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  • Don't be surprised that just 2.2% of F2P players spend money

  • Ryze 22/04/2014

    A percentage is pretty useless here, as the audience is so wide. The stats needed, are the income and number of spenders across a large sample of well received / reviewed games, after a set period of time.

    That would give a clear picture of the money that can be expected to be earned, providing a 'decent' game is released across the ios and android platforms.

    What does an average number of spenders really amount to, while millions of handsets have games installed on an ad-hoc basis, just to demo the game, or pass to a child for 10 mins?
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  • Entering the Avatar Machine, VR's next big step

  • Ryze 20/04/2014


    It already happens, mate. Burn victims, I think, have had VR helmets and an ice-themed shooter played while they're being treated, in order to tolerate the pain more easily.

    I'm writing this from memory, but I'm sure that Youtube will deliver...

    I'm sure that the logic behind Facebook's Oculus purchase is suddenly becoming more apparent...
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  • PlayStation 4 has sold 7 million units worldwide

  • Ryze 20/04/2014


    I think that your comments complement, rather than challenge or contradict anything that I've stated.

    I agree completely. PGR4 obviously wasn't a launch game, and PGR2 wasn't a 360 game.

    Gran Turismo 6 is a lovely game, but it's not going to sell any PS4s, is it?

    I'll make a small quote of myself, and slightly revise the phrasing:

    The attach rate is low because there aren't the 'killer' games that the hardcore really see as must-buys.
    I guess I mean, that there aren't ENOUGH killer games that ENOUGH of the hardcore see as must buys, or console sellers.

    Infamous, as decent and well anticipated as it is, has a limited following, and isn't really enough of a pull to make most gaming people lose their minds and throw 50 or 350+50 at their nearest retailer, in order to gain access to it. It has sold very well to the existing Playstation 4 audience, and the console is selling very well, but it's not really expected to be a 10-30 million seller, I'd expect. I'd be surprised to see it break 5 million. It's already a decent success due to the audience anticipation.

    Gears of War etc WERE those types of game, and at launch in 2005, PGR3 WAS that type of game. As an arcadey driving game with realistic cars, it was head and shoulders above anything else that had come before it in terms of visuals, production, realism... a true next-gen exclusive.

    Of course - much of this is MY take on things. I can't speak directly for the opinions of the masses. It may be a purely financial issue. People have less credit and cash than in 2005-7.

    I see it (from my perspective) as there simply being less urgency, as MS's actions since Kinect in 2010 have seen the hardcore audience invest in their gaming PCs, and spend their budget on Steam games. I personally believe that it's going to take more than the usual Battlefield / COD games and a few others to pull everyone in.

    Christmas will be interesting though, as would be a GTA 5 announcement. The consoles are selling well, but I just don't feel much excitement over the current lineup of games, apart from Titanfall, and the 'failed' Battlefield 4, with its technical issues.

    Destiny's cross platform, and should make a seriously big splash. I'm waiting to see the other announcements.
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  • Ryze 18/04/2014


    The attach rate is low because there aren't the 'killer' games that the hardcore really see as must-buys.

    Back in late 2005-2007 lets have a look / think about the must have games, and when they arrived...

    At launch Project Gotham 3 was breathtaking, and beyond anything seen before. Forza 5 is similar, but has annoyed people due to its business model. Still its essential if you want an XO. Lots of us DON'T.

    PS4 doesn't have an equivalent driving game, so there's no killer driving game.

    Oblivion - this didn't launch immediately on the 360, but when it came along, it was essential for 360 owners who have the slightest interest in this type of game. There's NO killer equivalent on either console. Skyrim is still doing the business, and nobody has released anything better yet.

    Shooters - the usual suspects have come along, and this is why the PS4 has had such a strong start. People have chosen the PS4 in droves for their COD / Battlefield fix, but these are not exclusive games - a hugh section of the audience will just play these on the PC or 360/PS3. So - millions of consoles sold, but Titanfall is the new hype on the block, and it's on the wrong console, with the best version being on the PC. It's also not a military shooter. That doesn't stop it from selling, but it's still a slightly different category to COD/Battlefield in terms of mainstream sales. Still - it's not on the PS4, so that can't help it...

