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  • Keith Stuart on: horror, madness and control

  • ROMhack 30/01/2016

    Good write-up KS.

    There's something about a lack of control - but not too much of it - that compels us into madness. It's like knowledge; we desperately claw at it but only find ourselves getting further away from it. Good designers do understand that and play on our compulsions.

    The writing analogy at the start is great. Writers (novelists) typically write as a way of making sense of the world - as do readers - but they frequently get into mental anguish doing so. Just like we do, playing the game (albeit to a much lesser extent).
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  • Resident Evil Zero review

  • ROMhack 18/01/2016

    I'm usually as self-serious a gamer as you can find, and just as self-deprecating, but I've always found a major joy in Resi (and Dino Crisis) for the thrill of their nonsensical z-movie plots. I found that completely missing in REmake, and that's why I've never got on board with it, but I'm, like, well chuffed they've decided to randomly remake this one. Reply +1
  • Sonic Twitter account taken over by Dr. Eggman

  • ROMhack 14/11/2015

    I love that Twitter account. Reply +4
  • Faster hard drives boost Xbox One Fallout 4 performance

  • ROMhack 10/11/2015

    Haha! Just one more thing to show off at my next speed supermodel dating session while I speed off into the sunset with my millions of dollars.

    Take that Sonyboys! That'll teach you!
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider review

  • ROMhack 10/11/2015

    Wouldn't having a comment section with more structure cease the kind of negatives we see here?

    Maybe I'm being too optimistic, but sites which use Disqus feel don't feel anywhere near as vitriolic as EG does these days. Plus, at least you can respond easier to specific comments, which is fucking great because it invites conversation, not just individuals spouting their mouths off (like I'm doing here).

    Nothing about the game here of course; just thinking.
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  • Steam told off by ASA for Grand Theft Auto 5 Summer Sale kerfuffle

  • ROMhack 06/11/2015

    Considering that Steam quart-annual sales are matched everywhere else these days it's about high time EG stopped giving them buzz every time summer/winter rolled around.

    I don't hate Steam (frequent user), but the point is they're not unique in today's online world.
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  • UK tabloids point the finger at Call of Duty, GTA in coverage of 15-year-old TalkTalk hacker

  • ROMhack 28/10/2015

    Is this the same news story where the London Evening Standard wrote a headline saying he was a 'cyber jihadi'?

    I couldn't take it seriously then either.
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  • Rocket League match mutators to arrive in free November update

  • ROMhack 28/10/2015

    Sounds good. I do still wish they'd add custom tournaments though.

    I really like the game as a bit of fun, but after about 5 matches I start to wonder what to do. Ranked points are one thing but I feel like I should have something more to aim for. What they did in something like Euro 2008 with ongoing random 16 player tournaments would be perfect for Rocket League.
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  • Quantic Dream reveals sci-fi game Detroit

  • ROMhack 28/10/2015

    I can't stand Cage's stuff, but I know a lot of people who do.

    And they all have terrible taste in games and tend to browse Buzzfeed.

    I can't be certain but I think it's related.
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  • For better or worse, From Russia With Love was vintage Bond

  • ROMhack 25/10/2015

    I remember the game being okay, not great. Still, it's always nice to remember AAA developers doing different things.

    More of that I say to the man in the suit using marketing gibberish for everyday parlance.
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  • ROMhack 25/10/2015


    Wasn't that Goldeneye game basically a COD reskin? Or was the Wii version different to the port that hit the PS3/Xbox 360 version?
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  • Assassin's Creed: the story so far

  • ROMhack 21/10/2015

    Assassin's Creed is essentially history porn. Reply +1
  • Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water removes skimpy costumes

  • ROMhack 21/10/2015

    Is it fair to say that both sets of alternative costumes look extremely silly? Reply 0
  • The quest for Shadow of the Colossus' last big secret

  • ROMhack 19/10/2015


    Oh well, this is what we get in the new child-gamer age. Game makers are striving to appeal to the love it this month, trash it next month gamers. I feel for them though because while the adult gamer can still quietly enjoy the rich gaming experience of a grotesquely poor graphics game from before the MS-DOS days even still find awe and mystery today, the games of today demonstrate magnificent graphics, wondrous views, and an utterly gorgeous virtual experience, and they often lack the same depth in game play, mysteries, and discovery.

