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  • Dark Souls 3 gets a very basic PS4 Pro upgrade

  • Rack 26/03/2017

    @TimmishMcgraw I dunno, to me assuming it's not WILDLY inconsistent (worse than this) I do better with high inconsistent framerate than lower consistent framerate. I think this might be a case of personal preference meets genre. Reply 0
  • Rack 25/03/2017

    @Skvall Shame, that video looked genuinely impressive but BotW's very frequently dips to 20 fps and even lower would obviously be much harder to cover up. Reply +1
  • Rack 25/03/2017

    @manfredkrieg Interesting. How does it look in areas where the Wiiu struggles, like villages ? Reply -1
  • Mass Effect 2 and the importance of character

  • Rack 26/03/2017

    Character certainly is key because outside of the character work the writing in Mass Effect 2 is horrendously bad. Character's actions make zero sense the plot beats are pure insanity and the game does absolutely nothing to advance the central storyline. But the characters are all interesting and enjoyable snd in isolation their individual quests are very enjoyable. Reply -2
  • My word game rage shame

  • Rack 25/03/2017

    @ToWhomItMayConcern Hey, Muphry's law. Reply +1
  • Nintendo: Super Mario Run sales "did not meet our expectations"

  • Rack 24/03/2017

    @fede01_8 What do we want? Well different things obviously but for me more games like

    Galaxy Trucker
    The World Ends With You Solo Remix
    Professor Layton Mystery Room
    Infinity Blade
    To Be or Not To Be

    in both pricing and quality and I'm really happy.
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  • Rack 24/03/2017

    Was optimistic to expect people to pay 6 times the competition on the format or so much for so little content in comparison to the 3DS games. Not to mention the OTT copy protection which can only have cost sales.

    Edit. Ccccccombo!
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  • Lamenting the loss of Dawn of War's cool kill animations

  • Rack 21/03/2017

    @ShiroBen The problem is still that you lose control and that couldn't be fixed.

    The problem with the problem is that very loss of control was one of the things I liked about the original. It's a strategy game and I don't like having to micromanage my troops at all times.
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  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night turns 20 today

  • Rack 20/03/2017

    @SuperFurryPhil You probably want Dracula Chronicles X if you are playing on Vita. Better version of SotN alongside aRondo of Blood. You have to play a few levels of the terrible 2.5d port to unlock them but ita still wrothwhile. Reply +1
  • Frank West is a zombie in Dead Rising 4 story DLC

  • Rack 20/03/2017

    @Tyronne No, but apparently a few people are offended by human nature there. Reply 0
  • Standard Tegra X1 'confirmed' as Switch's processor

  • Rack 19/03/2017

    @johnathansia Well.

    1) The performance is sub par. When the going gets tough the game starts stuttering and that clearly impacts gameplay.

    2) The resolution isn't great. Playing on the WiiU so I'm at an even bigger disadvantage here, but I frequently head off to investigate a greyish blob in the distance onlyto discover it wasn't what I thought it was. Clearer graphics would improve gameplay.

    3) The game struggles to keep track of things. It's incredibly frequent that I'll chase some animal after it spots me and it just disappears into the ether.

    Breath of the Wild is still a great game but the performance absolutely lets it down. Like listening to a great concert on a single tinny speaker.
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  • Monopoly ditches classic characters for T-Rex, penguin, rubber duck

  • Rack 18/03/2017

    @ontoff There are loads of great games, depends on your tastes. Something Cooperative, lying to your friends? Mostly luck based? Very silly? Real time?

    This is a great little intro video for anyone who hasn't seen it.

