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  • Kung Fu Live looks dangerous

  • Phreedh 12/06/2010

    Cool tech novelty, most likely a crap game. It could work out pretty well for work out applications, but as a game control mechanism it's a bit naff. =) Reply 0
  • Love

  • Phreedh 20/01/2010

    Does it have sex dwarves? Reply -5
  • Prince of Persia movie trailer pops up

  • Phreedh 04/11/2009

    People whining about him not looking persian should get their heads out of their arse... Persian = caucasian. Like turks. There are ginger, blue eyed persians. There are very dark and arabic looking persians as well. Surprise surprise, it's like the rest of the world. And as most of the world, Iran has a toss pot leader! \o/ Reply +1
  • Rock Band

  • Phreedh 13/12/2007

    Just checked Rodigee's video and... damn, the drumming looks dull! Reply 0
  • Halo 3

  • Phreedh 07/12/2007

    "Yes, yes, they need to look at reality when making Halo. " he said slyly, a year later... Reply 0
  • LocoRoco Cocoreccho

  • Phreedh 28/09/2007

    mkreku: Because it doesn't? Reply 0
  • Phreedh 28/09/2007

    disc: No, he's calling you HIS kids... in other words, he's your daddy. Question is: What does he do? Reply +1
  • Worms

  • Phreedh 15/03/2007

    Lovely little game, spadge! You guys can be well proud. Ofcourse there are things missing. I loved W:A on my 1200. Had it setup next to my PC and W:A was running most of the time I was sat at my PC. Played Worms on the A1200 and had IRC, downloads, school work and stuff running on the PC. Aaaanyways! I think it's awesome, and I haven't even tried the multiplayer yet.

    The stuff I miss:
    - Certain weaponry, as others have already said. Won't flog that dead horse.
    - That catchy theme song.
    - Free for all vs computer. No fun playing vs 3 cpu teams when they all band up.
    - Proper ninja rope.
    - Less binary AI, as others have stated. I can't understand how the AI takes longer time to decide on the actions when it's less natural than on the Amiga version I've played the most. Surely the 360 has more raw power to draw from, Shirley?

    Thanks though, it's well appreciated by me!
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  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

  • Phreedh 26/02/2007

    Where did the snow go in the PS3 version? Also, where are the boulders you can see in the distance on the 360 version. They seem to be missing in the PS3 version. I thought the draw distance for objects would be longer... Reply 0
  • Wing Commander for XBLA

  • Phreedh 23/02/2007

    What the fuck, Whizzo! =( I'll hold you responsible for my anticipation being all dead and gone...

    That looks horrible. Fuck EA in it's stupid arse! =(
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  • More XBLA from PopCap

  • Phreedh 23/01/2007

    Bezzy for prezzy! Great rant, that was. =) Reply 0
  • Woman dies competing for Wii

  • Phreedh 15/01/2007

    Sofalover: I think it's just you being overly cynical. The youtube generation, eh? "lolz he brokez0red his legz0rs! st00pid cnut!" for the ultimate mother copulating lose. I agree with Maxisleep, it's a fucking shame people find this even mildly amusing. Reply 0
  • Dead Rising sequels likely

  • Phreedh 11/01/2007

    Arrr, more DR would be awesome. Had a lot of fun with it.

    One which would be nice would be to rip the Walking Dead books and/or 28 Days Later and focus the game less on slaughtering and more on surviving. You've got a camp with survivors and have to go on raids into the nearby city. Maybe get your camp mobile, search for better locations to stay with more resources and safer surroundings. Could be nice!
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  • 36 new Virtual Console games

  • Phreedh 10/01/2007

    I must say, the games available on VC is way more interesting than most of the stuff on XBLA. Not getting a Wii, but it sure makes me envious. Are the games as easily obtained and played as on the 360? I really think MS did a good job (apart from the indexing of and the actual content) with Live Arcade. The games feel well integrated in the dashboard, with the leaderboards and connections to your gamercard etc.

    I think that's the main benefit of Live. How everything is tightly connected and nicely tied together. That actually feels truly next generation, as compared to the confined space of the previous generation of consoles. While there was internet play, buddy lists and all that, it was still not the same feeling of connection between the components.

    I get a feeling the VC is more of a black box though. You enter VC mode, play that game but you could just as well be playing it in MAME or on your old consoles... Am I right there? No online interaction of any kind? Not talking multiplayer here. People asking for online coop in Double Dragon and online Mario Kart are just asking for too much.
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  • Contra

  • Phreedh 14/12/2006

    Ooooh, Turrican would be sweet! And Silkworm / SWIV / Whatever it was called. And Project X, I thought that was ace! Those would even work well with the analog stick!

