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  • The Last Guardian delayed again

  • Ryze 14/09/2016

    They'll be using it to sell more PS4 Pros. Reply -4
  • Every PlayStation 4 to be made HDR capable via a patch

  • Ryze 08/09/2016

    No 4K Blu-ray drive is a huge fuckup on the PS4 Pro.

    Can't believe they've skimped on that - but I reckon it's probably saved them money on royalties, and is an attempt to corner the Playstation 4 market for 4K streaming video.

    Stupid idea, as 4K TVs are usually smart TVs with apps anyway, and Netflix isn't anything special at all in terms of availability.

    Poor, but I've no imminent plans for a 4K telly anyway, as I'll be watching projector prices for the next several years, until the 4K models get reasonable.

    Shame - I'd still consider one, once enough games have better performance patched into them. GTA V, Bloodborne, Last of Us... start there, and I'll be interested!
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  • Sony announces PlayStation 4 Pro for November 2016, priced 349

  • Ryze 07/09/2016

    Very nicely done.

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  • Nintendo is giving away an NX

  • Ryze 07/09/2016


    I see what you did there.
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  • The battle to fix Britain's internet heats up

  • Ryze 06/09/2016

    Openreach NEEDS to be taken off of (corrupt) BT.

    Take it away from them, and introduce some competition.

    Absolutely no idea how they managed to buy EE. Disgusting / incompetence on the part of OFCOM.

    Everyone take part in this for the sake of Britain's broadband.

    Your 'fibre' connections are actually a piecemeal VDSL copper connection to the cabinet.

    VDSL2 could actually deliver 250Mbps over those distances. They're talking the piss.

    Start the process of kicking them out, so we can get real fibre and real competition.
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  • The state of video game TV

  • Ryze 05/09/2016

    I do hope that they bring in some non-celebs on this as well.

    It was fun, but that rotating stage thing became ridiculous after it happened twice, and it was all a bit of a faff as far as some of the banter went.

    FUN, though, and that's what it's all about.

    Liked it, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next week!
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  • DF Retro: MDK revisited - a PC game quite unlike any other

  • Ryze 03/09/2016


    Love this. I'll never have time to watch all of those, but this is great stuff.
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  • Sega explains why Shenmue remakes haven't happened yet

  • Ryze 02/09/2016

    Pathetic that the Dreamcast versions haven't made even an appearance on Steam, Xbox 360, or wherever.

    Was the Xbox version of Shenmue 2 ever available for download on the 360?

    Really disappointed in Sega.
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  • Assetto Corsa console review

  • Ryze 31/08/2016


    ...I can't even see anything on the
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  • Ryze 31/08/2016

    LOL / Bring on Neo & Scorpio!

    /wishlists on Steam
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  • Every Xbox 360 backwards compatible game currently playable on Xbox One

  • Ryze 26/08/2016

    No Outrun.

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  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare developers on the battle with the backlash

  • Ryze 24/08/2016


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  • Watchdog investigates Future merger with Imagine

  • Ryze 23/08/2016

    I bought tonnes of GamesTM magazines back in the day, but I started abandoning them in favour of... Eurogamer!

    So, I couldn't justify the subscription cost, once it rose - especially as they were just taking up loads of space in my place.

    Kept them all, however, and I love them. Would love to read some of the back issues from the last couple of years, so as long as those remain available easily in digital format, then they may well have a customer in me.

    A PPV website would also be great, if it held the entirety if their magazine content.
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  • The King of Fighters 14 review

  • Ryze 23/08/2016


    I'll neve forget Terry Bogard's moveset, thanks to learning to play Fatal Fury - WAAAAAY back in the day!

    Then the Mega CD got Fatal Fury Special!

    Capcom vs. SNK 2...
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  • The PS4 Slim is real - confirmed

  • Ryze 23/08/2016


    ...where drug lords rule the streets, and people get shot/stabbed...
    Don't talk about shit that you don't understand, you first class prick.

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  • Sega 3D Classics Collection release date set for November

  • Ryze 13/08/2016


    Yep - exactly my thoughts. I use my iPad daily, as it means that I don't have to boot a PC in order to carry out basic web tasks like browsing and checking email, that don't require a fast / accurate keyboard and mouse / text editing.

    I really wanted a Vita version of a tablet from Sony, with Playstation controls and a slot for the physical games, plus more power in order to run or upscale the games to 1080p or thereabouts.

