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  • Elite: Dangerous review

  • Rack 22/12/2014

    Games need to be instant ratification for me these days because I have a terrifying backlog that doesn't really allow me to spend 30 hours grinding for resources on dull intro missions and trades.

    Shame this wasn't around 20 years ago because I'd have been all over it then, it looks like it could be superb when you get going.
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  • Face-Off: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes on PC

  • Rack 21/12/2014

    Kudos to Konami for a good port, and for you guys testing it on a range of systems. I often give you flak for only testing on 5,000 super systems but you have a nice range going on here. Reply -1
  • Don't call it DRM: what's Denuvo Anti-Tamper?

  • Rack 19/12/2014

    The interesting point here is this new DRM that significantly delays pirated copies being available appears to have had absolutely zero impact on sales. Measuring all factors together is tough so it may have paid for itself or even made a little profit but the idea that piracy has damaged the industry significantly has been completely debunked. If the sales difference was more than a couple of % it would be clearly visible.

    Piracy was a service problem after all.
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  • Ghost cars may soon become a reality

  • Rack 16/12/2014

    Given that self-driving cars that are safer than manual ones already exist I'm a lot more optimistic about this technology. From the start of the video it's shown to be a lot more than a fancy satnav. If the screen responds appropriately to road situations it should obviate a lot of the risks, and target fixation is only a risk, not an inevitability. Also it can afford to have some risks if it also mitigates some of the driver error issues that crop up often in city driving.

    Still it does depend on this technology being as smart as a self-drive car, which makes it a very odd half-way house. Manual cars are not going to be around very much longer.
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  • Elite: Dangerous and the art of the galactic grind

  • Rack 16/12/2014

    @Branoic Does it really work that way? It seems like new players are going to be coralled into the core systems where expert players can kill them just by looking at them. Reply +3
  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2014 voting

  • Rack 13/12/2014

    You missed Scrolls off this list. Reply 0
  • Heroes of Might & Magic 3 HD Edition announced for PC, tablets

  • Rack 11/12/2014

    @pomi Agreed, this will be great to play on the go regardless (as long as they put the effort in to making it work well on a touchscreen) but the expansions would have made it even lovelier.

    As a side note Battlelore Command is pretty stonking as a hex based wargame on the iPad right now, the best I've played so far certainly.
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  • Rack 11/12/2014

    @pomi apparently they lost the source code, so odds are those won't be reappearing with this version. Reply 0
  • Alien: Isolation's latest update adds new difficulty modes

  • Rack 10/12/2014

    i'm going to give Novice a go, the game is at its most terrifying when the Alien is near but hasn't caught me. Reply 0
  • Suikoden and Suikoden 2 re-release on PS3 January 2015

  • Rack 08/12/2014

    January? Way to ruin Christmas Konami. Reply +1
  • Minecraft dev's Scrolls will cap your spending so you don't break the game

  • Rack 06/12/2014

    @BrotherOfTheWolf Do you really think it's realistic that a new player is going to be able to beat the three daily trials that easily? Even the "easy" daily trial is pretty damned tough today and I've given up on beating the medium one.

    That said getting even 200 gold a day relatively easily is a MASSIVE step forward from where it was a year ago, between that, the increased card pool and starter decks being much more available I think Scrolls might actually have become the most player friendly online ccg out there. Quite an enormous step from when it launched.
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  • Rack 06/12/2014

    No, it's been over a year since I last touched it, that will have been when they launched Judgement as an easy way to buy boosters by spending money. When you say a new player can earn a pack a day is that playing a game or two or some nightmare 16 hour slog? Is it also taking into account new players aren't going to be able to get any wins against other players at this juncture? Reply 0
  • Rack 05/12/2014

    Fair to play without paying through the nose? No, just no. It's dramatically slower to get cards than even Hearthstone, by several orders of magnitude. Given you need to play 5 hours or so per card unlock I can't imagine a limit of less than a few thousand pounds per week being applied or even beneficial. At this juncture you need tens of thousands of hours logged or else spend thousands of pounds to play at all. The initial purchase price of 4 times what it currently costs was still woefully insufficient to play. Scrolls is a neat game but the economy is ludicrously broken.