    FIFA is FIFA. It's on the 360 and PS3 as ever, and it plays just fine, just like last year's. Still popular, and will be responsible for some of the several million PS4 sales. Not killer for the hardcore, or essential for a console migration. Helps, but not going to have everyone piling in.

    Other categories? There are others, and there are competent games, but noting is really exciting the entire gaming community, that has been released for the consoles so far.

    The biggest 'Next-gen' games so far in terms of impact, excitement and hype have been Titanfall and Forza 5.

    They're both on the wrong console, and both have disappointed on the XO. Titanfall for its performance, and Forza for its microtransactions and lack of tracks. Nobody's passionately moving up to the Xbox One, really.

    We all know why. PS4's attach rate is low, because there are lots of games, but nothing really essential.

    Great console, and the games that are there are the best console games that have EVER been produced, TECHNICALLY.

    Next, we need the killer games that had the impact of Gears of War, Oblivion, Fight Night Round 3, Bioshock, Assassin's Creed and the rest from 2005-2007.

    In the meantime, there's plenty to buy and play, but who's really going to rush out to buy them all for 50 each?

    Strong launch, but the best games obviously take time.

    The games relying heavily on networking have had to be re-worked, I believe, as both consoles were going to originally force the user to be connected to the network for MOST of their playing time.

    Watch_Dogs, Battlefield 4, Driveclub, The Crew and others seem to all be suspiciously delayed or broken. Forza seems to have had stuff cut / missing, but I'm no expert or source on those internal matters.
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  • Steel Empire retrospective

  • Ryze 20/04/2014

    Hmmm... want a go! Reply +4
  • Rapture leaked: The true story behind the making of BioShock

  • Ryze 20/04/2014

    Insult to anyone that likes the game? Fuck off man.

    Learn that everybody doesn't share your own opinions, and that's ACCEPTABLE.

    Once again, FUCK OFF, MAN. There's an insult to YOU, and NOW I hope you feel insulted, you fucking cretin.

    Neg away.
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  • Ryze 20/04/2014


    Er... no. They've simply removed or reduced many of the systems that would have been in place, in order to make the game playable and accessible to newbies playing using an Xbox pad, who enjoyed and learned how to play Halo. It was / is a technical restriction, and design / usability decision.

    Video games in general are still growing. First- person action games are also having to stuff the entire world directly in front of you, and all possible immediate interactions into less than 512MB including HD visuals. This, and the need for the controls to be relatively straight-forward to pick up, has drastically held back creativity and gameplay depth to the present day.

    You'll see this change over the next 3-10 years, but you'll still crap out nonsense and meaningless comments, as you're simply an arsehole trying to get a reaction.

    As far as I'm concerned, I basically did all of the walk, shoot, walk shooting that I wanted to do starting on a 386 PC running Wolfenstien 3D a VERY long time ago, starting in the early 1990s. Then onto Doom, Doom 2, Hexen, Duke 3D, Quake, Quake 2, Half-life and Unreal Tournament. Then there was Medal of Honor (PC), UT 2004, Half-Life 2, Far Cry, F.E.A.R. and the rest. Done, and the gameplay really doesn't need repeating so often. I still enjoy Pacman, but I don't need to play a reskinned, rebranded version by a different company, with a story and posh graphics tacked on every year. The original is just fine, the championship edition's wonderful, and DX is wonderful.


    In fact, my first FPS was my 16K Androne cartridge - which I still own (Tandy TRS-80 Colour Computer 2) and have had since the 1980s. It holds up VERY well today:

    I'm just 'old' (34), and I choose different experiences over those that are over-familiar or over-repetitive. I played and loved Bioshock for its atmosphere. I loved it, but could not, and cannot play modern shooters for 10-20 hours, while just walking, running, ducking and shooting in what are essentially mazes and corridors. Nothing wrong with enjoying them - I loved them, and still do, but after 5-45 minutes, I want to do something else with my time, other than right-thumb aiming.

