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  • Right now, you're better off playing Metal Gear Solid 5 offline

  • ROMhack 03/09/2015

    I'm all for dissing microtransactions but I don't think these kind of ones are particularly problematic. If people want to waste their money on shit like this so be it but they aren't integral components to the game.

    Unless the microtransactions directly affect the game -- be it the removal of an object to sell or the blocking off of important elements for people unwilling to pay -- then it's not really a big deal. I'm not often sympathetic to the big games developers but considering how much AAA games cost to make (too much, most of the time) then I guess they really do have to figure out a new way to make money. It's only when small budget studios (or 'indies') start doing the same thing that I'll panic.

    And I'm not saying this just because it's MGSV--personally, I wouldn't even say the game is 'Essential'. Great, but not essential.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5 is certainly a Hideo Kojima game where it matters most

  • ROMhack 01/09/2015


    It's an awful game to review. The amount of hype-baggage it has is ruinous to a neutral perspective.

    But beyond that I really think it's just as much a fan's game as MGS4 was and that's another problem entirely. It's great to me as an MGS fan but I'd be lying if I thought that it's a game everyone will appreciate it. It is, after all, the 5th game in a series filled with narrative and back-story and if you haven't played MGS then you will be lost. As good as it is (somewhat inconsistent story aside), it's not really 'essential' to anybody who isn't an MGS fan.

    However, it probably will get Essential because of the hype-baggage and level of expectations. That's basically why reviews are a problem for AAA games these days, but we'll see.
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  • ROMhack 01/09/2015

    In case anybody was wondering, the game has 3 writers -- Hideo Kojima, Hidenari Inamura, Shuyo Murata. The latter wrote and directed ZOE 2.

    I played for a few hours and I couldn't help but think that the game's writing was way too much for one man alone. Especially because, unlike Kojima's Twitter, it mentioned nothing about what somebody was eating for dinner or Drive.

    So yeah, it feels like a Kojima game in terms of design but the dialogue definitely feels like a combined effort.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots review

  • ROMhack 30/08/2015

    I always felt like MGS4 was a missed opportunity in many ways. The background of the game - its contemporary politics about the middle east, proxy wars, and PMCs - made the game seem hugely interesting in the beginning moments but it very quickly descends into a grandiose comic book story filled with nostalgia and melodrama, both of which are perfectly placed and misplaced in equal measure.

    Essentially it was way too unhinged and suffered for it. A gigantic, glorious mess of a game that still still stands as a great (the best?) example of a fan's game. In the same breath though, that's the major problem.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 3: From Russia with love

  • ROMhack 30/08/2015

    There's no other game out there that makes me realise how different my tastes are to other gamers than MGS3.

    Granted the gameplay is great (the best game for it, probably) but, as the author attests to, it's a huge departure from the more philosophically minded second game and I've always been miffied by that.

    MGS is a good game but of its in-depth narrative, excellent story, and well-designed gameplay but it presented a far more conventional turn for the series - a turn The Phantom Pain is still following (no spoilers).
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  • Can last-gen consoles handle Metal Gear Solid 5?

  • ROMhack 29/08/2015

    I wish it ran better but, to be honest, if it's playable on my PS3 then it's fine. I've certainly played games that have run poorly (most recently Kentucky Route Zero on my old Laptop) but I've enjoyed them regardless. Also, the original Bayonetta on PS3 springs to mind.

    I know it's lame and maybe it makes me a pariah (which I'm okay with) but I've been living with this for 25 years and I've come to terms with it: I play games based on content and I am proud.
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  • Until Dawn review

  • ROMhack 27/08/2015

    Watched a bit of it last night. Its B-Movie teeny plot turns me away (do we need more bad video game stories? even if purposefully so) but I'm all in favour of more of this type of game - cinematic but without confusing that as interchangeable for action-packed.

    Eventually somebody will find a way of combining the new-found interest in cinematic games with Kentucky Route Zero's unflinching literary aspect and the result will be great. Of course you can bet your butt it won't have David Cage's name attached.

    In fact, wait a minute. Maybe TheChineseRoom already did...
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  • Devil's Third review

  • ROMhack 26/08/2015


    So many negs for that "mature" comment. I don't get why.