    Didn't happen - I guess Sony couldn't take the gamble, and just gave up.

    The Vita was what the PSP could have became, but it was way too late, and by the time they caught up with the iPhone's feature set (minus a decent app store system), the iPhone had continued to evolve in its own direction. There's just not a place for a Vita in my life, even though I'm verey tempted t buy one.

    Feels like an inadequate one trick pony - I remember writing about the PSP, "They took the PS2, made it single player, anti-social, and broke the controls."

    The Vita has only resolved some of the issues, and the world moved on. It's a damn shame, but Sony show that they can't keep up in mobile devices any more - since the 1990s when the Walkman and MD player died out.

    The 3DS is nice, but again, I'd buy it and not play it, and I can't get the games up on a big screen.

    I don't need a copy of Outrun that I can't play at home without squinting into a tiny box.

    Sorry! Where are the Wii U ports supporting 1080p upscale and stereoscopic 3D? It's possible, but hasn't happened, as it would involve porting from ARM to Power PC, or emulating with the resultant glitches and patches.

    NX should actually be ideal for Nintendo, but the question is whether anyone will want to invest following DS, 3DS, Wii & Wii U.

    Peoples' existing libraries will likely become redundant, and that will not help them.
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  • Watch: Ian introduces Chris to the ZX Spectrum

  • Ryze 07/08/2016

    If only he also had access to a plus 3 with an SD card adaptor, a decent controller - the Amstrad CPC plus control pad with an easily available adaptor would suffice, and a copy of Turbo Esprit.

    That would have been ideal as soon as he made his GTA V expectations comment. GTA V takes ages to install and load, so it's really moot - especially for 16K and 48K single load games. They don't take 5-10 minutes at all.
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  • Ryze 07/08/2016

    Love it!

    I need to now introduce all you philistines to the Amstrad CPC series.

    I'll need to grab some camera equipment...

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  • PS Vita hacked: full system access enabled for homebrew

  • Ryze 31/07/2016

    WANT! Reply -1
  • Nintendo NX is a portable console with detachable controllers

  • Ryze 28/07/2016

    Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing...

    The Nintendo Ouya.

    So, hopefully it can ramp up the clock speed and use active cooling when it's plugged into the mains, and games will have 'docked' and 'portable' profiles, with the docked profile upping the frame rates and graphical effects.

    With this being Nintendo, I have no faith at all. I've all but abandoned the Wii U that I bought a month ago - I'm just going to force myself to use it for a few more of the exclusives, then it becomes a dust gathering retro HDMI equipped Wii.

    Good luck to Nintendo, and I do hope that they defy the naysayers including myself, and 'knock this one out of the park'.

    Otherwise, it's not the NX - it's the 'NO'.
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  • Can too much choice be a bad thing?

  • Ryze 24/07/2016

    I remember having a Mega Drive with 2 games - in 1992 before Sonic 2 was released.

    I had Sonic the Hedgehog, and Test Drive 2: The Duel between May / June and October. Easy to make gaming choices under those conditions!

    Also - from 1986, I had a Tandy TRS-80 Colour Computer 2 (Dragon 32 equivalent from the US), with just 2 games - Crazy Painter, and Cuthbert Goes Digging.

    Nowadays - I can play pretty much EVERYTHING up to the Wii U, and much beyond thanks to the PC.

    I play less video games than ever in my life. I need to perhaps have some kids!

    Sort of the same topic...

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  • MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming Z review: Living the 4K dream?

  • Ryze 17/07/2016

    Was SLI mentioned at all in the article? Reply 0
  • Nintendo announces palm-sized mini NES console

  • Ryze 14/07/2016

    I want that controller...

    If the console has HDMI out, then I'm in!
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  • PSVR game boxes make it clear you need a PSVR

  • Ryze 12/07/2016

    'Normal' / stupid people NEED these warnings.

    This is good communication from Sony. Microsoft would have cocked that up.

    @stoomonster - You can grab the wands from CEX or Cash Gen for pennies. get in there quick.

    I actually need two more for occasional 4 player Flight Control, so I'll grab a couple if I remember.
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  • When Kickstarters go bad: chasing down the Recreated ZX Spectrum

  • Ryze 11/07/2016

    Novelty keyboard looks nice but doesn't deliver.

    If I can ever get one for 20, then I'll open it and put a RasPI inside it. An actual computer, not a keyboard. Needs a keyboard, so that's ideal.
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  • Nintendo strikes down promising NES artbook Kickstarter

  • Ryze 03/07/2016

    Until Nintendo prove otherwise with their actions, I now consider them a zombie company in the vein of Nokia and BlackBerry.