    To be fair, I think it's also down to the proliferation of releases. Numbers-wise, the amount of games released every week is so vast that we're put into a situation of extreme where we have to divide our attention between so many or question our status as a 'gamer'.

    Couple this with video-game writers coming out with a 'play them all' type of mentality and it's obvious why nobody finds hidden joys in anything these days. They simply aren't looking for it and/or are being taught not to.

    I struggle myself but I think the last thing of note I did was to buy a copy of Moby Dick to try and figure out its similarities to MGSV. I mean, I had to try and figure out if it's ridiculous length was an homage or not. As well, as the blatant intertextual reference during the opening. So, some people still care; most don't.
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  • ROMhack 19/10/2015


    [From Wiki] The story of Shadow of the Colossus begins as Wander enters the forbidden land, travelling across the long bridge at its entrance on his horse, Agro. According to Lord Emon later in the game, prior to entering the forbidden land Wander had stolen an ancient sword, which is the only weapon capable of slaying the colossi of the forbidden land. Led to the massive Shrine of Worship at the center of the region, Wander carries with him the body of a maiden named Mono. A moment later, several man-like shadowy creatures appear and prepare to attack Wander before he easily dismisses them with a wave of the ancient sword in his possession. After vanquishing the shadow creatures, the voice of the disembodied entity known as "Dormin" echoes from above, expressing surprise that Wander possesses the weapon. Wander requests that Dormin return Mono's soul to her body, which it states may be possible on the condition that Wander can destroy the sixteen idols lining the temple's hall by using the ancient sword to kill the sixteen colossi located throughout the land. Despite being warned by Dormin that he may have to pay a great price to revive Mono, Wander sets out to search the land for the colossi and destroy them

    He's being manipulated because he wants to save Mono.
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  • Where can Metal Gear go from here?

  • ROMhack 17/10/2015

    I thought MG:R was really boring to be honest. Different, yes; fun, yes; but it was like Metal Gear Solid without the part that holds all the craziness together and makes it all worthwhile -- the story. Sure, it had it but the scope was minimal, at best.

    I generally really like Platinum Games but they're schlocky type of insane stylised action didn't sit well for me in the Metal Gear universe. It just lacked the essence of politics and history that holds the series together. If that's not something you care about then I guess it was great, though.

    Also, why is Kojima credited with everything? There's like 5 people who wrote the last game and it says that in every introductory cutscene. Why are we not discussing their impact (or loss of it)?
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  • Looks like Nintendo's developing Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

  • ROMhack 15/10/2015

    To be honest, I don't think it's necessary, but I'm sure a lot of Nintendo fans would disagree, and I know better than to get on the wrong side of them. Reply +1
  • BBC Three to livestream League of Legends World Championships

  • ROMhack 08/10/2015


    My favourite thing is Click on BBC News, which waxes lyrically about the virtus of a future laden technology with only a whiff of dystopic vision.
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  • ROMhack 08/10/2015

    BBC3 branching into something that'll appeal to middle-class kids, not just kids who, like, grew up in urban areas, yeah.

    You can thank my trip into Mile End yesterday for my excellent impression of a ghetto youth.
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  • Face-Off: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on PS4

  • ROMhack 08/10/2015


    You're not the first one to say that about Gears. I should probably get around to replaying it.

    But about Uncharted. It's decent; I just can't understand the unanimous praise it received. Especially the third, which felt stale on release.
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  • ROMhack 08/10/2015

    I'm sure all this rhetoric about Uncharted being a great series is nonsense.

    Even for a game with fun platformimg elements, an equally major part of the game -- combat -- is totally subpar. Besides that, I think the whole Internet has already been over how its attempt to tell a relatively grounded story maketh no senseth given Drake's serial killing tendencies.

