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  • Watch: Blizzcon reacts to Overwatch's sexism problem

  • Raid 05/11/2017

    @lfw While I imagine the people recorded in the original video will use trash talk, crap like "get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich" isn't trash talk, it isn't even related to the game. "Learn to play" is trash talk, "I guess girls just suck at games in general you stupid fucking whore" (a quote from the original video) is misogynistic abuse. Reply +18
  • Xbox One X comes hand in hand with massive downloads

  • Raid 03/11/2017

    I appreciate that 4k assets take up a lot of room, and that this is the only realistic way to deliver them to titles that didn't come with them in the first place, but it's going to be a temporarily disappointing christmas for kids opening these things and not being able to actually play anything until Boxing Day. Reply +20
  • Adr1ft review

  • Raid 31/03/2016

    @Sousuke_Sagara There may not be any extra gameplay, but VR makes for a different experience to a 2D monitor. It's like the difference between seeing a video of an event and actually being present when it happened; you can still see what happens, but you're going to have very different memories of the experience. Reply +2
  • PC Gaming Show E3 2015 live report

  • Raid 17/06/2015

    It's the second organ simulation this morning, it's just that Killing Floor simulates them more on the outside. Reply 0
  • Raid 17/06/2015

    Oh there's another AMD exec coming up! Smashing. Reply 0
  • Raid 17/06/2015

    You lot sound like you're not enjoying this TED talk on gaming hardware. Reply 0
  • Raid 17/06/2015

    I did of course mean AMD and NVidia. It's too early. Reply 0
  • Raid 17/06/2015

    Nah, it'll just be representatives from AMD and ATI having a fight for ten minutes. Reply 0
  • What's behind Japan's Gundam game obsession?

  • Raid 13/07/2014

    The Gundam series has a history of hilarious or poorly italicised names; the villain in the most recent series was named Full Frontal. I've never seen Char's alias translated as Quattro Vajina though; it's always been spelled Bajeena in the productions I've seen (Wikipedia lists it as that too). Reply +2
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 co-op mode shown

  • Raid 07/06/2012

    @LazyDan much as I enjoyed SMB2 US, I don't think it's generally remembered favourably, so they're probably just skipping it. This looks like a cross between the original SMB and the third (the raccoon suit is in there).

    I want to know how the extra coins mechanic is going to be relevant; is it purely for high score purposes, or do you spend the coins somehow?
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  • Nintendo to unveil new, larger 3DS - report

  • Raid 04/06/2012

    @Mister-Wario I'm guessing it'll include similar OS functionality to what has been shown for Wii U, but that may not be possible without significant upgrades to the underlying hardware. Reply 0
  • Microsoft's E3 2012 Conference

  • Raid 04/06/2012

    These people really ought to lock their door. Reply 0
  • Soulcalibur 5 trailer shows off new characters

  • Raid 20/12/2011

    @CHAZBIGPOTATO I'm fairly sure you've been able to switch between Japanese and English voices in every home-console version. Reply 0
  • Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 5 PSN release dates

  • Raid 04/11/2011

    @Apaar Funnily enough, it's FF5 that I consider to have the best soundtrack. Haven't heard ChronoCross' mind. Reply 0
  • Soulcalibur 5 character creation trailer

  • Raid 03/11/2011

    Oh god, I'll spend forever doing this. Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Freespace 2

  • Raid 12/12/2010

    I'd argue that the actual fighter to fighter combat was more entertaining in the X-Wing series, but Freespace did just about everything else better. One thing that doesn't seem to have been mentioned much is just how atmospheric this game is; it's really something that you have to play with the volume turned up: radio chatter from your fellow pilots and commanding officer, the sound the shivan fighters make as you pass them, the terrifying noise a beam cannon makes as it streaks through space and tears into the ship you're trying desperately to defend... it may not have a soundtrack from John Williams, but the sound design simply hasn't been surpassed in any space combat game. Reply 0
  • Star Trek DS9 MMO revealed

  • Raid 03/10/2010


    "Worf Morn could you Dax for", you mean.
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  • Mario Galaxy 2 has tutorial DVD

  • Raid 04/05/2010

    On the plus side, this does mean they may skip the tedious tutorial section in the game itself. I'm sure everyone who played the original SMG would be happy to just get on with the game rather than learning how to waggle-spinjump again. Reply +3
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 - Launch Trailer