    There are other genres of games, and games that we haven't seen yet, that cater for the likes of me, and are also beautiful and atmospheric. Wait and see...


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  • Ryze 20/04/2014


    Yep - beautiful and wonderfully atmospheric game, but you can't help but tell that they've chased the brain-dead masses.

    Walk, shoot, walk shoot, pipemania, walk, shoot watch set piece, shoot, shoot, walk, shoot.

    It's beautiful, though.
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  • Return to Skyrim

  • Ryze 18/04/2014

    Excellent. I've only played about 20 mins of the 360 version - was too busy and had to send it back to Lovefilm and cancel my sub.

    I've since bought the PC version in a Steam Sale, and I reckon I need to get it modded up, and give it some serious playtime.
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  • Activision indefinitely postpones Xbox One version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • Ryze 18/04/2014

    Don't know if it's been mentioned, but it's likely another game that will run at 1080p on the PS4, but MS are throwing a fit because the XO version runs like shite at 1080p, so they're going for 720p or 900p. MS want he resolution to match the PS4, so will likely want Acti to gimp the PS4 version ala ACIV and Call of Duty. Reply +3
  • Is that a re-designed PS4? No, it's Sony's 4K Media Player

  • Ryze 17/04/2014


    I'm pretty sure Sky will do a channel in the next 5 years, but they're still broadcasting a 3D channel.

    HEVC is the key.
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  • These are the most popular games on Steam - report

  • Ryze 17/04/2014

    If I walked into an Arcade, there would be many games that I'd only seldom have a pop at, and maybe only in the distant future.

    This is the same. I'll play them 'whenever'. The other platforms have these titles, but they make no money due to being overpriced, not downloadable, or not appearing in bundles. That's WORSE for everyone.

    Steam is amazing, at least for now... the Steam OS and Steam Box initiatives are only going to make our libraries more conveniently accessible.
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  • See how Road Redemption is shaping up in new video

  • Ryze 12/04/2014

    I still play the PC and Saturn versions of 3DO Road Rash, and I'm satisfied.

    Not too sure about this.
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  • OnLive's CloudLift subscription price cut to 5 a month

  • Ryze 11/04/2014

    Gutted for these guys, but what did they really expect? Did anyone REALLY THINK that us gamers would have begun buying games using Onlive, instead of on our consoles?

    Where was the benefit, ever?

    They really needed to tie up with youview, virgin or sky and get this running on set top boxes already in people's living rooms. Then they'd need the right games, but in a world of tablets and phones, why would anyone tie up the tv to play casual crap anyway? Oh well...

    It's even a gamble with ps3 games, as many of them will be broken due to lag, and ruined in terms of image quality.

    Gutted for Onlive, but some things are just a bad idea. At least they actually HAD a legitimate and working service. Phantom and Gizmondo were terrible in their time, despite showing promise and ridiculous hype!
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  • Sega lays off a "limited number" of employees in London

  • Ryze 10/04/2014

    "This will not affect Sonic Boom development."
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  • The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4 revealed

  • Ryze 09/04/2014

    Once Journey makes it across (and hopefully GTA 5), I can grab a PS4 without being unhappy about not having a working PS3 right now.

    Don't remind me of any other gems...
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  • Performance analysis: Titanfall on Xbox 360

  • Ryze 09/04/2014


    The difference is MULTIPLAYER.



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  • Bruce Lee is in the new UFC game

  • Ryze 07/04/2014


    I'm starting to want a PS4 sooner rather than later, all of a sudden!
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  • The numbers game

  • Ryze 06/04/2014

    Some games just need to be played, despite their score - just like some movies need to be watched, despite their score.

    I'm sure that the original Outrun is a 6/10 on many scales. It's not exactly a deep storyline, but what was back then?

    It's a high 9 for me, and always will be. Same for so many other games.

    I remember when Skitchin' appeared. It wasn't highly rated in comparison to Road Rash, but after playing it, I knew that it was exactly what I wanted to play, and was an absolutely fantastic, fresh Road Rash spinoff - technically excellent - using sprite scaling on a system that's not meant to be able to 'do it', while there was never a SNES version of either game.