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  • Rack 18/03/2017

    @Stornatus Thanks for the link, that was hilarious. Reply 0
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn sells 2.6m copies in two weeks

  • Rack 17/03/2017

    @OurDogFudge While it may appeal to your gore fixation that wouldn't be analogous in gameplay terms at all. Targeting fuel tanks specifically prevent it breathing fire, it's not just a generic weak spot. Reply +9
  • Rack 16/03/2017

    @OurDogFudge The robo dinos feels much more like a gameplay contrivance than anything else. Being robots makes it easier to make the fights much more dynamic and interesting. You couldn't detonate the fuel tanks on a regular dinosaur. Reply +8
  • The reward for collecting all 900 Zelda: Breath of the Wild Korok seeds is a bit poo

  • Rack 15/03/2017

    @SuperSoupy Since initially you get rewarded for finding just a few of them and they are EVERYWHERE it just forms a nice little reward pattern. See something odd, poke at it till a Korok turns up and get your reward soon after. Way better than being led by the nose to an icon or looking up a guide on how to find every single pigeon. Reply +1
  • Rack 15/03/2017

    @SuperSoupy Almost certainly not, a LOT of reviewers have a huge fondness for the series and that's clearly been reflected in many of the past titles. That said I genuinely think it would get very similar scores. It's a great game that pushes forward the design of open worlds in some really smart ways.

    The way Korok seeds are handled is clearly one of them, the rewards are all front loaded and this end reward is a clear sign that you aren't supposed to find them all. This isn't some filler activity like finding pidgeons or what have you. It's a way to reward the player for paying attention to the world as they explore it. And it's brilliant.
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  • Nintendo releases Zelda: Breath of the Wild documentary video

  • Rack 15/03/2017

    @FenderMaster Yeah, you switch betwen bows if you have a bow equipped or you just tried to equip one. Reply 0
  • Rack 14/03/2017

    @dwalker109 It's a neat system but probably a bit overtuned. That your weapons break is a neat way to keep you mixing up which weapons you use. That your weapons break several times per encounter does get tiresome.

    Despite its flaws this is a really compelling title that gets more interesting the more I play it. More than anything I'd like to see it inspire open world games going forwards.
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  • I hate freedom

  • Rack 11/03/2017

    @hazzatori You're not a real gamer unless you can detect irony ;) Reply 0
  • Rack 11/03/2017

    I'm on almost the other end of the spectrum. Because as soon as a game starts telling me what to do it starts to feel like an obligation and that's almost the definition of work to me. Play is what I choose to do.

    Parappa is still aces though. Probably because it's short enough that choosing to play Parappa is all the choice I need.

    Edit: It should, but seemingly doesn't because everyone has said this, go without saying but this only applies to good freeform or open world games. Go anywhere do anything is only interesting when there are diverse places to go and interesting things to do. So much the Witcher 3.
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  • Breath of the Wild is a Zelda game for the Minecraft generation

  • Rack 10/03/2017

    @PickleJuice I'm not sure the mobile games are really a good point to see where Nintendo's games on other platforms would be. Mobile is a whole different market to mainstream gaming so they have to completely change their approach. On top of that the mobile games we've seen so far felt very much like Nintendo dipping their toe in the water.

    As for the other reasons you said Nintendo undoubtedly have a familiarity advantage with their own tech, but that advantage is obliterated by the raw power differential of other systems. They could almost certainly get BotW running at a 4k 60fps lock on PS4 Pro given the power disparity involved.

    On top of that it's not platform holders but publishers getting in the way of a "when it's done attitude" Nintendo would still be their own publisher so they could still be free to set their own deadlines. In fact they would have an easier time of it since they wouldn't be held to their own accelerated rate of hardware releases. BotW would just be a mid generation title on PS4/Xbox.
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  • Rack 10/03/2017

    @electrolite I've been buying Nintendo hardware for years, not because the consoles are any good but because the software is. I'd be way happier if they had become a publisher and released their games on other platforms. Reply 0
  • Rack 10/03/2017

    @OnlyJoeKing Applaud they made a great game, sure but that doesn't take away from wishing it could run better, or that more people could play it, or that it cost the people who are playing it less.

    The Switch is the most compelling Nintendo hardware have made since the GBA so it does undermine my point. Mostly I'm bitter about the WiiU which is this weird thing taking up space and AV ports. Great games but lousy hardware.
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  • Rack 10/03/2017

    @Master09 Picking up a cheap WiiU to play this, Bayonetta, Wonderful 101, Mario Kart, 3D World, New Mario WiiU might not be a bad shout. But yeah it probably is a bit overhyped. Great game but not really essential.

