continue on the PC.

    I at least wanted to see what sort of PC spec was needed to reach PS4 levels of performance and better. Now I'll have to wait.

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  • The Untouchables brought ragtime and ultraviolence to 8-bit

  • Ryze 12/01/2015

    Who told you that my Spectrum was out last weekend?

    Timely article!
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  • Microsoft reassures Xbox One owners over DRM rights

  • Ryze 09/01/2015


    Nah, content delivery networks for 10-50GB games aren't that simple.
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  • Ryze 09/01/2015

    Games are rarely delisted from stores
    I disagree.

    I'd like to buy Outrun on PS3
    Double Dragon on XBLA
    Turtles Arcade on XBLA
    I'd like the original GTA SA back on Steam

    There are many more.
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  • PlayStation 4 has sold 18.5m worldwide

  • Ryze 07/01/2015

    Looks like the fickle casuals have fucked off to play Flappy Bird and FarmVille, and were never going to buy 400 consoles anyway.

    The big 3, with their 300+ price tags, have been left with the hardcore base to sell their consoles to. PS4 has simply delivered, and has had a significant buzz surrounding it following the announcement, and especially since MS' failed TV and anti-consumer online strategy. MS were seen to be betraying the hardcore, and these people (us people) are the foundations of the video games business.

    The flash-in-the-pan casual hits are great if you can get them, but bottling lightning isn't an established science.

    So, I've given myself up to a year to clear up my backlog and upgrade my PC. Sometime between now and then I'll pick up a PS4 and hopefully I'll see suspend and resume, and DLNA added to the feature set.

    For now, the industry needs to reflect on how well they treat their best and highest spending customers, as mistreating us can backfire drastically.

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  • Ryze 06/01/2015

    I held off buying due to my backlog, and the fact that my PC needs some love.

    The Steam catalogue at the very least needs a dent making in it, and I have PS3 and 360 games to finish off. All that + retro!
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  • The Razer Forge TV is a $99 Android micro-console

  • Ryze 06/01/2015

    Did you hear that?

    That was the sound of Onlive becoming just that little bit more irrellevant!

    I wonder how this year's games, and next year's would run on Onlive's tech. This was always the problem along with the latency and image quality.
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  • North America gets $15-a-month PlayStation Now subscription service

  • Ryze 06/01/2015

    They really need to look at giving PS Plus subscribers PS Now access to available PS3 games that they've bought on PSN, or that they insert into the PS4's disc drive.

    This would make PS Plus essential for even non-multiplayer gamers.

    That would make sense, but the preowned market for PS3 games would possibly become an issue.
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  • Linx 8 review - exploring the sub-100 Windows tablet experience

  • Ryze 04/01/2015


    They're good for reading, and you leave them in standby/sleep mode for instant access.

    Laptops often have to be booted, and have significantly lower battery life.
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  • Microsoft gives more CPU power to Xbox One developers

  • Ryze 04/01/2015


    Read it again. I wrote the same thing.

    Current consoles aren't going to have such a high failure rate, and current consoles prices will be able to fall significantly as time passes, without Microsoft having to do a Microsoft and lose billions.

    The generations before this one were significantly weaker than a gaming PC, until you go back to the Amiga days of the late 80s, because that was a gaming PC - it just wasn't an IBM compatible. PCs were business machines back then, and weren't optimised for colour and sprite handling, let alone 3D graphics.

    Only last gen had console hardware that matched a top end PC (minus RAM), and that wasn't for long. It was due to the HD era hype, and the sheer success of the Playstation and PS2.

    Those consoles, apart from their RAM limitations, can still punch way above their weight to this day, due to optimal/mature Cell code / the 360's GPU and mature well established development environment.

    Today's high end PCs are 500-1000+ beasts, where shocking resources are used to brute force certain performance levels during 1% of the machine's activity. That's costly, and geared towards a few enthusiasts.

    I personally would like there to be a higher performance version of these consoles that is 100% compatible, but that will likely take several years to happen, if it happens at all.

