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  • Guacamelee! dev's next game, Severed, looks twisted, brilliant

  • ROMhack 14/04/2014

    @Playstationman I'm not that cynical, but for me very few indie games ever surpass 7 outta 10s. A lot of them (like Guacamelee for instance) end up as nice ideas but they always feel like a snack rather than a full-course meal, and often a kind of new-take on an old-thing (i.e. MetroidVania). I'm not sure what holds them back really because they're definitely quite creative even at their worst. I'd be willing to say that they might be putting too much focus into aesthetics and because of that they are making up for the lack the extra gameplay inventiveness which would make them stand out.

    Apart from Kentucky Route Zero I really am struggling to think of an Indie game with a good story.
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  • ROMhack 14/04/2014

    This is what I'm talking about

    No Guacamelee 2: Electric Boogaloo
    A fresh IP for y'all to chew
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  • Hotline Miami 2 trailer is gory-ous

  • ROMhack 08/04/2014

    I really like the first game but, like Fez, it doesn't seem to need a sequel. Ever since I heard it was getting one it's made me pretty cynical about the future of Indie-Game development.

    I've always suspected that one of the main reasons for the blindingly high amount of sequels in video-games is that they are developed/published by mainstream studios who plan/aim to make more than one game. As such, recouping money by taking advantage of popularity makes sense for funding future development possibilities (i.e. new ideas). That's not really been shown to be the case in Indie Game Development yet, so I wonder if this is a cash-grab, a letter of love, neither or either.
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  • Microsoft's Windows XP support ends today

  • ROMhack 08/04/2014

    I still use XP Reply +9
  • The numbers game

  • ROMhack 05/04/2014


    'For instance, at Guardian Films, Peter Bradshaw will review all the movies regardless of genre or tone. That approach with games wouldn't make sense. Why would someone with no interest in football review PES or FIFA? So straight away we accept some kind of genre bias from reviews, but that is open to all kinds of distortion. Often we will see someone bash a game when reading between the lines they are really expressing dissatisfaction with a genre they seemingly don't really get.'

    That's something to wrestle with but, just as you've illustrated with film, I don't think it should be an issue for a reviewer to get to grips with multiple genres. If a game is good (interesting, unique, insightful) then I'm sure you can tell that whatever the genre is, whether the reviewer 'likes' that genre or not. The problem is more likely to stem from reviewers trying to keep up with how they think fans of that genre/style of game will think about the game and adjust accordingly. This invites bias that need not be there, especially since games are a gratifying-medium and it's hard to think that some people out there won't get some kicks from it. But then again, so are films so why don't those reviewers struggle in the same way?

    As an aside, Sports games, and Racing games (let's just say non-narrative games) are probably one of the few areas where this doesn't apply. I've never thought they were easy genres to review but that suggests how wcores for a lot of those games make no sense at all really; they have even become their own thing at times (rivalry if you like). For instance, I think it was Eurogamer who gave PES 2014 a 9 this year. Well, the game wasn't finished and it didn't play so well so a 9 was just damn silly but the score almost felt like the reviewer's way of trying to one-up it on Fifa, getting the audience to give some more attention to the game than they usually wuld. It wasn't really its own 9.
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  • ROMhack 05/04/2014

    I actually like the idea of Metacritic. What I dislike is the way most reviewers score with something Eurogamer hasn't mentioned here: a secret agenda built to lure their audience for the sake of hits/not pissing off people, which has prompted a problem with scores in the first one. One of over-inflation.

    Eurogamer is just one example because the scores it uses can rank from 1 - 10 but the score they give to a game is often inflated falling somewhere around, I don't know, 'Eurogamer gives X game an 8 again'. I gather that if you collated all the data together then most games would fit somewhere around 7 or 8, which in essence represents the problem with scoring in the modern-day world of online-reviewing and that is that you have ruined the system making 7 or 8 the average score. Saying nothing about the well-written text, I usually have to knock off two points from what is given at the end of a review to get a more realistic understanding of it, and say what you like but I do reject a world where most games are worth 8. Many of them play well, look good, but are completely ephemeral and their short-lived-ness should be regarded as something which marks the experience as probably not as worthy of a high score.

