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  • Xbox 360 at 10: The brilliance of the 360's dashboard

  • Ryze 24/11/2015

    Excellent system, with so many good design choices.

    Showed how an online service and decent software could keep the console relevant long after its hardware ages.

    If only Nintendo could have done similar with the Wii dashboard and online store. A new rich interface, and more content around 2009-10, along with an HDMI model with more storage would have been a huge shot in the arm for the Wii.

    Sony were dragged kicking and screaming into the modern era due to the strength of the Xbox 360 as competition.

    It was a great generation. Really special.
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  • EGX 2016 returns to Birmingham NEC next September

  • Ryze 20/11/2015

    Enjoyed it, but didn't fancy those crazy queues, so only played on the retro games, and the car park charge was nuts. Can't believe that, so I'd have to get the train next time, if I return.

    Great venue, though. Really glad it was in Birmingham. Ended up bumping into a few mates that would never have made it to the London event.
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  • I wore the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy for a week

  • Ryze 18/11/2015


    Are those things useful for anything? Are they just prop / toys, or do they do anything?
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  • Microsoft's cheeky video explains Xbox One backwards compatibility

  • Ryze 13/11/2015


    Yep - plus it should let you play the game if you're a Playstation Plus subscriber, and have the PS3 disc in the tray.
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  • Xbox One list of Xbox 360 backwards compatibility games revealed

  • Ryze 13/11/2015

    Looks like Sega's keen, but Rockstar aren't!

    Hopefully Outrun will end up on there.
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 review

  • Ryze 12/11/2015

    People love the multiplayer game, and it's apparently for a good reason - because it's extremely good, and very playable.

    So - it's recommended. I can understand that. It even makes the last gen versions more understandable, as well as the chapter select options.

    Not my cuppa, though, but have fun...
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  • Yuji Naka recommends playing Rodea the Sky Soldier's Wii version

  • Ryze 11/11/2015

    Crazy - I read about this absolutely AGES ago! I was interested.

    I can't even believe that they've not supported the Wii-mote on the Wii U version.

    Stupid. TBH, the Wii is only 9 years old, so it's pretty sad that Nintendo allowed it to be so dead for the past 5 years, after over 100 million sales of the console.

    Shocking. Nintendo can't carry on like this - they've lost trust.

    Why on earth haven't Nintendo been releasing dual format games since the Wii U launched. Can't believe that there's been NOTHING for the Wii pretty much since the console's 5th-6th year.
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  • The ultra-rare PlayStation SNES console has been switched on

  • Ryze 09/11/2015

    I wonder who has the prototype Atari Jaguar & Mega Drive VR headsets, and potentially some software for both?

    Those would get some attention if they appeared pretty soon.
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  • Watch: When should publishers stop supporting last-gen?

  • Ryze 07/11/2015

    AAA games should be developed without the old consoles now.

    Indie and arcade is different, and decisions should be made based on how much these games still sell on the old machines.

    All last gen games with new gen versions should now be cross-buy titles, to encourage people to keep buying for the old systems, even if they have plans to buy a new console in the near future.
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  • There are a few things you need to know about Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on PS3 and Xbox 360

  • Ryze 02/11/2015

    If they made it a cross buy game, then all would be forgiven.

    They really ought to think about that, as there are people who won't buy this due to price/missing content, but will eventually buy a next gen console once they save up or finish their backlog.

    These are the customers who a crossbuy game can swing into buying the game.
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  • Xbox One gets its own limited edition Fallout 4 controller

  • Ryze 20/10/2015

    DO NOT WANT! Reply 0
  • Duke Nukem 3D finally gets a Sega Mega Drive release

  • Ryze 17/10/2015

    16-BIT CARDTRIDGE Reply +3
  • Nintendo now handing out NX console developer kits - report

  • Ryze 16/10/2015

    Good stuff.

    If it's out next Christmas, then it's hopefully ahead of the PS4, and hopefully x86/64-bit with a decent GPU.
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  • You can skip straight to the end of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's campaign

  • Ryze 14/10/2015


    I can't speak for the potential quality of modern CoD campaigns.

    Alien concept to me.

