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  • Hoax call sees YouTuber arrested by SWAT while live streaming

  • Ryze 28/08/2014

    A terrible thing to do, and a waste of resources, but that video's MINT!

    Augmented reality gaming!
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  • Standalone Kinect for Xbox One release date set for October

  • Ryze 28/08/2014


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  • Ryze 27/08/2014

    Got one for 20 a couple of months ago. Reply +3
  • Leading creators back latest Tropes vs Women video

  • Ryze 27/08/2014


    God of War III is still a very good, but violent and misogynist game. It shouldn't be docked points for 'sexism'. It should be docked points for being a bad game.

    Come on - you'd need to start a games site, or write an article, and review games based on their characters and story, in order to make a difference here.

    This would be more forward thinking than criticising Eurogamer for not chastising Sony Santa Monica (if I'm correct here), for including that character, and those events, considering they're in context for the character in the game.

    I'm reminded of the 'No russian' scene in the Call of Duty game. Unnecessary, and should be frowned upon and criticised, but that wouldn't make a 9/10 game into an 8/10, based on any scoring criteria I've seen.

    I see a screen full of violent games in that video, and the specific examples of violence against women being highlighted, regardless of whether this is part of the normal gameplay, or invoked and watched intentionally by the player.

    Yes - it's violent, yes is unpleasant, and yes - I really do hope that we see more balance, more REAL female characters in games, and most importantly, more women taking part in the design and development process.

    More women need to be employed by the biggest games publishers. More women need to develop, and write about games.

    Hopefully, if this video does anything, it encourages more from both women who enjoy games, and of the companies publishing the biggest games.
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  • Ryze 27/08/2014

    Women just need to write and design more games. In order for that to happen, more women need to DEVELOP games.


    I'm only really being advised by this video, that not enough women write game stories and characters, and that there are a lot of games based on violence.

    I understand that it must be annoying for women who play games. More women need to make games. Hopefully the publishers will eventually look to have more women write and design games.

    I'm not especially surprised that games showing violence, eventually show violence towards women. If they ignored it, then they'd simply be pretending that it doesn't happen.

    Yes - more women are needed in the games industry. Gaming is huge these days, and is dominated by men. We know this.
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  • The Half-Life 2 VR mod makes even reloading seem cool

  • Ryze 26/08/2014

    Absolutely fantastic. Reply 0
  • How to cheaply upgrade your PS4 to 2TB

  • Ryze 24/08/2014

    Fantastic article.

    I need an SSD really - for my PC, but I'm tempted to grab one of these for the price.
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  • Face-Off: Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition

  • Ryze 23/08/2014


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  • Ryze 23/08/2014


    The point is to assess the performance.

    Some games will be just fine on the XO, some will be a mess.

    Some games will run at a locked 60 on PS4, some will be an unoptimised mess.

    The same goes for resolution. This varies from game to game.

    Detail levels will vary in comparison to the the PC. Effects levels will vary.

    This is a performance and image quality analysis. If you don't like it - go away and read/watch/do something else.
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  • Hooray for games that are hard to talk about

  • Ryze 23/08/2014


    I love (and 'enjoy') women immensely, but cannot 'get' how many of them that I've encountered and know, think and behave. Makes no sense at the best of times.

    Men generally seem predictable: food/drink, sex/sleep, entertainment/games

    That's it. That's all we need.
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  • EA offers a free 48-hour trial of Titanfall on Origin... again

  • Ryze 23/08/2014

    I just remembered this morning - BEFORE visiting Eurogamer, about the Plants vs. Zombies game trial. 9GB, and I'll be downloading that soon.

    Titanfall - as attractive as a free game of it is, is a FIFTY-TWO GIGABYTE download.

    I have 38Mb broadband, but I looked at that, and the amount of my Steam library that I'd have to delete to fit it on the HDD, and decided not to bother.

    I guess I need a new HDD! I've been considering a Synology NAS box for a while now. That might happen early next year, but it'd be at the expense of getting a PS4 sooner.