    Gamers are probably quite a young demographic who are likely the scourge of the internet high-sea but sources treat them with kid-gloves, fearing consternation and rejecting the premise that they can score a game as they see fit. Big/popular games are given easier rides and it's clear the reason is one of feedback, which is where the problem comes from because when you give a good-looking, bit-of-a-boring game like Halo 4 an 8 then it sets a precedent for when another good-looking, bit-of-a-boring game comes out, as well as when a good-looking, promising but faltering Indie title comes out. 8 becomes the new way of saying 'well it's worth your attention' when 8 should be 'a great game' (9 = A Fantastic Games, and 10 = An exceptional, timeless title) or something like that pertaining to the thought of the well informed reviewer.

    Also, I'm not one of those people who thinks objectivity should come into the equation. If the reviewer has a good understanding, history and care for the medium you'll see it reflected in their review and often that itself will let you know why they think giving lower scores than normal might be a necessary thing.
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  • ROMhack 05/04/2014

    @Haydar If that game was a film it would be Saw and it wouldn't be well received (except by teens) Reply 0
  • PC and PS4 horror Soma set at the bottom of the sea

  • ROMhack 03/04/2014

    Brave New World meets Bioshock?

    I hope it is.
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  • Alien Isolation release date announced

  • ROMhack 31/03/2014

    Will they ever release a Solaris game? Reply 0
  • Wii U Virtual Console gets first GBA game next week

  • ROMhack 25/03/2014

    I saw the headline and said to myself it'd be Advance Wars. It's a pretty inoffensive title to try out. Good, but a predictable choice (apparently).

    Nintendo have a way of fannying about with their old games like nobody else. I still think they've sabotaged the 3DS E-Store to promote games like this on the Wii U Exclusively, which is unfriendly.
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  • Why the PC version of Titanfall is a 48GB install

  • ROMhack 11/03/2014

    No doubt it promotes people not wanting to pirate such a large file and that's the actual reason.

    I think it's quite a good idea.
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  • See how classic Nintendo games look with the Oculus Rift

  • ROMhack 08/03/2014

    Interesting videos and a good-hobby to have. Metroid Prime still gives me motion-sickness so I can't imagine how bad it'd be through Oculus Rift.

    Also, I don't get the whole problem about emulators. It's like the original-sin of video-games. God-forbid we just hope people enjoy games or something. I do my bit by paying for my games; they'd need to pay me to be a shill for them.
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  • Ken Levine: BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Ep2 will be longer

  • ROMhack 05/02/2014

    I didn't realise this DLC came in episodes. That's a pretty lame indictment of the system when it comes to the big developers who have already made money on their game. It's not like this kind of episodic content reflects the source upon which the game is based (like TellTale Games) or that it's being used because the developer is small and needs to supplement the cost of each episode by releasing in parts (Kentucky Route Zero).

    Glad I didn't buy it now. It looked somewhat interesting at first.
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  • Giant Boulder of Death review

  • ROMhack 02/10/2013

    Why not 10/10? It looks like the best game ever... Reply 0
  • This is what cancelled Turok 2 looked like

  • ROMhack 20/09/2013

    It looked like a bunch of cut-scenes and concept art Reply +2
  • PES 2014 review

  • ROMhack 18/09/2013

    Moving away from the score, that's a very well-written review. Descriptive yet personal, and much better than the majority of sports games reviews which concentrate merely on the spectacle and the systems.

    I think if you're the kind of person to call Fifa 'realistic' you still might have a hard time being convinced by PES, which is for all accounts and purposes a game, which as Tom mentions, rewards methodology over madness. The one big thing that separates them is speed. Fifa has the opportunity to be a fantastic game but it's unbearably fast; rather like a YouTube compilation video with all the boring bits cut out to make everything seem action-packed. To me that's not football.
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  • FIFA 14 and PES 2014 demos go live

  • ROMhack 12/09/2013

    @Kmfrob Wow if it's slower then I apologise. It's still really fast to me though. That's Fifa though. That's the appeal. End to end gameplay, action, shots, goals galore. Reply 0
  • ROMhack 12/09/2013