    But let's get things straight: "Mature" is a flimsy word in the gaming world. It doesn't equate to quality. It more equates to "blood and gore" -- which is never a hallmark of anything by itself.

    Anybody would be quite right to say that the Wii U's "mature" titles are usually not mature at all. For instance, ZombiU is mature but it's not particularly intelligent nor really insightful. Really, how mature do you have to be to really get what the game is doing? Not very I'd wager.

    But still, let's give Nintendo some credit. The Wii U's ethos is its Universal appeal -- the best games are Nintendo's own because they're of excellent quality and able to be appreciate by adults and children alike. I rarely buy Ninty's games these days but even I can see that.
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  • What's the deal with Metal Gear Solid 5 microtransactions?

  • ROMhack 25/08/2015

    To be fair, I'm okay not paying. Reply 0
  • Grow Home wins PSN Instant Game Collection poll

  • ROMhack 24/08/2015

    To be fair, the fact that another throwaway game with zombies in the name didn't storm the poll is a victory for the everyday man. Reply +28
  • All the instruments compatible with Rock Band 4

  • ROMhack 24/08/2015


    The song choice has been a problem with most of the games.

    In fact, I'd like to theorise something: the first few Rock Band/Guitar Hero games did incredibly well because they were essentially fantasy games. They allowed you to play out that classic rock fantasy notion in your living room. Liking dad-rock or not didn't matter because the songs the games used were well established classics more often than not. They were backed by an implicit kind of silly over the top, but incredibly fun, idealistic vision of rock. That kind of vision is very much real -- it was, for instance, popularised in both that Tendacious D Movie and School of Rock.

    Most of the newer games (including this upcoming one) have gone for choices that are far too trendy. I prefer most of these songs to listen to but they ultimately reflect the play/listen for 5 minutes attitude. They're songs for the gym; they won't last decades.

    It's the main reason I think these games will yet fail. They'll have their five minutes of fame (mostly because of nostalgia) and die yet another death because they don't seem to understand what made the originals resonate with so many people.

    That and the fact we're all probably a bit more fickle because we have even more entertainment choices than ever before.
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  • The Phantom Pain is unlike other Metal Gear games

  • ROMhack 24/08/2015

    As much as I'm looking forward to it I can't wait for the hype to die down. Call me a negative Nancy but it's only really a month or two after a game is released that people move away from the 'yay it's good' or 'nay it's bad' type-attitudes and start to provide interesting thoughts and dialogues about it.

    Usually I don't buy games at launch and I try to avoid fan-culture like the plague but it's unavoidable if you opt for a game at launch -- MGS5 will be the first game I've planned to buy Day 1 in years and I know I'll have to avoid everything about it on the net come that point.

    Just looking at the comments here, you can see it's a game born on hype. Justified or not (it is), that's always a horrible thing in video games.
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  • The least realistic things video games think cars can do

  • ROMhack 23/08/2015

    I hate that shameless method of starting videos with numbers. Reply +1
  • iOS version of Final Fantasy 7 rolling out now

  • ROMhack 20/08/2015

    Final Fantasy 7 is in a long list of JRPGs that have a fantastic reputation but I have no idea how good it really is.

    People seem to love it, but most people seem to love it because they loved it when they were kids.

    I don't trust kids and at 12.99 I won't trust Square Enix either.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

  • ROMhack 19/08/2015

    I was going to go to the Zombi review today and point out that I think zombie games are bloody boring, but, you know what, I didn't.

    There's a lesson for the haters.
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  • Here's what Zombi looks like on PlayStation 4

  • ROMhack 17/08/2015


    I think it has a lot to do with the fact that a lot of lonely kids spend their free time on the internet.

    Those YouTubers are so unbearably over the top to an adult but they're often really nice and act as if they're broadcasting directly to their friends (PewDiePie certainly does this).

    Put the two together and you've got a massive internet business built around alienation, entertainment and good old-fashioned niceness.