    The Wii U OS that I've been using for the past few days only confirms that.

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  • Dragon's Crown pulled from PlayStation Store in Europe

  • Ryze 02/07/2016


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  • Today's big Street Fighter 5 update is actually two separate massive downloads

  • Ryze 01/07/2016

    I'll wait for the updated disc version, once the rest of the game arrives. Reply -6
  • Inside review

  • Ryze 28/06/2016



    I kind of expected this to be a PS4 timed exclusive, for some strange reason.

    Off topic, but is there now a release date or window for No Man's Sky?
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  • The craziest corner of the PS4 is being put to rest

  • Ryze 28/06/2016

    Protest! Petition! Reply 0
  • Stop everything: Burnout Paradise is 2.50 on Steam right now

  • Ryze 28/06/2016


    Xbox 360
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  • Ryze 28/06/2016

    There isn't a 'Burnout 4'. You mean ': Revenge' Reply 0
  • Surprise! Street Fighter 5 gets Balrog alongside Ibuki this week

  • Ryze 28/06/2016

    Does this game have any of:

    E. Honda
    Dee Jay


    I like the character I've seen, but I'd like to see the above.

    I'll wait until I can buy the game with the content included. I'm fine with the way that this has been released, but it didn't exactly launch for 15, did it?
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  • Oculus discovers platform exclusives won't wash with the VR community

  • Ryze 28/06/2016

    Not interested in either whilst this nonsense is ongoing. Reply 0
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild pushes Wii U hardware to the limit

  • Ryze 22/06/2016

    Just impulse purchased a Wii U premium for 155. Mario Kart 8 premium pack.

    Not done an impulse console purchase for a while, so well done, Eurogamer, and Nintendo.

    Still haven't played Zelda - ever, so I'll work backwards, eh?

    I'm in the Midlands and London right now - console delivered to Manchester.

    I've not even read the whole article yet, but.. it's long overdue.


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  • Limbo is free on Steam right now

  • Ryze 22/06/2016

    So great, I bought it here and on 360. Reply 0
  • 1080p Project Scorpio games "will look different" and some "run a little better" than on Xbox One/S

  • Ryze 17/06/2016

    More confusion. These guys are just poor communicators, period.

    The X1 is UNDERPOWERED for 1080p games. It can't hit 1080p60 with anti aliasing and decent anisotropic filtering. Therefore any more powerful, compatible Xbox IS ABSOLUTLEY GOING TO BE better for people with 1080p televisions.

    This is what the X1S should have been - 1080p/60 compatible version of the X1, with better frame rates in Xbox 360 emulated games to boot, plus the UHD BD stuff as well.

    Now, they're going to market Scorpio as being a 4K box, and it'll end up as 1440p/30fps upscaled games.

    Fucking stupid fucking gimps. Sorry, but they don't know what the fuck they're talking about.
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  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer: the big interview

  • Ryze 15/06/2016

    Phil Spencer: What TV do you have?

    A standard 1080p TV.

    Phil Spencer: Then you should buy this box, because Scorpio is not going to do anything for you. Scorpio is designed as a 4K console, and if you don't have a 4K TV, the benefit we've designed for, you're not going to see. Clearly, you can buy Scorpio, and if and when you decide you want to buy a 4K television to take advantage of the increased performance, obviously the console will be ready for you.
    This shows how they've cocked this announcement up. The PS4K actually has 4K in the name, but they've not been explicit in telling people that this the future console is really for 4K TV owners.

    In addition, it's also bollocks, as the current box's spec only manages 900p or 30fps in most games, so the new box WILL fix 1080p performance.

    Yeah - they fucked it up with the S console, as there's no benefit versus the PS4 OR the PS4K.

    Silly - it should either have had a spec boost or a price cut.

    edit: In addition, there's the console branding: Xbox One S, then announce Xbox Scorpio at the same time. They're really not good at this stuff, are they?
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  • Ryze 15/06/2016

    ...with Project Scorpio looming over the horizon, who in their right mind will now buy the Xbox One S?
    This. It'd be nice if they'd have put one on top of the other, with dates and prices.

    If they showed the Scorpio as being not only 18 months away, but 400-500, versus the S which is out now for 199, then that'd be marvelous.