    Fifa has been getting faster and faster year on year. I think the fans like that style though judging by those who think PES is too methodical. Reply +1
  • Why Resogun could be the star of the PS4 launch

  • ROMhack 30/08/2013

    I'm convinced this will be the generation in which we start to get bored of the glitter and glamour of retail games and realise that the best games can be found via digital for a cheaper price. Reply 0
  • PES 2014 preview: Why I'll be making the switch back this year

  • ROMhack 02/08/2013


    Honestly, it's pretty much always been this way. Even though the gameplay has changed in both a lot over the years, Fifa has been universally praised for its approach to making a universally appealing football game. PES is, and has always been, the more esoteric game. There's no coincidence that it only started getting universal praise by reviewers when they actually realised that people universally liked it. This is what carried the high scores into PES 2008; a game which was an abomination. It is also why the nouveau Fifa series never got good reviews until 09 despite Fifa 2008 being a very good game.

    Which one is seen as better depends on what the buyer is looking for and the people reviewing them know this so they choose to play it safe. They gather that Fifa will appeal to more people and therefore is the better reviewed game.

    How popular a game will be is basically what defines how it is approached in a review. This happens with every game and I know I'm on the cynical tip here but it really is why reviews are often pointless for popular games.
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  • ROMhack 31/07/2013

    @Big-Boss Yeah Master League is a pile of crap. It takes itself too seriously whilst forgetting it has no leagues to work with. I miss the old fantasy-RPG style. Reply 0
  • ROMhack 31/07/2013

    The looks aren't the sole problem. PES 2013's AI was terrible and Fifa 13's wasn't much better. I know these games should be played against other people and they are great for that when offline but online the games devolve into, well, pure shit if truth be told. Both games need to give you more options if they are to give you what they can do best. PES' lobbies are great but they are stuck in the past given that you can't change a single thing meaning that 10/10 you'll be stuck playing against Brazil, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Spain etc.

    PES is like a skilled arcade game and that's what it does best. Fifa is somewhere between sim and arcade and sometimes seems less sure of itself. Both have their place though.
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  • Wizorb - Ouya review

  • ROMhack 04/07/2013

    I won't take that. Wizorb sucks. Reply -3
  • New Super Luigi U review

  • ROMhack 24/06/2013

    @ChanTheMan No, the Nintendo fans are just being insufferable twats as usual (as is usually the case with any fanboy). Reply -2
  • Dreamfall Chapters dev responds to George Lucas' view that games are still waiting for a Titanic-style storytelling success

  • ROMhack 23/06/2013

    Isn't Mass Effect a good contender for the Titanic game which Lucas talks about? Reply +4
  • Systems vs. stories

  • ROMhack 22/06/2013

    @jimmyhill11 Alright good response. I think by something more I meant a form which transcends mere emotional involvement in story. No doubt The Last of Us is a very immersive piece (as you said in another post) but I wonder whether it says something else. In film and literature, those who take it seriously look beyond emotional involvement and talk about what the writer/director are directly trying to address. It's not all about how much you enjoyed/got caught up in the film. All I was trying to say is that if The Last of Us is going to be accepted as this product of immense worth, then it must do something beyond emotional involvement. Does it? I haven't played it and can't judge that.

    And your Skyrim example is a perfect example of what I mean. What happens when emotional involvement fails (for whatever reason). You're left deflated because the game doesn't offer anything else beyond role-immersion.
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  • ROMhack 22/06/2013

    @jimmyhill11 Sorry to respond to you again. I don't want to seem like I'm nit-picking but can't games without obvious narrative stories also create personal immersion? Without addressing it in exactly the same way you put it, the article does kind of look at the problem of visually dependent games (i.e. ones with frequent cut-scenes that break up user involvement) in relation to games which are, for lack of a better word, purer in the gameplay department and offer less passive moments.

    I think the real criticism on show is that developers haven't figured out a way to create emotionally stirring immersive pieces without resorting to over-use of cut-scenes. Well, in general that is. Certain developers do very well on minimal use of cut-scenes and some need cut-scenes constantly to achieve this. I don't think anybody thinks having cut-scenes would be better than not having them if the game was able to do the same thing. We always want to be in the game and not separate to it.
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  • ROMhack 22/06/2013

    @jimmyhill11 'The fact that you feel emotionally invested in the story of Joel and Ellie makes the intense actioning so much more immersive.'