    I'd want to get up to 4 3TB HDDs for it over the following months. That'd sort me for a few years.
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  • Tomb Raider, Vita's no-show and the mystery of 10m PS4 sales

  • Ryze 20/08/2014


    Except... You're an arsehole.
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  • Ryze 20/08/2014


    Aaaahh Ha haaaa! Hilarious! You're wasted in this comments section...
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  • Ryze 19/08/2014

    I believe that some of the reasons for such strong sales, are:

    - Launch Demand

    They've managed to supply the demand that they never could in the past. People jump in early to buy a newly released, popular console in the hope that they can perhaps sell it on for a huge profit on eBay. This happened with the last two Playstations, and with the first Wii, so people believe that they should jump in just in case they get the chance to make a quick buck, as well as them wanting a new games machine.

    - Console Generation Gap

    It was as much as 8 years between console generations this time, depending on when you start counting. People were drifting off to the PC, but the PC still isn't especially well-suited to the living room, despite many improvements over the years. The Playstation has been a great living room device since 1994/5. Still is.

    People have been waiting for the next console for the past 3-4 years. It's here, the games are being announced, the launch line-up is stronger than people realise, with the best versions of the most popular games like COD, FIFA and Battlefield being there right from the start, and a decent number of machines being on the shelves for a launch in the right countries - UK and USA especially.

    - Track Record

    The PS3 turned out to be a fantastic set-top-box, regardless of whether you're a hardcore gamer or not. That's why I replaced my PS3 instead of putting the money towards a PS4! The PS3 is like a multi-purpose, Internet connected, high-end set-top-box, with (3D) Blu-ray, Music, photos, DLNA, web AND it plays the best AAA games in the business on top of all of that.

    Despite the issues with early PS3 games, a very poor web browser, installs and system updates, the audience, including myself, have been very satisfied with the PS3 console as it is today. Games like GTA, FIFA/Madden, COD and Battlefield are absolutely massive, and they're just the tip of the iceberg! There's so, so much available on the PS3 (& 360), that as an entertainment device, it's an absolutely phenomenal companion to an HDTV and Internet connection.

    People are investing in the next stage, and Nintendo should have known better, looking at the evolution of Playstation, and of Apple products, that people will stick with the next version of a brand, if they know that the new device IS the next version, and not just an accessory.

    - Microsoft's cockups

    This started a while ago. They tried selling premium-priced Snake Oil by pushing Kinect as the future of gaming, at 130, while lowering the spec and releasing a half-baked product. 'Core' games have punished them severely for this.

    The Xbox Dashboard became very unfocussed, and they managed to release a new OS that essentially buried games beind a series of sub-menus back in 2011 - a pathetic move that showed how this company struggles with basic decision-making.

    PSN has evolved, while Xbox Live has added half-baked features like 'beacons' which is useless. They're charging money, but not evolving the platform. I didn't see a single demonstration relating to new Xbox Live online features that got my attention in the run up to the Xbox One launch.

    The Branding of the console is silly - Xbox One is a silly name, and people wont understand. Then there's the avalanche of other bollocks that they're STILL trying to pull, annoying gamers repeatedly. They're not focussed on the desires and needs of the modern gamer. They're pulling in different directions, and they're unfocussed. Having lots of money hasn't helped, as the console that they're selling is weaker than its rival. POOR SHOW.

    - Nintendo's cockups

    Nintendo have GREATLY expanded the audience for video games over the past 10 years with DS and Wii, then they've sat on their hands and not done much lately for this wide audience. The Wii U was launched at a ridiculous price. People waited, and the PS4 has the best 'bang for buck' as things stand in terms of hardware spec, and track record recently. Nintendo have sold something like 300 MILLION games devices in the past decade, many to people who had never bought a dedicated games device before! They've not made waves recently with anything like the noise they made with Brain Training and Wii Sports.

    Their audience have had to move onto other platforms, such as Playstation, Xbox and...

    - Apple (and Android)

    Another company who have MASSIVELY grown the audience for computer-based gaming. Everyone plays games as a child. We play puzzles, we play boardgames, we play games with our friends, we play sports. When we grow up, we continue to play these games, but we do things differently.