    TBH, I wish they'd have also kept a standard Xbox One and the current price, but bumped up the spec to exceed the PS4, and add the HDMI2/UHD Blu-ray support.

    THAT would have been a real mic drop moment. The upgrades from the current installed base would have also made the existing 2nd hand boxes drop in price, and hence bump up the number of people buying one for 120-150 or whatever from CEX.

    Seems like a missed opportunity, but I'm not really that fussed.

    This year seems average, and they've all kicked the can down the road for the future.
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  • Project Scorpio won't have any exclusives

  • Ryze 14/06/2016

    I guess that in 2021 or whenever, the Next Next Xbox will come along, and that'll have no exclusives, but then the XO will lose out on games for that, while the Scorpio is brought along?

    There'll also be new games that work across all 3, but they'll be like the future versions of Minecraft or whatever.

    Cool. Well played Microsoft. I want your new console.
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  • Sony announces odd-looking PS VR Aim Controller that looks like it belongs to Tracer

  • Ryze 14/06/2016

    Just looks like a holster for the Move & NavCon.

    The Move is still flawed without an R1 and Analogue stick / R3.
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  • Microsoft announces the Xbox One S price and release date

  • Ryze 13/06/2016

    IR Blaster!
    Bluetooth pads!

    I just want one of those pads, asap, tbh!

    Glad I waited before grabbing a wireless controller at Christmas!
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  • Xbox One S console leak: 40% smaller, 2TB, 4K

  • Ryze 13/06/2016


    It'll have HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2, so 60Hz 4K is possible, as is HDR and the other visually enhanced video goodies.

    The original box should be able to support 4K@30Hz, but I'm not up to date on how the content protection would work with 4K under HDMI 1.4 (or whatever), and therefore whether there will actually be any premium content such as films.

    Someone who does Netflix or Amazon using HDMI 1.4 could probably advise if 4K is even supported on non-HDMI 2.0 displays.

    The studios might not be interested, or they may well just want to make money off of the premium product with as wide an audience as possible.
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  • Ryze 13/06/2016


    That would be waaaay too 'TV' for the current administration at MS.

    Looks like an IR sensor for their remote control.

    I'm pretty sure it'll have a Kinect port on it, and people flog Kinects on eBay for not much at all, so unless they've patched out the UI, it'll still do all of that bollocks.

    I reckon they'll probably have ditched the HDMI in, however. It was complete shite while it lagged and didn't pass through while the console was off, anyway.

    Fucking spybox bullshit from Microsoft. They deserve all of the fail that they've been through.

    I tried using a Windows Phone a few days ago. Christ on a bike. Windows 10's still a shoddy bugfest a year after launch as well.

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  • Ryze 13/06/2016

    For me to get a standard spec Xbone, it needs to be dirt cheap, so I'll probably wait for you all to sell your XO consoles and get these, then buy an original console for 150 or less when they get to that price.

    Otherwise, it's all about the upgraded model. I personally don't need 4K video for the next 5 years until I consider replacing my projector and the several screens dotted around my home.

    Nice bit of kit, however.
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  • E3 made me the twisted monster I am today

  • Ryze 12/06/2016

    Looks like a fun article, but I read about 200 words in, and the only info was that he covered E3 from 2011-2014.

    I have DIY to do. This could actually make an entertaining video or podcast spiel.
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  • Despite its problems, Battlefield 4 remains one of this generation's best shooters

  • Ryze 12/06/2016

    No excuse not to buy it, then.

    Nicely timed advert, Eurogamer.
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  • Sony confirms PlayStation 4K

  • Ryze 10/06/2016

    Yep - it's not ready yet, and a high profile announcement will harm PS4 sales until the launch date.

    Well done on handling the leak, Sony!

    Would be nice if someone actually had something to announce at E3, and to actually release, though!

    I hope that this 'delay', plus the Xbox One leaks mean that they'll ramp it up to Nvidia 970 + i5 (Occulus Rift spec) or higher!

    Can't wait.
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  • The UK's only video game TV show canned

  • Ryze 06/06/2016


    If your TV is a computer and gaming monitor, then you don't need a TV licence, therefore for you, it's just an idiot tax.
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  • Ryze 06/06/2016

    Nice show, but still too many try hards trying to be funny. Aussie fella and black fella just really trying way too hard to get laughs. That's not how humour works!

    Anyhow, we have YouTube and Twitch now. Broadcast can fuck off and do one. Archaic shite.
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