    That's my assessment anyway.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 2: The first postmodern video game

  • ROMhack 16/08/2015


    Yeah. Evangelion and MGS2 are probably the staple components of Japanese postmodernism in pop culture . I'm sure Kojima was influenced by Hideaki, although Kojima seems to go the way of contemporary thinkers like Baudrillard/Derrida and Hideaki is more inline with Nietzsche/Freud.

    But both riff completely on expectations before deconstructing them - Evangelion on the mecha genre conventions, and MGS2 on MGS1 (a hugely popular action adventure game that most people enjoyed simply on face-value alone).

    Clever stuff.
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  • ROMhack 16/08/2015

    MGS2 was always one of those games people called a 'mindfuck' but the older I got the more I realised that kind of thing was circumvented by paying attention to what is going on. It's a bit off but not entirely complicated and the premise is elaborated a lot, especially towards the end when you're nearing the final moments of the Big Shell.

    Overall, it's a great sci-fi game about society, technology, and fear with a uniquely zany plot that shows an unapologetic combination of spy-fiction and comic-books. Maybe a bit cut-scene heavy but it's got something hugely interesting about it if you're willing to listen. It seems especially prescient for today's climate given the situation with the Internet, privacy, and the NSA.

    Also, I think the point about modernism and post-modernism is interesting when comparing MGS1 and MGS2 but there's no way MGS2 is actually the first post-modern game. Even from the year it was released, Suda51's Flower, Sun, and Rain came out earlier.

    Good article though. I do enjoy these.

    If you need future ideas then MGS3 you can discuss and its relationship to the Cold War and MGS4's reflection on modern-day proxy wars, warlords, and middle-east conflict. In my eyes, Kojima views Snake(s) a bit like a CQC trained Forrest Gump - his Snakes are always involved in the major political struggles of the 20th century.
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  • Why I will never call video games a hobby

  • ROMhack 15/08/2015


    'As someone else said earlier, by all means make and play games that transend mere entertainement but please spare us from the 'oh you don't like it because you don't get what its trying to say, it doesn't speak on your level' claptrap.'

    Agreed. The best way to entertain (hue) this problem is to simply write more engaging articles about video-games and thus transcend the issue.

    Like this, from a few days ago -
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  • ROMhack 15/08/2015


    'Its not the sentiment, its the condecending nature with which it was delivered'

    To me this is always a massive shame and probably the long and short of the problem. What's wrong with people these days that they're so easily offended? Some people have disagreed and made good counter-arguments but many have simply got their knickers in a twist because the author personally offended their values by having his own opinion.

    This exact issue cropped up a few days ago on Eurogamer during the Nintendo Podcast article. People were more outraged that the guy had inadvertently insulted some fans (by making a sterotypical sarcastic remark) rather than his excellent explanation about Nintendo's unwillingness to localize games that wouldn't reap much reward.
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  • ROMhack 15/08/2015


    What's wrong with walking?
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  • ROMhack 15/08/2015


    Oh absolutely. The same can be said about critics and gamers though.

    I always find it strange when people think their tastes will naturally cover the entire medium.
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  • ROMhack 15/08/2015


    'And games writers should stop falling back on the hoary cliches of the middling art critic; that art needs to 'say something' or have an element of social commentary'

    Is this an attack on objectivism? Surely the individual always finds value in art that speaks to them personally?
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  • ROMhack 15/08/2015

    I always find problems with the comparison to film.

    To me, video-games are more like animation. They create entirely new worlds, not frame reality. It's similar but there's a massive difference because one is effectively using the real-world and the other is constructing a virtual representation of it. Simulation and simulacra.

    It's why I think the best games tend to have an overt metaphor at the heart of them. They're effectively playing around with a broad representation and they haven't mastered the fine art of intricacy yet.
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  • The Chinese Room: A look behind Britain's boldest studio

  • ROMhack 14/08/2015

    I really like TheChineseRoom but I'm sure even they'll concede that their work on Amnesia was destined to have problems (if it got them a better reputation then that's great though).

    They effectively took a series that had been popularised by Youtube players (see: PewDiePie) and turned it into a game with a central premise that served as a metaphor for the social horrors of Capitalist society (the machines being technology, and the pigs being the workers - or something like that).