    Apple has created a platform that has enabled people to play video games, without even having to be 'gamers' in our sense. So now - nearly EVERYONE plays video games of some sort. The barriers are being broken down, and due to the Playstation's multi-media living-room approach, people are no longer simply buying a games machine. They're buying an HD, Internet-connected entertainment device, and they're not afraid of buying this 'games console', in a similar way to buying a DVD/Blu-ray player, or a phone that can play games.

    Apple and Nintendo have been huge here. Android is a lower cost alternative, that run on everyone else's devices, and offers much of the same content. This is HUGE. Hundreds of millions of gamers, and some of them want a Playstation in their living

    - TIME

    Times are changing! The 1970s gamers who were in their 20s, are now approaching or in their SIXTIES, and they play XCOM, Tiger Woods, and tonnes more besides! These people aren't necessarily going to buy a Wii U.

    They'll get a Playstation, however. MS locked their set-top-box features behind a paywall. Bad move. Sony didn't, and the consumer is choosing Sony.

    Nintendo Wii and DS consumers who were 10 in 2006, are now 18 years old. They're not all buying 3DSs, they're not all buying Wii Us. They're buying Playstations. Gamers who want to play in their living rooms are being served well by Sony's offering, they're being funnelled towards what Sony us delivering, while MS only seemed to have 3 games apart from 3rd parties between 2010 and 2013 (Forza, Gears, Halo).

    - As time passes more of us are accustomed to games consoles, not afraid.
    - It's often a better buy for the casual user than a standalone DVD/Blu-ray player.
    - Everyone has at least one TV with an HDMI socket.
    - Sony have made the best Indie Games announcements, and Indie is where the exciting new ideas come in
    - The PS3 had free online
    - Countries such as China, India, Brazil, Russia, and certain African and Eastern European countries have an emerging middle class, and the people want the latest console to go with their HDTV

    Let's see what happens over the next couple of years - Sony REALLY need to get the rest of the OS functionality up to the PS3 standard, then build from there.

    The PS3 is the best video / multi-media player that I've ever owned, and I didn't especially buy it for that purpose.

    Keep going, Sony. Absolutely marvellous comeback from the mess of PR and announcements that was coming from them from 2005-2009-10.

    I've not bought a PS4 yet, but it's a DEAD CERT that I'm getting one. That's a great place for Sony to be with gamers. I don't get anywhere near as much chance to play games these days, but I WANT that console.
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  • GTA Online Flight School update lands today

  • Ryze 19/08/2014

    I'm really hoping that this game eventually hooks me in. As things stand, I dick about in GTA Online for a couple of hours every few months, but I just feel like a mute pauper, doing random, unconnected crap, with no goal while I'm playing.

    It's not really as much fun dicking about either, because of the lack of money, affecting how postal you can go in the world. That's not to mention the repercussions for doing so in terms of your reputation.

    Hoping that it will hook me in at some point, because I really love the game world - I just don't find the online game compelling enough. It's odd - because I really loved GTA Races in GTA IV. Now, they've broken them with randomness and missiles.

    Still - looking forward to seeing what happens next with both online, PS4 and new story DLC, when that eventually happens.

    The GTA IV Gay Tony update only arrived in 2010, if I'm not mistaken, and the game launched in 2008, so, depending on the sales of that game, the best could well be yet to come.

    Roll on 2016-17 when we'll likely see GTA VIce City! With game installs being mandatory these days, the could well link the two games online modes as well, with a plane ride from the airport separating the two cities for those who own both games.

    That'd be interesting.
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  • The last arcade

  • Ryze 17/08/2014


    Taking a pub and converting it into what I'm after would be pretty perfect.

    I'd love to run a pub.

    I'm really interested in this. 5 years. Just got some other career stuff to sort out, and I'll consider this.
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  • Ryze 17/08/2014

    Love this. I want one with a cafe / sports bar integrated, in a more sociable location.

    Would be lovely to run in the future.
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  • Snake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

  • Ryze 16/08/2014


    We all forgot Nintendo.