    Admittedly, I haven't played the game but what about if a player (and not through ignorance or malice) simply doesn't feel invested in the story of Ellie and Joel? It seems that your acceptance of the idea that story rules all allows for the idea that if story doesn't work for the individual then perhaps the game fails because that's mostly all it is doing. You can't dictate emotion and say you will feel incredibly invested in characters by default because people are different. Is there something more to admire beyond the emotional involvement in The Last of Us? Surely there needs to be something else in order elevate it to the top echelon of games.
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  • ROMhack 22/06/2013

    I agree with the points put across here. I don't understand the whimsical praise any game with semblance of story gets by default (and yes that is the state we're in it seems at this point). It feels as if people aren't even talking about quality as much as they are so pleased a game is attempting to tell a story. Writers appear to unconditionally love any game with an advanced sense of story regardless of how hackneyed it is (i.e. Tomb Raider 2013). If you want to take games seriously (and they do) writers need to be a bit more discerning about when they think games work well and when they don't regardless of how advanced the story is. Why people really loved Journey seems like a distant memory. There is something incredibly daunting about this pre-occupation with story because it doesn't become about whether a game boasts nuanced story-telling or not.

    It's almost as if they never played any of the early-adventure games which still offer better stories than most AAA games. I think this in turn shows our infatuation with technological looks and want of desire for a game to play out like a tv show or a movie and not just quality of game in relation to the story. When the majority of drama is conveyed during cut-scenes we've gone backwards and not forwards.

    Basically I think this article comes down to a debate between games which pretend to be other things (film, tv, etc) and those that simply like being games. I accept variety but, like the author, I find that game's preoccupation with tv and film-like stories is a really unnecessary thing. I think story is important but I don't think there's anything clever about what the likes of Uncharted and Tomb Raider and doubtless a plethora of other celebrated modern games do. They simply bombard you with cut-scenes which do and say more than the game-playing parts do. To me, those kinds of games aren't as clever as they get made out to be.
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  • Polytron announces Fez 2

  • ROMhack 14/06/2013

    Does anybody else find it kind of worrying to see Indie developers going the way of sequels? To me, Indie games are the anti-thesis of the sequel-machine which has engulfed mainstream gaming. I don't understand why this or Hotline Miami need a sequel at all. Is this the first sign that Indie developers are being consumed by the industry? Surely that is something they hold the power to rebel against. Reply +1
  • Razer Edge review

  • ROMhack 07/06/2013

    These kind of things always have high price points precisely because they are built as luxuries with a small audience. They'll want to make a lot of money from each sale because they'll be few and far between at any price.

    Or at least that's what some guy on the train told me yesterday weirdly enough. It actually seemed to make sense.
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  • FIFA 14 preview: A different game, but not necessarily a better one

  • ROMhack 06/06/2013

    To be honest, any methodical football game will get my attention. I'll wait and see how fast it is. Sometimes I feel like I need ADD to play Fifa the way the developers intend it to be played.

    My main issue with Fifa over the years is that it's tried to replicate how Sky Sports like to believe football is played (i.e. 90 minutes of exhilarating end to end action) rather than how it's actually played.
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  • Konami shows current-gen PES 2014 with new in-engine screenshots

  • ROMhack 05/06/2013

    One thing I liked about PES 2013 was the defensive system. It seemed like a mess at first but it's actually incredibly rewarding. You essentially have to hold on making challenges until the right moment. Fifa is far more forgiving and you really can just charge at the player on the ball most of the time. Timing isn't as critical.

    Anyway I hope we see a better physics engine most of all with 2014. PES 2013 had a lot of the basic rights and was more reminiscent of the PS2 titles than any other PES this gen.
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  • ROMhack 04/06/2013

    @HotCoffee EA definitely stepped up their game this gen whilst Konami struggled. Fifa is a neat game, but it's gotten stale lately if for no other reason than they seem a bit scared of changing things. I can't say it feels that much different to Fifa 10 at its core. The switch to this next-gen could push some momentum in Konami's favour again and it looks like they've been planning this for a while. It'll be interesting to see what EA do as well. It's very much a case of stick or twist for them.