    I love the fact that after a few failed tries, I can skip ahead in GTA V - as I'm on a different platform now, and I should be many, many missions ahead of where I actually am.

    It would be even greater if I could just start the game at the half way point.

    No problem that I'd miss out on achievements - that's natural. I also wouldn't have unlocked many of the game's secrets, but as long as I'm able to play the game from that point - it'd be perfect.

    I could say the same for many games. In the XBLA version of R-Type, I was allowed to start on any level - and it was fantastic. I could only see the final levels back in 1991, by cheating, as the game is rock hard.

    Having access to all levels means that I can go straight to the ones that I want to practice or just play them casually for fun.

    I also have a saved game in the XBLA Streets of Rage II, that I've kept since 2008 or whenever, which is at the start of the final level, which is a level full of every boss in the game, followed by the final boss fights and the ending.

    I LOVE that part of the game. Everyone who buys that game on XBLA should have optional direct access to that level. It, along with the first level, are my favourites of the game, and it shouldn't take every player an hour or whatever is required, just to play that level, because they didn't have the foresight or ability to save the game and keep the save at that specific moment.

    GTA: San Andreas:

    The Gang turf war levels. EXCELLENT part of the game - I still have a PS2 save file, that I moved over to my launch PS3, which gave me access to that part of the game directly.

    GTA IV:

    The Bank robbery level, and a few others - Everyone who bough GTA IV should be able to go into the chapter select, and choose this level to play from the start, along with any other.

    Fair enough if they time delay the unlocking of levels on some games - potentially they could have the game restrict access to these levels for the first x weeks that the game is first used with the account on the console, but I really think that after a time, all levels should become available directly from the main menu.

    If I could go directly to fighting final bosses in a fighting game, then that game would become more interesting to me immediately. I wouldn't do that all of the time, but the game's value to me will suddenly increase.

    I have much less time to play games these days, so I'm buying less of them due to the pile of them that I have, having so much unseen/played content on them.

    Other than 3 or so essential games per year, and a few impulse buys, I'm pretty much fine for now in terms of video games.

    It's a shame, but I'm finding it hard to justify my buying anything other that Fallout 4, and not on launch day, Battlefront, but not on launchday, and maybe one other game sometime over the next 6 months. Everything else would be impulse buys from Steam sales and the like.

    Huge backlog of games from several years ago, so I already have more than enough to play.

    I'd love to jump directly to the final couple of Colossi in the HD PS3 version, as my save file is for the PS2 version!

    Similar with the God of War games. I'm stuck at the start on the PS3 versions, when I'd rather play the final levels again, as I've seen the start too many times. I've lost my PS3 saved game on God of War III, so I can only play the entire game if I want to see the best boss battles.

    Metal Gear Solid 2:

    My god - this needs that feature - TO GO BACKWARDS. Sometimes I just don't have the time to sit and watch the cutscenes, but I want to play the game. A chapter select could let me jump in at another time, when I have chance to sit an watch through the cutscenes, and pay attention to exactly what the hell's going on, without having to resort to YouTube.

    It increases the value of the games. DVDs would be nowhere near as good if they disabled chapter skipping and fast forwarding. So many films only go in the tray sometimes, so that I can check out a specific, amazing scene that I haven't seen in years.

    Get me?!

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  • Ryze 13/10/2015


    Nope, the content doesn't have to change at all.

    This is just like adding a chapter select to the DVD version of Star Wars.

    It doesn't mandate a change to the original 1979 content.

    Stop assuming that this must affect the content. Skipping ahead would reduce the achievements gained, and could even be set to reduce the content or ending sequence for those who skip ahead - if the designers saw fit.
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  • Ryze 13/10/2015


    Often turning the difficulty down only solves that problem.

    Then you're sometimes left with an overly long, padded out, repetitive fetchquest or shooting gallery, when you really want to just jump past a specific section.

    Sometimes you'll keep the saved game, and finish the hard/long part in the future, but while it stops you in your tracks, you often try a few times, then move onto a different game.

    The risk there, is that you may not come back - only to have the same cutscene(s) and nonsense before the same slog or spike to return to.
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  • Ryze 13/10/2015

    More games need this.

    I'm really not going to play through all of my games any time soon, I've realised.