    Daytona USA (Arcade) - Pisses all over the shite that is Ridge Racer. Virtua Racing - Pisses all over Drivers Eyes.

    9/10 (TechRyze)

    *HINT* Put your NAME next to the score, and possibly leave two or more reviewers' scores for each game.

    I learned who to ignore in Mean Machines Sega, because Steve Merritt was a bit of a cock.
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  • Wii U version of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate delayed

  • Ryze 02/04/2014

    Make it download only, apart from a limited edition retail collector's disc. Reply 0
  • Ouya to remove free trial requirement in April

  • Ryze 25/03/2014

    I wonder if it'll ever get GTA?

    Rockstar don't do GTA demos, but there are four GTA games that could make it to Ouya if they play their cards right.
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  • Wii Sports Club updated with Sports Resort levels

  • Ryze 21/03/2014

    The Wii U is SAVED! Reply +1
  • Shenmue once featured cats that walk on two legs

  • Ryze 21/03/2014

    Not afraid to say that I'm in love with Yu Suzuki's work. Reply 0
  • Sony announces Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4

  • Ryze 19/03/2014

    Playstation Move is STILL missing directional controls, and I guess that Sony probably has thousands of them sat in a warehouse somewhere.

    It really needs the analogue stick from the Nav Controller adding to it.

    Without that, it's compromised, and I'm not sure if I'd invest in this until it's a couple of years in at least.

    Sony haven't even made the Move work properly with a web browser yet. Half-baked tech.

    Funny how it needs the Camera to work, as well - as they probably ave tonnes of those in a warehouse, too - considering it was going to be a bundled peripheral until a year ago.

    I'll keep an eye on this, but it's Oculus that interests me. Oculus, Steam and Indie developers. The perfect trinity for VR fun.
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  • And the fifth and final new character for Ultra Street Fighter 4 is...

  • Ryze 18/03/2014

    No Haggar? Odd. Reply 0
  • Sega Humble Bundle includes Company of Heroes and Rome: Total War

  • Ryze 13/03/2014

    Nice. I'll have this just for typing and Mega Drive collection! Reply +1
  • Finding someone to thank for the good stuff

  • Ryze 01/03/2014

    I love this, and I've not even read more than a paragraph of the article beyond a scan read yet.

    Wonderful - and I'm now off to play Burnout 3 on my 360, THANKING the geniuses at Criterion for consistent technical excellence and marvellous gameplay.

    We ought to make a list of who we should thank, and for what.


    Yu Suzuki
    Yuji Naka


    /Burnout 3 time!


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  • When will we see a gay protagonist in a triple-A game?

  • Ryze 01/03/2014


    Gays, blacks, women, transgender, mentally ill, autistic, disabled, south asians, hispanics - all of these 'Eurocentrically minority' groups all make games already. Look at the main fella at Ready at Dawn, or the lady who worked on Assassin's Creed, for two quick examples.

    They simply can't make decisions that will cause their games to unnecessarily flop due to 'the mainstream', or ignorant, closed-minded people.

    It takes mavericks who can afford to do this without the same risks.

    But yes - your point stands. The app store and indie games could open doors.

    Crowdfunding - not so much, as the crowd may choose not to fund a seemingly politically motivated character choice.

    I've absolutely no reason to fund a 'game with a gay/South Asian girl in a starring role', but I will definitely fund 'a fantastic game, which happens to star a gay / south Asian girl.'

    That's the difference.
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  • Ryze 01/03/2014

    I reckon they should put a gay character in the next Left 4 Dead game, or something like that with multiple, selectable characters.

    A gay character in a fighting game would work really well - as would a south Asian character who's not Dhalsim.

    Like the Mohinder character in Heroes, I reckon that could work really well. Gordon Freeman has shown that quirky, non-cliche characters can really work well in games.

