Hi, I'm Philip Bradley aka Phil_75, I'm Fat, bald and was fired from every job i ever had.
Full time Sony Shill working unpaid because they're bankrupt (not fired yet luckily)
Oh and married to a landwhale.

Aspiring to be a sad, pathetic, nappy-wearing, basement dwelling maggot who spends every waking minute stalking people for a life he so badly needs.

Trying for a black belt in "Google-fu" but alas, i'm not very good at it.

Why not follow me on Twitter @TruthInsider where you can see me Shilling.
But remember to leave any sense of humour or intelligence at the door, this is a deadly serious account.
Hoping to be as big as @PNF4LYFE aka TimDog one day

Must go, my Pony awaits!
*clip clop, clip clop*

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