    Some of them simply aren't going to get finished by me, so I could abadon them and watch them on Youtube, or if they had a system like this - even if it had to be toggled in the options menu, then I'd love to play the final couple of levels, or just sample random parts of the game over the next several months and years.

    It keeps the games much more interesting than being stuck in a boring slog at one part of the game, full of repetition and fetch quests.

    I tried to play a Dizzy game from the early 90s at the weekend. So repetitive, so without Youtube, I'd never see most of the game. As a kid, I'd mess around for a while, but never last to the endgame.

    It's not really different to having a chapter select on a DVD. There have been times when I've moved to a different format - 360 to PS3 on GTA V, or from console to PC, and I really didn't want to have to play right from the start in some games.

    Good stuff.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront won't have dedicated voice chat

  • Ryze 14/10/2015

    So... isn't it about time that Origin and Steam started their own cross-game party chat systems, using in game players and friends lists?

    That'd be helpful - especially if Valve are after having Steam OS become a success on the big screen.
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  • PS1 at 20: Destruction Derby and the art of being an idiot

  • Ryze 01/10/2015

    I played, and absolutely loved the PC version of this. Really encouraged me to head towards the PC after the Saturn.

    Loved my mates Playstations. I remember Driver happening. I grabbed the PC version quicksmart - straight after getting a 3DFX card!
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  • Nearly two years after release, Gran Turismo 6 is getting its course creator

  • Ryze 30/09/2015


    It's nuts that our pocket telephones have between 4 and 12 times the RAM that the PS3 has.

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  • Ryze 30/09/2015

    I bought Gran Turismo 6, and it hung installing tonnes of updates.

    I got bored after trying to get it running a few times - probably a year ago, and abandoned it without playing a single race. It's sat on the pile.

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  • The best of EGX 2015

  • Ryze 27/09/2015

    Lovely venue. Just disappointed that VR is by appointment or 2hr queues only.

    Slots were booked a while ago - so no chance as things stand. Shame - but no queuing to get in was great.
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  • Mommy's Best Games brings XBLIG hits to Steam

  • Ryze 23/09/2015

    I loved seeing 'Game Type' appear on the store.

    Excellent little protest game.
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  • Nvidia's next laptop graphics chip is a full, desktop-class GTX 980

  • Ryze 22/09/2015


    So... Oculus Rift laptop ahoy...?!
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  • Video: See Bloodborne's new DLC in action

  • Ryze 21/09/2015


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  • Metal Gear Solid 5 will have horse armour DLC

  • Ryze 18/09/2015

    LOL Reply 0
  • Star Wars Battlefront beta playable offline, open to everyone

  • Ryze 17/09/2015

    I'm guessing there's no way to sign up yet? Reply 0
  • How the latest vinyl resurgence is coming from classic games

  • Ryze 15/09/2015


    They're just starting to be despatched now, I believe.

    One guy I've seen online has his. Got it about a day or so ago.
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  • Sony Tokyo Game Show 2015 conference live report

  • Ryze 15/09/2015

    TBH, I reckon now would be a good time to see Tekken X Street Fighter. Reply 0
  • Ryze 15/09/2015

    I do like those controllers. Reply -1
  • Ryze 14/09/2015

    The Last Guardian! Reply +4
  • Freemode Events coming to GTA Online next week

  • Ryze 10/09/2015


    I'm quite happy to see GTA VIce City come sooner!
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  • New Apple TV has a Nintendo Wii waggle to it

  • Ryze 10/09/2015

    I'd expect that we're able to pair a 'proper controller' with it.

    The issue is, that being Apple, there'll probably be strict limitations in terms of controllers and support for said controllers.

    Let's see what happens here. I hope for the best.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is series' biggest UK launch

  • Ryze 08/09/2015


    That's hilarious.

    It's because they'd have to waste al load of time mastering a 7GB dual layer, and there'd still be 21GB to download.

    BD-Rom isn't mainstream, so it's about the download.

    I'm interested in that box, for the right price.
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  • Ryze 07/09/2015



    That's just 'Monday', for Solid Snake!
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  • Ryze 07/09/2015

    Good. I think I want this one full priced on the PC, they've done such a good job.