    A black guy who's not a meathead would be nice too. Dudley is already there, if He's even meant to be black and not just heavily tanned. He looks ambiguous in some artwork - which doesn't really matter at all anyway. That's absolutely fine.

    To the straight, white, whiny men complaining about this stuff - fuck off, eat a dick, and check your privilege.

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  • Blockbuster back from the dead

  • Ryze 28/02/2014

    Zombie. Reply -1
  • Nintendo terminating Wii and DS online services

  • Ryze 27/02/2014

    Another reason not to bother rushing to get a Wii U.

    Well done, Nintendo. I'll get one from the bargain bins, pre-owned in a few years!
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  • Ryze 27/02/2014

    Idiots are cutting loose a quarter billion potential online customers including myself.

    Imagine if Apple suddenly turned off the App Store or iTunes for 250 million users.

    Nintendo are DINOSAURS.

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  • How hackers reinvented Street Fighter 2

  • Ryze 21/02/2014

    Tiger--FLAME. Reply 0
  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Rayman Legends

  • Ryze 20/02/2014

    Got to say that I love BOTH next gen controllers. Bravo to both Sony and MS for evolving their controllers' strengths for the new consoles.

    Fantastic stuff. The Wii pad thing's not bad either, but the screen's cheap and the triggers are digital. 5/10
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  • Hands-on with the Steam in-home streaming beta

  • Ryze 15/02/2014

    This sounds fantastic anyway. Second only to what Nintendo have managed to deliver with the Wii U.

    Bravo to Valve and Steam AGAIN! My Steam library just keeps growing in value, and the SteamOS has just become even more attractive for certain machines.

    Next: announce some deals regarding new SteamOS compatible games!
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  • Ryze 15/02/2014

    The time spent on installing gigabit ethernet at my place will pay off now... Regardless, I've already run HDMI and USB from my bedroom to the living room, so things are looking good in terms of choice and flexibility! Reply +2
  • PS4 sold nearly double Xbox One in US last month

  • Ryze 14/02/2014

    The 360 was and still is an absolutely marvellous console, but as far as the launch sales were concerned - the launch units were shite, and there were major shortages of stock vs demand.

    Considering how many units the PS4 has sold in comparison, that Microsoft are boasting about sales vs the 360 launch is pretty weak.

    Regardless - loads of consoles sold means loads of games developed. x86, 64bit consoles with 8GB RAM also means so much for PC games development (and especially STEAM), that the mind boggles when considering the possibilities.

    I only wonder what will happen to the Wii U during all of this...? Will Nintendo push on regardless and suck up the losses while developing a string of masterpiece games?

    Will Zelda, Smash Bros and Mario Kart HD combine to knock our socks off and make the Wii U unmissable?

    Exciting times!
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  • Why the creator of Flappy Bird pulled the game from sale

  • Ryze 12/02/2014


    Braid would have been fucked!
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  • Xbox developing TV series based on rapper Nas

  • Ryze 12/02/2014

    In my experience, a large number of the people who wouldn't even have time for a track like this - regardless of how much they really like or dislike it, are pretty narrow minded or prejudiced, musically.

    Same old people, same old attitudes.
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  • Ryze 12/02/2014

    This could be excellent. I've no interest, for instance, in non-driving game fans telling me how much they dislike driving games.

    Same here.
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  • Watch Dogs delayed again on Wii U

  • Ryze 12/02/2014


    Where will they bring the studios up to?
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  • Ryze 12/02/2014

    "to focus the team's resources where they could have the broadest possible benefit for both our customers and Ubisoft"
    Similar to my comment from last week, really. Wii U could blaze a trail by becoming limited edition disc only, with games having standard releases via download.

    It sure would make its games collectable and valuable, and would save on distribution costs for low selling games.
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  • Flappy Bird clones flood App Store, now with in-app purchases

  • Ryze 10/02/2014

    The Happy Poo franchise is looking very fresh and healthy!

    Take a look!

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  • Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio review

  • Ryze 09/02/2014


    S-Video is normally SCART socket number 2.

    Just use one of those SCART plugs with an S-Video socket on it, and make sure that in the TVs menu, it's expecting a Y-C signal.