    That's just a Mario box for party play. Nintendo caused that themselves.
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  • The Crew won't release on PS3 and Wii U due to different "technical infrastructure"

  • Ryze 14/08/2014

    That's because it's a souped up, triple-core GameCube with lots of RAM (by GameCube standards), and a posh graphics card. Reply +1
  • Ryze 14/08/2014


    AKA Vizzini.
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  • Ryze 14/08/2014


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  • Ryze 14/08/2014


    Why not the Wii U? Shit online, shit CPU, and nobody bought it.
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  • Ryze 14/08/2014

    No Crew for the obscure PS3, or the Wii U, which is a topsy-turvy PS3, with strong GPU (compared to PS3), weak CPU, and crap online functionality. Also, nobody bought it.

    Makes sense.
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  • PS4's system update to v2.00 will introduce Share Play

  • Ryze 12/08/2014


    Our upstream speeds are terrible. I don't expect this to look great.
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  • See the first footage of Mortal Kombat X's Kano

  • Ryze 12/08/2014

    Cassie Cage? Kotal Kahn? I feel old. Reply +8
  • New BBC iPlayer for Xbox One this year

  • Ryze 11/08/2014


    The sum of UK Wii U owners' licence fees, who would use the service, probably doesn't cover the dev costs.

    Xbone first, then just about everything else, including my fishtank, then Wii U, at this rate.

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  • Not for everyone: exploring the strange pleasures of exclusivity

  • Ryze 11/08/2014

    So much guff in the first few paragraphs that I skipped through, looking at the pictures, then came straight to the comments.

    I'd been avoiding the article, as based on the headline, it looked odd.

    I'll read it when I have absolutely NOTHING else to do, and I'm stuck somewhere.
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  • Remembering Double Dragon, a true arcade icon

  • Ryze 10/08/2014


    Well done lad!
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  • Ryze 10/08/2014


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  • Ryze 10/08/2014


    Hey - there's a completely different 128K disk version for the Amstrad, down-ported from the Atari ST.

    Is that the one you've played. If so, then count yourself lucky!

    The 64K cassette version, which is a sluggish Spectrum port with 'enhanced' graphics, is absolutely TERRIBLE!

    Same with DD II - the 64K tape version's absolutley horrid, but the 128K disk is another ST port, and plays much, much better.

    The poor Amstrad CPC. If only a few different decisions were made regarding TV output and price, the thing would have got more of its own versions of games outside of France, instead of compromised ports from the ZX Spectrum!

    I actually remember really enjoying the Spectrum version of Double Dragon on my cousin's +3 disk back in the day - around 1989 it was. Ran much quicker than the terrible 64K Amstrad version.
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  • Ryze 10/08/2014


    Double Dragon!

    Getting to Arcades on holiday as a 7-10 year old, and looking for Double Dragon, Chase HQ, Outrun and After Burner was a special thing indeed.

    It's not possible to replicate the feeling of finding them in arcades as a child, and the closest thing is when someone writes an article like this, or when I get a decent version up and running on a console on which I'd never played before.

    In fact - I've actually never run this game via MAME before. I've played the demo on XBLA from my HDD many times, but never the full Arcade emulation as far as I can remember.

    I think I'll remedy that over the next week.

    Right now, I'm OBVIOUSLY busy sorting out my expenses and tax. Hard at work, I am, and will be for the next several hours...
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  • "The transformation was painful. We paid the price"

  • Ryze 10/08/2014

    WYP earns his stripes on this interview. Didn't even notice who the interviewer was until I read trough the comments.

    Kudos to you, and well done. More of this. He deserved to be grilled, Paxman style.
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  • Ryze 09/08/2014

    Just so I'm clear, why did you sell the Homefront IP and the team to Koch?
    I can't help but read this as:

    'Free to Play only? Games as a service? Nearly BANKRUPTING the company? STILL NO TIMESPLITTERS!!?!

    N***a, you f*ckin' CRAZY?!?!???'

    Ridiculous that there's been no Timesplitters for an entire generation, yet they've decided that if they do make one, or anything else, it will be pay to play nickel and diming.

    I generally don't buy their product full-priced anyway, despite it being technically accomplished. Something is missing, despite them having made some very good games.