    Wait for Steam Machines, then build a custom beast. The PS4 spec is fine for what it sells for 1 year after launch. It just needs optimal games, and they will hopefully come.

    500 consoles would have been a terrible idea, but would have pleased 10% of the audience.
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  • Ryze 03/01/2015


    The other issue is cooling. They wanted this kit to run at a lower wattage, to run cooler than the last gen did at launch.

    The launch PS3 was a power hungry BEAST, as was the 360: 2005 Jet Aircraft Edition.

    But yes, it's going to take another couple of years to really get some optimal games produced for these systems.

    In the meantime, gaming PCs continue to kick ass, and decent GPUs like the nVidia 970 are looking tempting.

    I wonder which Steam machines will incorporate that GPU or better, once they finally launch?

    People forget how much further ahead PCs were than consoles between 1990-2005 until the 360 launched, then again from 2007. This is normal.
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  • Cara Ellison on: The Poetics of Space

  • Ryze 04/01/2015

    She loved it so it was not a game.
    The ongoing issue with the acceptance and definition of our computer driven, interactive entertainment products.

    I wonder if Heavy Rain is actually a game, if we were to remove the QTE action sequences? Are flight simulators games? How about driving simulators like Gran Turismo, or especially Live for Speed? The terms 'video game' and 'computer game' don't especially describe what we do in every case, any more.

    As time passes by, I'd probably rather not play shooters any more, but I would like to continue exploring intricate 3D worlds with interesting characters. I would like to continue to interact with the world, and to travel on foot and by vehicle.

    I don't especially need to kill and blow everything up, though. Not bothered about military hardware or fantasy weapons, and I'm not especially excited at being chased by the police in game, or being shot at - forced into combat until I kill or be killed.

    So - would my preferred experience be a 'game'? It'd be interactive - probably an adventure, with characters and narrative. Is the best description 'video game'?

    Not sure really. I wonder how things will look once VR-based entertainment comes along to complicate things further.

    What's next?
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  • Reader's top 50 games of 2014

  • Ryze 03/01/2015


    As a launch game, therefore it would have competed for the 2013 list, eh?
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  • Ryze 03/01/2015


    Many, many more people own PS4s than X1s - especially in the crowd of enthusiasts who comment on websites.

    The COD/FIFA crowd, and the big spenders with both consoles own X1s.

    For PS4 owners, there aren't many driving games to choose from, if you sold your PS3 and Gran Turismo to fund the purchase.
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  • Ryze 03/01/2015

    I've played precisely FOUR of those games, and two are next gen re-releases where I've only played the original!

    Shows how busy I've been - especially in the 2nd half of 2014, but, you know - I'm about to start a business, so, cool! I have a wonderful list to catch up on over the next year or two when I find the time.

    Regardless - I have the best gaming setup I've ever played in for 2015. Wall-sized Cinema 1080p 3D projector. Next I just need to take some time off for gaming!

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  • PlayStation Plus reveals full January lineup

  • Ryze 03/01/2015


    'Hack' is a buzzword, and journos often lazily use buzzwords instead of writing accurate, descriptive text and explanations.

    This is an example.
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  • Games of 2014: Far Cry 4

  • Ryze 30/12/2014


    No rush! Had plenty of fun catching up and playing retro this year, when I was home at all.
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  • Ryze 30/12/2014

    Sounds like a lot of fun. I'll have a go once I've played number 3. Reply 0
  • Video: Touch control rage with Tomb Raider 2 for iOS

  • Ryze 28/12/2014

    Come on. Surely there's a controller standard for iOS by now?

    If there is, then the system needs a decent standard controller, or else this is a waste of time.
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  • Games of 2014: Alien: Isolation

  • Ryze 28/12/2014


    It's an Aoife video. Get used to them. She's really quite good on the voice overs.

    I could listen for ages - must be the accent.

    Now I've seen some more of the moaning comments, I'll put another positive one in for this video.

    Yes - video articles should be tagged as such in order that the moaners can avoid them, and avoid annoying the rest of us. Otherwise, just type up your VoiceOver / add it to the video as subtitles, and to the article as an optional transcript perhaps?