    But yes - it's getting rarer as the TVs are getting slimmer, with less room for legacy connections.
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  • Ryze 09/02/2014


    I'd personally go for a 6128 if I were you, as you'll struggle to find a RAM upgrade cart these days.

    You'll also need a disk controller before you can use Floppies or SD cards. They're like rocking horse sh*t.

    Grab a 6128 - I managed to get 2 off eBay for 20-odd each. People sell them for cheap as either not working - when the disk drive belt has failed - 5 repair, or untested - if they don't have a monitor or modulator to try powering it up.

    Both of mine just needed the disk drive cleaning and the belt replacing 5 for 2 belts, 5 for a big, probably decade's worth of isopropyl alcohol and some cotton buds / q-tips (if you speak Yanklish).

    I can imagine you probably already have the isopropyl if you're messing with old tech already.

    Seriously - go for the 6128s with the disk drive (and especially the controller) built in. You can add a good quality tape player by using a DIN to EAR/MIC/REM cassette cable, and use your laptop or mobile phone / MP3 player to load any tape games if you wish.

    Look at how much this disk controller and drive is!


    Whereas with a 6128, it's built in, along with the full 128K for any enhanced or multiload games - it will save you a tonne of hassle, and also - a standard, cheap 5 3.5" disk drive can be plugged straight into the back using an old 5.25" floppy cable, or there's a guy from Greece online who will sell you one with a side switch and A/B switch for less than a tenner.

    With a 464, you'll be stuck on 64K with tapes only via the internal tape deck or a car tape adaptor thing connected to an MP3 player. Limited.

    Go for SD cards and 3.5" floppies:

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  • Letter from America: The greatest worst game ever?

  • Ryze 09/02/2014

    No - they haven't tried to do exactly what I wanted, because it would have been a VITA or a PSP with a large screen, that can switch over and run Android apps.

    I can already connect a Playstation pad to my phone, or to a Nexus tablet. Not the same thing at all.

    A PC running a Playstation emulator isn't the same as a PS3 that can also run Linux.
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  • Ryze 09/02/2014

    I've since installed Flappy Bird, and it's completely harmless.

    Lovely, basic and especially FREE game. Glad I've got it now! Yes it's completely daft, and has no depth at all.
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  • Ryze 08/02/2014


    It wasn't a Playstation Phone though, was it. It didn't run PSP games at all.

    It was simply an Xperia Android phone with buttons.

    Not nearly the same.
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  • Ryze 08/02/2014

    I still believe that a large, tablet sized version of the vita that can switch over to Android would do the business.

    I'd love to buy a device like that instead of a Nexus or iPad.

    Same with phones. I have a Galaxy, and will likely buy an iPhone next, but if there was a Vita Phone with a sliding mechanism like the PSP Go, then it'd be pretty irresistible.

    It's the usefulness and the ubiquity of these smart devices that makes the market so large and powerful. They're largely crap for games, with the exception of the best titles, but the people who buy them aren't especially gamers. Everyone buys them, and most people have at least one game on their smartphone or tablet. Some people have 20 games, as their kids play them.

    I MUST buy a tablet in the next year or so, and I WANT a Vita, but I don't NEED one. There's the issue right there.

    I don't need access to Vita games - as much as I want it. I may not use the unit as much as I'd like to.

    I DO want instant-on access to my email and to Google Chrome on a larger screen than my phone offers - in a form factor that works for reading PDF documents.

    I have a tonne of technical reading to do this year, and I'm not lugging the books around or dealing with multiple bookmarks. In addition, I want to be able to take it abroad in order to use the GPS and mapping functions to let me wander around unfamiliar cities and keep track of where everything is.

    Vita can't help me here, or else it'd be a Vita Tab on my shopping list instead of a Nexus 7. All it would need, is the ability to swap over to Android on demand.
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  • AMD Kaveri A8-7600 APU review

  • Ryze 08/02/2014


    Seconded @mega-gazz recommendation of Hard|OCP.

    Head over and have a browse.
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