    They are both good games but ones with incredibly different purposes. Frictional's is more about keeping the player in the game and virtually engaged in the virtual world, whereas TheChineseRoom's is about using the virtual world to make a statement beyond the virtual world.

    For what it's worth, that's precisely why I like them though. It's rare to encounter video-game developers who want you to see their video-games as a product of the real world, not an escapist fantasy detached from it. It's also why I like Kojima (Metal Gear Solid 1,2, and 4) and Suda51 (Killer 7) and Shigetsai Itoi (Earthbound & Mother 3) and those guys who made The Talos Principle, Bioshock 1, Gone Home, and System Shock 2 (to name a disparate collection of the very first games that sprung to mind).

    Unfortunately I don't have a PS4 so I can't play Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, but I've been wholly impressed by their previous two games and it's massively annoying when people simply dismiss their output for not being video-game-like-enough.
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  • ROMhack 14/08/2015


    To be fair, there's nothing wrong with criticising things you don't like. For instance, I still think it's fair game to say Hollywood movies are a bit shitty; otherwise we might forget that and give in to the unadulterated delights of the consumer industry losing any semblance of taste in the process.

    The problem is that more often than not, the internet warriors who don't like these kinds of games don't have anything better to point out that than they simply don't like it.
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  • Nintendo employee fired after podcast remarks on localisation, fans

  • ROMhack 14/08/2015


    I'm really struggling to see how he disrespected his consumer base (the mimicking tone?)

    In fact, maybe this is the problem - some group seems to have been really offended over something incredibly trivial.
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  • ROMhack 14/08/2015


    That's true. But it's also a massive shame when people can't emphasise with people stuck in that system. Naturally, being paid money to work for a company doesn't mean you suddenly stop forming opinions about the direction of said company. Opinions should never be disregarded off the bat because opinions tend to lead to creativity and that's never a bad thing (unless you're working for a control-freak employer).

    But regardless, he didn't exactly go off on one so I think it's quite easy to empathise with him. All he did was outline that games won't get translated if they don't think there's a market for them.

    But at least this shows Nintendo aren't the happy-go-lucky rainbow coloured company that their PR tries to suggest they are. No massive publisher is.
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  • ROMhack 14/08/2015



    It says far more about Nintendo's inability to address their own problems than him for simply having an opinion about them.
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  • ROMhack 14/08/2015

    Holy shit. He's done nothing but say the truth - and not even offensively. Reply +61
  • Frontier ports RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 to mobile with no in-app purchases

  • ROMhack 13/08/2015


    Just buy it on GOG or Steam

    If it doesn't work, you'll get your money back (I do believe)
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  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture review

  • ROMhack 12/08/2015

    I've been a massive fan of TheChineseRoom for a while now. Dear Esther was an interesting experiment - even as a spruced-up prototype - and their version of Amnesia was a better game because it a actual message behind it - even though 98% of people who played it didn't realise that - so it's with great sadness that I realise I don't own a PS4 and can't play this.

    Regardless it's getting a lot of buzz lately so me thinks it might be because it's on a console rather than PC. I'm expecting the Talos Principle to do the same when that gets ported over.

    Both of those games will have their critics (children and man-children) but they're firmly in a category of 'adult-gaming' and we should have more of them because I'm generally pretty sick to death of killing things.
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  • Pixels: the Eurogamer review

  • ROMhack 10/08/2015

    This looked fucking awful judging by the bus poster Reply 0
  • The epic in the edgelands

  • ROMhack 08/08/2015

    Good read.

    Ultimately, it boils down to game setting's reflecting something we see in the real-world; a feeling stretched by this overwhelming sense of adventure that is always part of our childhood, which is destroyed by the usual cynicism of adulthood and only relived through visual-mediums like film and video-games (literature can do it too).

    Has EuroGamer considered writing a feature on game locations? I know Edge does it. It's a very interesting subject.
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  • Scalebound is a different kind of Platinum Game

  • ROMhack 07/08/2015


    Agreed. It seems to lack typical Platinum inventiveness.

    They've opted for something that's already pretty established rather than do their own thing - dragons + fantasy + generic angsty video-game protag.