    A shake up sounds good for them. Major cockup, and I feel for the staff who have suffered for the poor decisions of the management.
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  • MGS5: Ground Zeroes sales triple on PS4 over Xbox One

  • Ryze 06/08/2014


    No, they call it a 'scam', a 'ripoff', or say that Kojima and Konami are 'milking it', or 'taking the piss'.
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  • Resident Evil 1 remastered for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

  • Ryze 05/08/2014


    Don't even TRY to hate this. This is what they can do easily now. Move PC code across, tidy up and upgrade without starting from scratch.

    Now someone'll tell me that there was never a PC version, right...?


    Try leaving it on the shelf, then. For the record, I was never interested in even TRYING Barbie Horse Adventures. I didn't even CONSIDER it!

    Fancy that!?
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  • The Last of Us: Remastered is fifth biggest UK launch of 2014

  • Ryze 04/08/2014


    Yes, the example you gave has no substantial plot, and therefore is just video laser quest, albeit, a fantastic version.

    Halo 2 is a little different. I won't buy the console for that game, but many people WILL want to play a 1080p enhanced Halo 2, along with its multiplayer component especially.

    Regardless, I'm getting a PS4 first, but not yet, unless GTA V and others are too tempting to resist.
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  • Ryze 04/08/2014

    @Malek86 it's all about the Halo 2 remake, as that one will be the one with the anniversary attention spent on it.

    The Halo 2 multi player, especially, will pull in the punters.
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  • Ryze 04/08/2014

    That'll help you sell more ads in the future, EG, as you've been blitzing it for the past couple of weeks.

    Regardless - well deserved, and I hope that we get a slew of top notch 1080p classics as well as top quality new games on the new consoles over the next year.

    Can't wait to see what happens with Halo, and eventually Gears of War (I'd expect).


    Hopefully Mario Kart will pick up towards Christmas, along with the Wii U, as it's lost momentum by the looks of things. Everyone's on holiday!
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  • Performance Analysis: Titanfall revisited

  • Ryze 03/08/2014


    Good point. They have a PC version that they could run on hardware very similar to the X1, and use performance monitoring tools.

    Otherwise, I'm not sure whether they could do anything with, or even obtain access to an X1 devkit.
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  • Somewhere in the multiverse exists a timeline where Mr Do! is as iconic as Mario

  • Ryze 03/08/2014


    Well, that's the real reason that arcades have sied a slow death - the consoles are so good, as are our home set ups, that it's hard to compete.

    It would need to be a pleasant social environment nowadays, not dingy or childish. Something slick and modern, where people want to congregate and socialise.

    Like a sexier version of a sports bar, but where women would also go for a drink and a snack.
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  • Ryze 03/08/2014


    To be honest, I think it's on us enthusiasts to make it happen.

    We always needed a video games arcade that was more of a social / Starbucks than a fruit machine / gambling spot.

    One or some of us would have to make it work and pay for itself as a business, by selling a limited number of games including collectors / retro stuff, food, drink, getting sponsorship and events, having an adults only area with alcohol (and a couple of gambling machines), and including the modern consoles and PCs ala HMVs Gamerbase places, and general Internet access as well.

    It needs to straddle both the average punter who would pass by a Costa coffee and nip in for a drink, and the hardcore smelly COD/SF player who lives in the back of the store because the fibre link and PC spec is leaps and bounds better than his own, because he doesn't work enough to afford the best.

    You'd want groups of east Asian kids - boys and girls in there playing all sorts of games - those cuddly toy grabbing games with the joystick or 2 buttons. Also - Nintendo Wii tournaments - obviously including Mario Kart. RPGs as well.

    Make it the place where you can socialise after school / work, and play the games that you can't afford yet, or easily make new friends to game with. Where you can be a spectator who buys a drink and a sandwich, or where you can take on all comers and become the king of your locality at a particular game - the guy to challenge.

    It's doable - it's like the old blokes running independent record shops nowadays.

    We'd have to do this ourselves, as we're the ones who know the most about it, and have the best reason to make it work well. We should all look to put one in each major city over the next 20 years. The trick is to make it accommodating to both hardcore and the casual passer-by, and have them all come in and spend a couple of quid at least, on a very regular basis. Put a Space Harrier, an Outrun, and Afterburner and a Hang-on in there. They'd make some dough. A big Ridge Racer, even.