    Edit: To be clear that's praising by faint damnation, with so many great games out there the concept of a system seller is all but impossible to achieve nowadays. It's more "If you don't play this there's a ton of other similarly great experiences out there" than "This game is so overrated, EG made a mistake in their review."
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  • Rack 10/03/2017

    @OnlyJoeKing I was able to play it on WiiU which is nice but it would have reached a broader audience had it been on PC, PS4 and Xbox. Also could have run a bit less like an arthritic sloth in Koakariko village. Nintendo are still weirdly attached to making hardware noone wants to play games a lot of people want which is fine, but also a shame. Reply -4
  • Rack 10/03/2017

    Considering they namechecked Zelda 1 as inspiration this is surely a new Zelda for the NES generation. It's refreshing to see the series come back on point to be about exploration and freedom. It certainly has its share of flaws and it's a shame they weren't covered in any reviews but it's still a really compelling game. Reply +14
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild speedrunner finds surprising new way to travel

  • Rack 09/03/2017

    That it can be speedrun in under an hour is part of the freedom that makes this instalment so exciting. Reply +7
  • Switch has redesigned portable gaming forever

  • Rack 08/03/2017

    While I'm not ready to pick this up yet (maybe I should have done for BotW, but it sounds like the WiiU version is plenty fine) but the concept is great. I really hope this can get some great Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem (already coming) Advance Wars, Layton and Phoenix Wright games. A 3DS successor with that level of tech is super exciting to me. Reply +22
  • Dragon Quest Heroes 2: Switch vs PlayStation 4

  • Rack 08/03/2017

    Locked 20FPs in combat? Essential!

    Edit: If it's not obvious I kid. Amazon haven't even delivered my copy yet. Grr
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review

  • Rack 03/03/2017

    So, no better than Skyward Sword eh? Shame, I was hoping this was the game to reinvigorate the franchise.

    (I kid, but still a touch bitter about how pointless Zelda reviews are. I preordered it because it looks genuinely interesting but really this review says nothing about the game's quality. Could be great, could be dull and empty as all hell. )
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  • Yes, Nintendo Switch games really do taste bad on purpose

  • Rack 02/03/2017

    @Wayne Even with a whopping 31 seconds advanced notice I'm not calling them game memory cards. Just doesn't flow right. Reply +3
  • Rack 02/03/2017

    Nintendo don't comment on rumours or speculation. Food criticism as it applies to eating game cartridges? Oh that is on. Reply +4
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild's first prototype looked like a NES game

  • Rack 02/03/2017

    The way I see it the fact that physics were exaggerated made a realistic visual style impractical, but the fact they existed made a stylised look impractical. In a Wind Waker aesthetic you might not assume you could light fire to a stick, or that water would flow. Reply 0
  • Shadow of Mordor sequel details leaked by shop

  • Rack 27/02/2017

    Really excited about this, the gameplay of the original was great.

    But man does it make me sad to see The Lord of the Rings turned into that.
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  • Jelly Deals: A PS4 Slim with Nioh or Horizon: Zero Dawn and an extra controller costs you 230 today

  • Rack 27/02/2017

    @gillri If I didn't already have a WiiU (Bayonetta 2) I'd probably have gone for a Switch to play BotW. Likely the best version and it's more likely to get good stuff over time compared to the WiiU. Reply 0
  • Rack 27/02/2017

    Just bought a Pro for quite a lot more than this but it's hard to be too upset right now as Nioh, Bloodborne, Until Dawn and Infamous are really a lot of fun. Nioh looks SOOO good at 1080p/60; I really wish more games would target this even if it means a tiny bit less fidelity. Reply +8
  • Watch: Breath of the Wild is the bravest Zelda ever

  • Rack 25/02/2017

    I don't know if this really is going to be everything promised but for the first time in a while I'm excited to find out. The fact that in five hours anyone has even reached the main game means it must have the best pacing for a Zelda game since Majoras Mask so tne only other concern is barrenness. I can genuinely see comments about the world being packed amounting to "I found a rupee in a pot, SOO much content"