    How about Gods? Would love to see that! Black Tiger would be cool too, but most of all, I want Rick Dangerous! Unplayable on the 360 controller though.

    Instead, I'm sure we'll get some other arcade crap designed to steal our money. =(
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  • Zoo Tycoon 2: Zookeeper Edition

  • Phreedh 12/12/2006

    I really didn't care too much for the format here. Reviews shouldn't obscure the information about the game too much. It's not really a problem understanding it, but it feels a bit inaccessible. Reply 0
  • German game ban considered

  • Phreedh 11/12/2006

    I once saw this old german film where a guy picked up two hookers, ate semen from a used condom (HE did that), brushed his teeth with a well used toilet brush with poo for paste and ate out one of the hookers while she laid a well steady brick!

    What they really try to do here is ban games with too little scat, me thinks. No fecal eaters in COD3. Spot on!
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  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

  • Phreedh 29/11/2006

    Looking forward to playing this. Bought it when I bought GoW this weekend and so far I've been busy kicking Locust ass. Only put it in for a quick spin one evening. Reply 0
  • Clive Barker's Jericho

  • Phreedh 01/11/2006

    It's a pity CB has to be assosciated with these two films forever. He's written a whole slew of great books, but nah... let's put "Candyman" as one of his most memorable contributions to culture. Granted, it's one of the most well known pieces of work - but in all honesty it was pretty crap. Hellraiser is still pretty good though. Same for Nightbreed, if one is willing to look past the early nineties air lingering over it. There's a good piece of film and story beneath all the cheese.

    This trailer was the poop, though. Only thing making it interesting was Barker's name.
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  • Viva Pińata

  • Phreedh 19/10/2006

    What my mrs is getting for chrimbo!

    This, and a bowling ball with "Homer" engraved on it.
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  • EG launches poker challenge

  • Phreedh 17/10/2006

    Cannibal. I had a few problems like that a few months back, wasn't the client, was my system overheating.
    Mmmm, hot chips!

    I'm all for an open market and all, but this just feels a bit too "cynical capitalism" for me. Then again, I don't play poker. Have fun, little fishies!
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  • Forza Motorsport 2

  • Phreedh 12/10/2006

    Wow... one might think kruds was a chick, the way you guys are defending... him? Never seen so many gaming geek chaps come to anyone's rescue. =D

    Show us yer honkers, krudster!

    Oh, I must add that mkreku seems to be quite a knob. Not behaviour fitting a 33 yr old... tsk tsk. Haven't there been a huge influx of tards from good ole Sweden lately? Like that guy who almost murdered us all over the Sonic demo not being out on XBL in Sweden? Sheesh... I ought to move.
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  • Oblivion PS3 will look nicer

  • Phreedh 11/10/2006

    I don't think they can hear you, SomaticSense... really. Reply 0
  • Just Cause

  • Phreedh 25/09/2006

    Both me and my girlfriend were amazed how crap this demo was. It looked like shit, everything felt clunky and weird, there was no feeling of immersion what so ever. Crap it is! 6/10 was way too kind if the demo and game are similar in any way. Reply 0
  • GSC on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. rumours

  • Phreedh 09/06/2006

    Woah... Hunter. What was that all about, really? I don't remember much, but there were tricycles, some sort of aircraft, military themes and... ducks. Right? I know I loved it, but I can't remember me playing it.

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  • Lionhead's other new title

  • Phreedh 15/05/2006

    "Populous, Powermonger, Syndicate, Black and White, The Movies, Fable, Hi Octane, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper and Magic Carpet."

    Those are basically all ace games! I had no idea PMX was behind Hi Octane... I loved that game! I have no idea why, cause it was just a bunch of races and exploding things and it crashed all the time. Still loved it though!

    What I wouldn't give for an up to date hi res version of Populous. That was a corking game too!
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  • Rogue Trooper

  • Phreedh 27/04/2006

    I think it looks really purdy, and I've always liked the graphical design of the Rogue Trooper comics. I'll look into it in a year or so, when it's a little cheaper. Review made me want to play it. Reply 0
  • Dead or Alive Ultimate

  • Phreedh 02/11/2004

    OUCH! Her foot! I think she b0rken it... =( Reply 0
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R slips again

  • Phreedh 01/11/2004

    Hehe, I didn't even link "DNF" to Duke Nukem Forever... I just read it as "Did not finish"... This might be old as fuck for you, but the irony of things just appeared to me. =) Reply 0
  • First Sensible Soccer mobile details revealed

  • Phreedh 17/09/2004

    Krud, wtf?! Stunt car racer is still great fun! Maybe not as amazing in the gfx department, but it's still fun! Reply 0
  • Nintendo 64DD patent drives Revolution rumours

  • Phreedh 19/08/2004

    Stupid Tweakmonkey beating me to the breast pun... =( Reply 0
  • Rodriguez, Madsen and Davis join BloodRayne cast

  • Phreedh 18/08/2004

    He was in Reservoir Dogs (mr Blonde), Kill Bill and a gazillion other movies. Reply 0
  • What's New?