    Both Fifa and PES this year offered a lot in their own ways. I hate to slip into old phrases but Fifa has provided the perfect pick up and play arcade game over the years. It's odd though that it's seen as the more realistic of the two as from my experience that's not the case. If PES looked a little bit less shabby (the animations look ridiculous at times) I think it'd have earned more respect this gen because it has a lot of depth and the difficulty curve allows for greater longevity.

    Edit: Then again online play is also a huge factor and EA has trumped Konami immeasurably in that department.
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  • Retro gaming documentary From Bedrooms to Billions to be given out free to schools

  • ROMhack 23/03/2013

    @DwarfyP People should be allowed to think sticking up for business practices is dumb too. Start-up (bedroom) developers tend to be admirable for what they created, not how much money they made doing it.

    I guess the documentary will focus on that but the name, the name is silly. Eh, maybe it'll spark some people to get into creating games which is a good thing but I could do with less, well less Cliff Bleszinskis.

    Not that Cliffy would count as a great example of a start-up developer. He's just an arsehole now the money has got to him.
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  • First Tomb Raider multiplayer details revealed

  • ROMhack 05/01/2013

    When will blockbuster games become part of our general lexicon so that we can differentiate between these types of games and others? Of course by that I mean games with, overly extravagant voice acting, tacked-on multiplayer, realistic graphics with no personality, a contrived, silly plot that takes itself way, way, way too seriously, the hoards of journalists telling us that this game is the best thing since apple crumble but we all seem to mysteriously stop caring about it a week after completion, the inevitable sequel(s), the lack of any real challenge beyond the combat and ergo the amount of enemies on screen you have to mow down etc

    Modern Warfare, Ass Creed, Uncharted, Gears of War, Halo, Tomb Raider? I feel like i'm giving a detailed description of all of these games.

    I just don't care about this type of game any more. At a point I have to stop myself and ask what exactly looks impressive about such games. After really off the graphics and the enjoyment factor, I'm kind of lost. I'm a cynic but I like to think it's for a reason.

    Edit: It seems that Eurogamer have already echoed such concerns.

    'This, though, could be a reboot too far, a retelling of the Lara tale that has everything your modern executive expects in a blockbuster game in 2013 while running the risk of losing sight of what it is that made the series such a success in the first place.'
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  • Face-Off: Darksiders 2 on Wii U

  • ROMhack 10/12/2012


    'I said it before, but you buy a Nintendo console for Nintendo games.'

    See I don't get this at all. Is this the standards we expect? It's like buying a specific blu-ray player just to watch Pixar or Studio Ghibli films. Those studios make great films but I want some good variety.

    I don't think the comparison to the Gamecube was apt. The Gamecube had great third-party titles that either bested Nintendo or provided something unique altogether. It was not just a 'Nintendo machine' as you put it. Killer 7, Resi 4, Viewtiful Joe, Cubivore, Doshin, Super Monkey Ball, Rogue Squadron, Eternal Darkness, Twin Snakes, REmakes.

    The Wii had less but a couple of good ones in No More Heroes, Xenoblade, King's Story and Madworld.

    We'll have to see where the Wii U goes. Nintendo needs to convince people it's not just a Nintendo Machine in my opinion if it wants to restore credibility. I hate to be cynical about their own titles but right now, after 25 years of playing them, i'm not excited for Zelda, Mario, DK etc.

    Oh and graphics aren't everything.
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  • Hideo Kojima doesn't like being thought of as "the Metal Gear guy"

  • ROMhack 03/12/2012

    @jokerevo That's not even remotely true. Reply 0
  • ROMhack 03/12/2012

    After recently playing Zone Of The Enders i'd say he's far better off being known as the Metal Gear Solid guy. Reply 0
  • Yes you can remake TimeSplitters as a CryEngine mod, says Crytek

  • ROMhack 03/12/2012

    Here's to living in the past Reply 0
  • Steam Greenlight: Is it working?