    Edit: Turns out this is out of date, Scrolls has really turned itself around recently.
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  • Tomb Raider 2 is out now on iOS

  • Rack 04/12/2014

    @TarickStonefire Is it just my opinion though? The dialogue so far has been entirely mocking it for being a poor fit for ios and mocking ios gaming in general.

    If this is a general gaming site that in any way covers ios then why hasn't it covered ANY of the fantastic ios games released in the last few months? But whenever a chance to piss on ios gaming crops up Eurogamer is right on up there.

    Eurogamer doesn't cover tablet or phone gaming at all, it's a mainstream games website with a sideline of falsely reporting how bad tablet gaming is. Something is definitely wrong with that picture. Either it doesn't cover gaming on phones and tablets or it covers the major stories on it. But just publishing any story that paints it in a bad light is pretty shameful.
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  • Rack 04/12/2014

    Is Eurogamers policy now to only cover bad ios games? It feeds into the majority of readers hideously misinformed preconceptions and will thus be popular bur it still seems pretty tacky for a games website. Reply +1
  • Alien: Isolation's Trauma DLC pack out today

  • Rack 02/12/2014

    Kind of surprised so many people want more story content because for me the story is the worst part of the game by a ludicrous margin. I'd have been all over a dozen or so survival missions and no story at all but when the penalty for dying is replaying the same linear scripted sequences and skipping cutscenes the story mode gets a whole lot less appealing, especially when the game peppers in unavoidable "gotcha" moments 45 minutes after the last save point. Most of the best storytelling in the game is environmental anyway. Reply -1
  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U review

  • Rack 30/11/2014

    @Mr-Writer I think it all comes down to language, when you say there are different types of fun that's what I mean by enjoying things in different ways, I just wouldn't use the word fun. Either way Mario 3D World is a very distinct experience compared to Alien Isolation, but it's something you tend to see Ninendo do more than other developers. Reply +1
  • Rack 30/11/2014

    @Mr-Writer Is it though? It seems really weird to describe The Last of Us as "fun". Enthralling, entertaining and tense sure but fun? Even if that's the case surely you have to see how it's not true for all games. What about Silent Hill, The Path, Always Sometimes Monsters or Depression Quest? I can't picture playing something like that for the same reason I play Mario Kart. Reply 0
  • The Steam Exploration Sale is live

  • Rack 26/11/2014

    @meanspirit That game is top on my list at the moment, the original Shadowrun Returns was pretty good and it sounds like that fixes all the areas it was weak in. I expect great things. Reply 0
  • Mario Galaxy's planetary physics examined in university paper

  • Rack 25/11/2014

    I think SMBC put this best.
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  • "I don't want to be a part of piracy"

  • Rack 21/11/2014

    @devilmyarse With that reasoning you'd end up acting entirely at random. Should I go for a run or slap myself with a piece of 2 week old cheese? Here I suspect the reason is "because it's an interesting challenge, but it's critical that there is one. Reply -1
  • EA announces new Need for Speed game

  • Rack 20/11/2014

    @Markitron So Espgaluda 2, Ghost Trick, Chrono Trigger, Galaxy Trucker, Pandemic, Xcom Enemy Within, Clash of Heroes and Skulls of the Shogun don't count as games for you?

    Man your taste sucks. That or you're regurgitating biased nonsense without having the least idea what you're talking about.
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  • Assassin's Creed Rogue review

  • Rack 20/11/2014

    @CrashOkami I dunno this line on its own seems to justify the highest mark for an assassins creed game to date.