    Not even a cursory, 'man, all this intense killing business makes me wanna grab an ice cream.'
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  • Activision promises to address Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 issues

  • ROMhack 03/10/2015

    This was probably an orchestrated exhibition to make fun of people looking for a nostalgic kick. I'm sure Banksy had a part to play. Or something. Reply 0
  • PS1 at 20: Fluid's symphony of drugs, dolphins and drum'n'bass

  • ROMhack 03/10/2015

    Is it really true that No one can stop Mr Domino? Reply 0
  • The Stanley Parable creator reveals The Beginner's Guide

  • ROMhack 30/09/2015


    Yes. It's good and I was being utterly sarcastic.

    Thankfully everyone realised that and and nobody took offence at my joust towards people who dismiss these types of game, as evidenced by my comment which titilated so many it now remains buried for fear of launching others into a state of hilarity-induced apoplexy.

    It's a good job the audience of The Stanley Parable can so easily to pick up on double meanings -- otherwise they might actually end up appreciating the satirical humour the game's foundations are built on...
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  • ROMhack 29/09/2015

    The Stanley Parable? More like The Stanley Walking Simulator.

    Am I right, fellas?

    Because, like, you walk and stuff.
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  • Rich Stanton on: Year Walk and the future Nintendo predicted

  • ROMhack 26/09/2015

    Good article, but I'm left wondering what this Wii U version offers that the existing system/OS the game was released doesn't do already.

    If Nintendo acknowledges competition because of rival screens then it doesn't do anything to circumvent the issue by adding more screens. It should, if anything, accept that it will always be in competition for attention regardless of how many screens the Wii U uses. So, the point would be to blow people out of the water in order to attempt to fend people away from stopping play. I know a lot of my friends (especially my Girlfriend) lacks the ability to pay attention, but when they're engrossed they don't grab their mobiles. Year Walk is a specialists game too, so I'm not sure it should be considered for a mainstream audience (ie those that lack attention)

    Great game, though. As is Device 6 -- a game which would be even more ingenious on the Wii U Controller than Year Walk is.
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 review

  • ROMhack 22/09/2015


    That was one of the major issues last year, as well.
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  • ROMhack 22/09/2015


    Well, it's difficult to talk about the gameplay. Much of the goodness of sports titles comes from how it feels. That's often hard to write about.

    That said, why not post a video of the reviewer playing it and recording his thoughts on the fly. It's exactly the kind of game that demands it (if not every game).
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  • ROMhack 22/09/2015

    Last year's game got a great review too and it was riddled by problems, not only in terms of the balance being shifted completely towards attackers, but also because its online component was hugely outdated, and the menus being incredibly cumbersome to navigate.

    It may well be a great game but sports games are usually overrated. Their flaws become remarkably jarring over time and are not especially obvious for the first 5-10 hours of play.

    I've bought PES for the past few years on good recommendations and they've all had problems. I haven't touched Fifa in that time.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The unfinished swan song

  • ROMhack 22/09/2015

    Good article. I'm happy we're starting to dissect MGSV now Afghan dust has begun to settle. The reviews weren't particularly interesting, I have to say -- then again, reviews for AAA games that have been hyped to hell rarely are.

    Personally, I tend to think the quest for a big hooray finish is what leads to problems. I've seen a lot of movies (from across the world and time) and the best ones usually end without being overly reliant on the final scene. I don't really agree with the aphorism of finishing on wowing them in the end, but I can certainly see how it works as a spectacle.

    And make no mistake, MGSV is mostly spectacle, so it makes sense why the lack of a stand-out ending seems weird. I think it'd be easier to forgive the situation if the previous moments held something tangibly interesting to cling to, but they don't.
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  • SOMA review

  • ROMhack 21/09/2015

    I'm surprised A Machine for Pigs didn't get a small retrospective when EGTTR came out. It's a really good and, more importantly, intelligent game... as long as you don't mind having your expectations dismantled. Unfortunately, I think too many people did, so it ended up with a kind-of pariah status among gamers.

    Boo. Hiss.