  • Raid 14/11/2007

    Minigames eh? Marvellous. Reply 0
  • PGR4 demo details

  • Raid 18/09/2007

    Couldn't you set your own difficulty in PGR2? Reply 0
  • Raid 17/09/2007

    I'd much rather have PGR1's car progression system back, which unlocked specific cars when your total kudos reached certain levels. PGR2's was good too, I liked the class system, but you could almost immediately buy the best car in each class. PGR3's system though was a bit rubbish; as has been said, you could buy the best car in the game very quickly, and so every race thereafter had the same mix of F50s and Mclarens. Reply 0
  • BioShock demo on Live

  • Raid 13/08/2007

    Smurphs, there's an option in the settings blade.

    Been downloading for an hour now, and it's only at 61%. I wanna plaaay.
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  • Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution - Gameplay

  • Raid 27/06/2007

    Urgh, I thought the dub had kept the original's (mostly) wonderful soundtrack; what's with the awful music in this? Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport 2

  • Raid 08/06/2007

    >>So what's going on with drivitars? Do you still get to train them?

    I read on the official forums that Drivatars had been left out of this release; I haven't gone looking for them, but I haven't seen an option to train them either. You can still hire an AI driver though.

    On the issue of tracks; the amount of different 'ribbons' is certainly good, but it's a shame that they've reused a lot of the environments from the first game. They've kept the dull-as-dishwater Silverstone and left out the wonderful Japanese hill-climb for example.

    Tracks aside though, I'm yet to find any real fault with the game. I'm not able to test multiplayer yet because of networking conditions on-campus (preventing me from joining actual races), but the less involved online aspects such as photo uploading work beautifully. I really want to see photo modes in more games.
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  • Splinter Cell Conviction revealed

  • Raid 17/05/2007

    "Sam Fisher is now a fugitive, pursued by the very government he once served. And to survive he'll need to create an underground network of allies to help him out. But he'll be without all the flashy gizmos he's used to, and will have to rely on using his surroundings and quick thinking over night-vision goggles and remote cameras."

    Isn't that *exactly* how they announced the last one?
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  • FFIV for DS

  • Raid 14/05/2007

    I'd love to see a brand new FF game appearing on the DS, and not just a spin-off; a proper SNES style RPG with new advancement and customisation systems.

    Thankfully, FF4 is the only SNES one that I haven't really played, so this is something to look forward to.
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  • Forza Motorsport 2

  • Raid 08/05/2007

    The guy *really* likes his Pokémon, doesn't he.

    I've seen the phrase leveling up used quite a bit. I know this refers to the driver as it did in Forza, but he's saying it applies to the cars too. Do the cars actually gain abstract levels like this, or is he just referring to the addons you give them?
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  • C&C3: Tiberium Wars - Cinematic

  • Raid 22/02/2007

    Err, they've upgraded the Ion Cannon a bit then. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy V Advance

  • Raid 28/11/2006

    Err, regardless of whether Zelda is an RPG or not, this is. And it's a very good one. Come to think of it, this is the only JRPG I've ever finished... and I've finished it twice. It's better in my book than 6 or 7, mainly because of the job system, which has some real depth to it. Reply 0
  • Sonic The Hedgehog : Genesis

  • Raid 20/11/2006

    Sonic seems to stutter; not building up speed smoothly like he did in the original. Also, those are *very* slow seconds on the clock. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Wii European press conference

  • Raid 15/09/2006

    I think people are confusing the prices that we personally are willing to pay, and the price Nintendo ought to be selling at to catch the public's eye. I'm perfectly happy to pay Ł180 for the console, but will a mere Ł20 difference between the Wii and 360 Core change public oppinion? Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 BC: The Best Ones

  • Raid 17/06/2006

    When writing the article, were any of the games tested, or did you just look down the list, and then include the ones that were good on the XBox? There're a few on that list I'd like to try, but I don't want them to be slowing down all over the shop. Reply 0
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

  • Raid 15/02/2006

    " My question remains: What in hell is a 'Warfighter'? What was wrong with the good old 'Soldier'?"

    Advanced Warfighter is the name of the US army's development programme if I recall, it's not Ubi's wording (though they chose to call it that I suppose).
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  • The Outfit

  • Raid 08/02/2006

    "Mercenaries dressed in World War 2 clothes."

    I thought that at first too, the videos certainly made it look like that. The article however makes it sound more like Freedom Fighters.
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