    "The story lasts about half as long as the average Assassin's Creed game"

    If they could cut that down to a quarter or a fifth it might even be worth a 9.
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  • Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Wii U infinite height exploit lets you skip most of the game

  • Rack 13/11/2014

    @7M7 When I was 13 I got A Link to the Past and Street Fighter 2 for Xmas, which was the best one ever and a damned site better than getting Sonic Boom. But before that?

    If I had to trade every single Amstrad game I ever got (with one exception) for Sonic Boom it would have been a good trade. Realistically I'd be savvy enough to ask for Rayman Legends, Mario Galaxy or Minecraft. Heck if I got Fire Emblem Awakening back when I was 10 I'd have been in nirvana for a fair few years.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition review

  • Rack 12/11/2014

    @delph Kickstarter is potentially an issue concerning long term viability (are we going to continually see angel investors throwing 5 figures at these over and over) but that seems to be the only downside. I'm not into these games for the graphics (and if I were I wouldn't mind, they all look beautiful to me) so if I can get them at a 1/4 of the price of retail releases then that's all upside. I'll accept Shadowrun Returns doesn't have good combat but Original Sin does so that itch is well and truly scratched. Reply 0
  • Rack 12/11/2014

    @delph with Divinity: Original Sin, Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Returns out and more on the way I hardly feel forgotten. Heck we're better supported right now than the COD crowd at this particular point in time. If I didn't have such an abundance of games to play I'd find it much harder to ignore this but as it stands I'll probably never get desperate enough to look into this. Reply +2
  • Rack 11/11/2014

    MMO questing caps this at a 6 for me. Standard Bioware writing drops that to a 4. After Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2 I can't shake the impression that any review submitted scoring less than an 8 would have been flatly rejected. Reply +7
  • XCOM: Enemy Within headed to iOS, Android tomorrow

  • Rack 12/11/2014


    Happy happy joy joy. I love Enemy Within and felt it revolutionised Xcom but I was always slightly disappointed I couldn't play it on the go, the original (remake) felt like too big a step back so I never bit on the ios version. I would have come perilously close to doing so for something to play this Xmas away from the PC.
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  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth review

  • Rack 12/11/2014

    If I had to rate this I'd give it either an 8 or a 10. I haven't quite decided which. On a moment to moment basis the extreme randomisation is frustrating, but I can well see my play time exceeding 200 hours and enjoying nearly all of it. Reply 0
  • Just Cause 3 has finally been officially announced

  • Rack 11/11/2014

    DLC I can deal with. Microtransactions I will not. When the game is constantly holding it's hand out begging for more, with corrupted design to push you to spend more and enjoy less.

    No deal, no way. If it's the wave of the future I'm glad gaming has such a rich past.
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  • Video: Has Dragon Age Inquisition's combat found the right balance?

  • Rack 09/11/2014

    The combat hasn't opened up after "only" 5 hours.

    Is that really so short a time that we still have to be limited to the most basic moves? Imagine if Bayonetta didn't let you use anything but the basic X attack for that long.
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  • Video: So begins the quest for a new hat in Dragon Age: Inquisition

  • Rack 08/11/2014

    @Dynasty2021 Not sure I understand the sentiment there. I mean yeah DA: Inquisition could turn out to be a turkey and a total waste of money but do you really think that will have any impact on the reviews? Reply +2
  • PS Plus is getting Injustice: Gods Among Us and Secret Ponchos in December

  • Rack 05/11/2014

    @Frosty840 No I've been doing that, but this is the point where the number of interesting games I want to play and don't already own are starting to get tempting enough to dive in and start playing them. It was inevitably going to reach that point sooner or later, I guess the only question is whether it would happen before Bloodborne comes out. Reply +1
  • Rack 04/11/2014

    @Binba442 Absolutely, I was very disappointed in the vita lineup this month till I found out it was ALL crossbuy.