    That would sure beat my current job, anyway. Something to consider for the future.
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  • Ryze 03/08/2014

    I love these articles.

    We used to play a nigh-on perfect clone of Mr. Do! on the BBC Micro at school. It was called Mr. Ee.


    ...delivers, as always:

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  • Next-gen before their time

  • Ryze 01/08/2014


    Then the issue you speak of is the total cost if these projects, vs the return on investment.

    They're not expensive at all in comparison to full AAA games development.

    Let's see how well they turn out. If they're Silent Hill shoddy, then we'll vote with our wallets, eh?
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  • Ryze 31/07/2014


    Yeah, for many of the old win98/2000/ early XP days games, it can be a faff-fest.

    GOG is a great value resource, and there are other sites which assist on gathering patches, plus I keep a P4 with an XP and Win98SE partition for the oldest ones.

    16-bit installers can be an issue, along with a raft of other things.

    Keeps us on our toes, technically.
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  • Ryze 28/07/2014


    Play the PC version. Mine came with my 3DFX card back in the 90s.

    Another PC advantage, is that you can play old games at top settings and beyond if you're willing to tinker or even mod.
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  • Ryze 27/07/2014

    In the next 12-18 months and onwards, there will be plenty of new games built from the ground up for these consoles.

    In the meantime, there's nothing wrong with improved collections being released. It's taking nothing away from the original games, or the new games being developed.

    It's adding 1080p, improved detail, effects and more importantly - framerates, and potentially VR/3D to these games. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    I'd love to see Red Dead Redemption get a PS4 release 6 months before the new Red Dead game, and it'd be the perfect way to promote it and start the hype train rolling.

    Repeat this for everything else that we want a new instalment of. Who doesn't want cheap 1080p enhanced versions with VR support on the run up to the new releases?

    I sure as hell do. The only question is of quality and price. The 'B' teams can work on these, while the 'A' teams work on our next gen extravaganzas. Once the 1080p remake is done, the 'B' team joins the 'A' team for crunch time!

    If these things don't sell, then they'll soon stop being made - they're inexpensive anyway.
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  • Ryze 27/07/2014


    Some of us DIDN'T play them.

    I got Crysis 2 in the Humble Origin bundle (or somewhere), and what I played on the PC - I LOVED, but I haven't finished it yet.

    My PS3 broke 2 years ago, and I replaced it the day before yesterday.

    Many PS4 owners only owned a 360, and are waiting for games. This is much bigger than a few thousand super-hardcore, play-everything nerds.

    Even then - the hardcore are likely to want to own / experience the best quality version of a game, and the time and cost of these conversions is MINUSCULE compared to a full new game. It only takes a small team to move the PC version across.

    These are easier than PS2 remasters, as the PC versions pretty much ALREADY RUN on the Xbox One, and only need tidying up, optimising and enhancing for these new consoles.

    Seeing Xbox Originals on the X1 is another interesting one, as they will already pretty much work, and will only need minimal work to make them run. It's more about enhancements with those games.

    New games are in the pipeline, but they take time - and we have high standards.

    Why not whet our appetites with some remasters in the meantime? The PC had these games already, but the living rooms of the world haven't seen them in this quality.

    I can't wait to see what's next, personally.
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  • Ryze 27/07/2014


    They have the opportunity to take the best game reviews and feedback, and use them to construct an enhanced directors cut of the game.

    I've not bothered with Beyond, and I'm not going to unless I see it at CEX for 5, but if they re-worked it, and brought in some people who understand gameplay better than that film/game/Dragons Lair making dude, then I'd be interested in giving a well-reviewed PS4 version a try in late 2015.
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  • Devolver Digital and indie devs help finance failing GaymerX convention

  • Ryze 29/07/2014

    Increase the ticket prices / VIP tickets & and a VIP area that costs a bomb?

    I'd consider. London's too crowded. Make a sanctuary and charge a premium for it.
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  • Sony lists Journey, The Unfinished Swan for PlayStation 4

  • Ryze 28/07/2014

    Fantastic, what's happening here, is more reasons to move over to PS4 without losing content when your PS3 moves to the bedroom.

    Great stuff.
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