  • ROMhack 22/11/2012

    One of the issues i've noticed is that it feels like a bit of a popularity contest where well known indie games are prioritised over games that genuinely look interesting but aren't well known. I think the amount of HL2 mods will attest to that. Indie devs still need to pitch their games in order to get recognition, only now not to big wigs behind the scenes but at normal people via social media hoping they will vote for their game. It's a bit of a problem and whilst it serves a purpose I would really like to have some quality control. Reply +4
  • Influential credit rating agency downgrades Sony to “junk”

  • ROMhack 22/11/2012

    @arcam And of course PC is great because it's open platform which means that people who love gaming put time and effort into developing for it regardless of financial reward. Whilst consoles may win the consistent quality round, there's no arguing that PC is great for people looking for the essence gaming experiences rather than the new blockbuster gaming experiences which consoles have pushed this gen.

    And less fanboys. Fuck fanboys.

    Of course people tend to hate PC endorsements because they are often pushed at them. The logic behind their arguments is usually valid though.
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  • THQ clarifies Wii U "horrible, slow" CPU claim, but developer concern remains

  • ROMhack 22/11/2012

    I'm reading between the lines and just assuming 4A Games realise that Wii U buyers aren't their target market and think it's not justified to put extra effort (and money and resources) into developing for it. Despite the Wii U being a new console, it's showing that it has everything to do to convince developers of certain games that it's a worthwhile platform developing for. This was always going to be a struggle given the stigma the original Wii had (mainly due to perceived audience). Personally I think it's up to Nintendo to convinced Developers to invest. Reply +5
  • This is how Nintendo is advertising Nintendo Land in the UK

  • ROMhack 21/11/2012

    Nintendo may as well go the whole hog and proclaim to the audience that video games aren't just for nerds now so buy a Wii U because look how much fun these people are having - IT COULD BE YOU. Throw some overly ebullient XD XD face overlays on the screen too. I think their advertising campaigns are terrible but I suppose i'm not their demographic considering I know what the Wii U is.

    Also I have to point out that nobody has a living room like the ones depicted in these adverts. That bugs me.
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  • Dear Esther parody Dear Esteban is really quite funny

  • ROMhack 21/11/2012

    @Evil_Badger It doesn't really have to be classed as anything. People are just desperate for established structure. Reply 0
  • ROMhack 21/11/2012

    @omicron1 Neither by default. Look up the dictionary's definition of that word rather than the Internet's and stop assuming things that aren't normal are bad.

    I don't even like Dear Esther, but that's because I don't think it's flawed as a game playing experience due largely in part to its insistence on the player having formed some prior relation to the narrator (the player) rather than simply being in a Tabula Rasa-like state as they actually are - not simply because it's an 'art game'.
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  • Nintendo Wii U review

  • ROMhack 19/11/2012

    @Cjail 100gb of Ram. 18 cores. Calling it now. Reply +11
  • ROMhack 19/11/2012

    @Jordyce Well kind of but it's no use having a fun way to play mediocre games. Maybe it'll be a novelty at first but it'll bore over time.

    I just await to see if this piece of tech is actually going to change the way we appreciate games or not. The Wii promised as much, in fact even more, and really never delivered - the motion controls rather than the quality.

    I'm actually more excited about what third party devs do with the machine games-wise. Nintendo's games have become quite vanilla of late. Of course I like vanilla, it's my favourite flavour actually, but I know i've experienced it a hundred times before.
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  • ZombiU review

  • ROMhack 18/11/2012

    @hazzatori Just wait for the Edge or Metro review. Reply +20
  • The cult of TotalBiscuit

  • ROMhack 18/11/2012

    The popularity of TB and Youtube gaming aficionados like TB indirectly highlight the typical impatient nature of gamers out there who presumably want to demand a more serious view of games whilst undermining it themselves. They want interesting and unique views but they're too lazy (or ADHD-riddled) to seek out and read well-argued points made in writing - and there's hundreds of blogs out there who make more insightful points than most things TB says. He may come out with interesting views but they often get lost in his main aim, which is to entertain and create attention. He's nothing but an internet entertainer who happens to talk about games. Putting him on a pedestal as some kind of paragon of gaming criticism is a genuinely stupid thing. Reply 0