    But if this really is Zelda's Mario Galaxy then that is something seriously exciting.
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  • Man appears to play Doom in Porsche 911 using driving controls

  • Rack 20/02/2017

    @Foxtrot-Oscar If the idiot(sic) who made the video didn't know it was more like Wolfenstein 3D than Doom why did he say it was more like Wolfenstein 3D than Doom? And how? Reply 0
  • Family of Doom creator John Romero releases new game

  • Rack 17/02/2017

    Pretty sweet deal to have a celebrity relation, your games get publicity no matter what. As opposed to needing an incredible level of outside influence to get the merest mention. Reply 0
  • Hearthstone will add three 130-card expansions next year, no adventures

  • Rack 16/02/2017

    These cards were pushing the envelope back in the day there were no expansions, but are now pushing the edge of barely playable. These changes only make sense if the power level of cards in the new expansions is so low as to make them all unplayable until the next rotation. Reply 0
  • Nintendo's latest mobile gamble doesn't quite pay off

  • Rack 10/02/2017

    Played it for free and enjoyed what was there, but there's about a dozen reasons why I'd never even consider spending money on it. Since I paid nothing for it I can't really complain that it's short and always online or a bit simplistic to bear too much play anyway. It's fun and I'd recommend everyone who likes Fire Emblem to give it a try (especially with all the launch bonuses it's throwing around)

    Just as long as you aren't likely to get suckered by gacha mechanics. Because some people are getting screwed.
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  • PS4 Pro boost mode: a game-changer for unpatched titles?

  • Rack 08/02/2017

    If it locks out the performance and gets the loading times reasonable for Bloodborne I'll be buying one next time I see it in stock. Reply +6
  • Watch: Johnny and Ian get doubly disappointed by Double Dragon 4

  • Rack 07/02/2017

    I never really got the appeal of this one, my fondest memories of this series are of Return of Double Dragon so pitching it back one step to the NES was immediately a non-starter. Make it like the arcade version of DD4 we never saw with fluid high res (at least Alien vs Predator quality) sprites and I could have ridden that nostalgia train. Ideally though it would be something that could favourably compare to Dragons Crown, Guardian Heroes or Shadows of Mystara and be an actual fun game even divorced from nostalgia. Reply +4
  • We've got 10,000 Gwent: The Witcher Card Game closed beta keys to give away

  • Rack 06/02/2017

    @Auntie_Social Try PC Gamer, they just want an email address. Reply 0
  • Don't expect a Skyblivion beta or release until 2018

  • Rack 04/02/2017

    Wasn't expecting it even that early. Reply +1
  • Johnny and Ian had a fight about Switch - in video form

  • Rack 04/02/2017

    Was going to preorder but it just ended up too expensive. 280 might have worked if it had a ton more storage and cheaper games. I'll wait for a price drop and possibly a new form factor.

    Also my WiiU isn't getting unplugged anytime soon. It has Bayonetta 2.
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  • BioWare's new IP will arrive by the end of March 2018

  • Rack 01/02/2017

    Just got to say in light of this that I'm SUPER glad that CD Projekt Red, Obsidian, Harebrained, Larian and co are more than picking up the slack left by Bioware leaving the RPG space. In an alternate universe I would have been absolutely gutted by this news, even as minor a change as it seems nowadays. Reply +2
  • Torment: Tides of Numenera dev issues apology for missed stretch goals

  • Rack 31/01/2017

    I'm a backer, and I am disappointed by this. As it stands it feels like your party is comprised as much by the party members you don't take as the ones you do.


    This kind of thing does happen in development and I'm glad they went with what they felt made the best game rather than sticking to the literal letter of stretch goals.

    Still kind of sucky they never told us, and I don't really buy that they just forgot.
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  • Fallout 4 gets PS4 Pro support and PC high resolution texture pack next week

  • Rack 30/01/2017

    Weird to require a graphics card that doesn't exist, but not so much more than needing either a GTX 1080 or an AMD 480. That's a 500 card and a 200 card. Reply +1