    I'm all for well made videos - Aoife's are great, and I used to love the old Eurogamer show a few years back. Aoife style video journalism would be great, and tbh, I wish some of Ellie's interviews were done as video - they were classics, tbh.

    Also - involve Bertie. He needs to do more video stuff.
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  • Games of 2014: Destiny

  • Ryze 27/12/2014

    I also think that a lot of this year's anger is coming from people who have overspent on video games and consoles over the past year.

    Especially from some cases of people pre-ordering and pre-loading full-priced, over-hyped full game downloads at 50GB.

    Doing that a few times with B4, Watchdogs then Destiny after having paid 400+ for an X1, then watching the price tumble and Kinect be shown up as useless for games AGAIN...

    These are the same angry suckers who bought the first Kinect at full price, and probably bought full priced copies of Aliens: Colonial Marines as well.

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  • Ryze 26/12/2014

    I'm pretty sure that by the 2nd DLC of the 2nd Destiny installment, like with TitanFall, we'll see the game that they really designed.

    This one seems like a cash grab. An Apple 1st gen product with some obvious features being held back to announce as revelations in versions 2 and 3.

    I'd like to think that the game will be aimed squarely at the new systems by 2016, and will have more going on without needing to cater for a 512MB cap.

    Marmite, and they're trying to milk it over several games with DLC sales.
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  • Editor's blog: Merry Christmas!

  • Ryze 24/12/2014


    Double tap the paragraph.
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  • It's Steam Holiday Sale time

  • Ryze 23/12/2014


    You must already own EVERYTHING!

    My backlog's so big, that I question every purchase now - even fantastic deals.

    My main PC's not been cranked up for gaming in about a month. I need to sort that out.
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  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker goes on sale two weeks before official release date

  • Ryze 19/12/2014

    Idiots for setting that release date anyway. Jan 2nd?

    Did it take so long to re-record the tons of Captain Toad dialogue for the EU market, then?

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  • Judge allows lawsuit over Killzone Shadow Fall's 1080p graphics to proceed

  • Ryze 19/12/2014


    I'm sure that there's a job for you in Sony's marketing department.

    Don't ever get into TV engineering, though. You'll fail miserably.

    By your logic 3840xANYTHING is a 4K image. Joker.
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  • Ryze 18/12/2014

    It sounds petty, but these companies really need to stop with the false advertising and misleading statements. If the game runs at 960x1080 upscaled, then that isn't 1920x1080, and isn't 1080p. That's a significant upscale. HALF of the screen's pixels.

    Not sure I'd take them to court over it, but I'd sure as hell stop buying their games at launch, as they're charging premium prices for a product that doesn't meet its description.

    It's an issue of trust and reputation. People who care about such things, should be aware of them, and Sony shouldn't be able to make false statements about the specification of their products, any more than a car manufacturer can lie about MPG or top speed.

    If it takes a court case to sort them out and stop the marketing lies, like with the Vita false advertising, then so be it.
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  • Last-gen revisited: Far Cry 4

  • Ryze 18/12/2014


    They may look the same in static images, but performance isn't about looking the same in static images, when it comes to 3D graphics.

    I'm sure that the PS3 could render a few frames that look like Tron: Legacy, but it wouldn't be able to run such visuals realtime.

    This is where we are when it comes to graphics in 2014-15 - with this (low cost, small form factor) console hardware, anyway.

    If Valve make certain moves, then we may well see significantly more powerful hardware than these consoles for 300-500 appear in a console form factor running SteamOS in the next year or two, for those who don't build or faff with PCs.

    In addition, we'll see games designed to take full advantage of the new kit, moving on from the legacy hardware. Looking at 2007-10 we saw games like Bioshock, Fallout 3, Gears of War, then moving on to WipEout HD, God of War 3 and Uncharted 2. It took a few years for this stuff to appear.

    The more advanced games take time to develop.

    We'll see.
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  • New Steam controller design leaked

  • Ryze 18/12/2014


    We don't know, as they've not been launched yet. Neither has SteamOS or the controller.

    We'll know in the months and years following the launch.
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