  • Phreedh 13/08/2004

    Got me tax returns today... I think a part of it will be well spent on Riddick... I should finish Ninja Gaiden first though... should I not? And what about all those other games? Gah... Reply 0
  • Starbreeze working on next-gen action title

  • Phreedh 06/08/2004

    reflux: Hehe... mustigt... Vilken kommun? =) Reply 0
  • Phreedh 06/08/2004

    "täck tommi."

    Med vad? =P
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  • The March of Hare

  • Phreedh 05/08/2004

    Trowel, those two games were Team 17 and not Bitmap Bros. =) Reply 0
  • 'No new Xbox in the next year' - Ballmer

  • Phreedh 03/08/2004

    Shinji: "Ballmer was talking to a bunch of financial analysts, who work in fiscal years, not calendar years. Plus, MS is still telling publishers 2005. Do the math."

    So the _next fiscal year would be the one spanning april 2005 - march 2006... right? Do the math. ;P

    It's all just speculation and assumption... When I can buy it I'm happy. Before that I don't care much.
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  • Hidden & Dangerous II

  • Phreedh 24/09/2003

    Got the Deluxe version laying at home in a drawer. Haven't gotten around to install it yet though... Hum... let's see here. I have Deus Ex, Clive Barker's Undying and H&D:Dlx on the PC to play (after I finish JA2: Unfinished business). Then there's this issue of an order of 5 Xbox games which will arrive shortly, and in addition to those we have Star Wars: KOTOR which will be bought as soon as I get my salary.

    Crap... too many games right now. Damn the bargain bins, damn them to hell! :)

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  • EyeToy: Play

  • Phreedh 03/07/2003

    My my, that's one crisp digitized image on those last screenshots. Somehow I get the feeling someone pulled an Amped on those screenies. ;)

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  • Harbinger

  • Phreedh 24/02/2003

    Ooooh... I like the looks of this. Lovely 2d graphics where everything has the look of "pre-rendered 3d graphics trying to look like pixeled graphics trying to look like 3d graphics" :D The game looks very much like an old Amiga game of some kind... :D Meesa likes!

    *shakes fist at naysayers above*

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  • Tron 2.0

  • Phreedh 29/01/2003

    Yup, seen the movie... it's entertaining, in it's own way. It IS a classic to some degree, really...

    Me and my cousin bought the comic book, but were too young to see the movie. We were pretty influenced by Tron, but it took me almost 15 more years until I finally saw it. :)

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  • Hunter: The Reckoning - Wayward

  • Phreedh 14/01/2003

    Aye, Hunter:The reckoning was good fun! At first I was dissapointed, the monsters respawned and everything seemed awfully pointless... then I discovered I got experience points for every monster and the respawning didn't bother me. :) As soon as I stopped seeing the respawning monsters as an obstacle to my progress, and realized they were actually exp-laden rewards I was all happy and fuzzy inside.

    Biggest let-down was the chainsaw and flamer weapons... horribly ineffective. :(

    Haven't finished it yet. Picked it up after christmas and had quite some fun with it.

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  • Play It again, man

  • Phreedh 10/01/2003

    A bunch of years ago, there was some publisher with the business idea of selling computer games exclusively on gas stations, at really low prices. Anyone remember this? Think it was Amiga games... and they were all of an infinite craptitude.

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  • Midtown Madness 3

  • Phreedh 13/12/2002

    Still looks a tad empty though... Oh well... "work in progress", right?

    Hopefully the streets and environment will be a bit more lively than Project Gotham. Sweet looking graphics, but it lacked in "fluff" details. Digital Illusions have always been good at adding fluff, so let's hope they can do it better than Bizarre.

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  • Earth & Beyond free trial

  • Phreedh 10/12/2002

    Heh... I've bought one game on DVD... Baldur's Gate 1. A few days after I bought my DVD actually... :) Now, that was truely a waste of money... I haven't used the DVD capabilities for anything but BG1, which I didn't like. :D

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  • Dead to Rights

  • Phreedh 09/12/2002

    Haven't played Ghost Recon on Xbox, but on PC it's fun... Got me hooked. Atleast hooked enough to play it through.

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  • Virtua Cop: Elite Edition

  • Phreedh 04/12/2002

    Cause it's still an enjoyable game? :P

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