    I don't get the hype, really. I actually think it has more to do with the fantasy-setting than Kamiya's involvement.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay footage features actual tombs

  • ROMhack 05/08/2015

    Nothing really wrong with the violence. I just hope people actually address that it's a silly, not serious game this time around (as the last one was too). Reply 0
  • Looks like Final Fantasy 12 HD Remaster is real

  • ROMhack 03/08/2015

    I've always heard great things about this one. Reply +1
  • Watch Everybody's Gone To The Rapture's mysterious launch trailer

  • ROMhack 03/08/2015

    Excited for this one. Reply +14
  • New article on Konami paints a bleak picture

  • ROMhack 03/08/2015

    I think everyone knows that there's something seriously wrong at Konami.

    It wasn't this latest Kojima escapade that made it obvious either though, it was:

    a) PES during the entire last-gen
    b) Silent Hill being treated more like Fatal Frame
    c) Lack of new IPs in general (Elebits the last one???)
    d) Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes (paid demo)
    e) Pulling out of E3 conferences

    Then Kojima happened.
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  • Sony will let Plus members vote on the PS4 Instant Game Collection

  • ROMhack 01/08/2015

    Terrible idea. No surprise a game with 'Zombies' in the title is winning. Reply 0
  • Capcom wants your "honest and frank" opinion about the Resident Evil 2 fan remake

  • ROMhack 30/07/2015

    Dono Crisis was great. It was like a silly B-Movie trying to be a little bit serious and being enjoyable as a result. The game is the holy triumvirate of action, puzzles, and exploration.

    Not sure how to think about a Resi 2 remake though. I never really got on board with the Resi 1 Remake. It was a better horror game sure, but it felt quite serious, which never made sense to me given the ridiculousness of the game's entire premise.

    Much preferred the originals, and the spin-offs (like Code Veronica).
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  • London's last dedicated arcade calls for help after break-in

  • ROMhack 28/07/2015


    Some good points concerning security but RE: the one about Contents Insurance

    'Starkey has had experience of dealing with insurance companies before and, knowing how long a claim can take to prove, made the decision to begin fundraising so the HOG's doors could be back open sooner rather than later.'

    They have it, I guess, but they want to re-open sooner than later by the sounds of things.

    I do personally wonder why they operate in the middle of an estate in North Acton. Isn't there room for this somewhere else, or are their operating costs too high to permit it? I could see it working in Central London.

    I wish we had some journalists around here sometimes...
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  • Uncharted 2's PS4 teaser leaves us hungry for more

  • ROMhack 22/07/2015

    Just signing in to say that Uncharted is pretty fucking boring. Reply 0
  • Rory McIlroy PGA Tour takes UK chart top spot

  • ROMhack 20/07/2015

    I heard the game was the same as ever, and I read a bunch of other credible review sites that said they'd removed a load of content. Plus, I never buy these games anyway and I'm not a fan of golf anyway.

    But you should definitely review this game like it'll sway my opinion somehow.
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  • ROMhack 20/07/2015


    If the game isn't sold in Morrisons then it's not getting in the chart.
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  • Video: How to make your own video game

  • ROMhack 18/07/2015


    Agreed, most people are distinctly uninterested in a broad range of games but that's the way it goes. They're out there so if you're interested in putting the time, effort, and critical-thought into it then you'll find something far beyond a plethora of Blockbuster sequels. You have to do the hard-work though.
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  • Goat Simulator screams onto PS3, PS4 in August

  • ROMhack 16/07/2015

    The gaming equivalent of The Crazy Frog song Reply +2
  • Amazon Prime day deals detailed

  • ROMhack 14/07/2015

    You guys are so cynical.

    These giant soulless games are absolutely perfect for the giant soulless corporation that is Amazon.
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  • Canadian teen who harassed female League of Legend players jailed

  • ROMhack 10/07/2015

    'A frequent tactic of his was to phone a victim's local police force and state that he was holding the girl's family hostage, or that he had killed someone in the house.'

    Sounds like a video-game villain
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  • CoD: Black Ops 3's Zombie Mode stars Jeff Goldblum and Ron Perlman

  • ROMhack 10/07/2015

    Oh yeah, that actor I like is in it. That'll make it precisely a billion times better. Reply +6