    Looking forward to this, though.
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  • ROMhack 21/09/2015

    I loved that "Walking Simulator" sequel to the PewDiePie game, so it's great to hear Frictional have taken some cues from the boyz behind the end of the world. Reply -3
  • Redesigning the world's most-played PC game

  • ROMhack 21/09/2015


    Always On.

    If you're not Always On how can Uncle Microsoft see what you're up to? Uncle Microsoft won't be able to sleep, and you wouldn't want to deprive your dearest kin of their precious electric sheep.
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  • ROMhack 20/09/2015

    Interesting. I wouldn't throw Solitaire and Minesweeper into the same category as Candy Crush. It's no Sudoku, but the former two are very patient games, while Candy Crush's whole thing is its bells/whistles. It's positively a digital fruit machine by comparison. Reply +14
  • Here's our first look at the Ghost in the Shell first-person shooter

  • ROMhack 17/09/2015

    Nexon? Fuck no. Go play NeoTokyo instead. Reply +4
  • The BBC's Grand Theft Auto drama was weird and meaningless

  • ROMhack 16/09/2015

    Mostly everything BBC does outside of BBC4 is weird and meaningless these days.

    That BBC Radio 6 video game curation Oli Welsh was on last week was also terrible. Felt like it had come straight out of the 90s when gaming was thought of as a kind of sub-culture.
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  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux is out now on Steam

  • ROMhack 12/09/2015


    It's cheaper on Humble Bundle at the moment.

    As is usually the way with Steam's Draconian, 1984-like, Kakfka-esque representation of a digital distribution service based on the dystopic vision of LA from Ridley Scott's, Blade Runner.

    Edit: I can't tell if people are being offended, find my joke unfunny, or are American.
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  • Catch a teasing glimpse of SOMA's monsters

  • ROMhack 10/09/2015

    I'm still left wondering if Frictional plan to do something more with this one. Great setting and all, but the first-person adventure genre (including its horror component) has been going through a major revitalisation of late and Frictional would be silly to leave it behind.

    I know nobody liked A Machine For Pigs because it tried to make critical commentary and wasn't just about the scare factor (sorry YouTube), but I'd be disappointed if Frictional didn't see TheChineseRoom's idea as something worth building on with their own brand of horror-game.

    Especially because Until Dawn has recently come out and done something kinda interesting, too.
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  • So, Mr Kojima, do we feel "ashamed" over Quiet?

  • ROMhack 07/09/2015

    I haven't got as far as Quiet's introduction yet by it all sounds quiet hilariously ill-judged.

    It's time like this I start to wonder whether it was actually Kojima who came up with the main ideas in MGS2, or somebody else entirely.
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  • Video: Video game vehicles that are so rubbish we'd rather walk

  • ROMhack 06/09/2015

    7 things you absolutely need to know about the SHOCKING truth of click bait. Reply +33
  • Right now, you're better off playing Metal Gear Solid 5 offline

  • ROMhack 03/09/2015

    I'm all for dissing microtransactions but I don't think these kind of ones are particularly problematic. If people want to waste their money on shit like this so be it but they aren't integral components to the game.

    Unless the microtransactions directly affect the game -- be it the removal of an object to sell or the blocking off of important elements for people unwilling to pay -- then it's not really a big deal. I'm not often sympathetic to the big games developers but considering how much AAA games cost to make (too much, most of the time) then I guess they really do have to figure out a new way to make money. It's only when small budget studios (or 'indies') start doing the same thing that I'll panic.

    And I'm not saying this just because it's MGSV--personally, I wouldn't even say the game is 'Essential'. Great, but not essential.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5 is certainly a Hideo Kojima game where it matters most

  • ROMhack 01/09/2015


    It's an awful game to review. The amount of hype-baggage it has is ruinous to a neutral perspective.

    But beyond that I really think it's just as much a fan's game as MGS4 was and that's another problem entirely. It's great to me as an MGS fan but I'd be lying if I thought that it's a game everyone will appreciate it. It is, after all, the 5th game in a series filled with narrative and back-story and if you haven't played MGS then you will be lost. As good as it is (somewhat inconsistent story aside), it's not really 'essential' to anybody who isn't an MGS fan.