    PS+ is worth it for Vita alone I find and vice versa.
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  • Rack 04/11/2014

    Interesting, this might well have to be the impetus for me to finally pick up that ps4. Reply +8
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter sells 60K copies in a month

  • Rack 01/11/2014

    @Vorlan Whoops, I should be more careful with those in-jokes really. Reply +2
  • Rack 01/11/2014

    I thought it was striking this could sell 60k at $20 and count as a success, while Tom Braider sold 3.4 million and was still a failure. Not that Tom Braider was a bad game by any stretch but at over 200 times the cost of this something seems to be wasteful. Reply +2
  • Rack 01/11/2014

    So that's 1/3% of what it needs to break even right?

    Or were they not unbelievably wasteful in development?
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  • PlayStation Plus' free November offerings revealed

  • Rack 01/11/2014

    @dadrester Thanks for the info, Cross buy makes that list a LOT better for me, I can play those games on PS3 but Vita is where I actually want them. Reply +1
  • Rack 29/10/2014

    I'm Happy with this selection, though it took Frozen Synapse prime to save it for me. A worrying trend for it to have no full price games and only 1 Vita title is counteracted by the positive trend of having 2 brand new games. Reply -1
  • Death to the mini-map

  • Rack 01/11/2014

    By and large I'm hopelessly dependant on minimaps, I get lost in game environments incredibly easily. Between the lack of peripheral vision and the staggeringly bland and repetitive environments most games feature, coupled with the fact I frequently end up taking breaks for months at a time means I simply can't navigate most games without some kind of crutch. Reply +51
  • Steam Halloween Sale is now live

  • Rack 30/10/2014

    Sang Froid is 1.09. That's an amazing price for such a fantastic game. Reply +3
  • Titanfall's "biggest update ever" adds new co-op mode tomorrow

  • Rack 22/10/2014

    Cool, I enjoyed Titanfall but my innate rubbishness at FPS meant I struggled to play it much as time went on. I was hoping for a horde mode every time a map would land. Reply -1
  • Valve pulls game from Steam following dev's tweet threatening Gabe Newell

  • Rack 21/10/2014

    Anyone who doesn't think Steam is a defacto monopoly should try going without it for a month. It might be the worst storefront out there these days but for both developer and consumer it's really hard to go without it.

    As a result I do hope eventually they go back on this as a lifetime ban on game development seems disproportionate. But then he never considered their defacto monopoly before hitting send.
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  • Alan R Moon, railroad tycoon

  • Rack 20/10/2014

    @Lunatic4ever Hard to say, it's a great game that works very well on Ipad but that does leave you short of money to get other games. Galaxy Trucker is my current favourite and Pandemic is similarly excellent and an even better fit on Ipad.

    Ascension, Eclipse, Sentinels of the Multiverse Small World and Neuroshima Hex are also firm favourites of mine and you won't find a lack of people to recommend many others.
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  • We cannot let this become gaming culture

  • Rack 17/10/2014

    @weedar The answer is simple, no-one would. But still when the question of journalistic ethics is raised it conveniently appears to distract people from the issue. Even if there are genuine lunatics who believe such rot I don't see how they warrant 100% of the coverage. Reply +1
  • Torchlight and Diablo devs reveal space combat sim Rebel Galaxy

  • Rack 15/10/2014

    All these space games but I keep hoping for one that goes down the Rogue Leader/Wing Commander/X-Wing route rather than the Elite one. Star Citizen apparently has a bolt in version of this but I'd like to see a game with a bit more focus. Reply 0
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion Shadow of Revan announced

  • Rack 06/10/2014

    Hmm, 12x Xp boost might actually be enough to get me to play the single player of this, assuming there's also some kind of fast travel. Shame it's sotemporary though. Reply +2
  • Banner Saga launches on iOS today at 7

  • Rack 02/10/2014

    Galaxy Trucker was out on Monday for 3.

    But I guess this is good too.
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  • Hearthstone's next expansion will add over 100 cards

  • Rack 01/10/2014

    Actually this is new, but you could be forgiven for not calling it news. The number of cards confirmed is now over 100 rather than not quite 100 and for some reason this column neglected to mention there would be an actual reveal very soon.

    Start saving that gold people.
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