    No delays either. I'm in.

    I wish there was a boxed Steam version, because I'll now end up getting the PS4 version as well.

    Well done, chaps who worked on this.
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  • Forza Motorsport 6 takes us back to the series' heyday

  • Ryze 08/09/2015

    the wayward Forza Motorsport 5
    Here's the issue. Was it me not reading the articles properly, or was the 'wayward' FM5 simply not described as 'wayward', or anything near (barring microtransaction controversy) at the time of launch?

    Just curious, as I know that we're all human.

    Glad I've got FM4 and a Fanatec wheel. Once the wheel is supported on the XO console, I'll be interested in investing the 400+ to get on board.

    Until then, I'm fine with what I have, and will invest my money upgrading my PC.
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  • 1080p60 and beyond: the best PC hardware for Metal Gear Solid 5

  • Ryze 06/09/2015

    I think it's probably a good idea for loads of us to buy this game full-priced.

    I'll see what I can do next week, as I didn't know what to expect.
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  • So, Mr Kojima, do we feel "ashamed" over Quiet?

  • Ryze 06/09/2015

    two swinging, wibbling mammaries the camera transports into our eyeline at every opportunity. They're often framed front and centre of any scene she's in, or just dangling into vision
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  • "Slave Tetris" pulled from Steam game after social media backlash

  • Ryze 05/09/2015


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  • New Xbox One bundle includes 1TB solid state hybrid drive

  • Ryze 01/09/2015

    Awwwww! Reply 0
  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots review

  • Ryze 31/08/2015

    Funny - I bough this YEARS AGO, after getting a PS3 in 2009 - SIX YEARS AGO!

    It's in the lounge, where I put it when I got back from the shops.

    I had such a shocking experience, having my limited free time stolen by MGS2 cutscenes in 2002, that I haven't even put the game into the PS3 yet. I'm on my 2nd PS3, as well.


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  • Rainbow Mika is in Street Fighter 5

  • Ryze 29/08/2015


    This is just the beginning costume, wait for the DLC outfits!

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  • Ryze 29/08/2015

    /waits for Dudley

    /hopes for Blanka

    edit: - regarding her body. I've not watched the video, but to put it bluntly I love 'big tits', as you feel you must put it. I hate fake implants, however.

    I'll have a watch, but I'm not really interested in the debate in public, anonymous, Internet comments threads.

    edit: - She's quite 'chunky', so she could have those 'tits' and that 'arse' without fakery, if she ate right. While the game's a '12', it's hard to argue.

    Let's argue about Rufus' 'tits'.

    I find the language more crass than the content, but, it's for women (not just feminists and angry people who don't like video games or men) to speak on this.

    I don't count. Men, step aside.
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  • All the instruments compatible with Rock Band 4

  • Ryze 25/08/2015

    Legacy Game Controller Adapter to use Xbox 360 wireless guitars and drums.

    This is excellent.

    It could make the XO Back compat even more interesting, if enough people get it, and MS decide to support it in some of their emulation for other games.

    Also... STEERING WHEELS! Forza 6!


    COME ON MS! There's an XO sale in it for you!
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  • Trine 3 dev says "future of the series is now in question"

  • Ryze 25/08/2015

    Toys out of the pram. I do wish that people would learn when it's best to ignore the Internet.

    Some feedback you just make a note of / bear in mind, and carry on.
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  • Face-Off: Zombi

  • Ryze 24/08/2015

    Nah - I'll get a Wii U eventually, and experience it there.

    It's still a Wii U game on the other machines, but without touch features.
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  • Digital Foundry vs ultra-wide 21:9 PC gaming

  • Ryze 23/08/2015

    More of this please, DF! Reply +2
  • Nintendo patents console without a disc drive

  • Ryze 22/08/2015

    Not bothered until they show and prove, based on how bad their past couple of launches have been in terms of hardware spec vs. price.

    Wake me up when they announce it, then the spec (which they wont, because it'll be an Ouya II), then the price (extortionate for an Ouya II).
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  • Digital Foundry seeks video production staff

  • Ryze 22/08/2015

    Fan-tastic. Reply 0