    However, it probably will get Essential because of the hype-baggage and level of expectations. That's basically why reviews are a problem for AAA games these days, but we'll see.
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  • ROMhack 01/09/2015

    In case anybody was wondering, the game has 3 writers -- Hideo Kojima, Hidenari Inamura, Shuyo Murata. The latter wrote and directed ZOE 2.

    I played for a few hours and I couldn't help but think that the game's writing was way too much for one man alone. Especially because, unlike Kojima's Twitter, it mentioned nothing about what somebody was eating for dinner or Drive.

    So yeah, it feels like a Kojima game in terms of design but the dialogue definitely feels like a combined effort.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots review

  • ROMhack 30/08/2015

    I always felt like MGS4 was a missed opportunity in many ways. The background of the game - its contemporary politics about the middle east, proxy wars, and PMCs - made the game seem hugely interesting in the beginning moments but it very quickly descends into a grandiose comic book story filled with nostalgia and melodrama, both of which are perfectly placed and misplaced in equal measure.

    Essentially it was way too unhinged and suffered for it. A gigantic, glorious mess of a game that still still stands as a great (the best?) example of a fan's game. In the same breath though, that's the major problem.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 3: From Russia with love

  • ROMhack 30/08/2015

    There's no other game out there that makes me realise how different my tastes are to other gamers than MGS3.

    Granted the gameplay is great (the best game for it, probably) but, as the author attests to, it's a huge departure from the more philosophically minded second game and I've always been miffied by that.

    MGS is a good game but of its in-depth narrative, excellent story, and well-designed gameplay but it presented a far more conventional turn for the series - a turn The Phantom Pain is still following (no spoilers).
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  • Can last-gen consoles handle Metal Gear Solid 5?

  • ROMhack 29/08/2015

    I wish it ran better but, to be honest, if it's playable on my PS3 then it's fine. I've certainly played games that have run poorly (most recently Kentucky Route Zero on my old Laptop) but I've enjoyed them regardless. Also, the original Bayonetta on PS3 springs to mind.

    I know it's lame and maybe it makes me a pariah (which I'm okay with) but I've been living with this for 25 years and I've come to terms with it: I play games based on content and I am proud.
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  • Until Dawn review

  • ROMhack 27/08/2015

    Watched a bit of it last night. Its B-Movie teeny plot turns me away (do we need more bad video game stories? even if purposefully so) but I'm all in favour of more of this type of game - cinematic but without confusing that as interchangeable for action-packed.

    Eventually somebody will find a way of combining the new-found interest in cinematic games with Kentucky Route Zero's unflinching literary aspect and the result will be great. Of course you can bet your butt it won't have David Cage's name attached.

    In fact, wait a minute. Maybe TheChineseRoom already did...
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  • Devil's Third review

  • ROMhack 26/08/2015


    So many negs for that "mature" comment. I don't get why.

    But let's get things straight: "Mature" is a flimsy word in the gaming world. It doesn't equate to quality. It more equates to "blood and gore" -- which is never a hallmark of anything by itself.

    Anybody would be quite right to say that the Wii U's "mature" titles are usually not mature at all. For instance, ZombiU is mature but it's not particularly intelligent nor really insightful. Really, how mature do you have to be to really get what the game is doing? Not very I'd wager.

    But still, let's give Nintendo some credit. The Wii U's ethos is its Universal appeal -- the best games are Nintendo's own because they're of excellent quality and able to be appreciate by adults and children alike. I rarely buy Ninty's games these days but even I can see that.
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  • What's the deal with Metal Gear Solid 5 microtransactions?

  • ROMhack 25/08/2015

    To be fair, I'm okay not paying. Reply 0
  • Grow Home wins PSN Instant Game Collection poll

  • ROMhack 24/08/2015

    To be fair, the fact that another throwaway game with zombies in the name didn't storm the poll is a victory for the everyday man. Reply +29